Trees passed in a blurr mixing different green tones which made a hard contrast with the cloudless blue sky, ocassionaly sunrays would reflect on the leaves shining bringht lights inside the car where I was trapped. Melancolic music poured through my headphones into my thoughts while in the background I heard my parents arguing about a missed intersection; my sister had her gaze lost in between the mountains ahead of us. They were sitting next to me but they felt so far away, everything I had discovered this last months, it was just making the distance between us grow taking me far away in a cloud of tangled secrets, and I couldn't help not feeling the blame. We were heading towards some "friends" house... this "friends" were a couple with theyr three sons, the oldest Nicolas, he is 17, a year older than me, next came Lucas who is something like a year younger than me and last comes Matthew who is nine. We were introduced by some friends, the real kind, and well our parents got along instantly sharing political and economical opinions, but for me it was a little harder. We met when I was 11 and I remember Nico called me fat, it really hurt me, and when I turned thirteen I drowned in a devastating anorexia; my friends helped me out of it , but my hatred against Nico spreaded to the rest of the family. Ever since our parents have seen each other oftenly but I always made up a story to avoid the meeting, to sad I just couldn't get away with it this time.

Eventualy the song changed and motivating techno music started blasting in my ears, I let myself be influenced by the sound of music and positivism started invading my thoughts; for the last three years since my anorexia I've been playing basketball five hours a week, given my 6'2 height, and swimming another three hours. This time I'm gonna show off I couldn't help saying it to myself, I have a skinny slim body but I'm nicely toned, a sof six pack, some pecs; I am what people call 'a twink' and I was going to show those guys who is the boss now.

We got to theyr big house, I got off the car showing a lot of style, wearing black very tight jeans making my skinny legs look endless, and a tight "V" neched t-shirt maybe I size too tight? Both the father and the mother complimented me on my incredible growth and my good looks, which were given by a strong jaw but baby hazel eyes, copper colored strands of hair floated above my forhead. Then I saw Lucas whose hand I shook, not helping maybe checking him out too much, he didnt seem to notice but my gay me awoke. He had grown a lot since we last saw each other; he still had beutiful blonde hair and deep icy blue eyes, but his face had gotten slimer his looks a mix of hard manhood with a glimpse of sweet childhood. He also showed a good GOOD body , maybe not as worked as mine but from the tight tank top I could see nice muscles showing. For a moment I thought I notice him check me out also so I just ran my hand through my hair in an inviting way, playing flirty. Nico was studying thank god and well Matthew is nine so all my attention was centered in the middle kid.

"Hey Lucas, long time no see" I said with a smile taking advantage of the parents sitting to talk and my sister running to the garden with Matthew. "You bet" he answered smiling but not looking at me, I went for the playfull and put my hand on his shoulder "When was the last time we saw each other? The ski trip? I bet I can stil beat ya" he laughed "Who knows" this time he looked at me and smiled which I took as a good sign; I had to continue with the questions "And what grade you in?" "9th" "Yeah its true I'm in 10th I am a year older" silence took the kitchen for a while as he fixed some sodas, then he asked "Have you chosen an itinerary for next year , since you are starting High School..." I laughed, I loved talking about my plans for the future "Yes I have! I went into Technological Sciences! Which is basicaly technical drawing, physics, chemistry and maths" he looked surprised "Oh! and what do you want to work at? I remember you bewn a good artist, you could draw really well..." I was surprised at the fact of him remembering "Well yeah... I wanted to study arts but my parents weren't so keen with the idean and I just couldn't see myself as an artist, I wanna go into engeneering, I really want to design roads and bridges...what about you? You already know what you wanna study?" he smiled "Oh well I was thinking on psychology... 'cause I really want to help people with theyr problems plus I enjoy listening to them..." I gave a sweet reassuring smile "That is so great Lucas" ...silence droped upon us again but once again he broke it almost instantly "Hey wanna come up to my room? We can playbsome XBOX or



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