The summer of 79 was humid hot and sticky, as a boy I would ride my bike to the park and have a swim in the pond, but i was a horny boy and would ride up to a secluded spot in the woods near a waterfall. Off the beaten path my spot in the woods was perfect for suntanning naked and most of all masterbating. I would put elastic bands around my cock and tie my cloth sunglass straps around my balls and pull. I was getting bolder by walking through the woods closer to the trails naked and quite hard, when I turned around, 2 guys in jean jackets were standing on my towel in my spot, and they wernt happy. They had never seen a'faggot' Apparently I was in their night time party spot too early. They talked briefly, I was stunned and then they grabbed me and my stuff and literaly dragged me through the woods. The big guy tied me to a tree with the straps of my back pack and then they went abot 30 feet away to light a fire and drinkng the case of beer they brought. After a while the big guy came and dragged the faggot, me, closer to the fire and threw me over a a fallen tree and then tied me. As they got drunk the smaller one finished most of his beer then decided to give me a beer plug and these were the stubbys remember.

I sure do because every time they finnished one, they would pull the bottle out and insert a new one with beer as the only lube. I was tied across a a fallen tree naked with a beer bottle up my ass and defensless to to everything incuding mosquitos. When i complained, the boys cut some tree branches and made them into switches, the played a game of letting the mosquito bite me then whip it, then it turned to just whipping me. I heard some one comeing twords us in the woods, I was hoping for the local ranger but it was 2 more buddys with another 24 of beer.

One of the guys had a fire fettish and kept extinguishing a firey wooden stick in my ass between beer bottle insertions. Next they took turns shoving their cocks in my mouth, i think others were pounding my ass but after at least 24 bottles up my ass i couldnt tell.

I woke up in the morning, in the woods, alone, naked, bottle up my ass, soaked in a mixture of cum and urine, covered in whip marks and mosquito bites. as i dragged my sore naked (they took my cloths) body out to the road and tried to figure out how to get home with my bike and (with any dignity). I got lucky a guy with a crew cab pick up stopped and put my bike in the bed while i got in the cab, naked and dirty.

He said as we left 'looks like you had a hell night' I said yes sir I did, he replied that what ever you went through last night wasnt nothin. He then locked the doors and kept driving...




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