Upstairs I have one of the two bedrooms as a kind of office, PC, desk and shelves full of tat. It's more of a den than an office I guess, somewhere I go to get away from every day life as a shop assistant in town. Saturday nights in the den are my favourite; with no work to get up for on Sunday I can sit on line all night and chat, browse for horny pictures and upload my own handy work to those sites where you can show yourself off. With my digital camera on a tripod I can take hundreds of shots of me as I strip, get hard and shoot. But it's never the same as watching someone else do it for real, right in front of me. That's why I got the video cam for the PC. It mainly sits on top of the monitor, aimed down at my crotch, unless I want someone to see my face, then I can change position.

So, I'm here writing this now, with my cam trained on the leather jeans I'm wearing and searching the net to find someone to watch me, and to find someone I can watch.

Hi there. How are you? Like what you see? Want to see more? Want to play? Click here and cum with me.

That's better, more private. Nice shot of your crotch. I'm looking back at you now and already starting to feel myself get hard. I'm wondering what you are wearing under those shorts, a jock strap, a cock ring, nothing? Maybe you'll show me later, but for now let's just play. Want to play along?

Great. Tell you what, take your shirt off, strip down to just your shorts while I do the same. Can you see my tight leather jeans, black and shining as I stand here in my room and rub my thickening cock through the leather? Wish you were here to do it for me. But you are now, you're in my PC and I'm in yours, you're in my room.

Got your kit off, down to your shorts. Nice bod, I like the way you look. Let me strip off my shirt for you, show you my chest. Want to see that? Now start rubbing yourself through your shorts, get worked up, feel your cock get hard for me. Nice. Like this. Let's start to strip some more, what you got under there? Tight Speedos like me? Let's see, go on, play along.

You want to see my arse? You want to feel it, grab my firm cheeks in your palm and run them down to my legs. Go ahead, you can do what you want.

Tell me what to do and I'll do it for you. Want to see my packet? Here you go mate, like the bulge? I'm already hard for you, already feel my precum starting to damp the insides of these Speedos. Got a good view of my hard shaft, it's almost pushing out the top of my shorts. It wants out, wants pulling. Go on mate, get yours out for me, slowly, slowly. Reveal it to me slow, tease me.

Nice cock, wish I could touch it, hold it, feel its heat. Wish you could hold mine like this, grab it in your fist and feel the veins beneath your hand, rub your fingertips over my wet head, squeeze it.

Now start to wank yourself, slowly, up and down, feel yourself get as hard as you've ever been. Sure, take some poppers if you like, play with your balls and finger your ass if you like. Let me see what it is you like, show me what you like. Nice, I like what you're doing.

See my rock hard cock, standing out for you? Want to slip it into your throat and burry your face in my crotch? That's it, good, take it in further, run your tongue along it. Suck it in, you've got such a hot mouth, you're gunna make me cum if you carry on like that. Stop a minute, not yet.

Let me wank for you as I watch you pull your shaft, watch you stroke your cock. Let me go down on it, will you let me suck you? Tastes so good, so male. I can feel it in my throat as I wank myself slowly on my knees before you. My hand is sliding up and down my shaft, so slow, so hot. I can feel my balls filling up, getting ready, I can taste your precum in my mouth. I want to suck you like this forever. I can feel your cock grow fatter and even more powerful in my mouth, I want to drink you dry.

Watch me, see what you've done to me, I can't keep it back any longer. I'm breathing faster, oh god you're pulling me over the edge with you. It's so hard, so thick, my balls are itching, they can't keep it back. Stroke me slow, always slow, firm, grip it, it's coming, fuck that's good. Harder, feel how solid you made me, I can't stop it now, I'm in your hands. Don't stop mate, that's so slow and so hard, fuck I can't hold back. Here it comes, oh god, I'm gunna explode over you. Keep going, keep pumping me, keep going. Fuck yes, oh god, shit I'm cuming, harder mate, take it, yes take it. On your face, on your chest, again, fuck, on your hands, so wet, so hot, and again, shit yes, oh Jesus I'm pumping my sweet juice all over you, you got me so hot. So fucking hot.

That's good to watch, lick it off your hands, feed it to yourself, still warm. See my cock now, empty, drained. From me to you. You've done that, and that was hot. You are hot. That's nice, stoke it down, gently, smooth my cream over my shaft, gently, slowly, always slowly. Always slowly.

Thanks mate. I'll see you again.

Ben Harris
[email protected]

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