Caught in the act. He had been stealing from us for weeks. After watching and waiting I caught him. He was young, about 23-24 years old. He was very good looking with a slim athletic body, 5'11", white with beautiful tanned skin. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. He was startled when I walked up on him and caught him red handed. With my gun leveled on him, he began to make excuses. He looked almost sorry for what he had been doing but I knew he needed to be taught a lesson. The fear in his eyes was intoxicating. I explained that he had been caught and that I had been watching him for days as he stole our property. He tried every way to convince me that he would pay us back or that he would bring our property back. I knew if I let him go that I would never see him or our property ever again, but I had no intention of letting him go. I explained that just like the property he had stolen from us now he was now our property and that for the next few days he would belong to us, at this he had a somewhat confused look on his face. I told him that he would come to understand. With my gun pointed at him I placed his hands in front of him and then placed handcuffs on his wrist, he was my property, my prisoner. I ordered him to sit down as I pulled my phone from my pocket. He immediately sat down as I made my call. I called my helper back at the house and told him that I had caught the thief, that I was going to take him to the shed to search him, and that I would be bringing him to the house shortly. As I hung up the phone he asked me in a shallow voice what I was planning to do. With a smile on my face I explained that I was taking him to the shed where I was going to search him and then I was taking him to the house where he would stay for a few days until I felt that he had been disciplined enough. What kind of discipline was his next question? All in good time was the answer to his question. With that said I pulled him up by his arm and lead him to my ATV. I placed him on the back of the ATV and headed for the shed. We pulled up in front of the shed. The shed was no more than a floor of wooden boards sitting off the ground about 3 feet. It had 3 walls and a roof and was open on the front. I helped him off of the ATV by his arm and lead him to the inside of the shed. I ordered him to lie on his back on the blanket covering the floor, he did so. Once he was on his back I placed his handcuffed wrists above his head and attached them to a bolt in the floor above his head. Now that he as secure with no way to go anywhere and completely at my mercy I was ready to start my search. He again asked me what I was planning to do. I explained to him that before I took him to the house I had to make sure he wasn't hiding any weapons and that he didn't have any visible signs of disease. With another confused look he asked how I was going to do that. With a smile I said well I'm about to remove your clothes. After explaining that, he started pulling on his restraints without any luck and then he started begging me to not remove his clothes. With the smile still on my face I explained that he might as well start getting used to it because he was going to be naked a lot the next few days. He almost started crying but he controlled himself. I told him that if he wasn't man enough to deal with the consequences then he shouldn't have been doing something that he wasn't supposed to be doing. He called me a pervert and a few other bad names. I started laughing and told him that he had no idea. With the last chuckle I said well let's get started. I pulled his shirt up, over his head and let it rest on his immobile arms. I stood back and gazed at his hairless chest. I took in his gorgeous titts with their big nipples. My eyes wandered on down to his tight stomach. From his small belly button was a single line of hair that disappeared into his pants. I rubbed my hand over his chest and stomach. When I pinched his nipples he jerked and called me some more names. I laughed again. I sat down on the edge of the shed at his feet. I put my hand on his left foot to pick it up so I could remove his shoe, as I did so he jerked his foot from my grasp. I stood up and told him that I didn't want to tie down his legs and that he might as well relax and let me do what I going to do, it's much easier that way. He had a few more choice words, at this I became angry and decided that he needed to be taught who was boss. I walked to the ATV and removed a small leather belt; I walked back to the shed and stood over his chest. I swung the belt 3 or 4 times hitting his stomach and chest. He began to scream as red marks begin to form. I told him that either he corporate or there was more where that came from. The pain must have awakened some sense in him because when I sat back down at his feet, he didn't pull away. I removed his left shoe, then his right. His feet were big, size 12. Before removing his socks I ran my hand over his feet, the tops and then the bottoms. I didn't feel any weapons or foreign objects. I looked back at him and he was watching my every move, I turned back to his feet and slowly removed his socks revealing fine-looking feet. His toes were exquisite with each toe nail clipped perfect; he also had black hair on the tops of his feet. I began to look between each of his toes, his feet were soft and the bottoms of his feet were without callus or dry skin. I placed his feet back on the floor and stood up to get a good look at him without his shirt and barefooted. He was a sexy site, but he had what looked like fear in his eyes and an uncertainty of what would happen next. I knelt down beside his face; I gently stroked his cheek with my hand telling him that this was the easy part. He pulled his face from my hand begging me once again to not go any farther and to please let him go. At this I pinched his nipple and told him that that was not going to happen until he had been disciplined and until I had, had my fun. He started saying over and over again that he was sorry and that if I let him go he wouldn't tell anyone. I slapped his stomach and told him to shut up; it was too late for sorry. He made a grunting noise and then shut up. I said let's see what you are hiding in those jeans. He asked me to please not take his pants off. I looked at him with a stern look on my face and he looked away. I positioned myself at his waist; I slowly unbuttoned his pants as he watched me. As the button come undone I could see the waist band of his underwear, he is wearing briefs. I slowly pulled the zipper down and opened up his jeans. I could somewhat see the bulge in his briefs. I put my hands on the side of his pants and slowly pulled them down to his knees. I take a look at what I've uncovered. I can see the outline of a not so small soft dick and large balls hiding behind the thin cotton fabric of his briefs. I say nothing as I finish removing his pants. I lay the pants to the side and take a big look at the sexiness chained to the floor. I start with his handsome face, his fine chest and stomach, then to the bulge in his underwear, next to his sexy hairy legs and finally to his lovely feet. He begins to plead with me again to not remove his underwear and to let him go. Does he really not understand that he's caught, that he is my bitch? I tell him to be quiet or he can get some more lashes with the belt. He shuts up. I make my way to his midsection. I place my hands on the waistband of his briefs and pull them down. I reveal a thick cut soft penis laying to one side and a big set of balls. The hair from his belly button leads straight into a thick bush of black pubic hair. I pull my eyes from his crotch to look at his face. His face is slightly red as if he is embarrassed. I ask him if this is the first time that he has been naked in front of another man before. He quietly shakes his head yes. I reach down and remove is underwear slowly pulling them over his feet, I toss his underwear over by his jeans. Now he is lying there completely naked, all his secrets laid out there for me to see. I sit down beside his waist; I slowly run my hand on the inside of his thigh from his knee up toward his dick. As I do this I see his dick jump a bit. He is silent except for the sound of his breathing, it's getting heavier. My hand makes its way to his balls. I cup my hand around his big ball sac and gently roll his balls in my hand. His soft penis starts to straighten itself pointing toward his stomach; I can see now the thickness and the large head of his cock. I take my hand from his balls and place it around his growing manhood. I slowly work my hand up and down on his thick cock. As I'm doing this I look at his face. He has a strange look on his face as if he doesn't know whether to enjoy what I'm doing to him or to be repulsed by it. It doesn't take long before his dick is rock hard. I didn't have a ruler but I'm sure his dick was every bit of 8 inches. As I stroked him clear precum began to ooze out of the huge head of his cock, spilling down the side of his shaft lubricating my strokes. I sped up the stroking motion and he let out a groan of pleasure. He asked me to stop but I could tell that he was enjoying what I was doing to him. I glanced at his feet and his toes were curled. Remembering that I had more exploring to do I stopped stoking his dick and removed my hand letting his big piece lay on his stomach. He immediately looked up at me with a look of why I had stopped on his face. I told him that I had more to search, he looked puzzled. I stood up and told him to roll over, he didn't want to at first but he reluctantly complied. Now that he was lying on his stomach I got an eye full of his back side. He had soft smooth unblemished skin on his back that lead down to his stunning ass, two beautiful hairy mounds. I told him to spread his legs. He didn't spread his legs and he asked me what I was going to do. I again told him to spread his legs that I was going to check his asshole. He was surprised by this and started again to beg me not to. I picked up the belt again and came down with it on this back a few times. He screamed and quickly spread his legs. I came up between his legs and knelt down at his ass. I placed a hand on each of his butt checks and spread them apart revealing a tight pink asshole. He kept his head face down as he ask me to please not hurt him. I pretended not to hear him. I had no intention of hurting him, well not until later. Holding his cheeks apart with one hand I ran my finger across his asshole with the other. I wanted to use my tongue instead of my finger, but decided that could wait until later. As my finger slid over his hole he jumped. At that moment I knew he was a virgin. I knew no one else had ever been close to his asshole. This was going to be a lot of fun. I stood up and said if I had some lube I would find out if you were hiding anything up there. He turned his head to look at me and asked do you mean you would go inside of me. I said sure, can't do it here in the shed but when I get you to the house I'm going to check your hole out. He really started begging me at that point. Please don't go in my ass. What are you planning to do? Are you going to fuck me in the ass? I told him that I didn't know yet but that we were definitely going to explore his asshole. He let out a sigh but didn't say anything. Guess he figured it was useless to argue at this point. I told him he could turn back over. He rolled over on his back and I noticed that his dick had gone soft. He looked down at his dick then at me. He said what are you going to do now? I asked him if he liked what I was doing earlier. He looked at me like he was ashamed to say that he liked it. I made a step toward his dick and he made no protest. His eyes were glued to me as I sat down at his waist. Keeping my hands to myself I sat there and stared at his dick. As I stared it began to get hard. The anticipation of what might happen was turning him on. After a minute of staring I wrapped my hand around his thick cock. I slowly stoked him until he was fully hard; he was watching my every move. I continued to stoke him while I massaged his balls with my other hand. He had been watching me but when I looked at his face this time his eyes were squinted shut. As I stroked him he began rolling his hips and his breathing was getting quicker and heavier. I took my hand away from his balls and I slipped my finger in his crack and began massaging his asshole. There was no protest this time and he spread his legs to give me better access. I stroked a little faster, I could tell by his breathing that he was close. I pulled my finger from his hole and licked it getting it wet with my spit, when I was sure that my finger had sufficient spit I returned it to his hole. I rubbed his hole with my finger getting it wet then I slowly inserted my finger in his asshole. It was tight at first but after putting it in a few times it slid in. I was now stroking his dick with one hand and fingering his asshole with the other. His toes curled and he was moaning with pleasure. He was rolling his hips faster riding the finger that I had inside of him. His whole body was shaking; his handcuffs were making a loud noise hitting the floor. His breathing was heavy and his moans were getting louder. All of a sudden he shouts that he is about to cum and as soon as he got those words out of his mouth a fountain of cum exploded from his throbbing dick onto his stomach, glob after glob of milky white cum landed on his stomach. I kept stroking his cock until every last drop was emptied from his balls. His body shook as he released every ounce of juice. His breathing finally calmed down and I noticed the sweat on his forehead and chest. I looked at his cum covered stomach; I didn't know someone could cum that much. Even after shooting that huge load his dick was still rock hard. I gave him a few more strokes just to make sure that he shot every last drop. He tells me to keep stroking, I continue for a little while then I laid his hard dick down on his stomach in his huge puddle of cum. I stood up, walked to the ATV and got a towel, when I got back to him, his cock had softened up, his head was raised looking at his cum soaked stomach. I knelt down beside him; I wiped the sweat from his forehead and his glistening chest. After cleaning the sweat I began the job of cleaning up his gigantic load. I wiped his stomach then cleaned his now soft dick and then his balls. He let out a heavy breath and said that was the best orgasm he had ever had. I smiled at his statement thinking to myself about the other things I had in mind for him. It was now time to put his clothes back on. Before dressing him I stood and looked at his naked body for a few long minutes. I kept thinking about the fun I was going to have with him when I got him home.

To Be Continued....


Duke Goddard


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