The downtown noon rush hour was almost over and I was on my way back to my office from lunch. I stood waiting with the crowd for the walk sign to light. I was reading the front page of the paper when I heard the crash, then the screams of the people around me. I looked up just in time to see the Taxi as it ran into the scattering group around me. I could see the fear in the Taxi drivers eyes as he plunged out of control into about five or six of us. Every thing seemed to be in slow motion. I pushed a young woman on my right, shoved her as hard as I could trying push her clear of the Taxi, I knew there was no time for me to get in the clear.

I must be lying down, there is a crowd around me and all are looking down at me. I thought I saw her, the woman I pushed away, in the crowd looking down at me. I tried to smile at her but it was getting dark, I couldn't see her face anymore, just her silhouette, the noise of the city was fading away too. It was getting darker and darker and finally all was pitch black. I couldn't hear anything and I couldn't see anything. The blackness was all I knew, nothing but the blackness.

I don't know where I am or why it is so quiet and so black. Sometimes I think I can hear something far away. I decided that someone was whispering somewhere I heard faint whispers that seemed to be far, far away, try as I might I couldn't manage to hear the voices, it was mostly the esses of the whispers that I could hear. The whispers were fading, going farther away and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't hear anything but the black silence that enveloped me. I think I'm awake but everything around me is still black and silent.

I feel like I just woke up but there's nothing but the blackness still...did I hear something just now...footsteps...getting louder...I think I hear voices but I can't make out what they are's two or three voices...someone touched my face! Now suddenly there's a blinding bright it hurts....dimming now...going away...gray now... darker...blackness again...nothing.

Footsteps again, louder, several people....talking....I heard a machine beep...more talking....Coma

...I heard that one word...Coma...that wasn't me, my name was......, huh? name is.....why can't I say my name, I know who I am...I'm....... I can't remember who I am, where I am and why am I here...NO!'s getting dark again...I'M SCREAMING BUT NO ONE HEARS ME!....the blackness begins again takes me back into the nothing, all is still again but me screaming to get out of this black hell.

Dr. Ed Benson looked into his patient's eyes again with his penlight. No change. Quietly he took the BP and pulse rate, noted them on the patient chart, he looked into the eyes with his penlight again, vital signs were okay but it was this patient's head trauma that worried the young doctor.

He stood at the foot of the bed and studied the man lying there in a coma. Amazingly there were no broken bones after being run down by an out of control Taxi. He had heard from eye witnesses that this man had likely saved a young woman's life by shoving her hard and out of the way of the danger. She had been to the hospital to see how he was doing. She had told Doctor Benson that she had just learned that she was pregnant not thirty minutes before the accident.

"This man saved me and my unborn child. Please help him" she begged.

Dr. Ed was popular with all the staff, most called him Dr. Benson when he was on the floor but when he wasn't there all the unmarried nursing staff called him Dr. G, short for Dr. Gorgeous. Dr. Ed had decided that he must have more scans of this man's brain to be certain that the swelling was abating. He watched as the orderlies wheeled the bed away for the MRI scan. He followed wanting to be the first to see the scan results... there would be precious little time if he had to open the skull to relieve the pressure of the swelling.

He paced and drank coffee from the attendants station while the scan was in progress. Hearing the machines shut down he waited anxiously until the technician handed him the scans. He quickly placed then in the light boxes and Dr. Ed sighed with relief, the scan confirmed that the swelling of the brain had lessened. He told the technician the MRI station that he wanted another scan done in one hour. He sat down in a chair by the bed and waited. He was off duty hours ago but he wouldn't leave this patient.

As he looked at the man in the bed he couldn't help noticing what a handsome man this patient is. His cursory exam of his body showed a trim, lean physique, very hairy from the neck to his ankles. Away from work, in other circumstances, he would want to meet this man and get to know him. Looks wise, he was just the type of guy Ed Benson was attracted to.

Being a Doctor had been his goal since his Grandfather had passed away when he was ten. His biggest regret was that most of the men he met were patients and he had been attractred to a few of them, But his job as their doctor prevented any type of relationship beyond Doctor and Patient. He had little time for socializing and finding new friends. His loneliness only compounded his problem, to keep from thinking about being alone he worked which only insured that he would not meet someone he could at least date.

This patient's name was still unknown to the doctor. He was John Doe on his chart for the time being. His personal effects were taken by the nurses to search for a contact name, a phone number, and address. While he sat there a nurse came in and handed Dr. Ed another chart. He took it and learned that the man he was treating was named Hunter H. Hal lan, he was not married, 32 years old and an investment banker. He smiled, glad to know who the man was and spoke aloud to his comatose patient....

"Hello Mr. Hunter Hallan, I'm very glad to meet you. You're in good hands here, rest well and come and join us soon. We want you out of that coma and on your way to a speedy recovery. Hmmm Hunter Hallan, the name suits you, handsome, high class. I would certainly liked to have met you socially Hunter Hallan, yes, I'd like to get to know you for sure."

I heard a man say my name! I'm Hunter....that's me....I'm Hunter Hallan....silly that I couldn't remember...why is it so dark, the blackness wont go away...I don't hear the man who knew my name anymore....who is he, why doesn't he help's happening again...every thing is fading away...I'm fading's the nothing again. Somebody help me! Please help me!

Dr.Ed was in the cafeteria having lunch when he heard his name paged over the one said STAT so he knew it wasn't an emergency... he finished his salad and rose to take his tray to the kitchen cart when his pager buzzed at his waist. He called the number inside the hospital and was told that Mr. Hallan in ICU was waking from his coma. Dr. Ed sprinted to the elevator and was soon standing at his patient's bedside. The confusion on the patient's face made him smile...

"welcome back Mr. Hallan, we've been waiting for you. I'm Dr. Benson and this is City Hospital, do you remember the accident?"

Hunter moved his head from side to side meaning no.

"There was and auto accident at the intersection where you were waiting at the crosswalk. That was two days ago. A Taxi was sent careening into the crowd waiting at the crosswalk. Four of you were brought here, you took most of the impact, the others are well and have been released. You banged your head very hard and you slipped into a coma at the scene. We've been caring for you, waiting for you to wake. Aside from scratches, a couple of small lacerations and many ugly bruises you are physically fine. Because of the head trauma we've monitored you constantly, the swelling in you brain is decreasing and when you are stronger we will run more tests. Can you tell me if you have any pain sir?"

I tried to speak but no sound came out, I tried again an a squeaky ''no" came from me. I smiled at the strange noise and so did the Doctor.

"That's very good news. If there is anything you want or need ask the nurse here and she will help you. No water yet, a piece or two of ice only, and we don't want you exerting yourself just yet. So no exercises to keep that body fit and trim, and no sexual activity for at least a week. I'll be back to check on you in less that an hour. We'll be doing another scan to insure the swelling of your brain continues to decrease. Nurse Adams here has notified your employer of the accident, there were no other contacts among your things. Just ask and she will do all she can for you. You're a very lucky man Mr. Hallan, very lucky. I'll see you soon. Get some rest."

The nurse offered a spoon of ice and I gladly took it, I lay back and closed my eyes. I am a lucky man I thought this Dr. Benson is quite a hunk of man. I thought of him as I slowly drifted into sleep. There was no blackness anymore, only technicolor dreams of Dr. Benson in various stages of undress played through my head. I was in and out of sleep for the next couple of hours. I felt a hand at my wrist taking my pulse rate I supposed. I slowly opened my yes and there stood Dr. Benson smiling down at me with his best 8x10 glossy type smile. I was glad to be lying down for I knew that smile would have buckled my knees if I had been standing.

"What's up Doc?" I asked...immediately sorry that I used that old line from the Bugs Bunny cartoons."

He smiled again and I saw his eyes go down my body and back up to my eyes again...

"nothing just checking your vital signs...were you able to get any sleep?"

"a little, I keep waking up, dozing off then waking again. Doc...there is one thing I remembered, there was a young woman, I tried to push her away from the Taxi. I just wondered how she was, did she make it or was she hit too?"

"she's fine Mr. Hallan"

" me Hunter, My Grandfather is Mr. Hallan.."

"Okay I will if you'll call me Ed"

"Okay Dr. Ed."

"She's been here twice to check on you, I have a nurse call her and let her know you're awake. She's asked to speak with you"

"please tell me she isn't going to sue me.."

Dr. Ed laughed....and it sent chills over me...his voice was so rich and full.

"I can say that I'm certain that she doesn't intend to sue you Mr...uh... Hunter."

"I think I remember seeing her right before I blacked out but I'm not sure."

Looking around the room for the first time I saw a huge fruit basket and some flowers, I wondered...

"who on earth could those be from?"

"I would imagine that you have a legion of admiring ladies and likely some family as well that could have sent those."

"wrong guy Doc er..Ed...I don't have either, pretty much alone."

"a guy that looks like you is alone...that's a don't look like an ogre"

"I was disowned by my Father, no girlfriends, no boyfriends, I'm gay Father couldn't cope with it, he was embarrassed to have a gay son. I was thrown out in my Sophomore year at college and he stopped paying any of my expenses. Cutting off all money from him was his favorite punishment, it had always worked with my Brother and Sister and he got his way. It was his first time to cut off the flow of cash to me, but he hadn't counted on my strong will and determination along with a streak of stubbornness that would be the envy of any mule.

When my Grandfather tried to secretly pay for my schooling and expenses I refused telling him how much I loved him for his generous offer but this was between me and my father and I would not give him the satisfaction of taking any money from my family. I even returned my mothers birthday and Christmas checks un-cashed. I never knew if he was aware that I was paying my own way, we haven't spoken now for nearly ten years. I do keep in contact with my Mother and I visit my Grandparents as much as I can. I see my mother there. I've never been back to the house that once was my home.

I had to drop out of college and get a job. I did manage to finish school by going nights and weekends as I could afford. It took another four years but I got my degree and a great job..which I hope I still have. My father told my Grandfather some things that although true of some gay men, that wasn't the case with me. I'm told that Grandfather nearly struck his son, my father, with his closed fist. Grandmother later told me that she had never seen Grandfather so angry. The next day I received a phone call from Grandfather. He told me that no matter what, he and my Grandmother loved me and would always be proud of the man I am. It took nearly five years to mend things between Grandfather and my father and even now there was still hostility from Grandfather. He cannot understand how any man could banish his own son and never want to see him again."

While I was ranting on about my family, Dr. Ed and walked to the fruit basket and flowers and brought the cards. He had noted on the reverse which card belonged to each gift. The fruit was from my office, one of the floral arrangements was from someone I had never heard of and one was from my Grandparents. Dr. Ed explained that the one card that I hadn't a clue about was the young woman I had pushed out of harms way. He also said that my Grandfather had called and they would see me this evening.

Ed smiled at me...

"It seems that you now have your voice back, you didn't squeak once during that speech, Hunter."

I felt the heat in my face as I blushed. A Little after 6 p.m. my Grandparents and My Mother swept into my little corner in the ICU. I could see the worry on their faces relax as smiles began to show as they found me to be in good condition. The next day I had a visitor, although I was still in the ICU Dr. Ed entered with a familiar young woman. He introduced her as Sharon Stanley, the young woman I pushed out of the Taxi's path. I offered my hand but she leaned in, hugged me and kissed my cheek. More blushing from me.

"I'm so glad you're feeling better Mr. Hallan, we were very concerned about you for a while. I will never forget what you did for me, pushing me out of the Taxi's path. You saved two lives that day Mr. Hallan. Not thirty minutes before the accident my doctor confirmed that I am pregnant. You very likely saved my child as well as me."

I'm sure that I was bright red by this time and I stuttered and stammered saying that it was all instinctual it wasn't even a conscious thought, it just happened. Sharon asked me then if I would mind if they gave the child my name. I was shocked....

"why yes that would be fine with me but really there's no need."

" My husband and I want to do this sir, and thank you."

"There is one condition to me allowing the use of the Hallan name. From this moment on you and your family must call me Hunter, agreed?"

"Yes sir..uh I mean yes Hunter and thank you again."

I remembered to thank her for the flowers and she left me their names and addresses on a card before she left. I realized that Dr. Ed was still there, he had been with me almost an hour. I looked at him and asked...

"Dr. ED, do you bill by the hour?"

" No...why would you ask that?"

"I've never had a Doctor spend this much time with me ever."

I heard his wonderful rich baritone laugh again...

"I'm off duty Hallan. Like you, I have no one to go to when I leave here. I have to admit that I have enjoyed your company today"

Blushing again...I was flattered at his words. Little did he know how much I had enjoyed being with him. He sat and we talked for a long time, getting to know each other. Ed seemed genuinely interested in me as a man not a patient. I dosed off listening to the velvet sound of his voice. He had no clue how sexy it was to me.

I woke with a start, Hunter was still sleeping and I relaxed a bit. I wondered again to myself...what is it about this man? It has to be more than his good looks...I see handsome men all the time and no one has ever affected me as Hunter has. I need him. He's what I've dreamed of since I realized I was a gay man...I looked at my watch and settled back into the chair and watched his steady breathing...and I nodded off again...this time to dream of him....

Something seemed odd, I checked him again and he seemed to be sleeping but I couldn't wake him. His Brain...the swelling! I called for nurses and orderlies and and alerted the MRS scanning unit that we were on our way with an emergency patient. The scans confirmed that his brain was swelling again. I called ahead and alerted the brain surgeon and pre-op what we were experiencing here. In 15 minutes Hunter was in surgery and his skull being opened to relieve the pressure of the brain swelling. After 3 hours Hunter was back in the ICU hooked to monitors and IV's. His condition was now critical.

* * * * * * * *

Six months have passed since the accident, my memory has returned and there are no permanent scars or marks visible. I only missed two weeks at work and counted my blessings every day that I had survived and without permanent injury. I was back into my dull routine of work, go home go to work, dull and boring. I had a week off coming, leave time I had scheduled before the accident. I had not planned to go anywhere, traveling alone just wasn't fun anymore. I figured I would sleep late, go to the park, or zoo. Just loaf around.

It was Friday night and I had nine days until I had to go back to work. I went out to eat at my favorite place, a family style Italian restaurant just two blocks from my apartment. I've been a regular at Sofia's for over two years and I'm treated as a friend by the owner and staff alike. Their food was the best in the city. After my meal I decided to see a movie but when I got to the box office it would be more than hour until the next showing started. I looked around and saw a bar across the street and crossed to have a drink, killing time, then catch the next showing.

The place was really busy for Seven P.M. there were couples, and singles eating and only a couple of men at the Bar. I sat down, careful to only look at the bar tender, as a gay man in a straight bar I was taking no chances. The barman set my drink down and I paid him. As I was sipping the drink I heard the bar stool next to me move and I saw the legs of a man as he sat down. I dropped my eyes without moving my head not even looking into the mirror behind the bar.. The man placed his order and I thought to myself...I know that voice...who is it? I know him... As I was trying to place that voice I heard.

"excuse me, would you pass the ....oh my gosh! It's you...Hunter! Hunter Hallan!"

Hearing my name I turned and as soon as I saw the face I felt the thud in my a punch. It was Dr. Benson, Ed, Dr. Gorgeous...I know I paled as the blood left my face. I was light headed. There was that thousand watt smile beaming at me and the blood rushed back to make me blush. I couldn't count the nights he had dreamed of Ed since the accident.

"ED! Dr. G! good grief..what a are you..."

"You were the patient Hunter, how are you?"

"the same as changes since I returned to work."

"and you, surely Dr. Gorgeous has made friends and new conquests since I saw you last."

"No changes with me either Hunter...but you, do you live around here, I've never seen you here before. You know the hospital is only two block behind this place. I've been coming here since I been at the hospital"

"No, I was going to the movie across the street and I'm just waiting for the next start time. I live over on Madison near14th."

"Really, I live on 12th near Madison, we're practically neighbors. Did you drive here or walk?"

"I walked, it's such a nice night."

"Hunter I have better booze and less noise at my place, you want to skip the movie and come with me for drinks and conversation. I haven't had a guy to guy conversation in many months. Okay?"

Suddenly I was both thrilled at seeing him again and amazed that he wanted to spend time with me. I also feared he would find out that I'm such a loser. It takes a lot of searching these days to find a 28 year old virgin, but much to my regret it is true of me. I'm just too shy to meet people.

"Are you sure Ed...there must be something you'd rather do than spend more of your off duty time with me."

"don't be silly, finish that drink and come with me...there's something that I've wanted to talk with you about since we met at the hospital. You take top priority with my time tonight Hunter. I really want to be with you for a while."

As we walked toward his apartment we chatted mostly about my recovery. He told me that Sharon and Ron Stanley were expecting a son who would be named Hunter Hallan Stanley in honor of the man who pushed his mom to safety the day she learned she was pregnant.

"Wow, they're really going to do it...I thought it would pass out of their minds as the due date neared. I'm a little shocked and a lot humbled that they would want to do that."

"Why Hunter...don't, I guess you wouldn't...Hunter, the chances are very high that Sharon would have miscarried that child if she had been hit by that taxi. That's why they are naming him after you. That and the fact that your name is almost as sexy as you are."

I went crimson again...

"Me, sexy...gee, you need to have an eye exam Ed."

We were turning into an apartment building ...

"This is my building, come on up."

Ed had been chattering away on the walk here but now in the elevator and he seemed nervous suddenly, I was about to ask why when we stopped at his floor and he ushered me out with a hand at the small of my back. His touch was warm through my shirt, his warmth spread throughout my body from his touch.

Once inside his place I saw a typical bachelor pad, expensive electronic equipment and cheap furniture, nothing on the walls and a sink filled with dishes. There was a trail of socks and underwear on the floor to what I assumed was his bedroom.

"Excuse this mess please, I just finished a 36 hour shift and was only here long enough to shower and change. I usually do much better than this. Another Scotch?"

"yes please with extra ice. I want to be able to walk home."

Ed laughed...

"We'll see about that later...have a seat and get comfortable Hunter."

Ed brought the drinks, I sat in the end of the sofa closest to the arm chair which I assumed was where he sat. To my surprise he handed me my drink and sat down beside me.

"Hunter, now that you are no longer my patient I can tell you what I couldn't say when you were my patient. Hunter...I've been attracted to you since the moment I saw you, unconscious and battered from the accident. I am gay too and I would like the chance to really get to know you."

I know I sat there with my mouth hanging open. I would have never guessed that Ed could be gay much less interested in me. I felt the heat in my face from blushing.

"I can't believe you are gay Ed, you're joking, right?"

"No I'm not. Hunter I'm trying to tell you that I would like to date you, go out, find out if we get along together, maybe become friends or even more. I don't even know what your ideal relationship would be. I want to know what your hopes and dreams are. Mine are simple, I 'm a one man guy. Monogamous to the end. I want the whole fairy tale. The house, the white picket fence, the happily ever after story. Two men, friends, partners and lovers committed to each other for better or for worse..

I was attracted to while you were my patient. You're a beautiful man Hunter, but it's more than that now. After you woke from the coma I got to know a little about you. You are a genuinely good man. Once you've gained some self confidence you will be a formidable force. I hope I can be with you when that happens. That's the future I want. What I want right this minute is much more selfish of me. Hunter, right now more that anything else I want to kiss you, but it is entirely up to you."

I had heard and understood everything he said. I was beyond surprised. Everything he said was what I had dreamed about when I thought about 'The One' when I finally found him. It was like Ed was reciting my dreams to me. But all that left my mind with a rush as I processed his last words. He wants to kiss me! Right now!

"...uh...Ed...I've've never been with anyone, I don't know what to do but Yes...yes, kiss me please."

Hunter's body trembled as I took his face in my hands and slowly leaned into him, his eyes open and staring staring into mine. When our lips touched a whimper escaped his throat, when our tongues touched his whole body trembled and shook as he gave his mouth to me; a long soulful moan escaped from deep within him. My groin ached from the hardness of my cock, I felt the ooze of pre-cum in my shorts.

Ed's kiss empowered me and I became aggressive as I claimed his mouth with mine. My tongue wrestled with his, skimming over his teeth, the roof of his mouth, gums, cheeks, I wanted to lick and taste every inch of him. I pushed him back till he lay on the sofa and I lay atop him, our hard cocks grinding together, slick with the fluids of our arousal. Breathing in gasps I felt as if my body had melted to him. I raised up a bit to look at this magnificent man beneath me. His hands found my hips and pulled me hard, into him as he ground his cock into mine. Smiling up at me he said...

"Jeez Hunter, I never expected you to be so aggressive, I really like it. You quiet ones sure are full of surprises, you've really got me so excited Hunter, please kiss me again."

With a hand behind his neck I pulled him to me and once our lips and tongues met I was insatiable, I forced my mouth and tongue onto and into him. There was nothing soft or gentle about this kiss, it demanded he respond and surrender himself to me. Before I knew I had done it, Ed's shirt was open and I had my hands in the thick mat of brown hair there. I lay my face on his chest and inhaled his scent, I felt more fluid flow from my cock. As I lay there his belt buckle caught my eye and my hand went to it, I raised my head to his lips and kissed him again as I pulled his belt open. With his pants opened I gently slid my hand into his shorts, feeling the soft but wiry hair of his neatly trimmed pubic bush, I felt his cock drooling on the back of my hand. Kissing him deeply I grasped his cock with my hand still in his pants bringing a loud moan from within him.

This was like an out of body experience for me. I watched as my aggressive persona made love to the man of my dreams. Every move a first for me and thrilling beyond belief. Every time I touched him in a new place I felt that electric tingle run through my body. Ed tossed and thrashed about on the sofa moaning and whispering my name. My hand moved from his throbbing cock to encircle my thumb and forefinger around his ball sac and tugged hard. Ed arched his back and roared...I quickly pulled his shorts and pants past his hip and almost to his knees.

"oh fffuuuccckkkkk!!! YES!! aarrgghh...yes! pull harder!...OH god yes!...uuuggghhh!!!

I looked down, the first man's cock I've ever touched was bobbing and drooling pre-cum onto my hand. The feel of him was intoxicating, the way he looked lying there his shirt open with that glorious chest hair showing, his hairy muscled thighs bare his throbbing cock standing tall. Watching each throb of his cock sending a pulse of pre-cum out his slit and cascading down his corona was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen. I hadn't the experience to guess it's size, it didn't matter, with my hand clasping his girth there was plenty sticking out of my fist. I saw the gleam of his pre-cum as it ran down his corona. I moved and lapped it up with my tongue, Ed gasped as I licked at his cock , swirling my tongue around the helmet. Another first..his taste, the feel of his hard cock on my lips and tongue, I pulled hard on his ball sac again and it seemed his whole body moaned from deep within.

All I knew of giving a man pleasure came from the dozens of porno movies I had watched. I saw his cock protruding from just above my fist I knew it was time to have him in my mouth. I moved trance like getting closer to his throbbing shaft. I spread his legs and knelt between them. Pulling his cock upright I watched his eyes as his cock slid into the hot, wet cavern of my mouth. Ed tensed again, moaning, thrashing about on the sofa, grabbing fistfuls of my hair, when I heard him call out my name I went into a frenzy, sucking fast and hard. The feel of him in my mouth was unbelievable...I sucked him like I had loved him hundreds of times, taking him deep within me not even gagging, I loved his cock in my mouth. I moved slightly and his cock head breached my throat, I had all of his considerable cock into me now.

I began the rhythm of bobbing up and down on his hardness that filled my mouth and throat. My own cock was aching for release, the pre-cum now a steady stream flowing from me. Long before I was ready to stop I felt Ed's body go rigid, again I wrapped my fingers around his ball sac at the base of his cock and pulled down hard. Ed called my name as his semen flooded my mouth and my brain went to overload. I knew immediately that I liked the taste of Ed's semen, him filling my mouth, I swallowed as fast as I could. I would never forget his taste. Never forget this moment, my first time, my Ed..

Lying there beside him, I was stunned at what I had done, me, the 28 year old virgin taking charge and sucking Dr. Gorgeous to climax as if I had done this many times before. Who knew! I had liked it immensely and judging by his reactions I was fairly good at it too. I still lay with my head on Ed's hip, nursing on his limp cock and cradling his testicles in my hand.

"oh migod Hunter,...what a did that like a pro...that was amazing, your first time was far better than anyone than I've ever known. ummm...come let me hold you, and kiss you...your body feels so good against're a great lover Hunter, we're going to like getting to know each other, we're good together, I can tell. Never in my wildest dreams did I figure you to be such a skilled and thoughtful lover. There is so much we can do together, Hunter, please stay the night with me, let me pleasure you and then sleep with me wrapped in my arms, please stay."

I was so moved by his words I could only nod my assent. Yes I wanted to stay, I never wanted to leave. I had discovered a whole new existence that was now possible in these past few minutes. I didn't have to be alone...There was a very good chance that Ed could be him...The One... NO!...I can't think like that yet...but it's so hard not to...we seem to be a perfect match. I thought back on what I had done and I liked taking charge, making him respond to my moves. That alone was a great rush not to mention the emotional satisfaction of taking the man of my dreams and knowing that I had satisfied him. Making him feel a need he didn't know he had...making him want me. Hmmm. I wondered if he would allow me to fuck him.... I sighed, maybe in time...don't push it Hunter, I told my self. He's perfect just as he is.

I had to pee so I excused myself to the bathroom. When I returned I had a nice warm washcloth to clean the dribbled cum from his pubes and balls. When I lay down beside him he propped on one elbow and just looked at me...never saying anything...just looking. I tried to return his stare but only lasted a few seconds, it made my cock hard to look into those eyes. I placed my hand on that chest full of hair and played there while he stared at me. Every so often I would glance up to see him still staring at me. Finally I asked...

"Ed, what do you see when you look at me like that?"

"possibilities Hunter, possibilities that I have hoped for and dreamed of for years all right there in those magnificent green eyes of yours."

I know I blushed again at his words...when he says things like that or makes a compliment I blush then get a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. It's like he's read my soul and knows what to say and do to make me want him even more more.

I could only smile at him, my throat choked with emotion. I nestled closer as he tightened his strong arms around me. I wished again that we could stay like this forever, me in his arms his scent filling my nostrils, our bodies entwined. I knew I was his already, I wouldn't fight it even if I could. He's all I've ever wanted.

* * * * * * * ****************************

I thought I heard the voices again....far away....I strained trying to hear them, everything seemed far away, even the constant blackness that I kept waking into. Something was different than when I woke the last time... it's a light....just at the edge of everything is a faint light...please let me get out of this black's growing...the light is I waking up hurts my eyes...too bright....oh can't be...I'm fading away again...the light...oh it's changing ...I can see...people....I see people...please let me wake up...oh good it's Ed...he's here...My dream.


All the monitors clamored their alarms at once, as Dr. Benson ran into the room he saw Hunter's Grandfather holding his grandson's hand and sobs wracking his body, he kept crying 'no' over and over...a nurse pulled him aside as the STAT team frantically worked over Hunter, the steady beep of the heart monitor faltered, Dr. Ed placed the defibrillator paddles on his chest shocking the heart. He was frantic...AGAIN! response ... AGAIN! response...AGAIN!...nothing. Finally he knew...his patient was gone. His whole body sagged, he felt helpless, not able to save the man that had wanted to keep for his own. All he could hear was the continuous uninterrupted monotone of the heart monitor. Hunter Hallan was gone.

Ed leaned against the door frame, he fought back the tears welling in his eyes, he looked one last time at the corpse before him, still unable to understand why they couldn't save him. Ed sighed and turned to leave, he had taken two steps when he heard it...beep. It took a second for the sound to register in his brain. Beep. He heard it gain...beep...before the third beep finished he was at his Hunter's side, the team rushing back in, they had heard it too. Injections followed and more monitoring machines were hooked to Hunter. In a matter of minutes the heart beat had steadied and now had a regular rhythm that was getting stronger each minute. The team just looked at each other. One nodded to Ed then looked up to the ceiling...They knew it was another miracle. They had all seen their share of them. It was nothing that any of them had done, But Hunter Hallan was alive.

* * * * * * * **********************

Hunter felt himself moving toward the light...he was scared...NO! I'm not done here...I'm not going...NO....the light dimmed for a second the brightened again....NO! NO! NO! I can't leave him now...NO! I WONT GO! the light dimmed again, it flickered and began to fade. He felt himself falling backward. Shouting to the top of his lungs...I WONT GO! ED!...ED!...ED!...then he heard his heart monitor ...beep......beep.... his body relaxed, all the tension was gone. I'm back. He heard Ed's voice...he's's dream.

"Hunter can you hear me...Hunter wake up...Hunter."

Ed was holding my hand in his....I squeezed his hand....I heard him gasp....

"his hand moved in mine, he squeezed my hand!"

All was quiet again, the noise was gone and all I could hear was the steady intermittent beep of the heart monitor. I was waking for real this time, I opened my eyes in little slits...the room was so bright...Ed was there, his chair beside the bed his head on the mattress beside me, dozing. I moved my hand to his hair and felt his body tremble and heard him sob.

"Oh Dear God, thank you!" Ed raised his head to look at me. I could see him trembling and heard his voice quake. His face wet with tears.

"We lost you Hunter...we couldn't revive you. You were gone."

"I know, I saw it all, I started toward the light but I fought it...I couldn't leave you. I was determined I wouldn't leave you. I had to stay for you. It wasn't my time, I knew it.

Listen Ed, I dreamed of us Ed. I saw what we will be. You and me. We are meant to be together Ed. We met up in the bar you go to from the hospital, we had drinks. You sat down beside me and when you saw me it made me feel so good. No one has ever been so happy to see me as you were. We walked to your apartment and we made love there, it was my first time. You filled my heart when you asked me to stay the night and we slept spooned together. We're going to be fine Ed. You and I together. I've dreamt our future. That's why I couldn't go on into the light. I can't leave you, I wont leave you. We will have a wonderful life to live together, that's why I couldn't leave. I have a brand new life to live with you now. I wouldn't miss 'US' for all the world or for the next one either."

The End


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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