John and I were desperately frustrated, lonely and distracted from all our daily activities and responsibilities over the next month longing to be together as lovers and share in each other's daily companionship. We each tried to spend more time with our friends, he in New York and me in San Francisco, to compensate for our growing unhappiness and loneliness in being apart, as well as our daily Skype hookup where we spent over an hour talking dirty and watching each other masturbate until we ejaculated huge loads of our salty thick cum. We had a hot practice of eating our own warm cum while telling each other how much we wished we were together so we could eat our buddies baby batter.

After we had been apart a month and only satisfying our horny condition through our daily libido needs by Skype, I had to take a week's business trip to an out post in Alaska where there was no phone or computer service. The week was hell for both of us.

Upon my return to San Francisco on a late Sunday night flight arriving around 9:00 PM, I immediately got home and called my babe John in New York. By that time, it was 12:30 AM in New York but I found my Babe still up waiting for my call.


John answered the phone and said: "Oh Babe, it is so fucking great to hear your voice. I'm about ready to be strapped into a restraining jacket and shipped off to some mental institution without our daily chats and fucking jacking off on Skype. While you've been gone Baby, I've masturbated but stopped short of a climax waiting for you to get home so I could give you a real show with a huge load. My balls are filled to the brim with all that semen and I'm just crazed to get my nuts off with you tonight. Fuck, I don't care if I get any sleep tonight despite the fact I have an early important meeting with my bosses at the advertisement company where I work very early tomorrow morning. I just can't go one more night without us stroking our hard cocks, telling each other how much we love one another, talking dirty and dumping my big load as you watch. Baby, lets get on Skype and go for it."


"Oh John Baby, I too am horny as hell. I've not even masturbated all week and I too need to empty my hard balls. I'm craving to see my lover's beautiful naked body, that awesome stiff tanned cock and watch your cum shoot out of that big piss slit. Many people would consider us nymphomaniacs but I don't care. I need you so bad."

We hooked up on Skype. As John appeared on the screen, I looked into his sexy eyes, beautiful smiling sexy face, his gorgeous ribbed tanned body and I became instantly rock hard as my cock began to twitch in my pants before I could get undressed.

"Look at you Baby, you're the most handsome sexy man I've ever met. I missed you beyond words to express. How have you been John Baby? Fuck a week without seeing you on Skype and no chance to watch you stroke the world's most sexy cock and come for me has been pure hell. Baby, baby, baby lets get started and let me see you jerk that big dick. I can hardly wait to see you shoot that huge built-up load for me. Man, I'm so horny right now."


"Oh Eric Baby, yea I too am horny as hell and can hardly wait to see your cock grow hard and watch you stroke that big dick for me and fuck yea I want to watch you erupt with that big load of jizz as your piss slit opens wide. Baby, I've missed you so much."


As we stood before the computer monitors, we began to slowly play with our cocks. Holy shit there we were butt naked and standing before the screen was hot John, perfect trimmed body, stiffening blood filled purplish cock, spitting his salvia all over that precious tool and he used his hands to began stroking up and down that huge cock shaft of the most beautiful manhood I'd ever seen as precum was dripping out of that wide open piss slit. The scene had me shivering and panting with ultimate lust for my Baby.


I could not take my eyes off hot Eric as he began to tease me that once again drove me wild with lust. He took his sexy hands and began to rub them up and down his muscled chest, played with his stone hard nipples, stroked his cock and yea he stuck a couple of fingers up his ass giving me that fucking hot shitty grin. He knew he had me just where he wanted me. He had me crazed for him as he had done so many times before. I'd do anything he asked. I was his bitch. He ran a finger in and out of his mouth while showing me his long hot tongue. He sucked on that finger and then ran it across his red lips while starring into my eyes. He gave me his middle finger suggesting fuck you. Then he gave me that seductive grin once again and in a very sexy voice he said: "Hey Baby how bad do you want my cock up your ass?" I just about lost it at that point. I'd never been hornier thanks to sexy Eric. Man, I loved this guy.

I began to wildly stroke my cock and said: "Oh Fuck, oh my god Eric, please make me cum. Oh baby you are driving me crazy."

Showing a very shinny leaking cock head, Eric began to stroke his huge cock and play with his red hot balls. Next he sat down in a reclining chair, put his feet up on a coffee table revealing his pink ass, balls and cock to me. He drove me wild as he rotated between stroking his blood filled cock, played with his huge balls and fucked his very familiar pussy with his fingers.


"John Baby, how bad do you want to see me come? Tell me Baby what you want me to do? John Baby, that's it, stroke your cock faster and spit on that damn cock and make it slick, yea that is it Baby, Wow, you know how to stroke that damn tool. Shoot that big load for me baby."

John's eyes became so focued on my stiff cock as he took a big long black dildo, ran it deep in his pussy as he lay on the carpet with his feet high in the air giving me a perfect view of that dildo deep in his ass. He began the most sensuous fucking of his ass with that dildo as he stroked his stiff cock with rapid speed. He began to moan and grunt loudly telegraphing me he was near coming. Shit, in less that three minutes, his cock head swelled in front of my eyes, his piss slit opened wide and he yelled: "Fuck yea, I'm coming." With that warning, his cock began to blast volcanic sized long shots of his white sticky cum on his chest, face and over his head. John was a champion long shooter of cum----often times over three feet.

The scene of John's incredible climax was too much for me. My warm cum gathered in my nuts, rushed up my cock shaft and my huge buildup one-week long supply of cum blasted all over my body. I'd kept on my shirt on that became totally soaked in that cum. I rubbed my finger in my cum and sucked my finger dry for John. I smiled at him and said: "Mmmmmm that cum taste so good. I'm eating that protein for you Baby."

I noticed that my eating my own cum set John in motion and not to be out done he used his sexy fingers and tongue to clean his face swallowing his jizz. With cum still on his lips, he smiled at me and said: "Baby I just ate my cum for you. Man, it taste so good. Eric I wish you were here to lick all that cum off my body and even that cum that hit my wall. Baby, I have one request. Would you not wash that cum soaked shirt of yours, save it for me as a gift and I'll sleep with it and sniff it thinking of you?"

That made me so horny and happy that John wanted my cum stained shirt. He is a really a nasty little hot dude. I love it.

After we had finished our night of hot ejaculating cum session and eating our own cum, my mind ran to how much I needed my baby with me. W still have the dilemma that John is in New York and I'm in San Francisco. What would we do to be together?

I asked John: "Baby, do you think any of our neat readers got off while reading this story? Do you think we were joined by guys who shot their loads when we did? What do you think Baby? Maybe some of the readers will tell us with a comment."

Maybe you readers have some ideas for John and me?  PEACE!!!!


Naughty Eric


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