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I love dressing up as Cindy and the attention that I receive when going to an adult theater. When dressing for the adult theater you dress up in something sexy that allows easy access to your tits and to your manpussy. I have found that thigh high stockings with low cut panties, a low cut underwire bra, blouse that is low cut, blond or black wig with my five inch heels is sufficient to turn a man on. I have been to the theater a few times and now when I arrive I have men wanting me to sit next to them. In an adult theater you many types of men who likes vary from just wanted to be jacked to an around the world oral trip.

I stand in the back of the theater in a location where a man can stand behind me. In my five inch heels I an am over six feet which attracts attention. As men would walk past me they would pat my bottom, sometimes their path will become a grope. In the darkness men can do things they would never do in public. A few men's gropes turned into a full inspection of my gurly appearance ending up wi a hand on my crotch, checking to see if I am packing. Every man likes something different when meeting in an adult theater. One man liked to pinch my nipples, jack my cock and finger my ass. When playing with my nipples he would put his a hand round my neck and apply pressure. I faint discomfort, protest and move away as if I was in distress but he never applied enough pressure to be harmful. He would bend me over and spank my ass which drew attention from some of the men in the theater. The one man working me over took off my blouse and tied my arms behind me. Being someone helpless other men took the opportunity to feel my tits, my cock and rub my ass. I had eight to fourteen hands feeling me up and enjoyed the attention.

I cannot remember all of the cocks I suck in one evening but the action I can. One evening I was standing in the back when a man puts his arms around me and started to feel my breasts. I pulled down the low cut blouse exposing my little titties. His hands then found the nipples and started to rub them, then pinch them and ended up pulling them in such a way that my cock got hard and my knees went weak. I moan to his touch and to let him know that I was getting turned on. A second man then started to rub my cock and with no warning he penetrated my ass with his finger. I responded to the fingering action by gyrating my hips. A third man then starts to kiss me, drenching my mouth with much vigor. I am in heaven with all the attention. The man kissing me stops and with his hands on my shoulders pushes me down, bending me at the waist where I find that his cock is sticking out of his pants. This man had a cock of destination for it was well over seven inches but most notably it was fat. As much as I tried I could only get the tip ad about two inches of his hardness in my mouth. Bending over at the waist and with the five inch heels, I made an inviting sight. The man fingering my ass changed from one finger to two fingers forcing them deeper into my willing ass. My manpussy has been clean for just such action. The man fingering my hole was also jacking his cock which he rubbed on my ass cheeks. He removed his finger then I felt a warm wetness up and down my crack.

No sooner as he finishes messing my ass, a second man slipped behind me and with one finger finding my now stretched hole he slides his cock into my now freshly lubricated hole. The feeling of a hard, hot cock slipping into my wet bottom is a wonderful feeling. I lose myself in the bliss of the moment, with my nipples being fondled, a cock in mouth and now being fucked and fuck deep. I have to rely on the men holding me steady, the banging from the rear forces me forward onto the cock I was sucking. Every now and then I would catch the flash of a light where someone was turning on their cell phone flight light application in order to get to see some of the action. I was surrounded by men and hard cocks. The man fucking me stops, pulls my hips back, forcing his cock to the max into my manpussy. One, two, three squirts then felt his limp cock quickly slips out of my not creamed hole. The man I was sucking then moves behinds me and without fingering my ass, slides his cock up and down my ass, finding my hole and pushing pass my spinster and going deep. Another man moves in front of me, cocking out shoving it into my mouth. The action continues, the fucking forcing me forward onto the cock in my mouth causing it to slide in and out of my mouth. In a short time the cock explodes in my mouth, flooding me with tastes that are bitter, salty and creamy. I swallow the load as he his cock leaves my mouth. I was lost in sexual bliss floating in a feeling of total carnal pleasure.

I am not sure how many men came in my mouth, at least four and I remember one other man fucking me. I did reach around and felt his cock which was sheaved with a condom. After the action, I walked into the men'd room, the only place for a cross-dresser to freshen up. The man's bathroom has a stall where you can lock the door. I entered the stall but left the door open. Two men followed me into the men's room then opened the stall door. There was a small cabinet which I placed my purse. Both men were Hispanic, short, dark skinned and were feeling my breasts, tits and my clitty. I knew what they wanted when one man pushed my shoulders down so I can suck is cock. His cock was large for a small man. Being in high heals and bending over put me in a position where the other man raised my skirt, pulled down my panties and fingered my manpussy, still wet from the fucking I received. He too took out an impressive cock and standing behind me slid his cock up my wet crack them down to find my wet hold and pushed. His pushing made me swallow more of the cock in my mouth. With a second push in he was deep inside me and a rhythm was started so I could suck and be fucked for the pleasure of all of us. I tighten my spinster around the cock in my ass and with each of his push in and relax when he pulled out. I did this maybe twenty times then he started to pull my hips back on his cock, he grunted then felt his cock jerk inside me. I knew he came. He withdrew his cock where I found that he used a condom. The other man pushed me on the floor, told me to get on my back. I did as instructed. The man pulled down his pants with his shorts down to his knees. I remember looking up at a short Hispanic man with an above normal sized cock that was rock hard. He got on his knees. He moved to position himself for entry then put my legs up on his shoulder. With one thrust he entered me and was buried deep. Laying on the floor I looked out under the stall door that had an opening of 12 inches, two men were kneeling watching the action.

I had my tits exposed an was pinching them and making a face like I was enjoying being fucked. I was, this was not play act it was honestly pleasure. The man fucked me in that position and jacked my cock while I moaned with each thrust. The sight and sound in the stall must have been a visual stimulation because in less than two minutes he stops jacking my cock, grabs my hips and thrust deep. He grunts a few times then withdraws his condom clad cock. I am left there on the floor as the two men opens the stall door to leave. I stood up in order to clean up when another men enters the stall. I was thinking he was going to fuck me but instead he grabs some toilet paper and asked if he could clean me up. Standing I bend over the counter top as he wipes my ass of cum from the fucking I had in the theater.

I apply some makeup, brush my hair and straighten up my clothing. I go out buy a drink and go back to the theater. I sat there a few minutes when a man sits next to me. In a few minutes his hand was on my clittly and my hand was on his cock. A second man is reaching over the seat and is rubbing and pinching my nipples. A third man stands behind also but has his cock out and moves it to in front of my mouth. I open wide as he forced is cock over my lips allowing me to suck his cock. This was a difficult position for me and I stood up. I know had a guy fingering my ass as he jacked his cock. A few minutes of this time of attention and I was feeling all pleasure. The man jacking his cock came on my cock which I could feel his warm wet sperm squirt onto my clitty. I do not know what happened but feeling my clittly being lubed by natural lube like seman ad I immediately shooting off, with my legs weaking and having to hold on to two of the men as they continued playing with my nipples, fingering my ass and jacking my cock. I patted the men on the shoulders, told them that was great and said I had to sit down.

I finish my drink and totally satisfied, I left the adult theater wanting to return the next week and do the same thing.



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