So, I'm laying here, butt-ass-naked, watching this chocolate god play dress-up in my brand new $230 jeans and matching jacket, and it occurs to me that I didn't even catch his goddamn name. I hope it begins with 'D', seeing as how he has a big ass capital d branded all over the back of his neck. Shit, maybe the big D is his way of advertising; if so he certainly told the truth. Trust me, nothing under eleven inches gets into my wardrobe.

'I look scraight in this?' he asks, throwing the jacket open to reveal the most perfect six-pack. The waist of the jeans sags low enough to show the start of his silky pubic hairs.

Thank god he had the descents to stay the fuck out of my underwear.

Damn, 'scraight' is an understatement. He doesn't know how tempted I am to run my tongue across the place where his hip joint meets his abs.

'You look all right in that, but I liked the black outfit much better.'

'I ain't tried on nothing black!'

'I meant the wet, black suit you had on when you stepped out of the shower'

'Oh,' he shrugs, and steps forward before I can kiss the back of his neck. He proceeds to

cram his size twelve and a half feet into my size ten and a half timbs (also unworn).

It's funny how my sexual advances seemed to disgust him much less yesterday, when I found him wondering up and down the street: in the rain, drunk as shit, and mumbling about how he had fucked things up with his bitch and didn't have a place to lay his head. Still, im not the least bit upset by his behavior. I've dealt with straight guys before. I know he'll be right back in my bed as soon as he goes home, fucks the hell out of his girl, and realizes that what he's done to me didn't take the ability or desire to fuck her away from him. Once he bust off inside of his bitch, our thing will be tighter than the virgin Mary's twatt. The trick is waiting. A sissy with no patience and too much pride always loses a good piece of dick.

'Hey-yo, Pa, I just want to let you know that I thank you for taking me in last night and shit. I promise I'm gon get this gear back to you, too.'

'Keep it' I shrug, already aware that he has every intention of doing so. But, mama didn't raise no fool. There is still a chance that I won't ever see this nigga again once he pimps his pretty ass out my door. Did I neglect to mention that I gave him thirty bucks for cab fair? Best believe I'm getting a third helping of that chocolate bar!

'What you doing?' He chuckles in discomfort, as my hands tug at the belt to the jeans. 'Look, for real yo---it don't feel right this morning. I ain't high enough, or something!'

Oh, that's classic! He has to be high huh? Well, I don't know why he's sober anyway; I gave him thirty-five dollars to scoop up a quarter of kind-bud from my boy down the street two hours before we last fucked, and it has only been two hours. Now that bag is empty and I don't even smoke weed! I can't lie though; a bitch did get horny off the contact.

'Let me make you high', I whisper, kneeling to tickle his bellybutton with my tongue. That seemed to be his spot the night before.

He stands, indecisive and huffing for a few seconds before he nods and says, 'Shit! Go ahead, but you better fuckin' hurry up! I aint trying to get in trouble with my girl, fucking with you, over some bullshit like this!'

The nerve of this mutherfucker! Like I'm in total control of how fast his kids swim to the opening of his dick!

I unzip his pants, and his hard dick jumps out, hitting me right on the forehead. One of his hands wraps around the rack on my closet door, and the other fidgets around in his pocket for a cigarette--or anything that will take his attention away from the fact that a man is giving him the best head of his life. Once his cigarette is lit, he cast his head towards the ceiling, as if he can't bear to look, and palms my head like a basketball with the free hand, forcing my mouth to take the black mass of veins into my throat before my eyes can finish devouring it. The feeling of his big head scraping the sides of my jaw turns me on to the point that I struggle to pump my cock, but he is fucking my throat so fast and viciously that if I don't keep my hands locked behind his knees, we will lose our balance.

When he finally lets me come up for air, I see his stomach heaving and notice that he has worked up quite the sweat. Droplets cascade from ripple to ripple, shining his black skin like Pledge wiped on a wooden table, enticing me to taste him.

I do.

'Stop bullshitting and suckit!' he demands, grabbing the sides of my face in his powerful right hand. The other one feeds his pole into my mouth. He continues to bang away at my tonsils. After a few more minutes of brutally gagging me with it, he takes it out, and smacks my face with it, leaving a film of spit and precum sliding down my jaw. I struggle to lick it away, but my tongue is too short to reach it. He enters my mouth again, now holding the back of my head with both hands. My neck feels like it's going to break, because he's bobbing my head up and down for me.

Damn, this thug ass nigga is making my dootie-hole throb and ache to be filled! Fuck this blowjob shit! I know what I want, and I've dealt with guys like him long enough to know how to get it, just the way I want it.

I push his hands away and stare up at his questioning eyes as I attempt to stand to my feet. His hands seize my head, preventing me from rising.

'What the fuck is you doing, yo?'

'I'm through!'

'What the fuck you mean you through, nigguh?'He waves his cock before my face, gliding it across my lip like a tube of lip-gloss. I fight with myself not to let the feel of precum weaken me and make me open my mouth.

'No!' I say, pushing his hands away again. This time, I stand before he can grab me.

'Bitch, you better stop goddamn playing!'

'I'm not playing. Your girl is expecting you in an hour. It's hard as hell to get a cab around this part! Your best bet would be to leave now.'

'Bitch, how the fuck you gon----' he rushes towards me with his fist clenched, his heavy dick swinging. He stops halfway to take in a deep breath. 'Look man, you can't just get me rock like this, slob all up on my shit, and tell me to leave, now! Be fair! What you think I'm s'posed to do, use my dick to wave a cab down?'

I'd certainly stop and pick up anybody waving a dick that big and pretty at my Lexus. Anyway, I digress.

'I just don't feel right doing this.' I struggle to keep the laugh from bursting forth as I spit the lie out. It certainly is fun to turn the tables. 'You got a wife and a son! You been talking all morning about how you can't wait to get home and play with your baby!'

'Well, they ain't here, and you need to keep my family out of this shit!' The demanding look in his eyes as he points to the brick swinging between his thighs tempts me to crawl forward, like the bitch I am, and obey my master, but I have to be strong to get my money's worth. 'You giving up some head or some ass, one!' he screams rushing towards me again. This time he hits me, much harder than I could ever anticipate, and I fall backwards. My legs spread wide, giving him the perfect view of the place he yearns to dwell, as I crawl backwards and beg him not to do to me what I truly desire. I look above my head at the source of the verbal bashing, and see him struggle to pull a condom unto his curved dick while he undoes a bottle of lube with his perfectly white and straight teeth.

'Get your bitch ass on that bed!' he screams kicking me hard, though I make prompt efforts to obey his commands. 'Hurry the fuck up, too, nigguh! Ain't nobody playing with you!' The blow to my temple has my vision so distorted that I see three big dicks pulse before me as I heave my self unto the bed, with my legs spread-eagle. He mounts me, struggling to cram all of himself into my tiny opening at once. Lust has him oblivious to the fact that he is ruining my $300 sheets, and my outfit, with his greasy handprints. As he rips the jacket off and throws it behind him, he leaves the jeans dangling at his ankles. 'Shut the fuck up!' He screams covering my mouth and nose with his huge hand. He makes an odd face, as if he's summoning some inner force, then jabs the remaining eight inches so far inside of me that my hips raise up from the bed in shock. He then permits, and even demands, that I make noise. 'Scream bitch! You know you can't take all this dick! Scream like the bitch you is!' His hand slaps my face as he fucks me into a soprano note, 'Say you a bitch, nigguh! Say you my fuckin bitch!'

'OH SHIT! I'm a bitch- ass- nigga! I'm your bitch! OH FUCK! Ouch!'

He laughs and hoists my legs so far up that my toes scrape the headboard as he fucks me harder and deeper. His hands fasten around my ankles, pushing my knees to my chest, restricting my movement and breathing. I love every second of it, especially his deep voice as he tries to humiliate me. Little does he know that all I need is a second dick, fucking my mouth, and I would be in sissy-heaven.

'Who the fuck you thought you was playing with?' He screams over my groans of pain, and I watch in the mirror as he balances himself on his tiptoes and knuckles.

Yes! This thug ass nigga is doing pushups in the pussy!

I contemplate stretching the cramps out of my thighs, but he hits really hard, and that fact frightens me as much as it turns me on. I decide to reach around and support the back of my knees with my hands instead of putting my thighs down.

'You gon have a period when I get finish with this ass!' He grunts, forcing my thighs even wider, and I am convinced that he is not making an idle threat.

'Please stop! I can't take no more!' I beg, fully aware of the consequences.

He doesn't disappoint me.'I know you aint say stop!' he roars, driving so deep into me that I inch backwards, wrenched with pain. My head hits the headboard, and he continues to fuck me so fast and viciously that I can't help but break into tears as I watch us in the mirror over my bed. I reach between our torsos and begin jerking my dick, which he has bent uncomfortably against his stomach. I watch his coal-black ass glisten with sweat as it flexes and works in fast circles, sending his colossal dick in and out of my battered hole.

Each time he wriggles a few inches out, I watch his cheeks spread, revealing a sexy patch of curls and a beautiful chocolate swirl, and my mind sets my hand to milking my seven inches faster. I imagine how good it might feel if he were to allow me to enter that swirl, just as he forced his way into mine, but the fact that he never will excites me the most.

I can hear his heart beat and feel the veins in his cock pulse against the inner walls of my ass. I know that he will come soon, so I speed up my task of masturbating, determined to cum while he is still tangible. Trust me, once guys like 'D' bust off, they don't stick around to make sure you get your next breath, let alone a nut.

'UMMMPh! UMMMPH! Just like pussy!' He grunts, slamming in and out of me so fast that my bed begins to dance across the floor. Don't get me wrong, my bed has had so much wear and tear that one leg is slightly shorter than the rest, so it is easy to make it move, but 'D' is the only fuck-buddy I have had make it travel the entire foot and seven inch distance from the boarder of my Oriental rug and the wall.

Now with the bed against the wall, he pushes my legs so far over my head that my toes scrape the walls too. I am no longer able to stroke my dick in this position, and I don't have too. His thick dick is putting just the right amount of pressure on my prostate to send my milky whiteness flying out all over his sweaty chest and stomach.

'You nasty mutha-fucka!' He screams slapping me so hard that he puts an end to my chills of ecstasy. I quickly regain the sensation as I see my sperm mix with his sweat and drip unto my body. His face contorts with anger, at the feel of it dripping, but he never stops fucking me, even when his hands fasten around my throat. 'You nasty bitch! I should fuckin kill you!' He screams, fucking me harder and faster yet, his hands still around my neck.

After minutes of begging him to spare my ass and my life, he releases his hold, and snatches free from my tunnel, peeling the condom from his dick. 'Your faggot ass likes to cum on people huh?!' He breathes, straddling my face. By wrapping one strong hand around the back of my neck, he savagely jerks my face towards his dick. The other hand works so fast pumping his dick that it occasionally slips off, hitting me hard in the nose or lip, and making me question if it is a mistake. He releases his hold on the back of my neck long enough to smack my head as he curses, 'Just gon fucking cum on me, like I'm your bitch! Nigguh, what the fuck is wrong with you?'

The free hand then fastens, steadfast to my neck again, and I feel the huge head of his penis force into my lips, which are already cracked and dry from my screaming and biting them to hold in screams. I can't see it, but I taste his salty, hot concoction as it flies into my throat, almost making me choke. I become increasingly angry as I feel him release more and more of it down my throat. I don't feel that I have done a good job unless I have to wash at least one-third cup of sperm from my baby smooth face. From the feel of things, he had just shot a half-cup into my stomach, and I couldn't see one drop.

'Whew!' He trembles from head to toe, withdrawing from my lips and shaking the final drops of orgasm unto my face as if he'd just pissed and was voiding leftover urine. To further humiliate me, he smears it with the tip of his penis. He makes me lick the last drop from the tiny crevice, and my dick begins to harden again with excitement.

I slouch down on the bed, shaking with tears of pain and pleasure, as I watch him redress. He notices the grease stains on my unworn suit and peels it off, throwing it to the ground. It is replaced with a new Sean Jean jogging suit, and the Timbs are kicked across the room and replaced with my new pair of matching sneakers.

The way he smiles as he poses in the mirror proves that we both think he looks twice better in that outfit. He turns around to see if I am asleep, and of course, I pretend to be. I lie motionless as I hear him dig around in my drawer for the $150 that he watched me stash earlier.

Call me crazy, but he deserves it. I haven't had sex that good since I was seventeen, and had spent the night in jail for stealing gay pornography from a local bookstore (thank God that my parents were so embarrassed that they refused to bail me out, but again, I digress).

My heart speeds up as I see him snatch my extra house key from the hook and tuck it into his crotch as he exits. Even with shoes two size too small, he still has the sexiest strut in the world. I don't worry about him having my key. That just gives me hope of seeing him again, which is more than I can say about the many others. Whether he returns to rob or ravish me again, I will be here, waiting for him.



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