I was on the track team in college. It was hard work but I loved it, being around all those hot, sweaty, athletic men...it was heaven.

I'd often fantasize about my teammates, wondering what it would be like to suck their dicks or get fucked by them. Frequently I'd find that by fantasizing while I was on the field, I'd get just the extra boost of adrenaline I needed to complete the course in record time. The other guys would cheer me, clapping me on the back and slapping my ass playfully. I'd just smile at them and think If only they knew what helped me along...it was the thought of them naked.

One of my best friends on the team was named Daryl. He was big and strong, sort of lanky while being muscular at the same time, a little taller than me. He had really light blond hair, almost white, with sexy light blue eyes.

Sometimes I'd imagine what I would do if Daryl ever showed any sexual interest in me. I knew I'd take him somewhere private where no one could find us. Placing my hands on his shoulders, I'd just look at him for a minute, my dark brown eyes gazing deeply into his, their color so different from mine. One of my hands would rise to his cheek, which would feel soft but at the same time a little rough as his beard grew back in from the morning's shaving, growing too slow to be watched but fast enough to be noticed.

Daryl might start to say something, but I'd put one finger on his lips to stop him. Shaking my head, I'd show him talking was not necessary. Then I'd pull him near me, and leaning up on the tips of my toes my lips would meet his. I'd kiss him gently at first, not wanting to scare him with my passion, at least not yet.

My arms would encircle his body, and I'd feel his doing the same to me, wrapping around me and holding tightly. He might even lift me slightly off the ground, being both taller and stronger than me. Our kiss would start heating up -- his hands would start gripping me kneading the hard flesh of the small of my back, his fingers moving down to squeeze my butt cheeks.

My own hands would rise, taking his face in them, as if holding him so he wouldn't pull away. Daryl's hungry, curious tongue would dart in and out of my mouth as we kissed harder, and I would boldly answer his curiosity by forcing my tongue deep between his lips. Little moans of excitement would squeeze out of the sides of his mouth and I would lift his loose-fitting tank top off his back and over his head. Our kiss would be broken for a second when the fabric passed between us, but I would hold his arms up in the air, my mouth moving to one of his exposed armpits. The hair I'd find there would be as light as the hair on his head. I would breathe in the wonderful masculine smell of Daryl's armpit, then move my face down to one of his nipples. The slightest gasp would escape him as I gently mouthed his tit, massaging it with my lips and tongue.

With my hands I'd feel his body -- his hairless pectorals, down to his abdomen with its hard abdominal muscles.

When I reached his waist, I'd see that his gym shorts were tented -- his hard cock poking through the fabric. Dropping to my knees, I'd feel the organ through the shorts. Daryl would grunt in pleasure, and I'd pull his shorts and jock strap down.

The jock's dick would stand free, full and erect and fantastic. It would be surrounded by dark hair, the ballsack hanging beneath it large and plump. I'd take his balls in one hand, cradling them in one palm, loving the feel of their weight and strength. His shaft would be only inches from my face, and I breathed it in as I had his armpit, for that moment satisfied by the smell alone.

His penis was smooth, with only a few veins, its pink head just visible through the protective foreskin. Above me Daryl would rumble with approval as I closed one hand around that erect cock. I'd jerk it gently, massaging this stiff rod that grew from between my friend's legs.

Then I'd put my face in his crotch, thrilling to the sensation of his pubic hair tickling my nose and cheeks. I'd inhale deeply, taking in as much of his scent as I could. I wouldn't know if this experience would ever be repeated so I would want to enjoy it as thoroughly as I could. I'd start licking the jock's balls, my tongue absorbing the salty taste of the bag of flesh. The noises my friend was making would let me know he was enjoying this as much as I was. Opening my mouth wide, I'd actually get one of his balls into my mouth, and carefully, lovingly, caress it with my tongue.

When I released it, I'd lick his cock, running my tongue along its length starting at its base and ending at its head. Daryl would shudder with pleasure, and with my hands I'd gently turn him around so his ass was facing me. Pulling his butt cheeks apart, I'd put my face between them, and start lapping at his tight asshole. He'd exhale with a big sigh of pleasure and move himself back towards me. Pushing in as deep as I could I'd actually start mouthing him with my lips, trying to bring him maximum sensation.

At the same time we'd take hold of our cocks and start jerking ourselves off. I'd continue rimming him as I stimulated myself and I'd feel his body quiver as he did the same. Within seconds the feeling of my tongue in his ass was so intense that we couldn't hold back anymore, and fantastic orgasms shot through us as our balls emptied the cum out of our cocks in big spurts.

And when we'd recovered, we'd start all over again.

This was only the beginning of what I imagined doing with Daryl. But let me tell you what actually happened...

One night after practice I was in the locker room, toweling myself off and getting ready to head out. I liked to take long showers, so by the time I finished up most of the other guys had gone home already. That suited me fine. Sometimes I'd even jerk off in the shower stall when I knew I was alone.

It was the only way to work off the steam that would build up in me every time I worked out with all those hot hunky guys.

That particular night I was feeling especially horny. Daryl had been unusually chummy with me all day, rubbing up against me and horse-playing rougher than usual. It was sexy, damn sexy, but I knew enough not to think too much of it. These guys were my teammates, not my fuck-buddies. It was important to maintain our distance.

So I thought.

So Daryl was on my mind that night as I dried off. I thought about his blond hair, his square-jawed face, his ice-blue eyes and his strong, muscular body. I might've jacked myself off, but I had an exam the next day and had to get home to finish cramming for it.

As I hurrily rubbed the towel over my body, my eye caught something. It was a flash of white, somewhere on the edge of my peripheral vision. I glanced over to it and saw something half-in and half-out of the locker Daryl used.

It was a jockstrap.

It was one of Daryl's jockstraps.

I dropped the towel and walked over to the locker. This was the first time any clothes had been left out. Normally the guys locked everything up in their lockers before they left.

Gently, reverently, I picked it up. Now, I didn't have a thing about jockstraps.

At least before that night I didn't.

But when I lifted that piece of fabric and elastic to my nose and breathed in its aroma, all that changed. As the ripe musky odor of Daryl's crotch-sweat permeated my nostrils, I could feel my cock stiffen up under the towel. It smelled so good -- I fucking loved it.

What a treasure to find unexpectedly! It was so wonderful to have that jockstrap up against my nose and mouth...it made me feel like I was a part of Daryl somehow, like I was in some way connecting with him...

My daze was interrupted by the sound of the locker room door slamming open. I whirled around, totally surprised -- I thought I was the only guy who'd stayed late that evening.

It was Daryl.

Just my luck. We stared at each other for a couple seconds without saying anything. I felt like a kid with my hand in the cookie-jar, but it was worse, way worse: standing there with one of my teammates' jockstraps in my hand, having just been smelling it deeply...

'What the fuck are you doing?' Daryl asked me, his handsome face contorted in disbelief.

'I...um...' I stammered.

'I knew I forgot something down here.' he said, walking toward me slowly. I backed up, not knowing how he was going to react. My back hit the wall of lockers, and realized I was trapped with nowhere to go. 'But I didn't think I'd find anyone...especially someone that was playing with my jockstrap.'

He grabbed it out of my hand. The sudden move startled me and I flinched like a junior high school wimp.

'That what's you were doing, wasn't it, man?' he said, his voice rising. I couldn't tell if he was angry or excited or both. 'You weren't just playing with it, you were smelling it, weren't you? You were smelling my goddamn jockstrap!'

Daryl put his hands up to the wall of lockers, fencing me in. My burly teammate had me trapped between his muscly arms, and I still didn't know what he was going to do with me.

'Come on, Daryl...' I said. 'Take it easy...' I felt like I was alone with a hungry lion -- one false move and I'd be dead meat.

'Well,' he said. 'If you like smelling it so much, here!' He put his jockstrap up against my face, holding it there with one hand. I whimpered and tried to struggle out of the way, but with his other hand Daryl pinned me against the lockers, holding me still.

'Come on, man,' he said. 'Breathe deep! Take it in! Take in that smell you like so much. The smell of me! The smell of my crotch all hot and sweaty after a night of practice on the track. You know you love it, so just take it in.'

Fearful of disobeying, I followed his orders and took in another deep inhale of the jockstrap. Again, the intoxicating odor of Daryl's groin coursed into me, filling me with his essence. I was a little scared, yet at the same time there was something exciting about being held in place like that, in being in another man's power, the same man whose delicious scent I was devouring through my nostrils.

My cock betrayed me then, hardening up between my legs and standing out, begging for attention. I was still naked, not having had a chance to dress since getting out of the shower, and my erection was painfully obvious. Daryl saw it and his eyes bugged out.

'You do like it!' he said triumphantly, as if there'd been any doubt. 'Look at that. Look at that dick of yours gettin' all hard from smellin' my jockstrap...'

Then he was putting his hands on my shoulders, pushing me down.

'That's it,' he said. 'Get down on your knees, man. That's what you want, isn't it? To get down in front of me and worship me? I knew it about you from the first day of practice. I knew what you were then, and I know it even more now...you're a cocksucker, aren't you?'

He grabbed the waistband of his sweats and pushed them down. His cock popped out, and was I surprised to see that it was already half-hard! He was getting off on having me in his power like this.

'I know what you want,' Daryl said, grabbing his pecker with one hand, gripping it around the thick base. He squeezed it and the head bulged, its plum-shaped corona turning dark pink and squeezing out of the foreskin. 'You want this don't you? Admit it, man, admit it!'

Without thinking, I nodded my head. I was too strung out to lie.

'Yes, Daryl, I want to suck your dick!' I said. 'I've wanted to suck your dick since the first time I met you!'

'Well, why didn't you say so?' he said, pushing his cock toward my face. I opened my mouth and took the fleshy rod inside, loving the feel of its masculine strength.

'Ooohhhh...' Daryl groaned as I stroked his meat with my tongue. At my touch it completed its erection, hardening up in my mouth like a steel spike. It felt so good to have it in there. I immediately started sucking it, running my tongue up and down its length, caressing and stroking the head with my tongue.

I know he liked it because he moaned and rolled his head back.

'Mmmmm, that's good,' he said. 'You're a good little cocksucker, aint you?'

'Mm-hmmm...' I mumbled through the meat in my mouth. I was happy I was making him feel good, maybe now he wouldn't be mad because of what he'd caught me doing.

If I'd thought smelling Daryl's jockstrap was hot, it was unbelievable to have him right there in front of me in all his glory. He'd just come in from practice so he was still all grimy and sweaty, his body giving off a plethora of odors. It was heaven...olfactory paradise!

While I sucked his dick I thought about the jockstrap, about that clingy fabric, about how it clung to his balls and cock, the same cock I was sucking, when he was running on the track, how the jockstrap kept his jewels safe and protected, cradling them and wrapping them up in a cocoon of warmth and safety.

My mind was so entranced with these thoughts and images that I hadn't noticed myself sucking faster and faster, going up and down on my teammate with a ferocious energy.

'Oh yeah!' Daryl rumbled above me. 'That's it, you got it cocksucker! This is was you wanted to do since the first time you saw me...'

He was babbling, more to himself than to me. I continued my endeavor, trying to give him the best and hottest blowjob he'd ever gotten. I hoped he'd always remember this one.

Maybe I'd even get another chance sometime!

But I was getting ahead of myself and had to concentrate on the here and now -- his cock was flexing, I knew it was going to blow soon. The big guy grabbed me by the ears and started face-fucking me, as if I would try to get away and he had to hold me in place.

As if!

No way. This was a dream come true, and I was going to ride it out to the end, like a surfer on a wave. But a minute later he stopped, and pulled himself out of me. I looked up at him, and he was grinning down at me.

'What's wrong?' I asked.

'Nothing's wrong,' he answered, 'I'm just thinkin' that if you're a cocksucker, then you probably like getting fucked in the ass, don't you?'

I didn't answer immediately.

'Don't you?' Daryl asked again.

'Yes.' I said.

'Yes, what?'

'Yes, I like getting fucked in the ass.' I said.

'Then ask me.' Daryl said. I could tell he was really getting off on this power trip.

'Please, Daryl.' I said.

'Please, what?'

'Please fuck me in the ass.'


'Daryl, please fuck me in the ass, man!' I said, 'I need you to fuck me! Come on, take that big old horsecock of yours and shove it up my butthole! I need it, man! Fuck me!'

'Oh yeah!' he said, 'You got it, cocksucker! Get me my works from my bag.'

I reached into his locker and pulled a condom package and a tiny bottle of lube out of his gym bag. I wondered who else's ass on the team had gotten fucked by him. Daryl took the stuff out of my hand and got himself ready.

Then he put me against the wall of lockers and lined up his cock with my asshole. Usually I like a guy to warm me up with his fingers, get my hole ready for penetration, but that time I knew we had to hurry. Everyone was supposed to be gone, but there was always a chance of being discovered by a janitor or security guard or something.

Daryl shoved his cock in my ass. Even with lube it hurt, and I let out a little yelp of pain. The jock put one hand over my mouth as he started fucking me.

'Shhh, cocksucker...' he whispered in my ear.

It was quick, dirty and fast, him thrusting himself into me, then pulling out, then into me again. Within a few moments, his breathing sped up and I knew he was ready. I grabbed my own cock and pumped it in my fist.

'I'm coming, cocksucker,' Daryl said, 'Can you feel me come?' And he took his hand off my mouth.

'Yeah, man, I'm coming too, can you feel me?'

'Oh, yeah!' we both said, and we blew our loads together as our orgasms bloomed inside us like explosions of pleasure. When we were done, Daryl pulled out of me gently and threw away the condom. I got some paper towels and wiped off the lockers where I'd shot my spunk all over them.

When I was done I tried to stand up but lost my balance and almost fell.

'You okay, man?' the jock asked me.

'Yeah,' I said, 'I just got two workouts today, one on the field and one in here. I'm pretty tired.'

Without a word Daryl walked over to me and picked me up, cradling me in his arms. It was amazing -- such a gesture of tenderness from such a rough jock dude. He carried me to the showers and there lovingly washed me and himself. When we were all done, dried off and dressed and ready to go, Daryl pushed me against the wall and got up in my face again.

'If you ever tell anyone we did this, I'll tell them what you were doing when I came down here, cocksucker.' he said.

'You got it, man,' I said seriously.

'Good,' he said, and grinned. 'I don't want to have to share you with anyone.' And with that he kissed me.

When he took his lips from mine, he gave me another grin, then slung his gym bag over his shoulder and headed for the exit.

'You coming?' he asked me.


Christopher Pierce

[email protected]


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