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The Proposal

This time when he got in the pool he didn't pull me over to sit in his lap, he just scooted over next to me, put his arm around my shoulders and pulled my had down to his chest. It was so relaxing just sitting there with my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beating. I glanced up to see him with his head leaning back and it looked like he was watching the stars. You ever think about dressing up like a woman? That really came out of left field. To be truthful I'd never even thought about it. I know that being only 5'7" and weighing 120 with the slim body and hair a little longer than normal I was a little on the fem side. I even had a girl back home that committed that with a little make-up I'd be a very pretty girl. I just laughed and never thought about it again till then. I sat up and leaned back so I could see if he was just joking. He apparently because he had a very serious look on his face. I just shook my head no and went back to laying on his chest. Now don't get me wrong. I know you're a guy which i like but i also know you have a fantastic ass and can suck a cock like there's no tomorrow. I was just think that you would look really hot with the right cloths and especially wearing the right lingerie. I can just picture how you'd look walking around the house wearing nothing but thong panties and stockings. I could see that tight little ass moving in the panties and rub your stocking covered legs as you walk by. If you don't believe me check this out. he took my had and pulled it down to his cock which was all ready over half hard.. That's just from picturing what that ass would look like in panties. I just smiled as he started rubbing my back from my shoulders down to the top of my ass. I had to scoot forward a little because he wanted to cup my ass cheek as he moved his hand down. It might be something to think about. I know I'd get hard every time I'd see you bend with that panty clad ass.

I still held his cock lightly in the palm of my hand so I thought I'd see if I could tease him a little. I turned my head and took his nipple between my teeth. He froze. I wasn't sure that was a good thing so I released it with my teeth and started licking and sucking on it. while rubbing my hand across his chest. One touch of his chest and no one would every even consider calling him fat. There was nothing there but muscle! He had a wiry short black chest hair which I loved the feel of. I could hear him moaning and feel his cock starting to get a little harder so I must have been doing something right. Things were starting to feel a little twitchy with my own body. My ass was still a little sore but nothing to worry about as long as I was sitting still. It may have been because I was still sucking and licking on his nipples and playing with his chest. It may have been because i was holding a large heavy cock in my hand and it may have been due to the fact that I was actually think of what my ass would look like encased in a pair of red or black panties. And what it would feel like to be wearing a pair of tight stockings over my legs. I knew what my own ass looked like so it wasn't hard to picture what it might look like in a pair of thong underwear. The way my ass was feeling right then just the thought of a single strap between my cheeks and rubbing against my hole every time I moved was really making it twitch. Shows how little I knew about ladies underwear.

You're thinking about dressing up in slut clothes aren't you? What the hell! I jerked upright and stared at him. I had all ready decided that he could have my body any time he wanted it. My mouth, my ass, my hands or any other part he might like but nobody is supposed to read with or mess with my mind! No I can't read your mind (how did he know if was thinking that then?) Just a lucky guess on my part because I'm still thinking of seeing you dressed up. maybe, maybe not, the jury was still out. I got something to ask you, you don't have to answer if you don't want but I'm not just asking to be asking, this is going somewhere, OK? A hesitant nod. Where do you live? hell, I thought it was going to be something totally off the wall. I"I live in an apartment a couple of blocks from the bar where we met." An apartment, down town? "Well, it's more of a room but it works for me." He went back to star gazing for a few minutes before he sprung the next surprise on me. What would you think about moving here, with me. I'm pretty sure that counts as a surprise, I mean, we'd only know each other less than a full day most of which he spent tell me how he was going to fuck me! i must have had a shocked look on my face because he put his finger under my chin and pushed my mouth closed. See, here's the deal. I really like you. I don't know what it is about you that attracts me and I don't care. i live here alone. The house is mine, all paid for. I'm semi retire and mostly what work I do is from home. Wait! Retired? I knew he was older but I was thing late 30's at the most! I mean, he looked like late 30s for Christ's sake. Out came his finger again, back under my chin and close my mouth, again. I'm 59, never been married and have been bi all my life. Overload. I'm 23 and i just got my brains fucked out by a guy who is 59! Finger came out again but this time I an even bigger surprise, he put his finger under my chin same as last time, closed my mouth, same as last time but this time he leaned in and kissed me full on the lips! My mouth fell open just a little this time also but it didn't go far because all of a sudden his tongue was sword fighting with mine! Damn, 59 year old guys really know how to kiss! He cupped his hand around the back of my neck and pulled me to him. The kiss went on until I hit that "take my breath away" stage then he broke it off and leaned back against the pool.

What the hell was going on? This morning I was a part time waiter living in a crappy room down town wondering what I was going to do with my life. A few hours later and I'm sitting in a hot tub outside a really nice house, next to a guy that has a cock to die for and can fuck with it like a porn star. He looked back at me. If you decide to move in you will have your own room and although I's rather you slept with me that's not a deal breaker. it will cost you nothing to live here and I'll give you an allowance so you'll have some spending money. I have an extra car in the garage that you are welcome to use provided you do have a valid license. I will also supply you with food and clothing. I will admit the clothing I'd like to supply you with will be female but again, that's my preference not a deal breaker. What do you think? Think? How the hell was I supposed to think after have all this laid on me? It's like someone walking up to you and telling you that you won the lottery!

I had to talk! "why are you doing this?" I asked "yes you fucked me and yes I really enjoyed it but I thought you were just picking me up to get a quick fuck!" " I still don't have any idea why I even agreed to go with you in the first place! I must have been out of my mind and you still are! how can you offer something like this to someone you don't even know? For all you know I could be a crazed killer, or a drug addict or have a drugged up biker boyfriend that's going to rob you! How can you sit there some calmly and make that kind of offer to a total stranger!" I don't believe you're any of those things. I watched you from the moment you walked into that bar and I wasn't spending all my time checking out your ass. I watched they way you interacted with the other people there. Yes you were serious about your pool game and yes you were a little moody with me. I could also see that you were courteous to the other people. lots of smiles and obviously well like. I made a snap judgment about you and I trust my feelings Finger back under chin to close mouth, again, this time he just leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Tell me the truth" I said, "what's in it for you?" "Can I really trust you? Are you lying to me?" Very simple, I get a companion who also happens to have a super hot ass and mouth both of which I will plan on fucking as often as you will let me. Don't you like my having my cock in you? I would agree (now that the soreness was going away) that yes I did enjoy having his cock in me and with a little practice I thought I be able to take it anytime. God knows I was going to have trouble finding another one to fill me up like his did. I didn't say anything else I just leaned my head back against the tub and tried to sort out my thoughts. The offer sounded so great I was tempted to say yes right then, but, always a but. here I was, a 23 year old skinny white guy thinking about moving in with a 59 year old black guy and become his sex toy. let me think this through. The age. I really enjoyed sucking and fucking him before i knew how old he was, does that change my thinking? No I'd still like to g=have him fuck me again, and again. that take care of the age. He's black, I'm white. I'd been with black guys before, sucking only. the only two other cock I'd had in my ass were both white. Still I had no problem having sex with a black guy, the only reason one hadn't been in my ass till now was simply because I just hadn't met the right one. I've met guys before who were real jerks who as soon as they found out I liked to suck cock expected me to just fall down and worship their cocks, old and young and all races. I don't like jerks and something was telling me that this guy isn't one. (Sure hope I'm right about that) I don't do drugs, I do like to drink but not to excess, (hard to protect your ass from the afore mentioned jerks when your drunk) when i do drink I prefer beer or a glass of wine. I've never been in trouble with the law including even parking tickets. I like to think of myself as a pretty well adjusted, kind person, other than the fact that I really, really love sex!

Yes, I will accept his offer. I will move in here and become his full time sex toy. i will dress in women's cloths and be the sexiest little slut i can if that's what he wants. I opened my eyes to let him know what I had decided but before I could say a work I felt his lips pressing against mine with the tip of his tongue sliding across them. I moaned deep in my throat and opened my mouth enough to allow his tongue to slip in. As soon as he broke off the kiss he leaned back, smiled at me and said you've decided to accept my offer, right. Damn, I'm really going to have to think about this mind reading thing. I was back to my silent mode so i just smiled and nodded. There's one other thing I have to tell you. Oh shit here come the bad part. I looked up at him waiting for the hammer to fall. How do you do, my name is William. Finger, chin, mouth, you know the routine. "James" I said with a smile. What would you think about trying Jane for awhile until we can think of something better.? The smile and nod covered that.

Now that the choice had been made I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I still wasn't a hundred percent sure that I had made the right decision and several other worries were floating around but it seemed easier to just drift in the water and try not to think too much. My body was relaxing quite nicely, No sore muscles being tensed up so much. Feeling mellow from the beer I'd had. Even my ass had gone to just a dull by pleasant ache. After everything I had been through it still came as a bit of a surprise that I was no longer interested in sex at all, at least night right then. Of course the minute I thought about sex my ass twitched a little. Getting tired baby? Yes, now that he mentioned it. It's almost five, what say we get out of here and go lay down. Five! Damn, time flies when you're having fun. The thought of getting in bed beneath nice warm sheets sounded great but just laying here mellowed out with my head on his chest sounded just as good. he pushed me away from his chest, stood up and climbed out of the tub. As soon as he was out he turned and extended his hand for me. Before I took his hand I took a really good look at him, something I hadn't really done since we'd met. I wasn't sure how tall he was but it had to be over six feet. He was for sure on the large size with a good size belly, although It sure didn't seem to be in the way when he fucked me. The hair at his crotch matched the hair on his chest, short black and wiry. Full beard and mustache which tickled when he kissed me, I'd never been kissed by a guy with facial hair before. And then there was that cock! It may not have been the biggest although it sure looked that way when I was thinking about it going in my ass. I can say that it was diffidently the largest I'd ever had. With that big mushroom head hanging down it looked like a giant chocolate lolly pop! That brought a smile to my lips as i reached for his hand.

He had me stand next to the tub while he got a towel and did a very good job of drying me off. I think the spent a little more time on my ass than was really needed but it felt so good I wasn't going to complain. He took another huge towel and wrapped it around my shoulders as he took my hand and let me through the house to the bedroom. I hadn't realized how tired I was till we got there but one look at that bed and all i wanted to do was fall straight into it and go to sleep. I was standing the swaying on my feet as he turned down the sheets. He came back and took my hand to lead me to the bed like he was afraid I'd get lost on the way. God I hoped he wasn't horny again! I didn't know what I would do if he was! I didn't think I could stay awake long enough to do anything for him! Here ya go babe, stretch out and relax, tomorrow we'll hammer a few things out. I must have really been punch drunk by then because that struck me as so funny. Right, i thought and I'll bet one of the things you're thinking about hammering is me. As soon as I lay down he just went to the other side and slipped into bed with me. I got a little worried for a second since I was laying on my stomach and the first thing he did was scoot next to me and put his big hand on my ass. He just rubbed my cheeks a couple then slipped his finger between them to lightly touch my hole. Well, look at that, I know I was a little rough on your ass today. I really hope i didn't hurt you to bad but MY God it felt so good to be in you and now that tight little asshole is right back to the puckered little button it was to start with. That was sweet, even though it sound kind like he was quoting a romance novel. So with that big hand on my cheeks and the tip of his finger just touching my ass hole I fell asleep.


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