When he moved into the apartment on the third floor he had no idea that his next door neighbor would be Mr. Daniels. Shortly after settling in, Cameron heard a knock at his door and standing before him in a very tight almost see through tank top was the hulking, 6'4" black god around the age of 45, which he later came to learn was Mr. Daniels.

Cameron could not help but stare at the muscular pecs protruding through the tight tank top he wore and a slight bead of sweat dripping down this man's neck. Further glancing down he could see the outline of a bulge in Mr. Daniels dark black jeans. Before he let him see that he was staring he moved his eyes back up to his, "Hello. How can I help you?"... "I'm Mr. Daniels, it seems that we are now neighbors and I thought I would introduce myself since I saw you moving in.". Cameron proceeded to invite him in, not wanting to be rude and Mr. Daniels stepped through the door and as he walked past him he stared at his muscular black ass barely fitting into those jeans he was wearing, this time almost getting caught by Mr. Daniels as he turned back around and said "I like what you have done with the place." "Thanks" said Cameron. He began to show him into the bedroom which was just off the living room.

Upon entering, Cameron stopped quickly and Mr. Daniels proceeded to run into the back of him and Cameron could not help but feel the huge bulge against his ass. "I'm sorry" said Mr. Daniels. "It's alright... I don't mind... I mean..."... "Oh you don't mind? Do you?" said Mr. Daniels as he proceeded to move closer to Cameron's ass, grabbing him by the hips. "So you don't mind me doing this?" Cameron proceeded to let out a slight moan as he felt Mr. Daniels bulge begin to get hard in those jeans. From then Mr. Daniels turned Cameron around shoved him to his knees and proceeded to undo his jeans and reveal his thick 10 inch black cock. It fell out onto Cameron's face and then he forcefully shoved it down his throat making him suck him off. "I could see you checking me out as you were moving in... I knew from then that you wanted this cock... didn't you?" Cameron couldn't help but choke as he tried to deepthroat this huge black cock that had been shoved into his mouth. He could barely handle it, but he loved every second of it, but Mr. Daniels wanted more. He fully took off his jeans and his shirt and all the rippling black muscles were seen. His bulging six pack and huge pecs all covered with tattoos. He proceeded to rip off Cameron's clothes, revealing his thin musclular white body and threw him on the bed and began to eat out his tight hole. Cameron moaning louder and louder as his tongue went deeper into his tight hole. It had been so long since he had, had some and he was not sure how his tight hole was going to take it. Mr. Daniels then stood up and spit on his tight pink hole and began to slide his 10" of black cock into Cameron's ass.

Moaning louder and louder... half screaming in pain, but trying his best to take it. Mr. Daniels began to pound his ass once he got it in all the way, "You are gonna take all of this cock! I knew you wanted me to fuck you when I saw you yesterday! So now you better take every black inch of this raw cock until I blow my load in you!" Moaning louder and louder! "Holy shit, daddy! You are so big, I had no idea it would be this much! FUCK!" Cameron said as he stroked his own stiff cock. Stroking faster and faster with such ecstasy that he could not help but shoot his huge load out all over the bed as his ass flexed on the thick black cock in his ass. Mr. Daniels continued to pound his white ass grabbing his shoulders so he could get deeper and deeper in his bottoms ass. And just when Cameron thought he couldn't take any more blows to his tight ass he felt Mr. Daniels tense up and then a warm load began to fill his ass. It felt so good inside of him, he didn't want it to stop. As Mr. Daniels began to slowly pull out his cock, cum began to drip out of Cameron's hole. Mr. Daniels proceeded to put his pants and tank top back on, smacked Cameron's ass and said, "Welcome to the building, I'm Mr. Daniels... let me know if you ever need... anything... I do mean... anything."

He then left the apartment and Cameron was left to enjoy the cum filling up his ass from the sexy black man he had only fantasized about the day before. "He did say to let him know if I needed anything." he thought to himself and laid in bed in complete ecstasy.



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