I have always had an unnatural attraction to effeminate.men. Maybe it stems from the fact that everyone's first exposure to a "gay" man was an over the top swishy queen on a television show, but it stuck with me. It has become an obsession with me almost. I have enjoyed the company of several men of this type throughout life's journey and am always looking for more. I enjoy the mannerisms and the absolute confidence these men bring to their lives. They are who they are and do not give a shit what anyone else thinks about them and to me that is hot. There is also the physical attraction, while it is not a hard and fast rule these guys tend to be thin and ok I will say it effeminate. I am attracted to that so sue me. 

That brings us to what took place last weekend. I live on the east coast in an area with a large gay population.While I am not out, I do enjoy many aspects of the lifestyle the area affords. Last Friday morning I stopped in a new coffee shop that had opened on the main shopping strip. I always try to patronize local establishments versus chains. The store had been open about a week and was obviously still working out the kinks. The guy at the register was an instant bullseye for me. He was one of the swishiest guys I had ever seen. He was around 30 about 6' tall and looked like he weighed around 130 lbs. While he was attractive his whole demeanor had me hot immediately. He had a tight white t-shirt and what looked like girls capri pants, and they were as tight as his shirt. They were down to his calves and were a light blue. He asked me for my order when it my turn in the line. I was at a loss for a moment here was a perfect example of my guy."Honey, I said can I get you something?" he said. I blurted out my order and waited for it to be prepared. As I waited I kept glancing over at my dream guy,and he was stealing glances at me as well . Taking advantage of my view I was enthralled at how he carried himself. I took my stuff to an outdoor table in order to compose myself. I had been sitting there for about 5 minutes when somebody asked if they could sit. It was him. He said his name was Scott and stood there waiting for my reply. Obviously I said please take a seat. He untied his apron and took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. I noticed as he sat that his capris left absolutely nothing to the imagination and that Scott was packing what seemed to be a very substantial package. He took out a cigarette and asked me for a light. He gently held my somewhat shaking hand as I put flame to cigarette. He theatrically blew the smoke into the air and looked at me with what seemed to be equal parts contempt and curiousity." So why were you staring at me at the counter, do you have a problem with fags?" I practically spit out my coffee. No, no, no, I am sorry if I was rude I meant no offense. He looked at me while he took another drag and asked me well were you giving me the eye then? I was momentarily taken back. How do I answer this one. I said to be honest with you I find you attractive. Well he lisped you are definitely not my type. He then sat back and crossed his legs while being sure I got a look at his very well packed basket. He was obviously hung like a horse. He said do not let looks fool you, I may be a bit fem but I am 100% top. This was entirely new to me. I would not exactly say I was a top but it had been my experience that fem men tended to be bottoms. Scott took another drag and blew the smoke into my stunned face. I explained my affection for fem men, and said I found him very hot but was not sure what he wanted from me. He opened his skinny legs and rubbed the inside of his right leg where his huge cock was nestled and said I like to fuck butch men with this, and to make them the fem. He asked me if I was up for that. I said yes, I was most certainly interested. He smiled, put out his cigarette tied on his apron making sure he rubbed his monster cock and said call me, I get off at 2.

Just to show that I was not over anxious I waited till 2:10 to call. This was an entirely different set of circumstances for me. Even though I was hugely turned on by Scott I was not sure I was ready for what awaited me. My attraction overcame my hesitiation though. He answered the phone and was very happy it was me. We agreed to meet at a local gay bar that had an outside garden as it was a nice night and Scott said he had to smoke when he drank(which was also a bit of a turn on). We agreed to meet at 10:00. 

I arrived at 9:45 wanting to get there first so I could have a beer to calm my nerves. I felt like I was going to my senior prom with the gayest boy in High School. I heard Scott come in before I saw him, he yelled to the bartender in a very fem voice a "hello bitch" the bartender smiled and said "hello bitch" right back to him. I turned and saw what he had on. He looked like a goth teenager. He had on a hounds tooth pork pie hat, a very tight blue Ben Sherman shirt, and "skinny" black jeans. He also had a pair of white keds on to finish his ensemble. "Hello handsome," Scott cooed as he came up to me. He leaned in and I thought he was going to give me a pack on the cheek, instead he kissed me deeply and slipped his tongue into my mouth very seductively. The bartender laughed and said, "is this your victim tonight?" as he placed a martini in front of him. Scott feigned disbelief and in a hurtful voice said, "victim, I am going to show this fine man the time of his life". The bartender nodded approvingly and said he had no doubt about that. Scott said lets go outside so we can start the evening together. We took a table in the back corner of the beer garden. Scott asked me to light his cigarette which I did. He blew a thin stream of smoke in my direction and asked me to tell him about myself. I ran through the basic details including the fact that I was in the closet still. He tsked at me when he heard that. I explained I was still trying to come to grips with certain aspects of the lifestyle and was working toward that goal. Scott proceeded to tell me his story at that point. He said he had known he was gay since the earliest he could recall. He was effeminate from birth and if it were not for his "equipment" he could almost be a girl. Here he said that was as far as being effeminate went though. He was a top man through and through. This caused a bit of a problem for him as most guys who approached fem guys were looking for bottoms, and this was most certainly not him. He placed his cigarette in the corner of his mouth and took my hand and placed it right on his cock. I definitely gasped. "Now wouldn't that be aterrible thing to waste on a bottom," he said. The bulge I was rubbing was hot to the the touch and while it was large it was obviuosly soft and pliant. Scott leaned in and gave me a very hot and smokey kiss accompanied by a small hiss. I had definitely crossed the Rubicon. Here I was a closeted gay men rubbing a very flamboyant gay man's cock while sucking face in a gay bar. It then occured to me that I would do whatever this man wanted, and that maybe that was not a good thing. I excused myself to go to the bathroom when Scott asked me to wait for him. I held the door open for him as we went in, I noticed the bartender give me i wink and hold his hands apart about a foot from each other as we went in. The bathroom was a cock cruisers dream. It had 2 stalls and a four foot trough urinal. I stepped to the far side and undid my pants to pee. Scott stood about 2 feet to my right and undid his pants. He reached in and pulled out his cock. It was beautiful, he let it drop in front of his pants to give me a look at it as he smiled at my reaction. It was cut with a huge head and a very veiny shaft. It hung down about 5 inches in front of his pants and very scary to me was obviously flaccid. He stepped over towards me and put my hand on it. He pointed my hand and his hose into the urinal and he began to pee. The stream was huge. I could feel the heat coming off his cock in waves as hiss piss splashed against he far side of the trough. After what seemed like 2 minutes the strem ebbed and he put his hand on mine and shook the piss off his cock. He tucked himself away and said lets have one more drink then get out of here. 

I could barely walk back to the table after our trip to the bathroom. I had been with guys who had big dicks before but never anything like I had just seen in the bathroom. The fact that it was on a guy who turned me on the way Scott did had me buzzing like a bee. We had another drink and Scott said lets go to his place. He lived about 2 blocks away so we walked. He insisted on walking arm in arm. I think it was his way of showing I was going to do whatever he wanted since he knew how uncomfortable that made me. His apartment was a second floor walk up. As I entered I looked around. It was small but immaculate and was somewhat feminine but very stylish. Scott grabbed a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. I poured the wine as he lit a cigarette and we got comfortable. He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in for a kiss. He had full thick lips and I was melting under their pressure. He was rubbing the back of my head and sucking on my neck when he sat back. Undress he said. I am in good shape and was anxious to show that fact to this man. I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my jeans and shirt. Stand in front of me he said. I did as I was told, expecting him to spend some time on my rock hard cock. He gently stroked my cock and thumbed the large drop of pre cum on the tip. He then took my hips and turned me around. He told me to put my hands on the table and spread my ass open. I could not see what he was doing but I felt him blowing on my asshole. He gently reached out the tip of his tongue and ran it around my rim. I shivered at his tongue's touch. He slowly worked his way up and down my ass crack with his tongue, never spending too much time on my asshole. He was moaning gently and the sound was creating a further wave of pleasure as his face was buried in my ass. I had been rimmed before but Scott had me going places I had never been before.

As Scott continued to lick at my asshole I realized he still had not taken off a single piece of clothing. I gently moved away from his tongue and asked him if I could see him undressed. "You want to see what you are in for, right?" he asked me. I nodded and sat down next to him. He stood and removed his shirt. He was as thin as a rail and clearly defined. He looked like a very skinny swimmer. He had a very thin ribbon of light brown hair that trailed from his belly button down to his belt line. Now the object of my desire and fears was directly in front of me and it was intimidating to say the least. 

It was obvious that Scott had been enjoying what had taken place between us up till then because his cock looked like it was going to rip through the leg of his pants. He pulled my face into his jean covered crotch and said lick it. I did as I was told. Scott was letting out a purring noise that was serving to excite me. I was very happy that this fem stud was enjoying my efforts. I reached down and started to jerk my cock. Scott slapped my hand away and said this is not about you. You are here for me, just like we agreed on. With that he stepped back and reached for his buckle. I do not think I was ever more excited about anything in my life as I was at that moment. Scott said on second thought, you do it. So I did. I undid his belt and undid his pant fronts. With considerable effort I began to tug down his jeans over the huge cock they encased. I finally got them down to his knees and I was looking at a pair of royal blue Versace briefs. Now the view of his cock crammed into those briefs was terrifying. I pushed my face into his croth and was assaulted by the smell of him. I could definitely sense the musky smell that most men give off but there was a clean and very soft smell accompanying it. Whatever it was it was intoxicating. I licked the front of his underwear for what seemed like 10 minutes before he stepped back and sat on the couch. "Take off my pants", he said as he sat down. I did that as he lit another cigarette. He leaned in and gave me perhaps the most sensual kiss I had ever received in my life to that point. He snaked his tongue into my mouth accompanied by the thin stream of smoke from his drag. Then he tugged the waist of his undies and out it came. He leaned forward and I pulled his briefs off the rest of the way. He leaned back and let me see the prize. He smoked his cigarette as I stared at the monster in front of me. I saw him smile and say you will never forget this night baby. It was about 8 inches long and 5 inches around. It was sitting on an angle to the right of his nut sack, and what a nut sack, the 2 huge balls were laying on the couch and looked like plums wrapped in skin. The head was beautiful and the size of a small apple. He was very well groomed but not shaven. His hair was trimmed and very neat. He obviosly took pride in his masterpiece. I leaned in and nuzzled his semi hard cock. I had no idea how much of that piece I could get into my mouth but I leaned in and ran my tongue fron his pubes down to the huge head, right down the very prominent vein down the shaft. Scott took the back of my head with his hand and pulled it down onto his very large nut sack. I proceeded to chase those tennis balls all over his sack as he moaned softly. I had gotten his sack soaking wet with my spit when I felt him reach for his cock and rub it on my cheek. It was huge now. It looked to be about 11" long and 6 inches around. The bartender was not lying. I opened my mouth and he slapped that huge cock onto my tongue. It was so large it hurt a bit. I went forward and took the head into my mouth, already I could tell this was much more then I bargained for. I could not breath and all I had was his cock head in my mouth. He was sitting back holding his member as I tried to get more and more of it into my mouth. He pushed me off and put the tip of it on my tongue. A drip of very sweet precum was left behind. I then stuck the tip of my tongue into his piss slit and cleaned it out. His slit was big enough that I could actually get my tongue in a tiny bit. He loved it.He pulled his legs under him and said to lick his ass. I licked the space between his nuts and his ass and then pushed my tongue onto his bud. I heard him let out an almost girl like gasp when my tongue hit his ass, but the cock in front of me pointed out the fact that this "girl" was going to open me up like never before. 

Again I noticed how "clean" Scott was. I definitely tasted the muskiness of his ass as I tongued his hole. His cock was standing straight up against his belly as I stuck my tongue into his bud. I had come to the realization that pleasing this effeminate top was going to give me more pleasure then I had ever experienced before. I was learning something about myself, I was probably more of a bottom then all of the fem guys I had been lusting after all this time. All it took was a guy like Scott to show me the error of my ways, with his swishy mannerisms and horse cock!

Scott sat up on the couch and pushed my face away. He picked up his glass of wine and said lets go to the bedroom so I can fuck that butch ass. Scott was about 4 inches taller then me and I liked that fact, that I had to look up to him a bit as he led me into his bedroom. He turned towards me and again gave me a kiss that made me weak in the kness. As we were kissing I felt both of his hands start to rub my ass. As I said earlier I have been fucked before but never by anything like Scott was packing. I reached down and slowly jerked on his monster. If anything it seemed even bigger then before. Scott said," You have an unbelievable ass, is it as tight as I think it is?" 

"Yes, I have been fucked but not often." 

"Well, I will not lie to you, this is going to hurt you. I will go slow but this is going to hurt. If it gets to be to much we can stop, but if we stop I will not see you agian, and I do not think you want that."

"How many guys have you had with that?"

"Quite a few, the word has gotten around that I have a huge cock, and that I love to fuck. Only most guys know that when they try to pick me up. You did not know that, so this is a bonus for me. You had no idea about this(as he lifted his cock) until I put your hand on it at the bar. Most guys want to get fucked but are not into me being effeminate, so that is a turn off. I get the feeling you like me because I am effeminate."

I told him he was correct as he kissed me again. I then explained that I was usually the top with fem men, so this was new to me.

"Are you ok with this? Because this whole night has me as hot as I have been for a guy in a while. You are a butch guy and I am going to fuck you till you scream:

I glanced up and said please. He reached into his night stand and took out a tube of lube and a dildo. "We have to open you up a bit first, lie on your back and hold your knees in your hands" He licked my nipples as he applied lube to the dildo and my hole. He gently inserted a finger and said, "you are tight". He continued to gently move his finger in and out of my ass to the point where I had relaxed enough to push the dildo in. It was about 6 " long and 3 around. He gently rubbed the head up and down against my asshole and then slowly pushed it in. He was obviuosly very adept at this and his relaxation techniques got it in with little discomfort. Scott got off the bed and told me to put my face over the side of the bed. I did as I was told and he lowered his huge balls on to my face as he slowly built up his rhythm with the dildo. Soon enough with the distraction of his nut sack the dildo was buried in my ass and he was pumping it with gusto.

"My turn, he said" as he pulled it out with a soft pop. He immidiately pushed 3 fingers in where the dildo had been a second ago and gently rubbed my prostate. My cock could have cut glass it was so hard.

He directed me to turn around so my ass was on the edge of the bed. Again he squeezed some lube onto my ass, and then a huge glob up and down his cock. I was scared for my life looking at that horse cock on that skinny frame. He put his arms on either side of my head and said,"if you want it, put it in". I looked him in the eye and slowly moved him towards my ass. He stood up slightly and gave me another kiss as I felt him begin to press against me. I was in heaven as his kisses distracted me while he pushed the biggest cock I had ever seen into me. Then the head went in. I was in agony, it felt like a bat had been stuffed into my ass as tears streamed from my eyes. Scott gently kissed me and cooed into my ear that it was alright, he was going to go slow. He sat there for a good 5 minutes as I asked him to stop, please stop. No, he said there is no stopping now as he moved a little bit more into me. I had never felt pain like that before, I looked up and instead of compassion I saw lust on Scott's face. He was enjoying ripping my asshole apart. He squirted more lube on and became more aggressive in his motions as he slowly got about 2 " beyond the head into me, always going in and out a little bit at a time. I think I may have passed out from the pain for a moment, and was aroused by Scott brutally pinching my nipples. You want to see this he said. 

He had made progress while I was out, he was now about 3/4 of the way in. He was starting to build his rhythm a bit more as I saw more and more of his cock come out and slide back in with each stroke. He continued to savage my nipples, the pleasurable pain from that was diverting some attention from the horse cock he had in my ass. After about a half hour I looked down and saw that it was over, he was all the way in. He rubbed his pelvic bone against my ass and slowly started to heave himself in and out of my stretched ass. He took my feet and held them in the air and started to pull almost all the way out of my ass before plunging right back in again. It hit me at that point I was still in alot of pain but I was starting to enjoy this. My cock which had retreated immidiately upon his cock's entrance was once again hard as a diamond as his monster scraped across my prostate.

In one violent pull Scott removed his cock from my ass. The sound was like a champagne cork. He then slammed into me and buried the whole length in one shot. The pain was back but so was a feeling likenothing I had ever felt before. He did this again and again until I felt my cock cumming. Scott reached down and held my cock as it came in ropes like I had never cum before. I was hallucinating it was so intense. Scott removed all hints of civility at that point and fucked me like an animal. His cock was battering me in and out. His heavy balls which had been bouncing off my ass for the last 45 minutes got tight as he ravaged me. He moaned louder and louder as he slammed into and out of me. He hissed,"I'm cumming, I'm cumming". Finally he thrust in as deeply as ever and I felt the first hot spurt of cum fill my bowels, followed by what felt like a dozen others. I could feel his cock as it shot more and more cum into my ass. I got up on my elbows, exhauted as he gave me another kiss. He smiled and slowly pulled himself out of my ass. It plopped out, but my ass was still wide open from the fucking he had given me. I felt his cum start to drip down my ass cheek as our kiss lingered. "Wow" , he said as he laid on the bed. I lit him a cigarette as he smiled at me. I then got between his legs and licked his cock and balls clean from our session as he watched me with a smile on his face, "You are going to be my bitch, right?"

I nodded enthusiastically. This kinky fag and his horse cock could do anything he wanted with me. 



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