Despite all that's been said and done, I would like to think that I am not as bad as the others. Sure I've done some admittedly fucked up things. But nothing to deserve being treated like an animal. Bred to fuck, work out, and pass out. Bitches used to beg to fuck me and I'm the cum dump.

Spring semester, junior year was my time to fuck shit up. I was the president of my fraternity and refused by no woman. By all accounts I was a stud. Tan skin from long days as a life guard, 5'10 frame with professionally whitened teeth and a body that most women would kill to wake up next to. And for the women that didn't well... Let's just say that there wasn't any that I couldn't...persuade. If a girl came out to one of our parties and didn't wanna put out we called her a level 1. We'd separate her from her friends, drop a mickey in her drink and do what needed to be done. In hind sight that's how I got fucked too.

Last weekend before summer vacation we threw a huge party. A girl...don't really remember her name all I knew was that she was a stuck up prude who'd iced me the whole night. I slipped something special in her drink when she wasn't looking. Like so many nights before I was going to get what I felt entitled to except that didn't happen. She took a drink of her beer and got all woozy after a bit like they often do. As I took her to my room upstairs my boys looked away best way to plead the fifth if shit ever went down. We trotted up the stairs me half carrying her and I slung her on the bed. All of a sudden a swift knock to the head from behind got me off kilter. I turned stunned but with my arms up and ready to fight when another pair of strong arms wrapped around my neck. I clawed desperately as the girl and looked over to the girl who only moments ago was passed out on my bed, yet now was upright and blowing me a kiss. "Night night," she said winking as I lost consciousness.

I felt a tugging at my waistband as I stirred from unconsciousness. As the world became clearer once again I noticed two things. One: The man in front of me was tying my feet together haphazardly while the other weakly held me from behind. Two: We were in a van yet it wasn't in motion. I assumed that we were a stop of some kind. "Shit, I can't get this knot man!" The man trying to tie my feet together cursed in harsh tones. "Hurry the hell up! Marcos will be pissed if we aren't back soon. We're on a deadline." Suddenly a burst of energy hit me in my weakened state. I knew that if I was moved from wherever the hell I was now that that would be it. I'd be fucked. Fortunately, after years of being a kicker for the football team I had the leg strength of a small pony. With a weak but stern kick to the face the first man fell backwards against the van's walls. "The hell?" The other said surprised before I head butted him with all the strength I could muster. While the two were both momentarily confused I grabbed the handle to the van. Although whatever had been given to me had been potent enough to knock me out, I still managed to dazedly stumble out of the van with a rope hanging off of my ankle. The crunch of gravel on my bare feet pained me as I looked around searching for help. We were at a rather empty gas station from what I could tell, and It was late at night. Suddenly, the sounds of the men rushing from the back of the van interrupted my thoughts. Just as suddenly a man with a blank expression emerged from what seemed like nowhere.

"Hlp me sir." I slurred incoherently. "Tey tk me! Pls hlp teir gonna kll me." I fell at the man's feet and tugged at his pants. The man helped me to my feet and cooed "shhhhh". As the men approached me once more, the man spoke for the first time, "How'd a doped up frat boy overtake the both of you?" He spoke with such furious indignation chills ran down my spine. "Grab his legs. Quickly before someone sees us!"

"Noooo," I screamed in my head which probably sounded like a garbled mess. The man applied the same dirty rag to my mouth as I kicked at the approaching men. "He's feisty," said one with one forefinger in my waistband. 'Won't make the mistake of underestimating him again." Before I passed out I could feel the man's breath on my neck and the two guards gruffly pick me up by my ankles. "You're gonna be our good boy", he said. "Don't struggle. Shhhhhhh!" With that I blacked out once more.

I woke up blind and confused. I felt the familiar feel of rope on every inch of my body in what I would come to recognize as being hog-tied. "HELP!" I screamed! The sound of a moving vehicle on dirt road filled my ears. I shifted around the vehicle and noticed that my clothes had been removed. The cool metal of the car felt frozen on my skin. For several minutes I screamed, anxious for someone to respond when all of a sudden an open-handed slap met my mouth. It was so painful my head hit the back of the metal van, and a metallic taste entered my mouth. A gruff voice said, "Shut up bitch you're getting what you deserve." I sat motionless and terrified as I realized I was not alone in the van. "I can give you anything you want," I sniffled. "My parents have money. They can-"Another open handed slap jarred me and more blood gushed from my lip. "We're already going to make more than enough from your pretty little ass already." The gruff voice seemed nearer as it slapped my ass. Tears sprung to my eyes. The slap had stung and I felt my ass turn a bright shade of red. After what seemed like hours the van stopped.

Shortly after a pair of rough hands grabbed me by my bonds and dragged me out of the van. I made out several pairs of feet slapping gravel until we entered a building. I noticed because the temperature was exponentially more air conditioned than that of the van. I was thrown on a cold tile floor in a room full of bright lights that I could see even throughout the blindfold. I whimpered softly and attempted to speak again, "Please! What am I doing here? Someone will find me. Just let me go!" Several hushed voices made incoherent sounds all around me when one booming voice silenced them all. "You are here because no gives a shit about you, and you will not be missed." The voice said matter-of-factly.

"That's not true," I croaked. I could hear the man chuckle silently. "We have men who have been here for years. No one has cared. No news reports, no posters, not shit. You are a dreg of society. A rapist and a coward, and a bitch. You will be punished as a bitch." He spat harshly. A sharp slap to my ass made me curse aloud. "Yes his ass is perfect," said one voice. "Fuck tank?" said another. Fuck tank? I thought. Another sharp crack to my ass was applied and two cold hands spread my cheeks apart as if I were cattle. "DON'T TOUCH ME FAGGOTS!" I screamed. Suddenly I felt my blind fold move and the same pair of rough hands in the van grab me by my wrists as well. "Homophobic too, huh? You are a piece of shit." For the first time I could see how huge the man who seemed to be running everything was. A 6'6 black man met my squinted gaze. His arms and chest seemed to be carved out of marble and his grin told me that I was his new favorite chisel. "Look at that. Green eyes, brown hair, great body too. You stand to make us a lot of money kid. We can charge a pretty penny for him. They'll love him." The black man spoke to another in dark clothes with a clipboard.

"What's your name boy?" The man gripped my shoulder firmly. "Gr-Greg...I'm Greg," I stammered. The man smiled momentarily before slapping me with the back side of his hand. My name is Marcos but you will refer to me as master. You will find that we have little use for names here outside of my own. From here on out you will be referred to as frat bitch. "Ju-just let me go. I'll do whatever-" My plea was interrupted my a sharp jab to my stomach knocking the wind out of me.

"Take him to his new home." He said. And with that two men grabbed me like a pig on a spit, while I gasped for the breath I could not find.



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