My cousin Robert is almost eight months older than me and all through school, he's always been a year a year ahead of me.  Our Moms are sisters, both are divorced from our Dads, the five of us live in the same house, it's a duplex with separate units for each family, Robert has a sister that is a year older than him, she's now married and living across town from us, I'm an only child.  Robert and I are good buds and got along together very well until Robert went to High School.  There he became the object of the girls attentions and we drifted apart, no longer as close as before.

Robert grew in to an amazingly handsome guy, blond hair, a toned and ripped body, blue eyes, and the girls as well as quite a few older women, swarmed around him like bees to honey.  For his 16th birthday, his absentee Dad gave him a old Harley Motorcycle (which drove my Aunt Sarah, his Mom, into a screaming rage for months).

The Harley along with the requisite black leather jacket, created a bad boy image that drew even more girls to crowd around him.  His handsome face and toned and ripped body kept his gay first cousin supplied with jack off fantasies all through High School.   Uh...yeah, I'm James, Robert's first cousin, the gay one.  No one knows that about me except for my friend Terry Harper, who's ready to suck my cock anytime I feel in the mood.  After returning the favor with Terry a couple of times, I knew I liked the boys and their hard cocks, but I also knew that I couldn't let anyone know, especially my straight arrow Cousin Robert.

Rob had a reputation of being a ladies man and had scored with more that his share of the girls and older women in our little seaside town in Northern Florida.  During my last year at Community College, Rob had an accident on the Harley and wound up with a leg broken in three places. He was going to be laid up for months and out of action.  He had been in the hospital a couple of days when I dropped by after school just to say hello and ask if he needed me to do anything for him.  With him working and me still in school, it had been a few months since we had talked.

When I walked into his room he had a strange look like he didn't know who I was when I entered his room.  Just before I got to his bed be beamed a huge smile at me...Jimmy?  Damn man, you've grown up all of a sudden. I may have to worry about you as competition, you're looking mighty good Jimmy.

I felt the heat in my face as I blushed crimson, I only wished I could look half as good as him. He's all blond and blue eyed, tanned and everything a gay guy could ever want.  I'm dark complected with brown hair and eyes.

"So..Dude...did you really drive that old bike off the pier and into the bay? And why for god's sake?

"I just had to do it Jim. I was just sitting there on the bike, watching the water and the next thing I know I'm flying through the air. Damn it felt so good until I hit the water and busted up the leg."

I laughed with him, "Dude, you are fucking crazy!"

"Jim..please...don't say that word here...I haven't busted a nut in four days now and I keep this damn hard on all day long."

He threw back the sheet and I could see the tent in the hospital gown and the little wet spot made by his pre-cum.

I chuckled, "Sorry Dude, I know it isn't funny but you do look pretty hard up laying there."  You need one of your girls to come and take care of you."

"I wish, the Nurses here will only leave me alone with Mom and Aunt Fran. They stand guard at the door when a young lady comes to see me."

"I guess that you'll just have to use your hand then Robbie."

"Yeah but it sure is a poor substitute. "

I asked about his legs and he pulled the sheet aside again and I could see the places where the breaks occurred. I touched the skin around the break in his shin..."that hurt" as asked as I lightly massaged the area,

" but it your rubbing it sure feels good."

I ran my fingers up to the break just above his knee,  as I moved my hand, my fingers skittered over his knee cap causing him to moan loudly.

"Oh god...that's my hot spot knees."

Playfully, I teased him holding my fingers just above the skin and threatening to tickle his knee.  I had sprung a woody rubbing his leg and when I moved to the wound above the knee he pulled his gown up almost to his neck, exposing his near perfect torso,.  His cock was standing tall and leaking, I ogled his rippled abs and perfect pecs. Somehow, seeing Robbie's naked body flipped a switch somewhere in me. Keeping my eyes locked on his I leaned forward and opened my mouth and sucked on his knee cap, running my tongue over his skin. Robbie moaned so loudly I got up and shut the door to his room

"Oh god Jimmy, that felt so good but it just made me more horny than before."

He spread his legs apart and his balls dropped and bounced against his round little butt. He closed his eyes and urged me to continue, I licked and laved his knee again and reached up and took his testicles in one hand. His eyes flew open and another deep moan escaped his chest. I pulled down on them hard.

"Oh JIMMY!...that feels so ones ever held my nuts before...oh shit!  That feels so good!

I was still sucking and licking his knee cap when I circled my fingers around his ball sac again and pulled, he moaned and whimpered.   My mouth left his knee and moved up and I gently sucked one ball into my mouth and Robbie almost screamed. I told him to put a pillow over his mouth or be quiet. The nurses would come running if he screamed again.

I rose up and let go of him and Robbie thought I was going to leave then.

"No Jimmy, please don't leave....I love what your doing to me...I gotta cum Jimmy. I gotta.!"

He was slowing jacking his big cock and looking at me, his eyes pleading with me to help him get off.

"Do you think you can be quiet no matter what I do?"

"I promise I'll try my hardest Jimmy...but what you did felt so good."

"Okay Robbie, but we're gonna rush this up and be done with it, okay"

"Whatever you say Jimmy, you're in charge now."

With that,I moved up took his cock from his hand and plunged him down my throat, my nose was buried in his pubes and as he screamed into his pillow. Pulling up to about halfway I started sucking his cock, bobbing, twisting pushing him down my throat, it didn't take long.  Soon he was painting my tonsils with his cum, and I was swallowing as fast as I could. When it was over I got a warm washrag and cleaned up what had dribbled from my mouth, pulled his gown down and covered him with the sheet.  He looked up at me with a goofy smile and said.

"Jimmy...I never dreamed...I thought you would just beat me off...oh migod Jim...I've never felt anything so good as my cock down your throat. No one I ever fucked made me feel like that...thanks bro...I owe you one Jim. When I get out of here...I owe you big time dude. Holy fuck that was good.!"

He was already nodding and I went to the bath to straightened my clothes, when I came out, Robbie was sound asleep. I just smile at him went to his side and bent and kissed his forehead. I knew he was asleep but I whispered to him..

"I've always wanted to do that with you Robbie, always."

I wondered that night lying in my bed how Robbie would act the next time we met.  Would he act like nothing had happened.   I decided then that I wouldn't let him off that easy. I'll go back tomorrow and do it again,  I'm fairly sure he wouldn't say no to another blowjob, or that he doesn't remember what we did.  The next day was a carbon copy of the day before.  He wanted me to rub his leg and then I tongued his knee cap and sucked him off, Again.

"Jimmy...that makes two I owe you...I always pay my debts Jim!

Robbie gave me the strangest look when he said that, it was almost like he wanted me to know he would do the same to me. Fat Chance of that I thought.  On the third day when I walked into his room I was surprised; Robbie had managed to turn his body so that he lay partially on his side with his little round butt exposed. After telling me how he was doing he asked if I would massage his back, he said he was sore from the accident. I rubbed his back and teasing him, I would get almost to his cheeks when he wiggled them but I never rubbed them.

I spent a good bit of time rubbing and massaging his back and I know it felt better for him.  The way he kept wiggling his but made me think he wanted me to play with it so loaded up my hands with the lotion and I rubbed and massaged his cheeks gently spreading them as I kneaded them. After a few minutes of this I leaned over and spread his cheeks, I blew a stream of air at his wrinkled anus, and goose flesh popped up all over him as he moaned. Getting bolder now, I asked him to put the pillow over his mouth and I spread his cheeks and stabbed his hole with my tongue. He roared into the pillow and wiggled his butt more and pushed back against my tongue. When I pulled off he was sweating and breathless.

"Holy shit...Jimmy!! Damn man....I gotta spend more time with you dude. I love what you do to me Jim."

Looking in the drawer I found hand lotion and I began circling my lubed finger on his wrinkles making him ooh and ah, he moaned again into the pillow when my finger entered him and stroked the velvet lined walls of his rectum.  It wasn't long until I was inserting my fourth finger and he was writhing and moaning as I pulled down my shorts and placed my cock against his anus. I heard him whimper.

"Yes...oh it Jimmy, please do it."

I blew a stream of air again...

"No Jim...stick me...not more fingers...fuck me Jimmy.  Your hard cock...fuck me Jimmy!"

"You're just excited, Rob, you really don't want me to do that do you?"

"Your fingers...they way they felt...I know it will hurt but I do want it Jimmie...the way your fingers felt...I know I want it. Put you cock in me.

I applied more lube to him and to my cock. The way he was lying, with his butt all the way to the side on the bed, I could manage this standing up. Slowly I pushed and he opened his butt to me willingly, I stretched out onto his back, keeping the bulk of my weight on the the floor and just as I had dreamed and wished for years, I began to fuck my cousin Robbie.   I don't know which of us enjoyed himself more, Robbie loved the feel of my cock in his ass,  and he told me so over and over.  He turned his head as far as he could and I gently kissed his neck and nibbled at his ear.

"Mmm Jimmy don't stop...oh god Jimmy...don't ever feel so good in me."

Robbie's  ass was made for fucking, It contracted and pulled me deeper into him. My passion made me fuck faster, Robbie was panting,

"Jimmy cum in my ass, spray me good, cum in me Jimmy! Oh migod I'm cumming...OHMIGOD...

JEEZ...UNGH! OH...OH...OH. Holy Shit...Jimmy!!  You fucked the cum right out of me, no hands, I didn't touch my cock and you made me cum...oh migod...I've never cum so hard in my life... I've never felt anything like that before.   Oh Jimmy!"

I cleaned him and the puddle of his cum quickly, and got him onto his back again. I covered him with the sheet and this time he was awake when I kissed his lips softly.

"You okay Robbie, you okay with what we just did."

"YES!   Jimmy, I'm know what it means...I am surprised, I've never, ever thought about sex with a guy. But the minute you sucked my balls into your mouth I knew I liked this.  I'm very okay with what we did.   I owe you one of those too!"

I smiled down at him.

"I can hardly wait to collect that one. I'd love to have you up in me like that. I've dreamed about it for years."

I squeezed his hand.

"I need to go Robbie, I'll be back tomorrow. Same time. Okay?"

"Yeah Jimmy. Yeah...tomorrow...good."

As I bent down to kiss his forehead he groped my crotch, lingering, feeling me up. I started getting hard again and Robbie moaned...

" Jeez..Jimmy, I want to get out of here; are you gonna help me recuperate Jim?  I've been thinking about this, what we've been doing in the afternoon.  I'm thinking that maybe I need to try and do some of these things you do to me.   I want to make you feel as good and you have me. Any chance of that, Jim?"

The whole time he was talking he was groping and rubbing my cock and I was hard as a rock Robbie unzipped me and pulled my cock out and looked at it, then at me and he bent forward and sucked it all the way into his mouth. Robbie bobbed his head two the three times and I knew I was cumming. My knees felt week and only leaning against the bed held me up.

"I'm cumming Robbie, pull off, I'm gonna shoot. "

Bobbing faster on my cock, Robbie looked up at me as I shot my load into his mouth. I thought I would faint.  My handsome Cousin Robbie was swallowing my cum as fast as he could.   Unbelievable!  I thought as I continued shooting into his mouth...I couldn't talk I just collapsed in the chair beside his bed, pants unzipped, my limp cock lying in the open. Robbie looked over and smiled.

"You look so sexy like that Jimmy. I'm surprised, I liked doing that to you and your cum tastes so good.   Dude, you've started something here... girls can't come close to making me feel as good as you do.   You wait for me Jim, wait til I get out of here...okay?

My heart was racing as I walked to the parking lot.  'Wait for him?' I was afraid to even hope that he meant what it sounded like.   I've loved him and lusted after him all my life.  Waiting for him is all I've ever done. When I walked into the house my Mom asked where I'd been and I told her that I had been dropping by the hospital on my way home from school all week.  She beamed at me.

"You're such a thoughtful Son Jimmy, how's Robbie doing.?"

"Oh you know how he is, he can't wait to get out of there.  It's been good to talk with him Mom, since he started working we haven't been around each other very much, I miss us being friends like we used to be.   We've had a good time this week getting reacquainted."

"How wonderful son, Sarah and I have been worried because the two of you seemed to be drifting apart, she will be as happy as I am that your two are close again. I've always regretted not giving you a brother or sister."

"But Mom, Robbie, Dana and I all consider our selves siblings. We're  probably closer that most siblings anyway.  We've grown up together, you and Aunt Sarah have done a good job.  We're healthy, well adjusted teens, whatever that means."

With today being Saturday, I figured there would be a  line of girls waiting to visit with Robert.   I called to tell him that I'd lay low and let the girls have their day,

"No Jimmy, you have to be here at 3 P.M.  I start rehab to day and your are the person who is going to help me through this after I get out of here.   I gave them your name and they want you here so you can learn what to do. I don't want anyone with their hands on me but you Jimmy."

"But Robbie...what will people think...your girlfriends, our Moms! You always have your girlfriends doing everything. Wont it seem odd to pick me to help with the rehab...I'll be glad to help but are you sure?.

"Yes Jimmy I'm sure, we'll talk about it this afternoon.   It's time we had a talk anyway.  The big news is I get out of here Monday, Jimmy, I'll be waiting for you to come and take me home after you get out of school. I can hardly wait.

"Well I'll see you later just before 3 p.m. then. Don't harass the Nurses Rob!"

"Not to worry, Jimmy. My priorities have changed, my cousin has grown into this really cool dude and a hot hunk of a guy and he's shown me a different way to look at things.  I don't think I'm gonna be into Nurses now."

"Robbie you are so full of crap!  See you later Cuz."

I began thinking about my need to start my withdrawal from my Robbie addiction.  Sex with him while he's been in the hospital has been the most unexpected thing to ever happen to me and a dream come true.  However, I know it's over. Once he's out of the hospital and surrounded by his 'pussy posse,' I'll just be cousin Jimmy again.  Today and tomorrow will be the last chance for us before he's released.   I'll be much better off if I don't go see him Sunday, I can make an excuse this afternoon to leave. I'll miss him. I've always wanted to be with him sexually and now at least I've done it. It's over, but then things end, maybe there'll be someone else.

I arrived at the Hospital still in my withdrawal mood, and I hung around the lobby until just a couple of minutes before the Therapy session was to start. Robbie was relieved to see me but had thought that I would have been there earlier. The therapist came and led us to the rehab area and I watched as he put Robbie into a lot of strength exercises and had me counting and writing down his reps for each exercise.

To his credit Robbie concentrated and worked hard that first session. The Therapists were all impressed by what he did that first day.  We were told that he could come back here for his sessions 3 days per week for up to three weeks.  My job was to keep him exercising on the days he wasn't at the Hospital Rehab Center.

As I was leaving his room Saturday afternoon I told Robbie I wouldn't come by tomorrow because of all the visitors he would be having. He gave me a strange look

"Wait Jimmy, don't go something're acting differently these last few days...are you upset with me...what's wrong Jimmy, talk to me please."

"Everything is okay Robbie, it just that you're getting released tomorrow and what we've been doing is over.   Your place will be over run with girls when they hear you've been released, all needing their piece of you. I know that and I accept it.   It's who you are Robbie."

Rob just sat in his bed, his head hung down, never looking at me. With a "See ya dude" I left his room.

I fought it all the way to my car but when I got in and closed the door the tears flooded my face. These past two weeks had ruined me. I'm  in love with my first cousin.   It took about 20 minutes but I cried myself out of tears. with a heavy sigh I started the car,  drove home, and went straight to my room and fell onto my bed.  I felt the tears again but I fought them back, not wanting my Mom or Aunt Sarah to see me.   I dozed off and it was after seven when Mom knocked on my door to tell me dinner was ready.

I told her that Rob would be released tomorrow and that I'd bring him home.   I also told her that I'd let him have my room since his was on the second floor on their side of the duplex.   We had a door in the hall that opened into the other side. The five of us were just one family it seemed. I told Mom to watch out and keep Robbie's girls in their living room and just have a bed for Robbie on the first floor of our side.

At 2.00 p.m. The next day Robbie was released and I brought him home, he was still very quiet, he did look over at me with a surprised look when I told him that we would swap bedrooms to keep him off the stairs until he can maneuver them again.  When we dove up to our house there were three girls already there and waiting. They rushed to the car to help Rob get up on the porch.   He sat down to talk with them and I just waved as I went inside. Robbie's eyes followed me, he really looked like he was hurt that I wouldn't stay with them.    I was sitting in Aunt Sarah's living room watching TV when I heard him bumbling around on the porch.  I went to help him inside, noticing that the girls were gone.

"You ready to lie down and rest a bit Rob."

He just nodded his head and I led him to my room and eased him down onto the mattress. I took his shoes off and unbuttoned his jeans and started to tug them off when he stopped me.

"It's okay, Jim. I can take it from here."

"Okay...Mom put this bell by the bed. If you want anything just ring and someone will come running.  I'll go now and get out of your hair.   Ring if you need me."

I wasn't even to the door yet when the bell tinkled.   I turned and saw a tear streak down his cheek.  I rushed over and sat down,

"Robbie, are you in pain, did we hurt something."

"No Jimmy it isn't my leg. I sent the girls away 'cause I want to be with you. I thought when we got back here I could at last get to hold you and be with you like I wanted to in the hospital.   Jim, I've changed, I'm not like I was before the accident.  You changed that.  I just want to be with you Jimmy, even if we don't fool around anymore.  Could you lay here with me and hold me.   I just want to be be beside you."

I know my voice cracked. "Sure thing Bud., I just thought it would be like before the accident, you and all those girls tying to bed you.. I'll stay with you as much as you like, okay?"

I stretched out beside both of us on top of the covers, he lay his head on my chest and was asleep in just a few minutes.  As I lay there with him, thinking about the things we had done at the hospital, I heard the front door open and the footsteps stopped just outside my door.  Aunt Sarah's blond head peeped in and when she saw I was awake came on into the room I put a finger to my lips in the shh be quiet way.

I thought she was about to cry looking at her son sleeping with his head on my chest. She reached over and squeezed my hand and gave me her 'I love you so much' look.  Whispering she asked if I needed anything and I shook my head no, but I knew I would need the john soon.  Aunt Sarah left and went to get out of her work clothes.

After a few minutes, Robbie woke with a big hard on I could feel against my leg.

"Jimmy...I've gotta get to the bathroom, now!"

Outside the door I told Robbie to shout out when he was finished and I help him up, but to my surprise after the flush the door opened and there stood Robbie. Just as he started down the hall his Mom swooped in and grabbed him into her hugs and kisses, he caught my eye and blushed crimson.  They went to their kitchen and Robbie sat on one of the high seat bar stools and it was much easier for him than the low chairs and sofa. They had four of the stools so I took one to the living room for him to use when visitors came to see him.

From their living room I heard the two of them going over everything, catching up on their time apart. I stuck my head in the kitchen door and told them I was going back to my room and for Rob to yell out if he needed my help.   I have some school work that needs attention and while he is up and about is the perfect time.

When I'm on the computer time seems warped or twisted and seems to fly by faster than normal.  I pushed my chair back and stood, yawning and stretching, I started to the bathroom when I saw Robbie asleep on the bed, I never heard him come in.   He looked so innocent lying there, the leg and cast stretched out on the bed the other foot on the floor. He was already barefoot and wearing shorts and a tee. I moved his leg from the floor to the bed , grabbed a blanket and threw it over him. When I came back from the bathroom I walked to the other side and got onto the bed, moved closer to Robbie and put my arm around his shoulders, he stirred and snuggled into my shoulder I heard him murmur.

"Mmm Jimmy, you smell so good...I've missed you Jimmy.   Did you lock the door?  I want you Jimmy, I want to make love with you now."

I went to the door and locked it and got back in bed beside Robbie. He had raised up on one elbow and looked down at me as I settled back into bed. Without a word he leaned forward and our lips met,  I know my eyes were wide open, we had kissed me once at the hospital but it was like a 'thank you' kiss. This was a lover's kiss, full of passion and lust. When I felt his tongue on my bottom lip, I opened to him.  As our tongues met and writhed in the others mouth I felt Robbie shudder, his whole body trembled and goose flesh covered his skin. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck and held on as his kiss absolutely rocked my world

His initial passion subsided into a slow sensuous, soulful kiss, all lips and tongue as our bodies begged for more. When we finally broke from that kiss, each of us was gasping for breath.

"Jeez..JIMMY! What the fuck was that...I got shivers and goose bumps. I've never felt anything like that.  JEEZ! All that from just kissing?   Oh...I think I get was you...that's why there were the shivers and the goose bumps, I was kissing you, kissing my Jimmy.  You are mine now.   It's you and me babe.  Jimmy and Robbie, Kissing Cousins!

Uh...Jimmy...can you scoot up, get on your knees here, I want your cock Jimmy, since that first time in the hospital, I loved sucking the cum outta your cock. I want your cock Jimmy, I need you."

I could hardly believe that Robbie was wanting to suck my cock again. Maybe he has changed. He hasn't had the girls around much, but I know he still has a lot of pain. Once I got into position, Robbie was possessed, he was voracious as he swallowed all my cock and his tongue swirled and the sucked hard. His hands on my hips pulled me deeper into him. Finally satisfied that his face was full of my meat, he started the bobbing rhythm, moaning and humming on my hard cock in his mouth.   When Robbie looked up into my eyes as my cock slid in and out of his mouth I lost it completely and I started shooting him full of my semen, Robbie grabbed a cheek of my butt and pulled me deeper still, he moaned with each spurt of my semen that landed on his tongue.

"Oh migod Robbie, you sure did learn to do that right. That the best nut I've ever had orally.   Man when your leg is well, we're gonna have so much fun."

I turned, then fell over and collapsed with my hips at his head and my head at Rob's hard throbbing cock. I pulled him to my mouth and kissed and laved the corona with my tongue, I deep throated him a few times, getting moans and cries from him.

"When you're ready Rob I want this up my butt, I want you to put your hot cock up my ass Robbie and fuck me hard Cuz.  Make me know it's my man riding my ass.   You're not ready yet so I'll fuck your cock like we did in the hospital.  Oh Robbie, you look so hot lying there in that cast. Helpless, nothing you can do to stop me from taking my pleasure from your body Rob.   Your about to be fucked, first by my hungry ass and then by my hard cock up up your ass."

Robbie healed fast and two weeks after getting home from the hospital he was out of the upper thigh and lower leg casts making it easier for him to maneuver and to sleep better too.  After four more weeks he was completely healed and there was a big party at his place. His friends and of course all the girls from his little Black Book. The house was full and the crowd spilled out onto the porch.   His repaired Bike was back in the driveway, delivered earlier in the week.

Robbie was having a great time, he was the center of attention and surrounded by people who wanted him in their bed. except for one, me. It was the end to me. Robbie healed up and no longer needing me to help him to the john, to get dressed, to make love with him,  I was crushed and sad.  About two hours into the party I was sitting in our kitchen feeling sad and lost, when Robbie came looking for me.

"Jimmie, come with me, I need you for a while."

"What's up Robbie."

"We're going for a ride on the bike Jimmie, you and me, we're getting out of here.  Too many folks here and I need to get away.  I want you with me, okay."

"Sure, you want me to follow in the car?"

"No Doofus!  I want you on my bike with me, Jimmy!"

I was stunned, He had never taken me for a ride on his bike.  Now I was excited, this would be fun.   Robbie started the bike and twisted the throttle a couple of time revving the motor and making lots of noise.  He looked to me and said.

"Get your skinny ass on the bike Jimmie."

I climbed on behind him.   As the bike lurcheded forward I screamed...

"What do I hold onto back here Robbie"

He braked to a stop and turned to look directly in my eyes, revving the motor as he talked.

"You hold on to my cock Jimmie, hold on tight."

With that we were off, flying down the street and turning onto the beach highway.   I was over the moon, so happy that Robbie wanted me to ride with him plus, he wants my hands on his cock while we ride. I knew we'd be alright now.  He wants me as a friend as well as his lover. 

Robbie rode with a purpose, we were headed somewhere special he had said but I didn't know where.  About 10 miles down the coast highway he pulled off on a side road and we rode on for a mile or so when he pulled in behind some sand dunes and we were alone on the beach. He pulled out a blanket from the saddlebags and started taking off his clothes.

"Get naked Jimmie, I'm going to fuck your butt like you've been wanting it fucked.   Hard and long."

When we lay down on the blanket he covered me with his body and kissed me with a passion he had never shown.

"You've kept me sane these weeks since the accident Jimmie. You've also taught me that making love with you is what I want to do now.  No girl has ever made me feel like you do.  Now this is going to be like our first time, since I can use all of my body now."

Rob moved back and sat on his heels between my legs. He raised my legs pushing them up against my chest and dove into my but with his mouth and tongue. My screams and yells were quieted by the wind and the roar of the surf from the Gulf.  He ate my butt like starved man.  Now he was ready; he raised up on his knees and pulled me to a sitting position.

"Suck my cock, get me good and wet so I can get in your tight little butt Cuzzin'.  Oh Damn Jimmie, your the best cock sucker ever.  Okay, now I'm going to make love to you Jimmie, like you were doing in the hospital. It took a while for me to understand but you showed me how much you love me.  Now, at last, I can show you how much I love you.   Kiss me Jim.  Ohmigod  Your are such a sexy man!"

One fast thrust and Robbie was inside me.  A gasp of surprise came from me as he went balls deep in one long stroke.   Once in he pushed and ground hard against me. I circled my hips and pushed back and we both moaned in sheer pleasure.

The surprise on Robbie's face made me almost laugh. He had never thought that fucking my butt would be so different than a vagina. The heat was the first thing he felt, then as I worked my anal muscles and milked his hard cock he began to whimper.  Finally he remembered and began his rhythm, down hard and fast, back soft and slow.   Without realizing what he had done, he shifted slightly and began stroking against my prostate with each stroke, every time he touched it, cum oozed from my slit. I began to moan as he stroked deep, grinding hard into me. I pushed back hard with my hips and pulled on his neck and drew him into a kiss as he bucked and thrust his hard cock into me. I moaned into his mouth and he increased his speed. Robbie was possessed, fucking so hard and so deep, I was into the pleasure zone in a matter of moments, eyes rolled back, nothing in my mind but his hard cock going deeper, harder. That was my entire world, his cock in my butt.

It was sudden, Rob cried out as his body tensed all over and he pushed hard into me. I felt his white hot cum spraying my ass.  Every spasm, and spurt. I could see the blood vessels in his arms and neck swollen and pulsing, his face reddened and twisted in pleasure like he had never known before.    When his spasms ceased he held there body tensed until he could gasp in a breath then he collapsed atop me.   Nothing was said, we just lay there, my arms hugging him tightly, my stomach covered in my cum, gluing us together. We dozed off.

It was about an hour that we slept. We had a dusting of sand covering us from the wind so we ran into the water naked and rinsed off and then back to the blanket. We lay there wet and slick and he kissed me so tenderly a sob caught in my throat and a tear ran from my eye.

"Jimmie, I don't know what to say, there are no words yet for me to describe just how wonderful you make me feel.   There was a lot more going on there a while back than just getting off.  That climax was like no other ever.  Technically this is incest between us, but in reality, it's just a new way for me to love you.   Not as a Cousin, not as family but as my lover.   You've changed me Jimmie, you are all I want.  I want us to be together, live together, partners in life. You okay with that?"

"YES! To everything you just said. Yes, Yes, Yes."

We rode back home slowly, I rested my head against his back, my arms around his hips, hands cupping his crotch, hard cock and all. 

Eventually  Jimmie returned to work at the Cycle shop and I was still in my classes at the Community College.  We have to time our getting together when we have the house to ourselves, and we know that we need to get a place of our own and move. There were many nights when we rode out on his bike to those secluded dunes and shared our bodies and our love for each other.

I finished my classes at our Community College and began working for a construction company as a draftsman and project planner.   Robbie' s job at the Bike shop continued and eventually he was able to buy into part ownership of the shop.  We settled into our routine of work and loving on each other in our off time. Some mornings when I woke with his head on my chest and his arm across me, I could hardly believe my luck. I grew up lusting after this hunk cuddled up beside me.   I was thankful for him and his love and I was thankful that he had crashed his bike. We might have never gotten together without it.

The End.


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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