His name was Allen Boudreaux (Boo-Drow), he and his wife were Cajuns.

We lived in Louisiana and we had become friends and they came to our house and went to theirs, etc.

Anyway, one time he and I were talking and he knew I went on my trips for the job and I told him I often went to XXX movies. Later that week, he got 2 such movies (back then they were not very good, sorta grainy at times, but we thought they were great hahaha) and, when we went over to thier house one evening, my wife and his got to yakking about women stuff so we excused ourselves and went into the bedroom to watch some TV. Well, he had these movies on 8mm and asked if I wanted to watch them.

I did not think a THING about us sitting on the bed watching the movies! We watched the black and white movie...grunting and oohing at appropriate times as men do.

He was lying back on the bed, pillows under his head, and I had sat on the edge of the bed, but decided what the heck and laid down crosswise of him (so we would not be "in bed" together). My head was about at his stomach level but not too close. He was not skinny but on the thinner side and wiry. Dark complexion, black hair and eyes and nice looking.

Well, as a few of the girls in the movie got to sucking their men, he reached down and just rubbed his groin area slowly and we made comments and laughed etc. I got interested in what he was doing - and tried not to show it. I would watch the movie and then glance over at his slow moving hand and watching a nice bulge form.

He mentioned that he wished his wife would "do that" for him i.e. give him head. My wife did me but not all that happily - but at least I got it at times.

At one point anyway, he said he was going to the bathroom to "take care of this hard on". We were both HOT from the movies back then and they are NOTHING compared to today! I laughed and said okay, stroke it once for me. He went and took care of business and came back refreshed. I was still hard but did not even roll over. This was a buddy and his wife - not sure what might happen and not sure how it would be handled.

We watched some of the second movie and it was even better than the other because it had some threesomes.

Sure enough he soon began to rub his cock again as we watched. So, I rolled over and just began fiddling with mine as well.

There we lay, two guys watching porno movies and quietly rubbing our cocks (under the jeans of course).

Only I was very subtle about mine. I did not do much because as I saw it I was thinking nothing could ever happen because we had wives and they were friends and besides I did not know what he would say - or what I would do. I was nervous as could be.

He kept rubbing until he had a stiff that I could see the outline of and I had the feeling of wanting to touch, but did nothing. Until he said he needed to go back to the bathroom and, as he put it, "unload" again.

I just said why don't you just lock the damned door and do it while watching the show? His eyes widened and he asked me if I would mind!!

I said it's your house and your movies, go for it. I'll never tell. We laughed nervously but he locked the door (our wives knew we were watching the movies so we could just say we didn't want them to walk in and be embarrassed.)

He said it was okay if I wanted to "jack off" also. I said I'd pass for now. So he lay back down and unzipped his pants. He was wearing skivvies so he had to fish his already hard cock out and when he did, it stood straight up (about 6 1/2 inches I guess) and was really thick...circumsized with a very nice plum head. I could barely keep my eyes to myself as he began to stroke it and comment on the movie.

When a suck scene would come on he would complain that he wished his wife would do it and asked if my wife did me. I assured him she did on occasion and that seemed to excite him.

It was all getting to me. His cock looked like it had grown another inch as he stroked. He suddenly unbuckled his belt and open the jeans so he could get at his balls and he drug them out of the skivvies and pulled his shirt up.

One hand was jacking himself off and his other hand began to rub a very HAIRY belly!

That was it for me.

I watched him. He watched the movie.

I asked if he was "close" and he said "no, but if that gal sucks that guy's dick I will shoot off" and laughed.

He said he did not know why I didn't "whack off". That gave me my next move. Nervously, I said, "Maybe I can just help you." And I put my hand flat on his belly and rubbed upwards into a mass of coal black hair. He did not have an ounce of fat on him, just a hard flat belly with a GREAT treasure trail and the hint of a six pack.

He thought I was joking around, I guess, because he just sorta snickered, but when my hand went up under the shirt further and I rubbed through his chest hair and back down, he looked a little surprised, but did not stop me.

I turned back to the movie and commented on some scene, but I kept slowly rubbing his belly. I could tell he was enjoying that as was I, though I was so nervous my own tummy was starting to ache.

Slowly I scooted closer to him. I don't think he even noticed. I let my hand roam over his hairy belly and then over to one side and back up under his shirt and down again. My hand was just touching his pubic hair and he was still stroking, but moving a little faster.

We commented a few times on the show and he suddenly said he "better go" to the bathroom and "unload". I took my hand away and told him to just go ahead where he was, the door was locked.

Then, I made the move I was so nervous about making.

I moved my head closer to his belly and he could feel my breath I know. I said that if he wanted me to I would help...and I moved my hand onto his belly again and then moved it passed his fist, downward and just laid my hand on his balls. They were HOT to the touch.

Then he looked at me in amazement as I slid my hand under his and laced my fingers around his throbbing cock. He moved his hand and started saying "yeahhhh yeahhhhh, jeezus man, yeahhhhh."

He shot his load all over that hairy belly as I pumped his spurting cock to the last drop (which I wanted to take but not sure how far to take this at the time). His legs were shaking and his thighs were pushing up - and, man I wanted to suck him off! BUT...

For that time, we left it at that.

He cleaned himself off, went to the bathroom and washed up. When he came back, he said he had never had anyone other than his wife touch him there. I told him that I had never done that stuff before (I lied) and I just wanted to help him get off since his wife would not give him head. I did tell him I thought he had a "nice body" and I wondered why she wasn't into doing it. We talked about that and other things - more or less to NOT talk about what had just happened.

And yes, we had other visits... and other movie nights. But those are other stories.




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