DISCLAIMER: The below story contains explicit gay sex scenes. The writer retains all rights to this story, meaning NO posting on other free or paysite websites/online groups without the writer's permission. If you really like this story, please write to me at [email protected] 'Greg, come here!' yelled Matt, lying on his king-sized bed. 'Where are you, stupid butler? Hey, I'm calling you!' he yelled again impatiently. His short blond hair was waving about as that young man turned his head to the door. 'Greg! Are you deaf? Come here at once! or I'll tell my dad to fire you!' That year, Matt had turned 19. But he still acted quite childish, being a spoiled young brat. He was the only son thus he was always pampered by his dad. Whatever he wished for, his dad would provide it for him. Matt's personal bedroom was filled with expensive and exquisite electronic stuff. But the spoiled young man was never satisfied with what he possessed. Every day, he would ask for something new. It had been 11 AM but Matt was still lying lazily on his bed. Usually, the breakfast would have been served on the small table next to his bed. But that morning, Matt only found an empty tray. Impatiently, Matt got off the bed. The only clothes he wore were white silky briefs. Being a narcissist, that young man spared some of his time to pose on the large mirror. Proudly, he flexed his body, showing off all muscles that he had been training since puberty. Matt's swimmer-built body indeed drew attention of lustful gay men when he walked down the street. Clenching his fists, Matt inflated his biceps. Those muscles bulged out, looking very powerful. Another bulge had been formed inside the briefs. The morning hard-on apparently had not gone away. It was not easy to tame the erection, for Matt was quite a horny guy. Grabbing the bulge, he squeezed it gently. Soft gasp escaped his quivering lips. Since there was nobody around, the spoiled young man slipped down his briefs. A hard cock jumped out its confine. It certainly seemed to be prime and ready to shoot out the morning loads. 'Ah, yeah,' he gasped, milking the foreskin-covered head. Pulling the skin down, Matt exposed his own dick head. The knob was reddish and had the shape of a mushroom. Precum had not been oozed out yet, thus Matt spat on the cock. The saliva landed on the head, some flowing down the shaft. Grabbing the glistening head, Matt started to stimulate his dick. 'Oh yeah, I'm milking my cock. Oh, it's good to be a horny guy,' he said to himself. Lewdly, he saw at his own reflection on the mirror. His body had never looked that good. As the hand was busily milking the cock, the other one was groping the torso. Rubbing the hard chest mounds, Matt stimulated himself. He liked feeling the hardness of his own chest. As he contracted the pectorals, the muscles seemed to bulge bigger. 'Oh!' he groaned as his body was jolted. The over-sensitive cock head sent electric-like tingle when his palm brushed against the erogenous spot which was located at the underside region. Gazing at his own perfect body at the mirror, Matt aroused himself. Suddenly, his cock head throbbed harder. A pressure rushed something out of his dickhead. Glinting drop of precum oozed out. 'Ah yeah,' he moaned, satisfied that finally his dick got wet. Out of the blue, the door was opened. Not expecting anyone to come in, Matt almost jumped out of his skin. Hurriedly, he covered his throbbing hard-on with both of his hands. Even though he did not need to be shy about his cock size, Matt was not used to displaying his cock except in locker room. His eyes showed both rage and surprise. A well-dressed man came in, carrying a tray of breakfast. Greg was surprised to see his boss's son naked. But he made no attempt to divert his eyes. The sight of Matt's well-built body excited him. Acting as if nothing had happened, Greg placed the tray on the small table. At then, Matt poured out all his anger. 'Are you stupid or something, huh? Knock first before you enter, moron!' Matt yelled angrily. He disliked the idea of being caught during his private masturbatory session by a butler. Still covering his genitals, Matt bent down to pick up his silk briefs. In a flash, he threw them on. Heaving, the young man continued to attack Greg with verbal assault. 'I'm going ask my dad to fire you! I'm sick of you!' Walking over to Greg, Matt angrily poked Greg's uniformed body. 'That's enough! I won't take more insult from you, you spoiled brat!' yelled Greg, burning with great rage. Ever since he worked for Matt's dad, he had been mistreated by Matt for some time. The endless patience he had finally came to an end. Not caring for the fact that he was only a butler, that older man stepped up and pushed his master's son to the wall. Matt, the rich young man was very shocked, not expecting such attack from his dad's butler. 'Yeah, now let's see who is in charge now, huh? Me or you?' Tired of getting mistreated, the strong butler punched Matt's bare chest. 'Yeah, groan as hard as you like coz you're going down, boy!' Greg hissed menacingly. 'Ah! You're crazy!' Matt yelled, his face contorting with pain. The blow on his chest left a sore pain. Holding his chest, Matt yelled out for his dad. 'Dad! Help me! Greg's gonna kill me!' The young man tried to escape but his intention to run away failed for Greg could see it through. 'Oh!' Matt groaned when his body was slammed to the wall. The back of his head was hit to the wall. An instant dizziness, along with pain, took over his head. Greg's strong gripping arm clutched Matt's neck, choking the air out of Matt's lungs. At that point, the rich young man came to realize that his life was in the butler's hand. 'Please,' Matt hissed, his eyes balls almost bulging out. To Matt's surprise, the butler loosened the grip. Greg's eyes were still shining with rage. In front of him was one of the best male specimens. The best way he could think of to humiliate Matt was to sexually assault him. 'You think you're tough, huh, pretty boy? Well, you're just a fucking pussy boy. You haven't met a strong macho man to subdue you,' he mocked Matt, intimidating him. Bringing his face closer to Matt's, he tried to frighten the young hunk with his facial expression. At close distance like that, the butler was certain that Matt could feel his warm breath. 'What's this?' he asked, looking down at Matt's briefs. 'You have a hard-on?' Scared for his safety, Matt could not help groaning as his dick was being touched. 'Oh, don't touch my cock,' he whimpered, disgusted at the idea that his privates were manhandled by a man. But his tone of voice had somewhat turned meek. As the bulge was touched, wetness suddenly spread across the front part of the briefs. 'Ah,' the rich young hunk could not help moaning with pleasure. Upon realizing what he had just done, his cheeks turned reddish, embarrassed. Matt did not understand what was happening to him. The anxiety he felt at then was somewhat erotic. His head was reeling, confused. 'You got wet. Well, I think you're a faggot,' Greg commented, grinning evilly. With his hand, the butler gently fondled Matt's tent. Slowly, yet sensually, the butler aroused the dick, making it harder. Inevitably, the young man rammer grew longer. 'Yeah, grow that fucker. Let me see how big your dick is,' Greg said, panting lustfully. Watching the erection process of Matt's dick excited him so much, beyond anything else. Both of Greg's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. The sight of the growing bulge was incredibly horny. 'Oh, you're still young. I'm sure your testosterone level is very high,' the butler whispered in his boss' son's ear. Deliberately, he squeezed the growing bulge in his gripping hand. 'Oh yeah, I can feel that your cock is demanding to be freed. How about if I lend you a hand, huh?' 'Ah!' Matt gasped when the butlers hand shamelessly reached for the waistband. Without any difficulty, the briefs were lowered down. 'Let me go, you pervert!' Matt screamed, struggling again. Using all his might, the blond young man pushed Greg's hand away. As the young guy fought to break free, he had chance to grip Greg's upper arms. And all he could feel were solid muscles. 'Oh! Stop it!' Matt yelled again. But the harder he fought, the easier Greg undressed him. 'Don't! Please, I'm not a fag!' But Matt's pleas were ignored. With his feet, Greg easily pulled down the briefs. The silky briefs were then lying on the floor around Matt's ankles. Matt realized that he was stark naked. 'Nice hard cock you have,' Greg grinned. 'I'll enjoy playing it.' With no hesitation, Greg reached for Matt's throbbing wet dick. To assure that Matt would not struggle, Greg placed his other arm on Matt's neck, pinning his body to the wall. 'Yeah, your cock likes to be touched by a real man like me. Look, it gets harder in my arm.' The hand adeptly stroked Matt's cock shaft. The butler enjoyed seeing Matt's foreskin slide up and down. When Greg moved his hand up, the foreskin would be stretched upward to conceal the damp glans. And when the hand slid down, it would retract the foreskin down and expose the glistening cock head. Up and down, the rhythm was established. 'Yeah, you like it, huh? I'm jacking your straight cock off. By the time I finish it, you'll be a homo,' Greg said, lowering down his voice. 'No, please don't,' Matt begged, thrashing his head. Cold sweat emerged, dampening his whole naked body. Almost the entire muscles in his body contracted as Matt was waiting anxiously for what Greg would do next. Even though his mouth uttered out a series of protests, Matt's body showed signs that it liked the stroking treatment. The pace of Matt's breath increased as his heart was beating faster. The chest was heaving up and down rapidly, shaking off the beads of sweat. As a horny young man, Matt was too weak to resist such sexual pleasure although it was given by another man. Slowly, his protests died down and were replaced by lewd groans. 'Oh yeah, stroke my dick. I'm so horny. I can't fight this pleasure you're giving me. Ah, yes! Jack my cock off. Ah, fuck yeah.' Noticing the positive change in Matt's behavior, Greg decided to free Matt's neck. 'Yeah, you like it, huh? I know you will,' Greg whispered seductively, bringing his lips close to matt's ear lobe. 'You haven't tried this,' he added while sticking out his tongue. Without any hesitation, the butler licked the ear lobe up and down. Sensually, the wet yet warm tongue roamed the ear. Bathing it with thick layer of saliva, the tongue was stimulating the nerves located in that ear lobe. As soon as the nerves were activated, they sent tingles down Matt's athletic body. The lewd groans coming out from matt's quivering lips were music to Greg's ears. 'Yeah, keep groaning. Let me hear how much you like it,' Greg commented, resuming his tonguing. His head reeling with lust, Matt had lost his sexual orientation. Out of the blue, he enjoyed the stroking and the licking done by a man. Yet, he did not care, as long as he could achieve sexual climax. 'Oh yeah, stroke my dick. Oh fuck! I like what you do to me. Keep doing that, ah,' Matt slurred, holding onto Greg's uniform. As Greg brought his body closer to Matt's the coarse fabric rubbed against Matt's body. At some point, it was very disturbing. Thus, without being told to, Matt worked his fingers on Greg's uniform, unbuttoning the buttons one by one. Not commenting, Greg stole a grin. Whether Matt realized it or not, Greg had succeeded in taking him one step closer to become a true gay. The butler did not resist when he felt Matt's fingers fumble with the buttons. Gladly, he helped by dropping down the vest. Soon, the white shirt was undone, leaving the front part open. As Matt's warm fingers slipped into the shirt and groped Greg's strong athletic torso, Greg groaned out his agreement. 'Oh yeah, touch my chest. Grope it. It's a real man's torso. Yeah, feel the masculinity,' the butler gasped, growing hornier. Pressure was building in Greg's body, growing bigger and bigger. His half exposed muscular chest was heaving. The butler expressed his increased horniness by licking Matt's neck. Not only licking, he also sucked the skin of the neck. He just wanted to make Matt feel so good about gay sex so that it would be easier for him to fuck Matt's cherry ass in the end. Panting, Matt hastily took off the shirt that confined Greg's body. When the shirt was thrown onto the floor, he got an unobstructed view of Greg's muscular torso. As a muscle maniac, the young man could not help observing the butler's muscles. Comparing Greg's body to his, Matt found that Greg's was indeed larger and stronger than his. That fact caused the fire of jealousy to burn in his mind. Matt's hands continued to roam Greg's bare body. The skin felt so warm. Smooth body hair grew all over the skin. As the hands brushed against it, Matt moaned out his lust. Somehow, it felt so good to touch Greg's manly skin. Thus, Matt's cock throbbed harder in the butler's hand. 'Fuck! You're one horny bastard, aren't you?' Greg asked, squeezing the cock harder. More precum oozed out as the reaction of the hard squeeze. Slimy slippery liquid had flooded Greg's hand. The excess of that liquid flowed down the butler's strong hand and dripped down onto the floor. 'Yeah, I'm gonna milk your cock and make it spew out ribbons of cum. I will make you feel what it's like to cum in front of a butler. Oh yes, I'm in charge of you now,' Greg said, flashing his white teeth. Trailing down the muscular outline of Matt's body, Greg used his other hand to fondle Matt's hanging nuts. The balls felt somewhat damp with sweat. Several long hairs grew on the ball sack. 'I'm milking your nuts, boy. Come on, give me your milk,' Greg demanded, applying all sex techniques that he knew of. 'Oh, fuck! If you keep doing that, I will cum in gallons,' Matt gasped out, writhing against the wall. His sweaty back left damp marks on the wall. The pulsing of his dick seemed to get more violently. Each time, his manhood leaked out precum, his body would shiver. 'Yes, milk my dick. I like your milking hand. Oh, you really turn me on. Ah, fuck!' Matt practically gave no more resistance. Willingly, he let the butler manhandled his drooling dick. The young man kept gasping whenever wavelets of pleasure surged through his body. 'Oh, shit! I'm close, Greg. Keep jerk me off. Don't stop. Make me cum, ah!' Closing his eyes, Matt prepared himself for an orgasmic joyride. His sweaty swimmer-like body shook as orgasm was approaching. 'Yeah, shoot your fucking cream, faggot. Come on now. You can do it. Shot out your cum. Shoot it across the room. Oh yes, I want to see a hot handsome young man groan as he cums,' Greg encouraged his boss' son. The grip on Matt's pulsating dick was tightened. It was rather hard to grip the dick, actually, since the dripping precum had lubed up the shaft. 'You're one hot handsome young man, Matt. I've been lusting over you. Yeah, I'm gonna make you mine and turn you into an obedient boy,' Greg whispered, biting Matt's neck gently. During the whole jacking off process, the gorgeous butler had not taken off his trousers yet. Greg's own dick had been leaking copious amount of slimy precum, flooding the briefs he wore. The dampness had seeped through the fabric. Sensually, Greg brought his crotch close to Matt's right thigh. The big bulge was rubbed against that thigh. He just wanted to make sure that Matt could feel how hard he was. 'Yeah, cum for me, slut. Let me see how much you can ejaculate. I want to see your cock squirt out its loads. Oh yeah, cum now,' Greg kept whispering dirty remarks to keep that young man in sexual heat. The dick in Greg's hand was getting wetter. He knew that Matt would shoot out his cum soon. The bulbous head was suddenly inflated. Hurriedly, Greg pushed the foreskin all the way down. The frenulum, which attached the cock head to the foreskin, was stretched, pulling at the cock head downward. As the result, Matt was undergoing the most shattering orgasm he had ever had. 'Oh fucking yes! I'm cumming! Oh yes!' Uncontrollably, Matt's naked sweaty body shook. Every single of muscle fibers in his young body contracted. Matt had never looked so sexy before. His aura of masculinity exuded from his contorted body. Again and again, he groaned out his spectacular orgasm. Owing to the great orgasmic force, Matt was literally seeing the stars. 'Oh fuck! I'm cumming! Oh, I can't stop it! Yes! I love it! Oh, cumming! Ah!' Wracked by the climax, Matt's convulsive body was bucking. Even his legs almost lost power to sustain his own body weight. Holding onto the butler's bare torso, Matt clung there for support. The cum shot out messed up the floor. Puddles of white gooey substance were scattered on the floor. The smell of cum permeated the room. Anyone walking into that room would know for sure that sex had just taken place there. Mercilessly, Greg's hand milked the dick head, forcing it to spew out all cum it had. But the more Matt ejaculated, the weaker the cum shots became. In seconds, the hard shots had been reduced to light dribbles. Globules of cum simply dropped down and splattered their feet. The rich young man could only panted, his broad chest heaving. The orgasm had drained out all his energy. Sweat was flowing down his body profusely. After the ejaculation, Matt's body weakened. Greg had to drag him to the bed. Still recuperating from the orgasmic blast, Matt lay helplessly on his bed. Both of his feeble legs were hanging by the bed side, almost touching the floor. The cummy cock slowly lost its erection, shrinking back. Shriveling, the foreskin hooded the head to protect it form outer exposure. A droplet of cum hung on the tip of the foreskin. Matt thought that his ejaculation ended the whole thing, but he was dead wrong. Towering next to the bed, Greg looked down upon his helpless prey. He knew for sure that Matt would not be able to fight after undergoing such an exhausting orgasm. 'You look great, slut. Listen, if you think it's over, you are wrong. Making you cum is not the punishment I want to give you,' the butler said, his hands unbuckling the leather belt around his trousers. 'You think of me as shit under your feet. Well, that's gonna change.' The belt produced clinking noises as Greg unzipped his black trousers. The clinking noises got louder as the trousers plummeted and hit the floor. 'You've humiliated me. And now, it's my turn to humiliate you. I'm gonna show you who's the boss.' For some moment, Greg just stood there, displaying his precum-soaked briefs. Lying helplessly, Matt watched in horror as he laid his eyes on his butler's bulge. Its size was big, bigger than his. Matt could not dare imagine how Greg's dick looked when no briefs confined it. With his shaky voice, Matt begged meekly for the safety of his ass. 'No, please don't fuck my ass. I'm not a faggot. Leave my ass alone, please. I'd do anything for you. But please don't hurt my ass.' The young blond guy wanted to get up and run to the door, but strangely he did not have the courage to do so. His heart was pounding fast when he saw Greg's meat throb inside the briefs. Imagining that his ass would be penetrated by that living object made his body shiver with fear. But his ass hole was twitching excitedly, knowing what would come for it. 'Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt your ass. I'm just gonna fuck it. And show you who's the boss. I'll turn you into my personal whore. That way, I could fuck your sweet tight ass whenever I feel like to,' the butler said coldly. There was no hint of mercy at all, even the slightest one, in his intonation. It seemed that he had been determined to plunge his cock into Matt's ass and pry it open. 'You've been staring at my cock,' the butler said, noticing the direction of Matt's eyes. 'So, my slut wants to see my man rammer, huh? Well, if you insist.' With that, the almost naked man shucked off the last covering he had on his body. A rather huge cock proudly showed up, throbbing. 'Meet my 8 incher, slut. This dick is going to teach your ass some respect.' Involuntarily, Matt shuddered, frightened by the appearance of that huge dick. Although he wanted to avoid it, he could not move his body. Fearfully, he watched the butler climbed up the bed. Greg's hard dick was hanging down the crotch. Its tip was rather glistening as a droplet of precum was hanging there. As Greg's dick gained erection, its foreskin had been retracted down. The head was covered by a thin film of precum. Matt just stared at the huge pecker without blinking. The young man could sense the undeniable aura of masculinity that surrounded the butler's naked figure. Crawling on the bed, Greg straddled Matt's helpless body. The blond young man whimpered when Greg's callused hands were feeling up his torso. Involuntary gasps escaped Matt's mouth repeatedly. 'Yeah, you do take care of your body very well. The muscles you have are quite solid and strong. yet, mine is better than yours. That grants me the right to dominate you,' Greg said, checking the outline of Matt's body. The strong hands wiped away any seat beads on Matt's bare skin. 'You're quite pretty, boy. I'm gonna enjoy raping your tight ass,' he added, squeezing Matt's muscular chest mounds. Both of his hands gripped those mounds. Then, treating them like dough, Greg squeezed and milked them. Immediate groans filled the room, echoing. 'Oh fuck! You're a nipple man, aren't you? You know, a guy who gets turned on by nipples. If you like it, I'd play with your nipples more,' Greg commented as soon as he realized Matt's weak point. 'Ah! That hurts!' Matt growled, writhing his body. Both of his nipples were on fire when Greg pitilessly pinched them. 'Oh! Fuck! It hurts!' Matt yelled again, thrashing his head. But unexplainable rapture was radiating from his bruised nipples. The nipple nerves immediately sent signals to Matt's cock nerves. Thus, in just seconds, Matt's dick was revived. Gradually, the man rammer gained its erection. Matt's foreskin slid backward, revealing a cummy dick head. As the pecker stood up, it accidentally brushed against Greg's. A cock fight occurred when Greg deliberately hit Matt's throbbing dick with his. Lust once again filled Matt's mind. The bewildered young stud could only thrash his head and whimper at the joy he received. 'Oh fuck! It feels so good,' he gasped. 'Of course it feels good, slut,' Greg boomed with his manly baritone voice. 'I'm rubbing my slimy cock head against yours. Yeah, isn't it great to do sexual stuff with other man, huh?' he asked seductively. Wiggling his firm hips, the butler continued the cock fight while he busily ran his hands across Matt's bare torso. Bringing his face down, he parted his mouth and took one of Matt's nipples in. His tongue expertly lapped the nipple head, stimulating matt's erogenous zone. The young man could only moan in surrender, letting the butler molest his body. Hugging Matt's body, Greg continued his assault on the nipple. Saliva flowed out of his mouth and flooded Matt's torso. Its excess flowed down the body side and reached the bed. At that point, Greg could not say anything but muffled slurping. 'Oh fuck! You turn me on again,' Matt whimpered, squirming under Greg's body. The young man started to wiggle his hips and sway his hard dick. Each time his dick got hit, Matt's body would experience indescribable shiver. As his dick came to life again, the cock slit secreted some precum to oil up the head. 'Yeah, I'm so horny, Greg. Ah,' Matt groaned, forgetting that Greg's true intention was to penetrate his ass. Another shiver wracked Matt's naked body. Pushing his own head to the mattress, he was fighting to endure waves of pleasure that attacked him. 'Ah, I can cum again. This is just too much for me. I feel as if my nipples were twitching. And you play your tongue very well, ah! Fuck yeah!' But to Matt's disappointment, Greg pulled away. Coated with saliva, Matt's nipples maintained their erection. Both of them looked reddish and swollen. Spreading his legs between matt's hips, Greg once again displayed his erect dick. He wanted to make sure that Matt remembered that he would soon lose his ass virginity. Greg's dick, dripping precum onto Matt's stomach, was throbbing. It seemed that the dick was prime and ready to pry open a tight ass. All of a sudden, Greg gripped Matt's hips. Then with all his might, Greg contracted his biceps. Using his power, the butler lifted Matt's body and turned it over. It happened so fast that matt had no idea was going on. The next thing he knew was that he was lying on his stomach. Matt's bubble ass was exposed to Greg's lustful eyes. Chucking lasciviously to himself Greg commented, 'Your ass is firm.' A hard slap was delivered across the ass cheeks. As Greg's palm landed on the ass, it bounced back. 'Wow, your ass is really firm. I like it.' Not wasting any time, the butler began to position himself on top of Matt. 'You're gonna love it. It will hurt a bit at first, but soon you'll be screaming and begging me to fuck you harder.' Gently, Greg rubbed his slimy dick over two ass cheeks. Underneath, Matt's body shuddered with anticipation mixed with fear. Lowering his hips down, Greg guided his own dick into the ass crack. Groaning, Greg tried to squeeze his dick head in. 'Oh shit! Your ass crack is so narrow. Oh fuck!' But the pecker finally managed to position itself at the entrance of Matt's waiting ass hole. Biting his lower lip, Matt prepared himself for the impending pain. His hands grabbed bed sheet for support. When Greg's dick rested between the ass crack, that young man could not help shuddering. Slimy precum blotched the entrance of Matt's ass. Anxiously, Matt waited for the inevitable penetration. At last seconds, he again pleaded for mercy. 'Don't screw my ass. I'm not a homo. Please, Greg.' But as usual, his please were ignored. All of a sudden, Matt's eyes widened as if the eyeballs were going to pop out. Both of his hands were clutching the bed sheet as hard as they could. His handsome youthful face showed immense pain. Parting open, his mouth was gaping, but no sound came out. Almost all muscles in his body flexed as Matt was enduring his first anal penetration. 'Damn! Your ass is even tighter. You're really a virgin,' Greg grunted, wiggling his ass. The cock forced its way into the clenching ass hole. Pushing harder, the butler was determined to pry open Matt's ass. Aided by precum, Greg's dick head pushed the ass lips inward. Slowly, the sphincter started to give in. 'Yeah, I'm tearing your ass open! Oh fuck! Don't fight me. It'll be less painful for you,' Greg groaned as his dick head was half way in. Twitching, Matt's ass lips gripped the dick head. But the precum coating the dick head acted as lube. 'Open up, slut! Your ass is mine! Oh!' 'Ah!' Groaning painfully, Matt instinctively tried to fight the invading cock. His ass clenched up, blocking the canal entrance. Yet, the force of Greg's intruding cock was much greater. The harder Matt tightened his ass, the further Greg's cock reached in. At that point, matt knew that there was no way he would win it. Thus, all of a sudden, he discarded his will to resist. Right then, Matt's ass muscles were loosened up. The invading dick immediately bored through the fuck canal and lodged its head in. 'Oh fuck!' Matt whimpered in defeat, knowing that the head was in. 'Ah, I can feel your cock in me. You've broken my ass,' he cried, almost sobbing. Sweat beading up, the muscles on his back contracted. The pain that Matt felt was beyond words to describe. That was the most intense pain that he ever felt. Tears were wetting his eyes, streaming down his handsome face. 'Yeah, fuck! I'm in!' the butler yelled victoriously. Warmth immediately enveloped his dick head. 'How's that? Do you enjoy my cock in you, boy?' Greg asked mockingly. Straining hard, his hands were supported his upper athletic body as he lowered his hips. Greg's biceps were bulging hard as if they were going to blow up. 'Oh, your ass is so hot. I'm gonna screw it and make it loose. Man, guys will pay anything just to get a dip in your tight fucking ass. Ah fuck yeah!' Greg slurred, his head falling back. The dick continued to drill in. As the sensitive skin of that dick head scraped against the warm fuck canal, it sent enjoyable tingles through Greg's body. The pleasure was so great that the butler's body shuddered with excitement. A big globule of precum exuded out of the narrow slit. Dripping down, it lubed up the fuck chute. 'Milk my dick with your ass, boy! Show me how much you love my cock in you,' Greg groaned. 'Oh, my ass hurts!' cried the blond rich stud, his legs stiffening. At some point, he felt as if his ass had been split open. The pain was so unbearable, piercing down his spine. But amid the indescribable pain, Matt's dick never ceased throbbing. That meat, pressed against the mattress, even oozed out more precum. That young man could not understand why his dick betrayed him. 'Ah! You're raping my ass! Oh, no! I'm no longer a man. I'm a faggot,' he cried, sobbing almost quietly. 'Oh!' A hard moan escaped when Matt's body shuddered. Apparently, Greg's dick had been inserted all the way in. Squirming uncomfortably, Matt felt so full. The butler's dick had filled up his insides completely. For a minute, Matt forced himself to adapt to the intrusion. His bowels worked quickly to expel that foreign object, causing Matt to feel as if he had to take a dump. But a part of him loved it. And he had no idea where that came from. 'Do you feel it, huh? Feel my hard dick. It's craving to fuck your ass and dump its loads there. Oh, I'm gonna enjoy it so much,' the butler said, marveling at Matt's smooth muscular back. He took some time to grope that back, feeling the firmness. 'Oh, you make me so hard. Your ass is so tight and hot. I'm gonna make you love my dick. You'll be begging for more. You'll see,' he added, leaning forward to embrace Matt's body. 'Oh, I love handsome muscular young hunks like you. You're still fresh and horny.' Sensuously, Greg was rubbing his body up and down. Greg's massive hard chest was sending electric-like surge down Matt's body as the nipples brushed against Matt's back. 'Yeah, you like that, huh?' the butler asked, hearing Matt's involuntary groan. 'Get ready, I'm gonna pump your ass.' 'Oh! Ah!' Rocking back and forth, Matt yelped out in great pain. The huge cock stabbed inside his ass started to move, pumping like piston. Radiating burning sensation, Matt's ass lips were pushed inward and outward as the cock moved. The bed sheet was almost pulled off the bed, clutched by Matt. 'My ass, oh! You've split it open! Oh, I'm being fucked! Ah!' Tears were still running down his face. They were the tears of pain and defeat. The world that he knew was over. Desperately, Matt winced. Pain was clearly written on his face. Each time when Greg plunged his cock in, Matt's body would be pressed downward. And that happened over and over. The bed was creaking as the fucking rhythm increased in speed and intensity. 'Ah shit! Oh! Fuck!' 'Although you're cursing, I know you like it. All straight guys I fuck always did that. Screaming at first, but later they groaned out with pleasure. The same thing will happen to you, boy,' the butler said, deliberately shoving his dick as hard as he could. 'Ah! Fuck yeah1 Take it! Take my fucking cock! Yeah, I'm raping your straight ass. Oh!' Driving his hips forward, Greg was searching for matt's prostate. It was rather hard to find something that couldn't be seen. Blindly, Greg rotated his cock, touching everything it could inside Matt's bowels. 'Oh, tell me you like my cock, slut. Tell me, come on,' he demanded, kissing Matt's sweaty neck. Lying on top of Matt's back, Greg held onto Matt's muscular biceps. Yet, Matt could not say anything. Wincing, he could only groan and moan. The harder Greg pumped his ass, the greater the pain that Matt received. His ass lips had been so sore that they started to swell up. Some minor cuts appeared on the ass lips as the friction grew stronger. Even the precum lube could not ease up the penetration pain. Underneath his body, Matt's dick continued to produce precum. The dick head would throb harder once in a while and then a globule pf precum would be discharged. The precum was soon absorbed by the mattress, dampening the area around where Matt's crotch lay. Every time the precum seeped out of his cock, his body would shudder. Matt's head was again spinning, lost in the confusing lust. Matt's whimpers of pain turned Greg on. He wanted to give more pain and more pleasure to his boss' son. Slamming his ass up and down, the butler gazed up at the clock. 'Shit! I only get ten more minutes before boss comes home. I have to finish fucking his son's ass as soon as I can.' Furiously, he delivered hard pounding thrust. Only one thing lingering in his mind at then, which was to cum immediately. 'Fuck you! You're nobody. You're only a fuck slut who is hungry for man cocks. And I'm screwing your ass to show you where you belong. Oh yes! I like your ass very much. Keep groaning. Ah yes!' As his dick was sliding in and out furiously, it hit Matt's prostate. Greg did not realize that until he noticed that Matt's groan had changed from pain to pleasure. At then, he was sure that he had hit the right spot. 'I've found your happy spot, haven't I? So, you like it, huh? Well, take this,' Greg heaved, burying his dick as deep as he could. 'And that!' Strange rapture was rushing though Matt's body as Greg's cock hit something inside of him. The young man was very confused, not knowing why he suddenly liked being fucked. Torn between pride as a straight man and confused lust, that horny guy chose lust instead. Abandoning himself totally to the unfamiliar pleasure, Matt did not care about anything but his orgasm. 'Ah fuck! I'm getting horny! Oh, your cock hit something! Ah! Yes, keep fucking me! Hit that spot in my ass again! Ah!' groaned Matt, burying his head into the mattress. Most of his groans were muffled by the bed. Without the bed, his groans would probably have been heard kilometers away from his room. The precum production increased, too. Matt could clearly feel the change as his dick flooded the bed with more slimy snot-like liquid. At then, Matt thought that he had found heaven on earth. 'Ah fuck! Fuck my ass, Greg! Oh! I love the anal pleasure, ah! I'd love to get fucked every day! Ah! I wanna be your fuck toy!' Matt moaned, thrusting his hips downward repeatedly. The young man was fucking his own bed. 'That's what I've wanted to hear from your sluttish mouth, boy. Fuck yeah! Service my dick with your tight ass. Make it cum. Oh, my cock loves your ass. Fucking yeah! Shit!' Greg cursed, sensing that his orgasm was close. 'I have big loads of cum for you. I'm gonna fill up your ass, slut.' The athletic butler grunted, his naked body shivering. Squeezing Matt's biceps stronger, he said, 'Beg me to fuck your ass harder. Come on, let me hear it. I want to hear you beg for my big dick.' The horny butler deliberately slowed down his fucking rhythm. It of course made Matt disappointed as the young man started to enjoy the wild ride. 'If you want my dick, beg for it.' 'Fuck my ass harder!' Matt groaned, desperately wanting to get fucked in the worse way. Thrusting his ass upward, he was trying to get hold of Greg's cock with his milking ass. 'Shove it in hard and deep. I want your dick! Please, fuck my ass. I'm yours. se my body and give me that pleasure. I want to get fucked. Ah, please,' begged the rich young man. He had forgotten who he was. All Matt could think about was to get fucked more furiously by his dad's butler. 'Yeah, fuck my ass. Oh yes! I wanna you cum in me,' he said without thinking clearly. Matt did not know whether he would regret asking for that or not, but he really wanted to feel what it's like to take a man's loads up his ass. 'Oh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck!' Sweat beading up his back had dampened Greg's torso as the butler kept rubbing his torso against Matt's bare back. 'Oh, you're such a bitch. You like cock!' Greg exclaimed, delighted to see his success in turning the brat into his homo fuck slut. 'Yeah, you're just a homo slut that longs to have his ass fucked by cocks. Take it, boy! Take my fucking cock deep inside your hot ass! Oh fuck! I'm gonna blow,' Greg groaned, shuddering. Cum had been churning inside Greg's heavy ball sack, ready to erupt. Panting, the butler tried to bring himself off. His pulsating cock kept filing up Matt's hole in and out. Drops of sweat dripped down Greg's handsome rugged face. Some of them also dripped on Matt's neck. 'Uh! I'm gonna cum now! Get ready, slut! I'm gonna flood your ass with my hot spunk. Yeah! I'm cumming! Oh fuck!' As the dick was driven in, suddenly its head erupted. Thick creamy of cock juicy was spurted into the depths of Matt's ass. Relentlessly, Greg thrust his ejaculating pecker repeatedly. Loud groans accompanied each spurt of his man juice. 'Fuck! I'm cumming in your ass, Matt! Fuck yeah! Take my loads! Oh! Fuck yes! Oh yes!' Warm cream was splattered against Matt's bowels, creating a mess. The cumming dick continued to hit every thing that stood in its way, including Matt's walnut-sized prostate. It soon triggered Matt's orgasm. The view from the top was incredible. The muscles of Greg's shoulders and back worked extremely hard. Greg's burly figure shook as he emptied his loads. Again and again, his orgasmic groans resounded through Matt's bedroom. The bed was creaking as the man-to-man sex nearly finished. Sloppy noises were heard as the butler continued to plunge his dick into Matt's cummy hole. Some of that cock juice seeped out and flowed down Matt's balls. At then, Matt finally reached his orgasm. After fucking his bed for several minutes, the young man could not restrain himself from cumming. 'Oh fuck! Shit! I'm cumming! Greg, I'm cumming! Fuck yes! Oh!' Although his dick was trapped between the mattress and his chiseled stomach, it still spewed out its juice forcefully. 'Ah!' Matt yelled as the first shot left his dick. The gooey gob was shot across his stomach, followed by the second, the third, and so on. Each spurt seized much of Matt's energy. The young man was bucking helplessly under Matt's heavy muscular body. All the cum squirted out was absorbed by the mattress. Contorting, Matt was enjoying his first real orgasm with great relish. Greg had to steady Matt's squirming body by pressing his body down. By the time they both had finished cumming, the room reeked of sex smell. Tired out, Matt let Greg lie on top of him. For some minutes, they did not move their bodies. Sweat continued to flow out until their bodies cooled down. At then, Greg slowly pulled out his cummy limp dick. Rolling to the side, the butler heaved. His chest was seen moving up and down. Both of his brown nipples still stood up. Turning his face to Greg's, he said, 'I'll see you in my room tonight. I still have more cum to dump in your ass. Don't be late.' Minutes later, Greg left Matt's room in his uniform as if nothing had happened. Several menservants knew what just happened in there but they chose to be quiet, as they were Greg's fuck toys too. Still lying naked in his bed, Matt gazed at the ceiling above. The hot man-to-man action was replayed in his mind. Finally, he knew what he wanted and what he needed. END




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