It had been several weeks since David left. Left me for another man, no less. What a jerk! We had been together for five years and I thought this was it, David was the one. I had not been with anyone since and had concentrated mostly on work, work, and more work. Finally, one day, I decided to take a break. I took some time off and headed to my favorite Caribbean hideaway. I had no particular itinerary other then to get away and relax.

As the plane touched down, my thoughts were to make this trip the catalyst to strip David from my life, relax, and get on with things. After claiming my baggage, I got a cab to the secluded resort. I usually stayed at one of the larger, popular, more moderately priced resorts, but I desired more privacy this week. This tropical island was going to be just what I needed. The swaying palms, warm breezes, and floral scents invaded my senses as I walked to my rented cabin. It was going to be an expensive week, but my recent raise and tons of overtime work had made it all possible. The cabin was great! It had a large fireplace and a deck off of the living room that overlooked a small lagoon surrounded by lush vegetation. The water ran through a small opening at the far end and out to the ocean down a culvert through which you could catch a glimpse of the sandy beach beyond.

'Will that be all, sir?' asked the porter as he placed my bags inside.

'Oh, yeah, thanks,' I said

As I gave him a generous tip, he smiled and commented, 'If there's anything you desire, just ask for Reginald, sir.'

'Thank you, Reginald, I will remember that,' I smiled back at him.

He was quite a handsome man. I eyed him as he turned and left the cabin. He looked to be in his mid-20's with close cropped hair, a dark-skinned, pure complexion, small goatee, and probably stood about 6' 2' with a rather tight, slender physique. Although, due to his oversized khaki shorts and loose floral print shirt, it was difficult to determine how the rest of his body stacked up.

I spent most of the afternoon, sunning on my deck, having a few drinks, and reading a new novel I brought along. It was very quiet and serene. After my third rum and coke, I decided to head down to the beach before dinner. I put on some new box cut trunks and eyed myself in the full length mirror on the bedroom's closet door. I was proud of my body. At 35, I had managed to maintain a muscular physique through regular trips to the gym and daily jogging. I threw on a tank top after applying some sun screen and went down the path outside my door toward the beckoning sounds of the rolling surf

The beach was exquisite. There were several palm trees nearby with chaise lounges and large, open beach umbrellas scattered about. With only about a dozen or so people out, the large, private expanse seemed almost empty. For several hours I spent my time either relaxing in a lounge or swimming in the surf. It was truly idyllic here. The brochure from my travel agent did not do it justice. Around 8:00 p.m. I headed back to my cabin and ordered some seafood and wine. I was just getting out of the shower when I heard a light tapping on my door. I wrapped a towel around my mid-section and went to answer the door.

'Well, hello Reginald. You deliver dinners, too?' I asked.

'Well, not usually. I was actually just getting off for the day and told the other porter I would drop this off on my way out,' Reginald smiled.

He had a serving tray with a tempting looking meal of crab legs, a bowl full of a variety of cut vegetables, a small salad, and, of course, a decanter of wine. I let him in and he placed the tray down on a side counter in the kitchenette. I was starving and couldn't wait to eat.

'Mr. Davis, would you mind if I went for a swim down in the water below your deck?' Reginald politely asked. 'I like the feel of that cool water. It comes from a spring further up the hillside behind this cabin and it feels so soothing after a hard day of work. I swim there a lot, but never without the permission of any guest renting this cabin. It is kind of your own private area, after all. So, would you mind?'

His plea was quaint, yet direct. How could I say no? After all, I will now get to see the body beneath those loose fitting clothes. I told him that would be fine and that he should feel free to swim there whenever he wanted. He need not ask my permission. At that Reginald's clear brown eyes sparkled and his face beamed, revealing pearly white teeth that contrasted sweetly with his dark cocoa skin. He thanked me and was turning to leave when I told him to wait a minute. I went to the bedroom to get another tip for his services.

'Here. Thanks for delivering my dinner,' I said, handing him another generous tip. 'Oh, and by the way, please call me Bill.'

'Okay, Mr. Bill. And you can call me Reggie, sir,' he smiled back at me as he closed the door behind him.

I chuckled to myself at his apparent innocent remark. I then went to the bathroom, hung up the towel and did a little preening. I am so particular about my looks. After throwing on some shorts, I grabbed my meal, and was heading into the living room to eat. Hearing a splash, I decided to eat out on the deck. As I settled in with the delicious looking food, I glanced down into the small lagoon below the deck. On a rocky out crop near the path to the beach, I spied Reggie's shirt, shorts, and shoes. But, he was no where to be seen.

Suddenly, his head poked up through the water near a now darkened area of this cove. Earlier in the day you could see clear to the bottom of the lagoon. But now, the sun was behind the cabin and that side of the lagoon was in shade. Reggie looked up my way, smiled, waved, and sunk beneath the water once more. I had a pleasant time eating and watching him frolic in the lagoon. I was hungry and gobbled down my meal quickly. It was delicious. As I poured another glass of wine, Reggie, who had mostly remained on the shaded side of the small lagoon, dove under again and swam beneath the water toward the rock where he left his clothes.

Finally, I was going to get a glimpse of his entire body. As he swam into the clearer water, I could see he was wearing a skimpy pair of bright blue briefs. His dark flesh was offset in the blue/green tint of the lagoon's water. I gulped as Reggie reached the rock and pulled himself out of the water. He had a fantastic body. He was fairly muscular, and his body definitely had that chiseled look you can only get from working out regularly. His biceps bulged distinctly, his chest was well developed, he had wash board abs, and maybe a 30 inch waist. His blue briefs clung tightly to a round, firm ass. My jaw nearly dropped when I saw the bulging crotch. Reggie had to have one hell of a cock beneath those briefs.

'Why don't you come on down for a swim, Mr. Bill?' he said as he looked my way. 'The water is great,' he smiled. 'It feels so cool.'

I didn't need to be asked twice. In five minutes I was heading down the path, wearing another new pair of trunks and carrying two towels.

'Brought you a towel, too,' I said as I set them on the flat rock near Reggie.

He said thanks as he smiled up at me. Getting a close up view of his body sent a quiver through my loins. Reggie was one hot stud. As I glanced at the crotch of his wet briefs, it was clear that there was a massive cock lurking there. His briefs clung tightly around that mighty sausage. It was outlined so well, I could tell it was cut and see the mushroom head packed snugly under the thin fabric.

'So, dive in,' he suggested to me. 'It's nice and cool.'

I smiled back at Reggie and dove into the water. It did feel nice and I could tell it was clearly not seawater. As I broke the surface and turned to look back at Reggie, he was now standing on the rock and immediately dove into the water. In seconds his head bobbed up beside me as we tread water. I remember thinking that this was a nice amenity, my personal swimming pool! Reggie was right, the water did feel very soothing.

We talked some as I fought the urge to grab him in my arms right then and there. Suddenly, Reggie splashed water into my face, laughed, and dove under the surface again. I quickly dove after him. Catching him by his ankles, I tugged back on his legs. As I did, his body slipped beneath mine and I was propelled forward and over him. He pushed up his head, hitting me in my lower abdomen. His hands reached up and grabbed my hips, and, in one move, Reggie twisted our bodies over. He was now above me, grabbing at my shoulders. This time he propelled himself forward. His large crotch grazed my face as he moved ahead of me.

When I broke the surface, Reggie was laughing with his back toward the rock from which we had dove into the water. I swam up before him and splashed his face playfully. He then lunged for me as I quickly turned to swim away. One arm clasped around my neck and his body pressed against mine as I attempted to swim across the lagoon. A tingle ran through my body as I felt his crotch rubbing against the small of my back. As I struggled further across, he loosened his grip and slid further down my body. With that move I felt his might cock pressing into my ass. My hormones began to rage as Reggie's hot body pressed against me.

When I finally reached the shallower waters in the shaded area, I stopped swimming and stood up. Reggie did not let go, but continued clinging to me. I felt his cock worm its way into the cheeks of my ass through the flimsy swimsuit material. When I did not make any move to resist, Reggie, who was now also standing in the shallows behind me, slid his hands down the side of my body. My skin tingled at his touch. They came to rest on my hips and he pulled himself even tighter against me.

'Yes, that feels so good, doesn't it, Mr. Bill?' Reggie sighed.

'Ah, yeah, this is nice,' I agreed.

Reggie then slipped his hands beneath the waistband of my shorts and slipped them downward. As the fabric slid over my ass, I realized Reggie's cock was already unleashed. I felt its hot flesh pressing into the crack of my now revealed ass. I reached back and grabbed onto Reggie's ass cheeks and confirmed he indeed had already slipped out of his briefs. Smiling to myself, I pulled him even tighter against me.

'Oh, yeah, you want some big, black cock, don't you? I could tell by the way you have been looking at me today,' he whispered into my ear.

His warm breath brushed my cheek. I was enthralled at the exquisite feel of his hot flesh melting into mine as he slid one strong arm around my chest, pulling me back into him. He then grabbed my growing cock with his other hand. As he slowly began to stroke my cock, he sighed again. His hips began a slow humping motion as he slid his monster cock up and down the crack of my ass. I was soon mesmerized by the enticing feel of this black stud as his hot body, pressed up firmly against my backside. I, too, let out a low moan and pushed my ass back into him. Damn, this is hot, I thought to myself. Reggie began to nibble and lick the back of my neck. My spine tingled, my cock grew more excited, and I knew I had to have that luscious, black cock inside of me.

'Ah, yeah,' I sighed as I could feel Reggie's hot cock burning against my ass. Getting nice and hard as he continued humping my ass. 'Oh, yeah this feels so good.'

'Yeah, I want to fuck this pretty ass, Mr. Bill,' Reggie moaned. 'I haven't had a good fuck in over a week. My cock needs this ass.'

As he said this his arm left my chest and he reached down between my legs and lifted my left thigh up and out. He slid down slightly, and his massive cock sprung up between my legs. My ball sac was resting on its mighty girth as Reggie continued to slice it back and forth. Seconds later, his hand that was on my thigh moved around to grab the cheek of my ass. A finger quickly found its mark and began to press up inside of my waiting and willing love hole.

'Oh, yeah,' Reggie said. 'This is a nice tight fuck hole, Mr. Bill. Why don't we go over to the rock again so I can fuck this pretty ass?'

In a nanosecond we swam across the lagoon and climbed up on that rock. Reggie lay out the towels and told me to lie on my stomach. As I did, he took a packet of lubricant from his nearby pants and began to apply it to his raging hard on. I looked back to see his huge ebony shaft now glistening. It had to be a good twelve inches now. With a smile on his face, Reggie pushed his finger back inside. It was joined by another, and yet another as he fully stretched my ass and prepared me for his big fuck rod. After toying with my love hole for several minutes, Reggie pulled his fingers free, and leaned forward between my outstretched legs. I soon felt the hot tip of his monster cock pressing against my puckered hole, my ass quivered.

'Oh, yeah, this is going to be so good, Mr. Bill. My cock can't wait to get up your tight, sweet ass,' he said.

Then, with a sudden, forceful push, that huge head popped past my sphincter muscle and invaded the tight confines of my ass. A shock of pain surged through me and I grit my teeth to stifle a scream. It took several minutes of slow, sure, and steady penetration, before Reggie's hot cock was wormed up fully inside of me. My ass, that had been burning, was now yearning for the hot fucking Reggie's monster cock would surely deliver. I could feel it fully stretching my ass as he ground his hips against me. He lay on top of me, his hot flesh melting into mine.

'Ah, yeah,' he sighed in my ear, 'this is just what I needed.'

'Me, too,' I groaned deeply as Reggie's huge cock crammed tight up inside of my straining ass, filling every last inch of my love hole. A hot and glorious sense of pleasure coursed throughout my body, emanating from my gut. I was soon begging for a wild fucking!

'Oh, yeah, fuck me Reggie. Fuck my hot ass,' I demanded.

His hips then began to hump against me. His huge cock began pulling out and pushing into me, sending waves of pleasure from my head to my toes. My mind and body were reeling in ecstasy. I began to push upward with every downward motion to get fully impaled by Reggie's big, black shaft. The feeling was unbelievable. My ass had never been so full! Reggie slowly wormed his arms beneath me and he reached up to hold onto my shoulders. As he gripped tightly, his pelvic thrusts became more forceful. I was pinned down by his hard, hot body as his hips went into overdrive, plunging that luscious cock into me. My mind raced and my body quivered as his assault on my anxious ass became a frenzied and powerful drilling session.

We were both grunting and growling in pleasure as this delicious fucking session seemed to go on forever! Suddenly, Reggie slipped his hands free, and in one deft move, he raised himself up, pulling me with him. Without missing a single beat, he continued fucking my ass wildly, now doggie style. His hands gripped my waist as his body was now slamming up against me. With every hard, deep, powerful penetration, Reggie whelped in pleasure.

'Oh, yeah, ride that ass, Reggie. Damn this is so hot,' I wailed back at him.

I began to jerk my rigid cock. As Reggie held on tight, I continued stroking my cock furiously. This sensation was soon driving me over the edge. I knew I would be shooting a heavy load any second know. Still that monstrous cock continued ravaging my ass. Like a human pile driver, Reggie plowed that baby viciously in and out of me.

'Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum, Mr. Bill!' Reggie gasped.

Then, in a body slamming, ass conquering plunge, he shoved his hot cock deep into my ass. He grunted and groaned as his luscious load spewed into my bowels. My own cock unleashed its torrent of cum at the same time. It was so hot! Reggie continued holding me tightly until his cock emptied its load deep inside of me. As his orgasm subsided, he moaned lowly and slowly pulled his monster cock from my spent ass.

'This is one hot ass,' he sighed. 'It's so nice and tight,' he finished as he fell down on the rock beside me. 'How long are you staying here, Mr. Bill?' he smiled up at me.

'I'm only here a week,' I smiled back as I lay down beside him.

'Well, I'd sure like to get some more of this hot ass,' he sighed as his strong hand caressed my ass lovingly. 'Is that all right with you?'

'Yeah, that will be just fine,' I said as I reached over to fondle his now softening cock.

Needless to say, Reggie became a regular visitor to my cabin that week. He delivered many more meals, each with his own special and wonderful dessert. On my last night, Reggie spent the entire evening at my cabin and we fucked and sucked all night long! It was a fabulous vacation. It was just what I needed to forget about What's-His-Name! I had a contented flight home, convinced that I would be 'going black' when I got home.


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