The alarm next to my bed made me jump when it went off. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and read the display that said 6:00 am. I considered hitting the snooze button to let me sleep a bit longer but decided instead to get up. Even though it was only 6:00 am, the sun was out in full force like it always is June when you live in Phoenix. It was the first day at my new job. I stumbled out of my bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom and heard my Mom call out 'good morning sunshine'. All I wanted to do was to go back to bed.

I had graduated from State just a few weeks prior with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. I had found out that that kind of diploma plus a couple of bucks might get me a latte at Starbuck's. When I went to Career Services to start my job search I had had a rude awakening. The degree, the bookstore job I had at the community college and being the assistant manager of the baseball team didn't really count for much. Instead of searching for cock and cum during my two years at State I should have joined a couple of student organizations or gotten a job. Hindsight is 20/20.

After a series of on-campus interviews the only job that I had been offered was at a customer call center located in one of the suburbs of Phoenix. Since I had student loans to pay off, I decided to take the job instead of continuing to look. I'd heard that it's easier to find a job when you have a job.

After the typical morning rituals plus the extra cleaning I always did, I checked myself out in the mirror. Staring back at me was a 22 year old with blue/green eyes and dirty blonde hair. I still carried 165 pounds on my smooth 5'10" frame. Even though I no longer played organized sports like I had in high school, I did take full advantage of the recreation center on campus to work out and swim, well at least I did until I got banned from the building for getting caught giving another student a blow job in the locker room. After that I used the small fitness room in the apartment complex I lived in my senior year and took up running.

After graduation I had moved back in with my parents so that I could save up some money for my own place plus finally get a new car to replace my piece of shit Chevy that I had been driving for the past four years. Not having my own place had severely curtailed my extracurricular activities that I had been involved in while I was at State. Most of my time outside of class and doing homework was spent finding and servicing cocks, preferably large ones that were attached to hot men. During the past two years I was still involved with my on-again, off-again "relationship" with Jake the Asshole. I had met him at community college. He had been the captain of the baseball team and had the body of a Greek god and a cock that fit my mouth and ass perfectly. Unfortunately he was also a homophobic jerk who thought I should service him whenever he wanted me to but then go back to his fraternity and fuck his way through several sororities. Suffice it to say it didn't end well on many different levels.

To be honest, I didn't wait for Jake the Asshole to come around. I found more than enough other pieces of meat to keep the cum whore and size queen that I am more than satisfied. There were lots of places on campus to hook-up for a quick blow job or fuck. I also knew which adult bookstores and malls had glory holes and also which parks had good cruising. Since graduating I had spent most of my time on my knees around town except when I was buying clothes for my new job. My usual outfits of ripped jeans, shorts and tight tank tops weren't going to work for work. Luckily, my Dad had given me money to go out and buy some more appropriate clothes. So between stops at the mall bathrooms I had purchased several pairs of nicely fitted khakis and chinos that showed off my ass along with some dress shirts that I had tailored to fit my upper body so they skimmed my skin as close as possible. Fortunately my new place of employment didn't require suits, sports coats or ties.

After putting on some of my new clothes and doing one more check in the mirror, I headed downstairs. My mother, as usual, had prepared a heavy breakfast of eggs and bacon. She was always concerned that I didn't eat enough protein, little did she know. I poured myself a travel mug of coffee, grabbed an apple, kissed my Mom on the check and headed out. I wanted to make sure I was early for my first day at the new job.

When the company had called to offer me the job, the person on the other end of the line told me where I should come for my first day. It sounded like most of my first morning was going to be in the personnel office filling out forms and going through some training.

I pulled into the large parking lot outside of a rather non-descript corporate building. With coffee in hand, I walked into the building a few minutes before 8 am. A nice receptionist directed me toward the personnel office where I was directed into a large conference room that was filled with men and women about my age that all had a look of apprehension similar to what I assumed was on my face. There was one exception, he was part of the way around that table and didn't really look like he belonged here. He was several inches taller than me with jet black hair and almost black eyes. He was the only one in the group that was wearing, what appeared to be, a very expensive looking suit that was perfectly cut. Instead of a shirt and tie, he was wearing a snug shirt with a V collar that, like his suit, looked expensive. The V was deep enough to show that he had a smooth chest. The way that the fabric appeared taut told me that he had a nice set of pecs. The way that the sleeves of the jacket were cut made it clear his biceps well developed, a weakness for me. He caught me checking him out and gave me a cold stare with his eyes.

The girl next to me must have saw me staring because she turned to me and said "I knew him in high school, he always bragged that he was the son of the President of this company and that he would take over for his Dad when we graduated. Obviously his dad is going to make him start with us other entry level peons. Serves the asshole right." There must have been some history there that I didn't know about.

While we waited for whatever was going to happen, we all were checking each other out. I guessed a lot of them were trying to figure out who their competition was going to be but I was checking to see which guy was the hottest. While the President's son had them all beat, there was quite a few guys that were pretty high up there. I thought I had seen some of them on campus and am sure I had been fucked by one guy I had hooked up with on campus.

It wasn't long before a middle-aged woman came in and had us fill out a variety of forms plus reviewed various policies we all needed to be aware of. To be honest, I only heard about half of it because my eyes kept returning to the President's son. He appeared to be totally bored and caught me looking at him a couple of times.

For the next hour we watched a video that explained what our jobs were. Basically, we would be answering calls from customers that had questions about their service or their bills which was information we could pull up on the computer screens we would be sitting in front of. We were informed that not only would the calls be recorded but the number of calls that we handled would be tracked daily. Our goal was to help as many customers as possible each shift and that our call rates would be used to determine future opportunities. At the end of the video we were each given a piece of paper with our names on them along with a letter of the alphabet and a number. We were told that the letter and number represented the cubicle we had been assigned. We were told that we would have the rest of the morning to settle into our cubicles, become acquainted with the computer system and to read the script we should use when answering calls. The woman led us out of the room into a huge area made up of a farm of cubicles. Before we all searched for our new work spaces, the woman pointed out where the large staff lounge was and that we could use it for breaks and lunch. The woman informed us that we weren't allowed to eat at our desks. I hadn't brought any lunch with me so I was glad to see that there were vending machines. We each went our separate ways to find the cubicles assigned to us. My cubicle was small with really just enough room for a small work surface, computer and keyboard, telephone with a headset and an office chair. With the exception of the opening of the cubicle the walls must have been about 7' tall. It was a great way to isolate each of us so that we wouldn't waste time speaking to the people in the other cubicles. My cube was along the outer edge so there wasn't a cube across from my opening, just a wall.

I started reading the manual and script that were waiting for me. At some point I sensed someone standing behind and turned in my chair. My face was in front of a large bulge in the slacks of whomever was standing there. I raised my eyes and realized that it was the President's son. Even though there was smile on his face his eyes still had a cold look to them. He stepped further into my cubicle so that my face was inches from his crotch and I couldn't help but stare at the outline of a cock that was obviously growing.

In a voice quiet enough so as not to be heard above the din of all the voices that could be heard on the phone lines, the President's son said, "By the way you are looking at my package, I was correct in my thought that you were probably a cocksucker." I rolled my chair back as far as I could be he just stepped closer so I was trapped and even closer to the bulge he was proudly pushing toward me. "You ready for something to eat faggot? I'm bored as hell sitting down here with all you losers." I still hadn't said anything. "Get up and come with you. Don't worry if anyone comes by they'll just think you are at lunch", he quietly laughed, "Which you will be." He stepped back enough so that I could stand up.

He turned and walked out of my cube. I followed admiring again how his suit fit him. It accentuated his broad shoulders and narrow waist. As I followed him, I glanced into cubes and saw some of my fellow new hires hunched over their manuals. Other cubes were empty and I assumed the occupants must be having lunch. We walked past the staff lounge and several employees watched us walk by and through a doorway. Instead of another room filled with cubicles and bright lights we were in a nicely carpeted hallway with soft lighting. We walked by several doors that I assumed were private offices or suites because they had a name and title on a plaque next to the door.

We reached a door that had a place for a plaque but there wasn't a name or a title. The President's son opened the door and waved me in. The office was nicely furnished but obviously didn't have an occupant. The President's son closed the office door and then locked it. As I watched he went over to the desk and took off his jacket. As I had thought, the expensive t-shirt really hugged his chest, shoulders and his upper biceps. Without his jacket, I could tell the shirt was very sheer and his nipples were pronounced. He leaned back against the desk and unbuckled his very expensive looking leather belt. He then unfastened the top of his slacks and pulled his zipper down revealing a pair of silk boxers. He pushed his slacks down enough so that he could pull the waist of his boxers down below his balls and releasing his cock. I now understood why he had seemed so proud of it when he was in by cubicle. It wasn't fully hard and it was already at least 8" with a big head. It wasn't the thickest cock I'd ever blown but it was above average.

"Get over here and get on your knees sissy boy." I stepped closer and knelt between his spread legs. He grabbed a hold of his cock and slapped it against my cheeks before dragging it across my lips. "This is what you've been waiting for isn't it? Come on, show me that you know how to take care of the boss' son." He lowered his hand and I brought mine up and wrapped my fingers around the base of dick and opened my mouth and took the big head between my lips. "That's it, show me how much you wanted my cock." I closed my lips around his shaft and slide my head down. I also roughly rubbed my tongue along the underside of his glans. "Mmmmmmmm, fuck that feels good. No girl knows how to suck a cock like a fag." When the head hit the back of my throat, I took a deep breathe through my nose and then took the head down my throat. All my practice over the last four years had helped me develop my skills at deep throating. I then slowly moved my head back until only the head was left between my lips. I sucked on the head while I tickled the man's balls with my fingers. "Oh, shit."

Since the President's son seemed to like the attention I was giving his balls, I let the head of his cock slip from between my lips and I began to slather his balls with my tongue. His hard dick bounced off of my face leaving drops of precum wherever it landed. At some point he must have had enough because he pushed me from his balls and aimed his cock back at my mouth which I gladly swallowed again.

I didn't know if he was talking to me or just talking out loud but as he thrust his hips forward driving more of his dick deeper into my mouth he said, "My fucking father, I graduate from Harvard and he makes me work answering phone calls from fucking losers who have questions about their bills." He grabbed my head and started fucking my face. "I should at least be in one of these offices or up on the executive floor where I belong." Every time he said something he started fucking my mouth with more anger. "The asshole told me I've got to do this for a couple of months so that I can understand what our workers do." Thrust, thrust, thrust! Then he pushed my head away and pulled his cock out. "I'm not ready to cum yet." He slowly spread some of his precum over his cock and then wiped his hand on my face. "Jesus Christ dude, you must really like cock the way your mouth is hanging open." He aimed his dick head back toward my mouth and jammed it in, "Here you go."

This went on for a while. He would fuck my face but then pull out. After spreading my saliva and his precum over his cock he would aim it at my mouth again and ram it forward. All the while he was talking about what an ass his father was and how much better he could run the company.

The back of my throat was getting raw from the continuing pounding it was getting but inside I was enjoying each inch that went in and out of my mouth. The man's legs started to tremble and I knew he was getting close. "I'm getting close man, you better not let any of my cum get on my slacks. If you do, you'll be out of a job bitch." With that several spurts of thick, salty cum hit the back of my throat. As he started to pull back, I made sure to keep my lips tight so that all of his cum stayed in my mouth. Even when he pulled out, I held tight to the base of his dick so that I could lick off any of the last few drops. I stared up into his eyes as I licked his head a few more times before I released his cock from my hand.

He shoved his still semi-hard cock back into his boxers, pulled up and fastened his slacks, and buckled his belt. He stood up and shrugged on his suit jacket. "Christ, if your pussy is anything like your mouth, I can't wait to throw you a good fuck." I stood up and made sure there weren't any accidental cum stains on my dress shirt and followed him toward the office door. He unlocked it stuck his head out, "All clear."

I followed him out into the hallway and we headed back to the cube farm. A man about 40 came out of one of the offices and said "Hey Josh, your Dad didn't mention you were home from college. Who's this guy?"

"One of the new call center employees. He got lost trying to find the office supply room. You know how newbies can be. I'm showing him the way back." The older man shook his head in understanding. "I'll talk to you soon."

As I walked by the older man, he grabbed my shoulder and said, "Hey kid, you've got something on the side of your face, you may want to stop by the john and clean up before going back to work." Josh and the older man exchanged knowing looks before we headed to the end of the hallway and reentered the cube farm.

Before we parted company, Josh, under his breath, said "You better not tell anyone about this if you want to keep your job. You also better remember that you're my bitch now, got it?" I shook my head yes and headed to the bathroom to wash my face.

Not long after I made it back to my cube a man in a tie stopped by and said, "Hi Chad, I'm Greg, the supervisor of your section. I noticed that you were gone a bit longer than normal for lunch. Everything ok?"

"Yes sir, I just lost track of time."

"No need to call me sir, it's just Greg. Don't let being late become a habit."

"Got it."

As Greg walked away, I pulled on headset, flipped open my script and punched the flashing light on my phone. "Thank you for calling, this is Chad, how can I help you today."

Over the next four hours I answered calls non-stop. I got really good at pulling up customers' account information on my computer and I actually received quite a lot of "thank you for your help" and I don't think I pissed anyone off. As the clock got closer to 5 pm an internal message popped up on my screen.

Chad - great job today. You had one of the highest call volumes of any new employee. Keep up the good work. Greg

Between the positive feedback and a nice load of cum, I was feeling really good about my first day on the job. Within seconds another internal message popped up on my screen.

Bitch - don't leave your cubicle until I tell you that you can! If you do, you know what will happen.

Obviously the message had come from Josh. I knew he was a jerk, albeit a fucking hot one with a great cock, but a jerk just the same. He must not be too smart either if he thought he could send that kind of message over the company's internal system.

As the clock moved passed 5 pm, I could hear my colleagues leaving their cubes. Some of them were talking to each other as they walked past my cube. The girl I had spoken with at the orientation stuck her head into my cube and asked if I wanted to join her and some of the other new employees for a drink so that we could get to know each other. I really didn't want to say no but I was worried about losing my job and missing Josh's cock. "Thanks, maybe next time. See you tomorrow."

About 5:30 the cube farm was quiet enough to hear a pin drop. I was trying to decide if I was going to wait or just leave and face the consequences, when I heard voices getting closer to my cubicle. Josh appeared at the entrance to my cube with his hand on the shoulder of a man that could have been his twin if he had black hair instead of sun bleached blonde. "This is the little faggot I told you about. He's got one fucking hot mouth. He's even better than that little queer that lived next to us in Cambridge. Remember how he used to suck us off together? I think this bitch would be glad to do us both before we go get dinner like we planned."

The new guy wasn't in office attire, he was wearing a nice fitting pair of designer jeans, expensive looking shoes without socks, and tight polo shirt that was at least one size too small. It looked like it was going to split across his chest, shoulders and arms, maybe all three. Josh's description of my mouth must have gotten his juices flowing because he put a hand under his shirt and pushed it up and rubbed his defined six pack. Josh had already taken his jacket off, unbuckled his belt and opened his slacks. As he pulled out his hardening dick he said to his friend, "Here, let me show you." Josh stepped closer to my chair and aimed his cock at my mouth. I opened my mouth and he stuffed my face with his hot piece of cock meat. His movement caused my chair to roll back until the back was against the cube wall. Josh reached up and put his hands against the top of the cube wall and just started fucking my face again. I couldn't move all I could do was let him rape my mouth. This wasn't going to be a slow blow job like earlier, it seemed like he wanted to blow his nut fast, but I was wrong. He pulled his cock back and out of my mouth and stepped to the side. "Go for it man."

I hadn't noticed but Josh's friend had pulled the front of his polo up and over his head exposing two solid pecs with just a dusting of blond hair. He had also opened his jeans letting me see that he wasn't wearing any underwear. He reached into his jeans and pulled out a cock that was almost as big as Josh's. Once it was fully out of his jeans the friend started to stroke his member just inches from my face. "The way that you were just fucking his mouth, am I right in assuming that he likes it rough?"

"You got it Chris, give him all you got."

Chris leaned into the wall like Josh had done but instead of putting both hands on the cube wall he just used one and with the other grabbed the back of my head and pulled me on to his cock until my nose was rubbing against his trimmed blonde pubes. Like he was riding a bucking bronco he held tight to the wall and the back of my head using his quads and glutes in an attempt to push more cock into my mouth than he had. He tilted my head forward to the point that I had a hard time breathing. "Yeah bro, fuck his face, you know he loves it, but don't cum yet. We're going to do it together just like we used to." After a few more minutes of getting face fucked, Chris pulled out and stepped to the side.

"Let's do it!"

Both men stepped closer and rubbed their cocks against my lips. "Shit, I forgot how good this feels." They had an arm around each other as they rubbed their cocks together as they rubbed them against my lips. "Open up bitch." I opened my mouth as wide as possible and took in as much of both of their huge heads as possible. The amount of precum leaking into my mouth was almost as large as a load of cum from one guy. As I glanced up I saw that both men had their eyes closed. They had pulled themselves so close together it looked like they wanted as much of their bodies to touch as possible. Made me wonder if these guys wanted to fuck around with each other but were either too closeted or homophobic to do anything about it.

"Come on bro....I can't hold out much longer.!"

My mouth filled with one than two loads of cum, using my tongue I swirled it around both of their cock heads which they seemed to like. Neither of them tried to pull back, in fact they collapsed into each other as both of their dicks deflated and they finally pulled them from between my lips. Even though I had tried to swallow all of the cum, it was just too much and some of it dripped from my lips onto my new pants. When they finally pulled their cocks apart, both men squeezed the last of their cum from their dicks letting it also drop onto my pants.

"Shit man, I think that was even better than the little twerp."

"Yeah, I'm glad this bitch is going to be around when I need to relax. Come on, let's go, maybe we can pick up a slut and see if we can get a piece of ass to share." Both men straightened up their clothes and left my cube. As they walked away I heard Josh say, "Later bitch."

I stopped in the men's room on the way out of the building to do my best to clean the cum stains from my new pants but didn't have much luck. I was going to have to do my best to sneak past my Mom and Dad when I got home. While I drove my piece of shit Chevy home all I could think about were the two cocks I had enjoyed. I was able to sneak in the house and go upstairs and got to beat off before going downstairs for dinner with my parents.

The next two days at work were uneventful except that I got several more compliments from Greg when he stopped by my cube or through the internal messaging system. However, the third day was different. Just before 5 pm I got a message on my computer.

Come to 317 when the office closes.

I assumed the message was from Josh. After the cube farm had emptied at the end of the day, I took the elevator up to the third floor and found 317. There was a plaque alongside the door that said Marcus Ryan, Manager, Customer Service. The door was partially open so I lightly knocked and pushed the door open. Behind a desk was an African American man a couple of years older than me, maybe in his late 20's. "I'm sorry, I must have the wrong office."

"Are you the new guy in the call center?"

"Yes, I'm Chad Cartwright."

"You're in the right place." All I could think was that what I had done with Josh and his friend had been found out and I was going to be fired. "Come in and close the door." There was a strong sense of authority in the man's voice.

"Mr. Ryan, if anything I've done...."

He cut me off, "Stop. You may not know this but there are video cameras all through the building. Since the customer call center reports to me, one of our security team who owes me brought me a video that showed you giving blow jobs to two guys in your cubicle. I could tell that one of the guys was Josh, the President's son. The guy is a real prick and I've really disliked the guy since he was an intern for a couple of summers. You finally gave me the leverage to get his ass out of here, at least for a while. I got his father to agree to send him to our other customer call center in Des Moines. It's probably going to be at least a couple of months before he whines enough to his old man to be brought back. Now, I want you to tell me something, did he use his position as the boss' son to make you give him and the other guy in the video head?"

While I should have said yes, I just looked down at my feet.

"Shit, you wanted to blow them. God damn, I thought I was going to really stick it to that son of a bitch. When he comes back he's going to come after me. Fuck!" I could sense that he was getting angry.

Mr. Ryan leaned back in his chair and for the first time I really looked at him. He didn't have a suit jacket on and his tie was loose. His sleeves were rolled up his arms. He looked like he probably played basketball when he was in college and since then had made sure he stayed in shape. The white of his dress shirt contrasted with his dark skin which looked flawless. He put his large hands on the desk and pushed himself up out of his chair. The man was a giant, he had to be at least 6'8"

"Fuck, fuck, fuck......when that piece of shit gets back here, he's going to find out that I screwed with him and I'm going to be out of a job. Get your little white faggot ass out of here." He was almost yelling. I started backing out of the office.

"You know, I could say that he forced me."

"What's wrong with you? If you couldn't lie to me when I asked you in the privacy of my office, what would you say when HR asked you about it? You'd probably just be looking down at your feet again or checking out the Director of HR like you're checking me out right now. Just go."

I left Mr. Ryan's office, rode the elevator back to the first floor and logged out of the computer system and headed out to my car. When I got to the lobby, Mr. Ryan was coming out of the elevator. When he saw me I could feel the anger radiating out of his eyes. I stopped in my tracks and watched him move toward me. He moved like a caged animal. Every one of his muscles were taut. The man's body was incredible. When he got to where I was standing, he put his muscled arm around me and growled, "Act like everything is normal and come with me. Remember there are cameras on us." He led me out of the building with his arm still around me but with his fingers digging into my shoulder. "Now listen to me, you're going to go to your car and act like it won't start and then flag me down while I'm driving away like you're asking me for help. Understand boy?"

"Yes." I don't know if it was the man's cologne, the heat that was radiating from his body, the way his arm muscles were pressed into my neck and back or his size but my cock was starting to get hard.

We parted ways and I went to my piece of shit Chevy and acted like I tried to start it. It was such a piece of shit, no one who looked at the video would be surprised that it didn't start. I guess I could have just driven away but something was telling my inner cum whore that I should do what Mr. Ryan said.

I got out of my car and waved as Mr. Ryan started driving past me in his black Audi. He stopped, rolled down his window, and told me that I was going to get in his car like everything was good and that I was going to give him a blow job while we drove somewhere.

I walked around to the passenger side of his car and got in. He put the car in gear and then started to unzip his pants. "If I'm going to lose my job because of you, I might as well get something out of it." Because his legs were so long, the seat was as far back as it could go. He struggled to get his cock out of his pants. I had heard that basketball players had big dicks and Mr. Ryan didn't disprove that rumor.

He grabbed the back of my head and pulled it to his lap. "Get to work." His cock was still soft but it was huge. All I could do to start with was to lick the shaft, which I did. Slowly it started to become engorged. The more it grew the more that I was concerned about whether I could even get the head into my mouth. I couldn't help myself, I grabbed his cock just beneath the head and brought it to my lips. At first all I did was lick the V and underneath the crown. "You better be able to do more than that." I opened my mouth wider and soon had worked the head into my mouth while my head hit the steering wheel. "What kind of faggot are you? I want to see more of my cock in your mouth."

I struggled to get more of his cock into my mouth but between its size and the position I was in I was only able to get about an inch below his huge head. "Fuck this." He must have pushed a button on his steering wheel linking his phone with the car because he said "call Ricky". (TO MY READERS, REMEMBER THIS WAS 8 YEARS AGO SO BLUETOOTH PHONE TECHNOLOGY WAS RELATIVELY NEW).

A voice came through the car speakers, "What's up Marcus?"

"Where you at?"

"The usual, why, what's up?"

"I got a little something for us to play with, tell 'em to close off the back room. I'll be there in about 15."

I continued to struggle to get more of Mr. Ryan's cock in my mouth but wasn't having a lot of luck. Finally he pushed me away and started to struggle with one hand putting his dick back into his pants. After a few minutes we pulled into a parking lot in an older looking strip mall. I hadn't really seen where we had been driving so I didn't know what part of the city we were in.

Mr. Ryan got out of the car and waved for me to do the same. We walked toward one of the store fronts that had a neon sign in front of the blacked out windows. The door that we opened was also blacked out. Even though it was still sunny outside, the space we entered was a dimly lit, beat up looking bar. There was a couple of tables and chairs but most of the room was filled with a long wooden bar with stools and a pool table. There were a few older men and a couple of women sitting at the bar. With the exception of one woman, all of the other occupants were black. Toward the end of the bar were two black men about the age of Mr. Ryan.

As we got closer to them one of the men said, "Shit, if it isn't Marcus, I thought we were too good for us since you got that big job."

The other man punched him in the arm, "Shut the fuck up. Good to see you man." Mr. Ryan and the man hugged. "It's been too long."

Mr. Ryan turned his head to the bartender, "Hey, give my friends another round and give me a Jack neat." Mr. Ryan grabbed my shoulder again, "What do you want?"

"Uh....a Cosmo." That got a laugh from Mr. Ryan, his friends and the bartender. After the bartender got Mr. Ryan and his friends their drinks he poured a large amount of vodka over a few ice cubes and slide it to me. Mr. Ryan, who I was starting to think of as Marcus since that's what his friends and the bartender kept referring to his as, asked the bartender if the back room was clear.

"Sure is. Keep it quiet, don't want any problems."

The three men grabbed their drinks and I grabbed mine and Marcus led me to the door at the back of the bar. It was a small dark space filled with boxes of liquor and other supplies. There was a desk in the corner but not much of anything else.

One of the men turned to Marcus, "What's going on man? We haven't seen you in a while."

Marcus pushed me forward, "This little faggot cost me my job because he blew two rich assholes in the office and got caught on film and then he wouldn't tell me the truth. I thought we could show him what real cocks look like."

"You sure man, we haven't done anything like this in a while." That didn't stop the man from rubbing he bulge in his baggy jeans.

Marcus turned to me, "Drink up." I chugged my vodka. "Now get back to what you started in the car." I dropped to my knees. Marcus just let his arms hang by his side letting me know that he wanted me to get his cock out. I unbuckled his belt, undid the waist of his slacks and pulled his zipper down. When I pushed his boxer briefs down I saw how big his cock really was. The other two men stared as I felt the heft of Marcus' dick and started to lick from the head to his balls, which was no short distance. While the other two guys watched me work they both were grabbing their crotches.

Once again I opened my lips as wide as I could to take in Marcus' spongy head. I thought I was popping my jaw but once again I had it completely in my mouth. Marcus raised one of his hands and put it on the back of my head and applied pressure making more of his cock enter my mouth. I was amazed at how much I was able to take but he kept the pressure up. I heard zippers being lowered.

"Man, I ain't seen anyone take that much of your cock before."

"And he's going to take more." Marcus kept applying pressure, I moved my head which allowed some more to fill my mouth. One of the other men, not sure which one, grabbed my belt and raised me off my knees while Marcus kept pressure on the back of my head. I started to gag, which I usually don't do. Saliva was dripping from my mouth. Finally Marcus slightly moved his hand back allowing me to catch my breath but then applied pressure again actually getting more of his cock into my mouth.

Someone's hands reached around my waist, undid my belt and pants, lowered by zipper and pulled my pants down to my knees. As tears started falling from my eyes I felt a hand start to fondle my ass. "Nice ass." Then I felt my underwear being ripped away and fingers running along my ass crack. I calmed myself and loosened my throat and more of Marcus' thick cock was in my mouth, the fat head finally rubbing against the back of my throat. I felt a finger enter my ass and push in deep. "He's fucking tight."

When I started choking again, Marcus pulled out and said, "Gotta try something different." The finger left my ass as Marcus pulled me upright. "Get the stuff off of the desk." One of the friends pushed the stuff off the desk making a lot of noise.

"Hey, quiet back there!" came from the bar.

Marcus pushed me down on my back onto the desk and moved me so that the head was hanging off the edge of the desk. 'Open your mouth." This time it wasn't so painful to open my jaws to swallow the head and the shaft that followed. Because of the different position more of Marcus' cock entered my throat. "Jesus Christ." He pushed again.

I felt the other guys pulling my shoes off followed by my pants. A finger again explored my asshole. "Want us to get him ready for you Marcus?"

"Hell yes."

A second finger joined the first. The way they both moved made me realize that both of Marcus' friends were fingering me. That was followed by the fingers being removed and one of them spreading my ass cheeks. One of them spat on my hole and I felt the heat of a cock head pushing against my hole. As he pushed harder it felt like more of Marcus' dick entered my throat, if that was even possible. Marcus said, "Hey man, get over here." The friend that wasn't pushing against my hole came over to where Marcus was. Marcus pulled his cock free from my mouth and his friend slid his in. The friend's dick wasn't as thick or long as Marcus' so it slid in relatively easily after Marcus had stretched my throat so far. During that time the man at my ass had pushed all the way in and was now pushing my legs back as he started to push and pull his cock along the interior of my ass.

Marcus had stayed close to his friend that was in my throat and I watched him stroke his enormous cock. I couldn't believe that I had taken as much as I had. The man at my ass had picked up his pace and soon yelled, "I'm going to cream this white boy's ass!"


I felt my ass fill with the man's spunk. That must have sent off his friend because I could tell that my throat was also being coated with hot liquid. When I started to gag again, Marcus reached down and raised my head so that I could swallow his friend's seed. Both of Marcus' friends pulled from my orifices. I took a couple of deep breathes while I had the chance.

Trying my best to raise my head, I watched Marcus walk around to my now empty ass. "You ready?" He didn't wait for a response. He slowly pushed his head through my hole. His friend's cream helped ease the way. Marcus grabbed my ass and pulled me forward, there was more cock in my ass then I had ever experienced. It felt great.

Marcus fucked my ass for maybe twenty minutes. My shirt was soaked with sweat. My cock was as hard as a rock and was leaking all over my stomach and shirt. Marcus' two friends were close to my face stroking their cocks as they watched their friend fuck the shit out of me. Like the Grinch's heart, it felt like Marcus' cock grew to three times its size before a torrent of cum filled my aching ass. Marcus pulled his cock out and wiped it on my ass while his friends came on my face. In a calm voice, Marcus said "Mr. Cartwright, was that better than those two white pricks from the other day?"


As the three of them organized themselves, Marcus said "Clean up as best as you can. I'll get someone to give you a ride home."

I found some paper towels and wiped the cum from my face and ass and got dressed. With my sweat soaked shirt sticking to my skin I walked out into the bar where the bartender handed me another drink which I knocked back.

Marcus was by the door, "Your ride is here. By the way Mr. Cartwright, you're fired."

I left the bar and got into the waiting car. As we got close to my parents' house the driver pulled to the side and told me that he expected to be paid. He started to unzip his pants.


Be Well,


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