Dan was on the sidelines at the spanking party, watching with fifteen other men while three dads readied to spank their boys in public, in the living room of the two-family house in Providence. Two dads, one to the left and one to the right, had already positioned their boys--Rusty, about ten years Dan’s senior at age 40, a plumber with a husky voice, and Pedro, about ten years Dan’s junior at age 20, a muscular, baby-faced artist.

After about five minutes of swats on the seat of the pants, the dads lowered the boys’ trousers and exposed their tight, sweaty briefs to the grinning audience, who ranged from their late teens to above seventy: leather masters in beards and vests; preppie college students in button-down shirts; silver-haired seniors in denim and cowboy boots.

The middle dad, Jim--a fit banker with a ruddy complexion and a whitish goatee--had an empty lap. “Who needs a spanking?” he called out, scanning the crowd. Dan hovered in the doorway, trying to hide behind a black kid with short dreadlocks. “You!” Was the dad pointing at the boy with the dreadlocks? “Dan! Get over here!” Jim demanded.

“That’s OK,” Dan answered, his face turning hot, not wanting to go. “Come here.” Jim swatted his lap. “Now!” Some men in the crowd snickered and parted to form a path between Dan and Jim’s lap as the whole room focused on Dan, pressuring him to comply. Even Rusty and Pedro, their pants down and OTK, looked up in a desperate expectation.

In a minute, Dan was over his dad’s knee, as Jim walloped the seat of his corduroy pants. Dan had a choice of two views: the no-doubt grinning men of the audience--a tough one!--or Pedro’s spanking. He fixed his attention on his brother’s licking. He knew Rusty could see his own licking and see Pedro’s too.

Then, from in back of him, Dan could hear Rusty’s dad slapping his bare behind; this dad had taken down his big brother’s briefs and was administering a bare-bottom spanking. He looked up as Pedro’s dad pulled down his briefs and began spanking his bare bottom, which was dark-brown and refusing to turn pink--although the boy squirmed so that his hairy crack twisted and his balls kept flattening and shifting.

Jim stood Dan up and pulled down his pants and briefs. Several men laughed when they saw Dan’s bare bottom; his pale white skin was already hot with marks. As all three dads spanked their boys’ bare bottoms, “the commentator” laughed, “It sounds like frying bacon!” And the whole room laughed along with him.

“All together!” one man suggested, so all three dads synchronized their spanking so that all three bare bottoms were being spanked at once. Dan felt mortified; he had never gotten a spanking in front of so many men.

Then the buzzer to the front door rang, and someone went thumping down the stairs to answer it. Whoever came in--friend, enemy, acquaintance, stranger--would see him getting a bare-bottom spanking; there was nothing he could do to deny it.

“Look how red his bum is!” the “commentator” laughed, directing everyone’s attention at Dan.

Dan blushed and watched as Perdo’s dad opened up his bare bottom and looked deep into his crack. The next minute, Jim was doing the exact same thing to Dan. His dad was giving him a rectal examination--in front of all the boys. He gasped with surprise and embarrassment.

Pedro’s dad stopped spanking first, then Rusty’s, and then Dan’s. Pulling up their pants, all three boys had to expose their dongs and balls to the roomful of staring dads and brothers. Then the men, laughing and talking, dispersed toward the kitchen for a beer, a Coke, a cigarette...

Later in the evening, Dan approached a youngish boy, 22 or so, and suggested he needed “a good spanking.” Dan had not seen the boy earlier, so he was confident he could present himself as a firm, attractive authority figure.

But the boy hesitated, acted skeptical. Dan’s face fell when the boy asked, “Are you also a top?”




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