Chance Encounter

One weekend, when I was bored out of my mind, I decided to go for a long trip from where I lived in Dallas, Texas up north to a place I like in the mountains near Antlers, Oklahoma. Spent the weekend in my cabin in the Kimchi Mountains getting plenty of fresh air and sun shine. On my way back, I needed to stop at a rest stop on the Texas side of the Red River to use the restroom.  

I don't like to use the urinals, so I went into one of the stalls. Both stalls were vacant when I went in so I had my choice. When I chose one, I closed and locked the door behind me.

As I stood there peeing, I noticed a hole in the partition. It was about just the right height for a cock to go through it.  Just for hell of it I thought I’d stick my cock in through the hole to see what it felt like. In no time at all, I felt someone put his mouth on it and start sucking the whole thing.  

I was amazed at how quickly he started to suck on it and wondered if he’d been waiting for someone to come in this stall so he could suck their cock. This particular guy was very quick and didn't waste a second after I stuck my cock in through the hole.    

At first, I wanted to pull away, because I’m not used to being sucked, especially by another guy but I have to admit that I did like the way it felt, so I couldn't pull away.

Another reason was that I couldn't. When I put my cock through, it was flaccid, but after the guy started sucking it and it swelled up, it was quite clear that the hole was a little smaller than my cock. At least it wasn't painful, though.  I felt like a dog with his knot caught in some bitch’s pussy. 

The guy sucked me slowly at first, paying special attention to the head, which was exhilarating and tantalized me. Then he licked the underside of my uncut cock, right at the head where the frenulum connects it to the shaft.  Where it’s very sensitive.  

After he was finished, I wiped myself off with toilet tissue, pulled up my pants and went out to wash my hands. He was still washing his hands when I got there. I don’t know what I expected, but I was surprised to see what any average looking guy he was. No one you’d notice if you passed him on the street.

After I washed my hands, he grabbed me in a bear hug and expecting him to try to force a kiss on me, I thought, "Oh no. Not another one." But instead he said, "Thank you.  Thank you very much. That was so good,” and he walked out ahead of me and disappeared into the darkness of the parking lot. Just another chance encounter by two weary travelers.

The end…



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