Kurt and I had our positions outside the window, peeking through the slight opening at the bottom of the shade. Our dads began to undress when my dad said, 'Jake, is something wrong? You've been quieter than normal.'

'No Brad, everything is fine. It's just that I wonder what the boys would think if they knew what we were doing.'

'I know the feeling. I'm not sure how they would react either.'

It was surreal knowing that both our dads sucked cock but didn't know that each had enjoyed sex with the other's son.

When completely nude, they stepped toward each other and kissed. Jake pulled dad toward one of the beds and as they lay down they began a hot make out session. Instantly, Kurt and I were fully boned.

Soon, dad flipped around and they began a hot sixty-nine, devouring each others cocks just a few feet inside the window.

Before each climaxed, they stopped and Jake began fucking my dad as dad moaned softly in pleasure. After Jake filled dad's ass and pulled out, Dad fucked Jake, soon filling his ass.

Afterward, Jake asked, 'What are we going to do if the boys find out?'

'I don't know. We'll just have to face that when it happens.'

As I stepped back a little getting ready to leave, I stepped on a dead twig and it snapped loudly. We watched our dads as their gaze turned to the window. Kurt and I dropped to the ground, pressing our bodies against the building. We heard the shade raise then my dad say, 'I don't see anything. It must have been a dead limb in a tree.'

The shade lowered and and we waited a moment before returning to our tent to relieve our cocks from the results of the 'show' we has seen.

For the next couple of days things remained the same. Dad would find reasons to go off alone and have sex with Kurt, while I found ways to have sex with Jake. In the evening, Kurt and I would talk and tell each other what we had done. We both had asked the dad e were with to fuck us and they did, We fucked them also. All the while, we were trying to find a way to let our dads know that we were gay also.

We decided to ease into it and on Thursday of that first week, Kurt and I decided to go swimming. As the four of us sat there next to the lake, Kurt and I jumped up and after quickly removing our shorts, we ran for the water totally nude.

After we hit the water and resurfaced, my dad called out, 'What the hell are you two doing?'

'Dad, chill out. Kurt and I have seen each other at school in gym, and you two have seen us at home growing up, so what's the big deal. there is no one else around.'

We swam and clowned around a while then with semi-erect cocks, walked back to our chairs and sat down.

'Aren't you two going to get dressed?' Jake asked.

'No,' we said together. Kurt finished the thought with, 'We were talking out there in the water. We want to go nude while here to see what it's like. So far, I'm loving it.'

'So am I,' I added. 'Why don't you two join us?'

'I don' think so,' Dad said. 'We'll have to give it some thought.

Kurt and I had already admitted to each other that we'd love to have sex with our own fathers. Getting them nude in front of us was our first step.

We kept at them all during the day, and finally shortly before dinner, they gave in and stripped. It was awesome seeing our dads there right in front of us totally nude. They knew we were checking them out and seemed a little nervous.

Kurt and I decided to go to step two.

After dinner, as we sat by the campfire, knowing what we had planned, both our cocks began to slowly stiffen. We noticed our dads watching and wondered how long it would be before theirs began to rise.

Kurt took the lead and reached down, his hand encircling his cock. I did the same and we began slowly stroking.

'What the hell are you two doing?'

'What does it look like?' I said. 'And don't give us that shit about you not doing it. Dad, I've heard you at night moaning as you pound yours.'

'I've heard you too, dad,' Kurt said.

They both turned red as they looked at each other and their own cocks began to slowly rise.

'Well, looks like we're caught,' Jake said.

'Yep, guilty as charged,' dad added.

'Well then,' I said, why don't you two join us? We can call it father/son bonding.'

After a moment both our dads were slowly stroking their cocks as we all watched each other.

Very casually, out of their sight, I held out three fingers to Kurt. If we could get them nude and stroking we were going to go to step three.

Casually, we both got up and walked over toward our respective dad and quickly dropped to our knees and took their hard cocks in our mouth.

As we began sucking, both dads tried to pull back, but the chairs prevented them from doing so.

'WHAT THE FUCK?' My dad said loudly.

We didn't stop. For a short time they tried to resist but soon gave in. Kurt and I lovingly and hungrily sucked our dad's cocks soon bringing each to a roaring climax, both swallowing the huge loads fed to us.

Once we were through, we pulled off and I said, 'Guys, we're both gay. We have been since about fifteen. And just so you know, we know you two are also.'

'What makes you say that?' Dad asked.

Kurt and I told them the entire story beginning when I first saw dad and Kurt in the woods up to and including peeking in through the window and watching them suck and fuck.'

'How long have you two been at it?' Kurt asked.

'About three years,' my dad said.

'How did it start?' I asked.

Dad explained that one afternoon he left work little early and stopped at an adult video store. He said that after paying his admission he went to the arcade to watch some movies. He said it was fairly empty so he entered a booth and noticed a hole in the side partition about three inches in diameter. He said he peeked through and the booth was empty. He said he began watching a movie and dropped hos pants and began stroking. After a few moments, he said he heard someone enter the other booth. He said then he peeked through again and he man had his pants down and was stroking. He said that they ended up sucking each other off and when they left their booth, it was at the same time and that's how they found out abut each other.

'I bet you nearly shit when you looked at him and saw it was your best friend,' I said.

'You're right, I did.'

We asked how long they had been into guys and dad said he stated in college a couple of years after he and mom married. Jake said he stared his senior year of high school with a fellow football player.

Finally, everything was out in the open. As Kurt and I still sat on the ground between our dad's legs, Dad looked t me and said, 'Stand up, Luke.'

I did and dad gently lifted my cock and lovingly sucked it into his mouth. I looked over and Jake motioned Kurt to stand up and did the same to him.

Soon, Kurt and i both were filling our dad's mouths with our hot thick cum. Both dads eagerly swallowed.

Once it was over, I looked at our dads and said, 'Since everything is now out in the open, I don't see any need for any of us to wear clothes for the rest of our stay.'

Everyone agreed and I continued.

'Also, shall we agree that we all will have sex whenever we want with whoever we want, even n front of the others?'

Everyone agreed to that also.

Before bed, Kurt and I went onto the cabin and called our dads in. We were side by side on the bed, our legs raised. When they entered, we told them we wanted them to fuck us. They did, and after filling our asses, we traded positions and fucked them.

The rest of our vacation was awesome, with sex several times a dad trading partners. One of the hottest moments was when Kurt and I had sex on a blanket on the grass with our dads having sex right next to us.

Upon our return, Kurt and Jake were at our house almost daily or dad and I were at their house. Inside we stayed nude and had lots of sex.

The time came for Kurt and I to leave for college. Our dads rented us a two bedroom apartment near campus and visited us often. One weekend they told us that Kurt had sold his house and moved in with dad as lovers. Kurt and I were thrilled. A couple months later, Kurt and I became lovers.

Our dads have retired and live a nice comfortable life. Kurt and I have our own accounting firm in town and live a few blocks from our dads. We get together almost every weekend. Kurt and I look back on that camp out and are thrilled with the results. Oh, we still go camping there. Kurt and I now own the camp and property.




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