When we got back to the campsite, Danny set about building a fire. Knowing this man could just about anything, I wasn't surprised when only a few short minutes later he was successful. After cooking up some dinner we sat around the fire as the sun slowly sank beneath the horizon. Once it was dark out, I couldn't help but think to myself how sexy Danny was in the glow of the fire.

I was unsure of what the future would hold, or what would happen when we got back home after this camping trip. I was sure of one thing though, I was having the time of my life. Briefly, while taking in the striking man before me I couldn't help but wonder what it would have been like if Chris joined us in the shower room. But that thought soon passed as Danny stood, dropping his short as he did, and began approaching me cock at the ready.

Chapter 2

Watching Danny walking toward me with his hard cock swinging in front of him was drool worthy. Reaching out I slid my hand down his cock and drew him in. Leaning forward I took the head of his cock into my mouth, running my tongue around the head of his cock. I looked up into Danny's gorgeous eyes. I felt my lips stretch tight around the girth of him as I slid further down, until my lips met his pubic hair. Danny's fingers were lightly running through my hair as he softly moaned, obviously enjoying the sensations he was experiencing.

Working my lips back and forth along his pulsing cock I wanted to bring him as much pleasure as I could. Each time I pulled back I looked up into Danny's eyes, and each time I was met with the loving, lust filled look of a man at the peak of sexual satisfaction. His fingers began to rub harder against the back of my head, and the volume of his moans increased. Soon I felt Danny grab my head and let out his animalistic roar, that I had come to attribute to his release. Jet after jet of his cum filled my mouth. Looking up at Danny's face his eyes were shut with his orgasm at it's peak.

Releasing me from his grip he whispers to me, "That was amazing Mikey." Pulling me up from my kneeling position he pulls me in and presses his lips to mine leading to a passion filled kiss. Breaking the kiss I grab Danny's hand and pull him toward the tent. It was getting late and I was tired. Entering the tent, we looked down at the two sleeping bags laying next to each other. Danny says, "Well this isn't going to work." Looking at him I say hopefully, "Well we can always zip them together. He turns to me, sliding his arm around my shoulder and says, "You read my mind Mikey."

After opening our sleeping bags and zipping them together, we climbed into the now bigger sleeping bag together. Though the bag was larger with the 2 zipped together the fit was still rather snug. Danny slid in behind me and pressed his naked body tight against me. With his arm around my chest, our fingers interlaced and we soon slipped into a deep sleep.

Through the night I had amazing dreams of Danny and I making love. The dreams were vivid and detailed. In one such dream, I could feel the soft wet kisses against the back of my neck. I soon felt the blunt head of Danny's cock against my ass. In my dream I moaned for him to slide inside me and make love to me. I felt my ass snap closed around his cock head as it started sliding deeper into me. It felt so real as he rolled us over and pulled my hips back onto his pulsing, throbbing cock. I could feel his load firing deep into my ass. As I fell deeper into the dream I looked back over my shoulder and it wasn't Danny but Chris, the camp staff member, who was fucking me. Startled I suddenly snapped out of my dream. Opening my eyes, I realized that I was alone in the tent.

Forgetting my nakedness I stepped out of the tent, stretching. I looked around for Danny, but didn't see him. Nervous that he was having second thoughts I ducked back into the tent and grabbed the first thing I saw, which happened to be his Andrew Christian trunks. I made my way down toward the water and saw him sitting at the end of the dock. Walking up behind him I slipped my legs on each side of him and wrapped my arms around his waist. Danny leaned back against me and said, "Good morning Mikey, how'd you sleep?" Turning my head and resting it on his back and I said, "The best I have slept in a long time." Danny responded, "Me too Mikey, me too." Then letting out a soft chuckle he said, "You must have been having quite a dream, you were grinding your ass back into my crotch." I was glad he was facing the water as my face turned at least a hundred shades of crimson.

My hand was idly running up and down Danny's chest stopping every now and then to circle his nipples. "Alright babe, what do you say we get dressed and head in to town?" Being unfamiliar with the area I asked, "What is there to do in town?" Danny said that it was a quaint little town full of shops and we could grab some coffee at a little coffee shop he knew about.

I stood and offered my hand to him while he stood. Seeing me for the first time he says, "You know, you don't have to wear my clothes to be close to me anymore Mikey." I wasn't sure what he was talking about until I remembered I was wearing his trunks. I looked up at him and said, "Well, Danny, I wasn't sure where you were so I threw on the first thing I grabbed." He just winked and said, "They look hot on you baby." Reaching around me he grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against his body, giving me light kisses on my lips.

He pulled away and grabbed my hand leading me back the seclusion of our campsite and into the tent. Kissing me hard again, he pushed me onto my back. Laying on top of me covering my body with kisses I was quickly getting hot and ready. Pulling the front of his trunks down he slipped my cock into his mouth taking it to the root. I gasped loudly and gripped his head. Pulling off my cock Danny pulled his trunks off my body. Danny swung around and straddled my face, taking my cock back into his mouth. I thought that he wanted me to suck his cock, until he moved so his ass was riding my tongue. Taking to rimming like a baby to a bottle, I began to lick and suck his ass like my life depended on it. I could feel his cock drooling all over my chest from the sensations in his ass.

Pulling off my cock, and spinning around Danny now was straddling my hips. He kissed me deeply and I could see the depth of his feelings pouring out of his eyes. I was unsure of his intentions until I feel the head of my cock make contact with his tight pucker. Slowly he lowered himself onto my throbbing cock, his ass so tight it almost hurt. The animal in me took over and I drove my cock balls deep into Danny's ass. He screamed out, "Fucking hell Mikey, take it easy baby."

Staying as still as possible I let Danny take over. After a few minutes adjusting to the invasion, he began to ride my cock. Rocking back and forth, his moans were euphoric and passionate. He interlaced his fingers with mine, holding my hands over my head while he bucked up and down, grinding into my crotch. This was my first time fucking someone, I could feel something building deep inside me. I looked up into Danny's eyes, "Danny I am getting close, I am going to cum Danny." Instead of pulling off my cock he started riding it harder. His fist was a blur flying up and down his cock as he rode me.

I reached the point of no return, screaming out, "Fuck Danny, take my load...I am cumming in you Danny." As I was saying it, Danny's cock began firing its load too. He came so hard I felt the first shot hit my chin, the second landed on my lips. Licking my lips I savored the taste of him on my lips. The warm, wet feeling of the cum filled ass around my cock kept me hard. "That was amazing Mikey, I never knew having a cock in my ass would feel that good." He then leaned down and kissed me. He said, "Come on babe, lets get cleaned up and then we'll head to town."

Once again the trip to the shower house was filled with grab ass, horse play, and goofing off. Upon entering the shower house, we were once again alone. Choosing the same shower as the day before, we climbed in together. Still feeling incredibly sexually charged. I turned my back to Danny and ground my ass into his crotch. He leaned forward and said, "You are trying to fuck me to death aren't you baby?" I knew he was kidding as his cock began to harden against me. Reaching back I guided him to my hole and felt it open to the intrusion of his blunt cock. Gasping at the feeling, I pushed back taking as much of him into me as I could in one thrust. Soon we fell into the familiar rutting of the day before. Bodies slapping together, the room echoing with our moans of satisfaction, all culminating to the animal roar of Danny firing his load into my ass.

As Danny's cock withered from the combination of cumming while riding my dick and firing a load in my ass, we heard a grunt from inside the shower house.

Peaking around the curtain, Danny told me to look too. Across the room, leaning against the sinks was Chris, pants around his knees stroking his cock. Within seconds he was shooting his load out of his big dick. His eyes still clamped shut from the full bodied orgasm, we were able to take in the site without consequence. I think Danny and I were both equally shocked when Chris lifted his hand and began sucking his own load off his fingers. It was strange and insanely hot at the same time.

Danny reached and pulled the curtain shut again to bring our focus back to showering. Turning toward him I ran my hands through his chest hair before laying my head on his chest. I was falling in love with a man that I couldn't have. But I knew that I was not going to ruin what had already been an amazing weekend.

We finished washing each other and stepped out to dry. There was no sign of Chris, he must have realized that the sound of our love making could no longer be heard and left. Leaving the shower house and walking back toward our camping site, Danny was all over me, touching me all over. Once we reached the tent, we began to dress. Both of us decided to go commando, and slipped on our shorts. Pulling our t-shirts over our heads we stepped out of the tent. I was honestly disappointed that we had to get dress, but looking forward to the day.

While the day in town was a good time, I won't bore you with the details of the antique and gift shops. However, one notable part of our day together was at the coffee shop. There was a guy behind the counter, roughly my age and build with a full beard. He was very cute. As Danny paid for our coffees the guy, Brad according to his nametag, said, "You guys are the cutest couple I have seen I a long time." I blushed, nervous about what that meant. But Danny was beaming, threw his arm around me leaned down and kissed me on the cheek and said, "That's because my guy is the sexiest man around." He then turned back and winked at Brad, grabbed our coffees and we started out the door.

As we climbed into Danny's car I looked at him and asked, "Do you really think that I am sexy Danny?" He looked at me and said, "Mikey baby, I have been into you since I met you, you are the sexiest man in the world to me and I love you." I leaned over and kissed him, sliding my tongue into his mouth. "I love you too Danny."

As we drove back to the campground, the sun had begun to set. I didn't realize that we had been gone so long. Pulling in, we were greeted by Chris. When he saw us he blushed furiously. Danny stopped and waved him over to the driver's side. Chris leaned in the window, "How's it going guys?" He asked still blushing. Danny said we had spent the day in town, ending at the coffee shop before heading back. Danny asked, maybe a little too excitedly, "Was Brad working?" Danny laughed and nodded. Chris realizing his over eager response blushed deeper. Then said, "Well guys, just a head's up, the owners are here for the weekend. That means no more shower sex." Danny let out an overly dramatic "Ahh man." it made him sound like a child. Both Chris and I laughed. Then Danny looked at me and said, "Looks like we're fuckin in the tent from now on." Feeling mischievous, and wanting to tease Chris after this morning I reached over and stroked Danny's bulge and said, "I don't care where we fuck as long as this cock is inside me." Chris groaned. I let go of Danny's cock and waved, "bye Chris," I said as we pulled away.

Danny looked at me in shock and said, "It's not nice to tease the poor kid." I just chuckled and said, "After this morning, it's not like we don't know he gets off on it."

Arriving at our spot, Danny once again set about building the fire for the night. I pulled out some food to get ready and we were working together like a well oiled machine. After the fire was going and the food was good and waiting, Danny removed his shorts and sat down in his camp chair. I looked over at him and out of the blue asked, "Danny, what happens when we go back home? I mean you are married, and I, to most people and still a 'kid'" Saying kid in air quotations.

Danny looked over at me with a serious but loving face, "Mikey, I am not married anymore. Connie and I decided that the age difference was too much and she wanted me to find someone closer to my age. She felt like she was holding me back." I was shocked to say the least. I looked at him and said, "Danny, I am so sorry, you guys seemed so happy together." He responded, "To be honest Mikey, I don't know that I was ever truly in love with her. I think that I was in love with the idea of loving her. I wanted so desperately for it to work, to prove to myself that I could be married. What I realized is that, I married her because I wouldn't have to worry about being able to perform, because she wasn't interested in sex. It was all a lie."

I looked at him with what must have looked like the most vacant expression. I finally found my words, "So what you are saying is you married Connie to prove you liked women? But realized that you don't?" The twinkle in his eye returned and he said, "It made me realize that I was in love with someone already."

With that he kissed me with so much passion that it made my whole body come alive, then he simply said, "You."

We made love several times over the course of the weekend, including a middle of the night love making session in the shower room. On our way out of the campground Chris flagged us down and handed Danny our receipt, as he opened it there was a small piece of paper tucked inside. Chris looked at us sheepishly and said, "That's my cell and email, in case you two wanted to keep in touch." Danny simply said, "Absolutely." We pulled out and started our drive home, fingered interlaced the whole time.

Occasionally Danny would glance over and smirk at me, telling me that I was the sexiest man around. I would say something silly like "stop talking to yourself stud."

When we returned home, nothing really changed. Danny got an apartment, and I was there just about every day. We would make love for hours. About a month after we got back from that fateful trip, Danny came over to my parents house for dinner and asked, "Mikey, do you want to move into my apartment with me?" Almost immediately I agreed, my parents thought it was a great idea as well.

By the end of the summer we came out as a couple, my parents claimed to have known all along. My mother claiming "Mother's Intuition." I knew that I had found the man who made my dreams come true. And for the record, it is only Danny's face I see in my dreams anymore.



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