My neighbors had two sons John and Sam. One was 20 and the other was 22. I have lived all my life next door to them, so they know me well.

I'm Aaron 19 years old. 160lbs (73kg) 5'10" (178cm). Gay, straight acting. Into all kinds of sport, Karate black belt 1st Dan and numerous trophies for swimming.

John is 6' (183cm) 200lbs (91kg). Sam is about the same height and about 240lbs (109kg). Both are good at sport and pulling girls. At high school they were the alpha males everyone showed them respect.

They know I'm gay and have for a longtime teased me about it in a discreet way. (When no one else is about) They have never been malicious. It's good banter and I enjoy it. I have jerked off thinking about the stuff that they have threatened to do to me. Unfortunately it had been all talk and no action up until one day when they asked if I wanted to go trekking with them. At first I thought they were just having me on. I said "yeah why not." I was even more surprised when it turned out to be a serious offer.

The plan was to trek along the more remote tracks of the national park. They had a buddy that knew the more remote parts of the park where visitors seldom went. His name was Chris he was 26 years old similar height and build as John and Sam. He was a park ranger he had that rugged look about him, the look of someone that spent a lot of time out doors.

The first night we pitched our tents on a site that was full of campers. We had two tents, both two man tents. I was to share with Chris. I quickly stripped down to my briefs and got into my sleeping bag. Chris was taking his time to strip. He slowly peeled off his clothes revealing a well-toned body. My heart was pounding in my rib gage and my dick was swelling as I discreetly watched him strip. I just about blew a fuse when he ran his fingers inside the waistband of his briefs and slid them off exposing his dick and hairy balls. I was trying not to let him know I had seen his meat hanging between his legs. Seeing it made my dick hard. I was in a daze when he asked if I wanted the light switching off. "Yeah that's ok with me", I said.

His dick and balls were dangling so near to my face that I could smell his musk aroma as he reached over and switched the light off. I was more or less sure he did that deliberately. It would have been easier for me to turn the light off. Had he been told I was gay?

I could not get to sleep adrenaline was racing through my body. I could not stop thinking about his naked body. I needed to pull my stiff, no way could I sleep until I squirted. I waited until I thought Chris was asleep. My stiff was aching and tenting inside my sleeping bag. I quietly pulled my briefs down to my thighs and lay there stroking my dick, looking over towards Chris now and then to make sure he was sleeping. I could just make out his silhouette in the dim night light. I was stroking more vigorously and breathing heavily when I felt a hand on my sleeping bag. Fuck it was Chris, I must have woke him.

I had been too absorbed in jerking off that I hadn't noticed he was awake and was now kneeling beside me. He whispered into my ear, "Let me do that for ya," he said as he unzipped my sleeping bag and ran his hands over and down my chest down to my hard dick. He squeezed and slowly stroked my dick with his hand. The whole of my body shuddered and went into uncontrollable spasms of delight when I felt his hand on my dick.

He grabbed my hand and placed it on his hard dick. "Jack me off same time," he said. Fuck I was in ecstasy. It was not long before I squirted my load. I suddenly felt a warm jet of juice squirt over my naked chest as juice squirted out of Chris's dick. We were both inhaling and exhaling rapidly. He wiped his sperm covered palms over my thighs and belly

Chris slumped back onto his sleeping bag. Pulling his dick out of my hand as he did.

We lay there silently for a few minutes until Chris scooped some of his juice off my chest. He ran his fingers over my lips, smearing them with his juices. "Open your mouth and suck my fingers," he said. He scooped more of his sperm juice onto his fingers and fed me. I sucked on his fingers enjoying tasting him. "I taste good? " he asked. "Delicious" I replied. I heard him give out a quite chuckle. He continued to stroke my body until we fell off to sleep. The following day nothing was said.

The following day we trekked along a remote route that Chris was very familiar with one that was more of a challenge and therefor less taken by the less serious trekkers. The growth on the paths and the over hanging branches indicated that the pathways were little used. It was hard going, shear drops and narrow paths in places. Fallen trees which we at to clamber over.

Chris suddenly said, "Ok we will camp here tonight." It was a clearing on the banks of the river. After eating and chatting for awhile we turned in. John with a smile on his face asked me if I was getting on ok with Chris. "Sure," I said. Was it possibly that Chris had told him about last night? Was all this planned? The thought it might be excited me. 

When I got into the tent Chris was already naked, he didn't hold back, his hands were all over me as he stripped me. He pushed me down onto my back and knelt over me straddling my face. He didn't turn the light off (battery light) he wanted to watch me sucking his dick. Anyone standing outside could easily see from the shadows cast what we were doing.

He made me lick the precum dripping out his dick slit. "Suck it," he said as he slowly snaked the head and part of the shaft into my mouth stretching my lips and making me gag. "The more I work on your throat, the more you will take until eventually you'll take it all," he said. Later he said "It's a Little cramp in here lets go outside where there is more room." When we got outside I could see both John and Sam standing naked round the campfire we had lit earlier.

"On ya knees," demanded Chris. They all stood around me stroking their hard cocks. I sucked each in turn tasting their salty precum. It was only Chris that made me take more and more of his hard shaft. Stretching and widening my throat. "Come on boy you can take more than you doing" he said as he made me gag more and more. They stood around me stroking their cocks when they were ready to squirt they held my head back and squirted into my open mouth. I was swallowing as quickly as I could; still some spilled out and dribbled off my chin down onto my chest. They were looking down at me and grinning. Calling me a fucking whore, fag and gay boy. Verbally abusing me with every gay insult they knew. I loved it.

Eventually Chris said he was going to take me back into the tent and feed me some more. "I still have some juice left in my balls," he said as he fondled them in his hand. He did he worked my throat some more and squirted another load of juice down my throat. When he had finished he lay back on his sleeping bag and fell off to sleep. I fell off to sleep with the taste of all three in my mouth.

Again the next day nothing was said we just moved on deeper into the forest. That night after eating we sat round the fire chatting. Chris stood up and told me to strip. When I was naked he stroked his hands down my back and patted my ass. Both John and Sam looked on. "Fucking beautiful pretty boy with a hot body for us to fuck and play with over the next two weeks," he said as he looked into my eyes. I was trembling with excitement at his every word and every time he touched me or looked at me.

Chris told me to get on my knees. I obeyed willingly. They stood around me naked holding and stroking their hard cocks. Chris encouraged them to slide their cocks deeper down my throat. Chris ran his hand along the crack of my ass until he found my anus. While John and Sam fucked my face Chris finger fucked my hole, making me sigh and moan. Chris leaned forward and whispered into my ear, "you ready for me to fuck you." The whole of my body shuddered and went weak when he said he was going to fuck me. He leaned into me I could feel his cock pressing against my hole. Suddenly the head of his cock slipped into my hole making me give out a loud muffled scream. John and Sam were taking it in turn to thrust into my mouth as Chris penetrated me deeper with his hard cock. He had his hands on my hips as he continued to thrust until his cock was all the way into me. He leaned forward and whispered into my ear. "You like the feel of my hard dick inside you? All I could do was nod to let him know I did.

Chris continued to pound my ass more and more vigorously as the mood took him. I could feel his fingernails digging into my skin as he held me tighter. He gave out a loud moan as his body stiffened. I could feel his cock throbbing in my ass as he squirted his hot juices into me. John stood over me and squirted his juice into my mouth. Sam stood over me next and squirted his juice into my open mouth. After a few minutes Chris slid his cock out of me and immediately stood in front of me and snaked his semi hard cock down my throat. "Suck it down deep," demanded Chris. As I sucked on it, it swelled filling the cavity of my throat making me pull away so I could take a deep breath. As it got harder the less I could take. Chris was still determined to make me take it all and thrust as deep as he could. I felt John's hands on my hips and then his cock pressing on my hole.

Chris continued to slowly fuck my face as he watched John then Sam fuck my ass. When they had fucked me Chris squirted his juice down my throat. The fire had burnt down there was a chill in the air. Chris leaned over and spanked my ass. Looking at John and Sam he said "I'm going to enjoy having my cock soak in the bitches ass tonight." He made me crawl into the tent. Once in the tent Chris wrapped his arms around me and penetrated me with his hard cock. Slowly fucking me on John and Sam's sperm juices. It was an awesome feeling to lay there feeling his dick sliding up and down inside me. The deep intensity of the fucking I had taken made me squirt my juice onto Chris's belly. Chris squirted his load into me. I was so full of juice that it was spilling out my ass. Chris fell of to sleep with his dick still inside me.

They spit roasted me al fresco every night near the campfire. Chris gradually stretched my throat sufficiently enough for me to take the whole length of his 7" plus hard penis. He said he would get me too



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