Chase's Senior Fall

by Chase Huxley

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Chase Huxley stood in the gym bathroom, the mirror reflecting the embodiment of youthful perfection. At 18, his brilliant blue eyes, clear and captivating, gazed back at him with a hint of satisfaction. His short brown hair, tousled just enough to look effortlessly stylish, framed a face that was almost too perfect—symmetrical and well defined, with a soft-yet-defined jawline that seemed carefully sculpted by the gods.

His lightly tanned skin, a testament to countless hours spent under the Texan sun, glowed with a healthy, golden hue. He ran a hand over his chiseled abs, each muscle standing out in stark relief after his rigorous summer cut. His chest, cut and powerful, tapered down to a slim waist, creating the classic V-shape that was the envy of every guy in school.

Chase turned slightly, admiring the way his biceps bulged with every movement, the veins running across them like rivers on a map. His shoulders, wide and strong, gave him an imposing yet approachable presence. Running his hand along his defined pectorals, he flexed, watching the play of muscles beneath his skin, each sinew perfectly defined from months of dedicated workouts and strict dieting.

He took a deep breath, the contours of his physique shifting subtly, every line and curve a testament to his hard work. In a couple of weeks, senior year would begin, and Chase knew he was ready, his body a perfect blend of strength, aesthetics, and athleticism. The gym bathroom mirror reflected not just his image but his dedication and the promise of a year where he'd leave an unforgettable mark. 

Jamie Jackson, an 18-year-old, spunky senior on the cheer squad, hid in a shower stall, his heart pounding as he watched Chase Huxley from the shadows. With bleach blonde hair and the toned physique of a competitive diver, Jamie was a picture of youthful energy and grace. He bore a slight resemblance (except for his bleached hair) to a young Rob Lowe from the move, Outsiders. His bright eyes, full of admiration and longing, peeked through a small gap in the door, catching glimpses of Chase. Jamie's slim but muscular frame, honed from years of cheerleading, was taut with anticipation, his fair skin flushed with lust and excitement.

Chase, was fresh from his final workout before football tryouts, and the light sweat added a sexy sheen to his flawless, glowing skin. 

Jamie had harbored a crush on Chase for years. Jamie had been bullied quite a bit back in middle school and several times Chase had stood up for him; Jamie had never forgotten how one of the “cool kids” had shown him such kindness while most of the other jocks were total prices. His heart had always fluttered at Chase’s kind-hearted, friendly, and slightly shy demeanor, a stark contrast to the typical jock persona. For the longest time, his feelings had remained hidden, buried beneath the surface while Chase dated Sara. But their recent breakup, sparked by rumors of Sara's infidelity, had reignited Jamie’s hopes.

Moments ago, Jamie had been working out when he stumbled upon a Grindr profile while scrolling between sets. The torso pictures, with their familiar contours and lines, had an uncanny resemblance to Chase. His pulse quickened at the thought that the profile might indeed belong to him. Could it be that Chase, who Jamie had heard might be bi, was finally within reach?

 Chase, pretending not to notice his observer, put his arms over his head, flexing his biceps and exposing his sexy, damp pits. His thoughts drifted to the upcoming football tryouts. Despite being a star rugby player, something had inspired him to switch things up for his senior year and try out for the football team as a running back. Childhood friends on the team and countless summer football games with his older stepbrother, Brad—a quarterback at UT Austin—had fueled his decision.

Jamie’s breath hitched as he watched Chase, a mix of admiration and yearning in his eyes. The sight of Chase's dedication and the gentle confidence he exuded made Jamie’s heart (and hard dick) pound. Chase, aware of Jamie's gaze, subtly adjusted his stance, allowing the light to accentuate the hard-earned lines of his physique. He felt a surge of determination. Maybe, just maybe, this was the moment to finally make his feelings known. But for now, he lingered in the shadows, watching the boy who had captured his heart so completely, while Chase continued to feign ignorance, secretly enjoying the attention.

As Chase stepped into the steam room, the dense mist enveloped him like a warm embrace. He could feel the tension of the day melting away as he settled onto one of the benches, reveling in the soothing heat. Little did he know, Jamie had slipped in behind him, the door clicking shut softly behind him.

Chase glanced over, acting like he was a bit surprised to see Jamie there. "Hey, Jamie, what's up?" he greeted, his voice carrying the easy confidence of a jock.

Jamie flashed a warm smile, the steam swirling around him like a veil. "Hey, Chase! Just needed to relax after a long day of cheer practice and strength training. This steam room always does the trick," he replied, his tone cheerful and friendly.

"Yeah, for sure," Chase agreed, leaning back against the bench. "So, how was your summer? Do anything fun?" he asked, genuinely curious. 

Jamie settled onto the bench opposite Chase, crossing his legs comfortably beneath his towel. "Oh, you know, the usual. Went to the beach like a million times, hung out with my girrrrlllls, that sort of thing. How about you? Do anything exciting?" he inquired, tilting his head slightly. 

Chase shrugged nonchalantly. "Eh, not really. Just a lot of training for football tryouts, shooting the shit with my stepbrother, working at my old man’s country club, hung out in Colorado a bit." he replied, his tone cool and casual.

Jamie nodded, a thoughtful expression crossing his face. "OMGggg that sounds cool. Football tryouts, huh? Switching things up from rugby?" he asked, his eyes sparkling with curiosity. 

Chase chuckled, a hint of excitement creeping into his voice. "Yeah, thought I'd give it a shot, ya know. Figured it might be fun to try something new for my senior year," he admitted, a touch of anticipation in his words.

As their conversation meandered, Jamie's playful teasing and flamboyant mannerisms added a lively energy to their banter. "So, spill the beans. Any wild adventures over the summer?" Jamie quipped, shooting Chase a cheeky grin.

Chase chuckled, feeling a faint blush creep onto his cheeks as flashbacks of his recent sexcapades fluttered into his consciousness. He pushed those memories away quickly and though of something generic to say. "Nah, nothing too crazy. Just lots of training and hanging out with the guys," he replied, shrugging casually. 

Jamie raised an eyebrow, his eyes sparkling with mischief. "Come on, Chase, you can't fool me that easily. I bet there's a hidden party animal in there somewhere," he teased, nudging Chase playfully and letting his slender fingers linger a bit too long on Chase’s smooth, taut skin. 

Chase laughed, shaking his head in amusement. "You got me, dude. I did sneak out for a few nights at Le Vivique with the guys. Brad, my stepbro, helped us snag some fakes and, man, we had a helluva time," he confessed, his grin widening.

Jamie gasped dramatically, feigning shock. "Oh la la, Chase Huxley, hitting the club scene for some late-night shenanigans? Doesn’t your wrestling coach spank you for staying up past 8pm?" he exclaimed, his voice dripping with mock scandal.

Chase rolled his eyes, playfully swatting Jamie's arm. "Hey, don't act so surprised. Even dumb jocks like us need a break from the grind sometimes," he retorted, a hint of laughter in his voice. Chase found himself enjoying Jamie's company more than he had expected, the flirtatious undertones adding an exciting edge to their conversation.

Jamie's grin widened mischievously. "I’ve never been to Le Vivique before…straight clubs not really my thing. I bet you were the life of the party, huh? Making all the ladies swoon. I bet every MILF there wished you’d take them home and bone them all night long," he teased, shooting Chase a playful wink. 

Chase's blush deepened, and he scratched the back of his neck nervously. "Uh, I don't know about that," he mumbled, feeling slightly embarrassed by Jamie's remark.

Jamie couldn't help but find Chase's embarrassed reaction utterly adorable. The way his cheeks flushed pink and his eyes darted away shyly only added to his charm. Jamie made a mental note to tease Chase more often if it meant getting to see that cute blush on his face.

Their banter continued, the steam room filling with the easy rhythm of their conversation.

"So, Chase, I've been uh meaning to ask... are you…um…on Grindr?" Jamie inquired, his tone laced with curiosity. 

Chase's eyes widened slightly, caught off guard by Jamie's direct question. He shifted uncomfortably, feeling a surge of nerves. "Uh, yeah, it is," he admitted, his voice slightly hesitant. Chase had made a profile shortly after his stepbrother Brad headed back to UT for football camp. Brad had popped Chase’s boy-cherry earlier in the summer, which kicked off a a bit of a spiral into sexual depravity for the testosterone-filled 18-year-old. Once Brad left, Chase turned to Grindr in a (so far unsuccessful) attempt to satisfy his ever-growing urge for man-on-man sex. 

Jamie's eyebrows shot up in surprise, but a playful grin quickly spread across his face. "Well, well, well, looks like Mr. All-American Jock has a secret wild side," he teased, his tone teasing yet affectionate. 

Chase chuckled nervously, running a hand through his hair. "Yeah, I guess you could say that," he replied, a hint of sheepishness in his voice. 

Jamie leaned in closer, his gaze intense yet gentle. "Hey, no judgment here. We all have our little secrets," he reassured, his voice softening. He could smell Chase’s masculine scent, mixed with spicy deodorant, as he got close.

Chase felt a weight lift off his shoulders at Jamie's understanding. "Thanks, man. It's just... I don't know, something I like to mess around with sometimes," he admitted, his words tinged with vulnerability. 

Jamie nodded, a warm smile playing on his lips. "Hey, as long as you're happy and being true to yourself, that's all that matters," he said, his voice full of genuine support.

"You know, Chase, I'm really not one to judge," Jamie began, his voice taking on a more serious tone. "Especially since I've got a bit of a reputation myself."

Chase raised an eyebrow, his curiosity piqued. "Huh? What do you mean?" he asked, trying to sound casual despite the sudden shift in topic.

Jamie let out a small chuckle. "Oh I think you know exactly what I mean. I know I’ve built a name for myself as being the school slut. I bet your alpha male friends and their goody-two-shoe girlfriends say all kinds of things about me…" he admitted, his tone tinged with self-awareness.

Chase nodded slowly, a flicker of understanding crossing his features. He knew all too well about Jamie's reputation—the whispers and rumors that followed him through the halls of their school. Jamie had gotten plowed by at least 30 different guys in the past year alone, with stories circulating about his exploits with both gay and straight dudes. There wasn’t a high school in a 50-mile radius where some horny bloke hadn’t shagged Jamie Jackson.

Despite knowing the truth, Chase remained silent, choosing not to acknowledge Jamie's confession. It wasn't in his nature to gossip or judge others, especially someone like Jamie, who had always been kind and friendly to everyone he met. 

Instead, Chase offered Jamie a reassuring smile. "Hey, we've all got our own paths to walk, right?" he said, his voice gentle yet sincere. "As long as you're happy, that's all that matters."

A short silence ensued. Jamie leaned in close to Chase, placing one hand on the towel covering Chase’s muscular thigh, and running his other hand up Chase’s shoulder, brushing up to his hot neck. “You know what’d make me happy right now? A nice…long…hot...steamy…sexy shower.”

One minute later…

The door to the handicap shower stall slammed behind Chase and Jamie. Jamie locked the door and pushed Chase against the tile wall. Their lips met in a fiery kiss, a collision of passion and desire that sent shivers down their spines. Chase's hands found their way to Jamie's waist, pulling him closer as he deepened the kiss, his heart pounding with exhilaration.

Jamie responded with equal fervor, his fingers tangling in Chase's hair as he pressed himself against him. Every touch, every movement was filled with an intensity that left them both breathless, lost in the intoxicating sensation of each other's embrace.

Time seemed to stand still as they kissed, their sweaty bodies pressed together in a dance of longing and need. In that moment, there was no past, no future—only the electric current that pulsed between them.

When the two 18-year-olds finally pulled away, their chests heaving and their lips swollen with desire, they were left gasping for air, their eyes locked in a shared moment of bliss. Jamie dove back in, running his tongue against Chase’s neck and shoulders, nibbling as passionately he could without leaving a hickey. His hands gripped Chase’s wrists tightly, pushing them back against the wall while Chase did his best to stifle moans of pleasure.

Jamie ran his warm tongue across Chase’s well-developed pecs, hungrily licking up the salty sweat before sucking on the large, perfectly round nipples. The whole time, he gently caressed Chase’s balls and his turgid, six-inch cock. Chase whispered, “Shitttt, dude…this feels fucking amazing.”

Jamie smiled. He placed both hands on Chase’s heaving chest and slowly lowered himself into a kneeling position, dragging his hands slowly down across Chase’s smooth, six-pack abs. Jamie expertly swallowed Chase’s rock-hard dick in one quick movement, suprising the 18-year old rugby stud. As the blonde muscle-twink rolled his tongue skillfully across Chase’s shaft while suctioning his soft lips at the base, Chase let his eyes roll back and put his arms behind his head. He felt like a fucking alpha male, letting a slut twink kneel before him and service his cock and balls.

As Jamie passionately deepthroated the six-inch jock cock, he kept his eyes directed upwards, admiring Chase’s all-American face, chiseled body, and sweaty pits.  Chase, arms still behind his head, smiled back down. He spoke quietly, careful to not let other people in the locker room hear him, “You like what you see?” Jamie nodded vigorously while moaning into the throbbing cock pulsing around his throat. Chase nodded cockily and held a double bicep pose for his admirer. After a summer of being dominated by his bigger, stronger stepbro earlier in the summer, Chase was finally feeling like his usual stud self again.

Soon, Chase had to bring his arms back down to stead himself against the wall--Jamie lifted one of Chase’s legs and began licking at the wrestling star’s balls and sweaty taint. “Fuckkkkk,” Chase grunted as a blissful wave of pleasure tingled up his spine. Jamie was amazing with his tongue. Jamie submissively rubbed his face against Chase’s low-hanging balls as though they were objects to be worshipped.

This gesture turned Chase on immensely. He couldn’t restrain himself anymore. He NEEDED to fuck the cute blonde bimbo kneeling before him. “Bro. I’m so fucking horny. I need to fuck your hot little ass.” Jamie needed no further invitation. He lustfully pulled his face away from Chase’s junk, quickly stood up and pressed his lips firmly against Chase’s. Chase felt raunchy as he tasted his own ass-sweat on another man’s tongue. His hands squeezed against Jamie’s juicy buttocks.

 “You on PREP?”

“Yeah bro.”

“Me too.”

With his tongue still gyrating into Chase’s wanting mouth, Jamie pumped a few dollops of conditioner onto his hand. He lubed up a couple of fingers and pressed them into his hole. He coated the rest of the conditioner over Chase’s cock, which was now drooling with precum. 

Jamie gave the football jock a playful wink, then straddled his legs and folded his lithe body in half, touching his hands to his ankles while still standing. His cute pink hole was on full display; Jamie winked his hole a couple times for effect. Chase put an arm up against the shower wall to brace himself, positioned his cock over the winking hole, and then leaned forward. It slipped right in.

Chase took his sweet time stretching the eager hole, slowly dragging his cock against the experienced walls of Jamie’s ass. He didn’t want to cause the slutty cheer twink to moan too loudly. As he gently massaged his cock into the fuck-chute, Chase tenderly caressed Jamie’s smooth ass. There was not a single hair present, as Jamie kept his ass waxed on a regular basis. This aroused Chase even further. He guided Jamie back to a standing position and then gently pressed face first against him against the wall. The whole time, he didn’t pull his cock out. With Jamie now in a standing position, Chase wrap his arms around Jamie’s torso and feel him up.

Chase leaned into Jamie’s ear. “Shittt dude, you’ve got nice abs. I can tell you’ve been putting some serious work in.” Jamie moaned in pleasure, grateful to receive a compliment from a guy who’s own physique was much more developed. Chase moved his arms up to tweak both of Jamie’s small, perky nipples, causing the bottom slut to gasp.

“Please...oh it feels so good…please Chase…please fuck me harder.” Chase felt his chest swell with testosterone at hearing another man beg him to go harder—he picked up the pace. “Oh yeah…yeah, Chase, just like that…mmmh fuck yeah, I want it rough…please dominate the shit out of me…”

Chase grunted animalistically and then squeezed and smacked Jamie’s tight ass several times. Jamie started yelping at each spank, so eventually, Chase needed to use his hand to muffle his conquest as he fucked hard and fast. This was the most dominant Chase had ever been with another guy and he was surprised by how much he was enjoying it. The jock stud started licking and kissing his new bitch’s neck as he plowed him from behind, interspersing some firm spanks to the ass every now and then.

Chase was so turned on that he knew he’d cum quickly at this rate. To prevent that, he pulled out. As cock plopped out, Jamie immediately turned around and embraced the sweaty, muscular rugby jock. The two 18-year-olds rubbed their bodies against each other as they passionately kissed. Jamie lifted Chase’s muscled arm and mashed his face into the teen stud’s ripe pit. He inhaled loudly and rubbed his nose around the damp hairs. There was a faint trace of Old Spice Swagger deodorant that had mostly faded, but the overwhelming scent was that of Chase’s boyish, masculine sweat.

Chase was incredibly turned on by how slutty the young-Rob Lowe lookalike was acting. He lifted the flexible boy’s leg up high, and reinserted his cock. They were now fucking face-to-face, with Jamie’s back against the wall. The boys ran their hands over each other feeling every crevice of each other’s muscles. Jamie then wrapped his arms around Chase’s strong shoulders; Chase picked him up and now both of Jamie’s legs wrapped around Chase’s narrow waist. It was the first time Chase fucked another man while carrying him and he loved how powerful it made him feel.

Jamie’s long cock was bouncing against his scrunched abs as he futilely attempted to stifle his pleasured moans. He reached down and started jacking his cock while Chase tongue-fucked his mouth and plowed into his hole at the same time. “Ugh…Chase…fuck…you fuck me sooooo good…I can’t hold it any longer…I….I…ughh…ugh!!!” Hot spurts of cum rocketed out of the blond twunks’s cock, splashing his hair and face, with some of it landing on Chase’s chin and torso as well.

Watching the handsome bottom paint himself with his own cum took Chase over the edge. “FUCK!!!” Chase exclaimed as he shot his fertile load deep inside his new conquest. At this point the teen adonis was so enthralled in pleasure that he stopped caring if anyone heard them. “Shitt, dude, I—ughh—fuck yeah—I’m planting my seed in you…ugh yeah…yeah? You like that? Uh huh…mmhh.” 

As Chase’s cock slipped out, Jamie unwrapped his legs and Chase set him down. Both teens were panting and out-of-breath. Chase leaned back against the wall, exhausted. After a brief moment, he reached for the latch on the shower door and unlocked it. The door swung open slowly, but as Chase gestured to exit, Jamie pulled him back in. “Wait a minute, stud, I haven’t cleaned you off yet.” 

“Oh shit, bro you’re right…what am I thinking, we haven’t even showered yet…”

 Jamie smiled devilishly, “Shower? A fine specimen like yourself deserves a more than that…you deserve something more luxurious…more personal…” Jamie, stuck his tongue out and slowly moved to the spot of cum still on Chase’s chin. Over the next two minutes, he seductively lapped at nearly every part of Chase’s body, lapping up every drop of cum and sweat. He even ran his tongue through Chase’s now-ripe pits and taint. Chase smiled blissfully the entire time… “dang dude, you’re pretty raunchy…but I like it…oh yeah, I could get used to this…”

 Then, Chase’s blood froze. He heard footsteps…followed by a knowing chuckle. A voice from outside the stall rang, “Yeah, raunchy…that’s the right word for you boys…you guys are two very raunchy, nasty, naughty boys.” 

Chase and Jamie both snapped up in embarrassed surprise. A tall, lanky figure stood at the stall entrance. It was Tommy Lewis. He sported a shit-eating grin, framed by a scruffy, brown beard. He was 6’1” and fair skinned. He had a towel wrapped around his waist--a light smattering of brown hair smattered across his body…over the top of his chest, his nipples, and then a nice treasure trail. He kept in shape, though he wasn’t as toned as Chase or even Jamie. He had some muscle tone over every part of his body and his stomach was flat, though he didn’t have defined abs showing. His masculine aesthetic was sexy in the “I’m hot without trying too hard” way.

“Well fuck me in the ass…who’d of thought I’d ever run into Chase Huxley and Jamie Jackson fucking around in a public shower…”  Tommy sauntered into the shower stall and closed locked door behind him.  He grabbed Jamie’s ass and massaged it. “I haven’t had a crack at this ass in long time.” He looked at Chase, “Bro you wouldn’t mind sharing, would ya?”

Chase stared back wide-eyed and too stunned to reply. So Tommy and Jamie knew each other?! Tommy graduated from the same high school as Chase and Jamie and was quite popular. He captained the lacrosse team and was headed to UCSD next month to live out his dream of being a surfer dude. He and Chase were acquainted but didn’t know each other too well.

However, Tommy knew Jamie *very* well.  In fact, he’d spent the better part of the last couple years getting closely acquainted with Jamie….and every part of his slutty body. He’d explored every hole and crevice intimately. Their arrangement began when Tommy found the blonde slut boy ogling him at lacrosse practice one day and he ended up receiving the best blowjob of his life. Jamie quickly became Jamie’s personal bitch, whom he eventually shared with a few of his teammates. After countless fuck sessions and a few gangbangs, Jamie grew bored of the lacrosse boys and moved on to other sexploits. Now, Tommy was missing the feeling of Jamie’s warm hole and eager to take advantage of the current situation. 

He gave Jamie’s ass a firm spank. “Turn around and give Chase a nice hug for me…It’s been too long since I’ve said hello to your hot little hole.” Tommy looked at a still-shell-shocked Chase and said, “And you better keep quit, unless you want to attract any more attention…this stall can only fit so many men.” He winked, “Why do you just lean back against the wall like that and enjoy the show?”

Tommy dropped his towel on the ground and spat on his cock. He was 7.5 inches long and very thick. A wild bush of untrimmed pubic hair ran wild around his cock and balls. Chase stared in admiration at Tommy’s junk—the younger jock found Tommy’s wild, hairy aesthetic extremely hot.

He thought about lubing up with some conditioner, but when he stook a finger in Jamie’s ass he realized it was already lubed up with Chase’s warm cum. What a fucking slut.  Tommy slowly massaged the tip of his cock into the well-used hole. Then, he jammed the entire length of his thick cock in, causing Jamie grit his teeth in pain and grip tightly onto Chase. He hugged the rugby jock tightly, doing everything he could to avoid making too much noise.

Chase embraced the bottom twunk and caressed his short, damp hair as if to assuage the discomfort of being stretched by Tommy’s thick cock. Jamie and Chase’s defined torsos rubbed against each other as Tommy thrusted into Jamie from behind. Tommy leaned in to Chase’s ear and whispered , “this one’s a real cock hound…me and my buddies have been running a train on his ass for the better part of the past year…ain’t that right, bitch?” Jamie nodded. Then, as Tommy picked up the pace, Jamie began moaning.

Tommy frowned slightly. “Need something to gag this moaning slut with…” He grasped Jamie by the hair, stepped back a bit and then guided his head to Chase’s cock, which was now rock hard again. “There you go, gag on that jock cock like the little bitch that you are.” Jamie’s cock throbbed—the teen slut loved verbal degradation. 

Tommy continued thrusting in and out. With Jamie now bent over, Tommy had a clear view of Chase’s body. The boy was fucking incredible. There was scarcely an ounce of fat on Chase’s cut physique, and his flawless skin glowed and rippled as his muscles tensed and relaxed from the blowjob. Tommy wistfully imagined that it was Chase’s hot ass that he was plowing. 

Chase was super aroused by the whole situation. It was so hot watching Tommy thrust his manly, hair body in and out, spit roasting Jamie. Jamie’s expert tongue massaged Chase’s cock to a second orgasm. Chase’s whole body tensed and convulsed. Tommy noticed and reached his hand over to muffle the younger stud. Chase began spurting right into Jamie’s mouth. After a couple spurts he pulled out and shot a line of cum all over the blonde twunk’s handsome face.

Tommy swabbed some of the cum off of Jamie’s face and held his fingers to Chase’s mouth, wondering if he could get Chase to lick them clean. To his amusement, Chase did just that, letting Tommy fuck his cum-coated fingers into this pretty mouth.

Tommy came shortly thereafter, adding a second load into Jamie’s worn fuck-shoot. The three sexy teens turned on the shower and took turns soaping each other down. They then took turns getting out of the shower, making sure to leave a few minutes apart to avoid catching attention. Chase left last. By the time he got out, Tommy had already left. Jamie waited for him in the locker room, fully dressed already.

Chase and Jamie walked to the parking lot together and exchanged numbers. As they said their goodbyes, Jamie gave Chase a quick peck on the check. He whispered into Chase’s ear, “Thanks, stud…you threw me the best fuck I’ve had in ages…and trust me, I’ve had my fair share of good fucks.” 

Chase smiled as he watched Jamie playfully run off. So far, it looked like his senior year would be off to a great start.

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