This story happened a couple of years ago, when I was away on business in a big city. I was about 28 at that point, and had been out drinking with the boys from the plant, and they wanted to go to a strip bar to look at the women. I said I was tired out from the jet lag, and since there was a three hour difference they didn't argue. I left the bar and hopped into a cab. I told the driver to take me to the nearest gay bar, which he did with that absolute certainty of local knowledge that is so much the mark of their craft. The bar itself was hidden in an old brick building, the entrance being in an alleyway to the side. I walked down the alley, watching as a small group of figures slowly resolved into more human shapes in the dim light of the single bulb over the doorway.

I entered the place and walked slowly down the stairs inside, allowing my eyes to adjust to the light. There were a number of tables, and farther away a small dance floor, which was almost empty except for a very few diehard dancers. There was a bar along the side of the room, and here were most of the patrons. A mixed crowd, lots of guys with mustaches and boots. I stepped up to the bar and ordered a beer. Taking my time about it, I walked across the room. Noticing that there were several tables with glowing computer screens on them, I went to see what they were all about. It was a live chat, and each of the tables so equipped that they could send messages to each other, identifiying the intended recipients by a glowing light with a number illuminated on it.

As I stood there the computer flashed a message at me. I faced the keyboard and typed an answer, and the conversation was on. As there were several people sitting at different tables, I had no idea to whom I was talking at first. The conversation was playfully suggestive, and at length I figured out who it was I was talking to. A nice looking guy in his mid twenties, with a prominent jaw and short brown hair. He mentioned that he had a lover, and that they were looking for a threeway.

With the lightness of heart which is the hallmark of being out of one's hometown and among strangers, I cheerfully agreed to meet them both. His lover was a very cute guy a couple of years younger than us. These two, Cal and Rick, were natives of this town, and filled me in on the details of life here with knowing expressions. After a couple of drinks I invited them back to my hotel. This seemed like a good idea, since I would end up where I was supposed to be, and they could simply vanish into the night. A perfect arrangement, and I was a little jetlagged after all, so the prospect of simply falling asleep afterwards with no jading ride back to my bed was quite agreeable.

We took a taxi back the hotel and went up to the room. We were just in the door, when Cal, the younger one, got to his knees,and started licking my cock through my pants. Rick stood behind me and reached around to undo my belt. We undressed and then stood there, our hands exploring each other's manhood. I ran a hand through Cal's long hair, and gently pressed his shoulder to encourage him to get back down on his knees and suck my now rock solid cock.

Rick and I kissed each other passionately as Cal sucked both our cock, making sure that he was playing with the one he didn't have in his mouth. Rick reached around and felt my ass, but I didn't respond. I wasn't into getting fucked, and I had the impression that Rick wanted to see me fuck his boyfriend's ass, which I noticed was very nice.

After a while of having our cocks sucked, this impression became stronger, and I decided to go over to the bed. Cal walked in front of me, and I reached my hand over to his ass, and ran my fingers up and down the crack of it. It was beautiful, nice and round, hairless, and in those few moments of going towards the bed I became fixated on it. I knew I had to fuck him, and that if I did it was going to be something he would remember for a while.

Cal reached the bed, but with my hand on his ass he didn't turn around, but stayed facing away from me. I pushed his shoulders forward and he flopped onto the bed, laying on his stomach as I had desired. Rick stood beside me and said'

'Look at his ass, doesn't he have the greatest ass?'.

'Oh yeah,' I replied, 'it is so fucking hot'. I got on my knees, my face getting closer to it making my cock get even harder and my pulse quicken. Rick reached over me with both hands, and then gently spread Cals ass cheeks apart. I could feel my eyes widen, and I knew I was going to like what was next.

Rick put one hand gently on the back of my neck by way of encouragement, and bent my head down, my tongue extended slightly. I felt the warmth of his ass as my face touched it, and then the sweet taste of his ass. Rick's hand relaxed, and I sighed in true contentment as I began to lick this beautiful ass. It was all I wanted in the world, and I was barely aware of Rick stroking my rock hard cock as I buried my face in that everlasting soft, round sweetness. My hands reached up and rested on his cheeks, feeling their exquisite softness, and spreading him open farther with my fingers.

I'm not sure to this day how long I was licking his ass for, but I could have been there still for all it mattered at the time. With each passage of my tongue over that sweet round ass, each moment that I could feel the pressure of his ass cheeks against my face, was a moment of pure joy to me. I knew on some level the Rick was hovering just next to me, and coming up for air I turned and kissed him. The scent of Cal's ass on my face drove him wild, and he held my cock in an iron grip.

At length, and after several repetitions of this Rick grabbed a condom and pressed it into my hand. I rested my forehead on Cal's ass as I put it on, and as the sound of the package opening reached his ears, he let out a moan of pleasure for what was to come. Using a generous amount of lubricant I gently probed him with my finger. He pushed against me and spread his legs slightly more open, and I knew he was ready to be assfucked.

I stood up, and pulled him up as well. There was a mirror over the dresser across the room from the bed, and I wanted to see him take my cock in his ass from that perspective, in order to comprehend more fully what Rick was into from this experience. Cal bent over and I made a point of spreading his legs a little wider. My cock pressed up against his ass, and once again I marvelled at the softness of his ass cheeks as I spread them wider to admit me inside him. Rick was still on his knees, watching closely as my cock entered his lover's ass, and stroking Cal's hard penis with one hand, and his own with the other.

I slowly entered Cal's warm sweet ass, and felt all traces of resistance to my cock relax to warm yielding flesh. I gently put my hand on his shoulder and bent him over. Looking in the mirror was a beautiful sight, and I leaned back slightly and began to fuck him evenly. Rick was now behind me, his warm tongue on my ass, and then between my legs, licking my swaying balls as I fucked his partners incredible ass. Cal moaned softly, and reached around with one hand to pull me deeper into him.

The fucking went on and on, I was unwilling to stop, and had to slow several times to prevent myself from coming. Rick kept on licking my ass, lost in that whole experience, and in a sense Cal and I were alone with our passions. I could hear his cock slapping around with the motion of my fucking him, and kept my hands on his ass, spreading him ever open to my repeated assaults. After a while, the tension had built to an unbearable level, and I knew that I must come. I moaned, and then again. Rick thrust his tongue deep into my ass, and as I pushed my cock as far as it would go inside of Cal's ass I felt a rumbling begin in my chest. I tossed my head back and let it out as I felt the deep contractions inside me that signalled the pleasureable release.

We stood transfixed for a time, and then came apart slowly. Rick stood up and put a condom on his own cock, and I lay down on the bed beside Cal, and grabbed one of his legs in the crook of my arm and lifted it up, exposing his ass, ready and still slick with lubricant. Rick stepped forward and pushed his cock into Cal, whose face showed an intense reaction. His mouth opened wide and he lifted his head to kiss Rick on the mouth and he began to fuck him. I was fascinated, and kept Cal's leg raised in the air, making sure he was helpless to resist. I could feel his heart beating as he pressed back against me.

Rick's face was a picture of lust, as he began to thrust himself inside Cal faster and faster.

'Sweet little bitch', he said softly, and kissed Cal again. Rick's leg was trembling and I knew he was close. My own cock was getting hard again at this sight, and as Rick came inside Cal's ass I knew I wanted to fuck him again. I got a condom and came back to the bed, pushing Cal on his side and pushing one of his legs up. He looked at Rick, and then smiled as he ran his hand over my mine, which was spreading his ass ready for my next fucking.

'My new friend,', he said to Rick, who smiled broadly and then put his own hand on my ass, pushing me inside his lover once again.

This was now more intense, since I had been admitted to the direct intimacy of the two lovers during the last round, and made a part of their dynamic at least for the night. I understood what was needed on both parts, and were aware of what I wanted. This was altogether a different kind of assfucking, and I was much slower in my approach. Cal lay there, watching me, and I could feel the hardness at the base of his cock with my hand and I explored his ass and kept it spread nice and wide.

Rick mounted the bed and put his cock into Cal's mouth, who lay there in what seemed perfect contentment, filled with manhood, submitting to all our desires as he wanted to, and all of us lost in enjoying the moment. It took me longer to come this time, but at length this came to pass, and we all lay on the bed, entangled in each others' bodies, spent and covered in sweat.

After a short conversation and the obligatory exchange of numbers, more for form than anything else, since I lived about a thousand miles from them, Cal and Rick left to go home. I stood in the hot shower, luxuriating in the warmth and wetness of it, and stroking my cock. It might be a long day the next day, but it would have been worth it had it been longer by far.


Jethro Maki

[email protected]


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