The usual disclosure, this is a true story that happened between adult men.  It involves Oral Sex, Anal Sex and W/S. As a gay person, I am 99% oral but have a knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Tonight was no different. If you read the story, e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know what you thought of it. The acts were for real, only the names have been changed.

It was bright moonlit night in Texas, warm to be near the end of January.

I was in the middle of nowhere, on a old US 2 lane highway that used to be the main road to Dallas before the interstate was put in. I had not seen a gas station in miles and was about to piss in my pants. I saw a sign that said "Rest Area 1 Mile Ahead" and knowing it had no facilities, I was going to have to make it do. Although the thought had crossed my mind that maybe there might be some nice looking dude there that would want his dick sucked.

Just a thought! As I pulled off the road into the Rest Area, I could see a 18 wheeler parked at the back side, by the pick nick tables. If I was going to piss, I had to go back there to not be seen by passing cars on the road. When I got there, the driver of the cattle truck was sitting on the pick nick table. He was tall and slender, long hair pulled back into a pony tail, his arms covered in tattoos and studs in his earlobes. His face was elongated and out of proportion with the rest of his body. He was definitely not what I was looking for.

I got out of my pickup and said hello. I told him that I hoped he didn't mind, that I needed to walk back into the woods a minute and take a leak.

He told me that he didn't and he would show me the prefect place. I was a little nervous, being with this guy and following him down a dark trail, even with the bright moonlight. We must have walked for 5 minutes but finally came to a opening and the moonlight made it easy to see him. I undid my jeans, letting my dick and balls hang out. I had a little trouble getting started with this guy watching me but soon I did. Once I started, he undid his jeans and pulled out a large, uncut dick with a P/A and sticks it right into my stream of piss. Then, he tells me to piss on him and get his balls wet. I asked him about getting his jeans wet and he told me to do what I was told and I wouldn't get hurt! What had I gotten myself into this time?

When I was finished pissing, he orders me to get on my knees and lick my piss off of his dick and balls. I tried to argue with him and lie by telling him that I am not a queer, all I wanted to do was take a piss and go. He told me to remember what he had told me, do what I was told to and I wouldn't get hurt. Then he told me to get it in my fucking mouth. Slowly, I started licking the shaft of that big dick, but I didn't like the taste.

I told him that I had never done anything like that before (which was a lie)

and that I didn't like the taste. I argued that I just couldn't do it.

That made him mad and he slapped me across the face.

The more I licked his dick the harder it got. The harder it got, the more violent and demanding he got. I had just about got all my piss licked off of his dick and balls when he told me to stand up. He told me to unfasten my jeans and push them down around my ankles, that he was going to spank my ass if I did not do everything he asked. I again tried to talk my way out of it but this time he ripped my shirt off of me with unbuttoning it. It was a good shirt too! Then, he unfastened my jeans and pushed them to the ground. He told me to suck his fucking dick, clean that foreskin and not to stop until I was told to. I guess I was too slow taking in into my mouth, not knowing what to do with the P/A. His hard callused hands hurt when he slapped me on the ass, so I started sucking. I sucked him for about 15 minutes and got a first taste of his strong pre-cum. When I stopped for a minute to get my breath he made me wish I hadn't. He started spanking my ass hard. I went down on him for another long sucking secession but still, no cum. I again, thought I had to stop and catch my breath. This time, his reaction was different. That was my last chance, now he was going to take over.

He told me to bend over and grab my ankles. I knew what was going to happen and knew that there was NOTHING I could do to stop it. If I had been worried about the P/A in my mouth, I sure did not know what it would feel like up my ass. He was just about to push it into me when we heard the sound of a truck pull into the Rest Area. I thought it might be my lucky break. I knew not to scream because if they didn't respond there was no telling what he might do to me. I heard the sounds of someone walking down the trail in the woods. My attacker had not been scared as he remained behind me with his dick at the entrance of my ass hole.

Then, a voice comes out of the woods, Junior, you got us one? He replied that he did and for them to come on and get some. Now, I was feeling real low, like I might not get out of here alive. I looked up to see 2 guys walking toward us. They looked like twins, not bad looking, but rough cut.

They weren't too tall, about 5'10 and much huskier than the first guy. They both had a thick head of dirty blonde hair, that needed to be combed. They were both in dirty uniforms from a Wrecker Company. They asked, what do we have here? My attacker, now known as Junior, replied that he thought I was a cocksucker but I didn't like sucking his cock long enough to get his rocks off. He told them I could suck theirs while he drilled my fucking hole.

Then, he told them the one thing I didn't want him to tell, that I did not like the taste of piss.

The next 5 minutes were the most painful of my life! Junior rammed his big dick deep into my ass, P/A and all! Both of the other two dudes had their dicks out and were going to teach me about watersports. One of them stuck his deep into my mouth, almost down my throat. The next thing I knew, he was filling my mouth with piss and ordering me to swallow, like I had another choice. If that wasn't bad enough, a stream of hot piss hit me in the face, forcing me to close my eyes. That hot stream drenched my hair and the rest of my body while I continued to swallow what seemed like gallons of piss.

By now, I was beginning to get use to the feel of Junior's big dick fucking my ass. When the dude was finished pissing in my mouth, he told me to suck it. Now this dick was definitely suckable! It was about 6 1/2" and not too big around. It was also nicely cut. I went to town sucking that dick, trying to forget the big one pounding my ass hole. It only took him about 5 minutes to shoot a nice, good tasting load into my mouth. I swallowed it and eagerly licked what was left off his dick. When he was finished, I told him "Thank You"! He told me that his name was Don. It was on his shirt, but I had never noticed. Then he told me it was his brother, Jon's turn.

I had relaxed by now and took note at what a firm body Jon had. His uniform ranked with the smell of automotive grease. His technique was different as he took my head into his firm hands, also black with grease, and guided his dick into my mouth. He was in control, fucking my mouth as I am sure he had done many times before. He was just getting started when Junior moaned, sticking his dick deep inside of me and unloaded shot after shot of hot cum up my ass. When finished, he gently pulled it out. What I wanted now was Jon's hot load in my mouth. Like his brother, he rewarded me in about 5 minutes with again, a great tasting load of cum.

Now that this ordeal, which started out to be a harrow story, was over, I introduced myself as Matt, and told them how much I had enjoyed it. I told them that I lived about 40 miles away and had just been passing through when I needed to piss. Junior was on his way home, just a few miles down the road. The wrecker drivers were from the next town, not far away. Junior suggested that we all go to his place for some beers and I could take a shower and borrow a pair of his coveralls, the only thing he had that might fit me. I agreed, and we were off to Junior's house.

By the time we got there, I was freezing. The temperature had dropped to about 65 degrees and with wet clothes on it even felt colder. Junior showed me to the bathroom and got me a towel. The hot shower felt good and as it hit my dick I remembered that I was the only one that hadn't gotten off. I heard Junior come into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. He told me that he was sorry but he had to take a crap and this was the only bathroom. I told him fine, that I had seen it all anyway. By the time I stepped out of the shower, my dick was as hard as a rock! As I dried it off, I told Junior that now, it was his turn to be the cocksucker! He said alright and I walked in front of him while he sat on the toilet and took hold of his funny looking head. Now, he was gentle as he did a great job sucking my dick. All too soon, I shot my load into his mouth and now we were all satisfied.

I stayed and drank about 3 beers. We decided to meet the next Tuesday night at Juniors house and do it again. I guess tonight, I had been in the right place at the right time. These sure weren't the kind of guys I was looking for but a good time was had by all!


Buddy A

[email protected]


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