I hate it when people ring my doorbell on one of the few days I

can sleep in. I'd been up half the night. Ten AM seemed like an

obscenity when I had designs on sleeping my entire day off and

the sound of the doorbell was worse yet on a Saturday morning.

But like anybody else, I'm programmed to answer the phone and

answer the door when they ring. Yet I was in a stupor. I didn't

even put on a pair of pants...I just ambled down the hall and

opened the door, using it to hide the fact that I had nothing on

but my skivvies. I didn't care that my hair was standing on end.

The sunlight was blinding but in two seconds, the sight before me

brought me straight to full consciousness.

He was about 19. His hair was jet black. His eyes were big and

brown and his skin was olive.

I didn't care what he wanted, I

opened the door and said 'Come on in.'

'Hi, mister.' He held out a card. 'I'm with the Summer Jobs for

Youth program and I'm selling candybars.'

The tattered card looked like it had once been an official

something or other and it bore the name Estephen Rodriguez. I

looked at it and then down at him.

'Steve Rodriguez...that's me.' He grinned. So did I. 'I've got

some nice chocolate candybars, Mister. They're only two dollars

and they're worth the money.'

I wasn't thinking about the candybars in his box. I was thinking

about his tanned arms and shoulders. About the tank top covering

his hairless chest. And about his white shorts and what sweet

candy must be underneath them. 'Come on in, Stephen.' I walked

to the kitchen and promptly sat down on a barstool. 'Here, pal.'

I tapped the stool next to mine. The lad sat down on the stool

revealing his smooth Mexican thighs. I took the candybar from

his hand and looked past it to the bulge of his teenage basket.

Just looking at him brought a warmth to my loins. It was more

than a warmth for I was in my underwear in front of this lad and

it flat out started what was turning into a class A erection.

I decided, 'What the hell.' I lowered the candybar to my lap and

as his eyes followed mine down to it, there was no question he

could see the shape of my enlarged dick. I looked up and saw his

eyes staring at it and it made me even more excited. He was only

inches away as we faced each other. I just kept looking at the

candybar as if to read the label and he kept looking at my very

hot dick. Finally he squirmed alittle and I studied his own

basket to see if I could detect a sign in his own loins.

'Ya know, Steve...I love to suck on a good candybar.' I looked

him squarely in the eyes and when they rose to meet mine, I

smiled coyly. 'Ya got any other sweet candy I can suck on?' I

couldn't believe how brazen I was with a total stranger and a kid

at that. I wanted there to be no mistake. I dropped my eyes to

his crotch and then back to his eyes. 'I'd buy twenty dollars

worth if you have something better.'

This latin adolescent pursed his lips like he was studying a

poker bid. He looked abit nervous for a second and I decided I

needed to give him a way out. 'Course if that's all you've got,

I could buy a couple of these.' He squirmed abit more only this

time, I could see that he clearly was becoming aroused at my

blatant proposition.

'Yeah I got another candybar, maybe.'

'I like it big...you got a big one?' I continued. 'Big and

chocolate flavored.' I reached down and squeezed and adjusted

myself while looking straight at his own bulge.

'It's definately worth twenty dollars.' He squeezed his own

member now and I knew this was one street smart, hot little kid.

'Well, stand up here, big boy...lets have a look at that

candybar.' I reached over and touched his thigh, and tugged him

gently off of his barstool.

Stephen stood up, unbuttoned his shorts in the front, pulled down

the zipper and gave me a peek as he pulled the elastic forward

from his undershorts. 'This IS what you had in mind...THIS big?'

Here was a kid who was proud of his size but then Hispanic kids

are proud of everything, I thought.

'That's exactly what I had in mind, Stephen.' I leaned forward,

put my fingers over his to pull the front of his shorts down

further to reveal a very large, semi-hard chocolate sweet

boydick. I was off my barstool and I dropped to my knees before

this tasty manboy. He stood before me, waiting. I reached up on

each side of him.

'Here, let me do it.' I was nearly breathless as I hooked my

fingers into the belt of his unfastened shorts and pulled them to

the floor. Freed of his shorts, I gazed at his dick which was

now nearly six inches long. The head of his manhood was pink and

it contrasted with the whisp of dark black, thick pubic hair

surrounding it. If Stephen wasn't fully grown, the boy was going

to be a monster. I put one hand gently on his hip, squeezing his

firm, muscular buttocks. With the other, I grasped his penis at

the base and squeezed it, making an up and down motion so as to

increase his size. He was already at his full length but my

touch made it firm and erect. 'You like that, don't you?' I

said, breaking the silence.

'Yeah...and your mouth would be nice on there,' he answered.

Stephan has had his cock sucked before--there was no question

about that. I lowered my left hand to the floor, picked up half

of his shorts and said, 'Here, slip out of these and spread out


The boy lifted a foot and I slipped his shorts over his white

tennis shoes.

He held onto the kitchen bar and when he put his

foot back down, he took a stance with his feet about eighteen

inches apart. Now I could see his ballsack. It was dark brown

and hairless and full. As I held his cock in one hand, I reached

up and ran my fingers across his scrotum, first along the side

and then reaching around to the back so as to hold them fully in

one hand.

'Take off your shirt, Steve, will you?' I asked. 'I want to see

all of you.' With that, I leaned forward and kissed the side of

his dick.

'YOU do it,' he answered. I have his dick a very temporary lick

goodbye and stood up, grabbing his shirt at the bottom and I

pulled it over his head. As I dropped it to the floor, I brought

my hands down across his now-bare shoulders.

'You really are beautiful, Stephen!' I moved my hands from his

shoulders across his bare chest and I spread my fingers across

both of his dark brown nipples. The boy surprised me. He

reached into the elastic of my undershorts and stooped down,

bringing them to the floor.

My hands nearly left him but I kept

the touch by bending down and stroking his thick, black hair. It

took no prompting for me to step out of my shorts and here we

were, standing up, facing each other in our nakedness. The boy

who woke me so rudely with his box of chocolates was going to

give me the treat of my life.

'Come on...we can do better than the kitchen,' I said as I gently

put my hand on his shoulder and led him to the living room of my

apartment. 'The couch...that okay?' I asked as I relished his

firm back and slender ass.

'Cool.' He laid down on the couch, leaving one leg on the


His knee was high in the air. 'Shoes.' He said,

almost apologizing for putting his tennis shoe on my divan.

Stephen unlashed the one on the couch. I bent down and ran my

fingers down the calf of the leg on the floor and unlashed and

removed the other shoe. I was on my knees below him and when I

removed his shoe, I placed his bare foot on my naked crotch. His

foot was moist and warm and it felt very good at that moment. We

were very much aware of our nakedness this Saturday morning. His

loins were spread as one foot was on the cushion and the other on

the floor. I had access to his stiff cock, his balls and even a

part of his ass below.

'Now, for tasting your candy, big guy.' I straddled the extended

foot below me, leaning back on it so I felt his ankle and foot on

my balls and my ass.

put my legs together on his leg and

leaned down, grasping his thigh and part of his ass with one hand

and with the other, I stroked his dick and lowered my mouth to

it. I only touched my lips to the pinkness of his cock. I

breathed a hot breath on it and smelled his adolescence. It was

almost too much for me to smell this puberty. I took him in my

mouth, this mansized cock on such a beautiful boy. The

smell and taste of him was an erotic delight in itself.

He responded by carressing my hair and my ears and for both of

us, the contact of my head against his loins made us both more

keenly aware of what we were doing. He simply laid back and

enjoyed my attentions. I expected an early climax but he was

apparently experienced for he did not cum like so many boys

do. Instead, he moved his hips towards me as I took him in. He

was fucking my mouth just as I was sucking on him.

We said nothing. We only breathed as I sucked his organ. I

pulled out and kissed and licked his wet member...concentrating

on the ridge between head and shaft. I lowered my attention to

his balls and he spread himself more and slid his hips slightly

off of the couch so I had access to his entire pelvis. He never

took his hands away as I moved downward and put my hands below

him. His ballsac was smooth and warm and as I tasted it all

over, I could feel his gonads with my tongue. Lower, between his

legs, my tongue danced across the ridge of skin that led to his


I wet him and licked him thoroughly and enjoyed the taste

and smell of this Hot boy. I kept reminding myself of his youth, so

mature for his 19.

As I returned to his dick, I discovered to my delight he had

given some slippery precum and my tongue spread it on the head

and the ridge below. As I worked the salty slippery around him,

he felt it too and now he was working on building his climax. I

watched his eyes close, watching his fine features as I licked

his cock. Finally, it was clear he had reached his point. The

muscles deep in his groin tightened as if he were withholding his

boycum from me. I sucked him hard, daring him to hold it longer

and finally he moaned and his dick throbbed in great involuntary

spasms, sending his boyjuices into my mouth.

It just doesn't get any better than this, I thought.

I finished

him off, sucking all from him that he gave me. He finally

released my head and lay back, collapsed. With that, I ran my

hands the length of his body, feeling his hairless nakedness, his

firm boyflesh, so chocolate tan. He was still breathing hard as

I lifted his legs onto the couch so he was lying there.

Tenderly, I continued carressing his body...the inside of his

legs, his muscular thighs, his flat stomach and firm chest. I

kissed his nipple and then carressed his face. Finally I dared

to kiss him on the mouth.

Very gently, barely touching his lips

with mine. He had not responded until now when he parted his

lips and allowed me to taste his mouth as he tasted what was left

of his own boycum which I had savored. As my tongue entered his

mouth he returned by entering mine. I rested one hand on his

chest as I stroked his forehead and hair, kissing him long and

deeply and enjoying the kiss that he returned.

Stephen reached with his free hand to my own cock and squeezed

it. I was wet with the anticipation that my body had generated

as I made love to him with my mouth. He spread my precum on me

and rubbed me into a state of frenzy. We kissed each other all

along, taking turns as I penetrated his mouth deeply and then he

penetrated me. He got up from the couch and motioned me to lie

on my back which I did. He lifted my legs and I rested them on

his back as he leaned down on his hands and knees and took my

dick into his mouth. I couldn't help but look at him, feel his

back on my legs and study this lovely boy as he worked my cock.

Stephen knew what he was doing. He rubbed my thighs, my ass and

my balls as he sucked me. I studied the contrast of his black

hair and dark face against the tan of my abs and it made me

all the hotter. I was captivated at the sight of his turned up

nose. I put my hands on the cheeks of his face and carressed him

and with that, came the intenseness of my own climax as I felt

the tingle all over me. Like he did, I held back my cum for as

long as I could but his sucking was relentless and my body gave

his waiting mouth all that I had. It was a great deal for I had

been very horney.

He swallowed me twice, hardly stopping and

like I had, he sucked my hard until I was completely spent.

Stephen then crawled forward and lay on top of me so we could

enjoy each other's nakedness as the excitment of his lovemaking

subsided. He rested his cheek on my chest as I ran my hands

across his back and over his ass. For several minutes, we just

lay in each others arms, saying nothing.

Finally he got up. 'I have to go now. They'll miss me.'

I hated that for I wanted him to stay with me. I wanted him

again and again. I wanted to taste him again, all over. 'I hope

we can do this again, Stephen.'

He smiled. 'Yeah, this was great.'

'I guess I need to pay you for this candy,' I said, still

disappointed that it was over.

'No chance.' He was dressing.

He turned to me and said, 'I did

it with you because I wanted to. I don't do this for money.'

I smiled as I got up. When he finished dressing, I put my arms

around him.

'I don't live around here, you know. I live down on the west


'I figured.'

He walked back to the kitchen, helping himself to a pen and an

envelope of unopened mail on the countertop. He wrote a phone

number on the back of the envelope. 'If you call and someone

else answers...just hang up.' I nodded. 'But keep trying.'

'I will.' I walked into the bedroom, took a twenty out of my

billfold and gave it to him. 'Lets see...thats five candybars

you owe me.' He took the candy from his box, laid them on the


'You got THAT right...and I think I'll be a regular customer.'

With that, he was out the door.



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