Cameron knocked on the door. He was feeling down. He had just broken up with his girlfriend and really needed some help to clear up his head. He had called Nash hoping they could talk a little to make him feel better but Nash had ended up inviting him for a sleepover to chill and have some fun. So there he was: at Nash's doorstep, wearing one of his favorite white t-shirts, a pair of dark skinny jeans, a cool hat, white ankle socks and he was rocking his red converse.

     Nash opened the door to greet his friend, a broad smile on his face. He himself was dressed more casually. He was wearing a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. He had his black vans on and his long white socks were pulled over his sweatpants. He looked Cameron up and down.

     - Hey man, you sure look good for someone who just got dumped!

     Nash's smile had transformed itself into a mischievous grin but Cameron seemed rather annoyed at his friend.

     - Nash, man...

     -Haha, sorry! Couldn't resist. Hey come on in!

     With the short exchange Nash invited Cameron inside and as the other boy went to hang on the couch Nash headed for the kitchen, his mischievous grin returning to his face. Meanwhile Cameron settled on the couch and took a look around. Typical Nash: everything was one big mess. There was underwear scattered all around the floor of the living room. Various pieces of clothing were laying about: pants, shirts, a few hats. In one of the corners of the room stood a pile of dirty socks, most of which were supposed to be white but were currently more of a dirty gray. Even from the couch Cameron could pick up the smell coming out of the pile. Nash had always had smelly feet and had the bad habit of wearing the same socks for days before finally changing them. Now that he had spent a few minutes in the living room the smell was starting to make him feel a little dizzy. His contemplation of his friend's untidy apartment was however interrupted by Nash's voice coming from the kitchen.

     - Hey Cam! What'd'ya want to drink?

     - Do you have like, soda?

     - Yeah, I gotcha!

     - Thanks Man!

     "Perfect!" Nash thought to himself. Soda was easy to dissolve stuff into. He took a can from the fridge and cracked it open. He then proceeded to slip two small pills inside. One was white and was going to help his friend... relax. The other one, well... Nash couldn't help but grin thinking about it. He got a second soda from the fridge, this one for himself and cracked it open as well. Then he walked back in the living room and handed his unsuspecting friend the spiked can. Nash stretched on the couch next to Cameron and put the TV on. He held up his soda looking at Cameron.

     - Cheers Bro!

     - Cheers Man!

     They both took a long sip of their sodas and relaxed back in the comfortable couch. "Now we wait" Nash thought to himself, his grin returning to his face. He managed to control himself however and mask it for a genuine friendly smile. He needed to stall for some fifteen minutes. He just needed to distract Cameron with a little chat while the pills he had slipped in the boy's drink were taking effect.

     - So, eh... that bitch dumped you...

     - Yeah...

     Nash could see Cameron was feeling uncomfortable about the subject. Not that it mattered. Soon he wouldn't even care about some girl. He just had to keep him talking. Keep him distracted and sipping that delicious spiked soda. He was so lost in his own mischievous thoughts he was startled when Cameron spoke up, a silly smile on his face.

     - Hey Nash... You know, your place really stinks. You really need to clean it up. Especially that pile of dirty socks! Man! I can feel the stench from here.

     - Haha, yeah, I guess you're right!

     About ten minutes later and a lot of awkward talking Nash noticed his friend was starting to act a little different. His movements were getting slow and his gaze was drifting around the room. Nash was just about to open his mouth when Cameron looked at him with tired eyes.

     - Man...I feel a little... weird... sleepy...

     Nash was delighted. He looked at his vulnerable, drugged friend, his mischievous grin on full display and a look in his eyes, like a predator eyeing his defenseless pray.

     - I Spiked your soda, Cam.

     - Whaa...

     Cameron looked at him with his tired eyes. He was obviously not getting it.

     - I Slipped a roofie in your soda, Cam. A small dose, just to help you relax. It's taking effect now. Oh... and I also slipped some viagra in there.

     Cameron didn't know what to make of all this. He looked down at his pants and realized he was hard. He couldn't believe his best friend would drug him up. He had a hard time concentrating but still managed to question the other boy.

     - But...Why...?

     - Simple. You don't need that girl, man. She was just putting you down. Don't Worry, I am going to take care of you. You'll be mine from now on.

     Cameron didn't want to believe what his friend was saying. Why would Nash do this? He needed to leave. Now. He managed to get up from the couch and head for the door but Nash was immediately there blocking his path. He had to get out of there. His head was spinning. Maybe he could get out the window? He turned back and headed for the far side of the living room. Nash followed his best friend closely, his grin spread across his face. Cameron had no chance of escaping now. Not like this. He was moving slowly and was stumbling on every step. Nash gently placed his hands on Cameron's shoulders and gave him a little push. He didn't need more. The boy struggled to keep his balance, failing miserably, and fell face first... right into the pile of dirty socks that lay on the floor. This close up the stench was unbearable. Cameron tried to hold his breath and pushed with his hands against the floor, trying to get up. But before he could do anything Nash was already on top of him, pinning him down.

     - It's ok! Just relax now, Cam, breathe in deeply. You may not like it at first but I promise you, you'll soon be enjoying it. You can't fight it, man, just let go.

     All Cameron could manage at this point was a low moan of disapproval, although that was not going to stop his friend. He was holding his breath for now but he knew he had to breathe at some point. And soon. And the drugs Nash had spiked his drink with were not helping at all. After just a few seconds he couldn't hold back any more. He inhaled sharply, his nostrils filling up to the brim with the scent of Nash's dirty socks. The dizziness he had felt earlier was nothing compared to what he was feeling now. In the shock caused by the stench Cameron took another deep breath before he could stop himself. The smell was so powerful. He felt weak and vulnerable. It was getting to his brain. Or was it the drugs? He didn't know. He soon took a third breath. It was getting easier to breathe now. He realized the smell wasn't as bad as he had first thought. Every next breath was easier, deeper... pleasant? Cameron couldn't understand. Was he actually enjoying this? His Viagra fueled erection was now forcing him to shamelessly hump the floor, all to Nash's amusement. The boy teased him.

     - Good Boy, Cam. You're such a good boy laying down and sniffing your bestfriend's socks obediently. You're doing great, bro. And now it's time you went to bed for the moment. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow, and you'll need some sleep.

     With that Nash took one of the socks from the pile and gently pressed it against Cameron's lips. The other boy gave out a low moan of defiance and held his lips shut. So he was still strong enough to resist?Well, Nash knew how to take care of that. He held one hand over his best friend's mouth and with the other he pressed the gray, drenched in foot sweat sock against Cameron's nose. That Cameron could no longer resist. He had already started to get hooked on the powerful, manly scent of Nash's feet and soon enough he was avidly breathing in the sweat, losing himself to it. Nash held the sock in place for another minute insuring his friend would behave and then moved the sock back to Cameron's lips.

     - Come on bro, open up. Be a good boy and let your best friend take care of you.

     This time the drugged up boy obediently parted his lips letting Nash gently insert the sock in his mouth. He had to hold Cameron's mouth shut for a few second while the boy instinctively tried to spill the sock out as the taste of it hit him. His eyes opened wide as the first drops of Nash's foot sweat dissolved into his saliva but soon his eyes started to flutter as the manly taste overpowered him completely and sedated him. Instinctively he started to suck on the sock, absorbing more and more of his best friend's essence until his eyes closed and his body relaxed into a pleasant drugged sleep. Nash had been holding his mouth shut all this time, not because he needed to but rather because it made him hard to feel in power over his defenseless victim. He then let go of the boy and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek before carrying him to his bed. There he undressed Cameron and pulled the sheets over his delicious naked body. He duck taped the sock in place so his best friend could suck on it all throughout his good night's sleep. That would get him completely hooked up on Nash's taste. With a gentle kiss to his best friend's forehead Nash left Cameron have some much deserved rest. He lay next to him and after giving himself a nice little hand job thinking about what had happened this evening he quickly fell asleep next to his dear best friend, his and only his.



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