The sun had already set behind the skyscrapers of the city when he was working. He loosened his tie a little and continued to type faster to finish the remaining tasks he had.By the time Adam was 19 he had already got a job in an important firm even if he just worked as an office clerk. His salary was way better than what he could have imagined so he put up with all the work he was given.

After a few minutes of hard work he finished and shut down the computer. He took his coat and went out through all the empty hallways of that big building. He realised he was hungry while in the lift; he didn't have anything to eat since he started working. That was not the first time though. He headed towards the train station; he had to wait quite a while for the next train so he took a sandwich from a vending machine he found in the station. He ate it all while he was waiting on a bench of the platform.

Adam took a deep breath after eating what he felt it was the most delicious thing ever due to his hunger. After tossing the recipient of the sandwich he wore his headphones to listen to his favourite singer. Then, he realised that was the only moment of the entire day he could loosen up a bit and relax from the frenetic rhythm he had to follow daily. He didn't have time for himself or other people, so it was really difficult for him to have a social life since he started that job. Months had gone by since the last time he didn't feel the contact of a body next to him. He was all the time imagining the perfect hot guy ready for action. Just the thought of that wish made him be in an eternal excitement that only would be eased when he slipped his hard cock into the tight ass of a guy he fancied. He knew what type of guy he desired the most, somebody like him. He was thin, but his work had made him lose weight even more. His abs were more visible than ever so he was feeling really good about his body. His hair was dark and long which made him look a little older.

He had a glance at the walkway that separated both platforms of the station. It was always empty at that time of the night. That emptiness and loneliness used to make him uncomfortable, not knowing who could be there to assault him. In that moment the idea of a hot guy assaulting him didn't feel that bad at all; it was actually what he needed. The simple thought of that made him feel something growing in his pants; he touched his dick on the jeans he was wearing, aware that nobody would see him. He was enjoying the moment while his dick was getting bigger and bigger.

He had a glance at the walkway again while he was touching himself. He could see someone staring at him in the dark. He tried to guess who that person was leaving his hand on the bench. He thought it was the security guard of the station, but he looked young and he wore no uniform, just a thin t-shirt that allowed his shoulders, arms and part of his chest to be seen. Adam, with no shyness, continued touching himself while staring at the guy in the dark.

For a moment, the light of a car made the stranger visible. He was blonde and a little shorter than Adam. He had a tattoo on his neck. Suddenly, Adam saw how the stranger's hand got down into his trousers while licking his own lips as a sign of enjoyment. The situation was perfect, so Adam made a sign with the hand for him to approach him. That was an opportunity he could not waste.

A few seconds later the two guys were face to face, feeling how their pants were going to explode. Adam stood up from the bench and without saying a word he made the move and tried to kiss his soft lips. When Adam's lips where about to touch the stranger's they both startled with the sound of the train entering the station. They split immediately trying to pretend nothing happened as someone might have seen them.

- Come with me - Adam told the blonde stranger while caressing his neck.

The stranger nodded and both got into the train. The train was nearly empty so they could sit together, close from each other, almost feeling the heartbeat of one another. They looked over the other's body and kissed from time to time. When they reached their destination, Adam took the blonde guy into his apartment closing the door behind them.

They took each other's clothes off while getting to the bedroom and they kissed passionately. Adam pushed him to the bed, took his trousers off and jumped on top of him. He kissed him even more passionately while touching all his body. He went downwards, first stopping at the neck and licking it; secondly at his nipples, sucking them and biting them softly; thirdly his firm belly and finally he arrived at the spot he most wanted to see. He took his underwear off and saw the stranger's dick. He took it and started stroking and rubbing it against his bulge. A few minutes after, he took his dick into his mouth and started licking and sucking it softly. He noticed how the body of his partner started relaxing while he moaned more as he started sucking harder.

After a while, Adam took his own underwear off leaving his rock-hard cock for the blonde stranger to see. The hand of his partner caressed his glans while Adam touched the blonde's ass and introduced softly a finger in the partially dilated anus. He massaged it with care until he got down and licked it. He felt his partner really turned on, so he took a condoms and lube from the bedside table. A few seconds later he was inside the stranger, both moaning and feeling each other's body.

They fucked in different positions but the one that really turned them on so much was when Adam lied down in the bed and his partner got on top of him, moving upwards and downwards while looking at each other's faces. They could kiss while in that position, looking at how the pleasure took over them and how the stress of those long hard-working days vanished. The blonde stranger couldn't hold it longer and shot his load all over Adam while he was still inside him. Adam kept on pushing until his turn to cum came. He took his cock out, took the condom off and the blonde stranger got next to his hard dick. He jerked off fast as he was grabbing his blonde hair till he exploded and came on his face. They stood still for a few seconds enjoying the moment. After cleaning himself, the stranger approached Adam and kissed his lips.

That was the moment he had been waiting for a long time and was hoping to do it all over again very soon.



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