Caribbean King

By : A. Williams

I was on my vacation for a month in Jamaica, sitting in the hotel bar sipping on a Red Stripe Sorrel, a Jamaican brewed beer and relaxing. I’d worked 6 months straight without a break and I was so ready to relax. Then he walked into the bar. Damn he was so handsome and sexy in those painted on Levi jeans. His eyes were an electric blue against his dark brown tanned skin and I couldn’t ignore them. They burned into my very soul.

I asked the bartender, “Who is that handsome man?”

“That’s Noah, 767-9807,” he said pouring me another beer.

In a blink of an eye, I knew his phone number and his name. I filed it away in my mind, for later use….maybe.

“Does he come here often?” I asked the bartender.

 “Yes, he lives nearby. He moved here about 10 years ago. Fell in love with the place and never went home. He quit his high pressure job and bought a fishing boat that he charters out for fishing or scuba divining. Whatever the customer wants really,” he answered.

“Really, does he have a crew?” I asked feeling impressed with Noah.

“Of course he does. He hired old man Jack as first mate. He was born and raised here, he knows the ocean around here like the back of his hand.  He’s the best fisherman on the island. He pilots the boat for Noah,” he informed me.

I looked at him sitting alone and decided to move over to his table and introduce myself with a fresh cold beer.

“Pour me two more Buddy,” I said to the bartender.

“Sure thing,” he said smiling.

I picked up the frosty mugs and made my way to his table.

“Hello, my name is Kenny, Kenny Marshall. May I sit down and offer you a cold beer?” I asked sitting the beers down on the small corner table overlooking the blue ocean.

“Yes please. I would love the company,” he said in a deep base voice.

I sat down and pushed one of the beers across the table. He raised the mug and said, “Here’s to new friendships and red skies at night Kenny.”

I liked his style right from the start, we clanked mugs and downed half of the cold brew.

I laughed asking, “Red skies at night?”

“Yeah…means good weather for fishing the next day. You never heard of the nautical saying? Red skies in the morning … sailors’ take warning. Red skies at night … sailors’ delight?” he asked me.

“No. I can’t say that I have but I’m no fisherman.” I answered smiling.

“I’m Noah by the way. The proud owner of “A Dream Come True,” my 50 foot fishing boat,” he said smiling making those blue eyes twinkle.

I adjusted in my seat trying to relieve some of pressure on my growing cock. Those eyes, that dark tanned skin and that wonderful smile of his were making me horny as hell.

He stood and turned around. “See,” he said showing me the back of his tight light blue T-shirt. There was a drawing of his boat and the name of it printed there but his round firm full ass was what I focused on.

Shit, I thought as I adjusted my rock hard cock in my tight Wranglers. Damn it was getting even hotter in here … or was it me?

I signaled the bartender, and put up two fingers. I needed another cold beer to cool down.

As the bartender sat the beers down he snickered and I realized he had seen my erection. I just smiled and winked at him.

He bent down and whispered in my ear, “He’s hot as hell, single and gay.”

Noah sat back down and I asked, “Wow impressive man. How much do you charge for a trip out fishing?”

“Well for up to six people, a half a day it’s eight hundred. A full day is one thousand five hundred. Why, you interested in a trip? I could give you a deal Kenny. You on vacation alone or is the wife along too?” he asked.

I laughed at his question, “No Noah, I’m not married and a female does not interest me at all,” I said boldly.

“Really?” He said as his eyebrows rising up. “Very good my man, you should come by the docks and let me show you around in the morning?”

“Sounds like lots of fun. I’ll do that. I would love to see your boat.” I said giving him a wink but really thinking about that scrumptious ass of his and how I could get him in bed.

“Great! Let’s drink up before the beers get warm,” he said laughing.

“Yes let’s drink up you hot man,” I said not thinking.

“Kenny did you just call me Hot?”

“Sorry … beer loosens my tongue. I apologize,” I said sincerely.

“No need to say you’re sorry if you mean it.”

“Hell yes, I meant it,” I said grabbing his hand in mine. It was hard and callused, a real working mans hand and for some reason I wanted those hands all over my body.

“How early do you want me at the docks?” I asked needing in that sweet ass badly.

Noah asked, “How about 6 am Kenny?”

“I will be there, in my tight speedo,” I said laughing.

He squeezed my hand, “Ooohh yes, please do that you tease. I can’t wait to see you in only that. I have plenty of suntan oil on the boat. I can even oil you down if you like,” Noah said smiling.

“Yes I would like that. I would like that very much Noah,” I said downing the rest of my beer and ordering two more.

I love flirting. And let me get a little buzz and I love it even more. It was part of the cat and mouse game and I could tell Noah was enjoying it too.

The bartender came and sat the beers down and noticed our hand – holding and winked at me. I smiled at him and said, “Thanks Buddy,”

“Yes thanks Jessie,” Noah said.

I looked at Jessie and I knew he was a true islander. He was nice and black, hot as hell too. A shaved head and both of his ears were pierced several times. But only Noah was in my radar at the moment.

The smell of his cologne mixed with his manly musk had my passions burning in me like never before.  I needed him now, in my arms. I stood up and said, “Come Noah. Let’s take a walk.”

I pulled him to his feet and we walked out of the bar hand in hand. I lead him down to the beach and as soon as we were shielded by the dark, I quickly pulled him close.

 “At the very least I need a kiss until in the morning when I come to the docks to see you,” I said as I pressed my hot moist lips to his and moaned for joy. He moaned as he pressed his tongue to my lips. I opened for him to assault my mouth and was not disappointed. He shoved his thick tongue down my throat and I loved it.

I gave back as good as I got as we both moaned aloud. I was so horny that I started to grind my hips into his crotch as we continued our deep hot kiss. His cock was as hard as mine. I slide my hands to his plump full ass and squeezed. I pushed him harder against my hips and moaned loudly.

I pulled away, “Damn Noah we should stop or I will rip off those tight Levis and fuck you right here,” I said laughing.

“I want you too, but not here. I don’t want sand up my ass, too uncomfortable,” he laughed.

I kiss him softly, “I’ll see in the morning Okay?”

“I will be waiting Kenny, goodnight.”

I walked back to my hotel and went to the desk. The young girl asked “Yes sir what can I help you with?”

“A wake up call at 5 am please, room 507,” I said

“Yes sir, no problem.”

I rode up in the elevator alone with Noah on my mind. My cock still rock hard from our brief make-out session that only left me wanting more.

I enter my dark room, hit the lights and flopped down on the bed. I tried to will my erection away so I could take a much needed beer piss. I could hear the sounds of the sea coming from the balcony door I had left open. I could smell the salt in the air and feel the warm breeze. I must have dozed off because I woke with my bladder begging to be drained.

I took a long piss and sighed in relief. I walk to the open patio door and out on to the balcony and was again amazed at the view. The ocean with her breaking waves that sounded like the roar of a distant train and thousands of stars lighting up the sky. I understood why Noah had stayed here.

I saw the clock and realized I only had an hour until my wakeup call.  So I decided to stay up and started a pot of coffee. With Noah on my mind, I took a shower. I washed 3 times over hoping he would rub me with those calloused hands and kiss me all over my clean soap smelling body. As I walked out of the bedroom the coffee pot beeped signaling it was done brewing. I poured a hot cup and went to the balcony and sat down in one of the rocking chairs.

The sun was starting to come up and the sky was beginning to turn orange. God it was so beautiful, amazing really. I sat there watching the sky and sipping my coffee until the phone rang for my wake-up call, 15 minutes late.

I got dressed in my stripped speedo, loose cargo shorts and a white tank top along with my Nikes.  I combed my black curls and through my short black beard and was pleased with my look. I went to the hotel restaurant for a quick breakfast of eggs and toast. On the way out I asked the bell-hop directions to the docks and was surprised it was so close by.

In minutes I stood in front of Noah’s boat and she was amazing. Towering 3 stories high, 50 foot long, bright white and dark black accents and not a scratch on her anywhere. A fly bridge and lots of space in back for fishing, she was indeed impressive. Noah saw me from the bridge and waved me on-board. He met me at the swim platform.

“Good morning Kenny, welcome aboard,” he took my hand and led me into the salon.

“Take a seat, let’s have a cup of coffee and chat a moment.”

Damn the boat was more impressive inside. Hardwood floors, seating enough for 15 people at least. A shiny black table with white leather cushioned u shaped bench seating. 

I watched Noah in the galley making our coffee and he looked so sexy this morning. His bleached blond hair was loose to his shoulders, his muscles flexed under his tight white T-shirt as he moved. His legs were hairless, tanned and muscled in all the right places. His tight jean shorts showed off the firm full ass that my cock craved so badly.

I pulled my eyes away from Noah and looked over at the Galley. Two refrigerators, a wine cooler, full size stove, microwave and double sinks. Everything was spotless and perfect, a floating home away from home with ocean views, very nice.

Noah came back with the coffee and sat down next to me. “Jack and I have a fishing trip booked for today Kenny. We have 3 couples coming. I would love for you to join us,” he said hopefully.

My heart sunk, I wanted us alone today. I wanted us naked in bed, deep into hard raw nasty sex. Both of us screaming in pleasure with each sweet climax.

Noah’s smooth leg was against my hairy one and his skin was hot. “Kenny you will love deep sea fishing, Jack knows all the best places to go. We will come back to port loaded up with fish.”

I reluctantly agreed not wanting to hurt Noah’s feelings, “Yes Noah I’ll join you and your guest. Thank you for the invitation to come along,” I said trying to put on a smile to hide my disappointment.

“Kenny I’m so happy you will be on board. Our group should be here any minute, please join on me on the bridge.”

He stood and I followed him, the view up on the fly-bridge was wonderful. The sea was aqua blue and so clear you could see to the sandy bottom.  I could see colorful fish swimming around in the water and starfish lying on the bottom.

We heard the guest arrive and Jack taking care of them, getting them seated. When all were aboard, Jack called up to Noah. The engines started and as they idled, Jack cast off the lines.

Backing away from the dock, Noah swung the boat to starboard and pulled the boat expertly out of port and out to open sea. The water was smooth as glass, the only waves was the wake churned up by the screws of the A Dream Come True cruiser.

I felt like I could see for miles and miles. Off to port, a family of dolphins kept pace with us, occasionally leaping out of the water and not leaving a ripple as they disappeared back into the water. They looked so majestic and beautiful, I was amazed by them. Noah couldn't help laughing at me.

 “I knew you would love the sea. The ocean this time of the morning is magical,” he said.

“Yes it is Noah, I’m so glad I’m here to see this. WOW!” I said.

“Yes my friend, so am I,” he said smiling.

Old man Jack came onto the bridge, “Noah, go see about your guest and get the gear ready. I’ll take over the wheel."

“You’re right Jack but sometimes I just need to run her a bit,” he laughed.

“Come on Kenny, let’s get the gear set up for our guests,” Noah said as he started down the ladder.

As I followed him I said, “I’m not sure how much help I can be Noah.”

“I’ll show you what to do, Marc and Jeff are here too.”

“Who are they?” I asked.

“Two local kids just out of high school. They help me clean the boat, help with the bait and pulling in the larger fish.

When we reached the fishing deck, everyone was laughing and talking. Noah went into captain mode and it was very becoming. He said, “Good morning everyone. I’m Noah, this is Kenny. Marc and Jeff I see you have already met. We are almost to our fishing spot so we are going to get the gear set up. Once we arrive we will slow our speed and cast out our lines. Any questions?”

Everyone shook their heads. “Marc, Jeff I need 7 rods and the bait.”

“Follow me Kenny, we need to get the suntan lotion for our guest.”

Yes, my mind screamed, and some time alone. I was on his heels into the salon and down the ladder to the forward head. I shut the door behind me and Noah had me in his arms and his tongue in my mouth with my back against the door. “Uuummm,” I moaned loudly as I wrapped my arms around him. Our bodies were tight together and we both moaned in pleasure as our kiss deepened.

Noah pulled away and said, “I’ve needed your kiss all morning, sorry I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Don’t be sorry, I needed that kiss too. I only wished we could have done it sooner but I understand, too many folks and eyes around this morning,” I said laughing.

“You got it,” he said and kissed me again as the engines slowed.

“Let’s get back up top-side, almost time to start fishing,” he said releasing me and gathering up the sunscreen.

Ever the good captain, back up on deck Noah saw to it that everyone including the crew were oiled up and protected from the sun and wind. Soon the baited lines were in the water and the fish were being pulled in. Noah informed me they were King Fish-mackerel and is was good to eat if cooked right but tend to be an oily fish. There are great fighters in the water he said.

Next we ran into a school of Yellow Fin Tuna and Noah told me the local restaurants paid highly for those because they were very good to eat.

The fight with these Yellow fins could sometimes last for hours.

“Either the lines broke and the fish won or you got the fish in the boat and you won,” Noah told me as the guys handled the lines and hooks to haul in the nearly 100 pound fish.

When the action slowed, Noah said “Time to get your line in Kenny, ready?”

“Yes I’m ready, looks like a real challenge,” I replied smiling.

As soon as my line was in the water, I hooked one.  And the fight was on. It was a battle I was determined to win. After an hour long fight, I was able to get what turned out to be a yellow fin tuna into the boat. Noah was delighted and estimated that when he got it on a scale it would be close to 120 pounds.

“Great job Kenny, I’m impressed man,” he said patting me on the back.

For some reason, it made me happy that Noah was proud of me. The guest and I spent the rest of the day fishing. As Noah had said, Old man Jack knew where the fish were so we headed in with a huge catch. Noah had Jack drop the happy guest off at the docks near a local bar and we headed to one of the restaurants in port to sell our catch.

“Come with me Kenny and met Gary, the cook here. He’s always happy to see me,” he said.

We entered the back door and a big guy in and apron wrapped Noah in a bear hug laughing. 

“What have you brought me today Noah?” he asked.

“Come and see my friend. Kenny, why don’t you go to the bar and have a drink? I won’t be long,” Noah said.

“I could sure use one, take your time,” I said

I went through the kitchen and into the front to the bar. The place was a five star restaurant, you could tell. It was supper clean and plush with each table set to perfection.

“Hello friend, what will it be?” the bartender asked.

“Ice cold beer please,” I replied.

He slid the frosty mug to me and I downed half of it. With a chuckle, he topped it off for me.

“Been out fishing today?” he asked.

“Yes, great catch too,” I said taking another sip of beer.

“You with Noah?” he asked as he did what bartenders have done for 1000 years, ran a rag over the gleaming bar top.

“Yes I am, why?” I asked.

“Just asking. I been trying to get with him for years but he’s not interested in me, sorry to say. He’s never interested in any local guys.”

I heard my name being called and stood to leave. As I placed some cash on the bar, the bartender said, “No keep it, I'll put it on Noah's tab.”

I found Noah in the kitchen with Gary. They were filleting my fish.

“Hey Kenny, here’s your first fish. He’s a beauty, we should get 200 good steaks out of him. You are coming to my place for dinner tonight right? We’ll have some great wine, fresh cooked fish and maybe some slow dancing. Deal?” he asked winking at me and still working on the fish.

“Hell yes Noah, sounds wonderful.” I said a little too loudly but that sounded so good to me. Finally some one-on-one time with Noah. Just us two with nobody around. I could already feel him in my arms and my lips on his.

“Gary, wrap up ten of those steaks for us, Kenny and I need to get going.” Noah said with a hint of excitement in his voice.

Gary snickered and said, “I hear you. Give me a second. I can tell you guys are ready to get started with your date.”

Noah and Gary cleaned up and with one last bear hug we were out the door and back on the boat heading to Noah’s slot on the dock to secure the boat for the night. As we pulled up to the dock Marc nimbly jumped to the dock with the bow lines. In seconds she was tied off and Jeff was tossing him the stern lines.

Once the lines were tied Noah turned to me, “Grab the steaks Kenny, Jack and the boys can finish up here. I’m ready for some wine.”

“Jack please finish up and keep the keys. See you here at ten tomorrow Ok?” Noah yelled at Jack.

“Aye Captain, no problem, see you then man. Goodnight,” Jack yelled back.

Noah grabbed my hand and we started off to his place. We only walked about 6 blocks and came to a well-lit gravel path through the woods that lead to Noah’s 3 story house.

It sat in a secluded cove facing the ocean. We walked up the private beach and up onto the long front veranda that was lined with rocking chairs, potted plants and all types of local flowers.

As Noah opened the door, I turned to look at the view. I was spectacular and the sky was turning red with the setting sun.

“Looks like it will be another fine day tomorrow Noah,” I said remembering that nautical saying he had told me last night in the bar.

“Yes indeed my friend, another beautiful day in paradise,” he said.

“Have a seat out here and enjoy the view. I’ll put the fish in the fridge and grab the wine. Be right back,” Noah said.

I took a seat and pulled off my Nikes and socks. Noah came back with a chilled bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and two glasses. He poured me a glass and handed it to me.

“Let’s toast Kenny,” he said raising his own glass.

“Here’s to a great night with us alone. Enjoying this wonderful wine, delicious food and having some good loving,” he said smiling.

“Here…Here!” I said raising my glass and standing to face him.

We drank together and kissed softly. “You want to relax here and watch the sunset and drink some more wine? Then we can go into the house put on some music and get dinner ready,” Noah asked.

“Sounds perfect,” I replied.

We took seats side-by-side holding hands. We sipped our wine and gazed out at the rolling sea. The stars started to brighten as the sun sunk further down in the blacking sky. We sat in comfortable silence listening to the roll of the waves of the ocean and the sounds of the island at night.

I broke the silence as Noah poured us another glass of wine, “I can understand why you left everything behind Noah and moved here.”

“Jessie told you my story I see,” he said.

“No, not everything I’m sure. I can understand it though. It’s indeed magical and beautiful here,” I replied.

He grabbed my hand in his and relaxed in the chair beside me sipping his wine, “I had worked so hard from the age of 16 to make money and get somewhere in life. But I never really took a break or enjoyed myself. I found out some years ago that for all my hard work and money, I wasn’t truly happy. Then I came here for a month’s vacation and knew right away, I would never go back. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I found this place and bought it on the spot. Quit my job, sold everything I had and bought my boat. Now I’m truly happy.”

“It takes a lot of guts to do what you did Noah. I’m impressed with you for going after what would make you happy,” I said squeezing his hand and looking deep into his blue eyes. God he was so handsome and my balls churned with desire for him.

The ocean was getting black and the sun was down, the only light was the stars and the moon and the phosphorous in the roll of the waves.

“Ready for music and dinner Kenny?” he asked.

“Yes, lead the way Noah,” I agreed.

We walked into the house carry our glasses with him carrying the half bottle of wine. The house was definitely a man’s place. The living room was all black leather furniture and gleaming glass tables. A huge stereo system and flat screen T.V. sat on the back wall. I followed Noah to the kitchen and sat my glass on the granite bar.

“Kenny hit the stereo remote and put in some music for us, please.” he asked as he unloaded things from the fridge and placing them on the counter.

I walk over and looked at his assortment of C.D.s and found out he was a rock- and-roll fan like me. So I slid in Bad Company and hit play, as he heard the music I heard him say, “Great choice Kenny, love it man. Come and help chop these vegetables for our salad and drink your wine.”

“Coming Noah,” I said as I walked back to the bar. I saw lettuces, tomatoes and cucumbers along with a strange looking cord.

“What’s this thing?” I asked picking it up.

“That’s Chayole grown here in Jamaica. It’s an apple tasting fruit. It will give the salad a hint of sweetness, just peel it and slice it thinly,” he said.

“Aye Captain,” I said drinking down my wine and pouring another glass.

He started rice in a steamer, he rinse the fish and seasoned them as I chopped the salad ingredients. He handed me a bowl with dressing for the salad as he slid the fish in the oven to broil. I watched as he made some kind of lemon butter and pepper sauce for the fish. Man the kitchen started to smell fantastic, the fish, that sauce had my mouth watering. I finished the salad and set the bowl on the table.

Noah had candles burning, beautiful flowers in a vase on the table with fancy plates and gleaming silver flatware. It was all impressive, he was trying to make this meal so romantic for us.

“Kenny, can you please get us another bottle of wine out of the wine cooler? Dinner is almost done,” he asked while turning the fish.

“Which kind, another bottle of the Cabernet Sauvignon?” I asked.

“Sounds good to me, open it and place it in the ice bucket on the table please,”

“Got it, anything else I can help you with Noah?” I asked busying myself with my task.

“No, take a seat at the table and enjoy your wine,” he said smiling at me. “I got it.”

I took a seat at the table and poured us a fresh glass of wine as Noah put on some Luther Vandross for dinner music. He dumped the steaming rice in a bowl and set it on the table, giving me a quick kiss on the check. He plated up the fish and spooned some sauce over each serving. When he set my plate in front of me the smell was divine.

The fish was so fresh, that sauce mixed with the aroma of the fish had my stomach growling with anticipation of that first taste. I added the rice and some salad to each plate as Noah poured us a fresh glasses of wine.

“Wow man this smells fantastic Noah, thank you so much,” I said as I placed my napkin on my lap.

“I hope you like it, please dig in,” he said doing the same.

The first bite sent my taste buds into overdrive. It was perfectly cooked and amazing. Before I knew it, half of my fish was gone.

“Noah, you should be a chef….this is the best fish I’ve ever had.”

“I’m so happy it’s good to you Kenny,” he said with a huge handsome smile on his face.

I stood and reached for his hand as Luther sung, Here and Now. “Dance with me Noah?”

He stood and I wrapped him in my arms as the music played. We moved together, swaying in time the sweet song of love. His strong body fit flawlessly in my arms, like we were made to dance together. We danced through the living room and around the kitchen cheek to cheek. God he smelled good, musky and sweet. He felt even better tight in my arms, his manly body was firm and so warm.

When the song ended we sat back down at the table and finished dinner, smiling at each other the whole time. More wine was poured and we moved to the couch in the living room bringing the bottle. 

When Luther started to sing, Love Won’t Let Me Wait… Noah stood and said, “Dance with me Kenny.”

I was on my feet and he had me in his arms in the blink of an eye. As the saxophone played and Luther sung, our passion started to rise. We kissed as we danced and I opened for Noah’s tongue to enter my mouth. We moaned as they met and swirled together. Our hips ground into each other harder and we tightened our hold on each other as we danced and kissed.

I broke the kiss, “I need you Noah, I need to make love to you,” I whispered in his ear.

“Come with me,” he said holding my hand and leading us to the stairs.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Who could that be at this time of night?” Noah said aloud.

My mind screamed…FUCK! Interrupted again and we were almost to the bedroom.

“Take a seat Kenny, I’ll get rid of whoever it is,” Noah said kissing me softly.

We were both surprised to see Jill McMillian at the door. She was one of the wife’s on the fishing trip earlier today and it was clear she had been drinking.

“Hello Noah, Kenny. Thought I’d drop by and get away from the Hubby for a while,” she said walking in and taking a seat without an invitation to do so.

She continued to talk “Ben’s passed out back at the hotel and the people that work there told me where you live Noah. So here I am. Can I have some wine please?” Jill was really pushing her luck in my opinion but I said nothing.

“Of course, let me get you a glass,” Noah said being the patient host to this uninvited and unwanted guest.

“Here you go Mrs. McMillian,” Noah said pouring her a glass of wine and handing it to her. He sat across from her in an easy chair as I sat on the couch to their right feeling mad as hell for her showing up when she did. My balls were aching for release as I’m sure Noah’s were.

I stood and said, “I should go Noah. What time are we meeting Jack at the boat?”

“At ten Kenny, please come by,” he said hopefully.

I nodded as I walked out the door and down the path to my hotel leaving him to deal with Jill McMillian on his own.

I was so pissed, my stride was fast and hard and before I knew it I was in my room alone again. “Fuck,” I screamed out in frustration. All I wanted was Noah in my arms and it seemed it would never happen. I walked to the in-room bar and grabbed one of those small one shot bottles to drown my anger and calm my nerves.

After a cool shower and six shots, I felt better. I climbed into the clean bed and passed out. Being out in the sun and fishing all day had caught up with me.

I woke to the phone ringing and groggily answered it. “Hello,” I said.

“It’s Noah, Kenny, you up?” he asked.

“Am now, what’s up?” I asked.

“You need to get up and meet me at the boat. We are going diving today,” he informed me.

“We are? What time is it?” I asked.

“Nine. You need to meet me there at ten. Get your sweet ass up and get ready. Make sure to bring your bathing suit,” he said laughing.

“You mean my skimpy bikini bottom?” I asked laughing as well.

“Hell yes, can’t wait to see that on you. Later Kenny,” he said hanging up.

Damn, better get up and get ready, I thought holding my aching head between my hands. The thoughts of Noah’s half naked body drove me out of the bed. I got up and hurriedly dressed in my red speedo, tan shorts and an old blue tank-top. I started the coffee pot and downed three Tylenol for my headache.

When the coffee was done, I poured a cup to go and set off for the docks to meet Noah and Jack. I wondered how the hell we were going to get rid of Jack. I would not settle for another interruption or unwanted guest, I’d had enough of that and wouldn’t take any damn more.

I arrived at the pier right on time. Jack was waiting to throw off the lines to the boat and Noah had the engines idling. He was on the bridge and he looked ready to go.

“Hey Kenny, climb aboard. We are all set and Jack is just leaving,” he called down to me.

Jack leaving, now that was music to my ears and my spirits picked up. As I climbed aboard, Jack freed the lines and Noah pulled out of the slip and into the port heading out to sea as I happily waved goodbye to Jack.

Finally alone with no-way in the world, anyone could interrupt us at sea. Thank the Gods, I thought.

I climbed the ladder to the bridge to join Noah and he looked so yummy standing there in his skintight jean shorts and snug white T-shirt.

“Morning Kenny, the reef isn’t far. We’ll drop anchor about 20 feet out and gear up. OK?”

“Sounds great to me,” I said walking up behind him and sliding my arms around his waist and pulling him tight to me.

“Uummm, you feel so good Noah,” I whispered in his ear.

“Oohh yes, your body feels good too,” he said as he pushed back into me.

“You want to forget the dive and dive into bed instead?” I asked snickering.

“Don’t tempt me. But I really want you to see the reef. It’s magnificent Kenny,” he said softly.

“Ok…Ok…I concede,” I said laughing and slowly releasing him.

Noah stopped the boat and released the anchor. He turned to me and said, “Kenny, our gear is in the salon. Come on, let’s head down and get ready so we can get in the water. Time’s a wastein’.”

We enter the salon and I saw he had two depth gauge/watch combinations. Two knives, two weight belts and two pair of fins there on the table. Behind him I saw the tanks and regulators along with the masks and snorkels.

He pulled of his t-shirt and his manly well-defined smooth chest and six pack abs were now on display. I involuntarily licked my lips. He leaned over to me, “Your turn Kenny, let’s see what you got under that shirt,” he said laughing.

I quickly removed my shirt and my own chest came into view, covered with black hair and I also had a hard six pack. “Damn Kenny, I love a hairy man,” Noah said smiling as he lowered those tight jean shorts.

As he kicked them off, I could tell he was packing in that tight yellow speedo. I moaned aloud as he laughed at me. “Let’s see what you got Mr. Ape Man,” he teased.

I confidently lowered my tan shorts and kicked them away. My eight inch thick cock was half hard and I could tell Noah was happy. “Last chance to ditch the dive and dive into bed instead,” I teased.

“Come here stud and put on your belt,” Noah said laughing.

As we geared up Noah told me, “I only want us sixty to seventy feet down Kenny. Otherwise our resurface time will take too long. Make sure to check your depth gauge and check the time. We should stay down thirty to forty minutes. OK?”

“Sure Noah, I gotcha,” I said.

We walked to the swim platform sat down with our feet in the water, put our hands on our masks and rolled into the crystal clear water. I followed Noah as he headed down to the reef. The water was so clear you could see for miles. I saw the reef ahead as it was massive. It seemed to go down forever.

Noah was right, it was amazing. The closer I got the more vivid the colors of the coral became. Bright reds, flaming oranges and deep intense purple corals were all along the side of the reef.

Suddenly a large sea turtle came swimming by and I had to smile. He was half as big as me and I wondered how old he was. A large spotted moray eel came out from a deep crevice in the wall and swam away.

A large group of Zebra fish came swimming by, rightly named for their black and white strips. Wow.

I was studying a large elephant-ear coral when I saw a family of sea-horses close by. I had never seen them in real life and they seemed so small and fragile.

Then a blue octopus showed up, stretching his eight legs like he was waking from a nap. Those suckers looked dangerous to me so I steered clear of him.

I dove a little deeper. I saw a small group of bright blue fish, so bright they looked luminescent, almost like they had a light inside of them. They were incredibly beautiful.

Noah touched me on the shoulder and pointed to his watch. I couldn’t believe we had been down for forty minutes already and that it was time to resurface. We swam toward the boat, slowly ascending as we went. At about 45-feet we paused and Noah motioned for me to come to him.

When I was in front of him, he signaled to me that we had a 5 minutes pause until we continued to resurface.

He removed his mask and regulator and then removed my regulator too and laid a toe curling kiss on me that was amazingly hot as well as dangerous at 45 feet under water. We continued to passionately kiss as we held hands and slowly continued our accent.

Damn that was a hot kiss and I was ready to head to any bed on the boat and ravish Noah’s smooth sweet body.   

We climbed upon the swim platform and as we stood Noah said, “Kenny, please follow me to the salon to stash our gear and get a beer or two.”

“That sounds great to me,” I said knowing it was only a matter of time until we would be in each other’s arms.

We removed our gear and dried off. I watched Noah in that small yellow speedo kneel down and dig out some beer from the back of the fridge. Damn his ass was so firm and so round, my cock was on the rise. I only hoped my own speedo could contain me fully hard.

Noah walked to the table and handed me an ice cold beer, “What did you think of the reef?” he said taking a seat next to me.

I cracked my can and took a huge swig, “It was wonderful, truly Noah, thank you.”

“I still owe you an oil down. Want to go up top and get some sun? We have more cold beer up there and I can flip the chairs into a sunbed for two,” he said seductively.

“Ohhh yeah lead the way hot man,” I said standing and grabbing his hand.

I let Noah climb the ladder to the bridge first. That way my face was right at his wonderful ass the whole way up. This man had been making me have blue balls for the last three days and I was about ready to throw him down and take him by force.

I laughed out loud at my dirty thoughts and Noah asked “What’s so funny Kenny?”

“Oh nothing. Just thinking about taking you by force, soon,” I laughed.

“Really, Mr. Ape Man?” Noah said as he flipped the chairs and made the sunbed for us.

“Come and lay down Kenny, so I can oil you up,” he ordered.

“Aye-aye captain,” I said lying on my back.

Noah grabbed us two cold beers and the oil. He surprised me by straddling me and sitting on my groin. “UUmmm, you feel good there Noah,” I purred.

“Get ready, we are just getting started,” he laughed.

“I’ll try to hold back,” I laughed.

He handed me my beer and poured warm oil on my chest. His talented calloused hands worked the oil all over my hairy chest. He paid special attention to my pecs and hard nipples. He oiled each arm and hand along with my face.

He turned around on my crotch and poured oil on each of my hairy legs. Damn my cock was rock hard and peeking out of my speedo. “Someone is happy with this rub down,” he laughed feeling my erection on his hot round firm ass.

“Don’t stop Noah, God that feels so good,” I begged.

“I don’t plan to stop till I make you cum three times. Once in my mouth, once in my ass and once on your chest as I make sweet love to you,” he said standing and surprising me again by grabbing my speedo and inching it down to my feet and off. He stood back and looked at my now nude body.

“You are gorgeous Kenny, I need your thick cock in my mouth,” he said licking his lips and crawling onto the sunbed between my legs. He grabbed my shaft with his oily hand and stroked me.

“Noah, please suck me and make me cum in your mouth. I need to feel your lips and mouth on me,” I begged.

He swallowed me whole and I yelled, “Fuck yes!” He continued to expertly lick and suck my cock while playing with my balls. I held his soft blonde hair out of his face and watched my cock slide in and out his hot wet mouth.

He was staring at me with those blue eyes the entire time. God he was so beautiful with my cock in his mouth. I could feel myself getting harder and starting to leak pre-cum. “I’m getting close Baby, please swallow my load,” I whispered.

I saw his eyes twinkle as my balls boiled and finally erupted. Noah closed his eyes and moaned as my cum hit his mouth. He swallowed every drop and cleaned me up as I relaxed and caught my breath.

He crawled up and lay on top of my oily body and kissed me deep sharing my cum with me. We both moaned in each other’s mouths. “That was the best blowjob I’ve had in years,” I said as he broke the kiss.

“Glad I could be of service,” Noah laughed.

I rubbed his smooth back and said, “I need a few minutes to recover and then I need to make love to you Baby,” I said smiling.

“Sure thing Ape Man. Let me get us a cold beer and put these warm ones back in the fridge,” he said getting up and heading to the bar on the bridge.

I sat up and watched him walking to the bar and want nothing more than to see him naked like me. His hot smooth body had my cock on the rise once again. He stood before me with a beer in his hand.  I took it and quickly drained the can.

I smiled at Noah as I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of his speedos and started to slowly lower them. His sandy blonde bush came into view first then his semi-hard smooth cut cock. Damn he was such a turn on to me, I love a big thick bush and smooth cock.

“Noah, baby… you’re perfect,” I said before I swallowed his cock and rested my nose in his bush. I breathed in deeply and moaned about his smell on his hardening cock.

“Oohh, yes. Suck me Kenny,” he moaned grabbing my black hair and rubbing my head.

I grabbed his full ass cheeks in my hands as his swim suit slid down his thighs to his ankles. Hand on my head for balance, he stepped out of them and was finally naked.

I grabbed his waist and turned him around so I could see his ass and it was spectacular. Perfectly round, smooth, nice and firm.

“Please lay down baby, I need to eat and taste your perfect ass before I make love to you,” I said lustfully.

Noah laid down on the sunbed, his beautiful oily body shining in the sun. I rolled over on top of him and kissed him deep and hard. Both of us were rock hard and ready for some hot loving.

We kissed tasting each other’s mouths, lips and tongues. I slowly licked my way down his neck, chest, abs and crotch. I lingered at his bush…loving his smell…the smell of a man ready for sex.

I made it between his legs and took hold of his ankles and lifted his legs up and forced them back until his knees were almost beside his head.  That curled his spine up so that his crotch was pointing at the sky. I was fascinated by the sight.  I moved even closer to get a good look.

His hole was pink, hairless and very appealing. I let my nose breathe his scent and moaned deep in my chest from my arousal. I stuck out my tongue and took a lick of his crack and dove in on his hole.

“Yes Darling, eat me. Eat my hole good,” Noah begged.

His nasty words only spurred me on. I licked, nibbled and plunged my thick tongue in his hole over and over again. Finally he could take no more and he yelled, “Please Darling…fuck me…fuck me hard, deep and raw.”

My cock was leaking like mad from his sweet taste and aroma. I lined my hard cock up to his hole and my pre-cum was all the lube we needed. With one push, I was in balls deep to both our pleasure.

“Damn Baby, you are so tight,” I moaned.

“Ooohhh Kenny … you’re so big. Give it to me and make me cum,” Noah begged.

“Moan in that deep voice baby, let me know you love it,” I said.

“Damn It …. Fuck me! Don’t tease me….please…UUmmmmmm,” he moaned.

I felt it was pay back for him making me wait but as I smiled, I pulled out and pushed back in. Noah moaned even more making me move in and out faster. Soon we developed a nice rhythm together, he was pushing back on my hard deep thrust with his sweet tight pussy.

Damn he’s a good fuck, I thought. I slammed into him over and over. With each fast stroke I went deeper and harder. He was moaning constantly now, getting closer to exploding with each motion of our intertwined bodies. We were both sweating and breathing hard, our climaxes were approaching fast.

“Cum for me Baby, cum all over us. Show me how good it feels,” I moaned as I kissed him wet and sloppy.

I felt a gush of warmth on our abs as Noah’s huge load erupted from his smooth cock. His ass clamped down on my cock with each shot and milked out my seed deep in his bowels. We were locked in the pleasure of our ball busting orgasms for a good ten seconds, the longest and hardest I’d ever had.

When it was over, I collapsed on top of Noah. Our sweaty oily bodies relaxed as we tried to catch our breath. I guess we both dozed off, when I woke we were in the same position but the sun was going down.

I gently shook Noah awake. “Wake up baby, let’s go get a shower. We need to rustle up something to eat, I’m starving,” I said.

“Me too Darling, you go get a shower. I’ll fix us something simple to eat,” he said yawning and stretching under me. I kissed him softly and climbed off him. I went naked to the Master head and jumped in the shower.

When I finished, I came into the Master suite a found two chef salads and sourdough bread waiting on the table along with ice tea. I heard another shower running and sat on the bed to wait for Noah. He soon arrived with a towel around his waist and wet hair, so sexy.

“Feel better baby?” I asked.

“Much and you?” he asked kissing me soft.

“Very much so. The salads look good. Thank you Noah,” I said.

“Help yourself, I’ll be right there,” he said walking into the head.

I dug in and Noah joined me. We ate in silence, smiling and touching each other from time to time.

We ended up staying out at sea for a week until all the booze and food was gone. We got in a pattern of drinking, fucking, sleeping, eating then showering and the pattern would start all over.

Noah and I were inseparable for that month of my vacation. But that week at sea was the best. As I stood in the airport, waiting for my flight to be called, I wondered where I would take my next vacation. I wondered if I would meet anyone like Noah again. Or maybe I’ll just come back to Jamaica, come back to paradise.

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