It was the Friday night and the night my 18th birthday but instead of having a party, I had to go on a weekend fieldtrip for my Field-Biology class.

My Field-Biology class was taught by Mr. Frazer - THE HOTTEST teacher in school. Mr. Frazer is 36 years old, 6' tall, Spanish, born in America and muscular because he was an elite gymnast. I wasn't bad looking myself, but compared to Mr. Frazer, I was ugly. I was 5' 11' tall, and was muscular because I was a wrestler - which I only play because of the guys.

Even though this weekend fieldtrip is on my birthday, spending the whole weekend with Mr. Frazer made up for that. On the long car ride to the camp grounds, I made sure I was in the same car as Mr. Frazer and sitting next to him.

Once we final got to our campsite, everyone unload their bag and Mr. Frazer called everyone over to him. 'I going to assign you guys' tents and a tent mate,' Mr. Frazer said. There were an odd number of students in the class, so one student was going to share a tent with him. I was hoping it was going to be me. Mr. Frazer calls off two peoples' names at a time - tent mates - and then a number - their tent. He hasn't called my name yet, so I become more and more hopeful. There are only 13 people here on the trip, plus Mr. Frazer. 'Jake Liveson and Me, tent number 4,' Mr. Frazer said. I was calm on the outside, but jumping like crazy inside. 'You have 30 minutes to go to your tents and unpack, and then we will cook dinner,' Mr. Frazer said. After Mr. Frazer made his announcement we all headed to our tents.

'Which side of the tent do you want,' Mr. Frazer said as we step inside our tent. 'I'll take the left side,' I said as I took off my shoes. Mr. Frazer and I rolled out our sleeping bag and unpack what we needed for tonight - bug spray and a little jacket. 'Do you mind if I change real quick,' Mr. Frazer said. 'No,' I said with a gulp. Mr. Frazer started stripping and was now down to his under - which were briefs. He took out some cloths from his bag and then slipped his underwear off. My cock went from soft to hard in a second. I couldn't take my eyes off of his PERFECTLY shaped ass. After staring at his ass for a couple seconds, I focused my thoughts and stopped. I quickly turned around to hide my boner. 'All set...I'm going to go started the campfire, since it is almost dark outside. 'Ok,' I said and Mr. Frazer left the tent. 'That was close,' I said, letting out a breath of relieve.

After my boner went away, I went outside to see how Mr. Frazer was doing on the fire. 'Need any help,' I asked as Mr. Frazer lit the fire. 'No, I'm done,' Mr. Frazer said with a laugh. I sat down by the fire while Mr. Frazer went and retrieved everyone. Everyone gathered around the fire and Mr. Frazer said, 'We are going to roast hotdogs tonight.' Everyone grabbed a hotdog and a roasting stick and began cooking their dinner.

After everyone had finished eating, Mr. Frazer started to explained what he had planned for tomorrow, 'We're going to get up around 7 tomorrow, eat breakfast, then start our hike up to the caves.' After Mr. Frazer was done, we all headed back to our tents while Mr. Frazer put out the fire.

After I got to my tent, I stripped down to my underwear and clawed into my sleeping bag. A minute later Mr. Frazer came into the tent and stripped completely naked - my dick went from soft to hard again - and clawed into his sleeping bag. A couple seconds later, Mr. Frazer was snoring like a bear.

I knew if I ever wanted to look at his dick, I had to do it now while he was asleep. I clawed out my sleeping bag, went over to him and I turned on my camping lamp. I slowly peeled back the cover of his sleeping bad to reveal a nice soft dick. His dick was probably 6 inches soft. My cock was so hard, it hurt. I grabbed his dick and slowly began to stroke it - his dick felt so good in my hand. His dick started getting hard as I stroked it slowly. His cock became fully hard and was probably 10 inches long. I couldn't help myself and did something daring. I lowered myself down onto his dick and started sucking on it. His dick felt so good in my mouth and he certainly enjoyed it, because he was moaning.

I was too busy enjoying his dick, that I didn't even notice he was awake. 'That feels good,' Mr. Frazer said and I was startled. I stopped sucking his dick and quickly backed away from him. 'Sorry Mr. Frazer, I could help myself,' I said nervously. 'No, it's fine,' Mr. Frazer said. 'Really?' I said with a confused look. 'Ya, so why don't you get over here and finish what you started!' Mr. Frazer said with a smile.

I smiled, then made my way back over to Mr. Frazer and began sucking his dick again. 'That feels so good, ' Mr. Frazer moaned. I sucked his dick nice and slowly - enjoying every inch of his perfect dick. 'Jake,' Mr. Frazer moaned my name. The sound of him moaning turned me on. 'I going to cum,' Mr. Frazer said. I wanted to taste his cum so bad. 'Stop,' Mr. Frazer said. I stopped sucking his dick, and looked up at him with a confused look. 'What's wrong Mr. Frazer?' I said, worried. 'No! I want to save my cum for your ass,' Mr. Frazer said, 'And call me Alex.'

I stood up, took off my underwear - briefs by the way - and position myself so my asshole was above Alex's dick and I lower myself down. The head of Alex's dick was touching my asshole. I was scared to go any further because I knew it was going to hurt. 'What's the matter Jake?' Alex asked me. 'I've never been fucked before,' I said. Alex put his hands on my waist and without warning, pushed me down onto his cock. Pain filled my entire body and before I had a chance to scream, Alex put his hand over my mouth. 'Sorry Jake! It's just easier to get it over with,' Alex said with laugh. 'You could have given me a warning,' I said as he took his hand away from my mouth. Soon the pain went to pleasure and I loved the feeling of his dick up my hole.

I began to bounce up and down on Alex's dick. I started out slow and got faster and faster. 'Ride my big dick Jake!' Alex said. 'Your dick so long and wide,' I said with pleasure, 'It feels so good.' After fucking in the cowboy position for awhile, I got off his dick and laid on my back. Alex got between my legs and shoved his dick back into my hole and we started fucking in the missionary position. I moaned in pleasure as he buried his dick deep inside me. He slowly fucks me at first, sliding most of his cock out of my hole and then slide it all the way back in. He picked up the pace and soon he was pounding my hole. 'Fuck my teen ass!' I said. Alex stopped pounding my hole and leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. 'How was that?' Alex asked. 'Excellent,' I respond. Alex leaned forward again and we started to make out as he slow fucked my hole.

After a couple minutes of making out, we finally stopped. 'I've never felt this way about a student before,' Alex said. 'And I've never felt this way about a teacher,' I respond back. Alex kissed me again and then said, 'I'm going to shoot my load in your hole and make you mind.' Alex started pounding my hole as hard as he can. 'Fuck me!' I moaned. 'I'm going to cum!' Alex moaned, 'I'm going to...' Alex filled my hole with a huge load of cum, at least ten shots of cum came out of his dick. 'Your cum feels so good up my hole,' I moan. 'I bet it does,' Alex said with a smile as he pulled his dick out of my hole. Alex moved his face down toward my hole. Cum started leaking out of my hole and Alex slurped it into his mouth. Once all his cum was out of my hole and into his mouth - not swallowing any of his cum - he came back up to my faced and we started making out.

'Yum! Your cum taste so good,' I said with a smile. Alex laid down beside me and began stroking my dick. 'I want to taste your cum,' Alex said as grabbed his underwear and started stroking my dick with it. 'I'm going to cum,' I moaned. Alex positioned himself so that the head of my cock was next to his mouth. 'I'm going to cum,' I moaned again. Alex tossed his underwear assigned took my dick into his mouth and I started cumming. I shot about 4 strings of cum into his mouth and he made sure he swallowed every last drop of my cum. 'Your cum taste so good,' Alex said. 'Having you stroke my dick with your underwear felt so hot!' I said.

I got up, headed to my sleeping bag and clawed into it, went I heard Alex say, 'What are you doing?' I looked at Alex as he clawed into his sleeping bag. 'You're sleeping with me - in my sleeping bag - for the rest of this trip,' Alex said with a smile. I smiled back at him and got out of my sleeping bag and got into his. I cuddled up next to Alex and he wrapped his arms around me. Alex kissed me on the lips and we fell asleep.



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