Tod was touring Europe with his best mate, Ryan. They had both decided, the previous year, to take a few months off work and go out and see some of the world. They'd been away from London for two months and so far hadn't seen much of anything except bars, night clubs and trains. They'd made it to Berlin and had decided to stay for a few days, rather than keep travelling. The tent was set up in its own secluded spot by a lake and the campsite was clean and cheap, so they could allow themselves the luxury of having a settled base for a while.

The previous evening they had stayed at their tent, drinking inexpensive wine and talking over school days, what their colleagues would be doing back in the office and previous sexual conquests. Talking about the kind of things they liked to get up to had made both of them horny, but the wine had made them incapable of doing anything about it. Not that they would have done. They were just mates and had no intention of sleeping together. Besides, Tod was into older, straight looking guys and Ryan was into younger ones. Both friends were the same age, thirty three, and neither fancied the other. So nothing would have happened apart from individual wanking off in their sleeping bags. At about midnight they'd both called in a night and staggered into the tent as best they could after the hard drinking session.

Morning came with a vengeance and Tod was woken by the sound of Ryan's heavy snores. The first thing he felt was the thumping of his head and the second was the stiffness of his cock. He needed to piss and he needed to get rid of the headache. He managed to avoid treading on his sleeping mate as he crawled from the tent. The sun was just coming up over the lake and he knew it was early, too early to be getting up. But once he was awake that was it.

He looked around and decided that due to the early hour it would be safe enough to go up to the toilet block in just his boxers. But then he may as well take a shower while he was there, a cold one would take his mind off his headache and so he reached back in for his towel.

The shower block was empty and cold as he entered. There was a distinct smell of bleach mixed with stale piss that caused him to cough slightly as he stood and relieved himself at the trough. He looked down at his feet to make sure the floor was clean and was pleased to see that it was. The shower cubicles were clean too. The tiled floors shined and reflected his body back up at him. He looked down, saw himself from underneath and grinned a bit. From that angle his cock looked longer than the few inches it had now shrunk down to and his balls looked bigger and hairier. He began playing with them.

It was something about being alone and naked in a public place that started to turn him on. The fact that someone could walk in at any time and take a shower in the next cubicle without realising that he was standing next to them, wanking. He ran the shower and waited for the water to get to a reasonable temperature before standing under it for a second to test it. It felt just fine so he turned his back and let the pressure of the jet massage his shoulders in the hope that it would take away the pounding in his head.

He started pulling at his cock, teasing it by stretching his foreskin out in front and then slowly drawing it all the way back so that the air could circulate around the tip. Slowly, backwards and forwards until he was a little harder. Then he turned to face the water and let that manipulate his shaft a bit, imagining it was someone else's hands around it. As it grew stiffer he thrust his hips forward so that the jet of warm water could concentrate on his groin, hitting him at the base of his cock. Pulling back a little way the water ran along the length of his shaft until it hit against his knob. That felt good. If he closed his eyes he could almost imagine someone was down there licking it and sliding it into their throat. Now that would be really good.

His hands strayed around to his arse and he clasped one cheek in each hand, pulling his crack wide apart so that the air could tickle his hole. But the air wasn't enough and he was soon turned again, aiming the shower jet against his anus, causing it to contract as if someone else was rimming him, exploring his hairy crack with their tongue.

He opened his eyes to look down at his reflection in the shiny floor. There were his legs, sturdy and firm, and his balls, hanging even lower now, swinging as he gyrated his arse against the water. And there was his cock, the foreskin pulled back part way over his knob, showing half of the glistening wet head. And his shaft looked impressive from both above and below, tough and thick, rigged and standing solidly out from his black bushy mat of hair.

And there was another pair of feet only a few inches away.

Tod blinked a couple of times before he realised how that was possible. The cubicles were separated by a tiled wall that did not meet at the floor. There was a gap of about twelve inches and, thanks to the reflective flooring, it was possible to see the guy standing in the next shower. Possible to see some of him at any rate.

Tod let go of his arse and studied the view more closely. Someone was next door and was showering. He had no idea how long they'd been there or if they'd seen his reflection in the tiles yet. But the other guy was standing still. His legs were tanned, a little hairy, but not as much as Tods. And his feet were long and wide. Quite a solidly built guy from what Tod could see. He crouched a little, pretending to reach down for his shampoo, to see how much of the other guy he could view in the mirror like tiles. The legs weren't too long from what he could make out, the guy was solid but short, stocky even. And judging by the fact that Tod could see only the back of his legs, he was facing away. That was good, he could crouch right down and see more reflection without the other guy noticing. He could hear the heavy splash of water as the man washed soap from his body.

And then, almost on his knees, he could see the guy's backside. Dark skinned, compact and firm. Nice. Not too smooth either which was good. He wondered how old this guy was, there was no sign of grey hair, but he was clearly a man, not a kid. Tod crouched as low as he could go, so low that his arse was touching the floor, and tried to get an angle on the upper part of the body. If he craned his neck just a little more he could...

A cold blackness overcame him and the world turned on its head.

'Are you ok?' a strange voice was asking him.

The world came back to life again and Tod realised he was looking up. Standing over him was a short guy with a round face, stocky, hair covered chest and a short, fat dick. The guy from the next shower? Tod looked at the legs, yup that was him.

'Guess you slipped, these floors are dangerous,' the guy said and offered a hand to pull Tod back to his feet.

But Tod didn't take the hand. Instead he righted himself onto his knees, grabbed the guy's thighs and wrapped his lips around the short cock.

'What the.....hey, get off...' the guy started to protest and pushed back at Tod's head with his hands.

Tod held tighter to the thighs and sucked hard. The other guy tried to push him off but Tod was stronger. He thought, 'he'll either smack me around the head or give in. If he smacks me I'll blame concussion.' It was a weird thing to be thinking and he didn't pause to wonder why he'd suddenly gone for the guy like this. All he knew was that the world was still spinning a bit and the cock tasted good.

'Get the fuck off, I aint queer...' the guy swore down at him and tried to knee Tod in the chest. But the cock was already getting stiffer and the protest seemed weak. Tod's nose buried into the man's furry crotch and he felt him firming up against his tongue. He clamped his lips tighter and flicked his tongue from side to side as he drew back, until he reached the tip. He probed the slit for a moment and then slid his hands around to the guy's arse as he dived back down on the length of fat meat.

The other guy said nothing else apart from, 'Jesus, I'm straight...' and stopped trying to push Tod off. He kept his hands on Tod's head but instead of pushing him away, pulled him towards his groin. The guy's cock slammed to the back of Tod's throat and he knew he'd caught him. There was only one way this was going to end.

Tod's fingers started to claw at the guy's firm arse cheeks, pulling them apart like he had done to himself. The shower was still throwing warm water down onto the two of them and Tod could feel it hammering at his hands. He knew where he wanted it to go.

The man had started a rhythm now. Allowing Tod to draw back until his shaft was almost out of his mouth and then sliding it all the way to the back of his throat. It was getting fatter with each thrust, stiffening and trying to get in deeper. Tod could feel the weight of the heavy balls against his chin, the soft wet hairs under his fingers and the warm water pounding on his hands. His fingers crept closer to the inside of the stocky guy's crack, pulling the cheeks a little wider each time, until finally he could feel the rim of a puckered hole, hot and damp.

'No way kid,' the other guy said and tried to grab for Tod's hand. But Tod was quicker and knew what he was doing. He pulled the guy towards him and caught him off balance. The guy immediately put his hands back on Tod's head to stop himself from falling forward and bent a little. Just enough to allow the hard jet of water slam against his straight arsehole as Tod pulled his crack wide open for it.

'Oh fuck, man...'

Tod thought that the meat in his mouth could get no bigger but just then it seemed to double in size and the grip on his head got harder, fingernails dug into his scalp and he heard the guy gasp.

'Shit, that's good,' the guy whispered. 'Go on then son, take my cock. Show me how you suck a straight man off.'

Tod did. He kept sliding it out, in, out again, tonguing it, licking the full length, tasting the salty juice that started to leak between his lips. He carried on, feeling himself grow hard, as he drew in on the man flesh and gave this straight guy a blow job he'd never forget.

Eventually he let the cock slip from his mouth and went to work on the nuts. He took one of the hairy weights into his mouth where his tongue dealt with it carefully. At the same time his finger started massaging the guy's hole in small circular movements. The slippery fat cock rubbed up against his cheek, his dark stubble scratching the sensitive end and causing the other guy to jerk in surprise. And then Tod let go of the furry globe and nuzzled himself up under the pair of them. He sucked the guy's flesh into his mouth as far as it would go, feeling the ball-sack on the bridge of his nose and the cock slipping around on his forehead. The other man parted his legs to give him more room and Tod took his chance.

Before the straight guy could guess what was going on Tod was between his legs and around the back. The shower jet hit him hard on his shoulders as he twisted to face the guy's hairy arse. He took one cheek in each hand again, pulled them wide and dived in.

He heard the other man swear yet again when his tongue broke through the tightness of his hole and started exploring around inside. Tod drew in the sweet smell of the older guy's, virgin hole as his hands reached around the front to grab at the solid cock. He started on a rhythm then, pulling the guy back into him as he ate out his arse and stroked on the fat shaft. He slammed the man back, pulling his skin back over the swollen head while pushing his face further into the hairy, dark crack.

'I want to come,' the other guy said. 'Make me come.'

Tod sucked hard at the man's hole and stabbed it with his tongue. But he let the cock go. This guy wasn't coming yet. He could hear his panting over the sound of the shower and knew he was close, but he wasn't getting off that easily. Tod's cock was almost ready to let go and he knew where he wanted to do that.

'Come on son,' the guy said, 'don't stop.'

But Tod did stop. Only for a second, just long enough to stand up. As he got to his feet his tool slid up between the guy's legs until it came level with his arse. Without warning Tod grabbed the straight guy by the hips and slammed into him.

The other guy let out a deep grunt and tried to struggle free, but for all his muscle and build he was not quick enough for Tod. Tod felt his cock slide right into the hot insides until his balls banged up against the man. He held the guy around the waist for support, gave him no time to fight back or recover, he just pulled out and slammed back into him again. And again, and again. Harder each time like he was beating the guy up with his cock.

And the straight guy soon gave up trying to break free. His grunts of surprise turned to ones of mystified pleasure and he pushed back against the younger man behind him.

'You like taking that?' Tod spat out as his thighs slapped up against the hairy arse and his grip on the stocky bloke tightened. 'Eh? Tell me, you like that?'

'Yes,' the other guy replied meekly, through his gasps.

'You ever had another guy's cock in your arse, eh?'

'No son.'

'Feel good does it? Straight guy like's this queer cock in him does he?'

'Yes, yes son.'

'Want to come while I fuck you do you? Want to shoot your load while I slam your arse full with this cock, do you?'


The straight guy was trying to push back harder and pleasure himself by backing into Tod's rock hard shaft.

'No you don't'. Tod was in charge. He pushed down hard on the guy's back, bending him so that the stocky bloke had no option but to put his hands out on either side, clutching at the tiled walls for support, with his head down.

'Take it like a real man,' Tod grunted and raised his right hand. 'Beg me.'

'Just fuck me,' the other guy growled back.

Without warning Tod brought his palm down hard on the guy's arse. Shards of pain ran up from his hand to his shoulder as his strong hand smacked into the firm flesh of the straight guy bent over before him. The other guy let out a deep, sudden grunt.

'I said beg me,' Tod hissed back and slammed his cock in harder than before.


Another slap, in the same place. Water splashed up and the guy nearly fell. Tod gripped him with his other hand. 'Can't hear you.'


A third slap and the straight guy was whimpering.

'Please, I'm gunna come...'

Tod was too close to carry on too. He took firm hold of both hips and whacked his cock in and out quickly. He could feel his legs start to tremble, his shaft grew stronger and he felt the guy's sphincter contract, tightening its grip on him. He pulled his cock out until the tip was just inside the ring, waited for just a moment and then slapped the guy harder than he had before.

The guy's hole tightened further and Tod shoved hard against its resistance. His cock seemed to slide in forever as his balls erupted. Just as they slapped up against the hairy arse they exploded, spurting a hard jet of cum deep inside the straight guy's guts. He grabbed for the guy's stocky cock and squeezed hard, pulling it, thumping it in his palm as he jerked his hips against him. He heard the man yell out a desperate moan and felt his cum pump through the cock. Tod slammed in again, pulled the guy again, heard him moan louder and swear as he spewed his straight guy load out across the floor. Tod's cock pumped another load into the guy as the bloke shot his second wad. Then a third, then a fourth while all the time Tod banged into his hole and filled up his arse.

Until he felt the hot juice trickle onto his hand and the other guy tried to stop him from pounding at his meat. Tod slowed, held onto the stocky cock, rubbed his fingers around its head, making the man twitch and tighten his hole some more. He left his cock inside him for a while, enjoying the heat from the red welts on the arse he held onto, and then slowly he pulled back. His satisfied shaft slid out, wet and slippery and he rested it in the furry crack as he cupped the other guy's balls in one hand, playing with them, enjoying their downy feel and their weight.

The straight guy said nothing while he recovered and Tod listened to his breathing return to something like normal. He'd still not seen his face, and he didn't want to. He'd got what he wanted. He gave the other man a gentle shove on the back. He got the hint and walked meekly out of the cubicle.

Tod turned back to the shower, grinning to himself. His headache had gone completely.


Jack Samson

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