I lay on the bed trying to catch my breath. Sex with Ethan is always fun. I think part of that is because it happens so infrequently now. We've been living together for six months and it's kind of become our Saturday night ritual. The problem is that it only happens on Saturday nights now. I love him to pieces, but I need to have more sex. That's all that I keep thinking as I walk to the bathroom to clean up.

'That was fun!' Ethan says as he wipes the semen off his stomach with some toilet paper before stepping into the shower.

'Yeah, I love when you talk to dirty to me.' I reply as I wash my hands. 'I'm going to miss you this week, I hate working out of town.' It's true, I will miss him. I work in construction and I'm heading north to do some work on a new oil pump. I do; however, enjoy working away from home. I like having some time to myself. Plus, I masturbate every night when I'm away from home so I get to relieve a lot of built up pressure. It's difficult to find time to jerk off with Ethan around at home. It's awkward more than anything I guess. I'm not sure how his sex-drive can be so low when mine is so high. I dry my hands and head to the bedroom. After a little small-talk about the upcoming week I fall asleep.

I spend the week working eleven hour days. It's January, which doesn't make it any easier. It's cold and windy and the company I work for thinks for some reason that we should be as productive during winter as we are during summer. I work with about a dozen guys around my own age. I'm twenty five and really skinny despite having worked in construction for the past six years. I get teased a little bit about that from the other guys. They're all a lot more toned than I am, but I still get the job done.

Wednesday evening I get a call in the hotel room from the crew foreman, Kevin. 'Brad's come up to poke around the site a little bit tomorrow. I'm trying to round up a few of the guys for supper, you in?'

Brad is the department manager. I'm not really sure what he does all day. He's balding, about thirty pounds overweight and kind of rude.

'Yeah, sounds good.'

Supper goes by pretty quickly. Everybody has a few beers and then we head back to the hotel. I couldn't get my truck to start, so I rode with Kevin and Brad in Brad's new truck. As we pull into the parking lot Brad asks me to help him bring his bags to his room. I figure I may as well do it, it'll probably make my life easier in the long run. He leads the way up to the third floor of the hotel. His room is nice. All the other rooms I've stayed in have only had a bathroom, a TV and two queen beds. You can consider yourself lucky if you end up getting a room with a king bed.

Brad's room has a couch, a flat-screen TV, a jetted bathtub and a separate bedroom with a king bed.

'You can just put that suitcase on the table.' Brad says as he motions towards the table by the couch. 'Thanks. I brought some rum with me. You can feel free to stay for a drink if you like in return for bringing my bags up.'

'Um, yeah sure' I reply. It seems a little strange to me. Brad's always been kind of ass before. I'm not exactly sure why he's offering me a drink. Whatever, I guess. I want to be on his good side, so I'll stay for a drink or two.

We sit in silence for the most part, absently watching the television. There's a popular male singer on TV singing to an audience of teenage girls. The whole time I'm sitting there I'm trying to figure out a way to excuse myself and head back to my own room.

'You know I have no problem with gay guys.' Brad says during a commercial break, 'They're the same as everybody else. There are straight assholes and gay assholes just as there are good straight guys and good gay guys.'

'Uh-huh.' I'm not exactly sure what he's getting at. I'm not out at work, mostly because I don't want to be 'the gay one' at the work site. I don't really hide who I am though and I'm sure my more feminine qualities give me away.

We go back to watching TV and talking about work. My eyes wander towards the television screen every now and then. I like the singer on TV. I have two of his albums and I know most of the words to his songs.

'Do you think he's hot?' Brad asks

'Yeah, I guess so' I respond. I look at him, a little puzzled and a little stunned. 'He's not really my type though, I just like his music.'

Brad shifts a little on the bed. 'What is your type?'

'Why?' I ask uncomfortably. I can feel my cock growing in my pants, which is weird given the circumstance.

'I'm just curious, it's no big deal.' He says with a little intimidation in his voice. I don't respond, so we go back to just sipping our drinks and watching TV. It gets kind of awkward which annoys me. I don't need to feel awkward about being gay or anything like that. This is stupid.

'I like bulkier guys and I like hairy guys.' I say quickly to break the silence. 'This guy seems to smooth and skinny.'

Brad laughs 'You're skinny, and I'd probably say you're pretty smooth too!'

'Yeah, I am, but I don't like that in other guys. I guess what I look for in guys is the opposite of what I am.' I laugh a little bit too. My erection is hurting now. Why on earth am I so turned on? I want to leave and head back to my room, but if I get up I'll show Brad how excited I am. Jesus, this is a scenario I haven't really dealt with since high school.

'Blow me' Brad says point blank.


'Suck me off. You're a gay guy that likes bigger, hairy guys. I'm a bigger, hairy guy and I'm horny.' Brad grabs his crotch a little bit. I can see a bulge in his jeans too.

'You've got to be kidding me. You think just because I'm gay that I'll suck your cock?' I'm embarrassed and angry. My heart's beating loud in my chest and I can feel the blood rush to both my face and my cock. 'This is ridiculous, I'm out of here.' I say and get up off the bed.

'You're just as horny as me. I can see your hard-on through your jeans.' Brad says quickly. I turn around. Somehow he's unbuttoned the first two buttons on his shirt in the time it took me to turn around. I can see a thick matt of dark hair and my cock jerks. Brad sees that I'm motionless and staring at him. He gets off the bed and unbuttons the rest of his shirt as he walks closer to me. He's right in front of me and I'm looking straight into his chest hair. It's really dense where his pecs are. I can tell at one time he would've been in really good shape. His pectoral muscles are still well defined. The hair trails down towards his large stomach and towards his jeans. I find myself reaching towards him. I put my right hand on the centre of his chest and move it towards his left nipple. He leans in towards me and kisses me hard, pushing my other hand towards his crotch. I grab it and knead his cock through his jeans. It feels big.

'How about that blow job?' He asks again

I don't need to be asked again. As he takes his shirt off I unbutton Brad's jeans and drop them to the floor. I put my face up against his boxer-briefs and breathe in. He smells salty and musky. I tease him a little bit by licking his cock over his underwear and nibbling the tip before I rid him of his underwear. His cock is big, just as I figured. His nine inch, thick cock is swaying at me. I lick his nuts and all the way up the shaft to the tip. He's uncut. Neither of us can take it anymore. I need to taste his cock and he needs me to suck him off. My head bobs up and down on his cock. I try to take in as much as I can but I can't take it all. I take his cock in my mouth again and he pushes on the back of my head and I choke as my nose touches his bush.

'Oh fuck!' Brad yells as he pushes my head back to the base of his cock. I run my hands up through his thick body hair and pinch his nipples. I've removed my clothes and I bring my hands back down so I can stroke my cock as I'm giving Brad head. Every now and then I can taste his pre-cum.

'Keep going' Brad says touching my head again. I get up abruptly.

'I want you to fuck me, Brad' say, drooling a little bit from having his huge cock in my face for so long. Brad just pushes me on the bed and I land on my back. He grabs a condom from the suitcase I brought up earlier and rolls it on. I've never wanted anything more than I've wanted to be fucked by him. It's strange, because up until now I've never sexualized Brad in my mind before. He's not ugly, but he's not all that attractive.

He stands over me and looks in my eyes. My hands immediately go to his chest and I run my hands through the dark hair as his cock enters me. I gasp a little as it goes in. I've never had a cock this big before. Ethan's got a long penis, but Brad's is nearly twice as thick. Brad's eyes roll back in his head as he pushes his cock in all the way.

'Go slow, big guy' I smile as he gently thrusts into me. As soon as I adjust to his cock I'm yelling 'Fuck me!' and 'Faster' at Brad. Brad's cock fits like a glove and I've never felt as much pleasure as I do now. I'm moaning and gasping as Brad cock enters me over and over. I'm no longer petting his sexy chest, the movement of the bed is doing it for me.

'I'm going to cum' I moan as Brad pulls out and yanks the condom off. He brings his cock to my face and I open my mouth. He's fucking my face and as I cum on my stomach and his back, he fills my mouth with his seed and rolls over on the bed.

I lay there, with the taste of his come in my mouth and my ass feeling empty. I lay there gasping, trying to catch my breath.

'I'm staying here for the rest of the week' Brad says, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

'Then I'll be here every night this week' I say as I gather my clothes and begin getting dressed. Maybe if I play my cards right, once this job is over I can keep getting fucked by Brad during the week and getting fucked by Ethan on Saturdays.

I went home on Friday and kissed Ethan after I got in the house.

'How was your week?' Ethan asks

'Exhausting.' I reply.



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