I was out squirrel hunting one hot summer day but wasn’t having much luck at it I decided to take a break, find me a shady spot and do some still hunting instead of wondering around the heat. I found big oak tree next to the creek and settled down leaning back against the trunk.

I paid attention to the trees around me hoping to see a squirrel, but after a half hour with no luck my mind began to wonder. Since I was only 19 and forever horny at the time of course I started thinking about sex. I started thinking about the guy who lived next door. He was an older guy I’d know most of my life. Really nice and handsome in a rouge kind of way. I worked for him part time every summer since I had been 13, baling hay and helping take care of his stock. He had never been married and had no one to help him other than the guys he’d hire during the simmer. One benefit of living next door was the fact that he had a nice pond where I could swim. The day before I’d gone over to swim and as I came through the woods I realized that not only was he swimming he was naked! I started to turn around and head back to the house, but my curiosity got the better of me. I eased up behind a tree where I could see him.

He was swimming from one side of the pond to the other and from where I was standing I could look down and watch him. For a guy who had to be in his 50’s he looked trim cutting through the water, at least a lot trimmer than when I normally saw him wearing overalls He made a couple more laps then rolled over and floated on his back. Damn he had a huge cock! I could see it flopping back and forth as he swam on his back. I was close enough to see that he was uncut and even catch a glimpse of his balls. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have my hand wrapped around it or to have it in my mouth. I had been jacking and sucking guys of for a few years by then but never one that size.

I moved back into the trees a little to make sure he couldn’t see me and unzipped my pants. I headnote hard the minute I saw his cock and I pulled mine out and jacked off as I watched him. I was more excited that I had thought, and it only took a few strokes before I was coming. I watched awhile longer then headed back home.

I was getting hard just thinking about it and since I was in a part of the woods with no one else around unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, pushed them down below my knees and started playing with myself as I thought about his big cock. I wasn’t working it very fast. I wanted to take my time while I thought about stroking his and taking him in my mouth. I’m not sure how long I had been sitting there when through my half open eyes, I saw a shadow move in front of me. Not knowing what it was I open my eyes the rest of the way and was shocked to see another guy leaning against tree about 20 feet away. I was in shock! Very seldom had I ever run across anyone else in the part of the woods and here I was, pants around my ankles, legs spread with my cock in my hand! I grabbed my pants and started pulling them up when he stepped away from the tree.” Don’t mind me son” he said, “looks like you’re having fun and it don’t bother me none.” I didn’t know what to say and kept trying to get my pants up. He took a couple of steps toward me. Nice-looking cock you got there. You might as well go ahead and finish. I’ll even turn my back if you want although I’d kind of like to watch you finish if you don’t mind.”

I stopped pulling on my pants and took a closer look at him. He must have been close to or older than my neighbour. He was wearing jeans and a tee shirt, about 6 feet tall with bit of a belly. The main thing I saw though was that he had his cock out of his pants! He’d been jacking off while watching me! His cock was hard, and it was from watching me! How exciting! Mine had gone soft as soon as I’d seen him but know what he’d been doing and that it was because of me made it stiffen right back up.

I hadn’t said award so far and didn’t bother to now. I pushed my pants back down a little and took my cock in my hand while starting at his. He walked over until he was standing right in front of me. Could you take you pants all the way off and spread your legs like you were before?” he asked. I was so excited by then I would have stripped naked if he’d asked. I just nodded, sat up, pulled my shoes, pants and underwear off, slid down the tree a little and opened my legs. He took his cock in his hand as I started stroking mine. He watched me for a couple of minutes then stepped to my side which put his cock right in front of my face. Without even thinking about it I reached up and put my hand on Hiscock. He stopped stroking it and just looked at me a minute the moved his hand. I wrapped mine around it and started stroking. It felt so good! It was an easy8 inches and nice and thick I couldn’t believe I was jacking a strangers cookoff in the middle of the woods.

He unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down to his knees. He had nice big balls hanging from his bush and I dropped my own cock, so I could take them in my other hand. I figured I’d just jack him off and that would be the end of it but the next thing I knew he pushed his hips forward enough for the tip of his cock to brush my lips. I stopped and looked up at him. His eyes were closed, and he was knelling down a little to bring his cock in line with my mouth. I can take a hint, so I opened my mouth. I didn’t take him, just opened it to see what he’d do. I wasn’t surprised when he pushed it in.

I held still while he slid it in and out of my mouth a few times then pulled it out and stood backup. I thought he’d changed his mind until he took my hand and asked me if I’d mind getting on my knees. He made some remark about his ole knees killing him but by then I was already moving. Once I was on my knees I cupped his balls in my hand and took his cock in my mouth. Now it was his turn to stay still while I sucked on him. I tried to take it all in my mouth, but it was just a little to long for that, so I worked every bit of it I could. It wasn’t long before I felt his hands on the back of my head and he started moving. I guess he got excited then because it quit being me sucking him and turned to humbucking my mouth! He was ramming it hard and I was doing my best not to choke. I know he got it all the way in at least a couple of times cause my gag reflexes kicked in. I was just about to put my hands on his hips to push him back and keep him from going so deep when he shoved hard again and started coming! I didn’t have any choice but to swallow! It was either that of choke. It sure seemed like he came a lot but finally he pulled back far enough for me to breath. I kept sucking until he pulled out of my mouth. He kept his cock against my lips for a minute then dropped down to lay beside me.

When he turned on his side facing me I stretched on my back nest to him. He reached over and took my cock in his hand and started stroking me. I just lay back and enjoyed it. He stroked me for a while then he’d run his hand down and cup my balls, rubbing them lightly, then back to stroking. The next time he reached down for my balls he slid his hand between my legs and pulled them open then slipped his finger down and rubbed my hole. It felt so good that I didn’t say anything. I guess he figured it was OK with me because he stuck his finger in his mouth and that time when his hand went sown he stuck a finger in me. He did it nice and slow, so it wasn’t bad, and I reached over and took his cock in my hand. I was shocked to feel a hard cock, not the soft one I had expected. He only had a little of his finger in my hole but as soon and I touched his cock the shoved the rest in mean started finger fucking me.

I had only been fucked once before and wasn’t sure about letting him go any farther. The first time I hadn’t really wanted to do any more than jack and suck the guy, but he’d had too much to drink and since he had been quite a bit old and bigger than me didn’t have much to say about it when he rolled me over and shoved his cochin me. Thank god he came quick cause it hurt like hell. This time he was sliding his finger in and out slowly and it didn’t feel too bad, so I figured I’d let him continue for a bit while I jacked him off or sucked him again if he wanted. I was surprised at how good it felt after a bit, but I was really surprised when he pulled his finger out and rolled over on top of me!

I’d had a guy on top of me before, but he had been on my chest with his cock in my mouth never stretch out full length with him between my legs! Before I could get my mind wrapped around what was happening he had put his hands between my legs and pulled them up all most to his shoulders. I felt his cock slip between my ass cheeks and the head of it rubbing against my hole. I was sure he was going to try to fuck me and I was so naïve I didn’t know a guy could fuck a guy in this position! I was even more surprised when he raised up on his knees, pushed my legs even farther up and out and started licking my hole! I’d never had my ass licked before! He was poking at my hole with his tongue! I was so shocked it took a couple om minutes for me to realize that DAMN it felt good!! He got my hole so wet he was e to push the tip of his tongue inside me! I came while he was licking me! I had never done anything that felt that good!

I was still shaking from his licking and coming when he stopped licking and lowered my ass down a little. This time not only was his cock against my hole he had his hand around it and was guiding it to my hole. My brain was still lagging and before could get it together enough to say anything I felt a sharp pain as he slipped the head of his cock in me! I put my hands against his chest and tried to push him off but wasn’t able too. He just held still with just the head inside me and gave me time to relax. I was positive I wasn’t going to be able to take this but after a few minutes the pain started dyeing down. I still had my hands against his chest and was determined to hold him back from going any deeper but when I felt him slide a little more in me it didn’t hurt like it had at first. I took my hands off his chest and wrapped my arms around him as he pushed a little more in. It still hurt a little but not as bad as though it would. My ass had never be stretched this much! I knew from sucking him that his cock was lots bigger than the first one I had in my ass but it didn’t hurt nearly as bad, He kept sliding it in a little at a time until I felt his bush and balls against my cheeks the just held it there. After a bit the pain well went away, and the pleasure started. I was even able to squeeze my as which made him moan and sent a jolt for pleasure through me!

It was nice having him hold still with that stiff cock buried in me, but I began to feel a little like I wanted him to move. Since he wasn’t moving I dropped my ass down which made it slide out a little then shoved it back up to take it all again. That must have been the signal he was waiting for because he started pumping my ass nice and slow. I could believe how different than the first tin. He would pull his cock out till just the head was inside me then slide back all the way. It seemed like it felt better with each slide! I still had my arms wrapped around him and now I wrapped both legs around his waist and tried to help pull him back in. As he started moving faster I got hard again both from his cock being in me and feeling his stomach rubbing against my cock. The more he speeded up the more I wanted. I could fell his balls slapping against my ass and it was feeling like he was trying to shove them in me also! I was taking his full strokes now! He’d pull back till just the head was in me the slam back in hard enough to make my ass cheeks bounce. He started talking about how great my ass felt and how he was going to fill me full of come. The more and the nastier he talked the more excited I got! He broke out of my arms and raised back on his knees grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs so far back and out the he was driving that cock straight down into me. When he hit bottom that first time I started coming! He slammed it in a few more time than a hard shove and I knew he was coming. I could feel the heat in my ass and knew that must be his cum

He held me up with his cock buried in me until he was done. I felt his cock slip out of me as he eased my legs back to the ground. We lay there for a bit catching our breath then he stood up and got dressed. I just lay there with my legs open, relaxing. When he was done he bent down, put his hand on my ankles pushed my legs up adjust looked at my hole. I could feel his cum leaking out of he and he said, “Thetis sure one nice ass and but it looks quite a bit bigger right now than when I first saw it.” I didn’t know what to say about that. Then he smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it will be just as tight the next time and I sure hope there’s a next time because I sure do like fucking it!”.

Never know, we made a date to meet the following week.

bud C
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