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It was my first, and last, year at Pemberton High School, having transferred from Greggory High on account of my mother finding a new job. Lucky me, right? Anyways, not knowing anyone, my first day was what I expected- meeting new teachers, getting the lay of the land (well, the school anyways) There were a few people, here and there, that introduced themselves. As uneventful as the day seemed to be, I was shocked when I laid eyes on my A. P. Chemistry partner, Charlie. What got me was his staggering, emerald green eyes. Now, I was openly gay, and anyone that asked I told them straight. My openness got me into a few fights over the past but it didnt bother me much. Homophobes will be homophobes; there's nothing I can do about them. Back to Charlie.

He was short for a senior(by my standards anyways, me standing at 6' 2'') and this surprised me. He was thin, but fit- obviously an athlete. He was wearing a tight, orange and white pinstriped shirt, and khaki shorts. Orange-my favorite color. We made eye contact as the teacher (Mrs. Hayes) told him that we were going to be partners for the semester. I walked over to his desk and he held out a hand, introducing himself.

'Charlie. Nice to meet you.'

'Aaron. Same here.'

'If you want me to, I can show you around, take you to your classes. Sound good?'

'Sure. That would be cool.' He smiled and I almost collapsed. His eyes were so mesmerizing- a staggering emerald green. As the day progressed, I couldn't help myself staring out the corner of my eye every time I got the chance. The day went by in a blur ... before I knew it I was home, sitting in my room, imagining the many things I would do to Charlie if I had my way with him. I jacked off with his face plastered to my eyelids.


A few months had passed since the first day- football season began and I found myself shivering as I bought a ticket and sat down on the freezing cold bleachers, awaiting Charlie to jog out onto the field in his very flattering uniform. Finding out that Charlie was on the football team made him all the more desirable for me. The fact that he was quarterback for the varsity football team AND he was in my honors classes just blew the ever so popular 'jocks aren't smart' stereotype out of the water. A wave of excitement rushed over me as I watched the smallest player on the team take his place on the sidelines, his delectable derrière outlined perfectly, waiting for the game to start.

Damn! His ass looked so good in his uniform. The tight pants made it perk up and wiggle every time he moved a muscle. Despite the cold I found myself starting to stiffen- just the sight of his ass outlines by his uniform was enough to get me excited. Imagine what seeing his full, naked body would do to me! The game went on for about an hour and a half- The Pemberton Bulls winning by a touchdown. The team seemed to be in high spirits. Both teems waded off towards the school to change and head home.

I went over to the school and headed to the locker room, wanting to intercept Charlie and congratulate him on the win. I stood by the door, watching as each player left the room, waiting for Charlie. About a half hour later, I wondered what would take him this long. The coaches had left ten minutes earlier, not locking the door behind them. Maybe he is still in there? I opened the door slightly, poking my head inside, attempting to hear any possible noises from the inside.

Just as I turned out of the doorway, the sound of running water made me stop. Poking my head back in, I could clearly hear the sound of running water and a billow of smoke seep through the far end of the locker room. I was pretty sure that it was Charlie- having not seen him leave the locker room with the rest of his teammates. Should I chance a peek? Would I be able to come across another chance like this? A chance to see Charlie naked for the first time. It wouldn't hurt just to walk in, look, and walk out, right? Well, as a matter of fact, it was the best decision I have ever made in my life.

Closing the door gently behind me, I crept towards the showers, trying to dispel the smell of sweat and jockstraps out of my nose. While walking through, I noticed a locker hanging open and went to investigate. It was Charlie's alright. I recognized his light blue polo from earlier that day in class. Without making a sound, I shut the locker tight, and headed towards the shower again. Walking around the corner, into the steam clouds that billowed through the room, I stopped suddenly, frozen on the spot.

Charlie, all 5' 5'' of him, give or take an inch or two, was standing under the rush of hot water, lathering himself from head to toe, his dick hanging down in front of him. Although he wasn't hard, his dick was easily 7 inches soft. His body was as smooth as a whistle, minus the small patch of fur above his package. I couldn't help but gawk at him. For someone who gets attacked by guys who tower over him, he seemed so fragile. He turned with his back towards me, his perky ass coming into view. I could feel my dick harden under my pants. I began touching myself, rubbing my pants where my hard-on tried to escape, a bit of pre-cum seeping through the denim.

I unbuttoned my pants and started jacking myself, careful not to make too much noise. Before long, my entire body shuddered and with a moan of ecstasy, I came all over the floor. I realized before it was too late that I was a little too loud. Charlie turned on the spot and saw that I was standing there, pants and underwear around my ankle, my dick starting to deflate. I grabbed for my pants but-

'Aaron ... how long have you been there?'

'Um ... well ... ten minutes, maybe. I just- just wanted to congratulate you for the win tonight, and well ... you didnt come out of the room ... and-'

'Well, why didnt you just tell me before that you liked me earlier in the year?'

'Wha-' Wait a minute. He knows I am gay? He knows that I've been watching-

'Yes, I know that you've liked me since the first day in Mrs. Hayes' class. It was pretty obvious.' The tides have turned, apparently. Now, Charlie was in full control of the situation at hand. He walked over, standing in front of me, those gorgeous green eyes staring into mine. My knees suddenly felt weak.

'So... you enjoy watching other people shower?'

'This is the first time I've done it. Thought that this would be the only way I could-' Damn those eye-they were truly my kryptonite; losing all sense of myself, not even putting a whole sentence together.

'Sneak a peek?' he said, getting a little closer still, his face brightening with a staggering smile. 'Care to join me?' Wait a minute- shouldnt he be pushing me away, yelling at me for watching him? Since when did he like guys ... Before I could vent my feelings, he tore off my shirt, and helped me out of my pants, and pulled my towards the showers. The hot water felt amazing on my body, loosening my muscles. well, I guess that answers that.

'You ever been with another guy?' I asked, taking the chance to wrap my arms around him and kiss him lightly on the lips.

'No, not really. Experimented with-' I kissed him again, moving to his nipples, which were rock hard, keeping him from finishing his thought.

'A few times ... not getting very far...AH!' I bit down on his nipple a little too hard.

'Sorry... got a little carried away. You want me to stop?'

'No.... at least, I dont think so...' At that, I headed farther south on Charlie's pristine, virgin body. My lips traversed over his abs, then entered his navel, exploring every inch of his chest. I could feel his dick, now rock hard and ready, rubbing up against my chest. I wrapped my lips around the head of it, using my tongue to loop around the thick edge.

'Oh ... that feels so good ...' I opened my mouth wide and let him push all of himself into my mouth until I felt his patch of fur rub my nostrils. He gyrated his hips as I bobbed my head back and forth. I grabbed his ass again, squeezing each cheek enthusiastically, starting to spread them apart. I massaged his hole with my index finger.

'I'm gonna- I'm almost...' I could feel his body tensing, his ass cheeks squeezing my finger. I slipped my finger into his ass.

'Ah! Oh!' I let him cum in my mouth, swallowing his entire load like a pro. I stood up, wiping my chin, some of his hot fluid escaping my mouth. Kissing him again, I stuck my tongue into his mouth, making him taste his own cum. He kissed back this time, grabbing the back of my head, his hands exploring my body. Our eyes met as we parted, and I could see the gears in his head spinning.

'You wanna do me?'

'Well, um ... maybe ... I dont know ...'

'I wont make you do anything you aren't ready for.' Raising his lips to mine I kissed him passionately.

'I feel bad. I wanna help you too ...'

'It's alright. It's not like I cant help myself,' I joked as I turned the running water off. 'Let's go grab a bite to eat- I'm turning into a prune.'

'Heh. Alright.' Letting Charlie walk ahead of me, I couldn't help but stare at his ass as he passed. I slapped it playfully, he smiling in return. We toweled each other off and dressed.

'You think you would ever want to have sex with me, Charlie?' This made him stop and turn around. Those eyes penetrated my defenses and I suddenly wished I hadn't asked, not wanting to ruin the moment we just had.

'I think... after some time ... I might want exactly that.' He leaned on his toes and laid one on me. Did I mention how much I enjoyed kissing him?




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