I was so excited that I was finally going to dance camp!.I'd heard about it when I was in the 8th grade but my parents couldn't afford it at the time,but with my dad's new business going good,time changed.

It was already dark,I looked at my watch to check the time,7:05.The bus jerked to a stop and for a minute all the excited chatter of the kids also stopped and then they all erupted into a loud cheer.I unloaded all my stuff from the bus and then waited for the counselor to show me to my room which was a cottage here.As we waited by the bus,a man of average height and dark hair walked to us.He was Mark Watson,the founder of camp 'POP N LOCK'.

'Hi,everybody',he began,'my name is Mark Watson,but you can call me sir',some of the kids probably ones who had been here before giggled when he said that,then he completed'nah I'm just kidding.For those of you new here,the name of the camp is POP N LOCK,but that's just a name,you'll be learning a lot more than just that,you'll learn everything you need to learn to become superstar,but that's up to you and remember everyone has got what it takes,what we're gonna teach you here is how to use that.Alright then,that's all for now,your first lesson will begin tomorrow at 7 A.M.Dinner will be served in another hour until then you can all go to your rooms'.He pointed toward a thick growth of trees and said,'going into the forest without counselor supervision is restricted,your here to have fun not get lost in the woods'.He added,'also there is a man-eating monster in there',again some of the kids giggled.

I dragged my bag into the room,which was very cozy and warm opposed to the chilling wind outside.That was when I noticed the other bed in the room and remembered that everyone was going to have a roommate.I was wondering who my roommate was gonna be when the door opened and a tall boy entered with bags that made it look like he carried everything he owned.He had black hair which covered his ears.His features were somewhat boyish and rugged and he was very childish.He had the biggest smile I'd ever seen and it never left his face.

'Hi, I'm John and I guess I'm your roommate'.'Jake,nice to meet you',I replied.

He just stood there for a second after saying that and then swept right in and we shook hands,during which I noticed strong his hands were and he had muscles everywhere,but somehow that didn't make him lose his boyish looks.After I helped him with his stuff we began to talk,at first we only spoke about general stuff like,where are you from etc.etc. and before we knew it,it was time for dinner so we went to the mess,he was a big eater he filled his white plate till no white could be seen and not even with junk food most of it was filled with salads and green things,I wasn't feeling like eating so all I took was an apple,we sat at the nearest empty table and ate our dinner,the apple in my case.I tried to cop a look at his jeans,but I couldn't,so I had to drop a spoon and 'bend down to get it',which I think made it obvious to him because I was eating an apple, I didn't try again because I didn't him to run away.

But when he got up to dump his tray what I did see was how his jeans perfectly hugged his tight butt. Damn.I wanted to grab him right there and then.

So when he got back,we went back to the room.After a few more minutes of small talk he pulled off his shirt,grabbed a towel from his bag and went to the showers,maybe he assumed that no one would see him without a shirt when he went outside at this time.

I took this,time to myself and changed into the best boxers I owned,so that I could so off my own body but so far he didn't seem interested in me,he never spoke of any girlfriend so there was still hope.Thinking of him made me hard.

He got back,with the towel wrapped around him,but that hid nothing,he was beautiful,his chest was worthy to die for,the way it all added to make him look like he just jumped out of a superhero comic,when he took of the towel he was also in boxers,he must have seen my surprise. He rubbed the back of his head in that boyish,naive way and said,'I hope this doesn't make you uncomfortable or anything'.To which I laughed and replied,'dude do you see what I'm wearing?',he laughed and with every laugh his muscles bulged to their peak and the relaxed,he checked out my entire body then suddenly he turned away from me,maybe there was interest after all.He bent down near his bed to supposedly take out or put away something from his bag,even his back was sexy,no muscle overly bugling or gross but still very sexy,sexy and broad.I traced the lines till I reached the waistband of his boxers which he slid an inch down revealing the very top of his butt. I didn't even know if I was still breathing steadily,the way all his muscles defined themselves when he bent down was insanity,the strain of his calf muscles made it even more difficult to breath,the way the veins flowed all over his body,it looked like a armored robot with veins to supply it with fuel.He zipped his bag and the pushed it over the other side of the bed again waving his butt in my direction,I was starting to think that this kid was a part time stripper the way he threw everything he had at me,yet not really making a move.

He got into his bed,but didn't cover his body with anything,I asked him if I could turn off the light and then we spoke for a little while longer.

Day 1.

We woke up the next day and went for the first class,the instructor introduced himself,Jack.He may seem irrelevant now,but trust me he's important,anyway he showed us some moves,that were pretty cool but John was having trouble in doing them,I was truly surprised that this guy couldn't dance.But to my good luck Jack asked me if I could help him,so I did.First I showed him the moves,slowly,but he still couldn't get one move,so I grabbed his waist,this surprised him a little but he didn't protest and traced my hand up from his waist to his hands to put him into the right position,all the while I was feeling every detail of his body,every muscle,every sharp and smooth ridge that I was dreaming of for the past 18 hours was now in my hands and I was enjoying every inch.I got him in the right position then asked him to do the move and this time he got it right,like a pro actually and I realized that he only pretended to not know how to dance and that was when I was sure that he wanted me as bad as I wanted him.

The next activity was a singing class conducted by Mark,where we had to improvise a few lines and sing with a partner,I'd been writing songs all my life,I wasn't sure if they were any good,it was just a hobby.We all had to pick a partner and I picked John.He wasn't prepared with anything so before our turn,I sang the lines of my song,that I hadn't named,when i was done,for a minute he just stared so I asked him if it was really that bad and he replied,'no,are you crazy that was amazing,Jake I had no idea that you could sing like that'.We sang the song together in front of the entire group and damn this kid could do everything he's voice was amazing,even Mark complimented us.

Day 2.

I had a few more dance classes,they covered jive and waltz,the girl I was partnered with,Amy even gave me her number,I guess she was gonna be disappointed.I hadn't seen John since we left the room,that morning because we had picked different activities on that day.I was roaming aimlessly when I came near the edge of the forest,all those insect sounds filled my ears,as I turned around the corner of was seemed to be a storage shed,someone grabbed me,I tried to struggle but it was no use,he was too strong and I couldn't call for help because his other hand was on my mouth,he pulled me into him and I could feel the hard chest and abs against my back,and a hard cock against my butt.

He whispered in my ears,'don't scream,it's me John,I'm sorry but I couldn't take it anymore'.I grabbed his shoulders and pressed him against the tile wall, kissing him passionately,this worked exactly as I wanted it to,he loosened his hold on me and I pushed away from him and ran around the corner of the shed,I heard him call behind me,but I didn't stop,I was gonna tease a little.

Later that night I played quick game of football with some of the other guys,to me it was just scoping out potential fucks,John wasn't there.I hadn't seen him since I ran away from him.Then I headed to the showers,because I was filthy after the match.I entered the showers,stripped down and stepped into the water,for a while I just let the hot water run down my body and let my muscles relax,just then I heard someone come in,it was John.He must have followed me here.He stripped down and got under the shower next to mine.He began,'Jake,I..uh..I wanted to apologize for want I did,I'm not sorry that I did it,I'm just sorry that I offended you and I like hanging out with you,so please talk to me,I promise I wont do anything like that again'.I was facing away from him,I turned to face him making my erection was obvious.It was the first time that I saw his cock, which was an inch longer than mine,nine inches.I looked at him and smiled and said,'you talk too much',he grasped my cock in one of his sexy hands and began to stroke it gently,with his other hand he was stroking his own cock at the same pace.His hand was shaking,but he knew what he was doing.

'This isn't your first time with a guy is it?',I asked,'nope',he replied.

'Damn,I've wanted you for soo long.',I said.'Then why did you make a move',he asked.'Well I was trying to see if I could get you to make a move,which I did by the way',I winked at him and replied.'Hmmm' was all he said and then he began to stroke my cock faster,I moaned and closed my eyes and let my head fall back,the water pouring down on my face,now his other hand was feeling my body,he started at my left calf,tracing all the lines and details as if he was about to paint me.He move his hand further up until he reached my butt,then suddenly he turned me around and pushed he against the tile wall and he dove into my butt,it was one of the best feeling I'd ever felt,I felt like I was going to explode.I'd cum soon if I'd let him go on,so I turned around and picked him up and kissed him with everything I'd been holding inside me since I first saw him,I pulled away from him and as he was about to come in for another kiss,I grabbed his head from behind and pulled it back,I kissed down his jaw like till I reached his neck,I nipped and chewed on his neck,all the while thinking that if someone took a picture of us right then it would look like some vampire fantasy.When he tried to pull me up,I went a little lower and reached his nipple. I swirled my tongue around it and sucked at it for a bit, teasing it. He was gasping and moaning very loud,I was afraid he was gonna wake someone up,I moved across his chest till I found his other nipple, and again repeated what I did to the first,this time I teased the other nipple with my fingers,at times just tracing around it,this was driving him crazy,his eyes were shut tight,his body was quivering.

I continued my journey down till I reached his sexy abs.I kissed and licked each one,savoring the taste mixed with water.This time I started ascending,but this time he pushed my head down,not wanting the ecstasy to ever end and I happily obeyed.I went all the way down,his hand never leaving my head,he was afraid I might come up again,I giggled.

I put my hand on his cock and I looked up at him and asked him in his own boyish naive tone,which he didn't even know he had,'this is what you want,right?',he moaned but firmly said,'just suck my fucking dick already!!',again I laughed,but didn't obey,he groaned,I went lower,to his calf,I licked it,I kissed it.I began kissing from his calf going up to his thigh,kissing every possible place,then I moved to his balls,kissing each one,the I took one into my wet mouth and sucked on it,he moaned.I applied more suction,this made him moan even louder,his hand came down to my hair and he firmly grasped my wet hair,this made me even hotter and made me suck harder,it was like a chain of events that pushed the pleasure beyond any comprehensible boundary.But then he started moaning even louder than before,I was sure he was gonna wake someone up so I finally gave in.

I licked around his cock,saliva mixing with the hot water,I traced the line all around his member.I brought my mouth to the large tip and kissed it,only the tip,I kissed it again and again,he grabbed my shoulders firmly as if he was holding on to prevent himself from falling.I licked the slit,tasting the delicious precum that was all over his cock now.'Please,I'm soo,fucking close',he moaned,so I took his entire shaft in and he rhythmically fucked my mouth,I moved my tongue around swirling around his shaft and in a few seconds of that he was soon shooting into my hot throat.I pulled back so that I could taste his load and it was some of the tastiest load I'd ever had.

He looked down at me,he was panting like hell,dazed.He was still holding on to me,this time for support.

'Damn, Jake,that was fucking awesome.Man, I'm still seeing stars, I think I nearly died.'

I smiled,and stood up,'I was amazing even for me,John'.

And as I started to wash myself again he grabbed onto my waist from behind and wispered,'Jake you aren't one of the overly-noble,

people who do good things and hope for nothing in return are you?,because...I..I still want to...uh..have sex with you'.

He grabbed my shaft and began to stroke it,I stopped him and smiled.I leaned in nibbling his ear lobe and said,'not here'.

we dried off and headed back to the room,the second he closed the door,I grabbed his towel,threw it off him and pushed onto my bed,again we kissed passionately.

I crawled to his ear again and whispered,'tell me how bad you want it'.I started to stroke his already hardening cock.

Between breaths he said,'Jake...I...I want you to..to..take that dick...and...fuck..my....tight..ass.'

I licked his ear lobe and replied,'only because,your insisting,right?'.

'NO not insisting,begging.I'm begging you to fuck me',he said.

I turned him around, and he propped himself up on his sexy arms. I squeezed his ass firmly . I put some lube that I carried with me on my finger and traced it around his hole, which,had no sign of hair. I stroked him for awhile,then I inserted a finger into his ass.His ass tensed, but after a minute it began to relax.Then I added another two fingers and he shuddered as I slowly pushed them in and pulled them out,he looked back at me and ordered me, 'Get your fucking dick inside and fuck me already!'

First I lubed his hole and then slowly slipped the head of my cock in. I felt him tense and his ass was so tight that it made me gasp.I almost shot my load when his ass muscle closed in around my cock,my cock was in love with his tight warm ass.Every time he relaxed I pushed my shaft a little more in. When I was fully inside him, I stopped so that he would adjust to my cock.

I pulled back and started rhythmically thrusting at moderate tempo, just so he could get used the feeling of my cock all the way in, again and again.Every time my balls slapped against his ass he moaned.All the moaning drove he wild and I began to go faster, pounding my cock into his inhumanly sexy and tight ass. With one hand I grasped a fist full of his hair. With the other I jacked his thick diamond hard cock. He began to grunt his super loud grunt again,so he grabbed the pillow to muffle his screams.I went insane as my pole pushed farther into him.My groans and his gasps filled the air.

Suddenly he threw away the pillow and was moaning, 'Oh god, you're dick feels soooo good up my asss..oh fuck..oh fuck..oh fuck...uh.uh..uh..fuck my ass...harder...harder...uh,,.,.OHHH!!, Jake!!Jake!!, I'm cumming!!!, I'm cumming! UH!!'

And he erupted into my hand again,more of his cream spreading onto my fingers.I licked my fingers,never slowing down and as he exploded his ass clenched to my pole,then released,then clenched,clenched,released and this pushed me over the edge,I shot the biggest load I'd ever shot into his ass,filling it with my cream,I kept shooting even after it began to overflow out of his ass.He was panting again,we were both sweating as if we hadn't dried ourselves after the shower.

We just stayed there for a moment my deflated cock inside him, then I slipped it out.We cleaned up,John slept in my bed that night and every night after that.

But he wasn't the only one I fucked at camp 'POP N LOCK'.



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