Catching a breath

by Want2Bbound

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I couldn't sleep. It was hot and for some reason I was horny. Tossing and turning, out of desperation I decided to look online and see if I could get a hookup.

My luck, it worked.

He said he'll come over to my hotel.

He described himself as tall - 6 feet - Caucasian, brown hair, thin, mild build but with a notable cock: "I have a 10 inches with a mushroom head. It's a thin cock but my mushroom head is big and my cock can get very hard."

He said he'd be over in about 45 minutes - around 4 am..

I ha d never done anything like this but I always fantasized about bondage. I knew that it could be risky hooking up with ‘anyone’ in the early morning hours  - but I was hot and very horny – so curiosity got the better of me. Still, I turned up the volume a bit on the TV and dimmed the lights in the room as I eagerly waited.

I was staying a small studio hotel and was on the second floor. To make sure it went well, I also instructed the front desk that I was expecting a package to be delivered to which he agreed.

I had never done this before, but I had an idea that it would be an interesting meet.

Soon, I heard a car parking in the hotel lot.

I waited. A soft knock at my room door. At that moment my cock suddenly came alive, with the blood was flowing. My heart racing, I could barely concentrate with the anticipation. I then decided to go for it. Wearing briefs and a tee shirt, I quietly approached the door walking with ever growing anticipation, my heart racing and blood causing ringing in my ears. I had to be careful though for if I opened the door and he was not who I expected….

A part of me didn’t mind doing this, but I judged against living a long hidden desire. A part of me was becoming, if not, aroused.

I checked through the peephole in the room door and then opened it. He entered cautiously, when I then closed the door I stood there behind him in my tee shirt and briefs.

The moment I saw him, I opened my legs as my cock pushed out as far it could go. I was turned on. He not only looked good, but i got am excitement about him the made me excited. He was an older man, wearing regular clothing. Working class, but older - at least twice my age.

Turning toward me, I sensed he felt the same way. I could already see a growing bulge in his pants.

I whispered "Hi. We should keep it quiet."

He merely nodded as he looked at me, with his mouth slightly opened. He  clearly didn't expect this. I then walked past him, moving in such a way as to give a show of my ass moving back and forth glancing behind, I could see him staring at my ass, his breathing now more elevated.

His breathing got even more pronounced as I walked around the room, closing the blinds, putting stuff away continuing my show, taking my ass by my skipping every other step, forcing me to stretch my legs wider. My cock was now so hard, it was pushing the limits of my briefs. He slowly walked toward me as I then, at the last moment before he could touch me, I turned and changed the volume on the TV a decibel or two higher..

I then stood inside the room, my hands behind my back, standing with my legs apart, pushing my pelvis forward. He looked around, turned towards me as he looked on at my hard-on, reached down and grabbed and fondled my balls. I gave a gasp, but didn't move. He then ran his hand up and down and around my shaft pushing hard against my briefs, running his fore finger and thumb all around my cock tip. He did this for half a minute, as I stood there, my eyes half closed moving slightly about in time to his touching me with my mouth opened, breathing with the pleasure of his hands and fingers. We looked into each other’s eyes, not moving. I then opened my legs wider and moved closer to him, expecting maybe a kiss - but he merely smiled and stepped away.

I deserved that; he was teasing me back.

We moved into the sleeping/living area, where my couch/bed /futon opened. He then walked to the desk, and took off his coat. I watched him as I took off my tee shirt. He had an average build, but he had some muscles. He was thin; rolled up in each t-shirt sleeve was a pack of cigarettes which he set down. I put on the sash from the hotel bathrobe around my waist, then I kneeled  as I continued to watch him undressing, but we were watching each other silently.

There was little need to make small talk.

 I then sat on the edge of the bed, leaned back on my arms and watched him undress finally. His shirt and pants off, he then stopped and looked at me. He came over to me and produced a length of rope with which he bound my ankles.

He was very hard. He saw me looking on, and then started to pull down his underwear, but first instructed me to 'turn around'. I did as he said and could only hear him slip his underwear off. I tried to look back "cross your hands behind your back."

“Cross your hands behind your back,” he said.

Kneeling on the bed, my feet tied tightly together, he re-checked the ankle binding, and then produced more rope binding my hands behind my back to the bathrobe sash.

He knew what he was doing; my hands were bound together well and secured to the belt. He clearly was practiced with bondage.

"So, I assume you’re here for business?"

"Yes," I replied.


Now, my hands tied behind my back to the belt around my waist, and my feet tied, I tried trying my bindings as he then settled in behind me, kneeling with his legs surrounding my legs, keeping my legs in place, as he moved in.

I watched as he held in front me while kneeling behind me, two handkerchiefs. At the same time,  I leaned back a little and reached out behind me, only to find and fondle his huge, incredible cock. At that moment he quickly moved his right hand toward my mouth.

“No—”  I shook my head as he stuffed one of the handkerchiefs into my mouth. Then the other hand then came over and tied the other handkerchief over the one already in my mouth, and then wrapped around my head and tied it behind my head. Then, he wrapped an elastic bandage over both.

I was now firmly bound and gagged.

I found his cock: it was more than two handholds. It was more than 10 inches. At that moment with my mouth stuffed and firmly gagged, I was shocked. He had lied to me as he had a far bigger cock than what he had said and I was not at all ready for this.


 "Shh….sshh,” he whispered in my ear. “I know it's more than 10 inches. But the doesn't matter now, does it?"


My God, his cock head was really huge. It literally was the size of my both palms! With both of my hands, I could barely cover it. The shaft was somewhat narrow - not thick - but it was solid: rock hard! The best way I could describe it was something like a plunger! Hard, long and thick at the end. I found myself moving about: what other surprises did he have in store?

He moved closer to me, his cock now rubbing between my ass cracks as he wrapped his arms around my body, rocking me back and forth. As he did so, I reached out for his cock and played with his shaft, reaching for his balls - but it was no good. I couldn't reach his balls; but I found myself grabbing onto his cock, squeezing his cock tip. I never felt anything like it! And now I found myself wondering what is he going to do to me?


It's going in whether I changed my mind or not.

"I never really worked, but I love fucking you business types. I also love fucking younger guys, which you’re not  - especially when they're bound and gagged, and are in no position to argue with me."

In moments, we were rocking back and forth forward; He kept me in place, not allowing me to move away or fall to the right or left., Instead, as he reached around me, his hands and fingers found my nipples - and stated to pinch them, gradually harder.

I was soon moaning "MMMMPH! MMPPH!"

"Keep trying: nobody's gonna hear you,” he said.

He was right. It was hopeless, nobody would hear. He gagged me very well: stuffing my mouth very well. I then struggled, trying to call out and twisting my head all about, trying to get my gag loose. Everyone was either asleep or simply didn't hear my calls for help.

Tightly and well bound, nobody also wouldn't be able to hear me call out.

And his cock was probably the first and biggest I was going to get.

Now, I was struggling harder, but he calmly he held me in place. The struggle intensified; he simply gradually pushed me forward and down, moving back and forth - with each new time I was being pushed further down. It was clear: he intended to pushed me completely forward, my face and body down with my ass up ready for him to penetrate with that monster cock he had waiting for me!

As I struggled, I heard him chuckle and murmur "Heh; keep trying. In business, as you say…let’s close the deal!"

My cock was hard and strong in my briefs; my captor didn't take them off. I realized he wanted me to wear them as we fucked. I have to confess it was fucking hot this way. I was truly a prisoner with my cock 'secured'. Meanwhile, the more I moved the more my cock rubbed against my briefs. Soon, I was dripping so much pre-cum that underwear was getting soaked. It was such a tease so hard and turned on, my underwear stretching strongly with my cock trying to get out. I watched us in the mirror across the room. We both watched ourselves struggle, fondle and play with each other (my hands to his cock and his hands to my nipples, my legs kneeling and open, as I leaned and pushed back on his body with my eyes half closed.

Not giving up yet!

Closer now, he leaned back further as he then licked my ears, tightly still holding me as my nipples were kept on being pinched while my hands hung on to his ever so rockhard cock and the incredible mushroom head! He then slipped his arms from around my body and wrapped them between my arms; he was now able to twist me around slightly, enough to further knock me off balance.

I tried saying "no fair!' but it only came out as "MMMMMMPH!"

At one moment, we slowed down and looked at each other in the mirror. For a moment we stared as we looked at each other. This stranger I never met before; our cocks so hard; the silence of the early morning hours as the only sounds were us breathing heavily, my moaning, the bed creaking ever so slightly as we wrestled while I struggled - bound and gagged - held tightly in his arms with his cock working and rubbing on my ass and between my legs. The lights were turned down very low, and the outside was silent. No cars or traffic, nothing.

Then a sharp push and I went down face forward. I tried to rolling over but he moved too quickly for me, his arms wrapped around my bound arms, as he pushed and kept my legs open as he laid on top of me, rubbing his face in my hair, and then with his cock he poked all around my ass (but not in my ass - not yet, anyhow). He poked but didn't penetrate my ass, but he poked so that my balls felt his cock pushing against me. His locked arms kept me from rolling over or moving away as his cock kept pushing and poking about my body. The room was alive - yet quiet - with the sound of my muffled calls for help, his heavily breathing and grunting as he gradually maneuvered me around to the other side of the bed as we struggled. The bed moved about with our wrestling. This went on for some time, but I lost track of time.

Then, pulling me out of a daze, he then sat up from the bed, and stood over me. It was hopeless: I could not stop him no more than I could stop an ocean wave. He then suddenly grabbed my bound legs and rolled me over facing him as he then pulled me close to the edge of the bed, pulling me up to where my ass was on the edge of the bed, and my legs hung down, touching the floor. As he kneeled over me, he finally tore away my briefs and started to stroke my cock, as he then bent over and with the other hand cupped my balls while the other rubbed and played with my foreskin. I stopped struggling to escape as I found myself bouncing in time with his hands on my genitals.

He was playing me like an instrument: one moment I was desperate to escape - get away from his oversized cock; the next moment he had where he wanted me, and played me - playing with my cock and balls, making me lose track of my trying to escape, having been taken and now being pleasured by a total stranger whom I had only just met and have been bound and gagged by. I moaned with pleasure, feeling the hardness somehow get stronger; my balls held by his controlling hand I found my hips moving up and down in response to his hands. I shook my head back and forth; it was useless to get to get untied. I was under his command.

He then stopped and slowly stood up to look at me while I closely watched his cock.

His cock was incredible.

It was longer than 10 inches - perhaps even12 inches - and the head was far bigger than what I imagined. The head was at least three time wider than the shaft. He slowly returned back to the desk, pulled out from his pants pocket a rather large rubber. Putting it on he turned to me, stood over me as I watched him slowly and deliberately rub lubrication on his cock.

I struggled and tried to get untied, calling out: "NRRRR! MPPPHHH NRRRRR! MMMMPH!" ("No too big! No!")

But he kept a serious face

"Its too late now. This, " he said as he let go of his cock and pointed it at me "- is for you tonight!"

I moved about, trying to get free, but it was no good. I was going to get what I asked for raped in my hotel room.

Reaching down, he grabbed my bound ankles, lifted them up and then he untied my ankles just enough and in a way to make them a foot wider; he then quickly retied my feet bindings. They were now still bound well, but he made enough room to put his head inbetween my legs. He then suddenly moved his head between my ankles and then pushed backwards and then positioned his cock right onto my ass. He then leaned but more and I started to move into him. My eyes opened and I found myself calling out. But then he smiled and suddenly leaned down toward me so that my ankles were raised to my head while his face was mere inches away from my face, staring at me with an intensity and clear desire.

And in that moment of momentary stillness, he whispered to me: "You're mine!"

I was now tightly bound: my hands tied behind my back to bathrobe belt; my feet tied together with his head between my legs while my gag was well packed. I could try to shout, but it wouldn't be heard.


Now, I couldn't move away from him, roll over or escape.Suddenly I realized as I felt him move his hand he was guiding his huge cock and head into my ass.

I jumped at this. I wasn't ready for this.I had never done this and also he was too big. I Tried moving about, anything to tell him ‘NO”  but lifting my head slightly, I lost any ability to do anything. Instead, as he leaned slightly back he then both simultaneously pushed in slowly while drawing my body onto his cock.

It was going in, slowly: his head now being forced into my tight ass.

I cried out as I arched my back in pain and ecstasy, my eyes wide open, totally helpless to stop him: "MMMMMMMPH! MMMMPH!"

He said nothing, but continued entering me, slowly, not caring about my calls for help. I tried head butting him, thinking that I could hit him in the nose, but he merely smiled as he was far enough away.

His cock continued going in - pushing in slowly. If not for his rockhard cock and his strong desire for fucking me, I doubt that he could ever fit his huge cock head into me. I soon slowed down rocking about; I could feel he was getting well into me.

He continued pushing in, murmuring to me "Iit's getting wider. Just a little more!"

 I soon stopped; the deeper he got into me, the less I struggled. I surrendered. He got me and he was in me very well. I had reached the point of nonresistance. My eyes were half closed, my mouth bit down on my gag as I took the penetration.

Soon, he was slowly going out, but he didn't let his cock leave me; instead, he went in again. This time, it was a little more easier. I soon laid back, trying to catch my breath as he went in again,this time faster - and deep as I suddenly gave a start, closing my eyes, arcing my back as I then gave in to another cry of intensity; his cock was now totally inside of me. Now, he was moving regularly, in and out, moving gradually faster. I rolled my head side to side, trying to take it all in…grasping what was happening...

Then I turned to face him and open my eyes as he stared at me with such an intensity. His sweat dripping onto me as he pushed into me more and more, going ever faster.

I lifted my head up to him slowly, shook my head as I closed my eyes and gave out a cry of,... excitement He stared at me, moving owing faster in time and depth.

 I tried talking to him: "MPH! MPHMPH! MPH! MPH! MMPH! MPH!" (Take off the gag! Kiss me!).

And then, taking his hands off of holding my ankles in place, his head keeping my legs up he then reached behind my head, quickly untied my gag and then leaning forward dove into my mouth, his tongue running all about my teeth as I did the same to him; both of us moaning as we kissed passionately! My legs were straining with the pressure of his pushing forward and kissing me, but I didn't care! And just as quick he then re-stuffed and re-tied my gag, leaning back while holding my legs and commenced to literally pound my ass with a total ruthlessness focusing all of his will to nailing my ass, his thighs slapping me as his cock went in faster and hard, with no sign of slowing down. For every grunt he gave, I gave (or tried to give out) a shout, his cock soon pounding me with such an intensity my ass burned as I soon was now no longer just shouting every time he penetrated me, but giving long cries as I rolled and shook my head back and forth: "MMMMMMMMMMPH! MMMMMMMPH!"

Our eyes wide open, I struggled about, testing my bindings as he concentrated on one thing only his cock driving into my tight ass. I moved about on the bed as best as I could, not to escape but in response to the pounding. He just kept on pushing in hard, deep and long at a fast rate, pumping me like a machine using his iron hard rod with the giant head. My cock was now hard and my jock strap totally wet with pre-cum , with the rubbing of my cock driving me to the level of madness, his cock pulled into me hard and true,

"Oh God,... No,... Uh! Uh! Ummmm,...!"

I then he came. "UUUUUUUHHHH! UUHHHHHHHH! UUUUUUHHHHH!!" ...he gave several more very strong and intense pushes into me, his legs wide open as he kept my legs up in the air, draping his arms tightly around my legs as he threw his head back and gave just several more thrusts, each thrust resulting another load shooting into me.

Moments later, he stepped back, and lowered my legs slowly to the floor. As he took off his condom, I could see the dripping of a mighty load.

And then - silence, save for the sound of our catching or breaths.

by Want2Bbound

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