Sean felt a sudden surge of pride as he heard his name called over the school's PA system.

"Sean Brady, you are requested to report to your post immediately! Repeat, Sean Brady, report to your post immediately!"

He closed his history book and stood up, kicking his chair back. He looked at Mr. Brown, the homeroom teacher and got his nod to go. He strode out of the room with a feeling of embarrassed pride as the other students watched him leave. He was the only cadet firefighter in the school.

"I'm going with you," Cody Hill said as he followed him out of the room.

"Get back in there, you'll be counted absent," Sean said.

"I don't care. Wait up!" Cody Hill called after him as he was going out the door.

Sean was down the stairs and at the door before Cody caught up with him. It was a Catholic high school and he ducked into the chapel, knelt down and crossed himself and said a quick prayer then rushed to the door.

"Wait up!" Cody called after him again.

"I don't have time to wait!" he said over his shoulder as he took off in a fast trot toward the parking lot. What the hell did he mean, wait up! Shit, didn't he get it? Cody caught up with him as Sean was opening the trunk of his car to get his suit and gear out.

"I'll help you," Cody said as he grabbed the heavy drab firefighter's suit with the bright yellow stripes out of the trunk.

As he was peeling off his shirt, Sean heard the bell sound inside the school. Good, that meant there would be kids watching him from the windows. He fumbled with his belt buckle then practically ripped the buttons of his jeans open. He kicked off his sneakers in the same motion that he took off his jeans.

"Shit, man, you're stripping down in the parking lot," Cody said.

"Do you see a changing room anywhere?" Sean said as he hefted his briefs up, but they stretched back down under the weight of his manhood.

"Hell, nobody's gonna mind," Cody said, laughing. "Shit half the school is probably watching you right now."

"Nobody's gonna see any more than they see in gym class," Sean said as he pulled on the heavy pants. Cody had his firefighter's boots set out ready and he held them for Sean to step into them. Then he held his coat for him to slip on. While Sean was zipping and buckling his suit on, Cody got his helmet and gloves out of the trunk then he grabbed Sean's jeans to get his keys out of his pocket.

"Thanks," Sean said as he climbed in his car and started it up.

"Call me," Cody said as his buddy drove off. "Call me, I wanta hear all about it!"

The excitement and pride of being watched as the only cadet firefighter in school quickly gave way to the excitement of actually going to a fire. His mind was already there, thinking what he would do, remembering the training. Of course, if there really was a big fire, he wouldn't be allowed to actually go into the building but he would work outside, maybe help man the hoses or help people that were rescued and brought out.

Shit! He didn't know the location! He grabbed his cell phone and punched auto-dial and hit the number.

"This is Cadet Sean Brady, enroute," he said before the operator could speak. "What is the location?"

"Linwood and Radcliff. Near the armory. Do you know it?" the dispatcher replied.

"Yes, Ma'am. I'm on my way."

"Be careful, S....."

He disconnected before she finished and tossed his phone on the seat.

"Dammit!" he swore, as he grabbed the blue light; he'd forgotten that, too. He shoved it out the window and slapped it onto the roof then sped to the location. As he approached Linwood and Radcliff he could see the smoke. It was a real fire! He rounded the corner off Linwood and swerved into a no-parking spot across the street. He was out of his car and several strides away before the door slammed closed.

"Hey, Brady," Brooks called out to him, "that light on the top of your're supposed to turn it on when you're enroute."

"Fuck!" Sean swore under his breath. He hoped Lt. Johnson hadn't noticed that he hadn't turned on the light. He ran up to Johnson.

"Cadet Brady reporting, sir," he said

"Glad you could make it, Brady," Johnson drawled without looking around from the big hose he was holding. "Next time turn your light on."

"Yes, sir," Sean said, his face flushed warm with embarrassment. "Can I take that for you?" Sean asked with a sense of urgency.

"No, just observe and stand by for when you're needed."

Sean was hurt and disappointed. He was tired of observing and standing by. Just then Conner stumbled out of a side door of the building, half-dragging Brooks with him. Sean ran to help.

"I didn't think I would ever say this, Brady, but am I glad to see you," Conner said. "Help Brooks over to the wagon."

"What's going on in there?" Sean asked as he helped the other firefighter over to the ambulance.

An EMT slapped an oxygen mask on Brooks face. Sean turned and ran back to his "observation" post. A couple of minutes later, Conner came out of the building with a middle-aged man who was coughing so hard he was almost gagging.

"I think you better have `em put in another call," Conner yelled to Johnson

"I'm on it," Lt. Johnson said calmly. "Well, you've got yourself a real live one, Brady."

"Yes, sir. Is it going to take another unit?"

"Looks that way," Lt. Johnson said as he walked a few steps away to call in for another unit.

Just then Sean heard someone crying out and looked up to see a woman hanging out a third-floor window waving her arms and crying. Without thinking or hesitation he dashed into the building.

"Third floor, south window," he said to himself as he ran into the hallway through the thick smoke. He found the stairs, counting them on the way up. His brain seemed to kick into automatic; registering the stairs and the floors without even thinking about it, yeah, just like they trained him. He guessed where the room was and tried the door. It was locked! He stepped back and rushed forward, slamming his shoulder against the door. It gave way, along with part of the frame. Luckily, it was the right room. He ran to the window and grabbed the woman. She was half-fighting him as he picked her up.

"It's okay. I'm going to get you out of here," Sean said, using all of his strength to hold the woman in his arms. She suddenly relaxed and he ran with her down the stairs. Again, his brain counted and registered the steps down and the floors and the landings without him thinking about any of it. At last he stumbled through the door into the open air and the woman began wailing.

"My little girl is in there," she cried.

Sean felt his stomach turn. "Why didn't you tell me!" he said, as he laid her in the grass near the curb. Shit, why didn't he ask! He was supposed to ask if there was anybody else in the room and he didn't do that. Shit, he was fucking up at every turn.


He didn't know who yelled his name and he didn't care. He ran back into the building and retraced his route up the stairs and found the door he'd knocked down. "Hey! Little girl! Where are you!" he yelled as he rushed madly from one room to the next. "God, let her be all right," he prayed, almost crying with fear. "If you can hear me, holler real loud!" He heard a loud whimpering then from a closet. He snatched the door open to see a little girl, about seven, cowering back behind the clothes, as if she could be safe from the fire there. As it happened, she was safer there than anyplace else in the apartment.

He snatched her up and ran out. She didn't weigh anything and he fairly flew down the stairs with her under one arm. He ran over and gave her to the woman at the curb where the EMTs were already working on her.

"Mr. McCutcheon....he's an elderly man in apartment 4-B. Do you know if they've got him out?" the woman asked, sobbing with happiness as she held her little girl.

Sean looked at the paramedic.

"Nobody's brought an elderly man over here to us," the man said. Sean turned and ran into Lt. Johnson.


"There's an elderly man in 4-B," he blurted and ran to the building again.

"Brady! Goddamit, Brady!"

Sean left the senior officer swearing as he dashed back into the building. He found Mr. McCutcheon unconscious. He was a small man and he was easy to carry except that the smoke was so bad by now that Sean had to feel his way down the stairs and the hallways. He finally saw the light of the open door. He fairly leapt into the fresh air and stumbled toward the medic.

"I've got him," the medic said as he steadied the man with one arm and slapped an oxygen mask on Brady with the other.

"Lt. Johnson is looking for you, I would run like hell if I were you, in the other direction, and hide," he said.

Brady thought about it as he sucked in the precious air. The medic wasn't done checking him out and it would have been a stupid thing to do anyway. He would have to face the man eventually. He started to stand up but was brought back down with a terrible pain in his leg and ankle. Shit, when did that happen? He hadn't felt anything when he was carrying the old man out. The medic knelt down to check him out.

"Stay off of it till we can get you in the wagon," the medic told him. "Oh, shit, here comes Lt. Johnson," he added under his breath.

"Goddam it, Brady, what the hell were you thinking!! You know you're not allowed to go into a Goddam burning building!!" Johnson yelled as he strode up to him.

Brady jerked the oxygen mask off. "It just happened, sir. I just did it, without thinking," Brady said. "That's what you trained me to do, isn't it?" He sucked up the pain as he got up to stand in front of the lieutenant to show more respect, and wondered if he had sounded a little too cocky.

"Not till I tell you to do it," Johnson barked. "What's the prognosis?" he asked the medic.

"It's nothing I can't walk off," Brady said.

"I'm asking the medic," Johnson snapped angrily.

"Yes, sir....but I've been injured enough in football to know it's nothing I can't walk off."

"Right, is that what you were trying to do when I saw you limping over here and then trying to get up on you feet just now? I'm talking to the expert," Johnson growled, nodding to the medic. "And this ain't football," he added.

"He's got a badly sprained ankle and a banged-up knee that he ought to have looked at, and some burns on his neck and face and hands," the EMT said.

Sean didn't even know he'd hurt his knee and he didn't know about the burns till the medic mentioned it. He quickly tried to hide his hands.

"Let's see `em," Johnson demanded.

Sean held his hands out, determined to hide the grimace of pain.

"Geezusss, what the fuck am I supposed to do now," Johnson growled. "The captain is going to have your ass and mine when he finds out about this."

"Is there any reason he has to know?" Sean asked.

"He'll see it in the reports, that you required medical attention."

"Then I won't get medical attention," Sean said.

"The hell you won't!" Johnson bellowed.

"Excuse me, Lieutenant."

They all looked around at the tall, broad-shouldered youth in his mid twenties who had come upon the scene. He was dressed in green camo shorts, black jump boots and an army-green T-shirt.

"I couldn't help overhearing," he said. "I'm Corporal Casey. I was at the armory and came over to see if I could help. I'm a certified EMT, Marines. Let me take your man over to the armory and have a look."

Lt. Johnson wasn't quick to say no. He was thinking about it and seemed a little relieved that maybe he had a way out.

"I really can't let you take responsibility for one of my men," he said.

"I'll see that he gets any medical attention I can't render," the corporal said.

"Let me go with him, sir," Sean said. "I don't want to get either one of us in trouble."

Johnson thought for a moment then nodded. "Okay. But I'm not finished with you, Brady. Well, maybe I am. You can't follow orders, I can't have you in my unit."

"Yes, sir," Sean said as bravely as he could, but his heart sank at the thought that he might be expelled from the cadets.

Cpl. Casey was helping Sean to his feet. "I'll see that he reports back to you, lieutenant," he said.

Sean picked up his firefighter boots and Casey picked up his hat and slapped it on his head. He tried to maneuver as much on his own as he could but he was glad he had the big marine to help keep the weight off his right leg.

"You damn near had your ass deep-sixed back there," Casey said.

"Thanks for coming to my rescue, but I don't want to get you in trouble," Sean said. "If you'll just help me back to my car......."

"Hey, I saw your Lt. Johnson's temper. I don't want him turning it on me," Casey said. "I told the man I would take care of you and that's what's gonna happen, unless you want to make a dash for your car on your own." He feigned letting go of him.

"I don't think I could get far," Sean admitted.

Cpl. Casey helped him through the heavy doors of the armory and into a small office just inside the door.

"Right in there," he said, nodding to another door.

The adjoining room was a first-aid station, with a vinyl-covered examining table. Casey helped him up on the table on his back.

"Okay, let's get you out of this monkey suit," he said as he began undoing the top. He helped him out of it then started unbuckling the pants.

"What do you need to take my pants off for?" Sean asked.

"The medic said you had a banged-up knee," Casey said.

Sean let the marine strip him down to his shorts and socks.

"I'll get something for those burns," Casey said. He went to a wall cabinet and got some medical supplies. He applied a light ointment on the burns on Sean's face and neck then squeezed some on his hands and told him to rub it in. "I'm going to give you some of this to take home with you; keep it on day and night for a few days," he said as he wrapped light bandages around his hands. Then he opened a small bottle and held it up to Sean's nose. "Take in a deep breath, each nostril."

"What is it?"

"It's gonna make it easier for me to examine you," Casey said. "You're gonna thank me when I look at that ankle. Don't take it yet. I have to know where the pain is."

He barely winced when Casey examined his knee.

"I don't feel anything broken but I'll examine it from the other side," Casey said as he moved down to the foot of the table.

Sean looked down at his ankle, swollen to twice its normal size and turning a funny color. He held his breath.

"YYYAAAHHHHHH!" he yelled when Corporal Casey gripped it. He sucked in some air and cringed as the corporal examined his ankle.

"Okay, take a dose," Casey told him.

Sean breathed in the acrid aroma in each nostril from the liquid in the bottle and in a matter of seconds he could feel his face getting warm and his head spinning.

"Keep the bottle, take it when you need it," Casey told him.

"Uhhnnnnn," Sean groaned as the medic continued to examine his ankle. It seemed to hurt but it was like a pain that he couldn't feel.

"I don't feel anything broken here either but we need to wait till the swelling goes down to be sure." He went to the cabinet again and brought out an ice pack. He broke it open and wrapped it around his ankle. "You're going to have to stay off of it for awhile," Casey said. "Okay, let's turn you over on your stomach." He helped him over on his stomach and examined his knee from the back.

"It feels okay," Sean said.

"Feels okay to me, too," said Casey. "Now, anything else banged up or bruised?" he asked as he moved his rough hands up the backs of Sean's thighs.

"I don't think so, I didn't hurt my legs. I know nothing's bruised that far up," he said as Casey's hands pushed up against his butt. But he wasn't really giving a damn that Casey was continuing his examination, right up his thighs, squeezing his butt.

"That hurt?" Casey asked.

"No. No," he giggled, "in fact, it feels sort of good." He heard himself but didn't believe he was uttering the words. It was the stuff in the bottle, shit, making him feel high.

Casey massaged his butt muscles for a moment then moved to the small of his back and on up to his shoulders. Sean winced when he touched his right shoulder.

"What's that?" Casey asked, moving around to the head of the table.

"I don't know, I never noticed it hurting till you touched it," Sean said.

"That's the reason for a complete exam, to find injuries you don't know you have," Casey said. He stood at the head of the table, bent over Sean's head as he gently felt the thick shoulder muscles. "I think it's just bruised. You've got plenty of muscle on these shoulders for protection. But just to be certain, I want you to move you up on the table so your head and shoulders are over the end of the table."

Sean pulled himself up on the table, wincing again from the pain in his shoulder.

"Okay, take another whiff of that magic in the bottle; I'm going to examine your shoulder more thoroughly. The way you winced, I think there's something there."

Sean breathed in a couple more deep breaths and started spinning off again. Casey stood right at his head as he probed and squeezed his shoulder, the front of his shorts smashed right against his head.

"I want you to raise your head up and turn it slowly from side to side a couple of times, tell me if it hurts," Casey said.

Casey didn't back away any when Sean lifted his head up and he found his face smashed right in the front of the guy's shorts. He turned his head slowly to one side, then to the other side and it seemed like Casey was pushing his crotch harder against this face. He could smell the musk and feel the rubbery lump of his manhood and a funny tremor ran down his spine.

"Okay, one more time, both sides," Casey said.

Casey's hand come down to squeeze Sean's neck then moved to his face. Sean had his eyes closed but he opened them when he felt something warm against his cheek and suddenly found himself face to face with the guy's bare cock! He had shoved his shorts down under his balls and there was the biggest cock Sean had ever seen, up close and personal.

"I think all that's needed here is a little massage," Casey said as he dug his fingers into his shoulder muscles. "Just tell me if it hurts."

Sean couldn't tell him anything. He couldn't speak. He couldn't find his voice. His brain was running amuck, his head still whirling around from whatever was in the bottle and he was having the weirdest feelings....Geezuss, where did the feelings come from! What made this studly marine think he could do this? Sean found himself overtaken by a strange desire that seemed to rise out of his inner being, as if it were breaking free for the first time from the stifling inhibitions that had kept him prisoner for so long. He wondered what Casey would do if he...... Aww, shit, where did THAT come from! He never had a thought like that in his life! But he was having them now. He still fought it but he couldn't help that he liked the feel of the big marine's manhood smashed in his face and it was getting even bigger and more firm and he thought Casey probably wanted him to.....

He was scared of the thoughts whirling around in his head; frightened of his feelings; scared shitless of what he suddenly wanted to do....yeah, do it while he still had the courage from the bottle, before the stuff wore off. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth and the rubbery male flesh filled the opening of his parted lips. He touched it with his tongue and whimpered from a tremor that went through him. Casey shifted his position and Sean adjusted his head and the next thing there was a thick, hot, meaty cock in his mouth!!

"Awwwhhhh," Casey moaned softly.

"UUhhnnnnnn," Sean moaned with surprised pleasure. From the moment of the initial touch and taste, he was suddenly consumed with the desire to suck the man's cock. Never in his wildest, most perverted dreams or fantasies had he thought of such a thing but he went at the big Marine like a hungry puppy, choking and slobbering and snapping his head back and forth, trying desperately to take all of the big cock in his mouth.

"Hey, you don't have to swallow it whole the first time," Casey told him. "Just suck it, nice and slow and easy."

Sean settled down and let Casey pump his cock back and forth through his lips the way he wanted it. He lifted one good arm and touched the man's balls. He cupped and hefted them. They were big and heavy.

"Ohh, fuck, have you ever done this before?" Casey asked.

Unable to speak, Sean shook his head.

"Goddam, kid, you're a natural."

Sean didn't know if he should take that as a compliment but he didn't care. All he cared about was the big, hot cock in his mouth. He sucked it for a while and the stuff began to wear off, and it was like he was sobering up but it still didn't matter that he was sucking cock with a clear head. He liked it; he wanted to give the big marine pleasure. He wanted to suck his manliness out of him and into himself.

"You don't have to take my load," Casey told him as he continued to massage his shoulder and neck.

Sean panicked for a second. It was the first he'd thought about the marine going off. He wished he could have another snort of the good stuff so he wouldn't care if he shot off in his mouth. He would've liked to see what it was like to have a big load shot in his mouth; the feel of it and the taste of it. He had tasted his own come a couple of times by accident and he didn't particularly like it but he'd always wondered if all come tasted the same.

Casey's movements were becoming shaky and his legs started to shake. "I'm about to come," he gasped.

Sean braced himself for whatever would happen. Even with a clear head, he didn't care if Casey shot off in his mouth. For a moment he thought he just might...he was trembling and his cock was bucking hard and he wasn't pulling the last second he withdrew his cock, just in time to spurt a heavy load of come all over Sean's face. He gasped and got some in his mouth and moaned with excitement. He kept his mouth open for a wider target but Casey aimed to the side and finished shooting his load on the lower part of the table and on the floor.

"Goddam!" Casey swore softly as he straightened and stumbled back on shaky legs.

Sean lay there with come on his face and some in his mouth, undecided what to do with it. It didn't taste like his own and it didn't taste good or bad; it was the idea of swallowing it that panicked him. Finally, he spit it out in a big glob on the floor.

"Aw, shit, I'm sorry, did I get some in your mouth?" Casey said.

"Yeah, first shot, but it's okay," Sean said breathlessly.

Casey got a bottle of something out of the cabinet. "I'll go back and get something to wipe off your face," he said. "Meanwhile, you can rinse your mouth out with this. Shit, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that."

"It's okay," Sean said. When Casey was gone he shoved himself up as he sat up with his legs over the edge of the table.

Casey walked across the gymnasium floor to the showers and returned with a wet washcloth and a towel. He gave them to Sean then got some paper towels to clean the come off the table and the floor. When Sean struggled to get his clothes back on, Casey helped him.

"You said that was your first time; do you remember?"

"Yeah, I remember. It was my first time."

"I didn't know. It all happened so fast," Casey said.

"Tell me about it," Sean said. "What the hell is that stuff you gave me?"

Casey rattled off a long medical term then said, "It's a fancy name for poppers. Although it's higher powered than poppers you buy on the street. Look, I don't think we need to tell anybody about any of this. I mean, I don't think your burns or injuries are anything that needs a doctor, so your record with your lieutenant will be clean."

"Thanks." He knew what Casey was saying was that he would keep quiet if Sean did. The guy was probably worried that he was underage. Well, let him think it. When he had his pants on him, Casey helped him on with his boots. Sean winced when he helped him put his jacket on.

"I don't remember how the hell I hurt my shoulder," he said.

"Probably knocking down a door or something," Casey said.

"Oh, yeah, I did take a door down," Sean said.

"It's nothing serious. If you want to come back, I'll be glad to have another look at it and massage it for you again. It should be okay in a few days," Casey said. "And I should have another look at that ankle after the swelling goes down. Or somebody should."

As Sean took a couple of steps to test his ankle, Casey grabbed a pair of crutches from a corner. "Here, try these. Compliments of the marines."

"Is a civilian supposed to walk away with a pair of marine crutches?" Sean asked.

"Don't worry about it. Bring them back when you don't need them. I can go get your car for you if you want to."

"No, I can make it," Sean said. He didn't go right home and he didn't go back to school. He drove around in a mind-numbing stupor, thinking about what had happened, wondering how and why it'd happened.

He was a hero of sorts at school, with his hands bandaged and on crutches after going to fight a fire. The girls loved that. But what would those same girls think if they knew what he and Cpl. Casey had done. There was a big round of applause when he walked into study hall. He slumped with embarrassment and made it to his seat where he put his head down. He went to boys' physical education class the next period out on the athletic field where he sat on the bleachers and watched.

It was a revelation, sitting there watching the other guys playing a rough game of football wearing just shorts and T-shirts. He found himself watching the guys, individually, instead of the team and the game. Their powerful thigh muscles bulging and rippling when they moved, and their muscular arms and the solid sound of muscle banging against muscle.

After Phys Ed class Justin Blake came over to help him get on his crutches. He smelled of fresh male sweat and for the first time Sean admitted/realized that he thought it was sexy. Hell, Justin was sexy in his sweaty T-shirt clinging to his hard muscles.

"I gotta tell you, Brady, you've got balls the size of grapefruits, doing what you did," Justin said.

"I didn't do anything," Brady said. He couldn't tell anybody about what he'd had to be kept Justin didn't know anything.

"That's not what I heard," Justin said. "You dragged three people out of the burning building."

"Who told you that?"

"Word gets around fast," Justin said.

"All I did was help those people when the other guys brought them out," Sean lied.

"Is that how you got burned and banged up?" Justin asked. "You've got balls, Brady."

"You would've done the same thing," Sean said.

"I don't know if I could've," Justin said.

"Look, just let it go, huh? I did what I was trained to do, just like everybody else."

He couldn't concentrate on anything in school and he was distracted at home. The experience with Corporal Casey haunted him. Not just the worry that it'd happened, but the awful, gnawing desire to go back.

Cody came over to his house and was all questions about Sean's first experience as a real firefighter.

"Were you scared?" Cody asked.

"There wasn't time to be scared," Sean said. "I would have been if I'd stopped to think about what I was doing, but when you see somebody yelling from the window of a burning building, you just react. You would have done the same thing."

"I don't think I would've had the guts."

"You would have," Sean assured him.



"Can I try on your gear?"

Sean looked at him and smiled. Cody was treating him like a hero. It was embarrassing, but sort of nice. "Sure," he said, "Go down and get it out of my car."

Cody lugged it up stairs and Sean helped him on with it. Cody looked at himself in the mirror. "I don't look as studly in it as you do," he said.

"It's not about being studly," Sean said. "It's about the training then doing the job, just like anybody else. It's just work clothes."

"No, this ain't like anybody else doing their job. You firefighters have got balls," Cody said.

"I'm not a firefighter," Sean said. "I'm a long way from being a firefighter. I may never be one. I'm in trouble, man, for going into that building. I may lose my uniform and my credentials."

"That'd be a shame to lose the uniform," Cody said with a grin. "All the girls think you look really studly in it. Especially when you strip down in the parking lot to put it on."

"Oh, they were watching," Sean said with a smile.

"It was all everybody was talking about," Cody said.

"I just wish everybody would stop treating me like a hero. It's nothing you or anybody else couldn't do if you decided you wanted to," Sean told him.

"Well, you've got balls."

"You sound like Justin," Sean said.

"Hey, if Justin said you've got balls, you've got 'em," Cody declared. "I just wanta tell you, I admire you a lot. All the guys do; even the ones who are jealous of you."

"Thanks, man," Sean said. "That means a lot."

"And the girls....well, we don't even have to go there," Cody said.

"No, go ahead, go there. What're you hearing the girls say?" Sean asked.

"Aw, hell, you know what the girls are saying, Sean. They all want to sleep with you."

"Don't I wish that was something besides in my dreams," Sean scoffed.

"Did you ever think what would happen if you walked into the girls locker room?" Cody asked.

"Yeah, I would get my ass tossed out of school," Sean said.

"You would be gang-banged," Cody said. "Those girls would fuck your eyeballs out."

"You arrange it, I'll deliver," Sean said, laughing. He wondered if his friend would think he was so studly if he knew what he'd done with the marine. Sean didn't feel any less a stud, but he didn't think Cody would agree with that.

Chapter II

Sean struggled with new, strange feelings that began to haunt him. He found himself looking at the other guys in a different way; noticing things about them that he'd never paid any particular attention to before. Like the way a guy walked, or the way his butt filled out his jeans, or his thighs....the muscles in his arms. He had an especially hard time in the locker room and showers. Where he saw just plain friends and teammates before, he was seeing hot studs. He sat in class or home room and day-dreamed about being dragged back to the showers after PE class and forced as a sex slave by the entire team. He took the daydream home with him and experienced it again through a dream that night. Even though the feelings frightened him, he dwelled on them just the same.

His hands were healing fast and he was getting around on his ankle pretty good, using only one crutch, and his knee was okay. Deep down he knew he was making more of his injuries than they deserved. He was milking it, and he knew why; he liked the attention from the girls and the admiration from the guys. Beyond that, deep down, he had to admit that he wanted to take Cpl. Casey up on his offer to massage his shoulder. And he did have to return the crutches.

He took the crutches back one day right after school. Cpl. Casey was the only one at the armory again. He wondered what the corporal's job was, that he was always there alone. He was in his brief, green gym shorts and a white T-shirt, looking studly as before. Sean tapped on the glass in the door.

"I brought the crutches back," he said.

"Hey, Brady, it's great to see you maneuvering under your own power," Casey said. He took a close look at Sean's face and neck. "The burns are coming along nicely. Let's see your hands."

"I used the stuff you gave me," Sean said as held his hands out for him.

"You're a fast healer. How's the knee, and the shoulder?" he asked.

"The knee is fine," Sean said. "The shoulder....." He shrugged and worked his shoulder and winced a little, feigning pain. "It's still a little sore."

"Got time for a massage?"

"Yeah, if you've got the time," Sean said.

"Go in and take off your shirt and climb up on the table, head and shoulders hanging over the end of the table. Except lay on your back."

Sean pulled his shirt off over his head as he went into the medical room and stretched out on his back on the table while Cpl. Casey got some stuff out of the cabinet to rub on it. He also handed him the small bottle to breathe to dull the pain.

"I don't think I'll need that," Sean said.

"Better safe than sorry," Casey said. "Go ahead, use it this one more time. It'll make you feel better."

Sean knew deep down that it was a charade but he went along with it; he didn't need the stuff and they both knew it, at least not for the pain-the pain in his shoulder was a charade-but he used it because he needed it for the courage it gave him. He raised up and snorted the stuff into each nostril a couple of times then lay back with his head hanging over the end of the table. Casey came over and stood at the head of the table. He put some stuff on his hands and began to massage Sean's shoulder. After only a moment, he was smashing himself against Sean's head and forehead, like before. Sean relaxed his neck and let his head hang lower over the end of the table. He wanted this and the corporal knew it. He probably knew that was the reason he was there. He let his head hang low so Cpl. Casey's shorts smashed against his face. Sean opened his mouth so the marine would feel his hot breath through his shorts. Suddenly, Casey brought one hand down and deftly shoved the front of his shorts down and tucked the waistband under his balls.

"That what you want?" he said.

"Yeah," Sean whispered softly. His big, rubbery cock literally fell into Sean's open mouth. There were no pretenses; the poppers had washed away all inhibitions. Sean closed his lips around the thick cock and began wallowing around it with his tongue and sucking it back and forth through his lips.

"Ohhh, yeahhhhh...that's what you wanted...that's what you came down here for, isn't it...Suck it, kid...suck it...suck it deep...real deep. Relax your throat muscles and let your throat open up. It's easier to take it all the way in this position; my cock fits the curvature of your throat."

Casey was right. It fit perfect. So wonderfully perfect, as he quickly found out. Before it had throbbed to full hardness, the head slipped easily through the gaping opening and snaked down into Sean's throat. Deeper and deeper till his nose was buried in Casey's balls.

"Ohh, fuck, that was easier than I thought," Sean gasped when he came up for air.

Sean let the big marine use his throat like a girl's pussy. He reached up with his hands around the man's butt to pull him in tighter. He no longer cared where the strange, new feelings came from; he only wished they had come sooner. His excitement soared and he felt his own cock bursting at the seams of his shorts. When he couldn't stand it any longer he reached down and fumbled with the buttons of his jeans.

"Want me to do that for you?" Casey asked as he brushed Sean's trembling hands aside and undid the buttons and laid the fly open. "Raise your butt up," he said as he shoved Sean's jeans and shorts down to his thighs.

Sean's cock popped free, smacking loudly against his belly, then quivered and throbbed painfully up over his navel.

"Geezusss, kid!" Sean swore. "That thing is huge!"

Yeah, it felt huge in Sean's hand as he fisted it hard, in rhythm with Casey's big cock pumping in and out of his throat. He was nearly beside himself with lust. He grabbed Casey's butt again, pulling him tight against his face as he gulped and swallowed his big cock. He wanted more! God, he wished Casey was a foot long! His own cock bucked and quivered up over his belly and he felt the warmth of precome oozing out.

"Goddam, I gotta have a feel of that thing to believe it," Casey said as he leaned over and wrapped his hand around Sean's cock. "Fuck, I can't even get my hand around the fucker! Yeah, that is the second biggest cock I ever saw."

Sean was surprised when Casey took his cock in his hand for a feel....he was more surprised when he didn't let go. He wasn't exactly jacking him off but he was pumping his cock and squeezing out the ball juice and rubbing it all over the head. He wondered who the first biggest cock was that Casey knew about, and how big it was. He looked up to see Casey with the bottle to his nose. He watched him breathe in several deep breaths then capped the bottle then put it down.

"I've never done this before but you're so goddamn cute and sexy and that cock is so fuckin' huge and awesome and....shit, I'm gonna do it, and if you ever tell anybody, I'll break you in two." With that, as the poppers kicked in, he bent over and took Sean's cock in his mouth.

"OOhuummpphhhh!" Sean gasped around Casey's cock. It was the most incredible thing he'd ever felt. No girl's pussy ever felt so wonderful as Casey's hot, live mouth. He humped his butt up off the table to drive it deep through his lips. Several times he pressed too hard against his throat and Casey rose up.

"Naw, I can't take that thing down my throat like you're doing to me," he said. "I can't believe I'm saying it, as a marine, but its one fuckin' challenge I'm not up to. But don't worry, I'll finish you off. Just don't come in my mouth!" he said emphatically, "But I'll jack you off."

It was more than Sean could have hoped for. This big studly marine going down on him and promising to jack him off to the end. Sean sucked the big marine cock hungrily, slobbering so bad that his spit ran down his face into his ears. My God, what's it all about, he wondered. From what deep recesses in his brain did it come from, and what was the strange attraction to another man?

He wasn't ready for it to be over but Casey couldn't hold back. He went off first, without pulling his cock out of Sean's throat. It was a weird sensation, feeling the thick ropes of come shot deep in his throat but he liked it except that he wished he could get it in his mouth and get a full-load taste of it again. Casey's intense climax triggered his own and he reached down and grabbed Casey's fist to let him know he was close.

"Getting close?" Casey cooed. "Sure, I'll finish you off." He stopped sucking him but stayed leaned over with Sean's cock alongside his face and he licked and kissed the shaft. "Shoot it, stud, I wanta see this big cannon go off."

Casey got his wish. Sean went off like a cannon. He couldn't see it but he could feel the impact of the stuff hurtling through his cock and he knew it was going to be a geyser. The first shot sailed out of his cock and it was a couple of seconds before it landed on his chest and he knew it had shot up a long way.

"God----Damn!" Casey exclaimed.

Sean kept coming, long, thick ropes shot out of his cock and sailed who knew where. Casey held on till he was finished then milked his hand tightly around his cock to pull the last of his load out over his knuckles.

"Shit, that ain't no cannon, that's a rocket launcher!" he said as he rose up and slowly pulled his cock out of Sean's throat.

The big, rubbery cock dragged across Sean's face, leaving a trail of warm come that he tried to capture with his tongue. Fuck, he wished Casey hadn't gone off so quick. He breathed in the first real air he'd had through it all. He tried to raise his head but his neck muscles were numb and he had to lift his head up with his hands. There was come everywhere. Casey was wiping it off his own face and shoulder.

"You've got the second biggest cock I ever saw but that is THE BIGGEST load I ever saw," Casey said. He helped Sean sit up and stand down from the table. "Think you can make it back to the showers?"

"Yeah, and I sure need one," Sean said.

Corporal Casey took him back and showed him the showers then left him alone. Sean was drying off when Casey came back to check on him, now fully dressed.

"Can I ask you something? How come you pegged me for this?" Sean asked.

"I didn't peg you. It just happened," Casey said. "I just saw you standing there so young and looking so studly in that firefighter's outfit and it came over me that I had to get you alone."

"But how'd you know....I mean, what made you think I would do it?" Sean asked.

"Nothing. I just had to find out. Putting it simply, you were too good not to take the chance," Casey told him with a smile. When Sean was dressed and about to leave, Casey said, "Hey, don't be a stranger. Drop by again sometime....anytime."

Chapter III

He had taken the crutches back, his ankle was fine and his shoulder was feeling fine so there was no reason to go back to the armory and he decided he wouldn't, despite Casey's invitation. It wasn't as simple as a decision; it turned into a battle; he found himself fighting the urge to go back. But it was futile; something drew him back. Something besides Corporal Casey's invitation; he told himself it was the ruins of the apartment building. It was lame but it was all the excuse he needed. He drove to the location and walked around the charred ruins of the sad looking building that a dozen people once called home. He tried to picture himself running into the burning building, not once, but three times. He didn't know where that courage came from but it was enough to know he had it. He would always remember this as the place where he found his courage. The whole time he was inspecting the ruins he felt the tugging in his loins. On the way back to his car he glanced over at the armory. Yeah, there was the real reason he'd come. Who was he kidding? But there were cars parked all around and on the side streets. The marines must be having drill, he thought, so Corporal Casey wouldn't be there by himself anyway. He shrugged it off and headed for his car, but the force drew him back, with a new vision of the fantasy of being dragged into the locker room. The armory had a locker room....and dozens of hunky marines.

He walked down the block to the armory, his imagination running wild. Closer, he could hear the shouts of cadence. He slipped inside and into the office. There was no one there. He walked through the office and stepped into the gymnasium. There were thirty or so guys doing calisthenics; no shirts, just heavy jump boots and very short green or camo shorts. He stifled a gasp of pleasant surprise at the muscular youth out front leading them. He didn't look much older than Sean. Cpl. Casey saw him come in and broke ranks and went up to say something to the young leader, then came trotting over to him.

"Hey, Brady."

"Hey. I was just driving by....checking out the building that burned."

"Yeah, it's a mess," Casey said.

Just then the men stopped but kept running in place.

"New recruit, Casey?" someone yelled.

"Bring him on!"

"Yeah, let him show us what he's got!"

The leader walked over to them. Damn, he looked young.

"Don't mind these guys, they're always looking for fresh meat to sign up," he said.

"This is Brady the guy who got three people out of that apartment building," Casey told the leader.

"It's always an honor to meet a hero," the young leader said, putting out his hand. "Jason Brawn."

Sean was embarrassed. He shook the guy's hand but couldn't think of anything to say except thanks. He was tongue-tied just looking at the guy. Brawn was a good name for him. He was built! Huge balls of muscle on his shoulders and thick triceps and biceps. His pecs were like two big, thick steaks that'd been slapped on his rib cage. Even his tits were big, like pencil erasers. Sean forced himself not to look down his abs but he could see them rippling gently as the guy moved and breathed. He wondered how old the guy was. Young. Didn't look more than seventeen.

"Are you interested in joining the marines?" Jason asked.

"No, I....well, actually, I never thought about it....I was just checking out the burned building, then thought I'd come over and see if Corporal Casey might be here," Sean said.

"Well, if you ever want to talk about look like you could handle it easily enough. old are you?"

"Eighteen," Sean said with a scowl, wondering how old the leader was.

"Shit, I wasn't built like that when I was seventeen," he remarked.

"You sure got there quick, then," Sean said, giving him an easy once-over.

"Can I ask how old you are?"

"Nineteen," the youth replied.

"Not that much difference, then," Sean said.

"Well, you don't need your parent's signature, but we would like to have their approval," Jason said.

"I've never talked about it with my parents," Sean said. "Like I said, I never thought about it myself."

"Think about it, you would make a hell of a marine," Jason said. With that he turned and walked back to the formation to take his place in front of the men. Sean's eyes were glued to his massive thighs and the big bubble butt churning and flexing inside his shorts.

"Geez, how the hell did a guy that age get to be a leader of a bunch of tough marines?" Sean asked.

"Actually, he just turned nineteen. He's not a platoon leader or anything, but you saw how he's built; that made him a natural for PT instructor," Casey said.

"What rank is he?"

"PFC. Damn good for a nineteen year old. That's only one stripe under me," Casey said. "Well, I have to get back in formation. Hey, do you want to step in and join these flakes what you've got? Think the ankle is okay for it?""

It was more than Sean could refuse. Not that he could show these studs much but he was so pleased to be asked to join in; it would give him a chance to watch the muscular leader in motion. He peeled off his shirt and took his place in formation beside Casey to the sound of hoots and hollers from the men.

They did jumping jacks, sit-ups, running in place, push-ups and jumping-jack roll-overs, nothing that he hadn't learned in football practice and cadet training. He actually was showing them what he had and he felt proud to be among them. Jason called a halt but kept them running in place for a couple of minutes, his thick pecs bouncing solidly. Then he slowed to just moving around, and the men began shaking their arms and whatever they wanted to do to cool down. Sean's mind was racing ahead. Sweat ran down their naked chests and made their muscles glisten and he was thinking they would surely all go into the showers and maybe they would invite him. He no sooner thought it than it was spoken.

"Okay, men, hit the showers," Jason said. "Drill at 0500 on Sunday!"

Sean started walk away.

"Hey, aren't you going to shower?" Casey asked.

He stopped and turned, unable to answer at first.

"I didn't figure I was allowed to," he said.

"Sure you're allowed to," Casey said.

Fuck, yes, he wanted to shower with these hunky marines but he was afraid to. Casey sensed, or saw, his fear.

"Don't worry, nothing like that is going to happen," he said quietly. "Nothing that you don't want to happen, at least. None of these guys know...I never told a soul."

"I would need to get my gym bag out of my car," Sean said huskily.

"Go ahead, get it."

The short walk to his car gave light to the daydream of being had in the showers at school by the entire team, and that dream was transcended to the armory showers full of marines. God, what would it be like to be made a slave to a platoon of stud-marines! By the time Sean got back with his gym bag the shower room was filled with boisterous, naked marines. He walked into the locker area adjoining the shower room and tossed his bag on a bench. He undressed, proudly, for he had a better build than even some of the marines that he could see through the steam. Cpl. Casey came out of the showers and showed him where the clean towels were kept.

"How do you like being a marine for a day?" he asked.

"It's great."

"Yeah, I'll bet this is better than the locker room at school," Casey said, laughing softly.

Sean only smiled.

"Listen, if you want some action, just give me the word, I'll see if I can get something going," he said in a low tone.

"I don't's sort of scary, this many guys....."

"Replace those high school boys in your fantasy with a bunch of marines," Casey said.

"Yeah, that did cross my mind. But..., man, I just don't know how it would work you would make it happen."

"Let me worry about that. All you gotta do is follow my lead. And don't worry, it won't get out of hand. They're marines and they're horny but they're not barbarians. Some of them won't even get involved."

Sean looked all around again, into the steamy shower room, his pulse quickened at the thought of letting his guard down in front of three dozen studly marines. He took in a quick breath and Casey laughed.

"Does that mean yes?" he asked.

"I don't know....I'm scared to....."

"Hey, it's your call. It's your fantasy. But if you don't want to....maybe another time," Casey told him.

Sean didn't want to wait till another time, or take the chance that there would even be another time. He was so excited over the idea that his heart was thumping in his chest." Okay. Okay, I'm good to go," he said bravely.

"You sure?"

"No, I'm not sure at all," he said, laughing nervously. "But I'm gonna kick my ass for the rest of my life if I let this opportunity slip past me."

"Yeah, sometimes opportunity only knocks once," Casey said. "Okay, give me the nod if you want me to get the ball rolling."

Sean sauntered into the showers, determined to appear confident but he was a little jittery about being in the middle of all these naked guys. They had no idea what was on his mind. They were all ages and sizes and shapes, except that there was no fat on any of them. There were some guys who looked well past thirty down to the nineteen-year-old PFC. They were tall and lanky, and average and short and well-built, hairy, smooth.

"Hell, kid, you're already built like a marine, why don't you just sign up," someone remarked as Sean moved under a shower.

"Thanks," he mumbled, embarrassed.

PFC Brawn came up to him, so confident and self-assured that he reeked with masculinity. "I'm serious, you ought to think about joining," he said. "The marines aren't going to throw anything at you that you can't handle. Hell, boot camp would be a cake walk compared to some of the guys who join up."

"I don't know, right now I'm a cadet firefighter and that's all I can handle right now, till I get out of school," Sean said.

"I understand. Just think it over," the youth said. "You can sign up any time and get a delayed entry," he went on. "You could join today, for example, but not be called up till months from now, after you graduate, so you could still be a firefighter till your call-up date."

There were encouraging words from all around, making Sean think he might want to forget being a firefighter and go right into the marines. But he had worked too hard for it, and he liked it.

Casey came up to get some soap out of the liquid soap dispenser under his shower. "Still good to go?" he asked under his breath.

"Yeah, I guess," he replied nervously, wondering what Casey was going to do or say to get things started.

Casey went back under his own shower with his handful of soap. "Hey, Brady, one thing PFC Brawn didn't tell you, I'll bet, is the initiation that all new marine recruits have to go through," he said, loud enough so the others heard. "Brawn always keeps that a secret."

"I'm not a marine recruit, not yet anyway," Sean said.

"Hey, guys I think we ought to initiate him anyway. Hell, he's gonna be a marine one of these days, for sure," Casey said.

"Hell, yeah, why not?" someone chimed in.

"Yeah, lets show the kid what real marines are made of; what he's gotta be made of to be a marine," someone else said.

"Yeah, what've you got in mind for him, Cpl. Casey?"

It dawned on Sean that the others didn't have a clue what Casey was talking about; they were just going along with it.

"Well, I don't know about you guys but calisthenics then a warm shower always makes me horny as hell," Casey said.

"You too?" someone put in, laughing.

"Fuck....he is awful cute," someone else said.

"Yeah, and look at those nice, smooth muscles."

He still thought the guys were clueless and only going along with the joke.

"Yeah, and look at that nice, smooth, tight ass," another said.

"Shit, man, you were looking at his horse-cock."

Now he thought Casey's little plan was gaining momentum fast and his heart thumped in his chest as he tried to imagine what these guys had in mind to do to him. They would probably follow Casey's lead. The remark about his ass frightened him a little. If the guy was talking about fucking him in the way.

Casey walked over under Sean's shower. "For starters, how about you get down on your knees and see what marine cock tastes like," Casey said in a gruff, authoritative tone. He grabbed Sean by the shoulder and forced him to his knees.

"Hey, leave him alone," someone said.

"Yeah, you're going to scare him from joining up," PFC Brawn said. But Corporal Casey put pressure on Sean's shoulders and Sean felt his knees going weak and then they were buckling in obedience. He was more scared than he'd ever been in his life. If all of these joined in.....

He was face to face with Casey's big cock, lolling out like a hunk of Polish sausage, a trickle of water running down it from the shower like he was taking a piss. He could see others moving through the heavy steam, moving closer, to watch and see what was going to happen. He swallowed hard.

Casey flopped his cock back and forth, hitting him in the face. Somebody else got caught up in it and came up behind him and twisted his arms behind his back, up high so he was forced to lean forward.

"Suck it," one of them said. "See what marine cock tastes like."

When he didn't move quickly enough, they twisted his arms higher. He yelped and leaned in to take Casey's cock in his mouth.

"OOoaaawwhhhhhhh!" Casey moaned loudly as he wrapped his hands around Sean's head. "Awww, fuck, guys, you oughta feel this!...fuckin Goddam firefighters mouth on a marine's cock."

"We intend to," someone standing close by said. Sean could see a pair of very muscular, hairy thighs and another big cock hanging between them. He didn't look any higher. Nothing higher than their waists mattered, not to them and not to him.

Sean tried to suck Casey's cock but Casey was being forceful and fucking his mouth. Sean choked and gagged when he shoved it too deep.

"Hey, don't make him gag and get sick," someone said.

Casey pulled his cock out and turned Sean's head to one of the other guys who was waiting, and shoved his face at him. Sean opened his mouth and took the guy's cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh," the guy moaned, tossing his head back. "Fuck, Casey, you're right....Geezussss, I never felt anything this good before."

"Come on, you fuckers, it can't be better than pussy," someone drawled.

"Yeah? Just fuckin' wait till he slides those hot lips down around your cock."

"Let me have at him, I never had my cock sucked before," the other guy said.

They changed places and several more marines gathered in closer. Back and forth he went, from one to the other, then to back to Casey, then they were all closing in on him with their cocks crossed like swords, all vying for his mouth. Others had gathered around to watch and wait their turn.

"Bunch of sick fuckers. I hope the captain doesn't decide to drop by," somebody grumbled as he walked out of the shower.

"Hey, somebody bolt the door on the inside."

A couple more guys left the shower without saying anything but one of them came back, apparently having bolted the door. Most of them stayed; Sean guessed about twenty or so. It scared him, being in the middle of that many horny marines but it excited him more. They began milling around, new cocks appearing out of the steam. Sean shifted his weight several times to take the pressure off of his knees.

"Hey, go get one of the benches for him to lay on," someone said. "This might take awhile and he might as well be comfortable."

Two men brought a bench into the showers and set it in the middle of the room. Sean was helped to his feet and laid on the bench. Someone immediately stepped astraddle the bench and his head and dropped his balls into Sean's mouth.

"OOhhhhh, fuckin' shit! You oughta feel this....dude's sucking my balls. Easy, guy, don't chew 'em off."

A feeling of great contentment and belonging came over Sean as he serviced one after another of the marines. He felt like he belonged there, doing what he was doing; this is where he had always belonged. And these guys made it okay for him to be doing it. Nobody was berating him or putting him down as a fag or anything; they were just enjoying getting their cocks sucked. As time went on, some of the guys started getting off so they could be on their way. Sean was drenched and splattered with hot come from every angle as the momentum built up among them to shoot their loads. He didn't complain when he got it in the face, and they began aiming for his mouth. He was delighted and surprised that every guy's come had a distinct taste; and horribly surprised that he liked it!

Little by little the group began to dwindle, leaving their man-seed streaked all over Sean as they left, or in his mouth. Sean had lost track of Cpl. Casey, and he had only caught glimpses of young PFC Brawn. Maybe Casey had left. Sean hoped Brawn was still there.

"Uh-oh, here comes Horse," somebody said.

Guys sort of stood back to make room and suddenly Sean looked up to see the biggest cock he could imagine hanging over his face; a huge black cock. He had seen the big black marine at the far end of the platoon when they were doing calisthenics but he hadn't seen him go to the showers. There he was, standing over his head like a great black Colossus, his cock hanging out, it looked like a foot long, in a wide arch.

My God, what am I possibly going to do with it, Sean wondered fearfully. I wonder how big it gets when he's hard? Horse, as he was called, patted the side of his cock, causing it to swing back and forth like a pendulum, and the arch began to straighten.

"Goddam, Horse, you're not gonna make him suck that thing," someone said.

"Give me one good reason why not?" Horse said.

"For starters, that thing is registered as a lethal weapon."

Despite the pangs of fear, Sean was anxious to get hold of the giant cock; anxious to see what a black cock tasted like. He let his mouth go slack as a signal to the Horse that he wanted his cock. He wanted desperately to take it all the way down his throat but he held out little hope of being able to do that. But the Horse had other ideas.

"Take it before it gets completely hard and it'll slide right down your throat, a perfect fit," the big man said as he bent his knees to lower his cock to Sean's waiting mouth.

"MMMnnnnnnnn," Sean moaned as his mouth was quickly filled with warm black cockmeat. He reached up with his hands around the thick tube, amazed that he could wrap both hands around the inches that were left, and his hands wouldn't reach all the way around it.

"Sounds like he likes black cock," someone said.

"I think he likes any cock."

Horse was moving up and down, nudging the head of his cock hard against Sean's throat. His cock was growing longer and harder so it was easy to put more force behind it without it bending. Sean tried to relax his throat muscles but he was too tense from fear.

"Take it now, take it later," Horse said. "Later is going to be a lot harder."

It sounded like a veiled threat. Sean wondered if any of the others would come to his rescue if the big stud got really physical. Somehow, he doubted if any of them would mess with him, judging from the way they backed away when he approached. He fought down his fear gallantly, opening his throat to the huge cock, even lifting his head up to let Horse know that he was game to try it. Horse pressed his cock with his thumb to push it straight down, then bent his knees to put pressure behind his cock.

"AAwwwggghhhhhhh!" Sean groaned as the thick, hot cock forced his throat open and bored deeper in his throat.

"Holy Shit, look at that! He's taking it!"

"Is he taking it or is Horse making him take it?" somebody asked.

"He's taking it like a man," Horse declared. "Like a marine; not like you bunch of pussies."

"What do you mean pussies, you never asked me to suck your cock, Horse," someone whined jokingly.

"Fuck, he's taking it all the way! I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't standing here watching it."

"Hell, I don't believe the size of the guy's cock, let alone someone swallowing the fucker," someone said.

Sean was unable to maintain his control and he started to gag and choke. He was in a panic before the huge cock was pulled out of his mouth. The marine pulled it out and stroked it for a moment. The others moved in closer to watch. It was apparently the first time any of them had seen Horse with a hardon.


"I never seen anything so big!"

It looked monstrously huge from where Sean lay, looking up at it; like a club standing out from Horse's pubes. He judged it to be as big as a forearm, and he was surprised that he had actually taken it down to his balls.

"Don't think I'm queer or anything, Horse, but I gotta feel that and see if it's real."

Sean was pleasantly stunned to see PFC Jason Brawn reach around and wrap his hand around the big black cock. It was the first time that that he knew any of the marines had touched another of their buddies.

"Feel free, but it's gonna take two hands," Horse said.

Jason wrapped his other hand around it and was able to entwine his fingertips.

The Horse was anxious to get back to what he was doing. "You gonna play with it or suck it?" he asked Jason. "Cause I've got a stud here who wants to suck it if you don't."

Jason quickly let go of his cock and Horse aimed it once more at Sean's mouth. "We won't go that deep again now that it's hard," Horse told him. "Just chow down on what you can handle."

Sean tried to suck it but there was little room to move his tongue the way he wanted to in order to make the man feel good.

"Don't be afraid to chew on it, it's a tough hunk of meat," The Horse said.

Sean folded his lips around his teeth as best he could and began chewing on the meaty cock. The marine cried out and groaned with pleasure. He liked the gentle pain, and Sean chewed on it like he was eating a big, juicy sausage.

"Shit, kid, you've got me so hot, I'm gonna come....just keep doing what you're doing....don't fuckin' stop....I'm gonna blast your fuckin' tonsils out....don't you dare fuckin' stop."

He was nearly right. Sean didn't have enough of the shaft in his mouth to feel the pulsating surge through the big cock but he knew in a split second by the sudden swelling of the head that the marine was coming. A second later, the huge cock was shooting great loads of thick, hot come into his mouth. Unlike the others, even those with powerful spurts, The Horse's cock was pumping it out like a fire hose with steady spurts. Along with the bulk of cock meat, Sean's mouth was soon filled with come and it was running out the corners of his mouth faster than he could swallow it and running down his face. There was so much of it that he had to let it run. There was a strange excitement in being so overpowered by the big marine, being used as the vessel of his manliness. God, is he ever going to stop, Sean wondered. He didn't mind, he was simply amazed at the volume of semen bring shot out of the thick cannon.

The volume finally began to subside and The Horse was shoving more of his cock into Sean's mouth. The slick come lubricated the way into his throat and he finished him off with his cock all the way to his stomach. He pursed his lips around the thick meat to draw out the last drops of come as the marine pulled his cock out of his throat. Free of his mouth, it fell with a heavy smack against his thigh then swung out in a wide, proud arch.

"Geezusss, if I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe it," Casey said

"He's all lubed up, right down his throat, if you wanta fuck his face," The Horse said as he turned back to his shower.

One of the marines straddled the bench behind him, and lifted Sean's legs up and spread them out wide.

"No, I can't do that," Sean said.

"How do you know, have ever tried it?" the marine asked.

" I can't do it. There are too many of you, you guys would kill me."

Another marine stepped up to the head of the bench. "He's talking too much," he said as he dropped his cock into Sean's mouth. "Go ahead, fuck him, then I get my turn next," he told his buddy. Still others formed a line behind their buddies to wait their turns at Sean's mouth and his butt.

Sean made only a token effort to get up and he was quickly pinned to the bench. He tried to look around to find Casey. Where the hell was Casey? He said they wouldn't do anything he didn't want them to do; he said it wouldn't get out of hand. Well, it was getting out of hand damned fast. He struggled again, but not too hard and to no avail. They held him secure as thick, long fingers probed inside his ass with lubricant and he knew it was going to happen. His thoughts flashed to a girl being raped and he wondered how they dealt with it. He put up a valiant fight but it was no use. There were too many of them. He did the only thing he could do; he relaxed and let it happen. Might as well; there was a hot cock pressing at the tight, vulnerable opening of his body and he was helpless but to let it happen. The marine probed and pushed and twisted and probed till suddenly his cock popped through.

"AAAWWWwgggghhhhhhhhh!" His cry was muffled by the thick steam. The pain was unthinkable; unbearable, except that he had to bear it. He cried out again.

"Somebody shove a cock in his mouth before he brings the whole neighborhood in on us," the marine said.

Someone straddled Sean's head and shoved his cock in his mouth. The other marine shoved his cock deeper and deeper in his ass, plowing a path through his insides, till he was all the way in and Sean could feel his balls resting against his butt.

"Fuckin' unbelievable!" he moaned. "Shit, you can't imagine how tight he is!"

"Fuck him, man. I want my turn," someone said.

Thankfully the marine held still a moment longer to enjoy the sensations of having his cock squeezed by another guy's ass, and it gave Sean a chance to work through the pain so that it was at least bearable by the time he pulled back and shoved in again. His head hanging over the end of the bench made it easy for him to swallow the other marine's cock.

Gradually, the pain began to subside and Sean was surprised to feel pleasure creep in where the pain had been. He wanted to be shocked; horribly stunned that he was feeling any pleasure at all from being raped but who was he kidding? Deep down, even if he hadn't known it, this was what he wanted. If he'd fought hard enough, they would have let him go. But this was the fantasy being brought to life.

The marine lost control and lost his load deep in Sean's guts. It felt good, like a soothing balm to the delicate inner muscles that were so brutalized by the big cock. When he pulled out, another quickly took his place, and another took his place at his mouth. No two of them fucked the same way. For some it was simply a motion they went through to get their rocks off. Others seemed to enjoy the new experience and tried every different angle to see how it felt. A couple of them actually seemed to try to make Sean enjoy it. One especially, found Sean's joy spot...his prostate...and delighted in fucking his cock back and forth over to drive the boy crazy.

"You like that, don't you?" he murmured. "You like it...right...there," he said as he shoved across the tiny love nut.

"Ohhhh, yeahhhhh...ohhhh...ohhhhhh, yeah, that feels so good," Sean moaned. "Ohhh, fuck me...ohhh, yeah...fuck me, you big stud-marine."

"Hell, listen to that, Mayford is making him beg for it!"

Two Marines made it a point of working up their climaxes so they would come at the same time. Sean welcomed the double climax. He could no longer feel the come shooting in his ass but he could tell by the sudden hardness and bucking of the guy's cock that he was going off inside him. The other Marine pulled his cock out at the last second and shot his load all over Sean's face. Rivulets of warm, thick come ran slowly down his face and neck and dripped to the floor. When the last of them were done, they went back to join their buddies in the shower, leaving Sean alone and gasping for air.

What now, he wondered? Where the fuck did Casey disappear to? Suddenly he appeared, then Jason.

"Oh, man, I thought you left," Sean moaned.

"You need a minute to rest?" Casey asked.

"Rest?" Sean said.

` "Let him rest till the others are gone," Jason said quietly.

The Horse and another guy returned to the shower room to see what was still going on. They were dressed. "What'd we do, fuck him out of commission?" he asked, laughing.

"Just letting him rest up for a minute before we tear into him again," Casey said. "Did you get a crack at his ass, Horse?"

"No I guess I left before they started fucking him. But he gave me some incredible head."

"You wanta haul that big black cock out and give it to him?" Jason asked.

"Naw, I would have to shower again and I gotta get going."


"Don't sound so fuckin' anxious for us to leave," Horse said, laughing.

"Know what I think? I think you two have got the hots for him more than just getting your rocks off. You guys wanta hang back so you can make love to the little stud. That's it, you're in love with him, ain't you?"

"Yeah, I'm in love with him, aren't you, Casey?" Jason said.


It was dismissed as a joke. Despite the intense pleasure from all of the Marines, Sean wanted it to be just him and Jason and maybe Casey. He would have been happy with just Jason but he figured now that Casey would stick around to lock up.

There was something in Jason's voice that made Sean wonder if he might really mean what he said. Not being in love, maybe, but having feelings deeper than just getting his cock sucked or getting a piece of male ass. He wished it were just him and Jason so he could find out.

When the three of them were alone, Casey and Jason fucked him for another hour, taking turns at his ass and getting their cocks sucked. It was the first time Jason had experienced male sex and he was insatiable. This was so different from all the rest. They were more gentle, almost loving, wanting to make him enjoy it as much as they did. Maybe they are in love with me, in their own way, Sean thought.

When they were finished they helped Sean to a shower. He was surprised when they all got under the same shower and the two Marines soaped him up and helped him stay on his feet. He doubted they wouldn't have done that if there had been anyone else around. They helped him back out to the locker room and gave him a towel.

"I gotta tell you, this has been the most incredible thing I ever got into," Jason said.

"Me, too," Sean said.

"Are you okay?" Casey asked. "I mean, can you drive home okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay" Sean said. "I think I'm more okay than I've ever been in my life."

"You really liked it, didn't you, being gang-banged," Casey said.

Sean didn't like the way he said it but he admitted it. "Yeah."

"Enough that you would want to do it again," Jason asked. "I mean without so many other guys, and not here. It was stupid to do it here in the armory. You could go with us on maneuvers sometime."

"Yeah, I could go for that," Sean said, although he didn't know how he would be allowed to.

When Jason and Sean were waiting outside the armory for Casey to lock the place up, Jason expressed his deeper feelings.

"Look, I was thinking, maybe you would like to get together, just the two of us," he said. "We're about the same age, maybe we've got more in common than the rest of the guys. Sometimes they like to treat me like a punk kid because I'm younger than any of them. This was the first time I ever did anything like that."

"It was the first time I ever got fucked," Sean said.

"Well, I saw you were enjoying the hell out of it, and it got me to wondering what it'd feel like, but I couldn't do anything with any of the other guys. But you and me could get together and....."

"Sean Brady, I'm in the book," Sean said quickly as Casey was coming out.

Again, he drove aimlessly for over an hour after he left the armory. He wasn't ready to go home and settle back into that little world so soon after exploring the whole new world that he had just discovered. That night he relived the orgy in his mind and fell asleep to dream about it.

He stayed away from the armory for awhile after that. Something about it frightened him. When it soaked in what he had done he realized how explosive a situation he had let himself into. He wondered if the Marines gave any thought to what they had done. By any standards, he had been gang raped. He swelled a little bit inside with the knowledge that he could have a whole platoon of Marines in the stockade if he opened his mouth. He wouldn't do that, of course. He was a totally willing participant. And he definitely wanted to see Jason again. Maybe even The Horse. He was intrigued by the huge black cock, and challenged.

The gang experience had a profound effect on Sean. It wasn't shock or denial, or guilt or remorse or any of those things. It was as if there was a window opened up and he could see a whole other world that he never knew existed. He thought about it all the time. His muscles tingled at the thought of being with all those Marine studs. His asshole itched. It opened the window to a new, braver view of his own locker room at school. He saw the other athletes in a whole different light. He pictured the scene with the Marines being played out with his teammates. Not that it could ever happen, but it was a wonderful fantasy.

Chapter IV

He hadn't heard anything from the station since the fire and he was afraid he might have been suspended. Finally, he couldn't take the suspense any longer and he called Lt. Johnson.

"No, there's been no action taken; officially, nothing out of the ordinary happened," Johnson told him.

"Oh, then I'm still a cadet?"

"Unless you resigned," Johnson said.

"What about Captain Hale?"

"He knows what happened but he can't say anything to you because it didn't happen," Johnson said. "Look, kid, you screwed up and Hale's not happy about it but he's gonna expect you to have the balls to face him. Your best bet would be to come down here to the station house and work your way back into his good graces like nothing did happen."

So Sean concentrated on redeeming himself at the fire station and with Captain Hale. He volunteered for extra duty hours to scrub down the station house, clean the refrigerator and the stove and cabinets. He wiped down the equipment in the weight room. He cleaned the upstairs sleeping quarters, moving all of the bunks to scrub and wax the floor. He washed the windows. Anything any of the guys could think of for him to do. He even washed and dried the dishes when he was there over mealtime. There was a tradition, though, that a rookie didn't touch the engines. He knew the firefighters liked seeing a rookie cadet doing the menial jobs that they would've had to do but the engines were off limits. His efforts didn't go unnoticed by the captain.

He pulled him off his work one day and called him into his office. Sean was up in the sleeping quarters when the captain yelled for him. He was working in his shorts and hearing the tone in the captain's voice, he slid down the pole just the way he was. He rushed to the captain's office and knocked at the open door.

"Come in, and close the door, for chrissakes, before somebody sees you," Captain Hale said.

"I can go put my jeans on, sir, but you sounded urgent, like I oughta get my ass down here," Sean said.

"I'm supposed to sound that way, whether it's urgent or not. Which it isn't. I just wanted to tell you that I've noticed the way you've been busting your butt around here, and let you know it's not necessary."

"I just wanted to do everything I could to......"

"I know, to redeem yourself," the captain cut in. "It's beginning to look more like you're sucking up. You don't have to do that. Not to me, and not to any of the guys."

"I definitely don't mind, sir. I don't mean I don't mind sucking up. I don't mind doing the work."

"But you would, wouldn't you....suck up....if that's what it took to stay a cadet."

"Yes, sir, I would be the biggest suck-up you ever saw if I have to. I will do ANYTHING to stay a cadet."

"Well, we're going to hand back some of these duties to the men, before they get used to being pampered," the captain said. "Look, you broke the rules, under pressure. As it happened, everything turned out all right, you saved some people's lives, which is the reason I haven't demanded your uniform. But when you break the rules, you break the trust. The men have to know they can trust you in a pinch. I called you in here to see if you're ready for a couple of tests."

"Yes, sir. What kind of tests, sir?"

"I want you to come down to the station and cook supper for the men."

"Me? Cook supper? Cook.....??"

"Yeah, that's what we do," he said. "The men take turns making their specialties and shopping for groceries. Have you got a specialty, Brady? "

"My specialty is pretty much hamburgers and French fries," Sean said. He was a little fearful that he might be expected to prepare a full-fledged meal and he would surely fail that test.

"Then make the best damned hamburgers and French fries these guys ever ate," the captain said.

"I can do that, sir," Sean said eagerly.

He went to the station on Friday night, happy to skip a date and being with his friends. He arrived early to find the men in the lounge or sitting outside in front of the fire station.

"What'd you bring to eat?" Adamson asked.

"Yeah, how come you're empty handed?" asked Conner.

"I thought....I mean, I was supposed to come and make supper, but I thought there would be stuff here."

"If you're gonna cook it, you gotta buy the stuff," Conner said.

Sean wondered if he was supposed to buy groceries with his own money. He would be glad to do it, but Conner got up and went inside to get some money.

"I guess this means supper is going to be late," he drawled.

"I didn't know. I guarantee it won't happen again," Sean said.

"Fuckin' right it won't," Conner said.

He went into the kitchen to check and see what he needed to buy then he rushed to the store. He was nervous even buying groceries for the men. He bought onions and lettuce and tomatoes and the biggest potatoes he could find, and chopped sirloin instead of plain old hamburger. Even though he was just fixing hamburgers he was nervous as hell. He didn't know how much influence the men in general had with the captain but he wanted to impress these guys and win back their trust. He made the French fries with real potatoes in a skillet of hot oil. He sliced big onions and tomatoes and spread them out on lettuce so it looked good. He put out mayo, mustard, ketchup and some special hamburger sauce. To cover all bases he made some of the hamburgers rare, some medium and some well done and put them on three different plates. When everything was ready he went into the day room and announced that supper was ready. Nobody moved. He repeated it, waiting nervously for some response. Finally, one guy turned off the TV and Conner laid down his magazine, all rather begrudgingly. He thought they might be pissed because supper was late. Sean went outside to tell Johnson and Brooks that supper was ready.

He stood at the counter as the men filed into the kitchen. "What do you want to drink?" he asked bravely.



"Whatever's in the refrigerator."

"Beer," said Brooks.

Sean went to the refrigerator to get their drinks. There was no beer. "There's no beer," he said timidly.

"You didn't buy beer?" Brooks growled.

"I didn't know....I was supposed to buy drinks," Sean stammered. "And I couldn't buy beer anyway, I'm not old enough."

"He's just playing with your head, we're not allowed to drink on duty," Conner said. "Give him a fuckin' coke."

When they were served, Sean stood back and watched them eat and waited for their reactions.

"Aren't you gonna eat?" Johnson asked.

Brooks suddenly dropped his hamburger on his plate. "Hell, if he ain't eating it, I sure as hell ain't eating it. We don't know what he put in these things."

"I didn't know I was allowed.....supposed to eat.....with you guys," Sean stammered.

One of them kicked a chair out from the table for him. He sat down, his stomach tied in knots. He would've rather stood aside and watched than try to stuff a hamburger down his stomach that was tied in knots. He tried to watch them out of the corner of his eye. Nobody was saying anything and there was not an expression on any of their faces that told him anything. It was like a table of poker players. Johnson was the first to finish eating.

"Best damned hamburgers I ever ate," he said, without emotion.

Sean's heart thumped over a couple of beats. One by one, the others finished and told him how good they were. Sean was so happy he couldn't finish eating. As the men were getting up from the table he stood up and began clearing the table.

"Hun-uh," Conner said, taking the plates from him. "When you cook, you don't clean up."

Sean was so relieved and happy that he felt like his chest was going to pop right out of his shirt. He hung around for a few minutes, unsure whether he was supposed to stay in the kitchen or leave. He didn't think he should stay with them. He had never hung out with them before and cooking hamburgers didn't mean he was fully accepted into their inner circle.

"Well, if that's all, I guess I'll be going," he said meekly.

"Next Saturday, you come in and make breakfast," Lt. Johnson said without looking around.

"What time should I be here?" Sean asked, trying his best to hide his excitement.

"Well, you show up in time for supper Friday night," Johnson said. "Plan to stay the night here."

Sean was so happy he could hardly stand still. He wanted to shout, he was so damned happy. He barely managed not to skip and hop to his car.

All week long he practiced making breakfast at home. When his mother found out what he had to do she showed him how to make omelets. She said men always liked omelets if they were made right. Friday after school he went to the store and bought everything he needed for making omelets, paying for it out of his own pocket. If he got reimbursed, fine. If not, that was okay, too.

He was nervous as hell. He was actually going to spend the night with the firemen! He hoped to fit in without appearing to be too eager. These guys took the job all in stride, and he wanted to be as laid-back as they were.

Conner made chili for supper. It was good chili. He told Sean to clean up. After he finished he was invited to come into the day room and Johnson invited even him to sit outside in front of the station. He went with Johnson. He felt damned proud and important sitting out there with a real firefighter, waving at the cars that honked. He hoped that some of his friends might drive by and see him. Johnson didn't talk much. He seemed to be in his own, quiet world, so Sean didn't talk either.

"It's good to have somebody that doesn't think he's gotta be running off at the mouth every minute," Lt. Johnson said.

"You weren't saying anything, I figured you like it quiet," Sean said.

"Good. We're going to get along fine."

It was well after sundown and despite his excitement, Sean was getting sleepy. He worried and stewed about it for a while before he worked up the courage to ask where he was supposed to sleep.

"Upstairs, last bunk on the left down from the pole," Johnson said.

"How about in the morning? What time do I have to get up to make breakfast?"

"Somebody will wake you up," Johnson said. When Sean was walking inside, Johnson added, "It'd be a good idea to shower before you hit the rack. You don't know what the night's going to bring."

Sean didn't ask why, except that he figured Johnson was referring to a possible call. That excited him, although he didn't think he would be taken along on a call again for a very long time. Maybe not till he finished firefighters school. He had the shower to himself, for which he was glad. As much as he wanted to be around the hunky firefighters, he didn't trust himself in such intimate quarters with them. One of them might guess his little secret, and it might not be like it was with the Marines.

He didn't ask how he was supposed to sleep. He slipped on a pair of briefs and stretched out on the last bunk. The bunkroom was lit only by the light coming in from the opening around the pole, and the light from the stairs. He lay quietly and alone, soaking up the atmosphere and relishing the moment to himself. He knew he was on his way to becoming a firefighter; he didn't have to be told. And it wouldn't depend on breakfast or making hamburgers. He could feel that he was being accepted. Begrudgingly, maybe, but that's the way it was supposed to be with a rookie cadet.

Sleep came easy. He was only vaguely aware of others coming up the stairs. Twice he felt a presence in close to his bunk and he almost opened his eyes, but didn't.

"Fucker!" someone said under his breath. It was someone close, almost over his bed.

"Yeah," said someone else.

That was all he heard before he drifted off to a sound sleep. He awoke to somebody shaking his shoulder. It was Conner. Sean rubbed his eyes and stretched and saw that Conner was naked. He took in his nakedness but managed to not look openly.

"Better get up, the guys are usually starving for breakfast," Conner said.

"Somebody was supposed to wake me up," Sean said as he scrambled out of his bunk.

"Somebody is waking you up," Conner said.

He was more nervous than before when he'd cooked hamburgers. It was worse this time because the men were all in the kitchen, standing around watching him. It was like they were just waiting for him to do something wrong.

"What the hell are you doing to those eggs?" Brooks growled as he came into the kitchen.

"He's making omelets," Adamson said.

"He's making what! I ain't eating no omelets," Brooks said. "I want my eggs over easy."

"Brooks, have you ever eaten an omelet?" Conner asked.


"Then shut the fuck up till you've tried it."

All the men, except Brooks, dug right into breakfast. Sean didn't have to be told that he had done good. Brooks ate begrudgingly but cleaned his plate. He glanced at Sean when he was getting up from the table and Sean quickly wiped the smile off his face.

"Just because I ate it don't mean I like it," he said.

"He liked it," one of the men said, clamping his hand on Sean's shoulder as he was leaving. "If he didn't he would've told you to bend over."

Captain Hale told Sean he wanted him to arrange to start staying overnight at the firehouse at least once a month. Sean told him he could stay more often if he wanted him to, and they agreed that he would spend a night every two weeks. He was beside himself. He wanted to tell everybody at school, but the only one he had to tell was Cody. Cody told everyone else. The guys who were already jealous of him were even more jealous and several guys asked how they could join the cadets. He stalled them off, saying he would bring them an application and set up an appointment for them with the captain. He wouldn't for awhile, of course; he wanted to bask in the comradeship of the station house and the firefighters all to himself.

School was drawing to a close, bringing the warmer days of spring. Sean had mixed emotions about graduating. He was going to miss the kids at school, but he was anxious to start his life. He had a job lined up till he went off to firefighter's school. He hoped there was an opening with the department when he graduated from the academy. There was a good chance, he thought, because he was top on the list. He could hardly wait to become part of their tight-knit fraternity. It would take awhile; he knew he still had to pay his dues, but he would be paying them as a real rookie, not as a rookie cadet.

His omelets and hamburgers became staples for the meals he cooked. Brooks even came around and begrudgingly admitted that he liked his omelets. He was feeling comfortable in the company of the older guys. They were accepting him, although still with the requisite begrudging attitude. It was okay. He liked being treated as the young, green cadet. Sill, he longed to be one of them, more on equal terms, but he knew that had to be earned. It was worth sacrificing dates and hanging out with friends to be around them. The men were even asking him to work out with them. It was a small workout room so they had to work out in shifts; two or three guys at a time, with the rest fully on standby in case those working out happened to be in the showers when a call came in. Even those working out had to have their suits hung in the weight room while they were in there. It was hard to concentrate on lifting weights with the hunky firemen in their workout shorts and no shirts. They were in the shower one night, him and Conner and Johnson.

"Damn, Brady, how did you get built like that at your age?" Johnson asked, eyeing his body openly.

Sean noticed with pride that Conner's eyes also unmistakably took in his manhood in their sweep up and down his naked body.

"I started working out when I was twelve," Sean said.

"What I wanta know is how'd you grow a cock like that at your age?" Conner asked. His eyes were fixed boldly now on Sean's manhood. "Shit, you might have the biggest cock in the whole company. Now that would be a kick in the ass, wouldn't it?" he said to Johnson, "having some high school kid come in here and show us all up."

"Hey, some guys have got better genes than others," Johnson said with a shrug.

With all the time on their hands, they had plenty of time to work out and the firefighters were in better shape than a lot of the Marines over at the armory. Sean especially liked working out on Friday nights after supper was over. It was a gratifying feeling to work out and then shower and hit the rack. It was also nice to hear the remarks about this body and his big cock. The word had gotten around about how he was hung and others were openly noticing and kidding him about it. One night Conner was standing at the sinks lathering up his face.

"You might want to shave before you go to bed," he said.

Sean couldn't help looking at him funny. He only had to shave about once a week and he thought it odd that Conner would suggest it. He rubbed his hand over his face; he barely had a stubble.

Conner reached over and rubbed his face. "We play the odds here," he said. "It's been awhile since we got called out and the longer it is the more likely it becomes. Just suggesting that you be ready. A call comes in in the middle of the night, you don't know how long you're going to be out."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I never thought of it," Sean said and went to get his shaving kit from his bunk. He didn't have a locker yet. That was another badge of acceptance that he hadn't earned. He had to keep his stuff on his bunk or on the floor beside it when he stayed over. He felt stupid when he discovered that he didn't have any shaving cream in his kit. It wasn't something he used often enough to worry about.

"I forgot to pack shaving cream," he said sheepishly when he came back.

Conner shoved his down the narrow shelf in front of him.


"You got a razor?" Conner asked.

"Yeah, right here."

"Has it got a blade in it?"

Sean glanced in the mirror to see Conner's mischievous grin.

"I didn't know if you used a blade or if you put cream on your face and let the cat lick it off."

Sean's face got red but they both broke out laughing and it felt good to be laughing at himself with the other fireman. What Conner did next surprised the hell out of him, so much that his eyes popped wide. He had his stuff gathered up and was leaving.

"You're gonna make it, Brady," Conner said as he smacked Sean hard on the butt and walked out.

Sean stood there gaping at himself in the mirror, and the image of the broad-shouldered, naked firefighter walking out of the shower room. His butt stung a little but it felt good. It felt good inside, that the guy had shown such casual, macho intimacy.

One Friday night they invited him to join in a game of poker. Strip poker, Conner said, but Sean didn't really believe him. He had never heard of guys playing strip poker among themselves, but either way, he didn't know how to play poker.

"Hell, he's just trying to get you out of your clothes," one of them drawled. "Just take `em off and be done with it."

Sean didn't know if they were kidding about that or not. Maybe they had guessed his secret. Maybe somebody had heard about what happened with the Marines at the armory. They were all looking at him like they were waiting for him to do what he was told. He hesitated for a minute then started unlacing his shoes. He wondered if this was going to be like the Marines. He was a little scared but deep down he hoped so. He would be a slave to these studs if they wanted him to. He had his shoes and shirt off when Lt. Johnson stopped him.

"What the hell's going on?" he asked with a curious scowl at Sean taking off his clothes.

None of the men said anything. A couple of them glanced at Sean, as if the question was directed at him. Maybe it was.

"They asked me to....p-play strip poker, but I don't know how, so they....they t-told me to just take to just take my clothes off anyway," he stammered.

Shaking his head, Johnson picked up his shirt and tossed it at him. "You gotta learn when these fuckheads are messing with your head," he said.

Sean could feel his face turning red. "I was going up to bed anyway," he said quickly but he was embarrassed that he had been duped again. Still, deep down he didn't mind the men laughing at him. It was all part of paying his dues. He took his shirt and headed up the stairs.

"Fucker!" someone mumbled under his breath.

Sean tightened at the chill that ran down his back. It was the same voice as the other night; the voice that had called him "fucker" in the dark. He lay in his bunk thinking about his future as a fireman. Graduation was only days away and he could begin working towards the only goal he'd ever had for himself. At first, when he was a little boy, it was the big, red fire engines and the sirens that attracted him. Later it was the firefighters themselves. How he envied and admired them.

He wasn't sure when the admiration turned into something else; he just knew things were changing for him. He fell into a gentle sleep, happy in his skin and in the world around him. He wondered if it would ever be like with the Marines with these guys. He didn't know how long he had slept or what time it was when he came awake with a start from the feel of a hand on his leg. He didn't know whether to wake up or pretend he was still asleep. He blinked his eyes open and raised up on his elbows and rubbed his eyes. He thought he was in a dream at first when he saw the men standing around his bunk. There were four of them; Johnson, Conner, Brooks and Adamson, and they were all naked! The scene at the armory locker room flashed before him and a charge of excitement shot down his spine.

"What's up?" he asked, rubbing his eyes. "Something wrong? Did we gat a call?" What a dumb question; if there was a call they wouldn't be standing around naked.

"No. Some of the guys went together and got you a graduation present," Johnson said.

"You did? Man, thanks, but you didn't have to," he said, all the while, wondering why they had waited till he was asleep and then woke him up to give him a present; and why it was only four of them. And why were they all naked?

"Well, we thought you could use this," Conner said, handing him a small gift-wrapped box. Sean was sure it was a watch. He sat up and opened it. He was right. Except it was no ordinary watch. It was a firefighter's watch, with the emblem on the leather band.

"Wow! Thanks! Thanks a lot, guys."

"We got you this, too," Johnson said, handing him another package.

He opened it to find a dark blue T-shirt with the firefighter's emblem across the chest, and there was a firefighter's baseball cap.

"You guys didn't have to do all of this," Sean said.

"There's something else," Conner said. He was grinning as he handed Sean another long, heavy box. Sean noticed the others were grinning too and he figured it was some sort of gag gift. His eyes popped wide when he took off the lid and found a big dildo encased in a condom. Beside it was a box of X-Large condoms. The men broke out laughing. Sean felt his face flush warm with embarrassment. He didn't know what to think, let alone what to say. The condoms he could understand and appreciate. They were a studly sort of gift to give a guy. But why were they giving him a dildo? Were they trying to tell him something? Or was the dildo just modeling the condom?

"We figured a stud like you probably goes through a dozen condoms a week," Conner said as he picked up the dildo. "These aren't ordinary condoms," he went on as he picked up the dildo and held it up.

"Yeah, after seeing you in the shower, we had to special order the super size for you," Brooks put in.

"We had to have something to display the condom on and nobody was willing to offer his cock so we bought the dildo, just to demonstrate the size," Conner added he held the dildo up closer for Sean to see. "Take a good close look."

Sean did a double take when he saw the firefighter's emblem on the base of the condom. He laughed nervously, still unsure what to say. "This neat.... thanks, guys," he said finally. He hated that his voice sounded so boyish.

"You do use condoms, don't you?" Johnson asked.

"You do have REASON to use condoms, right? You're not a virgin, are you?" Brooks asked.

"Get real guys. If you looked like him and were hung like him in high school, would you be a virgin?" Conner scoffed.

"Yes," Sean replied. "I mean, no, I'm not a virgin....and yes, I use condoms."

"Use these with pride," Conner said. "When you're rolling it on and sliding that big horse cock into some poor unsuspecting girl, it's like you're fucking her for all of us. So do us proud."

"Is that how it is with the married guys? When they screw their wives, they're screwing her for all of us?" Sean asked smartly.

"Don't be a smart ass, rookie," Conner growled.

"One thing for sure, I'll be thinking about you guys when I use `em," Sean said.

"Well, firefighters don't use ordinary condoms, so when you get these used up, let me know, I'll tell you where to order more with the emblem on them," Johnson said.

Sean sighed shaking his head. He was almost overwhelmed and he had to fight back the wetness building up in his eyes. "Thanks. I appreciate it more than I can tell you."

"By the way, you can start sleeping naked," Johnson said. "The rest of us do."


"Starting now," said Johnson as he reached down and snapped the waistband of Sean's briefs.

Sean started to take them off but Johnson and Conner, on each side of the bed, took hold and pulled them down his legs and Adamson and Brooks pulled them off his feet and tossed them aside.

"There, that's better, isn't it?" Lt. Johnson said.

"Yes, sir. And thanks again, guys."

"There is a catch to all of this," Conner said. "A condition."

"What's that?" Sean asked. He suspected from the tone of Conner's voice that what was coming was pretty big.

"Before you can wear the watch, you have to be initiated," Conner said.

"W-what....what kind of initiation?" Sean shivered inside imagining what they might do to him.

"Something all rookies have to go through," Conner said as he stood with his knees against the edge of the bunk and his big cock hanging out over Sean's face. "You get the idea?" he asked huskily.

Sean swallowed, so hard that it was an audible gulp. His eyes were wide and his mouth hung slack. He suspected what was coming but he was still excitedly surprised that it was true. But he remembered the other times when he'd been duped.

"I'm not sure I do," he said with total innocence.

"We've fucked with his head so many times, how is he supposed to know when we're serious?" Adamson said.

"Okay, look, you're a great cook and all, but there's one thing you've never tried. Its time you found out what firefighter meat tastes like," Conner said.

Sean looked at the man, past his cock, past his deeply-ridged abs, to his handsome face. It was a gentle look, but he still couldn't be sure he was serious and he didn't want to reach out for the guy's cock and have them be playing another joke on him.

"You're not playing with my head this time," he said huskily.

"No, it's the other way around this time. You play with my head," Conner said as he twisted his hips, causing his big cock to swing back and forth.

Sean was still hesitant. If he reached out for Conner's cock and they were only kidding around, he would be the laughing stock of the station. Heaven only knew what names they would call him. Maybe even be kicked out of the station.

" guys...g-go through this initiation?" he asked. Despite his experience with the Marines, he was nervous as hell, but he was sort of glad for his stammering voice. He didn't want to appear too eager. He wanted to appear reluctant and even a little scared.

"No, actually, the idea of the initiation came up a couple of years ago," Johnson said.

"Then I--I'm the first....?"

"You ought to be honored. Nobody got us a firefighter's watch or custom-made condoms," Johnson said.

"You said you would do anything....whatever it takes to become a firefighter. You told Captain Hale that, right?" Conner reminded him.

"Yes," he said meekly.

"When you say you'll do whatever it takes, you have to mean it," Brooks said. "Any of us here would've done it when we were rookies if that's what it took."

"So did you mean it?" Conner asked.

Sean hesitated. "Yeah, I....yeah, I g-guess I did."

"Then it's time to prove it," he said, lifting his cock out over Sean's face.

Sean hesitated a second longer then raised up, licking his lips and opened his mouth.

"You're going to have to open wider than that," Conner said.

Sean wet his lips again....a nervous gesture....and opened his mouth wider to accommodate the thick hunk of meat. Conner hunkered down and dropped the head of his cock into his mouth. Sean stifled his moan of pleasure and prayed they weren't playing games with him. He mouthed the hot cock awkwardly, as if he didn't know what to do with it. After a moment he moved off it. "I....I d-don't know how to do this," he said rather apologetically.

"You're doing fine," Conner said as he shoved his hardening cock back into Sean's mouth.

Sean took it willingly but with proper reluctance. He developed his skills gradually, so he was sure that the men would think he was new at it.

"Lay your head back," Conner told him.

He laid back with his head tilted up. Maybe he took the position too quickly.

"One of the requirements is, you gotta deep-throat all of us at least once," Conner said as he stood on the bed astraddle Sean's head and lowered himself over his face. He guided his cock into Sean's mouth and lowered himself slowly, forcing the head of his cock through the opening of Sean's throat.

Sean gagged to let them know that he was choking on the big cock. When Conner started to rise up, Sean grabbed his hips and held him in place to also show how determined he was to take the big cock down his throat.

"Now this guy wants to be a firefighter real bad," Conner said with a smile.

One by one the four men took turns feeding him their cocks. He took them all without complaining, but with the proper degree of difficulty. Then they made him stand up and Adamson stretched out on his bunk on his back with his legs spread wide apart.

"Now it's time to get down to business," he said as he held his cock straight up. "Next requirement is to suck me off. All the way."

"Y-you mean......y-you're gonnna...shoot in my mouth?" Sean asked as he climbed on the bunk between the muscular thighs.

"Yeah, that's right."

Sean hesitated again then went down on his big, thick cock.

"I'm gonna go off in your mouth, but it's up to you whether you swallow it or not," he said. "That's not a requirement. Yet."

"But it counts for extra points if you do," Johnson added. "Not swallowing sort of leaves some doubt, you know, about how bad you wanta pass your initiation."

"Yeah, and some doubt how far you can be trusted. There's absolutely no doubt that you can trust a guy who will swallow your load," Adamson put in.

Sean decided he'd better take them at their word whether they were shitting him or not. He got down to sucking the man's cock, not too eagerly at first, but after awhile, when Adamson was squirming around and moaning and had his hands around Sean's head and was thrusting his cock up into his mouth, Sean sucked him hard to meet his every demand.

"I'm comming!" Adamson gasped suddenly.

Sean stiffened, as if from fear, but he let Adamson keep his head in place. As he shot his load, Sean lathered it around his cockhead but he didn't swallow it. When he was finished Adamson let go of Sean's head. Sean stayed on his hands and knees, his head hung in humiliation with his mouthful of come.

"You want something to spit it out in?" one of them asked.

He shook his head and made a big show of swallowing the come. He grimaced from the awful taste of the stuff that made the men laugh. Another fireman stretched out on his bunk and offered him his cock. As he was finishing with the fourth guy he felt hands on his butt, and he knew the initiation wasn't over just because he had sucked them all off. They were going to fuck him.

The four firemen lifted him up and turned him across the bunk. Another pair of big hands pulled his hips up and he was on his hands and knees, crossways on the bunk. Conner was standing squarely in front of him, his big cock lolling out in his face. Sean felt other hands feeling his butt. There was no imagining anymore what they were going to do.

"Are you guys....gonna....f-fuck me?" he asked timidly over his shoulder.

"That's sort of what we had in mind."

"You don't have to," Lt. Johnson put in quickly. "We don't force anybody to do anything."

"But if I don't, you're gonna have some're not gonna trust me completely. Right?"

"There could be a little doubt."

Sean hung his head in submission.

"Does that mean its okay?" one of them asked.

"I said I would do anything to be a firefighter. I meant it," Sean said.

"Whew! God, he's got a great ass. Which one of us is gonna go first?"

"Rank, gentlemen. Rank," Lt. Johnson said.

"Aw, fuck, lieutenant, don't pull rank on us," Brooks growled.

"Okay, we flip a coin."

They were all naked, no place to put a coin. "You got a coin?" Johnson asked Sean.

"In my pants pocket," he said, but he stayed in position and let them get the coin. He didn't even look around to see who won the coin toss.

Sean kept his head hanging down as somebody fingered his butt and worked cool lube into his asshole. When he felt the heat of a cock pressing at his hole he looked over his shoulder with a look of fear. The fear was partly real. It was Conner aiming his cock at his asshole and he was big. It was going to hurt, for real. He exhaled loudly and braced himself for the initial penetration.

"You ever been fucked before?" Conner asked.

"No," he lied.

"Fuckin' lucky bastard," someone said. "Not only is that the finest looking butt I've seen in a long time, it's a virgin ass."

"I'll take it as easy as I can," Conner told him.


As Conner applied pressure against his asshole, Sean closed his eyes and prayed for the next couple of minutes to pass quickly. He gave a hard shove and suddenly the head of his cock popped through Sean's asshole.

"AAAUUUHHHNNN!" he cried through clenched teeth, tossing his head back in painful agony. He wasn't pretending, but he was making it look much worse than it was.

"Better shove something in his mouth so he don't make so much noise," someone said, and walked around and shoved his cock in his mouth.

Sean uttered another loud whimpering groan around the hot cock as Conner buried his cock in his ass to the hilt. In a way, he was glad it was Conner. He would be stretched so he could take the others more easily.

"Goddamn, this is hot! And tight! Fuck, there's nothing like a tight, virgin ass," Conner moaned

"Just how many tight virgin asses have you had?" Brook asked.

"My share, most of your share, too," Conner replied.

Sean smiled inside. If they only knew about the Marines over in the armory. On his hands and knees, Sean hunkered his hips down to take Conner's big cock at the angle he liked best. His head was tilted back so Johnson was fucking his cock straight down his throat. And Sean groaned and whimpered like a puppy with a sad look of fear in his eyes, like he really was being used. He figured one of the requirements would be for the guys to shoot their loads up in his ass but Conner pulled out before he went off.

"Who's next?" he asked as he stood back, fisting his slick cock.

Another cock plugged Sean's asshole and Johnson stepped aside for Conner to step up to his face. Sean wasn't sure who was fucking him, but he was bigger than Conner. After another round Sean realized that part of the initiation was that they were making him take their cocks in his mouth, still warm and slick out of his ass. They fucked him round-robin for well over an hour. He lost count of how many turns they took with his mouth and his ass, and wondered why no one else had come up to the sleeping quarters. Finally, he felt the liquid heat of someone's cum shooting deep in his ass. It felt good. So good that with the way the guy was moving his cock, lobbing it around inside him, Sean shot his load all over his bunk. He was glad for the thick cock in his mouth that muffled his outcry. He didn't really want the guys to know that they had made it so good that he had shot his load.

One by one they deposited their hot loads in his asshole then stepped around to the other side of the bunk for him to suck their cocks clean. Then Johnson wrapped his arm around his waist and pulled him up to his feet, pulling him back against him.

"That was fuckin' awesome. Are you okay, kid?"

"Yeah, I--I think so," Sean said. "Except it feels like there's about a gallon of stuff running out of my ass."

One of them grabbed a towel and stopped the flow of come. "It might take a few minutes for your asshole to close up. Do you wanta lie down for a little bit?"

"No, I...I shot all over my bunk," he said sheepishly.

They broke out in laughter. "Fuck, kid, you not only wanta be a firefighter awfully bad, you wanta enjoy getting qualified. Somebody change his bunk while I take him to the shower."

Two of the men quickly began stripping his bunk to put on clean sheets. Johnson helped him to the shower and steadied him under the stinging spray.

"Did I make it?" Sean asked. "Did I pass the initiation?"

"With flying colors," Lt. Johnson said.

When they returned from the showers, the others were standing around his bunk, waiting and smiling. There was something lying in the middle of his bunk.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Put it on," Johnson said with authority.

He picked it up. It was a deep red jockstrap with the firefighters' emblem on the pouch.

"That's your badge of achievement," Johnson said. "Wear it with pride."

Sean pulled the jockstrap on and was surprised when the men adjusted it around his waist and even adjusted the front, hefting the pouch that held his heavy manhood.

"Am I allowed to sleep in it?" Sean asked.

"Sure. You would honor us if you did," Johnson said.

"One rule. Don't ever wash it," Conner said.

He laid on his back looking up at the four handsome, muscular firefighters.

"You sure you're okay? Do need or want anything before we all hit the racks?"

"No, I think I've had about all I want or need or can handle for one night," he said.

The men went to their bunks and someone turned out the stairway light.

"Good night, little stud." They all told him good night.



"I was thinking....I proved to you guys that you could depend on me to do anything and be there for you in any situation. How do I know you guys will do the same for me?"

There was total silence and he didn't pursue it.

"You said the jockstrap is my badge of achievement. If I wear it around here....if other guys see me wearing it, are they gonna know how I earned it?"

Another silence.

"Just tell me, am I going to be expected to take on the whole company?" Sean asked.

"No. We were elected as the initiation committee," Johnson said. "They know what the red jockstrap stands for. But anything you do with any of the others is strictly your own choice."

"But it would be a good idea if I did," Sean surmised.

"If you feel like you have to, or want to. You're well broken in, it won't hurt so much."

Before he went to sleep, Sean stuffed the dildo into his shaving kit. He didn't want anybody to see it. In the morning he would sneak it down to his car and hide it in the trunk.

Sean was sure he was in deep trouble when Capt. Hale called him into his office. He couldn't imagine what he'd done, but the captain didn't call you in his office for casual conversation.

"Sir, Cadet Brady reporting as ordered," he said briskly as he stood at attention.

"At ease and sit down, Brady," the captain said.

That could be a good or a bad sign. It was more casual and at-ease, but it could also mean that he was going to be there for a while and it could be a long ass-chewing.

"Cutting straight to the chase, Brady....are the rumors I'm hearing true?"

"What rumors?"

"Rumors about you."

"I don't know what rumors you could be hearing about me, sir."

"I don't want to know, officially, what goes on in the lives of my men, either on duty or off, but unofficially, it's my job to look out for you, as a cadet."

"Yes, sir, I hope that doesn't cause you any problem," Sean said.

"You tell me if I've got a problem," he said.

` "I don't know, sir, I don't understand......"

"I think you do, but I'll put it in plain words so you do understand. Are there sex parties going on up in the sleeping quarters?"

Sean could feel his face growing warm and he knew he must be turning red. He didn't want to rat the guys out but he didn't want to lie to the captain either.

"Never mind, I'm getting my answer from watching your face," the captain said.

"It was...." He had to stop and swallow. "....well, there initiation, Captain," Sean said as bravely as he could in his defense.

"Taking you to a strip club, or even a whore house....that would be an initiation. You're old enough for that. But you're not old enough to be messing around with a bunch of grown men. Do you realize what that could do to the department if it ever got out? It would close this unit down, probably lose me my job, along with a bunch of other good men."

"Sir, I'm not going to tell anyone about what happened," he said, wondering why the captain was making it sound like it was his fault.

"Just tell me, are you being forced to do anything you don't want to do, Brady?" he asked.

Geezuss, what a loaded question! If he answered yes, he would be getting the guys in trouble and probably a big investigation would follow. If he said no, he would be admitting that he....he liked it.

"N-no, sir....not....well, maybe at first....the first time, because I thought I had to go through an initiation....that's what they told me. But....after that, sir.... now, I...." He swallowed hard, too embarrassed to finish.

"You what?"

"I was a willing participant," Sean he admitted bravely.

"How old are you, Brady? In years, months and days?"

"I was eighteen a couple of months ago, before anything happened, if that's what you're worried about," he replied.

"Well, that makes it not quite so bad, but now that I know about what's going on, I have to make some choices...take some action."

Sean closed his eyes and held his breath, waiting for the death sentence.

"This is off the record, you understand."

"Yes, sir."

"I'm ordering you, Cadet Brady, to keep your mouth shut about anything and everything that goes on around here," the man said. "And if you ever need me to intervene on your behalf, just let me know."

"Yes, sir." He couldn't believe the captain was so calm and understanding about it.

Chapter V

Sean was still living his fantasy. All except the one about the team in the school locker room. He was going to have to forget that one, what with graduation right around the corner. There was a sort of desperation among the seniors those last few days; as if they had to get everything said to everyone before they all went their separate ways. Sean made the rounds of all his teachers first, to thank them for all they'd done for him, and especially for being so understanding about him being a cadet firefighter. Then he concentrated on his classmates. He proudly showed off his new watch, much to the envy of all the guys. They were more envious seeing him in the bright red firefighters jockstrap. Some of them bugged him about the applications he was supposed to pick up.

"It'd be better if you wait till I graduate from firefighter's school," he told them. "My word of recommendation will mean more when I'm a full-fledged firefighter." It satisfied them for the moment.

He got the surprise of his life when Jennifer Locke came up to him in the hallway, a warm, maybe mischievous smile on her face. Jennifer was one of the cheerleaders and undisputedly the most beautiful girl in school. She also drove to the university close by to train as a gymnast that made her the top cheerleader. She was always friendly in her own way, but there was something about her that made guys feel unworthy to even be around her, much less ask her out. Part of it was because she dated a lot of college guys.

Sean realized that he wasn't as nervous around her as he used to be but she still rendered him speechless at that moment. They stood smiling at each for a brief moment.

"Well, it's about over," Sean said. It was lame, but he felt Jennifer was expecting him to say something first.

"Walk me to my locker?" she said with a flip of her long hair.

"Sure," Sean said as he quickly stepped in stride with her. He felt proud as hell, walking down the hallway with Jennifer and all the guys wondering what was going on.

"I want your autograph," Jennifer said as she opened her locker.

"Sure, but....we won't get our yearbooks till....."

"Not the yearbook," she cut in, her smile growing more mischievous as she reached in her locker. "This," she said, holding something to her breasts to hide it from passers-by.

"What is it?" Sean asked.

She held it up to show him. He could feel his face growing hot and his head was suddenly spinning. It was a lavender thong with tiny white lace around the triangular patch of material. There were a couple of names already scrawled on it.

"Geezuss, Jennifer, that's....."

"I'm only asking a special few boys to autograph it," she said. "Boys I don't want to forget. And you are one of those guys." She handed him a deep purple pen and placed the thong on a textbook for him to write on.

"Geez, Jen...I didn't know....." He stammered as he took the pen. There was Ben Strader's and Jock Mitchell's names already on it.

"You might have known, if you'd asked me out just once in the last four years," she said.

"Damn, Jennifer, everybody was afraid to ask you out," he said as he signed his name at the lower-most point of the triangle, imagining his signature curving right around her pussy when she put it on.

She held it up and looked at his signature. "Is there some significance in where you signed your name?" she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Yeah....yeah, there is," he said. "Goddamn, Jennifer, I wish I'd known! But you were so damned beautiful and....." He paused to look her up and down. "You kept yourself in such terrific shape as a gymnast, and you always dated college guys."

"The reason I dated college guys was because I never got asked by anyone here at school," she said.

"And the reason we didn't have the balls to ask was because you were dating those older guys and we thought you would turn us down," he said. He made a swipe at the sweat breaking out on his forehead.

Jennifer laughed, that soft, husky laugh that drove guys nuts. "Well, I think that's the first time I caused a boy to break out in a sweat," she said.

"No, it's not," he assured her emphatically. "You've caused guys more sweat than Phys Ed class," he said.

"Come on, Sean, you can't be so desperate that you break out in a sweat just from talking to me," she said.

"It's what you're telling me....that I could've dated you, and now....damn, now it's too late!"

"Why is too late?" she asked with a coy grin.

He gaped at her. Was she saying it was okay? That she wanted him to ask her out? "Y-you....I heard you were leaving for college someplace right after graduation," he said.

"Yes but I have three days before I leave," she said.

He swallowed so hard it became an audible gulp.

"It might surprise you to know that you've caused me to break out in a sweat a few times, but girls are able not to show it," she said.

"Why would I....Come on, Jen, you're blowing me away here," he said, laughing nervously. "I feel like I had the winning numbers for the lottery but lost my ticket."

"Can we go someplace after school and talk?" she asked.

"Yes. Hell, yes," he said.

"I have to take my car home. Can you pick me up?"

"Yeah. Sure," he replied.

He couldn't feel his feet touching the ground as he walked to his locker.

"What the hell is that stupid grin all about?" Jock Mitchell asked him as they met in the hallway.

"You should know," Sean said. "You signed it, too."

"Hey, you too, huh?" Jock said with a broad grin. "Who else? I was the first to sign it."


"Just three of us, huh?"

"So far," Sean said. "Did she tell you? About nobody asking her out?"

"Yeah, I'm going home and shoot myself after last bell," Jock said.

"I would join you but I have to pick her up at her house," Sean said cockily.

Jock reared back with a surprised, grinning scowl. "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, she has to take her car home then she wants to go someplace."

"And do what?"

Sean shrugged. "She said to talk."

"Yeah, right," Jock scoffed. "There's only one reason she asked you instead of any of the rest of us."


"That pocket rocket you're carrying between your legs."

"Oh, yeah, right, like I'm going to get a chance to shoot off the rocket," he scoffed.

Jock put out his hand. "Bet you. You're gonna fuck Jennifer Locke."

"One can only hope," Sean said.

"Goddam, what I wouldn't give to be in your shoes. Can you just imagine how flexible she is, being a gymnast, not to mention that body, and she's gotta have the tightest pussy in the state with all the training and exercise."

"Look, Jock, I gotta get going. I've got stuff to get out of my gym locker before I go pick her up. And I'm going to pop the rocket right here just talking about it."

"Hey, man, where're you taking her?"

"I don't know, she didn't say." He laughed. "Hell, I wouldn't tell you anyway, you just wanta sneak around and watch."

"Shit, man, I feel like I'm in the presence of a god," Jock said, holding up his hands. "Just do me one, two favors."


"Tell me about it; all the details. And give her a few jabs for me."

Sean laughed. "I can do that, but I doubt she's gonna feel any difference between my jabs and yours," he said.

"That's okay, you'll know it and I'll know it. I'll be thinking about it and I want you to concentrate and say to yourself, Okay this one is Jock. And this one, and this one and....."

"Hold on, you're only getting two or three thrusts," Sean joked.

Jennifer climbed into Sean's pickup and settled anxiously in the seat. Sean waited to see where she wanted to go.

"You know, this is the first time I've ever ridden in a pickup," she said.

"Oh, really. I'm glad mine is your first," he said, rather awkwardly. "Where did you want to go? Anyplace in mind?"

"Yes. I would like to go the mill. I'm sure you know the way."

"Like the back of my hand," he said as he drove off. It'd been a long time since he'd been to the mill, and it dawned on him that it'd been awhile since he'd dated a girl, period.

"I've never been there," Jennifer said.

He turned and gaped at her.

"You've never been to Sutton's Mill! Nobody's never been to the mill."

"There was nobody to take me," she reminded him.

"Dammit!!" he swore, pounding the steering wheel. Suddenly, he felt sorry for her. It was ludicrous; she was the most beautiful, purportedly the most popular girl in school, and he was feeling sorry for her. "Jennifer, I'm so sorry," he said.

"Oh, don't feel that way, the time for feeling sorry is past."

"No, I'm really sorry. And I apologize."

She laughed. "You have nothing to apologize for, Sean."

"Yeah, I do. I apologize for not having the balls to ask you out. My Godd, how damned stupid is that! I wish I'd known."

"Well....," she started, then paused and smiled. "From what I hear, it certainly wasn't because you don't have....balls," she said, as if it were difficult to form the last word.

Sean blinked and damn near ran off the road.


She laughed her throaty laugh.

"W-what're you s-saying?"

"Word gets around," she said. "Just as you were the envy of the boy's locker room, you were a legend in the girl's locker room."

"A legend!? I know there were a few guys who were jealous of me, but...a legend, in the girls....."

"Girls talk," she said. "Girls talk probably more than boys."

"But who.....?" He stopped with a scowl, trying to think.

"Let's see, there was Angie Bott...and Christy Larson, I believe, was the other one."

"Angie....Christy! Hell, they were both seniors; I was a sophomore then. That happened right at the end of their senior year."

"You don't think that caused a stir in the girl's locker room? A sophomore and two senior the same time, I heard!"

He felt his face flush read with embarrassment.

"It's true, isn't it?" she chided him.

"Okay, yeah, it's true. I was just a green kid, I didn't know what I was doing, or what they were going to do to me."

Jennifer laughed. "Well, that certainly established your reputation once and for all," she said.

"I didn't even know I had a reputation," Sean said. "Nobody ever mentioned that time, none of the guys ever said anything."

"Suffice to say, every self-respecting, warm-blooded girl in school was dying to sleep with you. I was one of them."

Suddenly, Sean pulled over. He shoved his foot on the brake and let go of the wheel with his hands held out in a helpless gesture.

"Okay, this is more than I can handle and drive at the same time. This is blowing my mind," he blurted. He took in a deep breath and asked, "Where are we going with this, Jennifer? While you're spilling your guts, my guts are churning like a mixer and I'm breaking out in a sweat....all over."

"I thought we were going to the mill," she said coyly.

"Yeah, the mill is just up ahead. I wanta know why we're going to the mill; what we're gonna do when we get there. Seems the talking is all gonna be over when we get there."

"Then we won't have to talk anymore," she said.

"Don't play with my head, Jennifer," he said.

"I was hoping you would make love to me."

His head down, he let out a swoosh of air to keep his head from spinning. Then he put the truck in gear and drove away. Nothing was said for the rest of the short distance to the mill. He turned into the drive, got out and opened the gate, drove through and got out again to close the gate.

"What's the point of the gate there if it's not locked," Jennifer asked.

"Sometimes it is. But then they gave up because kids just bust the lock off."

"Is it safe, and private here?"

"As long as there are no other cars here," he said as he drove around behind the mill. "We're in luck. Nobody's here." He looked at her and turned the key and got out of the truck. When she hesitated he thought she was waiting for him to come around and open her door for her, but she was out of the truck by the time he grabbed a blanket from behind the seat and got around there. He took her hand.

"It's dusty inside," he said in a raspy voice, by way of explaining the blanket.

"Are you always so prepared?"

"Yes," he said flatly. "Although, not for this particular occasion. I couldn't have been prepared for this in a million years."

He took her inside and dropped the heavy beam across the double doors to secure the place. He led her up the stairs.

"We'll go up to the wheelhouse," he said. "There's a good lookout up there."

"You've been here a lot," she said.

"Enough to know my way around," he said.

He shoved the trap door open leading up inside the wheelhouse. He helped her through the opening then let the door back down.

"This is so perfect," Jennifer said as she walked over and bent down to peer out the small windows.

"Yes....yes, it is," he said in a raspy voice as he spread the blanket out.

She turned around. "And I'm not talking about the wheel house," he added.

She smiled. He walked over to her and put his hands around her arms.

"Jennifer....My Godd, I can't believe I'm here with you," he whispered.

She laid her hands against his chest. It made him shiver when she touched his pecs and his tits. As he moved his hands up over her shoulders to the front of her blouse, she tugged his shirt out of his jeans. She pulled it up to expose the slope of his rock-like abs, up farther to reveal his thick, broad pecs that hung from his rib-cage. He raised his arms to let her pull the shirt off. He watched intently for her reaction to seeing his bare torso. Her eyes were raking over his muscles.

"You have a beautiful body," she said.

"Thanks," he said, feeling embarrassed, especially that she had said it of his body before he'd mentioned hers.

Half the buttons of her blouse were undone, he saw she wasn't wearing anything under it. She shrugged the blouse off and was as naked as he was to the waist.

"My Godd," he whispered when he saw her bare breasts. They were stunningly beautiful; not too big, but not small. They looked firm, maybe even solid from all her physical exercise and activities. Below were the most beautiful abs he'd ever seen on a woman.

"You have a beautiful body," he said.

"Thank you," she said, but she was concentrating on his body; her hands flattened against his pecs again. Her hands moved down his stomach till her fingertips were under the waist of his jeans.

"Wait," he whispered as he undid the button and zipper at the side of her shorts. He wondered if she had anything on under them. She wriggled her hips to help him get her shorts off and they fell to her feet. Sean sucked in another swoosh of air. She was wearing the lavender thong! There was his name, right down there at the prize! His signature right where he knew it would fit.

"When did you put that on?" he asked.

"I ran up to my room when I got home. I wanted to wear it for you."

"Thank you," he said. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. Godd, Jen, you are gorgeous! I can't believe any woman could have such a perfect body."

"You're something of a god yourself," she said.

She reached for his jeans again and he dropped his hands to his sides and let her undo the buttons. He was glad he'd worn his button-down jeans. Buttons were so much sexier than a zipper. When she had the last button undone his jeans fell open and loose from his hips but clung to his butt. He reached back and shoved them down off the sharp curve of his butt and they fell but got stuck around his thick thighs.

"It's hard to get my jeans off my butt and my thighs, sometimes," he said as he balanced himself on one foot then the other to pull his jeans off. Jennifer was eyeing his briefs. They were hip-briefs, narrow across the front and back with only a one-inch strip at the waist. He was proud of the way the weight of his manhood pulled the waist down to his hairline. He swallowed hard again, unsure what he should do next. With any other girl, he would know, but it was different with Jennifer. He knew what he wanted to do, but he didn't want to charge at her like a barbarian.

"You smell so good," he said, as he ran his hand over the curve of her hip.

"Gardenia and lilies," she said.

"I love gardenias and lilies," he said.

She laughed softly. "You don't even know what gardenias are," she chided him.

"I intend to find out," he said. With those words he found his courage to end the awkward standoff. He dropped to his haunches in front of her, face to face with the tiny, lavender triangle, and put his hand around her smooth, firm thighs. He looked up at her with a lopsided grin. "I want to check and see if I spelled my name right," he said. Her husky laugh made his stomach do flip-flops. He leaned in and pressed his face against the patch of lavender.

"Ohhhh, Sean," she gasped softly, putting her hands on his head.

He was heady from her beauty, and the delicate smell of flowers. He looked up at her, his chin still pressing against her pubes. "You're so beautiful...I want to worship you."


", let me," he said. "I've never felt like this with a girl before. I feel like a gladiator at the feet of his queen. Let me....."

"Yess," she hissed softly.

He opened his mouth and blew his hot breath through the lavender material. She moaned softly. He didn't know if she knew what he was going to do. Not just get her heated up to fuck her. It would be more than that. He was going to make love to her. He was going to worship her the way a woman of her beauty should be worshipped.

She pressed herself against his face. He stuck out his tongue and lapped at the soft satin material and she let out a little squeal. He kept doing it, like he was licking a lavender ice cream cone. When he had the material wet he carefully got it in his teeth and tugged it to one side.

"Ohhh, Sean....ohhh, no one has ever done this before," she whispered.

"You mean none of those college guys....."

"No," she cut in. "College guys can be such little boys."

He had never done it either, but he'd seen pictures in magazines and he'd read about what it did to a woman to have her clit licked. He held the material to one side and began licking the lips of her pussy. She was smoothly shaven except for a tiny tuft of short trimmed her that crowned her woman-hood. He loved the feel of her smooth lips. He continued to lap at her pussy as he pulled the straps of the thong down off her hips. She wriggled free of it and lifted her feet to let him take it off. He never stopped licking her pussy the whole time. His spit made it easy to use his tongue to part her pouting lips. He took his time in his search for her love button. He didn't know exactly where it was located but he would know when he found it.

There was no rush. Each passing moment made her all the more receptive to his love-making. Suddenly he found it. His tongue touched the firm, nipple-like protrusion nestled up between her lips, begging to finally be discovered. He flicked it gently.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Jennifer gasped aloud.

Yeah, he'd found it; the center of her universe. He flicked it again, as if to say hello, and she trembled and moaned. He licked it, slowly and deliberately, causing her to tremble more, and she dug her fingers in his hair as if to hang on. He urged her legs apart and dropped lower on his knees so he could tilt his face up between them. He lapped up and down the outside of her pussy, then forced his tongue inside and licked up and down the inner slopes. He found the heat of the opening to her treasure and drove his tongue through it.

"AAAhhhhhhhhh!" she cried out.

He stopped and reared back on his haunches. "Lie back on the blanket," he told her. He helped her lie down then stretched out between her legs. He saw the look in her eyes when she saw his bulging briefs; surprise and maybe a little fright.

"Don't worry about it," he told her.

She lifted her knees and set her feet wider apart. Sean hovered over the apex then lowered his mouth again. He never dreamed he could enjoy doing this, but he was suddenly passionately obsessed. The more he explored and discovered the more emboldened he became. He pulled her lips open to expose the folds of her inner pussy, palpitating and beckoning him. He shoved his tongue out and lapped up and down over the gaping portal. She nearly screamed. He licked upward and found her clit again, and she covered her mouth with her hands to stifle her scream.

It was as much having her under his power and making her scream as it was the act itself. He played her pussy like a finely-tuned instrument, licking and sucking on her clit then locking his mouth over her entire pussy and flailing his tongue inside her. She was trembling and gasping and begging something, but he couldn't tell whether it was stop or not stop. He attuned his ears to listen.

"Oh, please, Sean....I can't take any more....GOddd, what're you doing to me! Please....give it to me....give me your cock!"

He was shaken to hear the word `cock' come out of her mouth but it excited him no end. He rose up on his haunches.

"Oh, My Goddd!" she whimpered when she looked at him.

He glanced down and saw his cock sticking up out of his briefs. Most of it. The briefs were barely able to cover the base of it, and there was at least nine inches of cock exposed and flattened against his belly. He shoved his briefs down off his butt, letting his cock fall free. It fell heavily, like a timber falling, and swung majestically.

"Oh My Goddd," she gasped again.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you," he told her.

"It's all right if you do, you can't help it. God, it's beautiful, Sean. You're beautiful."

"Can't we settle for good-looking?" he joked.

"No, beautiful; you take my breath away."

"Yeah, I was hoping I was doing that," he said. He found it hard to believe that he was actually talking to Jennifer right in the middle of having sex. He'd never felt so at ease with a girl. He inched up to her on his knees and pushed his cock down from its mighty arch so the head pressed against her wet pussy.

"Are you sure you don't want me to do it some more? I know it was feeling good for you," he said.

"Oh, it felt wonderful. But I want you, Sean," she said. "I've wanted you for so long....I ache inside for you."

"All right, but....just one more time," he said as he leaned down and buried his face in her pussy again. He lapped and licked and kissed and tongued frantically for a full minute, till she was thrashing around and trying to stifle her screams. Then he rose up and guided his cock between her lips. They parted and formed a big O around the girth of his cock and the inner muscles squeezed and pulled him in. He entered her slowly, gently, only about half way.

"Ohhhh, Sean....Ohhhhhhhh, you feel so good!"

"Yeah, so do you," he said. He gave her some more of his cock and she trembled and moaned. He gave her another couple of inches.

"Ohh, Goddd, how much more is there?" she asked.

He glanced down. "Only a couple more inches," he said.

"You're so big! I never dreamed any man could be so big. I never really believed how big everyone said you were."

"I'm just trying to live up to my reputation," he joked. "Sorry, that was a bad joke." He looked down to watch the final inches of his cock disappear into her pussy, saw the pouting lips clenching around it. He pressed his pubes hard against hers and buried another half inch or so in her. "That's it," he said.

"Yessss....Ohh, yesss....Ohhh, Sean, you feel so wonderful, so deep inside me. Godd, I can feel you moving and you're not moving."

"No, that's just me throbbing," he said.

"It feels wonderful."


"Yes," she said, lifting her head.

"I was....I was pretty shocked to hear you call it my cock," he said.

"What should I call it? That seems the only appropriate thing to call it," she said.

"Yeah, and its okay. More than okay. I was just shocked, that's all. But I liked it, coming from you," he said. "I was just wondering if I could....if you would be offended if I....said....the big word."

"Let me hear you say it, and see if I'm offended. Tell me, Sean, what you want to say."

"I wanta fuck you, Jennifer," he blurted timidly. "I know it can sound so vulgar and wrong, but it doesn't sound like that, saying it to you."

"No, it doesn't, not coming from you."

"Then I want to....fuck bad," he said. With that he pulled his cock back then shoved eight inches back inside her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" she cried softly. "Ohhhh, it, big, wonderful it...fuck me....."

He shivered at the sound of the word `fuck' coming from her lips. He did as she asked.

Sometime in the middle of it, he realized that he hadn't bothered with a condom. But she hadn't said anything, so he figured it must be all right. Unless she simply forgot about it, too. It wasn't too late, but he was coming up on the big tremor time after time and he didn't know how long he could hold it back.



"I, uh....I didn't use a condom," he said. "I can. I can put one on. But I was so excited I just forgot all about it."

"Can you pull out?"

"I don't know if I can." He tensed as if to rise up. "I'll get one," he said.

"No," she said, wrapping her arms tighter around his broad shoulders. "No, don't....I trust you."

"All right. You can trust me," he promised. He reached down with one hand and spread her pussy wide open then pressed himself against her. Then he moved his hips around in slo-mo circles, rubbing his pubes against her clit and at the same time, lobbing his cock around inside her.

"Ohhhh," she moaned, barely audible. "OOHhhh....OOHH, Ohhhh, Godd, Sean....Ohhh....Aawwhh....Awwhhhh!"

Her outcry gradually built up to a scream and an animal-like shriek that he'd never heard before. She locked her legs around his hips and her arms around his shoulders and humped up against him like she was in a sling.

"Awww, Jennifer!" he gasped. What the hell was wrong with her? What had he done to her? She shuddered and trembled against him as she ground her pussy harder against him, as if she were trying to twist his cock off. She yelled again then choked on it and began to relax. Gradually, she went limp and her body dropped back to the blanket. His cock was half-out of her now.

"Jennifer?" he asked quietly. "Jennifer....are you okay?"

"Yes," she managed to whisper with a weak smile. "Oh, yess, I've never been so okay."

"What happened? What'd I do?" he asked.

"You don't know?"

"I thought I knew what I was doing," he said with confused innocence, "but all of a sudden you went....well, crazy."

"It's the first time it's ever happened but I know what it was," she said.

"What? Tell me?" he asked anxiously.

"I had an orgasm," she said. "You gave me an orgasm, you big, incredible stud. The big O that every girl talks about."

"I did? I guess I didn't know....I was just....."

"I know. That's what makes you so wonderfully gorgeous. You don't have a clue about yourself."

"Maybe you want to rest awhile," he said as he gently extracted his cock from her clenching pussy. He moved off her and lay on his back. His cock towered up over his abs, throbbing angrily.

"My, Godd, look at it!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, it's....still hard," he said as he put his hand over it to press it to his stomach.

"Don't be embarrassed," she said, moving his hand. "Don't ever be embarrassed over something as awesomely beautiful as that."

"It embarrasses me that you call me gorgeous and beautiful," he said.

"Then I won't," she said.



"I don't want to sound like a stupid ass, but....what, exactly, is the big orgasm, for a woman? I mean, I know what it is for a guy, it's pretty obvious, but....."

"Oh, I can't explain it. I just know that it's not all that common. I've read that some women never have the experience."

"Wow! That must be awful for them. I can't imagine not....getting my full satisfaction."

"You didn't," she pointed out.

"Yeah, but I was hoping....."

She laughed. "Don't worry," she said. "But I appreciate you letting me rest for a moment."

"You said it was your first time, to have one? I figured you and those college guys.....Aww, I'm sorry, that was out of line; I shouldn't presume....," he said.

"It's all right, I don't mind. Yes, there were some college guys. Other gymnasts, mostly. They have gorgeous bodies but they're mostly lacking where it counts, and none of them even comes close to what you made me feel."

"I don't even know what I did," he said.

"Think about it," she said. "It was the first time any boy ever concentrated so much on foreplay."

"Oh. Well, that wasn't foreplay," he said. "That was part of the main event; making love to you. It was the first time I ever did it. First time I ever wanted to."

"It was absolutely wonderful, Sean," she cooed. "I never imagined in all my dreams that I could feel so wonderful."

"Do you dream about it a lot?" he asked.

"All the time," she said.

"You do! I thought boys were the only ones....I know we're a bunch of animals."

"Trust me, girls are just as bad," she said.

"I it again, Jennifer," he said in a hoarse voice. Then he quickly retreated. "Or, not. I don't have to."

"It doesn't look like you don't have to," she said.

"Aw, that's nothing unusual," he said, smacking his throbbing cock. "It's like that most of the time."

"Not today," she said. She rose up with a funny, pleasant smile.

Sean didn't know what she was going to do but his mind raced with a dozen possibilities. He gasped when she bent over him. Awww, she's going to suck it! Her long hair brushed over his bare skin, causing him to shiver. She's gonna give me head!

"Awwhhh," he moaned softly as she took his cock in her hand. "Ohh, your hand feels like soft velvet."

"My Godd, you're so big," she said. "I can't even begin to get my hand around it."

He couldn't describe what her mouth felt like as she filled it with his cock. Good enough that he choked on his breath. Her mouth was so soft and delicate, her hands so gentle, her tongue so very delicate and feminine. She seemed unsure, even awkward with what she was doing.

She rose up. "You can probably tell, I've never done this before," she said. "I hope I'm doing it all right."

"Aww, yeah....yeah, Jennifer, you're doing all right," he said. He was surprised, somehow, that she hadn't done it with any of the college gymnasts. His hand, on her butt, moved down to find her pussy. She set her knees apart when he touched her. He found her clit and she squealed around his cock. He didn't think he should do too much with her clit; she might get excited and bite his cock. Instead he used his fingers inside her pussy.

She sucked him lovingly while he lay there gazing up at the heavy beams that gave support to their love nest. It all passed before him like a re-wind of a video; how they had connected all of a sudden and he brought her out here because she wanted to be with him and he'd fucked her and ate her pussy and now she was sucking his cock....Goddd, it was all too much to believe. Suddenly he realized his mouth was watering.

"Jennifer...let me....." He urged her over to straddle his face. He ran his hands up and down the smooth muscles of her thighs and leaned up to kiss her lower abs, arched over him. He squeezed her taut butt muscles and pulled her apart. He blew his hot air into her pussy and leaned up to flick her clit with his tongue. She lowered herself anxiously for more. He pulled her down to bury his face in her womanhood, devouring her pussy with his mouth. She squealed around his cock and sucked him furiously. He didn't care if she bit his cock off.

They gave each other mutual satisfaction till Jennifer was beside herself again with lust. She was like a porn actress that he'd seen in the videos, going wild with lust, only that was faked, he thought, and Jennifer's lust was real. She rose up suddenly, squeezing his cock terribly as she ground her pussy into his face.

"Ohh, Sean....stop....stop....I need you," she gasped as she rose up and turned around. She straddled him and guided his cock to her pussy and sat down on it.

"AWWWhhhhhhh, Godddd!" he cried out as she rode all the way down on his cock. He kept on moaning as she rode up and down on it. He drove up to meet her downward slams. He wished they were filming it. He wished he could watch her over and over again as she fucked him madly. It wasn't making love anymore. It was pure sex. She was fucking him! He squeezed her firm tits that bounced above him, then pulled her down to suck her tits. He loved their firmness. She was almost as firm as his own pecs. He was concentrating on everything but holding off and by the time his brain caught up it was too late.

"Oh, Geeusss!" he gasped, almost with surprise. "Ohh, Jennifer...ohhhh, hey, I'm....I'm gonna shoot....!" And he couldn't pull out with her riding his cock.

"Tell me when you're ready," she gasped.

He didn't know what she was going to do but he held his tongue till the very last crucial second then he cried out. "Now!....Awww, fuck...NOW! I'm....gonna....coommmmmm!"

Suddenly she rose up off his cock and took it in her hands to finish the motions that her pussy had started. Her hands felt almost as good as her pussy. She pumped his cock with both hands till he was shaking so bad that she was shaking with him. Suddenly he exploded. Like a rocket, his cock acted as the booster and sent a blast of come spurting up in the air about six feet. It looked like a rope. Another followed and the two ropes tangled in mid-air. Jennifer was gasping and squealing with delight as she watched the fireworks. Some hit her in the face, more slathered up across her tits and then she was pressing his cock into her pubes, against her lower abs, to smear his come all over her stomach. She drained him, pulling and milking his cock to force every drop out of the thick, hot tube. She drained him of his strength, too; even the air from his lungs. He lay under her like a defeated warrior under his victorious queen.

"Holy Shit!" he gasped, finally, when he was able to speak.

She laughed.

"That was incredible," he said.

"Yes, it was," she agreed.

"Damn, I really made a mess," he said.

"It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," she said. "You're just plain phenomenal."

"I'm beat, is what I am," he said. "Damn, I don't think I've ever felt so beat afterwards." He reached out and lifted a glob of come that was about to fall from her right tit. "I didn't bring a towel or anything to clean off. I guess I was expecting to use a condom and there wouldn't be this kind of mess."

She had hold of his hand with the come on his finger. With a mischievous laugh, she guided his hand to his mouth. He recoiled and easily resisted.

"Go ahead, I dare you," she said.

He took her dare and stuck his finger in his mouth and licked his come off of it. Jennifer squealed with delight.

"Ohh, that is so sexy! Swallow it. You have to swallow it."

He forced it down. "It's awful, is what it is," he said. "You taste it."

She took his challenge. She leaned down and began lapping his come off his chest. Not just a taste; she was lapping the stuff up and swallowing it.

"Aww, Jennifer, now that is sexy," he said.

"It's not so awful, I think, because it's yours," she said. Her voice trailed off as her face steadied over his. She moved her lips in a pouting manner and he leaned up to kiss her. It was a kiss as passionate as their love-making, exchanging the taste of his come back and forth with their tongues. She let out a desperate gasp as she rose up. He leaned up too, to help her unstraddle him and stand. He went to his knees to steady her on her feet.

"We could go down to the creek and go for a swim to wash up," he said.

"Yes, I would like that, if you think we'll have the will power to leave this place afterwards," she said.

"I'm not making any guarantees," he said.

They went for a swim and they washed up and they didn't leave right away. They didn't even get back to the mill where their clothes were still scattered around in the wheelhouse. He took her again in the soft, thick grass along the creek, and she gave herself to him like a woods-nymph surrendering to a young god. He fucked her again when they climbed back up in the wheelhouse.

"You are insatiable," she told him as they were dressing.

"Hey, you did it every time I did," he reminded her.

"But guys are....guys don't usually hold up like that," she said.

They were comfortably quiet on the drive home, and it was the first Sean had thought anything at all about the Marines and the firemen. For those hours, he was a straight stud again, with no thought or desire whatsoever for other men.

"I'm never going to forget the wheelhouse at the mill," Jennifer said.

"I'm never going to forget you walking up to me in the hallway," he said. "You know, I was scared almost shitless, wondering what you wanted; what you were going to say."

"True confessions....You know, I was scared to approach you," she said.

"You where? Why, for chrissakes?"

"You thought I was unapproachable. You were just as unapproachable to me, with that magnificent body and your sexy ways and every girl in school fawning over you, and I thought you were probably having most of them and I was confused and hurt because you never seemed to want me."

He laughed, a scoffing laugh. "If you only knew....." He cut himself off.

"Knew what?"

"Naw, it's not nice. Not something you tell a girl."

"Tell me. If I only knew what?"

"If you only knew how many times I've lain in bed and jacked off, thinking about us like we were today. You probably think that's disgusting."

"Oh, no, that is so sweet," she said.

"It is? Sweet? Most girls would be pissed to think a guy would be doing that, thinking about her."

"I think it's a great compliment, knowing I could drive a boy to do that," she said.

"You're something else, Jennifer. I'm not going to forget you any time soon."

"I hope not. I hope you visit me at school," she said.

"To take care of all the things those studly college boys can't?" he joked.

"To give those studly college boys lessons," she said. "By the way, was your name spelled right?" she asked with a mischievous twinkle.

"I don't think so, maybe I'd better check again," he said.

Chapter VI

There was a custom that on graduation night, the seniors spent the night at the wilderness park north of town. There were campfires, and drinking and every boy brought his sleeping bag, hoping to convince a girl to share it with him. The guys at the firehouse had invited him to come down to the station for a little celebration but he had more or less promised Cody Hill that they would pal around on graduation night. He went down to the station the night before just to hang around. It was after supper and he went in the kitchen to help clean up.

"This isn't graduation night," Conner pointed out.

"No, I just came down to hang around," he said. "That's okay, isn't it?"

"Sure, anytime," Conner said. "You staying the night?"

"Is my bunk freed up?" Sean asked.

"If not, you can share my bunk," Conner chided him.

Conner's remark sent chills down his spine; worse because he knew Conner meant it. "What about the other guys?" he asked.

"They can butt out. Or not," Conner said. "Whatever you want."

"I wouldn't mind....sharing your bunk," he said, forcing the words out around his thick tongue.

"I'll put out the word," Conner said.

"I didn't mean we had to have the place to ourselves. I don't want to force the other guys out of their bunks. I don't care if the other guys want to go up to bed, or watch."

Conner grinned. "You're an exhibitionist at heart. So am I," he said. "I'll put the words starts at nine," he joked.

"Do we have to wait till nine?" he asked.

"You're a horny little stud," Conner said.

"I get horny just looking at you, Conner," he said.

"Okay, we can go up now. But I'll still pass the word that the show starts at nine. That gives us an hour or so to get warmed up," he joked.

Conner left him to wipe up the sink and counter top and went into the lounge. He didn't know what he told the other guys but he came back all smiles, with a bounce in his step and Sean thought maybe he wasn't kidding about the show starting at nine.

"You good to go?" he asked.


They went up the stairs into the dimly-lit bunk room. Conner sat down on his bunk to take off his shoes. Sean stepped out of his and unbuckled his belt.

"Let me do that," Conner said, brushing his hands away.

Sean moved his hands and let Conner unbuckle his belt and unbutton his jeans.

"You still coming down to celebrate on graduation night?"

"I promised another guy we would hang out together," he said.

"Another guy?" Conner asked with a twinkle in his eye.

"Nothing like that," Sean said. "Just two seniors hanging out, going to the parties, hopefully picking up some girls."

"You still do that? Pick up girls?"

"Oh, yeah. That hasn't changed," Sean said.

"Good man. It takes a real man to work both sides of the fence. But you can still come down to the station, can't you; the guys will want to congratulate you."

"Yeah, right," he scoffed. "Yeah, maybe, but it would be awfully late," Sean said.

"We're not going anywhere," Conner said.

Sean lingered in his socks and shorts and T-shirt to see what Conner was going to do.

"Take it all off," Conner said. "I wanta feel those bare muscles against me. You can leave your socks on."

Sean skinned off his T-shirt. "Here, you take `em off of me," he said, motioning to his shorts. It was the first time he'd ever gotten so bold with any of the firefighters.

"Yeah...fuck, yeah," Conner said as he leaned up and pulled his shorts down. He let Sean step out of them then straightened. "Goddam, you're built," he said as he ran his hands over Sean's broad chest and down his abs.

"So are you."

"But I'm not your age. Fuck, what I would've given to look like you when I was your age." He lay back on his bunk and scooted over to make room for Sean. "These are definitely one-man bunks," Conner said as the teenager stretched out beside him.

Sean lay on his stomach on Conner's arm, propped on his elbows, pressed tightly against his naked body. Conner's long arm was able to reach around and squeeze Sean's bare, tight butt.

"Damn! I've been thinking about your butt all day, and hoping you would show up so I might get a feel of it," he said.

"You like my butt?"

"You know it. You've got an ass that would make a preacher drool."

"Does it make you drool?"

"If I was into that, yeah, I would be drooling," Conner said. "I've even thought about that.....

"About what?"

"My older brother always told me that a real man doesn't fuck anything he won't eat first. Well, I've eaten my share of pussies....."

"Are you trying to say you wanta eat my ass?" Sean asked, surprised.

"No, I'm not saying that at all. I'm just admitting the thought has crossed my mind."

"I'm just playing with your head, Conner," Sean chided him.

"How about you play with that head?" Conner said as he shoved Sean's head down to his cock.

Sean kissed the big cock up and down its length but the only attention he gave the head was to lash his tongue back and forth on the underside till his cock was hard and standing out, throbbing and bobbing up and down.

"Man, stop teasing," Conner said.

"It's not teasing. It's called foreplay," Sean said.

"Fuck the foreplay. Suck it," Conner said with a tone of desperation.

Sean laid his head on Conner's rock-hard stomach and let him hunker his cock into his mouth.

"Get down on it," Conner moaned as he pushed Sean's head down, forcing his cock deeper into his mouth. "OHhhh...,Oohhh, fuck yeah, little stud....awww that feels so good!"

It tasted good too. Godd, he loved the taste of a firefighter's cock! There was something about being a firefighter that made him so virile and studly and Sean felt like he could suck some of that studliness and virility out of Conner's body into his own.

"I have to admit, I've wondered if....if the thought crossing my mind, if....well, if it'd be all that much different from eating a pussy. After all, I've fucked your ass."

"I wouldn't mind if you did it," Sean said.

"Of course you wouldn't. But I think I would have to be drunk, or high, to do that," Conner said.

"You're not allowed to have booze or drugs on duty," Sean said.

"I know. You're right. But....." His voice trailed off with the unfinished thought.

"But what?" Sean asked, rising up from Conner's cock, suddenly very interested in what he was about to say.

"Hang on a second," Conner said as he slipped away from Sean and got up from his bunk.

"Where're you going?" Sean asked.

"One of the guys keeps some stuff in his locker....." He walked across to the lockers and opened one of them.

"Somebody keeps drugs in his locker!"

"Naw, its not drugs, it's....Ah, here is it," he said as he took something out of the locker.

"What is it?" Sean asked.

"Poppers. You ever use poppers?"

"No. I know guys who have," Sean said.

Conner walked back and stood beside the bunk with the hunky, muscular teenager stretched out on it. He uncapped the bottle and took a couple of long, measured breaths in each nostril. "Want some?" he asked, offering the bottle to Sean.

"No, I wanta know what's going on," Sean said.

"Oh, you'll know," Conner said as he put the cap back on the bottle. He tossed it aside and crawled on the bunk, this time between Sean's legs.

Sean thought at first that the big firefighter was going to go down on him, but it was too much to hope for. He hadn't dared to even hope for what was about to happen. Conner lifted Sean's legs and pushed them back against his chest.

"Hold your legs up, tight against your chest," he told him.

Sean hugged his thighs tightly against his chest, suddenly breathless as he realized what Conner was going to do.

Conner knelt there with Sean's butt in his hand, gazing down at the wide crevice between them. He flicked out his tongue and wet his lips. "Geezuss, you've got a nice ass," he whispered, shaking his head. "Stuff's kicking in....I don't know if I can do this, but I'm gonna try it. Don't yell out, I don't want anybody to come running and see me doing this."


Conner's nostrils flared out and it looked like his eyes were glazing over. Suddenly, with a soft growl, he bent down and buried his face in Sean's ass.

"Oh!" Sean gasped as he felt Connner's tongue flicking at his asshole. "Ohhh....Awwhhhhh....Awww, Fuck, Conner."

As if in a frenzy, Conner dug his fingers into the clenching hole and stretched it wide open and drove his tongue up inside the teenager's ass. "Awwhh, Fuck!" he cried out with his mouth over his forearm. "Awwnnnnn...ooohhhnnnnn...," he continued to moan.

"Damn, your ass tastes good," Conner gasped. "Fuck, it's so awesome! I'm gonna fuck it."

"Yesss, fuck me, Connner," Sean whispered. "Fuck me hard."

Conner rose up and pressed the head of his cock against the wide-open hole. He spat on the head and shoved and his cock slid in.

"Awwwoooohhhhhhhh!" Sean groaned as he was slowly impaled on the huge cock.

Conner drove in to the hilt, held still for a minute, then drew back and began fucking the boy.

"Hey guys! Captain's here!" somebody yelled up.

Conner jerked back in a flash and Sean tumbled over the edge of the bunk and scrambled for his clothes and made a dash for his own bunk. He hoped to hell it was okay with Captain Hale that he was spending the night at the firehouse when he wasn't on duty. Brooks running upstairs to warn them was the first time that there was any open recognition of what was going on with him and the other firefighters; the guys downstairs knew what he and Conner were doing upstairs!

The captain's footsteps came up the stairs like a storm trooper. It was almost as if he were warning them that he was coming. Sean didn't know if he should pretend to be asleep or not. Conner wasn't pretending. He lay there on his back, naked, with his arms folded under his head, looking as studly as any firefighter ought to.

"Captain," he said as the captain strode down to their bunks.

"Conner. Sacking out early?"

"Yes, sir."

Sean was lying on his stomach, his bare butt sticking up, with his arms folded under his head. He was able to watch the captain, and he saw him looking at him now.

"Good evening, captain," he said, lifting his head.

"Well, I see they've got you sleeping naked already, like everybody else,"

"Yes, sir....they said it would be okay."

"Just watch your back with these guys," the captain said. "Or I should say, watch your ass."

"Nobody's bothered me, sir," he said.

"You got your own bunk, now?" the captain asked.

"Yes, sir. They moved a bunk in for me early on," he replied.

"Don't get too comfortable in it, you're not through firefighter school yet," the captain cautioned him.

"He knows we can move his bunk out as quickly as we moved it in," Conner said.

"That's right. The uniform, the badge, the can all be taken away in a flash," the captain said.

"I know sir. I'm going to do everything I can to be sure that doesn't happen."

Captain Hale looked around, nodding, and turned and left.

"That was close," Conner said.

"Yeah." He wondered if Conner thought it was a charade, as he did; it was only that the captain couldn't officially recognize what the men were doing with him in their spare time; if he did, he would have to take action. Especially that it involved a young cadet.

"You wanta come back over here? We oughta be safe now," Conner said.

"Yeah." He got up and went back to Conner's bunk. Conner moved over to make room for him again.

"Where were we?"

"You were saying something about these being one-man bunks," Sean said.

"No, I think we'd advanced farther than that," Conner said.

"Show me, then, where we left off."

"Turn over on your stomach," Conner told him. "I want to see and feel those tight, round buns in my hand while I fuck you."

Sean liked the position. He liked any position where he was getting pounded with a big, thick cock, but lying on his stomach was so relaxing and he could breath a lot easier than being bent in half. Conner went back to fucking him, using long-cock strokes of his full cock, smashing his balls against Sean's butt as he pressed against it. Every few strokes he held it in while Sean's ass squeezed his cock. Just then there were footsteps on the stairs and they froze.

"That could be the captain again!" Sean hissed as he tried to rise up.

Conner looked at the clock. "Naw, it's nine o''s show time, it's just the guys coming up,'" he said and resumed fucking the teenager.

One by one, the very masculine silhouettes came up the stairs and into the bunkroom and made their way to the far end where Conner and Sean were sharing a bunk. There were five of them. Sean didn't know who they had left downstairs in charge. They gathered around, groping their crotches.

"Hey, thanks for warning us about the captain," Conner said.

"We don't want him finding out. That could ruin everything."

In the shadows, Sean couldn't tell who it was who moved around to the head of the bed opening his pants. He made out the shadowy shape of a cock being thrust over the end of the bed and he leaned up to get it. He sucked it in his mouth and the firefighter shoved it down his throat.

"Hey, are we going to take turns with his ass?" one of them asked.

"You can have your turn as soon as I'm done," Conner said.

Sean could see out of the corner of his eye, the guys undressing. They moved in to the bunk, so close he could feel their body heat surrounding him and could small the musky mixture of soap and deodorant and manhood. It was so intoxicating.

Chapter VII

He and Cody hadn't made any particular arrangements about who would drive on graduation night and they probably wouldn't even stick together the whole night. Sean was sure Cody would want to end up with Sandra White in a sleeping bag and Sean didn't have any such ideas. He half hoped he could get away and go back down to the station. The ceremony dragged on as the speakers droned on. Finally, the diplomas were handed out, and some scholarships and it was over. Actually, the diplomas were nothing more than pieces of paper rolled up with ribbons around them. They didn't get the real thing till they turned in the caps and gowns. Everyone hung around to greet friends and relatives and pocket the envelopes with money. As the auditorium began to clear out, the graduates went to change out of their caps and gowns; the girls in the library and the boys in the locker room.

Ben Strader and Jock Mitchell didn't change. They opened their lockers and started drinking the beer they had hidden there.

"Hey, you have to turn in your caps and gowns to get your diploma," someone reminded.

"I'll turn it in on Monday," Jock said. "I'm wearing it to the parties."

"Why the hell do you want to wear it any longer?" someone asked.

He flashed a mischievous grin and looked at Ben. "Shall we show `em?"

Both boys started unsnapping their gowns. They pulled them open to reveal their totally naked bodies.

"Geezuss, Guys ! You sat all through the ceremony, naked?"

They broke out laughing and everybody laughed with them.

"Fuck, I can't believe you walked up there on stage with nothing on under your gown!"

"Yep. Balls rubbing and dicks swinging," Ben said.

Sean could barely contain his excitement seeing the two big athletes, all naked under the gowns. He half wished Cody would find a reason to leave them alone in the darkened hallway. But he and Cody had agreed that they would go to one party then head out to the park. Ben and Jock were there. It was almost more than Sean could take, being in their presence with the other guests, knowing that the two were stark naked under the gowns. He wondered when they were going to get dressed.

The two boys left the party after a respectable length of time and headed for the park. They parked and walked through the woods. There were already campfires and as they approached they saw guys and girls already in their sleeping bags. They were obviously naked but everyone was so casual about it. They made the rounds rather aimlessly from one campfire to another and spent a few minutes talking. Jock Mitchell drove up at the last campfire where there were three couples gathered one couple already snuggled up in a sleeping bag.

"Hell, he's still wearing his gown," Cody said.

"Geezuss, Jock, why're you still wearing that thing? It was so hot I could hardly stand it," one of the girls said.

"Yeah, it is getting pretty hot with it on," Jock said as he began unsnapping it. When it was open all the way down the front he shrugged it off and tossed it on the hood of his car. The boys whooped and the girls shrieked as he stood there in all his muscular, naked glory.

"Talk about hot!" one of the girls said.

"Hey, man, who's with you? You got a date?" one of the boys asked.

"No, I'm going to make the rounds and share everybody else's date," he said.

The boys moaned and the girls shrieked with laughter.

"He probably means it," Cody remarked as he and Sean walked back to their car.

"Yeah, I know. He'll fuck every girl in the park before morning," Sean said.

"How about you? I figured you would end up out here with Sandra White."

"Fat chance," he scoffed. "You know the Hawker twins, from Bolton High?"

"Yeah, big black muscle-heads. A couple of stallions, I heard."

"Well, Sandra likes black stallions," Cody said.

"No shit! She's out here with both of those studs?"

"She's somewhere with them."

"Shit, she won't be able to walk tomorrow," Sean said.

"Won't matter, she'll probably be on her back for the next two days. Hey, you wanta drive up to Bard's Hill?"

"Uhhh....I don't think so, not just the two of us," Sean said.

"I meant we could hike further up in the hills. There won't be anybody that far up; there's no way to drive it," Cody said as he walked to his car.

"I didn't bring a sleeping bag," Sean offered.

"I've got mine."

"I'm not spending the night with you in your sleeping bag," Sean declared as they were both getting in the car.

"I wish you would," Cody said.

It took a moment for it to soak in and for the stunned look to come across Sean's face. " wish....?"

"I've wished it for a long time," Cody said, his voice clear and strong as he started the engine and pulled out of the parking spot.

"Geezuss, Cody, what're you saying?"

"I thought I made that clear. I want to spend the night with you in the same sleeping bag," he said. "And that's where we're headed. Unless you tell me to turn right out of the park, I'm turning left....toward Bard's Hill."

"Geezusss, Cody....I....I had no idea."

Cody laughed, a soft, gentle laugh. "Guys like you never do."

"What do you mean, guys like me?"

"Big studs with everything going for you....looks, muscles....hung., appeal dripping off of you." He slowed at the park exit without a turn signal on. He paused for a few seconds then made a rolling stop and turned left.

"Cody.....Cody, I don't know....."

"Too late. You had your chance," Cody said as he made a left turn.

They drove in silence for the few short miles around to the north entrance to the park. Cody took the winding road to the parking area and parked as far as he could in the trees. He turned off the engine and got out. He opened the back door and got his sleeping bag. When Sean didn't move, he leaned in the window.

"You sleeping in the car?" he asked.

Sean fumbled with the door handle. "No...n-no, I...I'm c-coming," he stammered. "Geezuss, Cody, I had no idea," he said again as they set out on the path leading up the steep, wooded hills.

"You said that," Cody said. "And I said guys like you never do, and you said....."

"I know....I know what I said," Sean cut him off. "But you gotta give me a minute to get used to it....I mean, hell, I deserve that much."

"You've got till we get to the top of the hill to get used to it," Sean said, "Then I'm going to be all over you like flies on honey."

"Fuck, you believe in going after what you want, don't you?"

"Once I get up the nerve to make my move. That took me awhile in your case."

Sean was nervous about going with him. If anybody ever found out they would never live it down. Suddenly he stopped and Cody turned to look at him.

"I don't know if I want to do this, Cody," he said.

"It took you this far to decide that? You don't know if you don't wanta do it, either, so why don't you just come on and find out," Cody said.

Sean hesitated for a moment longer but then followed him up the path. He didn't have much choice. If he went back down, he had no way out of the park except on foot. At the top of the hill, narrow paths led off in all directions. Cody looked all around then took one of the paths.

"What if there's somebody else up here?" Sean asked.

"There wasn't anybody parked in the lot, so if there is, they had one hell of a long hike," Cody said.

They ducked in under the limbs and forged their way through the overgrown brush that nearly covered the path, till they came to a small clearing; an enclosure, almost, with the thick growth of small trees and bushes all around the bed of thick grass. Cody untied his sleeping bag and rolled it out over the grass. Sean helped smooth it out and Cody laid the top flap back then took off his boots while he knelt down.

Sean pulled his boots off. Cody watched him intently as he took off the rest of his jeans. He started to lie back on the sleeping bag.

"Take off your T-shirt, I wanta see your muscles," Cody said.

Sean skinned his T-shirt off and tossed it aside, leaving him in his shorts.

"Those, too," Cody said as he pulled his own shorts off and tossed them aside. When Sean paused, Cody said, "You might as well take 'em off, because if you don't, I'm going to."

Sean peeled his shorts down and stepped out of them, kicked them to the pile of his clothes. It felt good to be naked in the warm night up there in the wilderness. His cock felt heavy, fluffed up. He was hesitant, shy, as he watched Cody stretch out on the sleeping bag.

"You going to sleep standing up?" Cody asked.

"No....No, I....." He stammered as he lay down.

"You're nervous as hell about this, aren't you?"

"Aren't you?" Sean asked.

"No, not after I made up my mind and found my courage," Cody said as he reached over and flattened his hand on Sean's abs. "You don't know how long it took me to do that."

"How long?"

"How long have we known each other?"

"Shit, I had no idea, Cody."

"Will you stop saying that?" Cody said, laughing. He moved his hand down into Sean's pubes and felt his cock laying over his balls. "Dam, that thing is big." He lifted it and let it fall.

"Uhn!" Sean groaned.

"So fucking big and heavy it hurts when I let it fall on your balls," Cody said as he did it again.

"Aahn!" Sean groaned again when his cock landed on his balls again.

Cody wrapped his hand around it and pulled on it. "Warning; I've got a long list that I've been making up for a long time, of things I wanta do to you, so you'll have to stop me if I do something you don't like."

"I can't imagine what that would be," Sean said.

Cody laughed. "You haven't seen my list."

It was a long list and Sean wasn't sure he was doing one, two, three, going down the list. He started out kissing his chest, back and forth, nibbling on his tits till they were tall and turgid and sensitive. Then he criss-crossed down his abs but by passed his cock and crawled between his legs and began kissing the insides of his thighs. He kissed down to his calves, and lower, to his feet. He sucked his toes, sending Sean into a trembling frenzy.

"Fuck, nobody ever did that before," he gasped.

Cody made his way back up Sean's legs, working his arms under them along the way. The he hunched his shoulders to raise his legs up.

"I'm gonna eat your ass, okay?" he said.

"Yeah I...I guess....yeah, go ahead," Sean managed to say as he pulled his knees into his armpits, tilting his butt up off the sleeping bag. He couldn't cry out. He could only moan and whimper and gasp and stifle it all as Cody lapped and kissed and tongued his asshole. He was about to beg him to stop when he stopped on his own and moved up to his balls.

"Ohh, Geezusss!" Sean moaned as Cody sucked his balls, lapping them with his tongue.

Cody urged his legs back down and crawled up higher, leaned up over his middle. "My God! You're bigger than I imagined."

"What'd you imagine?"

"Big. But, fuck, this is huge," he said as he wrapped his hand around the base and pulled it straight up. "My Godd!"

"You said that."

"I'm going to be saying it a lot, get over it," Cody said as he began lapping up and down the huge shaft.

Sean lay back and gazed up at the star-lit sky as his boyhood friend sucked his cock and felt his muscles. It was wonderful to be on the receiving end of his eager, hungry mouth. He wanted to reciprocate but he didn't dare. He couldn't bring himself to let Cody know that he was on the same side of the fence.

"You know what would be better than this?" Cody asked, rising up from his throbbing cock.

"Have Jock Mitchell lying here beside you."

"You should've asked him," Sean said.

"I was afraid to," Cody said.

"You brought me up here," Sean reminded him.

"I was scared to ask you, too. I guess I wanted you more."

Chapter VIII

Although he had no immediate intentions of joining the Marines....he was going to firefighter's school....Sean signed up to go on maneuvers with the Marine unit. It wasn't a sign-up to join, but part of the recruiting program, to give a guy a close-up, hands-on idea of what being a Marine was all about, to help him make his decision. He would be gone a week with the unit, leaving Sunday morning and arriving back on the following Sunday. He cleared it with Lt. Johnson at the fire station first.

"Sure, go," Johnson told him. "Just don't let them talk you into joining. Not yet anyway. We're not done with you here," he said with a grin.

"I won't let `em talk me into anything," Sean said.

"Shit, you're gonna think you've died and gone to heaven, being with a bunch of horny Marines for a whole week," Johnson said.

If Lt. Johnson only knew how well he was acquainted with some of the Marines already.

"I don't think it's going to be anything like that," Sean said. He didn't know if he was lying or not. Despite what all he'd done with the Marines, he couldn't imagine doing that on maneuvers, with hundreds of other Marines around.

"Just be careful," Johnson told him. "That don't-ask-don't-tell policy is a bunch of shit. They still court-martial your ass for stuff like that."

"I'm not actually a Marine so they can't court martial me," Sean said.

"Yeah, but if they found would never get in the Marines."

"So I'll stay a firefighter," Sean said.

"Thata boy," Johnson said.

Sean reported early on Sunday with his gym bag. PFC Jason Brawn was his sponsor so he took him to the office to sign the necessary papers. He was surprised when the sergeant handed him a set of dog tags.

"Your dog tags have a small yellow sticker on them. That is the only thing that will identify you as a guest recruit. As such, you will be under constant scrutiny by the cadre but it does not mean you will be given any special treatment. You either cut it as a Marine or you don't. Only thing is, you get to go back home and be a civilian. Unless you decide to join us. Any questions?"

"No, sir."

"You don't address an NCO as sir. Only officers."

After that Jason took him to the supply room to be outfitted.

"How am I supposed to know who to call sir? I don't know all of the ranks," Sean said.

"I'll teach you. Just remember one thing. If the rank is on the shoulders he's an officer. If it's on the arm, he's an NCO."

"What is that, anyway?"

"Non-commissioned officer. You're a private. I've got one stripe; that's a Private First Class."

"Which means you out-rank me."

"Everybody outranks you," Jason said. "Almost everybody outranks me. Hell, everybody outranks somebody. Next is Casey....he's got two stripes. Three stripes is sergeant; three up and one down is sergeant first class and so on. Second lieutenant has gold bars on his shoulder. A first lieutenant has silver bars. Captain, two silver bars. Major, gold leaf cluster. Lt. colonel wears a silver leaf cluster. Colonel has an eagle on his shoulders, they call them full birds. One star is a brigadier general and it goes from there, major general, lieutenant general and general. Anything with a star, you stop and not only salute, you shit your pants while you're at it."

"How am I supposed to remember all of that?" Sean asked.

"I've got a book you can study. It's more important to learn the NCO ranks. You know, PFC and Corporal....that's me and Casey....anything above that, just address them as sergeant. Anything with rank on their shoulders, call them sir. That'll get you by. If all else fails, well, you've got that little yellow sticker on your dog tags. They won't expect you to know everything, but the more you know the better."

At the supply room he was outfitted with a uniform and combat boots and his gear, which consisted of a soft cap, a helmet, web belt with canteen, ammo pouch, first aid kit and bayonet.

"You got a good fit," Jason said as he watched him don the uniform. He showed him how to blouse his boots and hook the belt around his waist. He gave the belt a tug. "There, if that ain't a picture of a Marine, I don't know what is."

"I don't get a rifle, huh?" Sean asked.

"If you do, it'll be issued when we get to camp," Jason said.

They were loaded on trucks for the trip to Camp Wallace. He sat between Jason and Cpl. Casey, up front, next to the cab.

"It's going to be a long haul," Jason warned.

"And there's no room to lie down," Sean observed.

"We lean against each other," Casey said.

It was a long haul, made longer by the rough riding trucks. Still, Sean found himself getting sleepy. He had gotten up at four o'clock. He kept dozing off and his head kept falling till he felt himself being pulled in to rest against somebody's shoulder. Thankfully, he slept. It was a fitful sleep, to be sure. The trucks weren't made as passenger vehicles and the seats were hard, and he kept coming out of his slumber at the feel of hands on his legs and his butt, and groping his crotch. Not here, he thought. If the word was out about him, he didn't want it to happen in the back of the truck. He didn't know most of the guys with them. But nothing happened, beyond the feeling and groping, and he thought that might be just Jason and Casey.

They made two stops at roadside parks to go to the restrooms and stretch their legs and eat sack lunches. They arrived at Camp Wallace in time for late chow, but only after they were assigned and settled into their barracks. Double bunks lined both sides of the old WWII barracks. A mattress and bedding was rolled upon each bunk. A big sergeant strode in and everybody jumped to attention.

"I'm Sgt. Winland. You will be under my command for your stay here at Camp Wallace. Get your gear squared away, get your bunks made up and stand by for formation for chow."

Jason showed Sean how to make his bunk up tight. It wasn't so much different from making his bunk at the firehouse. They unpacked their gear and put it in footlockers and waited for the call to formation. They didn't just march to the chow hall and go inside. There were pull-up stations you had to go through to get to the door of the chow hall. Sean was impressed with the way the Marines did pull-ups, but surprised at some who couldn't do very many. He pumped out twenty when it was his turn, till the sergeant told him to stop and go on into the chow hall.

"A word of warning," Jason said as they were going through the line. "Don't show off."

"I wasn't showing off, I was just doing pull-ups, like he said," Sean said. "I could've done a lot more."

"I don't doubt it. Just try to hold back. You're gonna stand out as it is; life is easier if you don't draw attention to yourself."


Sean was glad when it was time to hit the sack. Jason advised him to shower first.

"It'll save time in the morning," he told him.

He didn't know how conspicuous he should feel in the shower with six or eight other guys. He saw the way they were looking at him but he thought it was probably because he was so young, and maybe because he was well built for a young kid, and his body was smooth, not hairy like most of them. He saw some of them discreetly noticing his cock, but he figured that was pretty natural, the way he was hung. He didn't think any of it was any indication of things to come. But he couldn't remember what most of the guys at the armory looked like through the steam in the shower room. If they remembered him, well, who knew what might happen.

He slept like a baby, wondering little if Jason and Casey or any of the others had anything in mind for him. He didn't see how with the barracks full of guys. The night was short-lived. They were brought awake with a screeching whistle and NCOs tromping in, yelling. Sean scrambled like a scared rabbit. He followed Jason's lead to the latrine where he shaved, even though he didn't really have to, brushed his teeth and ran a comb through his hair. They rushed to get dressed then made up their bunks and squared away their lockers and footlockers, barely in time for formation in the company street.

"Gentleman, when you return from chow, double check your area, make sure your bunks are tight and your lockers and footlockers are squared away. Police the barracks. Latrine detail, do it right. Your barracks will be inspected in your absence. Any personal infractions will be noted by a demerit slip on you bunk. Any company infractions will be posted on the bulletin board. Correct those infractions, gentlemen. You will not want to see those slips again during your stay here."

At the chow hall entrance, Sean took Jason's advice. He did only eighteen pull-ups and dropped.

"Good, private," the sergeant told him.

After chow there was another formation that took them to the supply room where they were issued weapons. Jason was surprised that they gave him a rifle. It felt good in his hands. Sean showed him how to shoulder and carry it.

He discovered that PT classes would lead off every day. They were marched to a wide open field with a platform at one end for the instructor. They were instructed to stack their rifles, remove helmets and outer shirts and web belts and place it all in a pile at their sides. A tall, broad-shouldered man mounted the platform. He wore a T-shirt that he was bulging out of. If there was a model for a Physical Training instructor, this guy was it. He was a virtual mountain of muscle on the move.

Sean watched Jason to be sure he as doing the exercises right. He caught on easy; just like those he'd done at the armory, most of the exercises weren't that much different form football practice.

From PT class they marched to the rifle range. There were tables where they laid their rifles to field strip them.

"What's that? Field strip?" Sean asked.

"Watch him," Jason said, nodding to the instructor. "And watch me. And don't be so nervous. You're not expected to know all of this stuff."

Following Jason's lead, he managed to field strip his rifle and put it back together. He was proud and surprised that he did it so quickly. Then their attention was turned to the range. Sean loved firing the rifle. He liked the kick of the rifle and zeroing in on the target. He came away with a qualifying score. An officer asked to see his scorecard.

"With this kind of scoring, you could become a sharp shooter," he told him. Then he spied the yellow sticker. He reached out for Sean's dog tags. "You could have fooled me. You planning to join up?"

"I'm thinking about it," Sean said.

"I hope you do. You won't regret it. Damn, son, you were made for the Marines."

After the rifle range they were taken to the grenade range. After a demonstration, they were lined up behind concrete bunkers and given specific instructions on how to pick up the grenade, pull the pin, draw back, release and throw.

"Are those live grenades?" Sean asked.

"Was it live ammo?" Jason said.

"If you drop a grenade......!" the instructor yelled out. That got everyone's attention. "If you drop a grenade, yell GRENADE and MOVE and get down."

"Yeah, I guess they are live," Sean mumbled.

Way out from each of the bunkers was a small shed-type structure with a small window in it. There were more sheds lined up at one side of the field to replace any that were blown up. Sean was surprised how many Marines missed the target. Actually it wasn't a miss unless there was no or minimal damage to the shed but it was a bulls eyed if you got the grenade through the window. Most of the sheds were being blow up. When his turn came he was surprised how calm he was. He reached down for the grenade under the scrutiny of the trainer next to him. He held the grenade up and wrapped his hand around it. He pulled the pin with the other hand.

"Throw," the trainer said.

He lobbed the grenade straight through the window. Seconds later the shed blew to smithereens. Lumber shot out everywhere and landed in toothpicks. He'd never felt such exhilaration. He let out a swoosh of air.

"Yeah, it's almost as good as sex," the trainer said.

Afterwards, the range officer made it a point to come up to Sean and tell him what a good job he'd done. He took one of Sean's hands in his and squeezed his bicep. "I can tell this arm has thrown a lot of footballs."

"Yes, sir."

"Probably had plenty of other exercise, too," the sergeant added with a knowing grin.

"Yes, sir, I guess it has," he admitted.

It was another good night. He slept like a baby and any thoughts of extra-curricular activities faded from his mind. He was there to be a Marine and he was loving every minute of it.

Then next morning brought the same routine except that they marched to the Tank Range. They weren't going to drive tanks or even learn anything about tanks. There were old burned out tanks placed off in the distance, on hillsides and in gullies and craters, to be used as targets for the rocket launchers. They used both shoulder launchers and Rifle Propelled Grenades. Sean liked both. He especially liked the feel and the hollow swooshing sound of the shoulder rocket firing off. It wasn't as easy as throwing a grenade and he never did make a direct hit with his rifle but he came close. He made a good direct hit with the shoulder launcher, though. The Tank Range took up most of the day. They had to clean the shoulder launchers before they left the range and then they were dismissed early. It wasn't free time, though. They had to clean their rifles.

Sean was really getting into the training, and he especially liked the camaraderie. They treated him like one of them; like a real Marine.

"How do you like it, being a Marine?" a muscular guy asked as he paused at Sean's bunk as he was coming back from the shower.

"Well, I'm not a Marine, but I could do this," Sean said.

"You are doing it," the guy said. "Only difference between me and you is, I signed the papers and I'm getting paid for it."

There were other resemblances, Sean noticed. They were both muscular. The guy was a few years older. They were both hung. Sean got the impression that the guy wanted him to notice that, the way he stood with his towel at his side so his entire body was on display.

More and more, Sean began to wonder if the word was out about him; that maybe he was being tested. At PT class the next morning somebody came up on the platform and said something to the instructor then left. The instructor stopped but bellowed for them to keep going.

"You! Come up here!" he said, pointing in Sean's direction.

Sean looked at Jason beside him.

"He's talking to you," Jason said under his breath.

"You!" the instructor barked again and Sean saw that he was indeed looking right at him.

"Get your ass up there!" Jason hissed.

Sean broke ranks and trotted up on the platform.

"Take over," the instructor said.

"But I....I don't know....I'm not even a Marine," Sean stammered.

"You look like a Marine to me," the instructor said with his steely-eyed glare. "You sure as hell didn't get those muscles from sitting on your ass."

"I played football," Sean said.

"Fine. Put `em through some of your football drills." And with that he strode off the platform.

Sean faced the company of Marines in front of him, nervous as hell. They were still doing jumping jack because nobody had told them to stop. He started doing them too, to get the cadence and to bring them to a stop, the way the instructor did. Then he started doing rollovers followed by running in place. The Marines responded like one well-oiled machine. They seemed to know every exercise he showed them. He kept glancing to the side to see if the instructor was coming back but he was nowhere to be seen. Sean saw him riding off in a Jeep. Shit, he thought, now what do I do? He kept doing what he was supposed to do, moving from one exercise to another, without letup. He saw the field sergeant wave and point to his watch. Time to stop. He finished the cadence and brought them to a halt.

"Get your gear and fall in!" the sergeant yelled.

Sean ran down off the platform to get his gear.

"Shit, what're you trying to do, kill us?" Jason complained, laughing.

"What do you mean? I was doing what he told me to do."

"He gives us a breather," Jason said.

"Oh, yeah, I guess I forgot."

The field sergeant came up to him. "Good job, private," he said.

"Thank you, sergeant."

They marched to the Hand-to-Hand Combat Range adjacent to the PT range where they stacked their rifles again. Sean watched intently as the instructor demonstrated the many ways to disarm and disable a man.

"This is not high school wrestling, gentlemen," he said as he paced back and forth in front of them. "You don't get points for pinning your opponent. You incapacitate him. Of course, you cannot do that until you have subdued him. The next logical step, then, is to end his life. That can be done any number of ways, some of which you will figure out on the spot if and when you are in that situation. I will demonstrate a few methods of ending a man's life with your bare hands, and then with a bayonet."

He called for a volunteer. A hand went up and a burly Marine sauntered out into the combat circle. The instructor demonstrated the methods one by one, going through the motions over and over again. Then he let the Marine try them on him. Each time the instructor prevailed and it was pissing the guy off.

"You out weigh me by forty pounds, Marine. Why don't you have my ass on the ground?" the instructor yelled at him. "You should have my ass on the ground with your boot on my throat!"

"I will, sir!" the Marine yelled.

"Then fuckin' show me!"

The instructor made a move and the Marine was on him like a bull, throwing him to the ground and kneeling on one knee with his other boot on the man's neck.

"Very good," the instructor said. "Except for one thing." With that, he reached out and grabbed the Marine by the balls. The Marine yelped and cried out and tumbled backwards, curled up on the ground, holding his balls.

"As you can see, gentlemen, I was subdued but I was not incapacitated. Observe who is incapacitated, without being subdued." He walked over to the moaning Marine and put his hand out. "You okay to get up?"

"Yeah....yeah, I think so."

He pulled the Marine to his feet and he stumbled back to his seat, still bent over in pain.

"Another volunteer." When no one responded he pointed to Sean.

"Why am I getting picked on today?" Sean asked Jason under his breath.

"He probably saw your dog tags," Jason said.

Sean walked out to the instructor.

"Do you think you can take me down?"

"Yes, I think I can," Sean said with great confidence. But it was the wrong thing to say.

"You think you can!?" the instructor yelled. "You do not think, Marine. You DO! There is no middle ground. You do not have time to think! While you're thinking about shoving a bayonet in your enemy's belly, he will have you dead! Now, you think you can take me down?" he yelled.

In that second, Sean felt like he was between and rock and a hard place. He had to give the sergeant the answer he wanted but he wasn't all that sure he could deliver; not after the way the sergeant had taken care of the big guy.

"I will take your ass down, sergeant!" he barked. Geezuss, what have I said! What have I done! I'm a dead man.

The sergeant began moving around him and he had to move, too. In those few seconds he sized the man up. He was smaller, tight-muscled, but he was twice as old as Sean. Trained, but older. Probably older than anybody he would meet in combat. Maybe he could put his youth to work for him. He lunged, with a blood-curdling yell, like he'd heard some others do. He didn't know how he did it, but he took the sergeant down. The rest unfolded in his brain precisely as he'd seen the sergeant demonstrate and the next instant he had his boot on the man's throat with his right arm pulled tight and twisted so he couldn't move without great pain.

"Very good! Observe, gentlemen, I can't reach his balls, not even with my other hand, unless I want him to jerk my shoulder out of joint." He patted the ground with his left hand.

Sean thought he was going to try something and jerked his arm.

"No!" the sergeant yelled, smacking his hand harder. "That means we quit!"

"Oh....sorry," Sean muttered as he let go of the sergeant arm and put his own hand down to pull him to his feet. "Sorry, I'm not a Marine," he mumbled.

"You could've fooled me."

Next he demonstrated with a bayonet but gave the volunteer a rubber bayonet. He demonstrated with three guys before moving everyone into training field to practice with each other.

"I do not want to see anyone giving anyone any quarter. If I do, I will take you both down," the sergeant yelled. "Or I'll sic this stud on you," he added, clapping Sean on the shoulder.

Trying not to beam with pride, Sean teamed up with Jason.

"You got lucky, you know," Jason told him gruffly.

"The fuck I did," Sean fired back, adopting Jason's no-nonsense attitude.

"We'll see," Jason said.

They sparred for a moment then Sean lunged. He didn't know what happened but nothing unfolded in his brain. He folded, like an accordion. Jason jabbed the handle of the rubber bayonet in his guts, got him to the ground with one leg twisted up to his chest and the blade of the bayonet laying across his throat.

"What the fuck happened, stud?" the sergeant asked Sean as he squatted down beside them.

"I don't know, sergeant, I guess he's quicker than I am," Sean said.

"He's also more alive," the sergeant said. "Remember, in these situations, in combat, only one man gets up."

"He won't get up again, sergeant," Sean said.

It was a good day and Sean was happy with his performance in every category. He was wondering if the week was going to be a totally chaste training experience. There was no place to go for privacy, and there didn't seem to be all that much interest, even though he was face to face constantly with Marines from his company who he was sure had fucked him at the armory. Not even Jason or Casey mentioned it. It was probably just as well. If word got out he could find himself servicing the entire company. He wished he could connect with the one muscular Marine who was friendly and spoke to him so often. Chuck was his name.

That evening after chow, Casey took him out on the steps of the barracks.

"You want some action?"


"Like you had at the armory," Casey said.

"Where? How many?"

"We've got a place. I don't know, maybe a dozen guys. You had more than that at the armory."

Sean could already feel his pulse racing. "Will you and Jason both be there?"

"Hell, yes."

"What about Chuck? Is he in on it?" Sean asked.

Casey laughed. "You want Chuck, yeah, we can get him."

"I don't want word to spread and things get out of hand," Sean said. He was half fearful, despite his excitement.

"Nobody's passing the word. I'm approaching everybody personally, just the ones I'm sure of," Casey assured him.

"The same guys, then," Sean said.

"Some. Some of them don't want to take the chance out know, the don't-ask-don't-tell rule. So there'll be some different guys."

"How many?" Sean asked again. "How many have you talked to?"

Casey took a minute to count them up. "Nine. Plus me and Jason, and now Chuck. Twelve all together."

"You didn't tell any of them about me, did you? I mean, you didn't mention my name or point me out?"

"No, all they know is there's going to be somebody there willing to take care of them. Hell, you could come and decide you don't want to do it and change your mind, and nothing happens. Nobody's gonna know it's you who was supposed to take care of them and they'll just think the guy didn't show up."

"Where?" Sean asked.

"There's a room in an old deserted barracks," Casey said.

"It's safe?"

"If it wasn't safe, I wouldn't be in on it."

Sean hesitated.

"So, how about it?" Cased asked. "It's your fantasy all over again. Not many chances to live a fantasy like that."

"Okay. I'm good to go, then," Sean said.

"Great! You're gonna have a great time. We all are. I'll come and get you when the time comes."

"What time will that be?"

"Jason will let us know. He's going to be sure everybody's there then come and let us know. We'll all three go together. need to clean out good. I've got what you need in my duffle bag."

"Hell, I can't go do that in the latrine," Sean said.

"Yeah, you squirt it in here beside your bunk....I'll hide you....then go into the latrine and let it do its magic."

Sean had no idea who all would be there. He watched to see if anyone left the barracks but he couldn't see anybody missing and those who did leave were going over to the day room to shoot pool. Or so they said. He wondered if they were bringing in guys from another company. He wondered if he should trust Casey. He trusted Jason more, but Jason wasn't the one organizing it. He took care of the little cleaning detail. It sounded like an explosion in the latrine but he blamed it on the chow. He showered, then, and slipped on his PT shorts and a T-shirt and his boots, as if he were going to lounge around for the evening. A few minutes later, Jason came in the barracks and came back to Sean's bunk.

"You good to go?" he whispered.


"Where's Casey?"

"Taking a piss."

They waited till Casey came back to his bunk then the three of them strolled out of the barracks. They walked down the company street and turned off onto one of the roads leading to the training courses. A good mile down the road they turned off onto a lesser used path, overgrown with grass, that led to some old abandoned barracks. There were trees and tall brush growing up all around them.

"I'm going to go up first by myself," Jason said. "I'll tell them the guy's on his way. You two come in together, nobody's going to know if one of you is him, or if we're still waiting on the guy to show up. Now, Sean, you decide pretty quick if you want to do this. If you don't, just say something like, you're not going to wait around and we leave."

"And if I do stay?"

"Don't say anything. After a few minutes, if you don't say anything, Casey or me will start something, to get things rolling and the rest will join in."

When he was sure Sean understood, Jason went into the barracks. Casey and Sean waited a couple of minutes then went in. Casey led the way up the stairs and through the darkened barracks to the room at the other end. He tried the door and it opened. They could barely see the figures inside. They slipped in and somebody locked the door behind them. It took a few minutes for his eyes to adjust to the dark before he began to make out the very masculine, unmistakably male forms in the room. Someone lit a small candle and he saw that the windows were all covered with black material and the room was crowded. It was intended as a one-man room and Sean thought he counted thirteen guys besides himself. As he was able to see them, he saw that they were all naked, or wearing just their shorts and some wore their combat boots. He knew he had to make up his mind quickly or he wouldn't be able back out. He spied Chuck, then, and it was easy to decide.

"I wonder if this guy's going to show?" someone asked quietly.

"This better not be a set-up," another said.

"Maybe he's here among us and we don't know it, he just hasn't made his move yet." It was Casey's who spoke, standing right beside him.

Sean's heart thumped in his chest with anticipation, so loud he was sure they could hear it. He jumped when he felt Casey's hand on his butt. Only the guys standing in close to them could see. Sean took his cue when Casey put his hands on his shoulders and pushed him to his knees.

"Ah, we found him, standing right here beside me!" the guy next to them exclaimed. "Well, he ain't standing anymore....awww, it....suck him."

"No fuckin' shit, he's really sucking cock?" someone asked.

"Not mine yet, but he will," the guy said.

As Sean took Casey's cock in his mouth he found himself in a cauldron of man-scent, gentle sweat from the packed room, deodorant and after shave, and pure male musk. It was like an aphrodisiac. Better than poppers. He sucked hungrily. He could hardly wait to move on to the next cock. He could hardly wait to get hold of Chuck and see how big he was. Huge, from what he saw swinging in the showers. Casey didn't take up too much of his time. He was getting things started, setting the pace; get a few strokes of head then let the next guy have a turn. When Casey pulled his cock free the guy next to them poked his cock in Sean's face. It was big, too, nice and thick and meaty, and he took it willingly.

"Aww, fuck!" the guy swore. "Aww, shit, I never felt anything like this!"

"Come on, pass him around."

And pass him around they did. The mass of Marine muscle moved sluggishly around the room, each one pausing to get his cock sucked for a few precious moments. Sean was in heaven. It was even more exciting than in the armory; an edge of excitement from being in a darkened room with muscles and cocks all around him, demanding his attention. He couldn't get enough cock and balls; couldn't get enough feel of hard Marine muscle. He didn't bother counting how many different cocks were shoved in his mouth. It didn't matter; he was going to be there for a long time, however long it took to get a dozen horny Marines off, and some of them probably more than once. He couldn't see their faces but he knew instinctively when he came to Chuck when he ran his hands up a pair of tree-trunk sized thighs. But instead of offering him his cock, he hooked his hands in Sean's armpit sand pulled him to his feet.

"You need some air, buddy?" he asked.

"Yeah, thanks."

"Its getting pretty stale in here, but we can't open the windows," he said.

Sean felt the man's cock pressing against his thigh. He was surprised he wasn't hard. It didn't matter. It felt like a radiator hose and he didn't care if he got hard at all. Chuck was pulling them together, smashing their bodies against each other, lobbing his huge cock between Sean's thighs. He grabbed his butt and squeezed the muscles unmercifully.

"Goddam, you've got a really fine ass," he said in Sean's ear.

"Its all yours, Marine," Sean said. He was stunned how the words came out. He sounded like a slut. But he didn't care. He wanted this guy any way Chuck wanted him. Chuck was writhing against him, flicking his tongue along the side of his neck. It sent chills down Sean's spine. He was kissing him, then, up and down his neck, down his chest then back up to the other side of his neck. Gradually he worked to the center, along Sean's cheek, till his lips brushed over Sean's lips.

Sean took the cue and smashed his lips hard against Chuck's mouth. The big Marine moaned and kissed him back and shoved his tongue in his mouth. Sean squealed.

"What the hell...he's kissing him!" somebody exclaimed.

"Looks more like he's raping him with his tongue," a guy standing close said.

"A Marine kissing another guy! Fuck, man, that's worse than fucking him."

"You got a problem with that?" Chuck growled as he suddenly grabbed the guy by the neck and pulled him over to kiss him. He kissed him hard and long, with great passion and Chuck wouldn't let him go. Sean heard the guy's muffled squeals and moans as he tried to get away, but it looked like he was also kissing him back. Then Chuck let him go.

"Fuck! Why'd you do that!"

"Cause you wanted it," Chuck said.

The others laughed.

"Are you ready for this?" Chuck asked Sean, then, pressing his cock against his thighs.

"I've been ready for a long time, back in the barracks," Sean said. He relented to the man's big hands on his shoulders and went to his knees in the mass of hairy, muscular thighs and manhood. He found Chuck's cock that brushed against his face and put his hands around it. Both hands! He put one hand atop the other then and gauged his full length. Geezuss, three hands barely covered the huge meat. He felt up and down the great cock and judged it to be a good foot long. Naw, couldn't be. Nobody's hung like that. Well, yeah, the big black guy they called Horse was. He wondered where Horse was; he hadn't seen him. He felt Chuck's cock again. Fuck, it was at least a foot long. He kissed up one side and down the other, getting it wet with his spit. When it was slick all the way up and down he took it in his mouth. He could barely get his mouth around it, but more than he could get his hands around it. He'd never seen or even imagined such a big cock, except maybe for Horse, and Horse wasn't there. He sucked him for quite awhile, feeling heady from the heavy air around him and the huge, meaty cock in his mouth.

"You need some more air?" Chuck asked, leaning down to him.

He didn't need air. He needed cock. He moved to Chuck's balls, big as a stallion's, and sucked one at a time in his mouth. They were too big to get them both in his mouth at the same time. Chuck liked him sucking his balls. Suddenly he felt hands on his butt, guys crouched down fingers probing at his asshole. Slick fingers, lubing him up for what was to come. He shivered at the thought of being fucked by all of these guys. Especially Chuck. His eyes were accustomed to the darkness now and he could clearly make out those closest to him. He looked up to see hard, muscular bodies around him big, hard cocks poking at him with hands around them.

"I think you fuckin' liked that," someone said.

"Awwwuunnmmmpphhhh!" someone moaned.

Sean could look up and see two Marines kissing, really hard.

"Geezuss, the air's turning us queer in here," someone said.

Hands were lifting Sean up from his kneeling position, to get to his butt. He stood up, still bent over Chuck's cock, and offered his butt to them. Fingers probed inside him for a moment then he felt cock heat. The guy pushed hard and his cock slipped in. Sean moaned around Chuck's cock. It was a long time before Chuck relinquished Sean's mouth to someone else but finally the circle moved on. Sean didn't want to give up the magnificent cock but it was pulled away from him. One by one, he sucked their cocks and one by one they fucked him. Sweat and aftershave and male musk and the smell of male sex permeated the room. They fucked him hard. They fucked him easy. Each man had his own style. A few of them just wanted to get their rocks off and leave. He moaned at the feel of hot come spurting deep inside him.

The fresh, cool air felt good when the door opened and closed. Soon, Sean began tasting cock and ass. They had made the rounds and he was sucking guys who had just fucked him. He knew he hadn't been fucked by Chuck yet and he wondered why. When he found Chuck's cock aimed at his mouth again, he sucked on it for a moment then leaned up and asked him why he didn't fuck him.

"You want it? I didn't think you would want anything that big shoved up your ass."

"I want it," Sean said.

Chuck turned him around and he bent over, face to face with Jason's cock. He gobbled it to stifle the pain he knew he was going to feel. He'd already had a dozen cocks in his ass but it felt like Chuck was going to take his virginity all over again. The head, the size of a baseball, smashed against his gaping hole. Chuck worked it back and forth a few times then pushed. Sean's hole spread wider and the great cock slipped inside him. He was glad he had Jason's cock in his mouth to quiet his outcry. Chuck was careful and slow but he shoved his cock in to the very last inch.

"Oh, My Goddd!" Sean gasped, lifting his head as he was impaled on the huge cock. It bored into him like a drill, so deep he thought it might be nudging against his stomach. He couldn't imagine there being room for it but it was in him, throbbing against his guts and his prostate; and he remembered the Horse.

"Geezusss, he's got that horse cock buried in his ass," someone said.

"I don't know how he took it."

"Bend over, I'll show you," Chuck said.

"No way," the man said, moving away. "Even if I was gay, I couldn't take that thing."

"What do you mean IF you was gay. Shit, you were swinging on my cock just a minute ago," Chuck said.

"The hell I was!"

They all laughed and a couple of them tried to force the Marine to his knees but he fought them off. Suddenly, Sean got the shock of his life. He was bent over sucking Jason's cock when another head appeared; a face close to his, also searching for Jason's cock. Sean got off of it and offered it to him. The young Marine took it hungrily. The others didn't realize for several minutes that one of their own was on his knees.

"Aw, shit, Stevens is down there sucking cock!" someone exclaimed.

There were moans of general disbelief but once the reality soaked in, there was a sense of total acceptance and relaxing of the guard. Inhibitions fell like a wet shroud as others were emboldened to reach for their buddies' cocks or feel their muscular bodies.

"I always wanted to try this," someone said huskily and Sean saw another Marine was on his haunches, groping for a hard cock.

"AWwwwhhhh," the other marine groaned. "Awww, fuck, buddy, why didn't you tell me....look at all the time we've wasted."

The room quickly erupted in moans and groans and whimpers of pleasure, along with the wet sounds of mouths and cocks and slick asses and Sean thought he wasn't the only one getting fucked. Sure enough he heard a painful outcry and knew someone was getting his ass plugged for the first time. It was like the room was drugged. Sean wondered how many virgins would leave the room non-virgins.

It went on for hours. Even with the other two guys who were sucking cock along with him, Sean was the center of attention. He lost count of how many times he had a cock shoved in his mouth or in his ass and how many loads of come he took. It was enough to say that these Marines were hot and horny and needed sex in the worst way, and it didn't matter that they were having sex with other guys. In the dark confines of the room, nobody's cock had a conscience.

Things finally began to wind down and one by one, they left the barracks, satisfied, till finally it was just Sean and Casey and Jason and Chuck left.

"Damn, you sure did a number on those guys," Chuck said.

"Look who did a number on who?" Sean said. "How many guys did you fuck, besides me?"

"I'm not sure," he said, laughing.

"We'd better be getting back," Casey said.

They got dressed. Sean stumbled going down the stairs and Chuck caught him.

"You okay, stud?"

"My legs are a little wobbly," he said.

"How many times did you get it up the ass tonight?"

"I lost count after twelve," Sean said.

"You've got a great ass," Chuck said. "I know I fucked you twice and the second time you were as tight as the first, and that was after a bunch of other guys had already fucked you. Man, you've got muscles in there."

"I'm surprised he can walk at all after being fucked by that monster horse cock of yours," Jason said.

"Hey, can we do this again before we go back home?" Chuck asked. "Just the four of us, without all those other guys."

"If we can find the time," Casey said.

A lot of the guys were more openly friendly toward Sean the next morning and he knew they were the ones at the barracks orgy. Some of them discreetly brushed against him in the showers and squeezed his butt. One guy even squeezed his cock.

The final two phases of the week's training was the combat course and then bivouac. The combat/infiltration course was as close to combat as Sean thought he wanted to get. They had to crawl under barbed wire, at night, past obstacles including explosive pits that literally raised him up off the ground while live ammo was sprayed over their heads. They were told not to rise up, except maybe to lift their heads. It was a nerve-wracking experience but he felt great after he got through it.

After all the other training, bivouac seemed like a camping trip. Jason saw that he and Sean were teamed up in the same tent. They marched to the bivouac area in the afternoon but weren't allowed to set up their tents till nightfall. They spent the rest of the afternoon being briefed for nighttime war games. They pitched their tents then went to chow. After chow they started the war games. They were marched deep into the wilderness section of the post and told to find their way back without being captured by the enemy forces. Sean had no idea even which way to head out. He was totally turned around. But Jason said he could get them started in the right direction if they were able to fight off anyone who tried to capture them. They traveled a long way without encountering any resistance. Then out of darkness three Marines appeared with rifles at the ready.

"Your asses belong to us," one of them said.

"You gotta get a hold of our asses first," Jason said.

Sean knew they couldn't accomplish a capture with rifles....they couldn't shoot them....and quickly learned the purpose of hand-to-hand. He applied everything he'd learned and subdued the first Marine that came after him and stuffed a red flag in his shirt pocket. The second one nearly took him down but he bested him and presented him with a red flag.

"Shit, he's the kid who ain't even a Marine," one of them said as he helped his buddy to his feet.

Jason was struggling with the third Marine but Sean didn't interfere. He would if he had to, but he thought he should let Jason handle it. They finally tied the three together and led them off. They made it the rest of the way back without incident, taking their three prisoners with them. As the men returned they were allowed to sack out. After reporting their prisoners, Sean and Jason took a piss and crawled into their tent.

"Do we sleep in our clothes?" Sean asked as he crawled in and moved out of the way for Jason to close and secure the flaps.

"We start out that way," Jason said with a soft chuckle.

"Is it safe out here?"

"If you don't make too much noise," Jason said as he reached over and squeezed Sean's butt.

"You mean you're going wanta fuck me, here?"

"More than anything."

"I don't know....if you think its safe," Sean said.

"Well, it's not against regulations to sleep naked, so we can be that close to being ready," Jason said as he began taking off his clothes too. "But keep your clothes handy, just in case."

There was no time for foreplay. Sean crawled down between his legs and sucked his cock for a few minutes then crawled back up beside him on his stomach.

"Better grab something to chew on," Jason told him as he straddled Sean's thighs. He lubed his cock with spit then pulled Sean's butt apart and let globs of spit fall into the crack. He worked it in till he was slick and moaning. He hunkered over him and pressed his cock between the round, taut muscles. Sean pushed back against the pressure till Jason's cock burst through his asshole. He cried out in his shorts. They paused for a moment for him to get used to it then Jason started fucking him.

"I'm not gonna try to hold off," Jason said.


Sean fought to keep quiet as Jason fucked him. He nearly screamed into his shorts when Jason rode his cock back and forth over his prostate.

"I'm gonna try to make you come, too," Jason said.

" ain't gonna take much, just keep doing what you're doing," Sean whispered.

It was over too quick but it wouldn't have been smart to go on too long. It was sex, not making love. When Jason shot Sean's ass full of his hot, thick come he relaxed on top of him. Sean's ass kept squeezing his cock.

"I think your asshole is thanking my cock," Jason joked. "Did you come?"

"Did I ever! Shit, I hope nobody wants to inspect my sleeping bag."

Jason pulled out and they lay side by side, up against each other.

"That was fuckin' great," Jason said.

"Like it always is," Sean said.

"How do you like being a Marine?"

"It's fun. I really enjoyed the training. And I like being around Marines."

"Think you might want to join up?"

"Yes, but I've got firefighters school. Maybe someday."

Chapter IX

The long trip back proved to be as exciting as the week's training at Camp Wallace. After chow on Sunday morning they loaded their gear and climbed into the duce-and-a-half trucks. Somehow, Sean, Casey, Jason, Chuck and some other guys from the orgy in the empty barracks all ended up in the same truck. Sean wasn't sure, about three or four of the guys; maybe they were all from the orgy too; he hadn't seen all of their faces. The bare wood seats were hard and the trucks weren't equipped with shocks that would have made them conducive to passenger travel. A couple of guys tossed the duffle bags out and lay down, using them for pillows. It wasn't much better, bouncing around on the bed of the truck. Only the smooth patches in the road now and then offered any comfort for the bedraggled Marines.

"Well, did everybody enjoy their vacation?" someone asked sarcastically.

"I had a fuckin' great time," Chuck declared. His hand was clasping the edge of the seat and he shoved it under the side of Sean's butt.

"How about you, civilian trainee?" the guy asked Sean.

"I liked it. I learned a lot," Sean said, flexing his butt muscles and squirming around on Chuck's hand.

"You going to join up?" someone asked.

"He's going to firefighter's school first," Jason put in.

"Now there's a guy with balls."

Chuck's fingers were digging into his butt, hard and determined. Sean was afraid of where he was taking it. He wasn't sure about all of the other Marines in the truck, and it was pure foolishness to think that anything could happen in the back of a truck going down the highway. But it was becoming obvious that Chuck had other ideas. His fingers were poking up between his buns now.

"It's a fuckin' long way back," someone remarked.

"Yeah, a fuckin' long way back," someone agreed.

"If it was really a fuckin' long way back, it wouldn't be near as long," Chuck said.

They looked at him with a bewildered look. A couple of them noticed where his hand was. They looked at Sean and he shifted his eyes away. Dammit, if the others didn't go along with it there could be hell to pay if somebody turned them in. But it was Chuck's Marine ass on the line, not his. They couldn't do anything to him, but they could court-martial Chuck.

"Hey, guys, anybody got any strong objection to making the trip a little less boring and a lot more enjoyable?" Chuck asked, looking all around to direct his question to everyone in the truck.

"I don't," Casey was quick to reply.

"I don't," Jason said.

"Me either," someone else said.

"What've you got in mind," one of the guys lying on the bed of the truck asked.

"Want us to show you?" Chuck asked as he skinned off his T-shirt. He tied it in the grommets of the canvas covering to cover the cab window.

Sean saw a couple of guys already tugging their shirts out of their pants.

"Any of you guys at the little party in the vacant barracks," Chuck asked.

"Yeah, I was."

"I was."

"Me, too."

One by one, most of them said they'd been there.

"Any of the rest of you guys object to getting a good piece of ass?"

"My girlfriend is warming it up for me as we speak," the guy said.

"What're you warming up for her??" Casey asked him.

"I don't need any warming up," the guy said.

"Hey, if you're talking what I think you're talking about...You said you were gonna show us something," Jason said as encouragement.

"Okay, but we take a solemn oath. Nothing of what happens leaves the back of this truck," Chuck said.

Sean knew he was being cautious because of the few guys who hadn't been at on the orgy. Everybody swore to the oath.

"Okay, now that that's out of the way, which one of us do you think is gonna get fucked?" someone asked boldly.

"I thought it was you," someone said to the guy.

"You was wrong," he said. "Goddam it, keep your hands off my ass!"

Chuck reached down and started undoing Sean's belt. "Stand up," he said.

Sean stood up, steadied by Jason, while Chuck undid his belt and his pants and pulled his T-shirt up.

"Take your shirt off," he told him.

"Is he the one?" someone asked. "Is he the one who was at the orgy?"

"Yeah," Chuck said.

"Hell, then, get him naked. Fuck, he was hot," someone said.

"Shit! We're gonna fuck him!? Shit, look at those muscles! This is gonna be fun."

Sean struggled to get his clothes off till he was down to his socks. Someone told him to put his combat boots back on, he wanted to know he was fucking a man.

"Hell, look at the way he's hung, he don't need his boots on for you to know you're fucking a man," Casey said.

But Sean put his boots back on as the guy requested.

"Goddam, look at that cock!"

"Hell, look at that ass! That's where the action's gonna be. For me, at least. You can suck his cock if you want to, nobody's going to tell."

The guys lying down on their duffle bags moved to the sides of the truck bed and Chuck tossed his and Sean's shirts down for him to lie on. Others threw their shirts down too. Then Chuck guided Sean to the center of the truck bed and laid him out and knelt between his legs.

"Holy Shit!" someone swore when they saw Chuck's huge cock. "Are you going to fuck him with that?"

"It's the only cock I've got," Chuck drawled.

"Fuck, man, you're gonna drill him a new asshole with that post hole digger."

Somebody....Jason, Sean thought....held out a tube of lube and squeezed some on Chuck's fingers. He worked some into Sean's ass then lubed up his cock.

"Fuck, I gotta see this up close and personal," someone said as he got down on his knees, real close.

"You get too up close, you get my cock in your mouth," Chuck said.

The guy drew back, his eyes glued to the huge cock. Chuck aimed and shoved, hard but gentle. Sean winced then let out a swooshing gasp as the huge head popped through is hole.

"Fuck, he's in him! Are you going to give him all of it?"

"Fuck, yeah, why would I hold any of it back?" Chuck said. He hunkered up over Sean on his hands and knees and shoved his cock in to the hilt. Sean gasped and groaned and then Chuck started fucking him. It was the most daring, exciting and exhilarating thing Sean had ever done. A two-hundred-forty-pound Marine hunkered over him driving his big twelve-inch cock in his ass, in the back of a military truck going down the road with a bunch of Marines watching, and waiting their turn. It was rough riding with the truck bouncing over holes in the road, but it was also exciting. Chuck's cock bolted and rammed at him from all directions, out of Chuck's control much of the time.

Sean saw the rest of the men taking off their clothes, getting ready. Chuck didn't finish. He fucked him for several miles then pulled out and offered Sean's ass to someone else. Taking the second guy was easy. He fit easily into the hole that Chuck had stretched for him. He felt good.

"Hey, nobody tries to hold off," Casey said. "We all wanta get our rocks off before we get back."

The guy fucking him shot his load and climbed off. Another took his place. Then another. Three down, he didn't know how many to go. He didn't care. He was encouraged that one of the guys who had fucked him didn't put his clothes back on. That meant that he was probably going to fuck him again. He hoped some of the others followed suit. This was something he wouldn't have the chance to experience often and he wanted to get the most out of it. He was taking on his fourth or fifth Marine when the damnedest thing....a young Marine, about his own age, who had been sitting without his shirt, watching, and rubbing his crotch, stood up and undid his belt and pants. He didn't take them off, but shoved them down, as if he were ready for his turn. But he didn't take a turn at Sean's ass.

"Fuck, you could use some help, and I wanta try this," he said to Sean as he laid astraddle one of the duffle bags.

"Shit, another one!" someone exclaimed.

"I'll take him," someone else said as he dropped to his knees to fuck the boy.

Sean was surprised but so happy that the boy had joined him in servicing the rest of the Marines. The boy reached for his hand and squeezed it.

"Hey, are you a virgin?" the Marine asked as he was lubing up his cock.


"Aw, fuck, how lucky can you be? I'll take it easy, kid."

The boy squeezed Sean's hand so hard it felt like it was going to crush his fingers as the Marine shoved his cock in him. Sean held on and endured the crushing squeeze till the boy's hand began to relax and he knew the pain was subsiding and that in a minute or two he would be groaning with pleasure.

The guys started taking turns with them, fucking one then moving right to the other, as if they were comparing assholes. Then Chuck was back for his second round. He knelt in front of the young kid first, purposely displaying his huge cock.

"OH, NO!" the boy gasped. "No, man, I can't take that thing! You're too big."

But Chuck would not be deterred. He spread some lube on his cock and aimed it and moved around behind him on the duffle bag.

"No, please," the boy begged, his voice trembling with fear. "Please don't fuck me with that. Godd, you'll tear my ass open."

"Naw, I'm just gonna drill you a new asshole," Chuck said.

"Oh, Godd....No, No....Oh, Goddd....Oh, Godd, No....Ohhhh, it's going in! Awwwsssshhhhhiiittttttt!" He finally choked on his outcry as he was slowly impaled on the huge cock but quickly found his crying voice again. ",'re killing me....ohh, Godd more....I can't take any more..."

"Shit, man, you're killing him," someone said.

"He'll get over it," Chuck said.

"He can take it," Sean put in. He turned his face to the boy. "Just take in some short, deep breaths and hang on. It's gonna feel great in a minute or two."

"I....d-don'!" the boy gasped. "Ohhhh, Marine, don't do this to another Marine....don't rape me....OHh, Goddd!" Then his voice trailed off in a whimper then he was quiet. Eerie quiet. Chuck finished burying his cock to the hilt and pressed against his spread butt.

"Shit, what'd you do to him?"

"Did he pass out?" somebody asked.

"Give me your canteen," Chuck said.

Somebody splashed water on the boy's face and he came too right away. He blinked and shook his head.

"You okay, boy?" Chuck said, leaning down in his face.

He blinked again. "Yeah, I guess so," he said softly. "Yeah, I'm okay.... I'm....ohhh, went in deep! Ohhhh...Ohhhh, it's throbbing like hell ....Fuck, it feels good now. You were feels good. OHhh, yeah, real good....fuck me...fuck me, you big stud. Show me what you've got."

"Now there's a Marine talking," Chuck said as he started to fuck his tender ass.

Chuck outlasted three more guys who fucked Sean. When he shot off they said they could feel the truck shaking. Sean was freed up for the moment and Chuck moved over and shoved his cock back in his ass. Sean let out a happy moan and took him. It felt like his cock was bigger than ever. He shot off another load and stumbled back to his seat, just as another Marine was pulling out of the young private and reached for his clothes.

"Can I, please, do one more thing," the young private asked as he crawled over between Chuck's legs. "I never did anything like this before, and I've always wanted to....." He wrapped both hands around his huge cock, still slick from Sean's ass, and looked up with begging eyes. "Can I suck it just a little before you put it away? Please, I never sucked a cock before."

"Hell, yeah, chow down," Chuck said as he splayed his legs apart for the boy to go down on him.

"Can I have a load?" the boy asked. "I know you've already shot a lot of times but I never tasted come before, either."

"Shut up and suck, I'll give you a load that'll blast your cap off," Chuck said.

"You guys better hurry up, we're getting close to home," someone said.

But Sean and the Marine who was fucking him were oblivious. He was sliding his cock in and out of Sean's hole with slow abandon.

"Fuck, you're so full of come," the Marine said. "Feels like I'm sliding my cock in a bucket of warm honey.

Chuck didn't try to hold back with the young, virgin private. He willed himself to come till he was spurting the boy's mouth full. The kid choked and gagged and moaned with delight as Chuck held his head in place and forced him to swallow it. Just as Chuck was finished up the Marine fucking Sean was drawing out.

"Anybody else?" he asked, looking all around. "This hole is about to close up."

"We just passed the ten-mile sign, you guys had better finish up and get your clothes on."

The guy pulled out of Sean's ass and Sean started to let his legs down when the young private whirled around on his haunches.

"Stay like that," he told him. Then he looked around and said, "Somebody had poppers; I smelled them."

"Right here," someone said, pulling a bottle out of his pocket. He uncapped it and handed it to the private.

The private inhaled a couple of times in each nostril and handed the bottle back. Then he gazed at Sean's wide-open asshole. "I've never done this before, either," he said, placing his hands on the back of Sean's thighs. He pushed his legs tight against Sean's chest and leaned down to bury his face in his ass.

"Awwwwhhhhh," Sean moaned tossing his head back. He hugged his thighs to his chest and twisted and writhed around on the boy's tongue shoved deep inside him. "Ohh, Goddd, it feels like you're fucking me, your tongue's in there so deep."

"Tilt your hips down a little, give me some come," the private said.

Sean let his hips down and the boy formed a suction over his hole and sucked the come out of him.

"Aww, Shit, I'm gonna throw up," someone said.

The boy sucked and moaned and slobbered and sucked the come out of Sean's ass till the poppers wore off then he rose up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Somebody put his hand out to help Sean up.

"I can't get up," Sean said. "There's about a gallon of come that's gonna run out of me."

"Here." Somebody handed him an olive green handkerchief to stuff in his ass so he could get his clothes on.

There was still come and butt slime all over the truck bed.

"Everybody, dump your canteens," Casey said. Everyone pulled out their canteens, some took drinks first, then dumped the water on the truck bed to wash down the mess. The young private settled back on a seat next to Chuck where he made room for him.

"Where the fuck did you come from, anyway? You weren't on our truck going up were you?"

"I'm from E company. I missed my ride," the boy said. "I'm glad I did, too. Nothing like this ever happens in our unit."

"Nothing like this ever happens in any other unit," somebody said.

"Well, I'm going to see about getting your tight little ass transferred," Casey said.

"That would be great," the boy exclaimed.

They were all dressed and pretty much back to normal when the trucks pulled up in front of the armory.

"How you doing? Are you guys going to be able to get down out of the truck and walk?" Jason asked Sean and the young private.

"Yeah, but it's going to take about a week for my asshole to close back up," Sean said.

"Just in time for me to open it up again," Chuck joked.

"You're going to have to break somebody else in or find a knothole," Sean said. "I'm going to be gone for six weeks."

"You'll be nice and tight when you get back."

Sean was surprised to find Lt. Johnson waiting at the armory in the chief's car. He climbed out and came up to the trucks. He was wearing bright red onion-skin athletic shorts and sneakers.

"Lt. Johnson, what're you doing here?"

"Get your shit and get in," Johnson said. "We've got about an hour to catch your bus for the academy."

"I thought I would drive up tomorrow; maybe spend the night at the station," Sean said.

"Not a good idea. Oh, spending the night at the station is a great idea, but you need to arrive on the bus with the others," Johnson said.

He barely got the door closed before Johnson took off. He handed Sean his cell phone. "Here, call your folks and tell them you're home and on your way to catch your bus."

His mother answered.

"Mom. This is Sean. I'm back and yeah, I had a great time. I learned so much. But I can't come home right away. Lt. Johnson picked me up at the armory and we're on the way to catch the bus to the academy. Can you guys pick up my car? It's parked in the lot in back of the armory. Yeah, great. Thanks. See you in about six weeks."

He handed the phone back to Lt. Johnson. "Oh, Shit!" he swore.

"What's the matter??" Johnson asked, slowing the car.

"I hid that big dildo the guys got me in the trunk of my car!"

"I'll take it out before I give your folks the keys," Johnson said.

"Thanks. Hey, we're only about twenty minutes to the bus station," Sean said. "How come it's going to take an hour to get there?"

"We're taking the long way," Johnson said with a grin as he rubbed his hand over his shorts. He spread his legs out wide in invitation. "I gotta have some of that hot mouth and that educated tongue to remember you by."

Sean smiled and reached over to move the officer's hand out of the way. He pulled the waistband out from his stomach. "Raise up, let me get these off part way," he said.

Johnson rose up so Sean could pull his shorts down below his knees. Sean took his cock in his hand and pulled on it, working it to hard rubber. Then he leaned over and took it in his mouth.

"Ahhh, yeah....I've missed this," Johnson moaned. "Did you see any action while you were at Marine camp?"

"Some," Sean said. "But I missed this, too, lieutenant."

"That feels so good," Johnson said as he rubbed his hand across the boy's shoulders and caressed the back of his head. "Listen, cool it at the academy," he told him. "I don't know if other units have got what we've got going. You could be in a whole lot of trouble if you exposed yourself to anything."

"I can wait till I get back," Sean said.

"Six weeks is a long time," Johnson said. "But we're going to have a big celebration when you get back. We're going to close off the upstairs and have an all-nighter. Just a couple of guys left downstairs on watch and the rest of us are going to be upstairs, celebrating with you. There are some new guys who are going to break into the action."

"Aw, that sounds great," Sean said. "Listen, I've got a couple of friends from school who bugged me all the time about becoming cadets. Do you think there's a slot for them?"

"Depends on what they've got to offer," Johnson said with a sly grin.

"One of them can offer everything I can," Sean said. "Oh, he's not as big or built like me, and his cock isn't as big, but he loves firefighters. He'll do anything you want."

"What about the other guy?"

"I'm not sure. He seems straight as hell, but then so was I till you guys got hold of me. Maybe you can find out."

"Fuck, yeah, I like a challenge," Johnson said. He pressed on the back of Sean's head. "Go all the way down on it, lap your tongue around my balls. That gets me worked up and we gotta do this in the next few blocks or I'm gonna be carrying this load back with me."

"No, you can't do that," Sean said. "I hear that causes blue balls."

They both had a belly laugh as Sean went back down on the big cock; all the way down till his face was buried in the man's pubes, his cock throbbing deep in his throat. Johnson held him there, snug, and let Sean's tongue and throat muscles and the bumps in the road do the rest. Two blocks later, Sean was gulping down spurts of hot, thick come.

Six weeks. It was going to be a long time. But surely, his wasn't the only unit with young cadets who liked sex with horny firefighters.

The End

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