“Taking this casual Friday thing a little far don’t ya think Jackson?”

Holy crap! I would recognize that voice anywhere. Mr. McKinley, our CFO and my boss. I swear, that rich baritone southern accent of his could damn near make me shoot on the spot. It reverberates to my core.

“You know it McKinley” I turn to face the silver fox. 

“Looks like you are well on your way to being written up yourself.”  I admire his out of place casual attire. White linen button down with the sleeves cuffed up and the hem tucked in yet casually loose. Jeans? – Who knew this work aholic owned any denim and a pair of very expensive Italian loafers. I will be damn if he didn’t look like a walking wet dream from one of those gay male clothing catalogs.

He clasps his large firm hand on my shoulder with a laugh. Yes indeed it had been one hell of a long week. Our annual sales convention and conference. Twelve hour days. Meeting. Seminars. Lectures. Business lunches. Sales calls.  Looks like he needed the escape as much as I did.

As soon as the last meeting of the week was over I made a beeline to my room and pulled out the outfit that I brought along for this occasion.  I call them my “mullet” jeans – ‘business in the front, party in the back’.  And yes - I fit in them like a glove, bulging package displayed in front and my round muscled ass perfectly outlined in the rear.  That along with my very tight plain white T, I was on the verge of looking like an escort, a highly paid horny escort I hoped.

Our hotel had been packed all week long with colleagues and work affiliates, so I had decided to head a few doors down to another hotel bar, throw back a few stiff ones before punching up an Uber to take me to boys town.

I ordered myself a bourbon, neat, McKinley tells the bartender to make that two of them, and to go ahead and make them a double.

Our relaxed conversation covered the busy week. The high points, unwinding, passing the breeze. As horny as I was to head out and find some willing play thing, I was enjoying the company of my boss. Since I had only been employed here a couple of years we rarely socialized outside of work functions, but I was finding him charming, quick witted and as the alcohol started taking effect it is easy to remember why I always thought this man was total grade-A daddy material.

He is close to my own age, mid-fifties. Eye to eye with my 6’1’ height. Very fit with what appears to be a lean runner’s build under his flattering clothes. Dark black hair with the beginnings of gray around the temples. Grrrr. His olive complexion showed the fine lines of a mature man, yet those same lines made his classically handsome face even more ruggedly handsome. Perfectly square jawline, large angular Roman nose, teeth perfectly aligned and whitened by a pro. His steel greys eyes looked into you when he spoke. Hell, it may be the liquor but I swear his eyes are not only looking at me while we speak, they are enjoying a few side trips checking out my body along the way too. Hmm? It must be the Bourbon I try and tell myself

‘No way.’ I tell myself. But there it is again. I can feel his eyes raping my body. Am I projecting? Wishful thinking; I shake it off. I mean come on I am wearing my - lets fuck - bar attire. Even wearing a T-shirt every muscle in my body is defined and showing through the thin cotton. Got to admit though the attention feels good, imagined or real.

 ‘If he only knew how easily he could tag my sweet ass about now’! I think to myself as the warm liquor mellows in my stomach.

As the afternoon turned to early evening, the bar starts filling up. Our personal space was reduced to mere inches causing us to lean in closely to be heard over the casual din of the other patrons and the classic rock being piped in.

Not only do I still feel his eyes ravaging my body freely, with the reduced space between us I swear the occasional brush and contact of our two bodies is more than a coincidence. A brush of the knee here. His hands running over my shoulder there. I felt his knee wedge completely between my thighs and brush against my overly stuffed crotch. I swear that my cock erupted a small spit of cum when his hand that was holding the highball glass brushed my pec as he leaned into my ear to speak and he used the tip of his finger raised off of the glass and flicked across my erect nipple then ran over the hard nub three or four more times.

I knew that we were past the point of no return when his hand that was resting on my shoulder slid down the rear of my upper arm and clasped firmly onto my triceps and stayed there. I could feel his long fingers testing my gym pumped muscles.

“That is fucking hot Jackson”.  The story he was relating lost out to his exploratory grip.  His hand grips tighter with no intention of letting go.

“With the brutally long hours we put in at the office, yet you find the time and dedication to build this muscle.” His free hand gestures up and down my physique.  “My friend I am impressed.” He raises his glass for a toast which I proudly accept.

Probably the boldest move that I have made in public in years, I reach down and groped his bulge. My hand finds a rock hard mound in his jeans and I squeeze a handful while his hand remains latched tight on my triceps.

“My muscles are just as impressed by this.”  I tell McKinley. Tracing a very sizeable cock down the left leg of his jeans. 

“Let’s get the fuck out of here man.” Not giving a damn if anyone can see, he leads me out of the bar with his large palm cupping my round ass.

We barely get in the door of his suite when we attack each other. Full on physically man on man, testosterone driven, kissing, pawing and ripping the clothing off of each other. We fall back onto the king size bed tripping over the jeans wrapped around his ankles and mine falling off as he pins me flat on my back and taking the lead.

Our passion ramps up to a feverish session of swapping spit, sucking tongues, running our hands over every inch of exposed flesh and what could easily be mistaken for a wrestling match with two horny men and two very large hard cocks battling it out. And damn sure making sure he found the depths and talents of my throat along the way too.

At one point we both roll off of the bed landing on the floor with him on top of me. He pauses for a second looking deep into my eyes. Words were useless now, but we didn’t need them, we both understood the language our bodies were using. It was obvious we were merely getting warmed up and that I wanted his big dick up my ass now.

I raise my legs to wrap them around his waist and pull him tight into me for one more deep wet kiss letting him slice his dripping cock up and down my crack teasing my hole and making me want it all that much more. He stands me up and bends me over at the waist onto the bed. Kneeling behind me, both of his hands separate my cheeks making room for his handsome face to dive in and feast on my bubble butt.

He eats me out with as much passion and lust as I may have ever had a man go in after my ass. After what seems like half an hour of him devouring me from the inside out, he swats my smooth cheeks firmly telling me not to move.  I hear rummaging in the end table when a bottle of fresh poppers lands beside me and the obvious sound of lube being squirted into his palm.

Huffing myself up I settle in while he finger lubes my hole adding to the spit he already deposited deep in me. I feel one, then two then three fingers twist deep into me. The feeling is amazing but I want this man’s cock in me and I tell him so.

“What was that?”  He taunts. “Tell me what you need muscle boy?” Splat!  The open palm stings so good.

“I want to you fuck me!” I pant.

“Come on, you can do better than that.” He slaps my ass with a stinging swat.

“I want your big dick, and I want it now!” I bark out over my shoulder. “FUCK ME, God DAMNIT.”  I have never needed a dick as bad as I want his now.

With another hard slap across the shaved round globes he pokes the head of his cock against my opening and runs it back and forth. My hips push back and stick my ass out to try and sit back on his cock before he slams it into me in one long plunge.

Leaving it buried balls deep, he lets me gyrate and get the feeling of the thick girth and length inside me. It feels like he rammed a log in my ass and I like it. My ass begins to rock back and forth sliding on his dick to let him know that I am good to go when he takes over. In full control he starts easing in and out full length strokes.

Picking up pace he is full on slamming me into the bed with his hips pounding my ass and I can feel his large balls swing as they make contact with mine beneath us. I pull another long drag off of the poppers and tell him fuck me like a mad man. Which he does.

He places one foot on the bed beside me, leaning all of his weight into my ass using the lean powerful legs as leverage to piston in and out. He is strong enough to lift one of my legs off the ground and lace it over his shoulder so now he has me on my side sprawled out like an open hole for him to ravage as he sees fit. And right now he sees the need to dominate my body and ass while he fucks like a pro. 

“Nothing turns me on like a gym rat who craves my big dick” he starts in “It is like you built this body for my own personal play ground.”

 “Show me what that big dick can do with my hot ass.” I growl back at him.

He flips me the rest of the way over onto my back, grabbing both ankles and spreading my legs as wide apart as they can go into a V. Telling me that he has had an eye out for my ass since the first day that I interviewed for the job. I wrap my hands around his neck and pull my face up to kiss him wet and sloppy - then what took you so long daddy? I taunt him by flexing every muscle in my ass and glutes. We swap spit back and forth then he deposits a large wad into my mouth for me to swallow.

For the next hour we fuck and roll and wrestle all around the hotel room with his big dick finding every angle nook and cranny of my deepest recesses. Not only is this guy hot and hung, he has the stamina of men half his age and I cannot feel any end in sight.  Our bodies are covered in sweat, my smooth muscles shaved shined and pumped from the vigorous sex against his hairy lean shredded torso we both are so wet it looks like we ran a marathon. Only this marathon was nude on the end of a magnificent cock.

We end up with me bent over on my knees and is captivated watching his big dick slide in and out of my ass in the reflection of the mirror. The view I see of us is as fucking hot as any porn, the look of raw lust in his eyes, he almost looks possessed by his own cock and my ass - Driven focused and determined. Watching him watch his cock pummel me is about all I can take, I let him know that he has me on the verge any second.  

He doesn’t pause, he wants to fuck the first load out of me. And he does. I raise upright clamping my ass down on his dick and before I can get my hand to my dick it erupts. The first shot jets three feet to the mirror in a loud splat. I stroke off the last few spurts and jerk my cock getting every drop I can milked out of the tube.

Looking in the mirror my body is covered in sweat and every muscle is flushed and pumped from the physical fuck and work out this past hour. I run my hands over my torso and tweak my pert nipples. The rush of the sensitive nips after I came makes me shiver, and I notice he has stopped impaling my ass and is watching me play with myself in the reflection.

Making my pecs pop and dance while my hands play with my own muscles I can tell that is tripping his trigger. His dick flexes and jerks inside me, when he rears back and slams even deeper with a roar so loud it echoes through the room several times. I can feel the first hot jet of cum deep inside.  His hands grab at my pecs and use them like handle bars to steady himself while he drives and fucks and dumps what feels like a gallon of cum up my ass. Biting down on my neck, a bite so hard it will leave marks and sends chills down my spine. When we both come down from the lustful high, we tumble to the floor in one pile of sweaty muscles.

Rolling over onto his back, his heavy semi flaccid is hanging damn near off his hip in a relaxed yet fucking hot state. I am not sure when the last time a man had me on the ropes for such a hot fuck. I tell him as I fondle the heavy piece. Licking up and down his sweaty torso. He makes his semi flaccid dick jerk in my hand and tells me that he can’t remember having such a hot piece of ass that can take a fuck as hard as we went at it in a long time.

“That was hard?” I tease him, hefting his heavy dick and balls. Straddling his lap aiming his partly hard dick at my well-worn and loose hole, “I am just getting warmed up. Let’s take this cock for a real ride this time”

Shoving his dick all the way in me I settle down and enjoy the full feeling, the feeling a well fucked horny bottom knows well and needs more of. I start flexing my glutes and ass muscles and working his dick back hard. It does not take long for him to reach full mast with the muscles in my ass working their magic, thanks to the years of squats in the gym.  

“What do you have left in you Stud?” I flex and grind gyrating my hips with pleasure.

“I got a big fucking cock – all night long - and one horny muscle hole that is about to find out exactly what I got left.” He fucks up into my ass with a thrust. “If you are man enough to handle it!”  He laces his hands behind his head nodding up in my direction, “Let’s see what you got stud.”

One of my all-time fantasies realized; a total top with the ultimate porno cock, lying back and offering it up for me to use however I want. And I want to ride that beast. Slipping up to my feet I raise until just the tip is breaching my ring before sliding slowly back down. I pick up the pace doing squats while using his cock for the guiding pole. Legs days, paying off again.

The smile on his face, and rock hard slab of granite buried deep in my bowels, I knew this was going to be one long night, and I am ready for it all……………………..

The night passed with his cock finding new and horny ways to fill me up. I have no clue when we finally drifted off to sleep, but when we woke later the next morning, boss man called the office and the front desk letting them both know we were going to be a few days late leaving.

Before he had hung up the phone I had his big dick swallowed to the root making sure to not waste one minute of our time.



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