Coach Butch is the financial backer and head coach of the very successful volleyball team since its creation in 2008. The touring team has 12 very handsome volleyball well-built athletes plus the coach and two coaching assistants.

The team's leading scorer is Ricky, a 6-foot and 5-inch and 195 pounds muscled herculean hot stud. His remarkable skills have made him the team's top scorer for the past four years.

Ricky is 26-years-of-age with curly blond hair, deep blue eyes, a constant tan from the beach's sun, strong as an ox and a former male beauty contest winner as the man-of-the-year for a famous men's magazine.

Coach Butch, a 40-year-old gay single man, is a former successful beach volleyball player that became rich from a family inheritance plus successful in his own right with building a computer company. He loves volleyball resulting in his financing and coaching the team.

Coach Butch has remained very fit with daily workouts. Butch has very dark features and a body to die for. He is very popular with guys on both his team as well as studs from other touring teams. He has a reputation of getting down and dirty with a number of hot studs on the tour.

The rumor is that he gives incredible head and can fuck like a wild bull. He has no problem getting into hot guys pants. In fact, many guys come on to him.

Another hobby for Butch is his champion dogs at dog shows around the country. One of his goals is to show of his top breeds at the Westminster Kennel Club Show at Madison Square Garden.


The Story of Wild Sex as Told By Coach Butch

As a former player and now coach of my successful volleyball team, I've scored with several of my own players as well as opposing teams' hot studs when it comes to hot man sex. Believe me these hot athletes have hard bodies and big dicks that I crave daily. But I've never been more turned on and horny for any stud than I've been for my player Ricky. I've had many wet dreams and jack offs about sucking Ricky's cock and getting fucked by him or fucking him. The problem has been that he has a hot chick as his steady girlfriend.

After several years of dreaming of ways to finesse Ricky into hot sex, I finally succeeded two months ago. Here is the story.

My team had just won a major prestigious tournament with lucrative money rewards. I decided to invite my team and their friends out to my beach home for a weekend to celebrate the victory. I hired a catering company to provide the feast with foods and drinks imported from around the world. It was a weekend of eating, drinking, partying and yes hot sex.

On that Saturday evening, I'd not yet had any sex hoping that a miracle would deliver Ricky to me. While everyone was eating, dancing and carrying on with wild sex, Ricky noticed his 27-year-old sweetheart dancing with one of my recent hot 18-year-old athletic recruits. The couple was dancing, kissing and soon Ricky noticed his girlfriend grabbing the young studs crotch. Ricky became enraged, located me in my guesthouse and began to display his anger. He was also in tears as I began to comfort him.

Ricky said: "Coach, I'm so furious with that bitch. She probably has been fucking no telling how many of these studs. I've had it with her. I really loved her and look what she has done to me. I'm finished with her."

This was my chance as I said: "Ricky, I'm so sorry. You are so hurt. Let me make you feel better. You know how much you and the team enjoy my massages. You need to relax. Lets go over to my house, get you undressed and on the massage table. You'll feel better."

"Yea, Coach, you are one hell of a masseur and those hands are like velvet on my muscles. Do you want me to get naked for the massage?"

"Yes, Ricky, take off all your clothes except maybe that blue silk jock strap. It looks so sexy on you."

"Why Coach, I believe that silk jock strap is turning you on. Yea, look at that huge tent in your pants."

Ricky got up on the table on his stomach, spread those muscled legs far apart, put his sexy arms and hands above his head and showed off the most beautiful smooth bubble round ass cheeks and asshole. Hell, his ass began to throb as his hole pushed out and back in over and over. He smelt like some hot stud just after sex. The odors were intoxicating. That did it as I became rock hard. I had to have him at that moment.

I poured massage oil from his head all the way down to his feet. I slowly began to use my magic hands to feel and rub his hard body and muscles up and down his back, legs and feet. I could feel his sensuous body giving in to my hands and fingers. His ass began to really pucker. I had no doubt he was now in heat. Further evidence surfaced when he began to hump as his ass moved up and down while his breathing increased. It was time for me to make my move as Ricky was under the spell of my hands roaming softly over his warm body and the anger he had at his girlfriend. He was for sure horny. Shit, he began to moan like he was fucking a female.

While his eyes were closed, I slipped out of my clothes and got up on the massage table, took my oily hands and began to finger his pink pucker asshole. I inserted first one and then two fingers inside his wet many pussy while I reached underneath with my other hand and grabbed his rock hard slick cock. Shit, I felt him leaking a good supply of pre-cum. I took my pre-cum covered finger, put it up to his thick lips, parted his lips with my finger and he began to suck his own pre-cum. Yea, it was happening.

Then I had him turn over on to his back as I discovered his 10-inch cock straight as a flag pole jerking wildly with more oozing pre-cum. His cock head was now slick and shinny from the cum. His cock had managed to escape the hot silk jock strap. I put my lips down on the jock strap, smelt his crotch, licked his now wet jock strap and finally began removing what I hoped would be my trophy that being the cum soaked jock strap. I put it up to y mouth and nose and devoured the smell and taste.

Then I got a big surprise when Ricky said: "Coach you love smelling my jock strap. Do you want it as a gift?"

"OH fuck yea, thanks Ricky. I'll sleep with it at night thinking of your hot cock and ass."

"Coach you've turned me on. Do you want me?"

Without replying, I took my lips and tongue and began to massage his very hard thick cock head. His cock jetted out from his sexy pubic hair. I began to slide my tongue up and down his fat now very hot cock shaft as he thrust his crotch up and down as he moaned with pleasure. The smells and taste of his cock were so arousing. More drops of goo formed on his piss slit that I sucked into my mouth. I loved his sweet cum. I went crazy taking his big tool deep into my throat and became wild sucking his man meat. I went up and down that tool faster and faster until he said:

"Oh my god Coach, it feels so good. You really know how to suck a man's cock. No woman has ever been that good sucking my cock. Don't stop. I love your hot lips and tongue on my manhood. Yea, that is it."

He oozed more pre-cum as his balls became enlarged. Was he about to come?

I was so turned on that I increased my speed of sucking his cock down to the base while I used one hand to grab his hot nuts. I'd waited for years to suck that gorgeous cock and I was getting my feel of that veined pulsating cock. Man this was the best cock I'd ever had in my mouth.

My cock was steel hard and dripping lots of juice. After a long blowjob on Ricky's velvet smooth cock, I moved up on his hard ribbed chest and drove my red-hot cock past his lips and deep into his throat. Ricky gladly took my cock without any resistance. He sucked me while he produced gobs of spit wetting my tool making for a very loud and sloppy blowjob. It was terrific.

"Ricky suck my cock, you horny stud. Eat my pre-cum Do you like sucking your first cock and how about that pre-cum? Yea, that's it baby."

He grunted as he devoured my cock. Shit, he was really liking the taste and feel of my cock. This was like beyond hot.

When I was close to coming, I pulled out of his sexy mouth. I planted wet kisses on his juicy wet lips. We soon found ourselves swirling our tongues around the roofs of each other's mouth. His mouth was so hot and his thick lips had me crazy with lust. The kissing lasted for several minutes as our cocks bounced up and down.

I got off Ricky and had him stand up as i said: "Ricky I've wanted that big cock of yours inside me for years. Please please fuck me."

"Yea. man I want to fuck that ass of yours. I had no idea how great man sex could be. I can't wait to feel my cock up your ass. I've heard that a man's ass is much tighter than a woman's pussy. Lets fuck now."

"Yea Ricky fuck me. Show me no mercy. Fuck my ass like it is a woman's pussy. Man it is so hot to have a straight man to fuck me for the first time."

I leaned up against facing the massage table, spread my legs, took my hands and spread open my waiting man pussy and waited to feel the big monstrous wood slide into me. I soon felt Ricky come in close, place his big cock on my ass crack and felt his hot breath on my neck. Then he began sliding his thick cock inch by inch deep into my ass until he was up my ass to the base of his cock. He took his hands and placed them on my shoulders to steady himself and he began to pound my ass. His cock explored ever inch of my ass walls and I felt his cock head drive into my prostate over and over. I felt like I had a baseball thrusting in and out of my ass. It was so awesome. Soon his pre-cum was wetting my ass and the wet warm feeling had my cock pulsating and ready to come. But I must control the urge to come. I needed him to fuck me for a long time before we shot our loads.

After a long fuck, I felt Rick slowly pull his cock out with sloppy sounds.

"Coach, lets change to a new position."

Ricky got up on the table, laid down on his back with his cock stiff as a hot iron standing at attention and he spread his legs far apart. I got up facing Ricky and stralled his erect cock with my ass. I slowly slide my ass down on the throbbing cock slowly until I had swallowed his cock deep into my ass. As he pushed his cock upward and I pushed down, we got into a hot fucking rhythm that had him fucking me like mad. We fucked for the longest time. After some time, as we continued to fuck, he grabbed my wildly jerking cock and began masturbating me. Man it was so hot as I felt his cock drilling my ass and his hot hand jerking me off. I had the best of two worlds.

As became almost exhausted, I heard Ricky say: "Oh shit, oh fuck, year fuck I'm going to come. Do you want my seed in that man pussy. tell me quick before it is too late. Do you want me to come inside you with my big load, baby?"

I took my experienced ass muscles and began to squeeze his cock very hard as I said: "Yea, fuck come inside me. Give me your jizz now."

The feel of my ass muscles squeezing his cock and my permission for him to come inside me caused his cock head to grow larger, his balls tightened, his face formed pure pleasure and he squeezed my cock very hard that put us both over the edge. I felt a river of his cum shoot deep in my ass as I shot a huge load all over his chest, face and hair.

The orgasm seemed to last for at least a minute. When we weer spent, we were drenched in cum in both my ass and on his body. I licked up part of my cum as he pulled his cock out of my ass. We embraced and shared the cum as out lips met with such a sensuous feel and smell. The sex was awesome.

We showered and then talked. We went back out to the parry and ate.

About two hours later, Ricky approached me with a huge shitty grin and sexy eyes and said: "Coach, I'm getting horny again. Lets go back inside and you use your big cock to fuck my virgin ass. I want to know how it feels to have a big cock up my ass. I want your cock inside me. Lets become fuck buddies. To hell with my girlfriend. I bet that young stud is fucking her right now. I hope he knocks her up, the bitch."

"Yea Ricky, let me breed you right now. I'm hard as an iron pipe. I want that round bubble ass of yours right now. My cock is saying hell yea. Yes, lets become fuck buddies. I only want you from now own. Man my dream has come true."

As went toward the house, our shorts were like large tents. Several of the team members whistled at us and cheered. I heard one guy yell: "Which one is going to get their big dick up the other guy's fresh hot meat. Yea, lets hear it for man pussy."

We smiled and gave him the finger and we were off to fuck.


Naughty Eric


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