I’d never had sex in a public place before and I wasn’t really sure where

might be a safe place to do it. An online buddy told me about a website

you can use to find places where you live where guys meet and have sex. I

couldn’t believe it! There were actually four listed for my city: a

college restroom, the adult porn shop just outside of town, a local picnic area

and a men’s’ room in the same building where the police department is.

The last one sounded a little risky, as did the park. I was nervous about

going to a porn store so the only other option was the college restroom.

I go to college, but not at the place where the sex bathroom was.

Luckily the website gave directions on how to find the restroom, so it wasn’t

that hard. My heart was pounding a mile a minute when I went in.

There were two urinals and two stalls. Both of the stall doors were open

and no one else was in the place. Considering college was on summer

break, it was probably “off season” for sex in this place, but I decided to

hang around for a little while to see if anyone showed up. There were

summer classes in session and other stuff happening on campus; besides, someone

else might make the trip just like I had, showing up just to check out the

bathroom for sex.

I sat in the last stall and kept my shorts and boxers down around my

ankles. To relieve my fucking boredom, I whacked off. Some guys had

written some shit on the walls and it was making me horny. Someone had

kept a tally of all the guys they had sucked in the bathroom and after counting

the scratches on the wall, I realized the guy had blown 37 different

dicks. Another long paragraph scrawled over the toilet paper dispenser

told this hot story of a college kid who fucked a hot ass under the stall

divider. I jacked harder as I thought about this and had to force myself

to stop before I came. I knew if I popped now I wouldn’t be horny if

someone else showed up for sex.

Believe it or not I actually sat in that stall for 45 minutes.

Nothing. I put my dick back in my pants and decided to call it

quits. The park listed on that website wasn’t far from the college and

since it was getting close to 5 o’clock, I thought maybe I could catch some guy

there looking for an after work BJ. I flushed and went out to the

sink. While I was washing my hands, the door opened and a hot guy came


The guy was probably 20, 21… total clone with a pretty face, spiky blond

hair and a crotch bulge that made me instantly hard. Somehow I knew he

was looking the second he showed up. His eyes went to my face, to my

crotch and back up to my face. He kind of stood there frozen for a second

and then ducked into the first stall. I tried not to smile too hard as I

finished washing my hands. I pissed around with the paper towels for

another couple of minutes and then faked a runny nose, pretending to

sniffle. I slid back into my old stall and unwound some toilet paper,

blowing my nose for effect.

I looked down at the space between the stalls and noticed the other guy’s

shoe slowly tapping up and down. I knew this was a signal that he was

cruising for sex, so I dropped my pants again and sat back down on the

toilet. My dick was already hard as hell and starting to drip. I

slowly stroked my bone, waiting for the other guy to make the first move.

I didn’t want to do anything rash and find out he was some kind of undercover

campus cop or something. I stopped stroking when I heard a sound.

He was whacking off to beat the band in his own stall.

I kind of spread my legs open and pushed my dick down so it stuck straight

out. Hurt like hell because it was so fucking stiff. I kept my eye

on the floor and held my breath as the shadow near the stall divider got

longer. Pretty soon I could see the top of that cute spiky blond

head. He was doubled over and trying to look up at me. I spread my

legs even wider and made sure he could see my hard dick. He nearly

toppled off his seat.

He kept his face under the divider, looking up between my legs. The

first time he licked his lips, I knew what to do. I stood up and turned

to face him, and then I squatted down so my cock was aiming for the space

between the stalls. He licked his lips again and I put my knees on the

floor. I began to slide forward and didn’t stop when the dripping tip of

my dick touched his lips.

“Open up,” I told him in a loud whisper. He did and held his head in

place while I slid my dick as far as I could go. I reached up and held

onto the handicapped bar, forcing my entire lower body under the narrow space;

from the waist down I was in his stall. He had unlimited access to my

dick now and began to do things I could feel but could not see.

“Oh fuck!” I remember saying, feeling his entire mouth swallow me up.

I’ve had a few nice blowjobs in the past, but nothing like the magic this guy

was working. My hands were getting sweaty trying to hang on to the metal

bar and I couldn’t hold back whimpers of pleasure as the blond’s hot wet mouth

went slowly up and down on my dick.

It felt incredible, but I didn’t want it to end so quickly. I

carefully slid out of his mouth and pulled my bent legs back into my own

stall. I slid back to make room and then waved my hand under the stall,

inviting the blond to slide his own cock under for me to work on.

His dick was a beauty, long as well as thick. The guy may have been a

blond on top, but his rug didn’t match the roof, as the saying goes. His

big dick was sticking out of a hot thick bush of black pubes. I wanted so

bad to have my nose pressed in that hot thatch, his dick stuck in the back of

my throat. I licked the tip of his dick a few times and then wrapped one

of my hands around the root of his shaft to hold it steady. Then very

slowly I began to lower my mouth over that hot hard dick. The guy began

to moan like I had, so I took that as a good sign that whatever I was doing was

making him feel good. I carefully removed my hand from the bottom half of

his dick and took as much as I could. I don’t have that much experience

with sucking dick, and I knew I would probably gag if I tried to go too deep on

this guy’s.

I got about ¾ of the way down and then he began to fuck. It felt

hotter than hell to have that big dick fucking my mouth, even if it was making

me gag a little. I began to notice a strange taste in my mouth and

realized that his dick was leaking precum. It was strong and had a mint

tinge to it. Not at all unpleasant. It made my own dick drip even


I got my head down as close to the floor as I could and then I felt both the

blond’s hands grab hold of it, pinning me there so he could fuck my mouth even

faster. Damn! I could tell just by the way his dick kept throbbing

in my mouth (faster and faster) that it wouldn’t be long before he

popped. After another minute I heard him grunt, “Here it is,” but he

never let go of my head. He just kept pumping in and out of my

mouth. I felt the first gush (huge) and felt three more follow. I

tried to get it down, but he buried his dick and held it there, probably spurting

out a few more good squirts right down my throat. His dick throbbed every

few seconds and I wondered how long his orgasm would last.

Finally he pulled out and slid back under. I stood up and felt a big

wet sensation in the back of my throat. Man, it was all his cum that I

hadn’t yet swallowed, sliding down my hatch. I expected him to zip up and

split, but his hand came back under. He wanted to get me off. All


I slid back under and let his mouth do its work; he was so good I knew it

wouldn’t take me long. I announced I was cumming and expected him to take

my load like I had done for him. But he pulled off and finished me off

with his hand, which still felt nice. I couldn’t see myself cum but I

must have done something pretty amazing because he was going nuts. His

hand gave my dick a few more jerks and then he was off. He slipped as he

was leaving the stall.

Alone, I pulled up my shorts and went out to the sink to wash my hands

again. I got curious and went into his stall to see what kind of mess I had

made. Holy shit! There was cum all over the floor plus rivers of

the stuff pouring down the far wall. I am sometimes a big pumper and it

looked like today I had really put on a show. I thought about staying

behind and wiping it all up, but I decided to leave it…. let someone else

wonder what went on in here today.


Jeff White

[email protected]


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