It was a warm summer's afternoon. I needed my car repaired. Something underneath was rattling. I was worried what it was, and if whatever it was fell off, what damage it might cause elsewhere. I used the motorways a lot. The last thing i wanted was to be the cause of a high-speed pile-up. I was away on business and had to get from B back to A again. I had no idea nor recommendation where to go to get the car fixed, so took my chances with the Yellow Pages. I was in luck. There was a local garage that had a booking cancelled. They could fit me in after lunch. The tom-tom navigator got me there straight away. A suit in this weather was not the most comfortable of clothing to wear, but i thought a businesslike manner and appearance might win me a discount. A suit carried authority, especially over those who don tatty jeans. Despite what many think, class does matter. So as i climbed out the alfa spider i refastened my top button, straightened and tightened my tie and threw my jacket back on.

I walked across the forecourt towards the workshop, keeping shoulders back, chest out, displaying positive confidence. As i entered the office door to reception i tripped over a low unmarked step. Shit! So much for positive posture! But fortunately the office was unmanned. Straightening myself out, regaining my composure, i rang the bell for assistance on the counter. Nothing happened. I rang several times before i gave up, frustration beginning to boil up within me. And damn that step! I tripped over it on my way out as well! Grr!

I walked into the workshop, despite a large notice saying: no unauthorised persons beyond this point. It's seemed so stupid stopping customers finding assistance when no one could be bothered to answer the reception bell. I made my way towards the sound of metal clattering against metal and the singing of a radio station. Under a car with bonnet up i noticed a pair of legs stretching out from under the engine. 'Hello!' i called.

No answer or response. I continued towards the mechanic and slipped on a patch of grease on the floor. It was like stepping on dog shit. I nearly fell over as my foot instantly slid out from under me. 'Shit!' i yelled. Luckily again, this mishap hadn't been noticed either. Such clumsiness shatters any illusion of power in one's character if seen. Frustrated as i was, i got away with it. I reached the mechanic, who's splayed legs were only visible from waist down.

These legs gave me a solid hard on straight away. They were opened in a V shape and covered in crinkled, dirty, greasy, bright blue overalls. On his feet were very old and worn heavy duty ankle boots. The leggings and footwear along were enough to give me my hard-on, but it was the top part that caused the pre-cum to flow.

It must have been a one-piece overall being worn. But due to the heat of the weather, the top half had been undone and tied round the waist. Between the knotted sleeves i saw smooth pale flesh with light wisps of fur-like hairs. The undoing of the overall had been low, so the flesh i saw almost reached the pubic area. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath, sensing my bulge tightening inside my CKs. Open legs always drew the eyes to the groin. I must have stood there staring for several minutes, forgetting any sense of time. The hips were narrow, probable only a 30' waist size, and the flesh was of youth. I tore myself out of my trance.

'Hello!' i said again.' I phoned earlier?'

Still no response, other than the slightest of shuffles from the waist. How i wished i could wrap my hands round those hips and drag them out from under the car. More precum oozed. So i gently tapped the inside of the mechanic's thigh with my foot. The legs jolted and i heard, almost felt, a hard thump from under the car. The legs slid out exposing a grease smeared, pale skinned, wash-board stomach. My brain soaked in his sexiness so quickly, the whole movement was perceived as being in slow motion. As the small pout circles of fresh pink nipples slid into view, balanced on small but firm pecs, i thought i would shoot my load there and then. Above the neck came a smooth, dark fluffed chin followed by a straight, narrow and moist-lipped mouth, topped with a line of dark fluff on the upper lip. The nose was small and cute, leading to the eyes that were bright with large widened pupils. Then the rest of the head beautifully shaped and hair trimmed to a grade one maybe. He must have been fresh from college or uni. As he slid into view his eyes screwed up against the bright light of the sun filling the workshop. As they focused, his gaze seemed to follow up the length of my body standing before him. I'm sure he must have noticed the size of my bulge, which must have been tenting my flies like a circus marquee. When his eyes met mine he said, 'Sorry, Sir. Have you been waiting there long?'

'No, no, not at all' i said. 'I phoned earlier?'

'Oh yes' he said, getting up onto his feet. 'You've got a rattle around your front off-side wheel'.

'That's right' i replied. 'Think you can sort it for me? I have a long motorway drive back home'.

'No problem, sir. Bring it in and i'll see what i can do' he said with a smile, AND a wink! 'just park it up on this ramp' he said, pointing to a vacant ramp to the left of the workshop.

I headed back to the car feeling very hot round the collar. As the mechanic stood before me chatting, the faint smell of deodorant, grease and sweat teased my nose no end. My hormones where racing in overdrive. I hadn't had sex for a few days and was rapidly realising how desperately i needed it. And if ever i needed it, i needed and wanted it now!

I parked the car up on the ramp as instructed and got out. I had made my impression, so i threw off my jacket and tie, throwing them onto the passenger seat, and undid my collar button. 'Hot isn't it sir?' he said.

'Yes. It's a pity there's only so much one can take off in such heat' i replied, risking the odd flirt and tease. 'At least in your line of work, you don't need to worry so much about protocol'.

'What do you mean sir?' the mechanic said, as he moved to the buttons to raise the ramp. 'I'd look silly here in swimming trunks, or just a thong!'

It seemed he was now flirting with me! Was i reading this right? I unfastened my shirt completely and pulled it out from under my belt. The air felt so good and cool as it got in beneath my sweat soaked shirt.

'You'd better come and stand over here sir' he advised. 'Strictly speaking you're not supposed to be in here. Health and safety.'

So i went over and stood beside him as he operated the switches to raise the car into the air. I reached over and dared to place my hand on his small but broad shoulder. 'I'm sure no one would make much fuss if you were in just a thong' i said with a chuckle. It surprised me he didn't try to shrug me off, so i gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze. Gosh, the heat was having a strange and daring effect on me! 'Mind you' i added 'what you're wearing now and the way you're wearing it can't be bad for business?'

'I'm always looking for business sir' he said. 'Bills have to be met'.

Fuck, was this what i'm thinking he meant?

'I suppose you are' i replied. 'We all need business and I'm always ready to offer it'. I watched his expression carefully. I was sure i noticed a twitch of a smile. Then his gaze suddenly changed and fixed to a point on the floor next to my rising car. I followed his gaze to something shiney on the floor. 'What's up?' i asked.

He released the button from under his thumb and went over to relieve his curiousity. God his body was gorgeous, all soaked and dripping with sweat. His physique was one of someone who knows how to keep himself fit. With his overall undone and tied around him he looked like a very apperticing piece of half peeled fruit. I wanted to eat him, slowly. As he bent down to pick up whatever was on the floor i saw the perfect triangle shape of his back narrowing down to his slim waist and round firmness of his buttocks. I was in agony. If i died then i'd be happy.

'Are these your's sir?' he turned and asked, holding up the shiny metal object/s. Suddenly, as i snapped out of my daydream again, i recognised what he was holding up to me. And with a broad smile that made me blush he added, 'They must have fallen out your jacket sir as you took it off'.

I reached out as he placed my two pairs of fallen hand-cuffs into the palm of my hand. But he didn't just give them to me. He let his fingers linger in my hand, just as gay barmen do with your change if they like you. I was very much aware of my boner again. As he returned to the ramp controls he gave a little giggle that i could have swooned to.

'Well' i said, 'you have to be prepared, don't you?'

He laughed. 'For all eventualities sir'.

Shit! I suddenly felt so small. The best way to get over embarrassment, i thought, was to tackle it head on. So i bounced the ball back into his court. 'Do you ever use them?' i asked.

'What? Handcuffs, sir?' he asked with another giggle. 'Can't say i have sir'. Then he added, 'I wouldn't know where to get them or what to do with them'.

'I'm sure you'd think of some way to use them' i said with a wink. 'It's a great way to learn your levels of trust in a partnership. And,' i added, 'a novel way to meet new friends'.

The car stopped and the mechanic went underneath to examine the wheel. He reached his strong arms up, shrinking his flat stomach, opening the gap between his flesh and the tied sleeves. As i stretched my eyes over i could see no eleastic band of underwear. More precum oozed.

'As i suspected sir' he turned and said. 'It's the stone guard cracked. It'll need replacing. Unfortunately i don't hold alfa spare parts'.

'What am i going to do?' i asked, fearing i wouldn't be returning back tonight after all. In which case i was stuffed. If i didn't get the package i had picked up and handed over by tonight, my boyfriend back home would be wasted. He had got himself into deep shit and held hostage. I didn't want to ask or know details. I just wanted to pick up whatever it was that was going to get him out of trouble. Shit! My heart missed several beats.

'Not to worry sir' he said confidently. 'A quick weld will hold the bracket in place temporarily. It'll get you home.'

Relief washed through me like a crashing wave of cool water in this stifling heat. I ran over to him and just hugged him hard, tears in my eyes. 'Oh thank you, thank you' i said. 'You're a star'.

'Blimey!' he responded, 'it's not that big a job! Are you ok sir?'

His care and concern was so consoling. 'Sorry' i said, 'It's just that i need to get back tonight.'

'How far have you got to travel sir?' he asked.

'It'll take at least three hours, depending on traffic'.

'Oh you'll have plenty of time then sir. This wont take a jiff. Have you going in no time sir. You may have time to use your handcuffs before you head back yet' he added with another giggle and wink.

'Chance would have been a fine thing' i said.

He got his gear together and i watched closely as he got to work. God, he looked terrifically sexy with his head guard/goggles on and bright white/blue sparks flying everywhere. I kept going through my mind the way things had gone here. Was he flirting with me or just entertaining me? He was so hot and the more i watched him, the more i wanted him. He was right, i would have time first for some well earnt fun. But could it be with him? How i groaned in anticipation and feverish lust. After just a few minutes the sparks stopped and he raised his face guard with a broad smile.

'All done for you sir' he said. 'This'll get you home and back again'.

'You'd like me back?' i asked, without thinking.

'As i said before sir, i'm always open for business'.

If these hints weren't as subtle as an air raid, then i'm a virgin.

I rushed over towards him and hugged his solid sweaty hulk long and hard. Again he didn't try and shrug me off. In fact I felt his hard-on digging into me. I pulled back and saw the tenting in the front of his overalls. I was in luck!

I held him in front of me and just stared for a moment into his eyes. He stared back and i don't think he even blinked. I reached my lips for his mouth. As our lips touched he remained still, just slightly opening his lips, allowing my tongue to enter. And boy did my tongue enter. I must have felt and explored every cravice in his mouth. And he tasted so beautiful. As i pulled away to test his face for reaction, a long slither of saliva stretched between our lips like a rope bridge. His expression hadn't changed. I suspected i had myself a virgin here. I closed my lips onto his again and this time his tongue bagan to respond back. Soon our tongues were wrestling and my mechanic was getting more forceful. I felt him pushing me back up against the car ramp's central column. Pressed hard against the steel shaft he pushed his tongue deeper into my mouth. He seemed so hungry and an explosion of pent up passion was being released. And it was me who had the pleasure to receive it all.

Eventually he pulled back. With a serious expression forming on his young face he asked, 'So you like to play with trust? Do you want to find out how well you can trust me?'

'You want to play with my cuffs?' i asked.

'Yeah' he replied with a cheeky grin, digging the ball of right hand into his groin, as if to stem an uncontrollable drive within. 'But where and how?'

Pinned against the column i looked around. 'Here' i said 'right here. Do it here!'

He looked me over. His tongue ran round his lips catching a run of saliva dribbling onto his bulbous chest. 'I'll have to close up shop first' he said. 'Don't move'.

He quickly turned all the machinery off and let the forecourt doors descend like a curtain at last call. Enough light came through the skylights, so he switched off the lights too.

'Ok' he said 'show me'.

I fastened a handcuff to each of my wrists. I reached up and locked the end of one of them to the frame of the ramp. But i couldn't quite reach the other side to do likewise. 'Hang on' he said, and he dashed off. I next heard the rumbling of metal wheels on concrete. He reappeared with a pallet trolley and pallet board. He placed it under me and said, 'here climb on. It'll help you reach better'. It did the trick.

'Right' i said, 'you'll have to lock my wrist here because i can't do it myself with just one hand'. Next thing i knew i was handcuffed, fastened tight under the car ramp. Suddenly i felt extremely vulnerable. But then again, this sexy mechanic was so hot, i'd happily die with him. 'Now i'm entirely in your hands' i said with a smile. 'But be gentle. Nothing rough'.

'Ok' he said. He came forward and reached out for me. He placed his hands each side of me and gently ran them up and down my torso, seemingly amazed that he was freely feeling up another man, and with no restriction. I felt his warm wet lips against my stomach and the tip of his tongue pressing, poking and licking. He pulled back and giggled in disbelief.

'You like this, don't you?' i said. 'it's quite scarey being at the mercy of a complete stranger'.

He came forward again saying, 'and so you ought to be' he said with that cheeky grin he had, 'i could do anything now'.

'True' i said. 'That's where trust comes in'.

'But i'm a stranger' he said. 'You don't know if you can trust me'. I began to feel concerned. I've never been a champion on judgement of character before. My heart began to race more than before. 'I mean i could do this with you'.

Fuck! What did he mean? What was he going to do?

He began to undo my belt and flies. He opened my trousers and let them drop. 'Oh this is big!' he said, eyes popping out at the bulge behind my CKs. I felt his warm moist mouth round my bulge, sucking at my wet patch threw my boxers. Then i felt him pulling at the elastic. 'No' he muttered, 'that's would be too easy'. What would, i thought? What's he up to? He went off only to return a few seconds later with a large pair of sharp scissors. Fuck!

I felt the cold metal blades slipping round my elastic waist band. Suddenly the elastic and linen gave way to the slicing of the blades and as my shredded CKs fell to the floor my nakedness was vulnerably exposed. 'Mmm...' he moaned. He took my meat in his hands and played with it, as if he had never ever seen another cock before. 'What have we here sir?' he asked.

'Take it' i said. 'It's all your's'

He took it in his mouth. I felt his lips close round my cut nob and his tongue massage my slit. Precum oozed and he sucked it all. Next he untied his overall sleeves so that it fell open and down. His hard erect cock poked up at me and a stream of precum fell from its tip to floor as if an invisible spider was lowering itself down off his cock head. Then he stepped out of his overalls. Only his boots remained.

'Aww man you're so beautiful' i said.

My mechanic looked up at me quizzically, as if wondering, should he, shouldn't he. A grin spread across his face. He stood in front of me again and held our cocks together, side by side, and began massaging them against each other. I thought i was going to come too soon. This was so hot!

'Fuck me' i begged him. 'Take my arse'.

He went off again across the floor and came back with a tool box. What the fuck? But when he got back he just placed it in front of me and stood on it. It put his cock at the level of my tummy button.

'I need a piss' he said, and a stream of hot golden fluid spurted from his cock down my stomach, over my groin and down my legs. He climbed down and went behind me. I couldn't see him, but i could feel the heat of his body. His hands held onto my sides and i felt his cock rubbing up and down between my arse cheeks. His precum was oozing, providing plenty of lube. Then i felt his cock pressing against my hole.

'Yes! yes!' i urged him. 'Fill me with your cream!'

Holding me firmly he suddenly thrust him self in. I yelled out in pain. I wasn't expecting him to enter so soon and quick. He said nothing. He just starting pumping at my arse.

The feel of his arms round me as i hung there, powerless to his whim. His penis inserted deep within me. The side of his face pressed up against my back. I was being fucked by this gorgeous angel. As he fucked away at my arse, he reached round and grabbed my cock, pumping away at that as well. As he did so i felt my arse grip his cock tighter. The tighter i gripped the warmer and harder i felt his cock to be.

Suddenly he gave out a loud grunt and i knew he was releasing his load. I couldn't hold back any longer and shot my load too. I was exhausted and ready to be released.

'That was awesome!' i said between deep gasps of breath, 'you can take me again any time'.

'Thank you sir' he said. 'You'll know where to bring your car next time you need anything done'.

'You're on' i laughed. 'You'd better let me loose now. I'd better head back'

'Yeah sure sir. Right away'.

'The keys are in my jacket pocket' i told him.

'As with the jacket in your car sir?'

'Yes' i replied, acknowledging the problem.

'No worries sir. I'll just climb up and get them'.

Watching him haul himself up was a magic moment in itself. He had such a fantastic body. I was in heaven for sure. I heard the car door open then close.

'Got them sir' he called out.

Next i heard what sounded like a stumble. Before my eyes i saw a flash of pink, followed by a dull crack and thud. The mechanic had tripped and fallen and lay broken before me. A pool of blood began to spread around his head. His feet twitched nervously. His tight naked rump twitching too, as if he were trying to get up but just couldn't get the signals from his brain to his legs properly. Then he stopped all together and slumped.

'No!' i yelled.

I suddenly felt the column of the ramp sink about an inch. Suddenly i was aware the generator had been turned off. There was nothing to keep air in the system and this ramp up.

Another inch slipped away.

'Help!' i called out with all my strength.

Another inch.

It's ok, i thought. There'll be room for me under the car if i position myself carefully as it came down.

Another inch.

But fuck! I was on a pallet to hold me up. I'd be crushed!!!

Another inch.



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