2AM, a very late Friday night turned early Saturday, I sit at my lab desk working on yet another sample Sarah had dropped off early that night, wondering when this damn case would be over. I could feel myself start to fall asleep waiting for the all to familiar beeping of the printer with my all to desired results. As I waited Nick leaned agains the glass door and knocked. Nick Stokes, the hot field agent who's held my heart for years, tall with wavy black hair and the sexiest brown eyes I've ever seen.

"Hey Greg, Im getting ready to head out, I'll see you later in the morning."

"Hold on Nick, Im just waiting for thee results then I'm heading out as well, if you wanted we could go grab a bite to eat?" I asked hopping he'd say yes.

"Well, I guess I can wait a bit longer, How soon till the results are ready?"

Right then the printer started chiming and I smiled at Nick. I took a quick glance at the results, negative, great more tests to run on even more suspects! I quickly put the thought out of my head and put them on the table and went for my coat.

"Welp, looks like thats one more suspect thats not guilty, which means more work for both of us," I said with a little sarcasm after a long day.

"Hey all that means is when you finally get the positive match, we'll be less busy for all of ten seconds before the next case is on out laps," Nick said giving my shoulder a little punch and laughing. How could any one man be so perfect?

We headed out side and I noticed that Nicks car wasn't in the parking lot,

"Hey, my cars in the shop today, would I be able to drive with you to the Diner?" He looked a little uneasy as he asked, of course I would have said yes anyway but I felt bad for him right then.

We jumped into my car and drove out to the diner and order burgers with fries. Nick scarfed down his food as if he hadn't eaten all week. We sat for a bit while we finished our fries and just made simple small talk before the bill came, I started for the bill to pay my half but Nick surprised me by giving our waitress his card and paying for it all. He just sat there and gave me his wicked cute grin that made my heart skip beat and i stupidly smiled back. When we stepped out side he started to go call for a taxi.

"Why don't you let me drive you home?" I surprised myself by asking

"No, I could have you do that." Nick said a little to fast.

"Well at least come to my place and have a beer or two?" again I surprised myself with my level of bravery.

"Are you sure its okay?" he asked and I nodded my head, not trusting my mouth anymore and got into the car.

We got to my apartment and I went into the kitchen to grab the beers. I walked out to find Nick Sprawled out on the couch, flipping through the channels and stops on some action flick that I never had the time to watch. I handed him his beer and sat next to him on my couch, wanting more then anything to curl up next to him. We sat there and drank in silence watching the movie. The main Character was on some mission to save the world (shocker!) and had just rescued his sexy female counterpart from the villain. Soon enough the two were in bed making love like there wasn't a tomorrow.

"Damn thats hot! Be nice to have someone to help relieve some of this stress from work." Nick laughed and grabbed at his crotch.

"What about Jen? Why don't you just go home to her and have some fun?" i asked, poking him a bit, but still wishing it was me he would take to bed.

"Well, actually, Jen and I split a few weeks ago, but even when we were together she wasn't very sexual at all, I had more fun with my hand then I did with her." He said looking down, I now knew why he didn't want me to take him home, I actually wondered where he was staying, but kept it to myself.

"I'm sorry, to here that Nick, it sure sucks if you're with someone who doesn't want to be with you."

"Well, thats life I guess," Nick said, then He looked up at me with a smile and said, "Hey we're both horny men, why don't we watch some porn and get off?"

I thought the world had just stopped, I was actually going to see Nicks cock, something I had dreamed about, and I was going to watch him get off as well. I was so excited I thought my own cock was going to burst right there in my pants.

"Do you happen to have any dvd's here Greg?" Nick asked and this time I knew my heart stopped. Yes, I did have porn here, gay porn. I prayed I still had that threesome video with that one women in it, Nick would like that right?

"Well, I have a few I guess. What about my favorite, its a threesome, two guys banging this blood chick?" I asked as casual as he could be as nervous as he was.

"Actually, I don't really like Threesomes, what about this one." Nick said as he came behind me and grabbed the next dvd on the stack. I froze, he knew Nick would realize it was gay porn, hell it had two guys on the cover fucking. I was screwed. I was getting ready to say that these were his old roommates when Nick surprised me again. He laughed. Nick knelt down next to me and put the dvd down and grabbed me.

"On second thought, I have a better idea," and then Nick kissed me. His mouth was hot against mine, I could feel the passion and lust there and I easily allowed him access to my mouth when his tongue pressed against my lips and I allowed my own to dart into his. I felt his hand at my waist and it crept up my side under my shirt, I allowed him to go up to my back and pull me closer before I went for his shirt and pulled it off severing our kiss just long enough to pull his and my shirt off. Instantly our mouthes found each other again and I could feel him grab at my ass and grind into me. I started to caress his hips and gave his tight ass a squeeze. Then I let my hand slid down his legs and find their way to his bulging crotch, his dick was throbbing and I could tell it was long and thick, and needed to be released. I stopped out kiss and fell to my knees in front of him and felt him moan in pleasure at what was to come as i undid his pants and pulled them with his boxers to the ground. HIs pulsing cock fell against my face with a Twack. It had to be a good 8 inches long and a little less then a bottles thickness. It was even more beautiful then in my dreams. Nicks hand was on my head guiding me as I plunged my self on his swelling organ. I let him trust into my face as I licked and sucked his beautiful piece.

"Oh Greg, oh baby, yes. Suck my cock dry Greg." Nick moaned above me as I went further down his pulsating shaft. I bobbed up and down his cock and felt the build in his body as his climax came closer. "AH FUCK YES BABY!" He screamed as he grabbed my hair and drove the whole length into my throat feeding me his thick creamy load. I swallowed every drop and then continued to suckle his member until he pulled me off and into his warm arms and kissed me, getting a taste of his load. I felt his body shiver as he put his hands on my waist again and force my jeans and underwear off my body. Then with me naked, Nick pulled me into his arms and walked me up stairs to my room. Hew pushed the door open and threw me on the bed, quickly jumping on top of me. He was growling deep in his chest as he kissed me harder and got between my legs, I instantly latched my legs around his waist. He started to grind into me again and kissed and bite at my neck. Then he stopped and looked around.

"The lube is in the top drawer, I use it often when I'm alone" I said quickly as he went to grab the bottle. I felt the cold sensation of lube on my ass as he rubbed it up and down my crack massaging my hole before giving his cock a good coat. I knew this was going to be almost as bad as my first time but I wasn't about to complain as my dream came true. Nick bent and kissed me again as he pushed his cock into me, which was still hard even after his large load just minutes before. Nick thrusted deep inside me with such force that he found my prostate quickly, The initial pain of entrance was replaced my such a pleasurable sensation that I thought I would scream. I thrusted back towards his cock as he thrusted into me and kissed him as hard as I could. I could feel his body tense up with every thrust and relax slightly as he drew back for the next plow. I moaned deep in his mouth which he replied before thrusting faster and harder before I moaned.

"Cum in me Nick! Give it to me baby!" I knew that wasn't enough so i bite into his neck which threw him over the edge as he thrusted deep inside me filling me with his semen. He fell on top of me, covered in sweet and breathing heavy. He pulled back and smiled before kissing me again and pulling me against his chest and spooning me. I couldn't help but enjoy the moment. Nick had just kissed me and came inside me, twice, and now he was laying here beside me cuddling after sex. My lst thought before falling into a deep sleep in his arms was how much I wanted and loved him, and hopped that this wasn't over.


I hope you all enjoy this and please feel free to comment and suggest future topics or scenes that you want to see. I have plenty more to follow so be patient if you like what you just read


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