It was early December in Boston. Cold. Very cold. I'd worked too hard on a project that went bellyup, through no fault of anybody's, so there wasn't even anybody to get pissed at. The Personnel Nazi was after me to use or lose my vacation time. So...I went to San Diego. It was as far away from Boston as I could get without leaving the continent completely. I was no longer miserable in frigid Boston. I was miserable in sunny San Diego.

I spread my pale body out on the beach, soaked up the sun, and watched the waves pound. It triggered an intense period of self-examination that made me even more depressed. I wallowed, until a shadow was cast over me and I heard someone laugh. I turned my head. Settled on the blanket next to me was a tan. A blonde tan wearing sunglasses. He smiled at me with perfect white teeth. 'I won't let you walk out into the ocean and end it all,' he said, smiling. Great, I thought. Pity. I've attracted pity in a blue bikini. I didn't say anything, so he laid down, propped his head up and sighed. 'I can see getting into your pants isn't going to be easy.' I shot a look at him, then looked down at the swollen pink cockhead that had just poked out of my bathing suit. 'Ah,' he said thoughtfully. 'Perhaps I was wrong.'

We had our lips locked together and bounced off the hallway walls like a pinball in a slow, awkward attempt to get back to my room before we started to fuck the hell out of each other. Jerry had no shyness, no hesitation, and no sense...he yanked down the front of my suit and stroked my cock all the way down the hall. I tried to pull it up, so he reached around me and pulled down the back and massaged my ass. He pulled down the front of his tiny bikini and a large, hard cock flopped out. I intended to pull his suit up, but my hand closed around his cock and he whispered 'suck me' in my ear and I kind of forgot what I was doing. If it had taken me a second longer to get the door open, the crazy, horny, and now naked bastard would have sucked me in the hallway.

We landed hard on the bed, and he stripped me, held my wrists above my head and grinned. 'OK, Boston,' he said. 'Time to rock.' He sent his bright blue eyes around the room, then smiled. He was off me and back on in a second, using the belt to my robe to tie my wrists together and fasten them down to the frame of the bed. I lay there, helpless, and looked at him. 'What on earth are you going to do?' I asked. He grinned. 'Everything,' he said, his voice husky. 'Everything.' He climbed on me and kissed my face, reciting a bizarre monologue about welcoming travelers to San Diego by kidnapping them and initiating them into sex California style. It was completely ridiculous, and for reasons I couldn't explain, made me hotter than hell. So did having my wrists tied. I'd never even thought of that before, but now I felt myself sliding into a helpless virgin role that made my cock swell up even more.

Sex California style apparently accommodated role playing very well, for we became the wicked, lust-filled ravisher and the helpless, innocent virgin. I protested and struggled, and he laughed with triumph and slid his tongue all over my face and neck. He nibbled at me, licked me, and worked his way down to my right nipple. He fastened his mouth to it with a strong suction, then slowly pulled his head back. He sucked and stretched my hard nipple until I gasped and begged for him to stop, I couldn't take it anymore. He kept going, sucking and stretching, which was what I wanted him to do. Then he pinched it with his fingers while he performed the same sucking and stretching maneuver on the other one. I was overwhelmed with the strangest sensations. I was pretending to be a helpless virgin...and starting to actually feel like one.

He gave my nipples a rest finally. I raised my head and stared at them. Twin red bullets standing on my chest. He got off the bed for a second and I admired his naked body. The tan lines on his ass drove me nuts. He turned, ginning, with something in his hand. I opened my mouth to ask what it was, but never got the chance. He put the ice cube against my right nipple and rubbed. I gasped, my back arching and electric shocks going through me. Melting ice water ran down my side and I squirmed. He grinned. 'Thought you might miss Boston,' he said. 'Something icy cold so you won't get homesick during your California fuck.'

It was sweet, sweet torture. He used several ice cubes on my nipples, then took one to run down my sides, then my thighs. I knew it was coming, and it was almost a relief when he ran an ice cube around my cock head and up and down my shaft. I have no idea why, but the feeling made my cock even harder. I heard a helpless, agonized voice begging him to stop and realized it was mine. He gave me his easy, wicked smile, and mounted my face.

'Suck it, bitch,' he said casually as he poised his swollen cock over my mouth. I took him in my mouth and sucked, running my tongue all over h, nibbling on him, everything I could think of to increase his pleasure. I could feel his cock throb and swell...and suddenly it was gone. In one fast, easy movement he had stood, still with one foot on each side of me. He pumped his cock with his hand and I watched the cum pulse out to splatter all over my chest. He knelt, scooped up his cum on his index finger and held it to my lips. I sucked it obediently, then stunned myself by begging for more. He shook his head and rubbed the cum on my nipples. 'You have to earn your goodies,' he said.

He tormented me by using the tip of his tongue on my cock. Just the tip. No matter how hard I begged, no matter what I promised, he wouldn't use more than the very tip of his beautiful pink tongue. I went mad, trying to thrust my cock into his mouth, fighting against the binds until my wrists hurt. He sat on my thighs and jacked off, using one finger to stroke the swollen and painful head of my cock. He spurted his cum all over me, then smiled at me, took his fingers and spread it all over my trembling cock. He was a complete hedonist, lost in his own sensual pleasure as he stroked me. I felt used, like nothing more than his sexual toy, and I came bigger than I ever had in my entire life.

When I struggled to consciousness the next morning, I heard him moving around. I raised my head, blinked and located him. He was arranging breakfast on the table, and I again admired his naked body. He turned as if had felt my eyes, and gave me that same half smile. I went to the bathroom, and when I came out I saw that he had been shopping. I started to ask, but he put a finger over my lips. 'Hush,' he said. 'Don't speak, my pet.' He fastened a studded leather dog collar around my neck, and clipped on a leash. The leash dangled down and bumped against the hard hungry thing that had sprung up between my legs. I looked down at it, wondering. How long had these feelings been inside me, and how the hell did Jerry find them so fast? He picked up the bag and dumped it out. Handcuffs, nipple clamps, a riding crop and the most vicious looking dildo I'd ever seen...about 12' long, shaped vaguely like a cock, but decorated with studs and bumps. I moaned as I looked at it. Jerry stroked my cheek. 'Don't worry,' he whispered. 'That's only for when you've been very, very bad.'

I sat with my handcuffed hands in my lap, my fingers curled around my cock as he fed me with his fingers. He pampered me and soothed me, and I ate greedily. I was his complete, obedient pet. After breakfast I sat in silence while he cleaned up, lusting after him, knowing there wasn't anything I wouldn't do to please him.

He opened the drapes, let in the blinding sunshine, and stared out. He turned, put a chair in front of the door and snapped his fingers at me. I went to him immediately. He pulled me close and we stared down at the crowd on the beach. He turned me, and bent me over the chair. I balanced my palms against the seat and spread my feet. My face burned as I thought of all those people looking up to see my naked, exposed ass. He caressed my cheeks and told me he wanted the whole world to see his beautiful little pet. His fucktoy. I don't know how long he made me stand there, but I do know my cock was so hard it hurt. Finally, he said it was time for my reward. He picked up the riding crop.

He used it on my ass in front of the door, laying stripes across my quivering asscheeks as I thanked him and begged for more. I could picture all the people on the beach looking up and admiring my ass as it was beaten. Looking, commenting, taking pictures. Bikinis being pulled down, hard cocks being taken out and stroked, cum spurting all over the sand. I came without anything touching my cock. It was so intense I fell to my knees, my cock throbbing and spurting my cum everywhere.

Jerry moved the chair so that he sat sideways to the door. He gave a gentle tug on my leash that brought my mouth to his cock. 'Show all the nice people how good my sweet pet sucks my cock,' he whispered. I laced my handcuffed hands around his shaft and stroked gently as I sucked him. He sat back and murmured to me as he tenderly brushed his fingers through my hair. I worshipped him, I served him, I adored him...I was his completely submissive pet. I couldn't believe my cock was stiffening again. I tried to ignore it as I served my Master.

He caught my chin, brought it up to his mouth and kissed me, brutally, positively. 'I want your ass now,' he said loudly. 'I want to fuck your hot, sweet ass now.' He put me on the end of the bed, balanced on my handcuffed hands, my ass thrust up and waiting. His fingers were careful but demanding as he lubricated my hole, and he entered me with a quick, hard thrust. I pushed my ass back at him to take his cock deeper. It felt huge, and I felt open and exposed. All I could do was moan 'fuck me' over and over again. I couldn't think, I could barely move. I could feel. It was incredible how much I could feel. His hands on my hips, his rod impaling me...his hunger, his passion. He pumped his hips at me, going faster and harder, his breath coming in quick, ragged gasps. When he came it was loud and out of control, and I felt his cock pulse as his cum flooded me and flowed down my thighs. He collapsed on the bed next to me.

I lay and stared at him, touching him with my joined hands. Finally his eyes opened, and he looked at me. 'Boston,' he said, and his voice cracked. He kissed me, so gently, then took my hard cock in his mouth and sucked me. It was a long, slow, tender movement of his mouth and tongue that built me up higher and higher before urging me to explode. He swallowed all my cum and licked me clean, nuzzling me. He sat up and wiped his eyes, then removed the handcuffs and collar. I went to him and he held me close.

'I didn't know I liked that,' I said quietly. He stroked my back. 'Me, either,' he said. 'It just seemed the right thing to do to my uptight, New England business geek.' I groaned. 'It shows that much, huh?' I asked. He nodded, then kissed my forehead. 'A head trip,' he said. 'A wonderful head trip. Tomorrow you can take a walk through my dark side and see what you can find.' I grinned. Oh, yes. Definitely.


Morgan Grayson

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