I was in Canada for a conference. A friend told me about a male strip club that he thought I'd enjoy.

We showed up, paid the cover, got some drinks and sat near the stage. Truth was I wasn't very impressed. I mean the guys weren't ugly, but they just wern't impressive.

I grew up with Wisconsin Farmers. Most of them were thick thewed Germans, Swedes and Poles. I grew up working along side these brutes, although I'm more long and rangy. These guys became my idea of a goodlooking man. Slight guys just didn't inflate my crank. Effeminate guys definitely made it droop. I like big muscular men. These dancers looked like young boys.

First I was bored, then I was pissed, because a black guy trying to get our attention, picked up my drink and used his dick as a swizel stick. There was nothing here for me. I was surprised because Rick and I had similair tastes in men. Only difference is Rick liked to bottom and I like to top.

Then Rick laughed and told me the real studs were up stairs. We went up and yeah the guys were much better built and looking. But they still looked like boys to me. But I had another drink and watched them go through their paces. After their sets the performers went around to the tables to solicit lap dances. I was somewhat amazed that so many of them made a beeline for me, because I hadn't dressed like I had money to burn. But after gazing around at the majority of the patrons, I realized I was probably the best looking customer in the room. Maybe the performers get tired of dancing for flabby or queeny men and grab for a chance to perform a lap dance for a guy in shape.

After fending off the third performer I was ready to leave. Then he strolled out onto the stage. His t-shirt and shorts were straining at the seams. I could see the shape of every muscle under that shirt and the big nipples near punched holes through the fabric. The shorts were so tight they clung to that big muscle ass and I could see the outline of an impressive cock and balls. He was announced as Rico and he went into his routine. He wasn't a dancer like some, he was a flexxer. He had a patrician's face, like a roman statue. He looked like a man. I settled back to watch, thoroughly enjoying the way his muscles rippled. When he took off his tee, it was just carelessly stripped off and dumped. No artistic peep show, just natural and sexy. When the shorts came off he just shucked them and stood there in all his glory. He stroked his dick up hard and then went back to flexing with his dick bobbing with every flex. I was riveted.

When he finished his set, he pulled on his shorts, left off his tee and ambled over to our table.

' You want a lapdance?' He asked. Oh yeah I certainly did. He told me to follow and took me to a back area. Patron's could see us through a big glass window, but most of me would be hidden by a partition. Now I have no problem with people watching, I just don't want any old troll touching. I sat down. He simply shucked his shorts and began a kind of flexxing dance. Rick told me that I wasn't allowed to touch the performers but that they could touch me to a certain extant. I am a bit of a control freak, and had always wanted to pay someone to cater to my whims. The only reason I hadn't yet was none of the hustlers I'd seen were up to my standards.

So it was a bit of a thrill to pay to have this man god dance just for me.

I watched him gyrate and stroke his dick, heft his balls and flex his muscles. It was totally hot. Then he turned and swung his beefy ass in front of my face. It was so perfect and round. At one point he even spread them apart to show me his hole. I was hard a rock.

Then he startled me, he backed up until he was straddling my lap and started grinding that big butt in my lap. Okay, yeah it was a lap dance, but since I'd never had one before, I wasn't prepared. As he ground his naked ass into my crotch he leaned that muscle ridged back onto my chest, and raised his arm so his pit was in my face. I could smell the sweat and a faint cologne on his skin. I was having the time of my life. I think I was half in love at that point. Then he raised up, turned and straddled me again. His hard dick slid up my belly. I could feel the heat of it through my shirt. Up close it was long and somewhat thin and uncut. My shirt grabbed at his foreskin making the purple head appear and disappear. His balls ruckd up around the base on each down slide. His big nipples stood out on his chest pointing at my face, teasing me, making me wet my lips.

Another shock! He took my hands in his big ones and placed them on his chest. ' You like muscle?' he asked in heavily accented English. Oh yeah, I like muscle. I ran my hands over the planes of his chest, brushing those big nipples. He arched hs back, driving his ass down on my crotch. I ran my hands over his flexxing biceps and sturdy forearms. Then he was up and turning his back to me again. His ass came back down on my crotch, grinding into my hard cock. He leaned forward so I could see his cheeks spread to either side of the ridge in my pants. He leaned back into me again, putting my hands on the hard ridges of his belly. I traced each ridge with my fingers as his arm came around my neck, turning his upper body towards me. Greatly daring I touched my togue to a protuding nipple. He tried to mash it against my lips. I lapped at it a few times, enjoying his faint salty taste. With his big free hand he pushed my exploring hand down into his bush and onto the base of his shaft. He wrapped my hand into his around his shaft and began pumping it. As my hand enfolded in his skinned the foreskin back I felt precum smear my hand. All of the while his ass is torturing my cock through my pants. I'd never been so turned on in my life. We were into the third song by now, but I didn't care how much it cost just then, I didn't want him to stop.

Suddenly he was up again, straddling me with his dripping dick smearing my shirt. He guided my hands to his big round ass. I cupped it, pulled it apart. Enjoying the heavy weight of it in my hands. He mashed his chest into my face, fucking my belly with his dick. He moved my hand until it was at his tailbone then slid it down the crevice between his cheeks. A jolt ran through us both as my fingers slid across his tight little pucker. I could feel a spurt of precum ooze from my dick into my underwear. When he let go of my hand I started to pull it away from his crevice, but he put it right back. I couldn't believe this man wanted me to stroke his hole where any one could see. And they were watching, I could see them from the corner of my eye. I think we were putting on a better show than whoever was on stage just then.

Then he backed off a little. ' Any more I cum! I go back on stage have to!' I sighed.

' You wait til finish set? Do again if you want?'

I grinned. He grinned, ' Take you to private booth next lapdance, maybe I see this then?' as he cupped my hard dick. I was sure glad there was a cash machine in the building. I intended to have a real long lapdance next time. I didn't know how much more Rico did in a private booth, but I wasn't going to miss the chance to find out!

Maybe someday I'll share that part of the story with you too!




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