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Chapter 2

During dinner in the dining car we chatted and hardly took our eyes off each other. The meal was delicious but I knew Leroy's dick and boy cunt were far better than anything Amtrak had to offer. After dinner we headed back to my compartment for more of the same fuck fun as we had had earlier. Before closing the door and locking it Leroy was kissing me and removing my jeans. I let him strip naked before I began stripping him naked. Boy he was far hornier this time than before dinner. Down on his knees he went to give me a brilliant blowjob. getting me hard enough to be able to slide up his boy cunt.

I told him to lay on the bed and raise his legs a little so I could give him crack a real good rimming as well as a good fingering as I was getting to ready to ram him some more. Without any problems I rammed my thick 8 incher deep inside him, making Leroy shout out "You Fucker", not sure if it hurt him or not but I never stopped. I carried on ramming hard and harder and like before without mercy until I exploded deep inside him. I continued to breed him boy cunt until I had nothing else left. I slowly withdrew and Leroy positioned himself so we were again doing 69. He sucked my dick clean of any cum and I set to sucking and wanking him until he shot deep down my throat. I continued on sucking and swallowing until Leroy couldn't give anymore. After kissing we slid under the covers on the bed and fell asleep in each others arms.

Leroy woke me up as he got up to go for a piss, sorry daddy he said as he climbed over me. What time is it son I asked, it's almost 8am Leroy said, so I got out of bed too and also went for a piss. You ordered breakfast daddy Leroy asked, yeah in my compartment what about you I asked, I didn't order any as not enough money after paying my train ticket, ok well I can get the porter to bring more if they have any spare. You can pay me back in kind like you did last night after dinner, ok Leroy replied. There was a knock at the door so I asked who it was, breakfast sir, so I opened the door completed naked and let the steward in with the breakfast. Oh do you have any spare as my son wants breakfast now I said, erm yes sir I can go get you some extra. Wow you both have impressive size of dicks don't tell me you're both both bottom, no I'm top, why you was some raw inside you I asked. Yes sir I do, I just go get the extra breakfast and when I come back you can cum in me all the way sir. Wow how lucky was I to have now two black cunts to fuck raw.

The steward was back within 15 minutes. I told them in the kitchen I'm having my break now all 45 minutes of it. So can you breed me in that amount of time sir the steward asked. Fuck yeah no problems, so Leroy quickly removed the stewards clothes and took him to the bed where Leroy began kissing him while I began rimming his tight hole. Leroy then behan to give my a blowjob before the steward did his share. I told yo get on all fours and I positioned him on the bed so Icould slide deep in him in one go, like I did with Leroy. Fuck sir, you are a right hard bastard sir the steward remarked which made me ram him harder. Pounding away while Leroy sucked him off, I continued ramming him as I shot my load deep inside him, more and more was being deposited in his willing man cunt. Withrawing Leroy was once again ready to suck me clean which was heaven. The steward got dressed and left.Then it was Leroy and me having breakfast in my deluxe sleeper.

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