Part 1

I overheard a sexy classmate make a lewd comment about the college library men's room. He was telling an equally sexy-looking friend of his something about it being a "cocksucker's hangout." I decided to visit it that very day, a Wednesday, my third day on campus. At noontime, the first thing I detected upon entering the large room was that unmistakable scent of recent man-sex, and just as recognition of that aroma hit me, a handsome young man went past me on his way out. He had a shit-eating grin on his face and a far-away look in his eye, both signifying sexual satisfaction. I felt my gut churn with excitement. I was certain I'd found the right place.

The door to the last of three cubicles was ajar so I went in immediately. There it was! The first thing I saw. A large glory hole! The cubicle was well lit and roomy. As I opened my trousers and sat down on the commode, I recognized all the trimmings of a busy glory hole: a large, hand-printed instructional sign saying SHOW HARD FOR BLOWJOB with an arrow pointing at the hole; several dates and times inviting meetings; a few small childish drawings of cocks; one very large, impressively high-quality drawing of a profiled erection being poked into a masculine face; and those spots and stains that seem to have been made from semen.

As I leaned to look through the glory hole, I was amazed and delighted to see a giant erection standing naked and tall through the glory hole in the opposing wall of the middle cubicle. I got only a momentary glimpse of the throbbing organ before a head moved forward to block my view. If the movement of the head wasn't enough to let me figure out what was going on, the sucking and groaning sounds that started coming from my two fellow cubicle occupants sure were. The head, covered with Boris-Becker-like medium length strawberry blond hair, began rhythmically bobbing up and down on what I had seen to be a very sizeable cock. I was hard instantly. I noticed that the fellow in the middle cubicle was wearing a white lab coat and figured he might have come from the chemical department in the building right next to the library. But wherever he came from, he was sure working diligently on that big cock. The groaning became louder, interspersed with whispered phrases like, "That's it, man, suck my big dick." and "Yeah, that's it. Ooh, you suck good, man."

When the lusty lad shot his load, it was obvious to anyone within earshot that he was coming. He crashed his full body against the wooden partition, and grunted loudly with each cum-shot. I counted an impressive six grunts. They were followed by groans of pleasure and sighs of contentment. By the time the head withdrew, having planted itself firmly against the glory hole as the grunting began, the hole was empty. The cock had been fully withdrawn.

I caught a look of serene contentment on the face of the cocksucker as he sat back for a moment and relaxed, his right hand hidden in the folds of the lab coat. For a split second I feared he'd brought himself off and wouldn't be interested in servicing my rigidly pulsating member, but he glanced over towards me and saw me watching him through the hole. He seemed older than most students, so I imagined he was a graduate student or lecturer. He grinned at me, wiped his mouth with the back of his left hand, and whispered, "You all set to go, kid?"

"Yeah," I whispered back. I stood and eased my stiff hardon through the hole. It stood quivering untouched, for several moments. I heard the far cubicle door open and, after a moment, close again; heard the rustling of clothing; and realized that another fellow had come in. The cocksucker in the middle was letting the new guy get a good look at my tall-standing erection, just as I had seen (and been aroused by) the erection of the fellow he'd just sucked off. I figured it was a type of sexual advertising. The new guy would see my erection, then watch the head bobbing on it, realize that an orgasm had been reached and be ready for action himself. I felt proud to let my cock stand as that advertisement. It throbbed lustily, oozing pre-cum.

Suddenly, a fiery, wet mouth slid over my cockhead, sucking vigorously, and without pause slid down the shaft, engulfing my entire cock in one amazing movement right down to the edges of the glory hole. I drew in my breath in excitement. Immediately, I knew this cock-lover was really talented and I gave myself up to his demanding mouth, fucking every last fraction of my cock into that glory hole and letting him work his magic. He sucked and bobbed, swallowing often and using his tongue like the expert cocksucker he was. I wanted it to last and tried consciously to hold off, but the excitement was just too much for me. The pleasure of finding a great glory hole, the uniqueness of encountering a really great cocksucker, and the assembly-line atmosphere of the three stalls with their promise of big things to come when I knew I'd find myself sucking cock in that middle booth, all worked to lift me to that terrific plateau of rapture where time is lost and blast after blast of cum spurts out and floods the eager throat of the grateful recipient.

I finally had to withdraw. I sat down and peered through the glory hole. Another cock was already standing tall in the opposite glory hole. My lab-coated friend had a warm smile on his flushed face as he leaned back and relaxed for a moment. He withdrew his hand from the coat and I saw it was covered with sperm. He'd shot his load with me.

"No wonder his cocksucking had been so energetic towards the end," I thought. As he wiped his hand with what looked like a damp washcloth, he smiled to himself with contentment. I went out to the sinks, washed my cock and my hands, and as I was adjusting my clothes, watched another young man take my place in the cubicle, an excited look in his eye. After a brief pause, during which I heard the newcomer suck in his breath in astonishment at seeing, no doubt, an erection standing tall through a glory hole, I knew the strawberry blond cocksucker was back at work. I also knew I'd be spending lots of time in the middle cubicle of this men's room.

* * * * *

Imagine my great surprise the next morning, when, sitting on an examination table dressed only in my bikini briefs, awaiting the required physical exam for the athletic scholarship I'd received, who should walk in but the strawberry blond in the white lab coat! As a wave of lust fired off in my groin, I tried to look calm and hide my reactions.

I had filled out a form on a clipboard while I waited for the doctor. The form asked all the usual questions, including my age - I was twenty, having spent a couple years in the army after high school. The young doctor picked up the clipboard and started reading it.

"Good morning," he said sprightly, not looking up from the form, "What have we got here?" It startled me to realize the doctor was the wonderful cocksucker from the library. He must have sensed my unease and took it for nervousness about the physical. Having read my name, he said, "Relax, Jack, I'm the Campus Doctor." He offered me his hand, saying, "How do you do?"

"Great," I answered, shaking his strong hand firmly. My cock started to harden. He was even more handsome than I had realized. He gave no sign that he recognized me. "Just a little hungry," I added since I'd been instructed not to eat that morning.

"Good, good," he said absently as he studied my completed form. "If you feel the need at any time during this exam, put urine in this bottle on the sink, will you? We need a sample before you leave."

While he studied the form, and after a minute or two of thinking about it, I decided I really did need to pee. It was like the suggestion of it made me want to do it. I jumped down off the table and saw the doctor take a quick, knowing glance at my distended crotch. With some hemming and hawing, I decided he wanted me to pee right in front of him. pushed down the front of my briefs, hooked them under my balls, took the bottle from the sink, and started filling it, turning from him slightly in a mild attempt at modesty. Immediately, he moved around to stand in front of me as he openly watched me filling the bottle.

"Very good," he said, apparently trying to put me at ease with a professional manner. I watched him staring at my spewing cock. "Excellent urine color..." he commented, pausing, not taking his eyes from my crotch, "...vigorous flow. Healthy volume."

It was very strange being watched while pissing. It was also very intimate. My cock wanted to stiffen and invite. I felt like turning my back again to the doctor to keep him from noticing my reactions to him, but he was too close and too clinical to be put off. I was sure he was getting some jollies from watching, though. A weird sense of sexual excitement pulsed through me, and my whole body shuttered, like a kid's does, as I finished peeing.

"Here, let me take that," he said, and reached for the bottle while my cock was still well in its throat. He tugged quickly, and I felt a tingle at the pull as my cock slipped out of the bottle with a soft "pop". "You really fill the jar, Jack," he observed with a grin. I felt sure he was talking about the size of my dick, not the volume of my urine. It was flattering and arousing. I quickly tugged my briefs back up over my expanding dick to hide my arousal, but I watched his practiced eye taking it all in. It was one of those strangely memorable moments in life when sexual excitement keeps the situation tense and electrified. "How can I let this guy know I've scored with him?" I wondered.

After asking my medical history with professional detachment, and while taking my pulse, he threw a question at me, rather bluntly: "How's your sex life?"

My brilliant response was "Huh?"

"You know," he encouraged with a grin, "what do you do about sex?"

"Well..." I said hesitantly.

"Don't be embarrassed, Jack," he reassured me. "Some sexual information about a patient is important to a medical record. If a sports-related injury to the groin has caused some difficulty in getting or maintaining a firm erection, for example, it might be resolved by medical intervention. Such information goes no further than this room. Believe me."

Before I could think of something to say, he put a thermometer in my mouth.

"On the other hand, Jack," he continued, "besides running this clinic and doing things like these physical examinations, I have been conducting unofficial but diligent research for the past seven years, while I've been Campus Doctor here, on the sexual activities of the students." Since it was an all male college, he meant, of course, the sexual activities of the male students.

"Hmm?" I questioned with the thermometer still in place. "I'll bet he has been," I said to myself.

"Yes. See this red-bordered sheet on the clipboard? If you agree to cooperate with my research, any, let's call it, supplementary information you give me about your sex life will go exclusively on this sheet. It is unnamed, unidentifiable, and goes into my research files for statistical purposes only. I don't keep my research files here, and no one else has access to them. Nothing you tell me about your sexual activities will go into your actual medical file."

He took the thermometer out of my mouth, checked it and made a notation. "I see," I said apprehensively, "and you'd like me to tell you details of my sex life for your research."

"Exactly," he smiled in an innocent way. "It would be a big help."

"How many cooperated with this research?" I asked boldly.

"To be honest with you, Jack," he answered, "most of them have. Actually, one-hundred percent of the athletes have been very cooperative." His emphasis on the word "very" was as amusing as it was stimulating. He made it sound so erotic I could just picture a string of athletes "cooperating" with him in this exam room. My groin churned at the thought.

"Who didn't cooperate?" I wanted to know.

"Oh, you know," he said with a grimace, "those few prudes who are so uptight about their sexuality that they claim to have no sex life at all. You've met the type, no doubt."

"Yeah, probably," I agreed. "I'm not one of 'em, though."

"No, I didn't think for a moment that you were," he assured me with a broad grin. "You're much too sexy to be a prude." The comment, while flattering, strayed well past professional opinion, it seemed to me, as he stared down at my full crotch. That excited me.

"You really think so?" I asked naively. I was hoping this would lead to another blowjob and I wanted to give him every opening I could think of.

"Absolutely! Look at your great build, your wonderful development! I'd love to have a body like yours." He sounded sincere.

"You don't seem to be a slouch, yourself, Doc," I told him. "It surprises me to learn you've been here for seven years already. When I first saw you yesterday, I thought you were one of the students."

He beamed. "You thought so? I like that. It's very flattering." He smiled, apparently missing my reference to having seen him before, and he continued his examination, now listening to my heart and lungs through his cold stethoscope.

"So, what do you want to know," I asked, curious to go along with his so-called research.

"Let's start easy. Do you masturbate?" He was thumping my chest and my back in that peculiar way doctors do.

"Sure," I admitted casually, "doesn't everybody?"

"They do," he agreed quickly. "Kinsey said ninety-eight percent of all males admit to masturbation, and the other two percent lie." He laughed.

"What has your research found?" I questioned.

"Everyone masturbates," he confirmed. "But do you like to masturbate?" he asked. Now he was checking my reflexes with a little rubber mallet.

"Yeah, I sure do," I admitted. Talking about it caused the noticeable bulge in my white bikini shorts to grow even larger.

He paused, while taking my blood pressure, and asked, almost off-handedly, "How often do you?"

"You mean jack off?" I asked.

"Um Hmm," he responded, as if concentrating on taking my blood pressure and not paying me full mind.

I decided to tell him the truth. "Every day."

"Once every day?" he asked, rather aggressively, stressing the word "once" in a way that implied he figured it was probably more than once a day.

"Well," I replied casually, "usually more than once a day, to be honest with you."

"Yes, please be completely honest with me, Jack," he demanded, "or my research will be affected. Keep that in mind. I realize it might be hard to be completely forthcoming, but remember this will be held in strictest confidence. Okay?"

"Sure, Doc," I agreed, "it's just that it's weird talking about it."

"I know. Most fellows feel the same way. Some just can't talk about it, but you are doing just fine. Now, tell me, how often per day?" He smiled pleasantly. I thought I caught a glint of real interest in his eye.

"At least three times," I admitted.

"Wow!" he sighed emphatically. "That's impressive. How long have you been doing that?"

"Since I was twelve. Except for some time in the Army when it was very hard to find the privacy. You understand."

"Yes, of course. That's great! You're sexually very active and you enjoy masturbation. That's very normal," he said enthusiastically. "Tell me, though, did you ever do it with a friend?"

"Jacked-off with a friend?" I asked, rephrasing his question. I grinned.

He smiled, a look of real interest on his handsome face, and nodded.

"Sure," I admitted, "lots of times."

"Really?" he asked breathlessly. He stopped all activity to listen to me.

"Uh huh..." I hemmed, pausing, "...somethin' about me, I guess, makes other guys open up to me. Before you know it, we're foolin' around."

"Well, you're handsome and well-hung! Who wouldn't want to make it with you? But do you mean, you're fooling around currently, even nowadays? Even here at school?" He seemed surprised.

"Sure," I answered simply.

"There's no real, physical contact, though. Just jacking off." He said it as a statement, but it really was a question.

"You mean, besides pumping cum on each other?" I asked, fairly sarcastically, acting dumb.

"Well, yes. But you know what I mean," he said excitedly, rather exasperated with me. "No hands on others' organs? No oral-genital contacts? Anal? Anything like that?" he asked with real interest.

"Well, Doc, boys will be boys, won't they." I grinned again. My briefs were being stretched beyond the point of simple coverage as my cock continued its persistent surge to full engorgement in the cramped confines of the skimpy material and forced a gap between my body and the waistband. The doctor's eyes kept being drawn down to that gap as he carefully monitored the changing fullness in my briefs.

"Yes," he said with an envious sigh, "They will be." He thought about that for a moment. "But tell me what they do?"

"Well, let's put it this way, Doc. I've always found others who've shared my enthusiasm for sex. I don't know why. They just seem to show up. I don't know if I have a look about me, or an air about me, or what it is, but, as I said, some guys just seem to like to open up to me. Before you know it, we're doing something."

"But you mean 'jacking-off'. Right?" he queried with great interest.

"It used to be like that, sure, in high school. But in the military and lately, most of them seem to enjoy the more adult pleasures. Know what I mean? Like a friend said to me the other day, "That looks good enough to eat!" What could I do? I let him eat it." I smiled, amused by his expression of wonder.

"Gee," he said in awe. He paused, looked perplexed for a moment while studying my crotch and then suddenly changed the subject completely. "Look," he said, "so far everything about your physical condition is great. You're in terrific shape. We'll get your blood chemistry and urine reports back in a few days, but to finish up, today, I must give you a quick rectal exam, and check your genitals. Then we'll be through. Just slip out of those shorts. That's it. Slip 'em off. Here, I'll take 'em."

I had raised my hips while sitting on the exam table and slid my briefs off. My freed erection surged to complete hardness, but the doctor took no apparent extra notice of it.

"Now, lie on your side, facing away from me," he instructed. That's it. Here, I'll just..." He slid a warm hand caressingly over my hip and onto my ass. He massaged the muscles. I sensed it was just slightly unprofessional of him. "You know," he said in a husky whisper, "you do have an exceptional body. So muscular and well proportioned." His hand kept massaging my buttocks, pulling the cheeks apart, kneading the flesh.

"Thanks, Doc," I said lightly, trying to sound upbeat and trying to control my responding cock, which had turned so stiff it was starting to ooze pre-cum. Talking about my sexual experiences had turned me on even further.

"Lift this knee up towards your chest..." he instructed, "...that's it. Now, here's the probe." He slipped his middle finger, rather roughly, up my ass. It slid in with very little opposition, being sheathed in a lubricated finger-rubber. "Hmm," he hummed. Then he rotated the finger and thrust it in as deeply as it would go. "Very nice..." he whispered quietly, almost to himself.

"Err... Uh... Doc?" I asked hesitantly. His finger kept thrusting and rotating. I could feel it touching my prostate gland from time to time, producing enormous spasms of warm intensity that radiated throughout my groin. "Whacha doin'?"

"Oh!" he said, as if coming out of a trance. "Oh, yes," he corrected himself, sounding more professional, "I just wanted to be sure that your prostate is not enlarged or swollen. Every-thing feels just fine in here. How are you doing? I'm not hurting you, am I?"

"It's okay, Doc," I advised, "just a little tender, is all." I couldn't bring myself to tell him it was turning me on, and that I wanted another blowjob.

His friendly finger withdrew. "Right," he said, returning to the bright attitude he'd shown earlier. "Now let's check the rest of you. Turn over and lie on your back."

I rolled over. As I did so, I heard and felt my swollen cock thwack against my belly. I didn't have to look down at it to know it was enlarged well beyond any slightly inflated, easily explainable stage. It was a complete erection, and, as I could see from the expression in the doctor's widening eyes, it was at a most impressive stage, looking big and very conspicuous. And looking completely aroused.

"Excellent!" the doctor sighed, sincerely. He was looking directly at my cock and balls. "You are quite a MAN!" The flattery was voiced quietly with a huskiness that felt like an em-brace. The doctor was turned on. And he was turning me on.

"Er... Well..." I started to say, feeling a little disconcerted, "...I guess talking about sex, and getting my prostate rubbed, has given me a problem, Doc."

"Oh! No! This is not a problem," he whispered huskily, emphasizing "this" in a way that we both knew what he meant. "Don't feel sorry. Feel proud! This is really something to be proud of. Anyway, you'd be surprised how many guys get an erection during my exam. It's perfectly normal. Now, with your permission, I'd like to measure the erection. Would that be alright?" he asked. "It's for my research."

Before I could reply, he gripped my cock in a firm grasp and knowingly pulled the skin upwards, towards the glans, at the same time straightening the organ to point up to the ceiling. He pumped the cockskin up and down for a few enjoyable strokes. Immediately, my cock became rock hard in his hand.

"It's really hard, now," he said, more to himself than to me. He took out a thin measuring tape and set about the task of taking the measurements he wanted. I watched, hands behind my head, with a certain degree of aloof, but prideful, fascination. He measured the length of the penis from scrotal sac to tip, and again from pubic bone to tip; the girth of the penis at several points along the shaft; the length and girth of the glans; the length of the cum-slit; the length and girth of the scrotum; the length of each testicle; and made several other erotic measurements, all the while very quick and practiced at what he was doing, keeping a clear tally on the red-bordered sheet on the clipboard, and engrossed in his work. I noticed that the sheet contained a pre-printed outline of an erect penis and scrotum, onto which he was marking my measurements. It was obvious that mine was not the first erection he'd ever measured.

"How's it look, Doc?" I asked, feeling really aroused

"Very impressive!" he responded immediately and with much emotion.

"A record? Or just the catch of the day?"

He looked up from his task and grinned at me. "Not a record, Jack, I have to admit, but it's much more than just the catch of the day. You've got an extraordinarily fine set of gonads, here."

"What's the record?" I wondered aloud.

"Four or five years ago, I had one that measured well over twelve inches long." He looked at me with an expression of sadness and went on. "Unfortunately, the fellow really didn't know how to enjoy himself with it. What a great shame."

"Yeah," I agreed, "knowing what to do with it is half the battle." I smiled at him and gave an ever-so-slight jab of my hips to drive my cock through his still embracing fist - just enough to make my meaning perfectly clear.

His eyes widened and he looked intently into my eyes. "I want to learn more about your sex life, Jack. You fascinate me and can be important to my research. But, first, this beauty does need some attention, doesn't he?" He looked at my cock and renewed his skilled pumping. A very large droplet of clear liquid formed in the long slit in the tip as we both watched. I felt I was getting hot.

"It looks hot," he commented, as if reading my thoughts. His manipulation was practiced and skillful, pulling the cockskin upwards in a smooth, tight-gripped motion, tugging the ballsac upward with it; then, with equal firmness, drawing the skin down the shaft until his fist pounded into my balls with just the right degree of strength and vigor so that the cockskin tightened at the glans with excruciating pleasure and my balls felt jarred but not threatened. He knew exactly what he was doing.

"Tell me, Doc," I asked, with a husky, breathy voice, "does it look familiar to you?"

"Should it?" he asked in surprise.

"I was in the library yesterday at noon," I replied simply.

He looked up at my face. His eyebrows were raised. He thought about my statement for a moment. Then he smiled at me with affection. "So you know what I want to do with this great cock of yours, don't you?"

"For sure," I answered. "And yesterday, you came when I did," I announced.

"So you're the one!" he blurted out.

"You remember, then."

"Hell, yes. I can't come with every cock I suck, but when they're just right, you know, stiff but resilient, tough but tasty, proud but friendly, clean but spicy, eager but long-lasting, and full of juice, I can get so excited I can't hold off."

"Nothing's holding you back now, Doc." I let the statement hang in the air.

He turned his face, kissed the head of my penis and, with great, moist skill, sucked the entire cockhead into his mouth. His tongue swirled and swirled, filling my being with such pleasure that I arched my back, humped my hips and tried to force the rest of my cock into his fiery mouth. I watched in delight as he bobbed his head up and down, devouring more and more of me with each downward motion, until, with a great whoosh of exhaling air, he dove to the very base of my cock, nose in cockhair, forehead against my belly, engulfing me completely. It felt marvelous.

Immediately, he began a full, deep-throating, sucking that was exquisite. His technique and range, his temperature and toungings, his suction and pressures were perfect. Even from a standing position at the side of the exam table, he was able to perform such variety of movement, such infinite subtlety of playing tissue against tissue that I thought I'd come in no time. But he had ways of toning down the strengths of his onslaught, of judging my physical reactions and calculating his responses, of reducing or increasing his efforts, so that he was able to lift me to just the most perfect level of sexual readiness and hold me there without losing control. We both wanted it to last forever.

I heard him unzip himself. It occurred to me to ask if he'd like some help, but I realized that he was in charge, and if bringing himself off as I came pleased him, I wasn't going to interrupt his pleasures. He was free to ask for help if he wanted any. I felt resigned. I knew I was in the hands of the most expert cocksucker I'd ever met. As I enjoyed the fires of overwhelming passion surging through my body, raising me to exhilarating peaks of carnal craving and primitive lust, I vowed I'd try to learn as much as this talented, loving, handsome man was capable of teaching me.

His breathing became more labored and intense. His movements on my cock became even more extreme. Suddenly, I felt a splat of hot cum against my naked side, and realized he was coming. I instantly soared into orgasm. My body stiffened from head to toe. Every muscle contracted. Every nerve ending fired off in a sequence that churned through my abdomen and powered a force that swirled through my balls and into my prostate. The force exploded up through my cock. A tremendous spurt of semen filled his mouth. He swallowed and sucked for more, as more of his sperm hit my side. Spurt after spurt of my cum was pumped out with intense power and extreme gratification. He took it all.

As I settled back against the exam table, breathing hard and enjoying the aftershocks of a great experience, he did an interesting thing. Instead of popping off my cock, like others had done when having had their fill, he kept it in his mouth and throat. The pressures he applied were vastly diminished. He realized how sensitive my cockhead had suddenly become. But he worked on the organ to keep the blood supplies flowing and it stayed erect in his mouth. It was a very pleasant experience. He seemed in no hurry whatever to give up his prize, but equally in no hurry to re-evoke the heady carnality of a few minutes earlier.

I calmed down, relaxed and watched an expert at work. He sucked lightly, swallowed often, keeping the organ moist but not drowned, and somehow he tickled and pulled, tongued and sucked, pumped and goaded life back into the not reluctant organ. When he finally came up and off the cock, it was as stiff and as ready for action, as hard and as eager for more, as you could want, vibrating in anticipation above my belly, shiny with saliva and semen.

"What a MAN!" he sighed with real conviction. "And what a great cock!"

I sighed and stretched my naked body erotically on the table. "Doc, that was fantastic! You have a skill that's incredible. I just had one of the best orgasms of my life and I can't believe I'm still up and ready for more. You sure know how to handle cock."

He smiled with pride. "Would I be wrong in guessing that you do, too?"

"You'd be right. I'll admit it," I told him, "but with nowhere near the level of skill you just demonstrated. I'm good at it, and I love doin' it, and I'm always trying to improve my technique, but compared with you, I'm just a happy neophyte."

"You'll improve quickly, I'm positive. You'll spend some time at the library and be amazed at the numbers and varieties of cock available to you. And you'll find the other glory holes on campus, too. But to be as up-front with you, Jack, as you've been with me," he admitted, "my greatest sexual pleasures come from sucking cock while jacking off, just like I did with you, now. I'll tell you, Jack," he said with a laugh, "I suck a lot of cock. But I only reach orgasm, myself, with those who really, seriously, turn me on. Those who are obviously enjoying the full pleasure of it. Those like you. Like a few others. Not those who are just quickly dumping a horny load in any convenient mouth." He looked embarrassed and reluctant to continue.

"Yeah, I know," I agreed, "I've had my fair share of cock, too, Doc, especially at busy glory holes on military posts and bases, at busy glory holes in restrooms at bus stations and airports where I've had to wait, and in the showers at Y's where I've stayed in my travels. I didn't even try to come with everyone who came in my mouth, especially when I knew there'd be another eager guy outside awaiting his turn at the giving side of the glory hole. Only the really 'special' ones, the enthusiastic ones, the ones who were having fun with it or were really helping me work at it, ever got me off too."

His expression cleared like the sun had just come out, and he looked at me as if seeing me for the first time. "Christ, you really know what I'm talking about, don't you?" he asked in awe.

I smiled. "To tell you the truth, Doc, some of my very best orgasms happened while I sucked a cock to spewing orgasm, tasted the fresh hot cum, and shot all over the wall, bringing myself off. I love jacking off. Doing it, jacking off, with a hot stud coming down my throat is, well, perfection."

"Oh, yes!" he agreed excitedly. "Perfection! Sometimes I've felt like no one else would understand or feel this way. How alike we are, Jack."

"Yes." A sense of great camaraderie swelled in my breast. We were alike. I felt fortunate, at that moment, to have learned a lesson from him. He had discovered he felt he was alone. He was overwhelmed to find someone really like himself. But for me, I learned I was not alone before I ever fully realized that I might have been. A strong bond of friendship welded us together at the instant I understood this.

"I couldn't be prouder than to be like you, Doc," I told him sincerely. I raised my arms to him and he fell upon me in a powerful embrace.

After some moments, his hands started roaming my body knowledgeably. A tickle here. A tug there. A pinch, a slap, a rub, and before you knew it my engines were racing. He moved back, stared lovingly at my throbbing cock for a moment, and, with a sigh of genuine pleasure, went down on me again. How it was possible, I don't really know, but he raised my whole being to even loftier heights of passion with the fantastic technique of his second assault.

My hands weren't still this time, but I kept them to myself, pinching my nipples, cupping my balls, rubbing my abdomen. I enjoyed the thwacking sounds of his masturbation, knowing he was doing exactly what he loved best to do. We both kept at it for an amazingly long time. Much longer than it had ever taken me to bring myself off. Intensity of pleasures was an interest for us both. Speed was not. I luxuriated in the unhurried lovemaking, and had time to wonder, in awe, about the many, many young men who had lain naked in this very same position upon this very same table before me, getting serviced by this terrific doctor.

This time, I could more clearly see his cock being pumped. It was an impressive size and poked in and out of his fist with sexy regularity. It oozed lubrication. Suddenly, I noticed that it had swollen to an intense extreme. I watched, and a jet of white fluid spewed out and splattered against my hip. I glanced over at the head bobbing excitedly on my thick cock and blasted off into orbit. I came with overwhelming intensity, so forcefully that for a moment I thought I'd pass out. His cum kept hitting my hip. I filled his mouth over and over again. It was magnificent.

"What a wonderful experience," I sighed with emotion after it was over.

"We will have to get together, often, Jack. You need great levels of intense lovemaking, and I want to suck this cock of yours as often as I can. You're great. It seems like a long time since I've come twice in a row like this." He handed me a moist, warm cloth and I wiped off his semen and cleaned up my cock.

"Your body is aglow," he said, fondly, as he watched me.

"Yes. I feel wonderful. I'm so satisfied, right now, I feel completely relaxed and at ease. I don't want to leave you, but I realize that we've both got other things we have to do today."

"Yes. You'd better get dressed. But come back soon. I want to hear more about your sex life. I want to know what you think of the campus glory holes, once you've discovered all of them. And the campus cocks. I want to know everything."

"For your research, right?" I asked with a grin.

"Right!" he said, raising and lowering his eyebrows.

"Should I tell you about the Campus Doc?"

"No, that's alright," he said, grinning at me like a little boy, "I keep a thick file on him!"

Now, that's always been something I've wanted to read.

Part 2

In Part 1,  I related my experience of meeting the Doc and becoming sexual friends with him. We spent so much time together, especially talking about his exciting adventures, that I asked him if I could write down some of them from his point of view. He readily agreed and provided me with lots of details. So, once again, I am not the narrator. This time it's the Campus Doc:

My private practice in a small college town allows me the opportunity to work for the local all-male college as a sports medicine physician, which is relatively part-time but gives me the chance to interact sexually with the athletes. All of the athletes are required to have a yearly physical exam prior to engaging in any sport. It has been surprisingly easy to get them to talk openly about their sex lives, which more often than not leads to a hand-job, which develops into a very satisfying blowjob. Yes, indeed, I am a cocksucker, and with so much practice at it, I give perfect head. I see the athletes every year during their 4-year stay, and many of them I see twice or even three times a year as they prepare for multiple sports like baseball and wrestling, for example. So I suck them off as freshmen, and they come back expecting, or even begging for, a good blowjob every time they are required to get an updated physical. I never disappoint them. They almost never disappoint me! I've been doing it for eight years now, and it is a cocksucker's dream job. Believe me! In addition, there are several very active glory holes on campus, which I frequent every time I'm on campus.

My private practice, on the other hand, almost never has happy endings with patients. My antennae are always up, but I do not come on to patients. It is a completely different environment from that of dealing with hormone-driven, hot, horny, young, college athletes, who always seem ready to throw a hardon while hoping for a blowjob. But, one day, a 6' 3" tall, truly handsome, red headed, 22-year-old came in for an appointment. He was well built, with movie-star-quality good looks, was at ease within himself, and comfortable with the sexual aura he projected. I almost drooled when I first saw him standing in my exam room dressed only in low slung, tight fitting, fully packed, white jockey shorts with light red public hair flowing over the waistband and trailing up to his navel. Just looking at him sent a jolt of electric current into my balls. I thought I saw a flicker of knowing amusement cross his face.

"So, um, Curtis, why are you here," I asked, glancing at his name on the form he had filled out.

"The local company that just hired me requires new employees to have a physical exam," he said casually, but then added, "and a friend recommended you. He said you were a sports medicine doctor, and besides the need for a physical, I think I pulled a groin muscle and I'd like you to check it out."

"Fine," I said agreeably, "and, first, I'll need a urine specimen, so any time you feel ready, just fill this jar." I pointed to a large lab flask.

"Gee, Doc," he said in mock alarm, "I don't think I can fill such a large jar."

I laughed. So did he. It was a great way to break the ice between us. And I liked that he called me Doc. It was a good sign that he was relaxed.

"Okay," I said with a smile, "give me a sample when you can. Meanwhile, how are you doing, overall?"

He suddenly seemed very hesitant.

"You can tell me anything," I assured him.

"Yes, well, there is something, but can I talk openly?" He paused, waiting for my response.

"Yes, of course you can. In fact, you have to be open. It's important for me to know everything that affects your health."

"And my new employer won't know what we talk about?" He wanted privacy.

"Privacy is now a national standard. In fact, one of these forms you signed states you understand how medical privacy works. The only way I could tell your employer anything other than that you're fit for the job is if you have some terribly infectious disease and need to be quarantined or even hospitalized. Everything else is strictly confidential between you and me," I explained.

"Well... I'm..." he started hesitantly, "...I'm... I'm horny all the time!" he blurted finally, looking embarrassed.

"That's excellent!" I exclaimed enthusiastically.

"It is?" he asked, eyebrows raised in surprise.

"Man, it is so much better than the alternative!"


"Some of my patients can't get an erection. Even some your age. I was fearful that that might be your problem, given your reluctance to talk about it. But, hell, horniness is a blessing!"

"Really?" he asked, again, looking intrigued.

"Absolutely, and you should be doing everything you can to fan the flames of your libido, while having as many orgasms every day as possible."

"Gee, Doc, that's just the opposite of what I been told all my life."

"Don't jack-off, right?"

"Fuck, yes!" he exclaimed, obviously pleased with my use of the vernacular and with my casual-seeming attitude towards sex. "I've been told almost every day, it seems, not to play with myself."

"Jacking-off, getting laid, fucking, blow-jobs, more fucking and more jacking-off are all ways of keeping your sex organs in well-tuned shape. Keep it up, and you'll be jacking off and fucking into your 90's. Don't, and capacity and interest will flag until you'll only have a wet noodle down there," I said as I glanced, obviously, at his well-packed jockeys. The bulge had expanded. My mouth started producing quantities of saliva. I licked my lips unconsciously.

I looked up at Curtis and found that he was smiling about something. I had to ask.

"You're smiling. What about?"

"Well... uh..." he sputtered, "...I sure don't have a noodle, yet!" He grinned at me.

"I can see that," I agreed, looking blatantly at his crotch. "That's for sure!" I looked up and thought I caught a gleam of sexual interest in his bold expression.

"Just the opposite, I'd say," he pointed out with a grin, "because, in fact, I never heard anyone recommend blow-jobs before, and I find talking about and recommending jacking off, blow-jobs, and fucking very arousing. Sorry, Doc."

"No, no," I insisted. "Arousal is very normal when men talk about sex. You can't notice it, but I'm becoming aroused under my lab coat, too. I'm only ten years older than you, but, hey, don't look so surprised, I've been practicing what I preach, jacking off and fucking, since I was a teenager, and it only gets better when you keep sex on the front burner. The more you get, the more you want, and the more you are able to increase the number of orgasms you can have in a day."

"Geez!" he whispered excitedly.

"Also, when you don't routinely have satisfying sexual release, you find that you don't feel very good, and your balls start to ache."

"Whew! Don't I know that!" he exhaled. "Sometimes it gets so bad I can't think straight."

"I've heard that from a lot of my patients," I explained. "It hasn't happened to me, but, as I said, I jack off very often and fuck whenever I get the chance."

"Geez," he sighed, again. "You must have a great sex life."

"You can, too. Just loosen up and enjoy Nature's best gift to you - the orgasm! And enjoy it often!"

"Wow!" he sighed softly.

"Now, tell me, is that groin muscle pull you mentioned real, or just your way of telling me you've got a case of blue balls?"

He looked startled. "I don't know. I didn't know 'blue balls' was an actual condition. It's just been something I heard guys joking about."

"We can get your blood pressure and such afterwards, but let's start with that problem, first. Let's check your groin and see what's going on."

"How?" he asked agreeably.

"Slip off those shorts and get up on this exam table. That's it." I held my breath as this sexy guy followed my instructions, slipped his shorts off right in front of me and got up to lie on his back on the table. The cock and balls he displayed were amazing. The scrotum was tight, indicating the passage of some time since his last orgasm. It was also very large, with crinkled skin and sparse, light red hair. It was a perfect match for the almost completely erect, astonishingly large cock that flopped around as he moved. When he settled in, lifting his hips to get comfortable, adjusting the position of his big balls, and fluffing up his red pubic hair, his cock reached beyond his navel! A remarkably big cock! And best of all, like mine, it was uncut!

"Geez!" I hissed, quietly, mimicking him, impressed by everything about him, and unable to withhold my admiration of this perfect male specimen.

"What is it, Doc," he asked softly.

"You have a remarkable body, and an amazing cock. I've seen every athlete at the local college for the past 8 years, and you are the best looking, best built, and best hung of them all!" I couldn't help myself from being honest.

"Hung," he repeated without emphasis. "Now, is that a medical term, Doc?"

I glanced up at his face. He was grinning. He was enjoying himself. When he saw my look of surprise at the question, he began to laugh. I couldn't stop myself, I started laughing with him.

"No," I sighed, catching my breath, "it's just a term guys use when they admire someone like you. Someone with a really big cock."

"So you admire my really big cock," he stated calmly, shifting the emphasis of what I had said.

"Man, who wouldn't?" I blurted out. Then, surprised by his full-toothed smile, I attempted to regain a semblance of professionalism by saying, "Uh, let's check you out," and I leaned over to carefully examine his wonderful equipment.

"Yeah, check it out!" he echoed, changing the pronoun and sounding both turned on and ready to offer himself to me for our mutual sexual pleasure.

I turned my head and looked up to his face, aware of the heat of his meat radiating onto my ear, and aware of his muscular body. I wondered if I was misreading him due to my infatuation and arousal; or was he really an easily accessible, horny, young hot male, just like all the others.

As if understanding my puzzled expression, he said quietly, "It's okay. I'm enjoying your attention." With that he filled his lungs, flexed his buttocks, and shifted his balls upward to press against the side of my face.

I breathed deeply, smelling the overpowering scent of sexual potency emanating from his balls and cock as I rubbed my face against his welcoming pressures, while he gave slight jarring humps at me. These were clear signs of complete mutual sexual pleasure from both of us. Words were unnecessary.

I had closed me eyes, but before raising my head off his now throbbing erection and those wonderful really big balls, I opened them and was delighted to see sexual pleasure written all over his face. He smiled warmly at me.

"Wow," he sighed, "you really do admire my really big cock!"

"I love it!" I admitted with deep emotion, the side of my face still pressed against his gonads. "I want to make love to it. To you! I want to give you pleasure. I want to raise you to a wonderful orgasm and healthful release. I want you to let me," I said as I put both hands onto his hips and slid them upward towards his chest in a loving and caressing manner.

"I'm in your hands, Doc," he sighed emotionally.

I found that to be an exciting way of giving me his agreement to make love to him. I slid my mouth down to lightly kiss his balls, and then lightly lick at them.

"Umm," he hummed.

"Umm," I hummed loudly right back, vibrating his balls erotically.

"Ah," he sighed softly, "that feels so good!"

My cock hardened to the extreme with that clear, verbal sign of pleasure from him. I moved my hand down to my crotch in an attempt to adjust the position of my erection.

He noticed and understood my discomfort, and, to my surprise, said, "Why don't you get out of those damn clothes, Doc? Get naked with me!"

I raised my head to look up at him while still keeping contact with his balls. He looked completely turned on, and wanted company in his arousal. I was delighted and lifted my mouth off of his balls only high enough to talk so that the puffs of air coming out as I spoke would tickle him. "I want to," I admitted, "but I'm reluctant to break this incredible contact."

He grinned and said huskily, "My balls'll still be here when you wanna get back to 'em! Com'on, man, get naked with me." It wasn't a demand, just a sexy invitation to join in on the fun more completely for both of us.

As I rose, already tearing off my lab coat, I realized that this was a very unusual experience for me. Almost every one of my hundreds of contacts with the college athletes in my campus office happened while I was dressed. Most of the time I was able to jack-off while I brought them to orgasm with skilful cocksucking, or once in a while with effective hand-jobs, but almost always with my lab coat shielding the view. A few playful fellows wanted to watch as I came, and I was happy to oblige. So I now had a wonderful feeling of sexual pleasure as I stripped in front of this sexy young man. And, once again, I was pleased that I had taken continual advantage of the school's gym facilities and pool - I knew I was in great shape.

"Wow!" he exclaimed excitedly as my erect cock came into view, "You're uncut, too! Man, that's a beauty, and it's as big as mine!"

"You turn me on," I admitted sincerely.

"You really ARE enjoying this! And you're hard as a rock, too!" he sighed. It told me, once again, that a lot men like to see proof that the cocksucker "going down" on him is actually getting aroused, too. Most frequently this occurs at a glory hole where the guy wants to see my erection before exposing his.

"I'm hard?! Look at yourself!" I enthused, pointing at his throbbing erection. "You're so hard your cock isn't touching your abs. Lemme feel it!" I wrapped my hand around his cock at mid-shaft, delighting in the strength, girth and power of the imposing erection. I pumped it easily, drawing the foreskin down off of the crown and exposing a mouthwatering, giant cockhead that looked ready to burst, inflamed with deep colors and starting to slowly stream viscous clear liquid down onto his stomach. "Ooh," I sighed, "I've always loved the way my own skin slides so easily when I jack-off, but you must love it, too, when I jack you, like this."

"Yeah, Doc," he agreed, "I love it!" His words were caressed with the emotion of a man nearing the pinnacle of arousal. "I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your candid, randy talk and your use of words like cock and jack-off. It's so sexy."

"You're the sexy one," I told him earnestly, "and you can jack-off anytime you want. I want to suck this great cock!"

"Wow!" he sighed, "suck my cock, man! I want you to." He humped his hips up at me, offering the cock to me to be sucked.

The huge cockknob slipped into my mouth easily, filling me with delight! I applied world-class techniques and phenomenal suction as he thrust up into my mouth to push the cock into my throat.

"Oh, this is good, you are good," he whispered, sounding aroused, and adding, "Jack said you were good!"

I popped off the cock in surprise. "Jack? D'ya mean Jack Sofelot?" I asked, amazed that he would mention the name "Jack," and somehow sensing he must be referring to my friend and frequent sex partner.

"Of course," he replied calmly. "I figured he would have told you I was coming here. It was his idea when he learned I needed a physical. He's been a cocksucking friend of mine for a long time and he was excited to recommend your services to me knowing we'd end up fucking around." He gave a friendly tousle to my strawberry blond hair and, with a laugh, said, "Now get back to sucking my big cock, Doc. You're really good at it!"

"Uh, he's a cocksucking friend of yours?" I asked. It was a delightful bit of news. "For a long time?" I added.

"Sure. We're both lucky, aren't we, Doc." It wasn't a question.

As I returned my attention to servicing his great cock, I knew I'd be having an interesting talk with Jack. Then, Curtis surprised me again.

"Why don't you jump up on this table and join me. I'd like to suck your cock while you're sucking mine." His smile was boyish and inviting.

My preference, when sucking cock, is to jack off while I bring the guy to orgasm and shoot with him. This offer, however, was unexpected. Suddenly I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do with him, so I jumped up onto the table, knees behind his head, leaned over, grabbed his cock and sucked it in.

He raised his head and sucked my cock in just as his entered my throat. We joined into the most perfect sixty-nine imaginable. We fit together precisely. His cock slid down my throat effortlessly and, to my surprise, he sucked my cock down his throat, too, like an expert cocksucker. The contact was so perfect and unexpected that I reached orgasm the moment my balls touched his chin.

"Umm," I hummed, vibrating his cock. Immediately, cum filled my throat. We unloaded in energetic spurts of jism for the longest time. It was truly thrilling. If you haven't come with a cock lodged deep in your throat as your cock comes deep in your guy's throat, you can't fully appreciate the overwhelming pleasure this contact provides. Both Curtis and I appreciated the experience fully!

When we had quieted down somewhat from such lofty heights, we carefully turned over on our sides, avoiding the edges of the narrow table. Slowly, cocks were pulled out. Curtis quickly flipped and we were lying face-to-face.

"That was grate!" Curtis sighed.

"Perfect!" I agreed.

"I'm glad I'm moving to town. You'll keep me in good condition!" he announced with a grin.

And, you'll be pleased to note, I did just that!


Jack Sofelot


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