It was a Tuesday afternoon after school had finished. Ross left the PE hall and entered the changing room. It was empty, so he started undressing and got naked, all the way down to his boxers. They were tight, showing off his fit buttocks and giving off a clear view of the humungous size of his cock. Ross was a sporty guy, with thin, but muscly arms and a great set of abs, which formed a beautiful eight-pack. He had long legs, muscly legs as he was a cycler. He walked over to the showers, which were shared, giving no cover to hide your naked body. Generally, when people wanted to shower after PE in our school, they brought a spare pair of boxers and showered in the ones they were wearing, so as to not get caught naked. Ross got under the warm water of the shower, got the shower gel, and started rubbing himself. His hands slowly went down into his pulsating dick. He played with it for a while, and then left the shower. He walked over to his bag, and proceeded to take his clothes out of it.

Ryan left the bathroom after taking a piss. He thought he had been alone, so walked into the changing rooms with only his boxers on. They were too big for him, loose, and left his cock hanging out of the side, visible to all. He did this on purpose; trying to get people to notice it, so he could catch them looking. It turned him on something serious. He caught a glimpse of Ross. He looked down to see his wet boxers clinging to his ass, showing off how tight it was. He wanted to go over there and stick his fingers up Ross. He refrained from doing so. His stuff had been beside Ross', so he went over and start to get changed. He did so as slowly as possible.

Ross looked over a Ryan, noticing his huge cock coming out of his boxers. He couldn't help but feel aroused. He looked away, trying to hide his oncoming erection. Ross bent over, taking off his boxers in the process. Ryan reacted wildly, sucking his finger and sticking it up Ross' ass. Ross jumped, but slowly started to enjoy what was happening to him. He pulled away and turned around, displaying his hard, eight and a half inch cock, and massive ball sack to Ryan. He leaned into Ryan and kissed him. Whilst kissing, Ryan put his hand on Ross' ass and started to play with his cheeks. After this, Ryan slowly started to kiss down Ross' chest. He stopped at his hard nipples, and stuck his tongue in and around them, even sucking them in the process. He continued down, licking Ross' glorious abs on the way down to his succulent cock.

Ryan placed his hand on Ross' cock, pulling it up and down. He slowly started to lick the top, sticking his tongue through the foreskin. Ryan had never had such a huge erection in his life. He stuck his hands down his own boxers and played with his cock. Ryan then put the whole cock in his mouth and started sucking and deep-throated several times. After this, he moved on down to his balls, and put one in his mouth and sucked. Ross moaned in delight. Ryan turned Ross around and separated his butt-cheeks. He poked his tongue in through Ross' asshole, it tasted delicious. Ross kept moaning, and stuck his hand on the back of Ryan's head, pulling him in closer. Ryan started fingering him as well, and Ross couldn't wait any longer. He grabbed Ryan's cock and stuck it in his mouth, and placing his hand around on Ryan's cheek, squeezing it.

Ryan pulled away from Ross and turned him around. He grabbed his own cock and wet Ross' ass again. He slowly penetrated a groaning Ross. He started moving in and out of Ross slowly, and eventually began picking up speed. Ross grabbed onto the bench, his ass up in the air. This continued for a good five minutes, when Ryan lay down their clothes onto the floor and threw Ross' legs up in the air, resting them on his shoulder. He stuck his cock back inside him, leaned over him and fucked him whilst kissing him. Ross had been dreaming about this day for months. The next thing they heard was the changing room door open. And they could never have guessed who walked in.



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