The young warrior lay on the ground beneath the point of my sword. His breath came in ragged gasps that showed his exhaustion after our fierce struggle and racked his muscular athletic body. His eyes begged me to spare his life. But he was too proud to speak, waiting bravely for me to run my sword through him and finish the job of defeating him.

I looked him over, impressed by the rippling muscles of his heaving stomach and noting the shape of his weapon, barely hidden by the ragged and sweat soaked clothing that covered him. I pulled a long dagger from my belt and held that pointed at my captive as I sheathed my sword. Then I pulled a leather strap from my waist and bending down I brought his hands close together and wrapped it firmly about his wrists. He looked up at me with some fear, at what I might have planned for him, but also with some relief at still being alive. I tied a second leather thong loosely about his ankles giving him enough length to walk with if he took short steps.

Then I pulled his damp loin cloth down and took his partly full weapon in my hand to feel its weight and examine it more closely. I pushed back his sheath to reveal the head and thumbed his soft slit. I grunted satisfied, but he was wriggling to escape me so I put my dagger to his throat. 'You are my prisoner young warrior. If you please me I may let you live and treat you well, but if you do not obey me then I will finish you now.'

There was fire in his eyes, and I said, 'I have been known to free those who please me well. You will be of no use to you comrades if you are dead.' He frowned and spat in the dust, but stopped his struggling.

I lifted his filling weapon to see his balls and found that as I had though he had a fine low hanging set. I wrapped my hand about the skin high up and felt them, tugging and squeezing them as I examined them. They were a very fine set, one I knew I would like to suck on. Finally I looped another cord through the one at his wrists leaving it long so that I had something with which to lead him with.

I took the leather cord and pulled him up to his feet and then led him away. He walked slowly, restricted by the cord at his ankles. I pulled him on and he fell several times before he got used to the restriction of his ankles and learnt how to trot quickly behind me in short steps.

We soon joined my companions and left the site of our ambush, with the booty we had collected. A short time later we came to a shady place by a small spring and stopped to refresh our selves and rest. Once I had drunk my fill and allowed my prisoner to do so also I led him away a short distance and found a shady patch of soft grass.

'Lie down,' I told him and he fell to the ground in exhaustion.

I had him lift his legs and he obeyed me quietly. I ran the cord by which I had been leading him through the one that tied his ankles then tied it to the base of the tree we were beneath. He was now in a most useful position his legs up and pulled back and open. I pushed his thighs wider and he gave me no resistance until I knelt between his spread thighs and tore off his meagre clothing. But however much he wanted to he was unable to move out of my reach. I quickly took his weapon ibnto my mouth and sucked it eagerly at the same time tugging on and squeezing his long sac and balls. He made pained struggling cries that I hardly noticed I was so much enjoying the feeling of his weapon growing and stiffening inside my mouth.

Soon I slid my sucking mouth off him and admired the way he had grown under my attentions. He was a very goodly size and thickness. I stroked him then and took my mouth to those balls of his sucking each and glad of their length. My own weapon had become as hard and big as was usual when I was enjoying such fine amusement. And it would soon need to be wrapped inside my captives' unexplored passage. I lifted his firm full arse and looked for the first time on his rear entrance. It was small and tight. I dropped my mouth to tongue it and felt it clench and open and clench again as I attacked it. But I was throbbing now and did no more than spit on my fingers and probe briefly inside his tight arsehole with them before I knew I had to make my way in inside regardless of his readiness.

I wiped the liquid dribbling from my own slit about my huge weapons head and placed it against his entrance. He began to cry out protests and to writhe about to escape me but was too restricted to move about much. I grunted and groaned as I forced my weapon into him feeling his tightness about my cap as it passed the first part of his entrance. I was vaguely hearing the young warriors cries but too much occupied in forcing myself deeper into his painfully tight passage. I rested then glad that he quickly opened to me and I moved deeper. His hips bucked and I took a tight grip on his balls to still him as my own weapon continued to move deeper and I was pleased at his tighness. I finally had myself in to the hilt and cried out, 'Yes. Victory'

I could hear his cries of pain and his grunts at my moment inside him and I took his own now hard and big weapon and stroked it till the young warrior came. He spouted a goodly amount of seed in several strong bursts and I heard his moaning change form pain to wonder at the feel of me inside him as I began to plow him. I lifted his hips as I rose to my knees and began a deep long exploration in and out of him. My hips made a good sound as they met his firm hairless arse and I worked him hard for some time before I arched back and roared, as my seed exploded from me deep into him. I stayed buried and stroked him back to stiffness, by which time I was also able to plow his now well-opened body for some considerable time. The young warrior now moaned and writhed under me in pleasure and I saw that his face now had a look of wild need on it. He opened his eyes and held mine as I fully left him and then drove myself back inside his passage and to the hilt. With each huge splitting thrust he cried out 'Yes again yes again.' When I had released my seed into him again I withdrew.

'No, no, I want your weapon driving inside me,' he cried.

'You have pleased me well young warrior,' I said as I released the cord from about the tree. He was watching me with hooded eyes as I reached for his nipples and rubbed each one. He gasped wide eyed at the feeling this gave him and I laughed at his innocence. 'When we next rest I shall see what other pleasures you have for me,' I said.

'I want to feel your great weapon buried to the hilt in me,' he said looking at me. I had every intention of giving him a great deal more of what he wanted.



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