Caught Red Handed

Chapter 1

As I showered, I was trying not to think about jacking off. I had agreed with a fellow soldier, Rick, to go to a movie, and showering was part of getting ready. It was an effort to keep down the desire to jack off because I found myself alone in this large open shower room. At odd times of the day, like this, if one hurried it could be done without getting caught. I know, I'd done it before, myself. I'd also seen, often enough, those tell-tale signs of other soldiers interrupted in the process of beating off. They'd try to camouflage it with a flurry of conspicuous soap lathering, but it was an erotic moment which I'd savor but pretend to ignore for the sake of my fellow meat-beater.

Tonight, though, the reason for my reserve was my hope that Rick would finally prove himself as sexually experimental as he kept hinting he was. With that hope, I was "saving" myself for later.

This barracks, at a training school we were both attending, had several floors. Each floor had two large shower rooms, one at each end. Rick bunked on the lowest floor and at the other end of the building. During the day, we sat next to one another taking class. At a coffee break a couple of weeks earlier, someone (I think it was me) in our group complained (or boasted) about getting erections while sitting through these boring classes. Rick had chuckled and blushed in such a disarming and charming way that, well, it turned me on. After that, whenever I got a hard-on, which was even more frequently than before, I'd nudge him, he'd glance down at my distended crotch, and we'd snicker together quietly. It wasn't long before he started nudging me, too, and I'd check out the newly formed bulge in his crotch. No one else seemed to take notice of us, even though both bulges were equally impressive. Showing off the outline of my hard-on and looking at Rick's was very arousing. And it was fun, too. Tonight, I was hoping I could discover a way to unveil our bulges.

Suddenly, two nude barracks-mates came into the showers. My very first impression of them was that they were both sexually aroused. They sported large, long, thick cocks. My practiced eye told me these were inflating erections only a phase or two from complete stiffness. My gut churned with lust. They mumbled a hello and took showerheads next to one another at the far end of the room. Even with their backs to me, these were sexy dudes. It didn't take a genius to figure out they wanted to be alone, so I finished showering and left, feeling grateful their intrusion had interrupted my growing urge to jack off. Visions of what they'd be doing together, however, ignited my imagination and made me even hornier. But Rick would be waiting.

Back in my room, with my roommate gone, I glimpsed my nude figure in the full length mirror on my closet door as I finished toweling off and I realized those two boys in the shower must have noticed my cock, too. It was looking as full and inflated as were theirs. The inclination to jack off became very strong, again, as I thought of how exciting they looked and wondered what they'd be doing together, and then watched my cock respond to my lewd imaginings. My cock looked so good, growing larger as I watched. My physique, too, looked surprisingly good. I was routinely weight-training, exercising and swimming. It showed. Mine was no longer the image of a timid teenager poised to enjoy a private whack off in the bathroom mirror back home. No. This was a full-grown man. Strong. Virile. Hung. And horny. Watching his cock firm up for a willing fist and losing the struggle to "save" himself for later.

"I'll bet those sexy bastards are fucking around in the showers right now," I whispered to my reflection. My cock continued its deliberate rise. "I'd love to join 'em," I whispered huskily. Then I watched my fist grip the tall-standing cock in the mirror.

"Oooh, that feels so good," I sighed quietly, drawing the skin down, sliding my fist to my balls. I saw my cock flush with excitement and enlarge to its most imposing size. My fist traveled the formidable length in slow, well-gripped expertise. The giant, thick-flanged cockhead puffed to an impressive dimension atop the long shaft and big balls bounced beneath the thick cock-base. The scene in the mirror showed a man ready to jack off to climax. I knew I was primed to pump out a heavy load. But Rick was waiting.

Reluctantly, I released my cock, watching the trenchant member pulsate vibrantly in front of me. I still felt I wanted to follow through on my little scheme and continue to "save" myself for Rick. If I got lucky tonight, I reasoned, it would be even more exciting than this autoerotic pleasure. I was reaching for my shorts when I caught another glimpse of my reflection. Damn, I looked good. My cock was alive with spirit, gleaming with passion, shining in the glow of the soft light in the room. My thighs looked muscular, my hips narrow, my abdominal muscles tense and strong, decorated with a sexy patch of cockhair, my chest heaving with excitement and highlighted by two large nipples, hard with arousal. I was looking at a man ready to come. I felt the surging of anticipatory pleasures and knew all it would take was a few sensuous strokes to bring myself off and coat the mirror in a slick sheen of sticky semen. Yes, Rick was waiting, but...

Thinking along the lines of A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and telling myself my plan probably wouldn't work with Rick anyway, I wrapped my fist around the burning cockflesh again and heard myself sigh with intense pleasure.

I also heard a pair of shoes clicking their way down the tiled corridor in a cocky cadence, coming nearer, but, knowing Rick never came up to my room, I paid no attention. My cock held all my attention. It looked great in the mirror, being pumped by my muscular fist, balls bouncing, legs splayed apart. What a sexy sight. I've always loved watching myself jack off. In the back of my mind, I was aware that the clicking shoes were coming even nearer, but I felt secure in my room and I was certain Rick would not be coming up to fetch me. Reality was fading as I was really starting to enjoy the overwhelming stimulation of the self-administered hand job.

Suddenly, in the mirror, I saw my door, which had no lock, being flung open and I watched Rick walk right into the room. No knock. No calling out my name. Just the door bursting open and Rick swaggering into the room. His clicking shoes should have alerted me, but didn't.

Rick stopped dead in his tracks. His chin dropped and his mouth opened as he took in the scene before him: his buddy, perfectly naked, completely aroused, obviously jerking off and, to top it all off, duplicated in a full-length mirror. From every angle, from any angle, he could clearly see what I was doing.

My mind stopped; so did my fist. There was no way to duck or hide or mask what I was doing. No covering was within reach. If I turned around towards him, I'd simply be pointing my erection directly at him, like the reflection of my cock was now doing. I was caught jacking off and that was that. It flashed through my mind that he could turn me in to the military authorities. I realized that was a stupid thought, but I heard myself say, without thinking, "Oh! Shit!"

"Wow!" Rick sighed softly, his eyes wide open, darting from my image in the mirror to my ass, to my cock, to the mirror image of my cock, and back again. His left hand reached behind him and he slammed the door shut, while his right hand groped his own full crotch. "Jesus," he said with emotion, "you look fantastic!" That's all he said, but he moved slowly forward, towards me, his fist working on a rapid swelling in his pants.

"I... You..." I stammered, at the same time embarrassed at being caught red handed yet intrigued by his delightfully sexy and not altogether unexpected reaction to my naked image. He was not offended by my aroused nudity, he was as aroused by it as I was. He wasn't going to turn me in, he was getting turned on. He didn't want me to grab some clothes and cover myself, he wanted to uncover himself and get naked with me. I heard, more than saw, his zipper being drawn down his fly as he came closer still.

"For weeks," he whispered in a voice filled with sexual nuance, "I've been wanting to find a way to see that thing exposed and in action. To find a way to watch you handle it." His eyes were riveted on my throbbing erection. "I've been teased by its hidden outline long enough, don't you agree?"

"Yes," I agreed simply. I turned towards him, looked down at his open fly and saw the white of his jockey shorts in it, but also saw the impressive outline I'd come to admire. "I've been wanting to see yours, too," I admitted honestly.

"Wow!" he sighed, again. He was unbuckling his belt. "Want to do it together?"

"Yes!" I almost shouted. Then I watched as his pants slid down his muscular legs. He opened his shirt and I saw the huge bulge hidden in his white jockey shorts. The huge, but familiar, bulge. A wave of intense craving washed over me. "Let me help you," I said, and closed the gap between us with a step or two.

I reached out and grasped the elastic waistband of his shorts with both hands, stretched the garment away from his body, freeing the erection, which jumped excitedly and straightened up to stand tall and proud in front of his muscular, hairy abdomen, and then I pulled the garment down his strong thighs, hearing the elastic snap against his thighs as it was freed from his high, firm buttocks. The sight of him, almost naked before me, a surging, pulsating erection beckoning for attention, damn near made me come on the spot. As I lowered the shorts, leaning downwards and in towards him, my face came closer and closer to the throbbing, thick cock.

The top of my head brushed erotically against his left nipple. The touch brought him out of his entranced state as he watched me lowering his underpants while my head moved closer and closer to his erection. "Oh, Jack, be careful or you'll get poked with this big thing," he warned with a sigh.

The underpants slipped from my grip and slid down on top of his trousers as I straightened up and looked him in the eye. "Oh, I hope so!" I said earnestly.

"You DO?" he whispered in awe. He quickly stripped off his skimpy shirt, kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants. He removed his socks and stood before me with his hands on his hips, his cock rigidly standing between us, throbbing with life. Naked, he looked even better than I had imagined he would. He was sinewy, with the agile build of a gymnast, but had the giant penis you'd expect of a football linesman twice his size. The contrast was so startling it gave the cock an even more impressive presence.

It was difficult for me to comprehend immediately if Rick's whispered response was positive agreement or surprised disgust. Our throbbing cocks were inches from one another, both untouched and looking outstanding, but I was suddenly and uncharacteristically hesitant to make an overt move towards him. Instead, I slipped my hand back around my own erection and sighed without comment.

"Yeah," Rick sighed, "let's do it!" He grabbed his own cock, which swelled to even greater dimensions.

For a moment, we silently stroked our cocks, matching one another beat for beat. The incredible beauty of this young man, standing proudly in front of me, jacking a huge, magnificent erection dazzled me. He kept up with me stroke for stroke and used the same unlubricated, uncomplicated jack off method I use. Fists pumped up and down, up and down. It was breathtaking. "Look," he whispered with a gesture of his head towards the mirror behind me.

I turned and saw his exciting reflection partially obscured by my back. I twisted around and saw both our reflections. I was slightly taller and heavier, but we both looked terrific. He shifted up next to me, stood shoulder to shoulder with me, and was as obviously thrilled by the sight of us jacking off as I was. We really were something to see.

My eyes caught his in the mirror. "Oh," I whispered to him, "I could come in a flash."

"I'm right with you, man," he whispered with feeling, staring back into my eyes through the mirror, "but I've got to know what you meant when you said you hope so after I almost poked you with this." At the word, "this," he humped his hips upwards, opened his fist, and displayed his erection to me.

Nervously, I licked my dry lips. His eyes opened wider, he regripped his cock tightly, and he groaned.

"Oh, God!" I exclaimed, "just the thought of getting poked with that big thing is bringing me to climax. I can't hold back, I'm gonna shoot!"

"Me, too!" he said excitedly.

We stared at our reflections. Both cocks were fiery dark red, with thickly swollen cockheads moist with pre-cum dripping from broad slits and shining in the soft light. One jarring stroke down into the balls. Another stroke. And another, when, suddenly, a bolt of white jism shot from my well-aimed cockhead and hit the mirror between Rick's reflected nipples with a resounding splat. Immediately, his cock exploded, sending a spray of sperm onto the mirror where my chest was reflected. It hit with such force that some of the thick liquid rebounded off and landed on my thigh.

We grunted together and pumped out full loads onto that mirror, watching with delight. I'd seen my own cum coat mirrors before, but I was amazed at the tremendous volume of sperm we both pumped out onto it together. The excitement of seeing each other ejaculate surely produced a reaction that increased our normal outpouring of juices. We grunted and shuttered and then leaned against each other for support as the strength of our orgasms depleted us.

"Christ! Look at this," he muttered, feebly pointing to the cum-coated mirror. "What a sight!" Cum was slowly etching long lines on the mirror. Its smell was potent and robust. I breathed deeply, not getting enough of the wonderful odor, when I noticed Rick doing exactly the same thing. Sure, the orgasm left us both out of breath, and we could have breathed more quickly through open mouths, but the smell was just too exciting to ignore. Witnessing him obviously enjoying the smell as much as I did, burned the moment into my memory. To this day, a strong odor of fresh semen easily brings back the memory of Rick and of that moment with him before the mirror.

I moved to my bunk, grabbed my wet towel and began cleaning off my cock, tossing an end of the towel to Rick and watching him carefully clean off his cock, too. It was an erotic connection, two on a towel. He handed me his end of the towel and I reluctantly cleaned the mirror of its treasured coating.

When I was finished, Rick grabbed the towel back from me and put it to his nose, inhaling deeply. Muffled by the towel, he said, "Your roommate's gonna wonder what the fuck you did in here. This wonderful smell will last for hours."

"It won't be the first time," I said with a grin.

"Me, too," he said agreeably, confirming that he, too, jacked off in front of his mirror when his roommate was not around.

For a long moment we just looked at each other, affectionate smiles firmly in place. Our cocks were pointed downward but looked neither spent nor worn. We both seemed to want to find the right words to say to one another, but somehow words failed us, just then. You know how that can be.

"We'll be late for the movie," one of us said, quietly.

"Yeah," the other agreed.

Rick reached for his undershorts and put them on, covering himself and breaking the spell. I moved to my closet and began dressing, watching him through the mirror and realizing that he was watching me. Without another word, we finished and left the room. The cum-laden, wet towel lay drying across the metal bed rail at the foot of my cot.

* * * * *

The movie could not hold my attention. The press of Rick's thigh against mine, the pressure from his shoulder as he leaned against me, the occasional, seemingly inadvertent touch of his hand against my arm as he shifted about uncomfortably in his seat, all made me incapable of concentrating on anything but this sexy guy sitting next to me in the darkened movie house. Midway through the movie he leaned his head towards my ear and whispered, "Let's get the fuck outta here."

I jumped up like the place was on fire and made a beeline for the exit, Rick right on my heels. It was the first time in my life I purposefully left in the middle of a movie. I guess I had always wanted to get my money's worth and see the entire program. But now, I wanted to get out of there and go somewhere, anywhere, where Rick and I could be alone.

Outside, we walked along silently, bumping against each other as we moved, like good friends do.

"I couldn't concentrate on the film," Rick said, quietly.

"Me, neither," I concurred. "All I could think about was you."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," he agreed. "All I could think about was watching us cover that mirror with cum."

"Yeah, that was great!" I said enthusiastically. "Geez, you're a sexy guy."

"Hah! Talk about sexy. You're the sexy one!" he insisted.

I chuckled softly. He thought about it for a moment and began to chuckle with me. "Yeah," he said finally, "I guess we're both sexy."

"I wish there'd be someplace we could go to be alone. I'd like to mess around some more, wouldn't you?" I asked, certain he'd agree.

"Hey, I know a place," he said with sudden enthusiasm, as if having just remembered it.


"It's an abandoned row of temporary classrooms. It was being used while they put up a new building, but now it's empty."

"Well, let's go check it out."

"We won't be able to turn on any lights, and we'll have to take care not to be seen entering or leaving. All right?"

"Sounds exciting," I said. "Who'd see us this time of night, anyhow? Lead on." My balls were churning at the thought of being alone with him in the dark.

* * * * *

"Don't talk," Rick instructed with a whisper as he began removing my shirt. His nearness overwhelmed me. I trembled with excitement.

We were in a fairly large, dark, empty classroom, standing next to the only piece of furniture left in the room, a large wooden desk. The windows of the classroom faced the darkened new building, which blocked out even the dim light of the starry night

We had moved slowly and quietly into the classroom, so my eyes had become adjusted to the darkness. Rick had removed his shirt and was now removing mine. As he did so, in a rather awkward motion, his arms slid around me. I drew him into an embrace. The touch of his hot flesh against my naked chest was exquisite and I moaned softly with pleasure. He dropped my shirt on the desk and returned my embrace.

The feel of a hot body and smooth flesh caused both of us to go crazy with emotion. Hands tore at clothing and in a flash we were both nude, both hard, and both pressed tightly against the other. Hands roved bodies freely. What sensations they produced! Our cocks stood pressed between us next to one another and I felt hot, sticky seepage from both. Our balls touched erotically.

"I'm gonna cum, NOW, man," Rick whispered urgently, directly into my ear. "Suck it for me, will ya?" He held his breath after the sexy, bold request, wondering how I'd react.

I released my tight embrace and, knees shaking, lowered myself only slightly, but enough to confirm my intention to carry out his request. He hissed with pleasure and leaned back to allow me easy access to his throbbing cock. My hands grasped his hips as I lowered myself. I could hardly see a thing. I couldn't see his thing.

"Poke it at me," I whispered up at him. I heard his hand slide down and grab his stiff erection, and then I felt the fleshy knob hit my cheek. I put my hand on his hand and helped guide the missile to its goal.

In the darkness, as the smooth textures and wonderful heat of the penis entered my mouth, igniting my passions. I marveled at the overwhelming delight sucking a cock gives me. I tried to concentrate on giving him a great experience by doing it right, but at the same moment I was aware of my own throbbing cock, full balls, and churning gut. Finally, to have his hardness in my mouth was a phenomenally enjoyable feeling. I loved it. I knew how it made him feel but I also knew that the excitement of sucking his cock was about to make me come, too.

"Gonna shoot, man," he whispered quietly from above, humping forward excitedly.

"Hmm," I hummed, letting him know I wanted his load.

The first blast of hot, viscous fluid jetted into my mouth. Instantly, I was delighted with its taste and with its smell, with its heat and with its syrupiness. I wanted more.

Suddenly, a flashlight was turned on and caught me directly in its beam. Rick's handsome, pubic-hair-decorated, muscular abdomen was illuminated in front of me and the connection between his cock and my mouth was unmistakable.

Terror seared the moment into my memory, but as Rick blurted out "What the Fuck!" he kept pumping cum into my eager mouth. He couldn't stop coming and I wasn't going to waste any of the long-sought-after load regardless of the consequences.

Whoever was watching saw Rick jab a series of short thrusts into my mouth and obviously come with great passion as his abdominal muscles contracted spasmodically, and his hips gyrated erotically.

"Wow!" a man's voice sighed from behind the light of the flashlight. We couldn't see who it was. Thoughts of unnamed penalties tried to break into my consciousness, but receiving Rick's load was too pleasurable to ignore.

Finally, Rick tugged his spent cock out of my mouth. It throbbed with moist exuberance, shining in the beam of the flashlight, still almost completely erect, a mere inch from my face.

"Looks like you boys've been caught red handed," a quiet, deep, male voice said. There was something about the tone being used that relieved my immediate worries. Something in the way the word "boys" was used, or the way the phrase "red handed" was massaged. Whoever was behind the light was not outraged. Whoever was behind the light was not incensed by our lascivious behavior. Whoever was behind the light was not going to turn us in. No. He was turned on. I could hear it in his voice.

"Looks like I'll have to turn your naked asses in," the voice said.

"Oh, no, please, Mister, don't do that," Rick pleaded, fearfully. I could sense his concern. He wasn't hearing what I was hearing in that voice. He didn't realize that whoever it was, was toying with us. Surprisingly, though, his cock didn't deflate.

"What'll ya give me?" the low, melodic voice wanted to know.

"A blowjob," I replied simply, squinting into the light and wondering what was behind it. Rick sucked in his breath in surprise and alarm.

"Jesus, don't get smart with him," Rick cautioned.

"It's okay," the voice said reassuringly to Rick. "I want a blowjob."

"You DO?" Rick asked in amazement.

"Of course I do," came the reply. "You wanted one, didn't you?"

"Yes. I did," Rick replied honestly.

"Well, so do I. It's the price you boys'll have to pay me for my silence. What do you say?"

"Agreed," I said, still squinting at the light, trying to get a look at whoever was there. "Who do you want it from?" I asked. I was still on my knees. My cock was still throbbing.

Rick sucked in his breath in surprise, again.

"You mean you both suck cock?" The stranger sounded surprised, too.

"I don't know," I answered truthfully. "But, I am willing."

"You'll do fine," he confirmed. Rick let out an audible sigh of relief. "Here," the guy said, coming towards us. Before he got too close, he turned off the flashlight.

Total darkness enveloped us. I couldn't see a thing, again, but it was even worse this time after having had the light shining right in my eyes. It would take a while to readjust to the darkness. But I could still hear, and I heard a zipper being drawn down. Jeez, here's another cock to suck, I thought to myself lustily. I guess I should have felt intruded upon, but deep down, I knew I liked the idea of having sex with this unseen stranger. It excited me. And I knew I liked the idea of sucking his cock in front of Rick, too. For some kinky reason, that thought excited me, even more.

I put my hand out towards the sounds of the man moving closer and suddenly felt a large, hot, hard erection slide into my grasp. It was much larger than Rick's. "Oh! Jeez," I whispered.

"What is it?" Rick asked, concern filling his voice.

"It's a big one," I whispered back.

"OH!" Rick blurted out, surprised.

"Damn right," the stranger said. "So treat it right, and make me feel good, or I'll turn you..." He paused as the pressures of my sucking became overwhelmingly evident to him. "Oh! Oh, shit, man, you really can suck!" He paused. "You're good!" he added.

The big cock had slid right into my cum-coated mouth. Its contours and textures felt perfect and I found myself given over to a great enjoyment of sexual fervor, sucking for all I was worth. He stopped talking, and, for a while, all I heard was their breathing, and my sucking noises. It was an intensely erotic moment.

He opened his pants and slid them down. Without instruction, I began fondling his heavy balls. He groaned with pleasure and jabbed his hips at me. In the total blackness, I could only imagine what the big cock looked liked. Its strength and firmness gave me great pleasure as I worked on it to bring him towards orgasm.

"I can't see a thing," Rick whispered next to me, "but that sure sounds sexy, Jack." I could feel his hand moving on his erection and realized his was stroking his big cock right next to my shoulder.

"So, your name's Jack!" the stranger said in a muted whisper. It was clear that he was nearing ejaculation. He emphasized my name with a certain irony, saying, "Well, Jack, take my load!"

With that, he stiffened, humped his hips into my face, and began shooting a man-sized load into my mouth. It tasted great. It was hot, syrupy, thick and delicious. And it just kept coming. A big cock, big balls, and a big load. I loved it!

When he finally finished coming in my mouth, he suddenly pulled back, took several steps backward and again flashed the light on us. I saw Rick's cock in his hand, renewed and ready from his manipulations, and I glanced down and saw lubricant leaking from my stiffly erect big dick. I was ready, too, and our captor knew it.

"Looks like you're as horny as I was, Jack," he said with that edge of derision in his voice. "I think your buddy, here, should take care of that for you. What do you think?"

Before I could respond, Rick said, simply, "Okay." I was surprised and delighted. I rose up, watching my cock sway rigidly with the motion while bathed in the strong glare of the flashlight, like it was center stage, and I had that heady emotion stir throughout my being which told me I was about to come. But it would not be just a simple orgasm. No. It would be a novel orgasm sucked out of me by my randy buddy and witnessed by the sexy stranger unseen behind the light.

"Wow, you two are a sight!" the stranger whispered with emotion. "That's it. Go down on Jack, now. But, no, don't stop jacking that cock of yours, man. I wanna watch you jerk that big pole as you suck his big dick. That's it. That's it! Lap up them juices and polish that knob. Now, suck in that big cockhead. Wow! You've done this before, too, haven't you. Suck on that big tube. Take that meat into your throat. Oooh, watch it disappear!"

He kept up a verbal, tantalizing, lurid, descriptive narrative of the action as Rick's talented mouth suctioned like mad, causing every fiber in my body to quiver with excitement. An explosive orgasm was building and I couldn't hold it back. I was watching my cock pump into his mouth and could see his fist pumping his cock beneath me and I even thought I could hear the stranger fisting his own cock in the shadows. It was an amazing sexual moment.

"Yeah, beat that meat!" the stranger demanded huskily, and I knew for certain he was beating off, too. I felt Rick's reaction, which was to beat his meat much faster and to suck my cock much more vigorously and excitedly.

"I'm gonna shoot my load," I announced. I didn't want Rick to be taken by surprise, although he was doing such a good job I suspected he knew exactly what to do and what to expect.

"Yeah," the stranger said breathlessly, "fill that cocksucker's mouth with your hot jism, man. Just look at the two of you goin' at it." His voice was filled with admiration and excitement.

At that moment I knew he was about to come, too, and I came. I had a monumental orgasm. One of the most colossal of my life. I had jacked off with Rick, sucked his cock to spewing orgasm, sucked the big cock of the stranger, and was now being sucked off by Rick and being watched by the stranger, while I was watching Rick jack off and could hear the stranger jacking off with him.

Altogether it was a fantastic moment! I pumped out an unending series of huge spurts of thick juices that filled Rick's mouth over and over again. During it all, he began spurting cum onto my legs, as I heard the stranger sucking in his breath and gasping in orgasmic bliss. The three of us were coming together. I was certain of it.

"Fuck! You two are really hot. Really something to watch!" He sounded very sincere. Then, he turned out the light. "Let's do this, again, tomorrow night. Same time, same place. Maybe I'll even try some of the sucking." His voice was fading. He was moving away from us. Then, he was gone. I was sure of it. I wondered who he was. A guard? A policeman? A maintenance man? Or just a lucky passer-by with a flashlight?

Rick was still sucking my cock. I think he was oblivious to everything but our mutual orgasm. I started to wonder if he'd agree to return for another round with the stranger, but then, as I felt his naked arms tighten round my waist and felt his head press ardently against my abdomen, I knew he'd be game for anything. You don't suck cock that good without wanting more. A lot more!

* * * * *

My crepe-soled shoes made no noise in the hallway as I returned to my room that evening. When I opened the door, there was my roommate, Carl, sprawled naked on his bunk; legs splayed apart, one hand holding a towel to his face, his other hand pumping away on an impressively over-sized erection! I gasped in astonishment.

Immediately, it occurred to me that, for the third time this evening, "caught red handed" was the operative phrase, only this time, for a change, I was not the one who was being caught.

"Jesus! I didn't hear you coming, Jack," he sputtered, pulling the towel away from his nose and looking up at me, his handsome face flushed with embarrassment as well as with sexual excitement. I could tell that he was well along into his jack off, as I quickly glanced over his hot body, arousal-tightened scrotum, and pulsating cock, which, interestingly enough, he made no attempt to cover.

"Sorry, buddy," I said quietly, closing the door firmly behind me. "I didn't mean to..." I hesitated, not knowing exactly what to say, but I kept staring at his throbbing rod. I couldn't take my eyes from it. He kept his fist around it, but had stopped pumping.

"Don't worry about it," he said breathlessly. "I jack off so often, I'm surprised you haven't caught me beating it before this." He grinned, giving the appearance of being rather nonchalant about the whole thing, and he certainly was longer embarrassed. "But, tell me," he continued, "what the fuck's on this towel?"

I glanced quickly at my bunk and saw that my damp towel was no longer where I had left it. I looked back at him and grinned, raising and lowering my eyebrows a couple of times.

"It smells like you came in it a dozen times!" he said excitedly.


"As soon as I got back here," he interrupted, "I smelled it. The whole fuckin' room smells like cum."

"Yeah," I agreed, "it does."

"It's not the first time it has smelled like this in here, either, I'll tell you. You must jack off as much as I do. The smell of it always turns me on." He smiled. He seemed much better looking now than I had thought he did before, for some reason. Of course, I'd never before seen him naked and in action, as it were.

"Say," he continued, staring directly at my crotch, "is that a candy bar in your pocket, or is this getting you turned on, again, too?"

I slid my palm down along my erection. After all of the evening's adventures, its recuperative powers surprised me.

"Now that we know we both jack off," he said in a husky voice, "I guess there'd be no harm in enjoyin' it together, would there. Whadda ya say? Looks like you're up for it." He smiled provocatively. It was devastatingly exciting. Even more so because it was at his invitation, not mine, that we'd do it together.

As I slowly stripped off my clothes, I wondered, idly, if the door would suddenly be flung open while Carl and I were fucking around together. I wasn't sure I could take yet another bout of being caught red handed. But, on the other hand...

Chapter 2

Getting caught on your knees with a big one down your throat is, well, much more than just embarrassing. It is mortifying! I know. It has happened to me a number of times, as you know if you read Cha I was an eighteen-year-old recruit stationed, after basic training, at an advanced training school. We were not allowed to go into town during the week, since we were expected to study, so I think all of the students were as horny as I was. Many of us did find interesting ways to pass the time.

The next time I got caught, Jason, a handsome fellow soldier who was as horny as I was, one night suggested we go into an empty schoolroom in the main training building and "mess around," as he put it. We went in and he opened his shirt and pants, causing a wave of lust fire off in my gut as I saw how well developed he was. Then he pulled out an excellent erection, offered the big thing to me and I went for it.

So, there I was, on my knees. The room had a door at each end. We were in the front of the room, on the raised platform used by the instructors, about two feet above the rest of the room. We were well into it, in fact Jason was humping hard and sperm was spurting deep in my throat, when, suddenly, the back door opened and the light was turned on!

"What the...!" someone blurted out, sounding astonished.

My partner pulled out abruptly, leaving a long, glistening string suspended between my mouth and his full erection for a moment, before he grabbed his pants and dashed out the front door.

I turned to look at the intruder. I was completely humiliated and certain I was in trouble, because the guy wore fatigues, which meant that he, too, was in the Army. As he walked slowly towards me, he had a scowl on his face, which, I noticed even in my stupor, was very handsome. His tight uniform seemed to highlight his strong body very erotically. The impression he made was that of a very well built and very sexy young man. It surprised me that even in this awkward situation I was still horny enough to recognize a truly handsome man!

As he got close to me, he whispered in a strained voice, "What were you two doing?"

My intelligent reply was "Huh?"

He ignored my dumb reaction and, still whispering, said "His big one was hidden all the way down your throat!" He sounded impressed, not angry.

I nodded. I was still on my knees, in profile to him, my face turned towards him.

"He pulled out the longest cock I've ever seen," he added in that strained whisper.

I nodded again, not knowing what else to do. I was starting to get a feeling of relief. This guy didn't seem to want to turn me in; in fact, from the growing bulge down the right leg of his pants, I realized he was getting turned on.

He stopped at the edge of the elevated platform. We were nearly eye-to-eye.

"Why were you... uh... doing that?" he asked hesitantly.

"I never did anything like that before," I blurted out, trying to sound convincing while realizing the true extent of my lie.

"So, why'd you do it, now?" he wanted to know.

"He promised he'd do me, if I'd do him, like that," I admitted, looking down at the floor.

"So, you were both horny," he deduced, "and you decided to help each other get your rocks off. Is that it?"

I nodded.

"Did you like doing it?" he persisted, still whispering. I guess I looked puzzled because he continued, "I mean it LOOKED like you liked doing it! I mean that big, long cock of his was really in deep in your throat!" He was beginning to sound excited. "It just kept sliding out, and sliding out. It was a long fucker!"

"Yeah," I agreed quietly.

"If this was new to you, man, how were you able to handle such a big one?" he insisted.

"The guy kept giving me instructions." I told him.

"Oh, really? That's interesting! Like what kinds of instruction?" he asked as he lifted himself up onto the platform, walked slowly to where I was kneeling, and stood in front of me, his crotch in my face.

"Well..." I started, hesitantly, realizing that I had to act innocent enough to convince him, but brazen enough to entice him,"...he told me to listen to him and to follow his instructions. He told me to be very careful and to take me time. He said he didn't want to get hurt by my teeth."

"That's good advice." He smiled at me for the first time. I smiled back without thinking.

"He said that if I was really going to do it, I should do it right. That doing it right meant that both of us would enjoy it much more; to do it with enthusiasm; and, well, to suck it and suck it hard – not just lick the head of it. He said not to use my hand to pump it, but to try to get as much of it into me as I could tolerate. And he told me not to hurry. Too often, he said, guys don't even try to get it right because they don't work together for mutual enjoyment. He also said we wouldn't get caught." I tried to look downhearted, but the lengthening rod down this sexy guy's pants' leg kept drawing my attention.

"Except for the getting caught part, tell me, did you enjoy it?" He was very persistent.

"I guess I be lying if I told you I didn't like it. And because he promised he'd suck mine if I sucked his, I figured it wouldn't be such a terribly bad thing to do. You know? Help each other out, like you said." I tried to sound sincere.

"What was his first instruction?" he demanded quietly. It was a very sexual question and caused all of my concern to vanish.

"He told me to unfasten his belt, open his fly and drop his pants," I admitted.

He widened his stance, slightly; put his hands on his hips, elbows pointed outward; thrust his hips forward as if offering himself to me; and demanded, huskily, "Take down MY pants!"

"Well..." I said, stopping.

"Well, what?" he asked.

"The guy did say that if I'd do him, he'd do me, you know." I waited for him to react.

He smiled. "I'll tell you what," he said agreeably, "I am sure that WE will not be interrupted. If you do what I tell you to do, and do it with enthusiasm and suck hard, I guarantee that you'll come, one way or another. Does that sound fair?"

I nodded, feeling somewhat unsure of myself, not knowing exactly what I was agreeing to.

"Now, take down my pants!" he insisted. As I reached for and unfastened his belt, he added, breathlessly, "And drop your pants, too. I wanna see what you've got to play with down there. Do you like jacking off?" He smiled brightly at me.

I nodded, opening his fly and dropping his pants. He was not wearing underpants. A major organ greeted me. The gigantic cock was well on its way to full erection. By freeing it from the confining clothing it was able to spring forward and lift itself in front of my eyes as it completed the energetic process of erecting. It was a  mouthwatering sight.

As I watched, I followed his instruction and opened and dropped my pants, too. Then I slid down my shorts. My cock sprang to instant erection!

"Ooh, you DO like what you see, don't you," he sighed in a slightly taunting manner. "Well, so do I! And I want you to start beating that nice big piece of meat you've got there, as you take hold of my cock and get it nice and hard by pumping it to life, too. Ah, that's it! Pump that fucker!"

I was doing as I was told, pumping both cocks, masterfully, so I didn't know which "fucker" he was referring to, but I was enjoying myself.

"You know how to handle cock, kid," he sighed agreeably, "So now, show me how you can suck cock! That's it! Aim the head! Now lick it! Umm... that's nice! Now, suck it in! That's it! Suck the entire head in! That's it! That's it! It's in! Now, suck!" He paused. Then, he humped his hips forward, driving more cock into me, and sighed excitedly, "Man, you can suck! Wow, you can suck! Suck my cock! Suck my cock!" He began thrusting his hips and repeating himself. "Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!"

I was sucking his cock and pumping mine, completely enjoying myself with this seductive guy. He knew what he wanted, was eager to tell me, and was obviously enjoying himself, too.

"Now, get it in deeper, deeper, like you did with the other guy. That's it! Draw it down into your throat! Oh, man, you're doing it! What a cocksucker!"

I must have reacted by backing off when he called me a cocksucker.

"Don't take offense," he assured me, resting the palm of his hand on the back of my head as if to encourage me. "Calling you a cocksucker is a great compliment to a real man who knows how to take cock and work it and enjoy it and give great pleasure. Only men who really know how to suck cock like you're doing it now should be called cocksuckers. Only really good cocksuckers can do what you're doing now. It's called deep-throating, and you're doing it better than any cocksucker I've ever come across."

Again, something in my reaction must have told him to explain.

"Yeah, I love getting my cock sucked and I've had more blowjobs than you could ever imagine. I'm sure I'm not that much older than you are, but I've been on this post for sixteen months and have had at least one blowjob every single day since I arrived. You're going to find several glory holes on this post. There're always busy. You'll love 'em!" He stopped talking for a moment, as if to reinforce the fact that he was getting a blowjob by energetically humping his cock into me as deeply as it could possibly go. Right down to the balls.

"Lemme lean back a moment and be sure you're still beating that nice piece of meat, there," he told me, and I felt him pull back as he looked down. It gave me a chance to look up at him. What a sight! He had opened his shirt and his firm, muscular body looked strained with sexual effort! It was thrilling. I knew he would shoot his load very soon.

"Wow! You ARE working that meat!" he sighed. "You look as ready to come as I feel!"

He was warning me of his impending orgasm but he wasn't really saying what I wanted to hear - that he'd suck my cock right afterwards. He seemed to be suggesting that I come while beating off. Well, I'd done that so often in my life, by then, that it would be no problem at all. But I was sort of looking forward to some reciprocation, even though I had learned clearly by then that few men are interested in reciprocation once the aftermath of a good orgasm has brought them back down to earth. But he was thrusting energetically, and I felt his weapon become steely hard, and I knew he was about to shoot his load.

"Take it!" he sighed huskily. "Take my cum! Here it comes!" He spasmed, his whole body seeming to shudder, and I felt the first heavy spurt pump into my throat. I slid back, bringing the spurting cockhead into my mouth and reveled in the thrill of having hot, viscous cum fill my mouth completely before I swallowed in gratitude. My mouth was filled over and over and over and over with his rich, hot, creamy load of fresh, man-juice. I loved it!

"Yeah, swallow that cum, man. You love it, don't you," he sighed, humping his hips rhythmically as he spoke. "You love sucking my cock and taking my load. That's it, take it all! Suck up every sperm!"

After his flow was completely spent, I sucked his long tube back in to the hilt and waited. He enjoyed the aftershocks of orgasm for a while and then very slowly his cock lost some of its rigidity. He tugged back and I released him.

"That was great, kid!" he exclaimed. "Did you come, too?" he wanted to know.

I shook my head.

He put a hand under my arm and pulled me up. "Here, let's take a look at what you've got there. Um, that's a nice looking, hot cock, man. Let me..." and, with that, he simply leaned over and sucked in half of my cock with no effort at all.

I thrilled at the exquisite pleasure he was giving me, and when he really began an energetic effort, I was immediately raised to orgasm. Without warning, a spurt of jism forcefully filled his mouth and he swallowed it right down while sucking for more. He handled my hot load like the expert cocksucker I realized he was. I counted at least eight spurts of hot juice all of which he drank down.

He came off my cock with a noisy slurp, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and sighed, "Man! That was great!"

"Yeah," I agreed honestly.

"I'll tell you, kid, it's safer to use the glory holes here on post than to be caught out in the open like you were." He sounded helpful and gave me direction to the two "most popular glory holes," as he phrased it. "You'll find me there, often, myself," he admitted, "and there are always hot cocks waiting to be serviced. And enough hot guys willing to reciprocate, too. You'll love these places!"

"Wow!" I whispered excitedly. "Thanks for telling me about them. All of a sudden I don't feel isolated."

"Just stay horny and you'll have a great time." He grinned. I grinned back. We straightened up our clothes and left the room together as if we were now old friends.

I went back to my room and was only somewhat surprised to find my roommate, Carl, pumping away on his big dick, lying naked on his bunk.

"Ooh, glad to see you back, buddy. I could use some help with this, man. I'm hot as hell, hoping you'd get here and help me out!" and with that he waved his cock lewdly at me.

I quickly stripped off all my clothes, while once again amazed at my cock's recuperative powers as it surged to full erection, and went over to his bed.

"How would you like to do it tonight?" I asked excitedly. We had been going at it like rabbits since the night I came back from first being caught red handed.

"Let's not be shy tonight," he suggested boldly. "Lets sixty-nine!"

How could I refuse?

I slid my knees behind his head, and we connected easily as my cock poked into his mouth. I stretched down and eagerly engulfed his stiff, leaking hardon. It was an exceptionally perfect double connection! It raised both of us to excited levels of lusty cocksucking!

Suddenly, the door opened, Jason came into the room, saw us, and quickly but quietly closed the door. "Wow!" was all he said.

Carl worked my cock out of his throat, gurgled, and then sputtered, "What the fuck!"

Thinking something like, "Shit, not caught again!" I looked up at Jason, who was now standing near the cot, and slowly came halfway off the cock in my throat while trying to smile at him.

"Jeez, Jack, do you make it with everybody you know?" he asked in surprise.

"What do you mean?" Carl asked. He sounded like he was holding his breath.

I popped off Carl's big one and asked, "Jason, what are you doing here?"

"Oh!" he stammered, "oh, yeah. I wanted to tell you I'm sorry I ran out on you tonight, like that. What happened with the guy that interrupted us?" All the while he was ogling our two naked bodies, and I saw his erection stretching out his fatigues.

My reaction was to realize how great it is to be a guy! How lucky it was to be among so many guys who enjoyed sexual contact with me. And who could be quiet and discreet about our enjoyment, like Jason had been when he simply closed the door to my room.

"Carl, you know Jason, here, don't you?" I asked softly.

"I've seen him around. Hi, Jason," Carl muttered unenthusiastically.

"Yeah, I've seen Carl, too," Jason sighed excitedly. "He's one hot sexy dude, man! I mean, look at the two of you – what a sexy pair you are! Just looking at you got me hard as a rock!"

"Man," Carl sighed, "I thought you were pissed when you saw us together, like this."

"Pissed?" Jason asked with surprise. "Fuck no! I wanna jump on Jack and fuck that humpy ass of his while you two go at it. That's what I wanna do!"

"Fuck his ass?" Carl sighed, aside. The idea seemed new and exciting to him.

"Well, wait a sec," I interjected. "A pile of three of us on this skimpy cot just won't do. If Carl, here, is agreeable, I think we should figure out a way for all three of us to enjoy ourselves together and get our rocks off. Wadda ya say?"

"Wow!" Jason sighed.

"Yeah! Let's do it!" Carl agreed quickly. He had first been interrupted by me and then by Jason. He was ready and eager to bust a nut.

I got up off the bed while saying to Jason, "Get out of those clothes, fucker, and we'll have fun!" The clothes were off in the blink of an eye!

Carl came off the bed to stand next to me. His big erection was so stiff it hardly wavered.

"Carl, why don't I finish what I started and suck you cock, while, Jason, here, slips that big thing of his up my hot ass? You'll both get off quickly, I assure you. Wadda ya say?"

"But what about you, Jack?" Carl wanted to know. "How will you pop?"

"Don't worry about it. I came less than half an hour ago. I'll catch up, one way or another, man," I assured him. I turned, grabbed his hot weapon, and leaned down to take it into my mouth.

Jason came up behind me and started to rub my ass with his hardon. More and more he focused his efforts towards my little pucker. As Jason's big one slowly eased itself into my tight chute, Carl's hot cock slid into my throat. I was, once again, exactly where I wanted to be – in my favorite position!

But the thought did cross my mind that this would be a crazy moment for someone to open the door. But I guess I was beginning to feel that it isn't so bad to get caught red handed!

Later that evening when my mouth wasn't full, Jason asked me what had happened after he ran out of the schoolroom. I smiled and said the guy told me it would be safer to take my pleasures at the glory holes on the post. He looked startled but asked me where they were. The next day we found them, together.

Chapter 3

My eyes were closed as I turned my back to the water-spray while rubbing and rinsing soap off my cock and balls.

"Geez," a whispered deep voice sighed, "you've got a big one!"

I opened my eyes in surprise. Standing across from me, facing me, hardly more than an arm's length away really, was a naked, muscular, fellow soldier named Scott. He was ruggedly handsome, with a wrestler's sturdy build. His hands were moving in his crotch as if rinsing himself off, but the water spray was not turned on and there was no soap to be seen. It startled me that he would make such a sexy comment and apparently play with himself so openly, but I liked it!

I had thought I was alone in the showers at this time of day and had simply not heard him come in. Feeling secure and private, I had let my thoughts wander to sexual areas and some obvious arousal was the result. Not exactly a hard-on, mind you, but a definite puffiness, a very noticeable fullness.

"Uh..." I sputtered, looking around to see if anyone else was there. We were alone.

"How big does it get?" he asked huskily. It seemed to be a very macho question, like he wanted to compare mine to his own, more out of curiosity than sexual interest. I just could not imagine that he was actually coming on to me, even though the conspiratorial tone in his whispered voice made me wonder.

"Uh... I never measured it," I stammered, lying, feigning embarrassment but forcing myself to say something, anything, to keep his interest. I had trained myself to try to be calm in just such a situation. Use a harsh negative response, or a tone of disinterest, or even a tone of great interest, and any chance to have some fun would be over.

"I'd like to measure it..." Scott said quietly but earnestly, pausing, looking right at my cock. Then, he looked me in the eye and added, "...with my mouth!"

"Oh! God!" I sighed quietly, trying to keep calm but feeling this hot wave of sexual energy surge throughout my whole body and flood into my lower abdomen, causing a further, even more noticeable, rapid distension of my cock. "Don't fuck around," I chided, wanting to be certain of his intentions.

"Oh, man! I'm not fuckin' around. Can't you tell?" With that, he removed his hands from his crotch and his cock sprang forward, quickly growing into an impressive erection as I stared.

I glanced around again, checking the doorway and what I could see of the apparently empty latrine. "We can't do anything here," I told him.

"Sure we can. It'll only take a moment. I can see that just from the reaction of your big balls. You'll pop in a second when I go down on that big thing. Let me, now." He took a step towards me.

Time stood still. I wanted his mouth on my cock. But this was a military latrine shower. At any moment, another soldier could come in and see us with our hard-ons. Or could watch Scott go down on me! I was torn between desire and caution, but my cock just kept growing.

Scott took another step towards me, coming within inches of my erection. I didn't back away. I didn't say, "No." I just stood there filled with tension and desire.

"Lemme do it," he whispered into my ear and his hand grasped the shaft of my erection. He pumped it knowingly. He bent down, not waiting for a verbal response from me.

Suddenly, exquisite sensations enveloped my cock as it smoothly slipped into his hot, suctioning mouth. He knew what he was doing! His hand slid down to my balls as his face forced itself down the length of the thick shaft. I felt my cockhead enter his throat. He fisted my balls as his other arm pulled me in tightly. He raised and lowered his head as he quietly sucked my cock.

It didn't take long. I sucked in my breath, expanded my chest, looked down my body at the connection of my cock and his mouth and I blasted off into a magnificent orgasm, jetting hot jism into his throat. Blast after blast! Jet after jet! It was spectacular! I found myself grabbing his ears in an effort to maintain my balance, wanting to fuck my cock deeply into him and pound out every bit of cum.

When he sensed I was through, he slowly raised himself off my cock, withdrew and took a step back. He turned his back to the open doorway, displaying in profile a fully erected, very red cock, which looked every bit as ready to explode as mine had. And, it was a very big cock! Even through my arousal driven haze I recognized it as the match of my own.

"Now, do me!" he hissed through desire-clenched teeth. He saw me quickly give a furtive glance to the doorway. "No one will come in, and I'll give ya as fast a hot load as ya gave me! Com'on," he added encouragingly, "You'll love it!" He humped his hips upwards. Offering the stiff cock to me proudly. "Com'on! Do it!"

The last thing I wanted was to get caught sucking cock in this place. But I figured Scott was right. No one would come in. And the quicker it was done the better. Hesitation was silly and unmanly. I moved my body in front of his, somewhat shielding myself from the doorway, and bent down to a task I have always loved.

The cockhead pressed against my lips as I sipped, tasting the oozing lubrication. I opened up to it and the entire glans pushed into me. It was wonderful. I sucked, hard. He humped. An inch or two of cock entered, pushing the cockhead to the back of my throat. I swirled my tongue and sucked for more, and he humped until the cockhead entered my throat. With very little backing off and very little up and down motion on that fat cock, it took no time before my forehead was pressed against his firm abs and my lower lip felt his balls.

"Man!" he sighed quietly, "I'm in, down to the balls!" He humped once or twice and, as promised, began to come.

I fought his efforts to hold me down all the way, and caught about four of his eight big spurts on my tongue. I savored that rarely received semen more than any other I could remember! It had been too long since the last cock I had sucked - at least a week. Opportunities like this infrequently presented themselves in the military.

Scott looked startled when I released him and stood up straight. I backed into my shower-spray. We both glanced at the doorway. No one seemed to be around. We had been quick! We turned our backs to the doorway and both of us started soaping up our spent but still hard cocks and heavy balls.

I smiled. Scott beamed!

"More than I had hoped for!" he whispered.

I grinned at him.

"Better than I had dreamt!" he added quietly but sincerely.

I nodded in agreement.

"You've done it before," he announced softly.

I just shrugged, as if to say, "Who hasn't."

"This was a first, for me!" he said proudly.

"Really?" I asked, surprised.

"I always knew I wanted to, but you are the first guy who REALLY turned me on. When I saw you here, when I saw your arousal, I just knew I wanted to do it with you! I've been thinking about you for several weeks." He was being very open and honest, but we were keeping our voices below the sound of the showers so we wouldn't be overheard.

"But you took me in almost all the way!" I sputtered without thinking. I wondered how a novice without experience could do that.

"I used to practice on bananas," he admitted.

I laughed aloud. He immediately joined me in hearty laughter. Our laughter broke the quiet of the place, rising and falling as we looked at each other and started laughing again and again. In that moment of laughter, Scott and I became great good friends. But I couldn't help but eyeball his bouncing cock as he laughed, and I could see him eyeballing mine. We both loved what we were looking at!


Two days later, I was lounging in front of the barracks waiting for Scott when a fellow soldier, a barracks mate, Robby, came up to me. He had a strange expression on his face that I found difficult to decipher.

"I saw you sucking cock, man!" he blurted out quietly, standing closer than is usual for two soldiers.

"Not me!" I said defensively.

"Come off it! I watched you. You were sucking Scott's cock in the shower the day before yesterday. I was about to enter the shower when I saw you two. His back was to the doorway, and you were in front of him, man, but I knew what you were doing. So I ducked out before either of you saw me. But, face it, I knew you were sucking his cock."

"No, I wasn't."

"What WERE you doing, then? Counting his pubic hairs and his cock just happened to poke itself into your mouth by mistake?" He chuckled, apparently delighted by his lewd but comical suggestion and by my discomfort. Then, his expression changed to one I could only take as turned on, and he said, "Don't be alarmed. I'm on your side, man, but I know what a blowjob looks like from any angle, and you were giving him a blowjob. I'm not going to say anything to anybody about it. I just thought I'd tell you I saw you and let you know that I like a blowjob just as much as the next fellow. So, sometime, when you're in the mood..." His voice trailed off. He backed away slightly and smiled at me.

What could I do? I smiled back.

"Good man!" Robby announced, patting my upper arm briskly. "We'll talk about this later. When you feel like it." He flashed a bright smile at me and walked away. I found myself admiring the way his muscular body filled his fatigues. I wondered if I should tell Scott about this turn of events. Perhaps Robby had already approached Scott.

Just then, Scott came up to me. "What did HE want?" he asked, stressing "he" as if annoyed.

"Who?" I asked dumbly.

"Robby. I saw you two talking together."

It seemed odd that Scott would be curious about what could have been a very innocent conversation, so I decided to be frank. "He said he saw me giving you a blowjob in the shower."

"Yeah, I thought that fucker was up to something," Scott told me. "He went out of his way to sit next to me in the chow-hall today and he hinted at knowing something interesting. But he wouldn't say what. My first thought was that he knew we'd made out together, but I didn't say anything, and I tried to remain calm."

"He simply ignored my denial, and said, instead, that he liked blowjobs just as much as the next guy." I tried to keep my tone casual, as if talking about nothing unusual, but, actually, I found this conversation very arousing. Danger is an aphrodisiac, and at this point, Robby represented danger. And the realization that I was talking about blowjobs with Scott was turning me on, too.

"No kidding!" Scott said with a laugh. "Well, he's a sexy guy with a great build, maybe we should oblige him!"

"I had the feeling that he only saw me going down on you. I don't think he knows what happened first. He may just think that I came on to you and you allowed me to give you some quick relief, without reciprocation. If that's true, you might want to leave it at that." I thought that seemed plausible.

Scott hesitated as he thought it over. "No," he finally said, slowly, "I really like sucking cock, now, and if he's offering, I think we should take him up on it. Who knows, the three of us may have a good time."

So much for a monogamous relationship, I thought, even though I knew from experience that Scott and I were only casual sex partners. So I said, "Maybe Robby likes to suck cock, too."

"We'll have to find out!" Scott said with a grin, groping himself lewdly.


If you thought finding the time and place for undetected, casual sex in civilian life is difficult, in the Military it's damn near impossible. Privacy is nearly non-existent. So, for the next few days, Robby joined Scott and me, forming a friendly threesome, all the time seeking a place to make out. Sexual innuendo was constant in our conversations. Finally, late that Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves the last ones at the post gym.

The friendly and helpful sergeant in charge of the gym came over to us and said, "Look, fellows, I'm gonna go get some chow and go to a movie, so you guys have to close up for me. All you have to do is turn off the lights and make sure the door locks behind you, okay?"

"Don't worry, Sarge," I told him, "we'll lock up when we're finished. We're almost through working out, and then we'll shower and leave."

"Great!" he said, looking relieved. He took off.

"Time to lock the door and take a shower, I'd say," Scott said with a husky voice.

"Gee, we're alone," Robby said with a grin, as he watched me lock the only door to the place.

"Last one in the showers gets..." I paused.

"...fucked in the ass!" Scott yelped, stripping off his t-shirt and heading for the locker room.

Robby and I looked at each other for a moment, and then bolted after Scott, tearing off our clothes as we ran. I'd say the three of us arrived naked at the entrance to the showers simultaneously. With a seemingly courteous gesture, Scott suddenly motioned for the two of us to enter the room ahead of himself. I went in with a laugh. Robby sucked in his breath in surprise and came in with me; his cock leading the way as it sprang to complete erection. I was a heartbeat from complete erection myself. We turned to look back at Scott.

He entered the room pumping his giant erection! It was a sight I will never forget. His big balls were jumping as he sort of danced towards us, his hips thrust forward, his hand pounding up and down on the long shaft of his fat cock. We had at last found the privacy we'd been looking for and he wasn't going to waste a moment of it! He moved in front of Robby and bent over, taking Robby cock into his mouth without saying a word. Robby hissed with pleasure.

I put a little liquid soap on my fingers and rubbed between Scott's asscheeks, finding the little pucker quickly. Scott pressed back against my assault. He wanted this. I grabbed his hips and got ready to give it to him.

"Fuck," Robby sighed, sounding amazed, "you're gonna give it to him in the ass, aren't you?"

"He asked for it!" I told him looking directly at him over Scott's back. Then I slowly shoved my eager hot cock toward its goal.

It's not easy to know if the guy you're fucking is well experienced or not, if penetration is slow going and difficult. Sliding into Scott gave me the impression that this was his first time, just as the blowjob had been, but he wanted it. Badly!

I knew what I was doing and worked carefully with him to build a complete full fuck, giving him time to adjust to each deepening penetration, until we were combined in an exquisite deep fuck. He became lascivious as the pleasures from this deep prostate massage spread throughout his body, lifting him to that erotic plane that men getting fucked crave. He rolled his hips, humped back at me as I jarred him. Every response from him communicated his enjoyment to me. It was a thrilling fuck!

"God! He's sucking me so excitedly that I can't hold off!" Robby announced loudly at the height of his passion. "Here... it... is!"

I heard Scott gurgling as he swallowed what seemed to be a huge load, all the while still pushing his ass back at me. It became too difficult to withhold my own orgasm. I jammed my cock in all the way and started filling him with my hot jism. Spasms of complete sexual delight surged throughout my whole body. Both Robby and I filled Scott up. It was perfect.

When Robby cried, "Enough!" Scott released him and straightened up, leaning back against me.

"Take this load, man," he said to Robby in a voice strained with urgency.

"Uh, I don't suck cock, man," Robby responded.

"Why the fuck not?" Scott asked. "You like man-to-man sex as much as we do, so go for it, man. Enjoy it while you've got the chance."

"Yeah, man, suck his cock. Look at how great it looks. Look how ready it is to deliver its load to you. Don't pass up this golden chance to see if you'll like it. I know I love it. So does Scott. So, try it!" I encouraged.

Scott reached out his hand and slid it around Robby's neck, saying softly, "Com'on, man, help me out. I'm gonna explode. You'll love it. Trust me."

During the urging, I saw Robby's spent cock start to re-inflate. I knew he was thinking about sucking cock. Scott could see the hesitation, too. Both of us held our breath.

Slowly Robby bent his head down and leaned into the leaking cock he was staring at. Scott's hand stayed relaxed on the neck, encouraging by not forcing.

"It does look good," Robby whispered almost to himself. He closed the distance between his mouth and the tall-standing cock and sucked the entire cockhead into himself. I wanted to cheer! Scott groaned with pleasure.

"I almost shot off," Scott told him with emotion, "but I want you to enjoy yourself, so when you're ready, just touch my balls and you'll get my load. You'll love swallowing it, just like Jack and I do."

After a few moments, Scott sighed, "Man, you're doing great!" Then, he said, "Your hand just grabbed my balls - here it is! Take my load!"

With my still hard cock up his ass, Scott humped his hips at Robby and I knew he was drilling a big load into his mouth. It was a terrifically sexual moment!

Robby straightened up after Scott pushed his hand against his forehead to let him know he'd gotten it all.

"That was fantastic!" Robby said with enthusiasm.

"Yeah! It sure was," a deep, masculine voice said from the doorway.

The three of us sucked in our breaths in alarm and turned to look at the intruder.

"Sarge!" I called out in surprise. "You said you were going to eat."

"Yeah, but I had a sneaking suspicion that you three fuckers were up to something. When I've told guys I'm ready to leave and ask them to lock up, only the ones, like you, agree to lock up. All the others just say, 'Wait a sec, Sarge, we'll get right out of here.'"

"So you wanted to catch us," Robby said, apparently stating the obvious.

"No!" he replied, paused, and then said, "I want to join in!" He whipped off his T-shirt and dropped his pants, displaying a very large, fully erected cock in a very erotic show. His muscular body was more developed than ours were. The sight of him was exceptionally exciting.

"Wow!" Scott and I said together.

"Who wants it..." he said in an arousal strained voice, "...first!" he added.

"Let ME have it, Sarge," Scott pleaded.

"Naw, you've had enough thrills for the moment. I think I'll plug Jack's ass 'cuz it looks so ripe and meaty!" he whispered erotically.

"Ooh," I sighed invitingly, feeling my cock stiffen to extreme hardness in Scott's ass.

"Wow, Sarge," Scott announced, "Jack really wants your cock up his ass. He just got iron-hard in my ass."

"You three guys are the sexiest I've ever met," Sarge sighed as he moved behind me and started to push his huge cock in between my ass cheeks.

"He's takin' it like a man!" Sarge announced. "He's loves cock in his hot, tight ass! Uh, this is a great ass and a tremendous fuck! Com'on, Scott, suck that cock that's leaking in front of you."

As if taking it as an order, Scott bent over, pushing his ass even tighter against me, and he sucked in Robby's cock.

As I reached around and grabbed Scott's cock in a strong grip, I realized that the four of us were about to have a massive group orgasm. I wanted them all to realize how special and rare this was, so I said, "Fellows, we're about to have four simultaneous orgasms! This is spectacular! I'll cum in Scott's ass as soon as I feel Sarge cum in me. I'm jacking Scott off, and I can tell he's ready, too. How about you, Robby?"

"I'll shoot off into Scott's mouth the instant I feel his jizz hit me as he cums! Ooh, sperm shot! He hit me with his hot load right in my balls!"

We came together! Explosively! All four of us were humping and groaning. It was spectacular! It took a long time to wind down from such an amazing sexual high.

When we finally pulled out and away, I laughed and pointed at Robby's balls and said, "Gee, look at all the cum on his balls and look at the size of the cum puddle on the floor. Scott, you really unloaded onto his balls!"

"Yeah," Scott agreed, "it was great!"

We all showered together, laughing and talking about how great it had been, but by the time we were finished bathing, we were all completely erect and revitalized again.

"I wanna fuck Robby," Scott said with passion.

I wasn't really surprised when Robby only smiled. He liked the idea!

As the four of us got into it again, I was delighted to realize that this was probably the first of many chances we'd have to fuck around in such a secure place. And it was!

Chapter 4

The next time I was caught on my knees was even more mortifying. A few weeks after the last incidents, (see "Caught Red Handed -Again and Again") and at the end of the last class of the day, the youngest-looking and handsomest instructor, a Second Lieutenant, in the Army training school asked me to remain in the room. He said he wanted to finish explaining something we had been discussing. It didn't enter my mind to think the request unusual. No sooner had the last guy left the room and closed the door, than the instructor gave me a wink and a grin. Then his rubbed his fly, obscenely. I was startled.

"I was in Room 56, the other day, Jack," he told me. Calling me by my first name was rarely done in the military, and struck me as unusually familiar. Room 56, on the other hand, was a men's room in another building. Mentioning "Room 56," or just "56," was like a code between men who liked getting and/or giving blowjobs, because there were four big glory holes between the five booths. The middle booth, particularly, was always very busy. It puzzled me that the Military never seemed to be concerned about all the activity that went on in there.

I felt my face flush at the mention of Room 56, because I had been spending as much time there as I could. An endless stream of first-rate, young, military cock came sprouting through those glory holes. It was a cocksucker's fantasy come true and, if I had not already been an expert cocksucker, the steady flow of cock I was getting at those holes would have quickly made me one. This young instructor obviously knew the score, and, it seemed, was trying to score with me, right here in this classroom.

"I don't mean to startle or embarrass you, Jack," the instructor said, "but the other day you gave me the best blowjob I've ever had in my life! And don't try to pretend innocence. I watched you through the glory hole as you gave another guy a blowjob, before you serviced me. I even heard the guy quietly tell you it was the best blowjob HE'D ever had, too. When you sucked my cock you were so amazingly good at it that I had the best orgasm I'VE ever had!"

"Oh," I said, simply.

"Because that blowjob was so good, I've been working to keep control of my cock every time I look at you in class. I thought, today, maybe we could have a quick session in here. A couple other instructors will be here in about 15 minutes, so we'd have to hurry. But it could be fun," he paused, and then added, "for both of us. What do you say?" He continued palming his fly. An impressive bulge had developed quickly. "Want some," he added with a sexy, inviting leer.

I wondered what his phrase "for both of us" meant. Did it mean that he'd reciprocate? Well, this guy was hot and horny, and since I am always horny, I figured why would I not want to accept the offer to have some quick fun. I reached out and undid his belt.

He eagerly opened his pants and slid them and his boxer shorts down to the floor. A major cock with an unusually large head sprang out, lifting itself strongly as it was freed. It seemed to look familiar, and its sight made my cock lurch and erect in my pants, but I may have thought it familiar only because he had told me I already sucked it to climax. Nonetheless, I wanted to suck it now.

"Open your pants, too," he demanded huskily. "Ooh, that's a nice one!" he sighed quietly when he eyed my solid erection. "I knew you were a great cocksucker when I watched you blow that guy in 56, because you had that big erection announcing that you loved what you were doing."

He humped his hips forward thrusting his cock at me. I went down and immediately sucked the meaty cockhead into my mouth, savoring its taste and swirling my tongue round its thick flanges, thrilling at the excellent flavors and firm, hot meat.

"Yeah! Suck my cock," he sighed, excitedly. "Oh! Yeah! Beat that meat, man. Umm, you suck so good! Yeah! Pump it, man, but save the juice for me to suck up."

The idea of this young, hung instructor wanting to go down on me so energized me that I significantly increased the level of my efforts to bring him to a memorable orgasm. But I also had to concentrate on not blowing my wad since this had become so exciting.

I felt iron-hard stiffening of his entire organ and raised my head to catch the hot liquid in my mouth. As the first viscous spurt filled my mouth and forced me to swallow - the door burst open!

Shit! Caught again, I said to myself, but I wasn't going to stop sucking while my instructor was in mid-orgasm!

I glanced towards the door (as best I could with a cock in my mouth) and watched two instructors enter. Immediately, they slammed the door shut.

My orgasm was put on hold, but sperm kept spurting into my mouth as the instructor humped and jarred and hissed with enthusiasm, and I kept drinking it down with gusto!

"What's this?" one of them asked, sounding annoyed.

"Fuck," I said to myself, "now I'm in trouble." Nevertheless, I kept sucking for and swallowing the instructor's hot, heavy, delicious load.

"Damn, Shawn, you're coming already," one of intruders whispered huskily. "We thought you'd wait for us." He locked the door.

I was amazed! They apparently were invited by Shawn to join in. On the other hand, it seemed strange hearing these instructors call each other by first name. We called them by rank and last name, and were called by last name by them.

"Oh! Uh! Uh!" Shawn moaned. "I thought I could hold out till you guys got here, but he's such... a great cocksucker... I wasn't able... to hold off!" he huffed, hesitatingly, as his orgasmic convulsions stopped his breath. He was filling me with a mammoth load!

"Man! I really wanna try that," the bigger of the two visitors sighed as he unzipped, pulled open his belt, and let his pants drop to the floor. Another major cock was being flaunted at me, erecting as I stared.

"Fuck, John, I wanted to go next!" his buddy cried.

"Don't worry, Curtis," John sighed, "Shawn told me this guy can handle all the cock we can pound to him. You'll get your turn. Just hold onto that big dick of yours."

"Wow!" I thought, "Shawn told them about me!" It seemed incredible.

"Hmm," Curtis hummed, "you said 'all the cock we can pound to him.' D'ya think that means he takes it up the ass, too? I'd like to try that with this sexy kid! Oh, man! Look at him wiggle his ass! He wants it! Here, I'll just help pull him up into position so he can keep sucking while... Hot Damn, look at that, he's unbuckled and slid his pants down! He's really begging for it! And Look! What a fine, muscular ass he's waving at me! Man, I'm already hard as a rock just looking at it!"

"Wow," the other two guys said in unison.

"Yeah, fucker, shove it to him," Shawn said huskily. His orgasm was finished, but he didn't try to pull his cock out of my mouth.

"Yeah, man," John sighed, "fuck his ass while I fuck his hot mouth! Com'on, Shawn, move aside and let's see if he chokes on this!" He moved next to Shawn.

The sight of a really big cock greeted me! Overwhelming lust fired off throughout my entire body - once again I was happily back in my most favored position. A cock was poking at my backdoor while I was stretching to reach the cockhead nearing my mouth. And these guys weren't the inexperienced recruits I had been playing around with. No, these were adult males who knew exactly what the wanted and how to go about getting it.

Just as we were really getting into it, with John's dick in my throat, and Curtis' giant rod in my rectum, the door was rattled by someone wanting to come in, then a pause, and then a knock on the door. Action stopped!

"Who is it," Shawn called out in a deep masculine voice, sounding very confident.

"It's Jason. I'm looking for Jack. He was going to meet me." He sounded sincerely concerned.

I popped of the cock in my mouth and said to Shawn, "Let him in. He'll be surprised but he's okay. He'll fit right in."

As I was speaking, Shawn went to the door. He hesitated then opened the door slightly and said in an officially demanding way, "Get right in here, soldier."

Jason squeezed through the door. Shawn quickly closed and locked the door. Jason's eyes bulged out on seeing me naked with a cock up my ass and a cock in my face. Then he turned and saw Shawn standing behind him, completely naked - and hard!

"Holy Shit!" Jason sighed quietly. We all tensed up until he added, "You guys look awesome!"

Shawn smiled, put a naked arm over Jason's shoulder, and led him over to us. "We're having a little party. Want to join in?"

"Fuck, yeah!" Jason gasped excitedly and quickly started removing his clothes. He unveiled the body I already knew was exceptional - young but perfect. Shawn wasted no time - he went down on Jason's already stiff meat. Jason was standing right next to my head and I could watch the action up close. It added another energizing level of excitement for me.

John slipped his cock back into my mouth and Curtis resumed humping my ass like a wild-man.

After just a few more trips up and down on John's great cock, he suddenly stiffened, humped urgently, sucked in his breath, and began to come in a torrential rain of fiery hot, thick, delicious semen, forcing me to swallow often. Drinking down the second load raised me to an orgasmic level, so as soon as he stopped spurting cum into my mouth, I raised up, pushing my ass completely onto the cock fucking me, and announced, "I'm gonna shoot off right now!"

"Lemme have it, Jack," Jason cried, bent over, and suctioned my cock into his mouth just as I spurted out the first of ten big spurts of cum. After my second spurt, he groaned with pleasure and I heard Shawn gurgling and swallowing. I knew that Jason was coming with me. It was phenomenal!

"Uh..." Curtis sighed, "...this is such a great ass I can't hold back any longer. He's cumming and his ass is working my cock like crazy! I gonna cum!"

"Pull out, dude," John demanded. When Curtis didn't pull out, John added, "Keep that hot ass dry for the rest of us!" Curtis withdrew immediately, I was bent over so they could see him spray my back with his hot juice and he covered me from neck to ass with his amazingly large load! It was breathtaking! Then he surprised me by leaning over and lapping up his entire load, swallowing with little grunts of pleasure.

We had all had an orgasm, but John pointed out that Curtis licked up his own "Yummy cum," and the rest of us had each sucked a cock and swallowed cum, except for himself.

"I NEED a cock to suck!" John announced.

"After sucking off this sexy teenager," Shawn offered, running his hand affectionately through Jason's crewcut, "It got me really hot! I'm ready to pump out another load. Here, John, suck my cock!"

It was incredibly arousing to hear these sexy guys talking so openly about cocksucking and ass fucking. From my initial fear of being caught on my knees, to this overwhelmingly euphoric height caused by this energetic orgy, I knew I was ready for another round with these guys. We all were. But we took some time to pick up our clothes and lay them over chairs, and get completely naked. The five of us were very well built and athletic, well matched up in the cock department, and I wasn't the only one with a fuckable ass. Nor was I the only one checking out these fine muscular butts. We all were.

"Jack, your eyes are burning into Jason's ass like a laser," Shawn pointed out. "If he'll let you, you should... "Wow!" he sighed, interrupting himself, "your cock just stiffened, getting hard with lust for that ass!"

"Go for it!" two of them urged.

"Yeah," Jason said softly, "give it to me, man! I want it!" He shifted his lower body to flaunt his ass at me. "I want you to fuck me!"

"Oh, God!" John cried in a husky voice of arousal, "give it to him, Jack, or I'll jump right in and fuck him for you! I want that ass!"

I smiled at him but moved to position myself behind Jason.

"Here," John offered, "I'll get him wet for you." Then he sucked a couple of his fingers and played with Jason's ass while leaning over and sucking my cock to get it wet. He stopped when he realized that I was so caught up in the thrill of getting a chance to fuck Jason that I was producing a prodigious amount of precum. He gentlemanly backed off and, staying in close, he watched the head of my cock slowly plow into Jason, who groaned with erotic pleasure.

Shawn startled me by producing a bottle of wine, opened it, and passed it around to anyone who didn't have a cock in his mouth! A little wine seemed to increase the openness and level of our passion. Jason had to wait his turn because John had put his hardon in front of his face, urgently mimicking a need to be sucked off, and Jason, like the good soldier he was, went for it!

From the mortification of being caught on my knees again, to the euphoria of an energetic five-man orgy, I had been raised to one of the highest sexual pleasure levels of my life! Best of all, I realized that all five of us were experiencing this amazing pleasure. Adding even more to my pleasure was the knowledge that the five of us would have ongoing contact, if not always as a group, at lease with one another as often as we could discreetly arrange it. The need to be discreet was paramount. Officers and enlisted men were cautioned not to fraternize. I figured that caution came from concern that officers would use rank to get subordinates into bed. So I got this satisfying idea that as a member of this group I wouldn't get caught on my knees any more. I was such a fuckin' dreamer!


Jack Sofelot


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